“That’s a first try 5-0 on a gnarly hubba that Geoff Rowley made famous a long time ago in Monrovia, California, near the foothills. It was the end of the day and we were checking out this last spot and he wanted to try and grind it but it was about to rain and it was getting super dark; you can kind of see in the background it’s real shitty. He grinded it after a few tries and we got back in the car and we’re about to leave and Leo (Romero) said he should 5-0 it and he bet him dinner that he couldn’t do it first try. He got out of the car, ran and did it first try. I didn’t even have time to set up flashes or anything. He just got back in the car and we took off.” - Anthony Acosta

From Acosta’s Angles during Daniel Lutheran’s rider’s week. View the rest of Daniel’s riders week in our updated Editorials section.