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This is my favorite thing I’ve ever written this is exactly what I imagine best friend!luke would be like i’m crying. this is a fucking novel because i got super carried away. btw based off this request. hope you enjoy it :)

Warnings: smut

Word count: 7935 (wowzers)

“Well, what do you think?” He asked after closing the top of the red nail polish. My eyes darted up from my book to his outstretched hands, a small smile tugging at my lips. He began to smile when he saw my own, pulling his hands to his face to get a closer look. “You don’t think anyone will think I’m too weird? Do you really like it or are you lying?” His blue eyes shifted from his nails to my face, uncertainty lacing his tone. “Who cares, they’re awesome, Luke.” I grabbed his hand in mine, being gentle to not mess up the polish. The color really suited him and I couldn’t help but notice how much hotter he looked. “You’re right, I like it, you like it, that’s all that matters.” A wide grin took over his features as he admired his nails. He’d done a pretty decent job. The polish was even and not smudged, maybe he could do my manicure some time.

As he blew on his nails to get them to dry, I couldn’t help the laugh that escaped my mouth. I could’ve never pictured my best friend of 8 years blowing nail polish dry on his own hands. He used to be so shy, never wanting to do too much that would make him stick out. But now, the fully grown man laid on my bed with long curly hair and red nail polish, was full of confidence. “Don’t blow too hard, you’ll move the polish around.” I warned, returning my gaze back to my book. “That’s what she said.” He smirked, waving his hand around in the air.

I rolled my eyes at him, returning my full focus to the book I had in my hand. I was trying to get into to it, and I was getting pretty far with Luke occupied with his hands. But now his hands were dry and he was becoming bored without my attention. He was rummaging through my drawers, pulling out shirts he claimed were his. They were, but there was no way he was ever getting them back. It was when he started rummaging through my underwear drawer that he became a real nuisance. “Woah, Y/N!” He exclaimed pulling out a particular pair of red lacy underwear. My face heated up at his find. Throwing my book beside me, I leaped form the bed to grab the garment from his hands. “Who the hell are you wearing this for?!” He moved his arms up to a place where no human of normal height could ever reach. I tugged at his arms to bring it towards me but he wouldn’t budge. “That kid Kyle sure is getting one hell of a sight.” He joked, pulling the garment up higher. I beat my fists against his chest, my face almost as red as the underwear. “Would you stop, you prick!” I shouted, jumping and hopping to get back my panties. Luke laughed and made obnoxious kissy faces at me, only making me more embarrassed.

The underwear weren’t for anyone, I had gotten them during a sale. I thought they were cute and they actually looked really good on. I felt confident in them but I never actually wore them for anyone. “You know Kyle and I aren’t like that.” I huffed, sitting back on my bed. “You literally slept with him, Y/N.” He doesn’t look at me as he says this, his hands rummaging still through my drawers. I roll my eyes dramatically. It was one drunken night and Luke knows this, he’d just never let me live it down. “Can you not do that?” I mutter, referencing to talking about Kyle and going through my things. He shuts the drawer with a sigh and comes back to lay down on the bed. I watch as he looks at his nails a couple of times, feeling the polish under the pad of his thumb. “They look really good.” I whisper and he looks at me over his shoulder. He gives me a bright smile and rolls onto his stomach. His head rests in my lap and I stroke through his blonde curls. As annoying as he was, I was completely in love with him and he couldn’t even tell.

His blue eyes close and his features relax and after a while if I hadn’t know better, I would’ve thought he fell asleep. I pick up my book again, careful not to drop it on Luke’s face and I begin to read, slipping further and further away from reality with each line. When Luke adjusts his body so his face is pressed to my stomach, I think nothing of it. I slightly reposition myself to be more comfortable and continue to read, my fingers still tangled in his hair. He hums at the feeling, the stubble on his chin scratching some of the skin exposed below my shirt. His lips follow against the skin and I hum in response, my stomach erupting in butterflies. It wasn’t unusual for Luke and I to be close or share platonic kisses on each other’s skin. But lately, everything that we usually did just felt a little bit more romantic to me. The feelings were driving me insane and I wished I could just turn them off. My hand rubs over his cheek and then to his stubbly chin. He groans, his arms wrapping around my waist. I smiled gently at him, he was falling asleep but trying to fight it. My touches were relaxing him, enticing him to succumb but I could tell that he didn’t want to. “Are you tired?” I hum, setting my book on the nightstand. He shakes his head, his tired eyes opening. “Yes you are, you can sleep if you want.” I say and he frowns, turning his head to look at me.

“No, I’m awake.” His sits up, rubbing his hands over his face. I admire his broad shoulders, fighting the overwhelming desire to just run my hands across them. He lifts his arms in a stretch when he gets off the bed and I take notice in his shirt lifting, revealing his hairy abdomen. I seriously feel as if I’m going to explode so I divert my eyes for my own sanity. “C’mere.” He says at the foot of my bed. I cock my eyebrow at him, confused as to why I should get up. He doesn’t answer, rather pulling me down the bed by my feet. I scream in fright, a laugh following quickly after as he begins to tickle me. He’s stood in between my legs and has me pinned under his feverish fingers, showing no mercy. He brings his face down to my thrashing body, laying in the crook of my neck where he seems to fit so perfectly. I wrap my arms around his neck when his tickling ceases, holding him close to me. “You’re so tired.” I remark with a chuckle. “No m’not.” His words are slurred against my neck and he moves onto the bed now, pulling me into a cuddle. His painted fingers pull me closer by my hips so our chest are touching and his face returns to my neck. “You’re such a huge baby.” I groan, pushing him off me although I’d much rather stay. He groans and makes his grip tighter, wrapping a leg around my own so I’m held prisoner. He was so cute and clingy when he was tired, I didn’t mind being the person he clung to. I kissed softly at the side of his head and ran my fingers through his soft hair.

“Do you want to go out later?” He asks groggily, still not moving from my shoulder. My fingers trail lightly over his shoulders and he hums at the feeling, placing a slow kiss to my neck. I fight the small sounds that threaten to leave my mouth by biting my lip, trying to keep my breath steady. “Where?” I question, my voice shaky. “Calum’s throwing a party.” He pulls away to look into my eyes, leaning his head against a pillow. I shrug in response. What else was I gonna do on a Friday night? Luke smiles lopsidedly at me and presses his lips to my forehead. My eyes fluttered closed at the contact, reopening to see his blue eyes shining. “Now nap with me.” He mumbles and scoots down to lay his head on my chest. I laugh, my chest jostling his head around. “I knew you were tired.” I smile softly. “Shut up.” He mumbles, pinching at my sides.

“Can I crash here tonight, after the party and all?” Luke asks, fluffing his hair in the mirror. We’d woken up about an hour ago, with much difficulty of course. Luke didn’t want to get up which made me not want to get up, but then he decided it was time for us to both get up and I hadn’t even wanted to go to the party anymore. So then of course we argued, which turned into more cuddling because Luke hated to argue, and because he was so sweet I decided I’d go with him to the stupid party. We were getting dressed now, Luke was rummaging through ‘his’ section of my closet for something to wear. I was also rummaging, trying to decide what look I was going for. We were both currently dressed in robes like an old married couple.

“Are you gonna get hammered tonight? You know how I feel about too drunk Luke.” I pouted, but he couldn’t see because my back was to him. ‘Too drunk Luke’ was overly obnoxious and didn’t listen to anyone. Not to mention he was a total slut and flirted with anything with legs. He laughs from behind me and I roll my eyes. “No, babe. I promise, I just don’t feel like finding a way back to my own house. And you always take care of me when I’m hungover.” He chides and a wide grin spreads across my face. I continue to looking through my clothes with a small smirk on my lips. “Fine.” I say, still not able to wipe the stupid grin off my face. And I can’t explain it, but I know he’s smiling too.

I decide on black skinnies and a top, looking over to see I’m practically matching Luke. I shouldn’t have been surprised, if anything I had copied his style. He looks over at me and gestures to my outfit with a smile. “What are you trying to be me, Y/N?” I roll my eyes at him and continue with my makeup. “I know they say mockery is flattery, but damn.” He chuckles. He stands behind me and I gaze at him through the mirror. He looked incredibly handsome in his black jeans and t-shirt, paired off with black boots in such a ‘Luke’ way. I sighed wishing he were mine, and we were getting ready as a couple and not as best friends. “Shut up, Luke.” I mumbled, rifling through my bag for my favorite lipstick. I lean towards my mirror after finding it and swiped it on. I ignore Luke’s watchful eyes as I apply it, he has always had a bit of a staring problem.

“What ya think?” I ask, giving him a final spin after tugging on some shoes. He looks me over, pulling his lip into his mouth which does weird things to my stomach. “You look, uh, you look good.” He stammers, a sloppy grin that I love spreading over his face. I smile widely at his compliment, my cheeks heating up a bit. I reach up on my toes to place a kiss on his cheek. His eyes flutter closed and his hand finds it way to the small of my back, tugging me closer to him. I fall into his chest and he brings his face down closer to mine, placing a kiss on my cheek as well. “Don’t get too drunk tonight.” He warns, but all I can focus on is the smell of his cologne and how his t-shirt made his arms look so good. “Also, no guys please. I don’t want to have to help you find your underwear again.” He taunts and I gasp, slapping at his chest in horror. “You’re so horrible!” I yell, trying to pry away from his hold. I wasn’t mad, being quite used to his crude comments. He chuckles, his lips tugging up at the corners. He doesn’t let me go, rather pulling me closer into his tight embrace. “I’m kidding, but I’m serious about the guys.” His face is stern and I roll my eyes at him for the thousandth time today. “Same for you, no girls… or guys.” He laughs loudly at my insinuation, knowing just how flirty he could be when he was drunk. His painted hand moves to my chin and he turns my head to the side before placing a tender kiss to my skin. “I promise.” He hums and nibbles at my jaw. I giggle pulling away from his tickling stubble. “Are you ready to go?” I smile and he nods, smiling back at me.

The music is loud when we arrive at Calum’s. Cars were lined up and down the streets and I found myself thankful that we called a taxi. I felt excited as we walked up the lawn, passing already drunk, stumbling people. I hadn’t been out in a while and I was ready to let loose for a bit. I was also grateful that I was meeting a couple of my girlfriends here, I didn’t want to spend the night chasing after Luke. As we entered the door I grabbed Luke’s hand, not wanting to lose him in the crowd. He intertwines our fingers and I immediately feel at ease, following behind him through the crowd. When we reach the kitchen I text my friends to let them know where I am whilst sipping through the straw of the cup full of cherry vodka I brought. I was never a fan of the beer and mixed liquor punch supplied at parties so I always brought my own. Luke reaches over to grab a beer for himself, walking back towards me.

“Meet back here at 1, if either of us are hammered we’re going home.” He says against the shell of my ear. I nod in agreement, turning when I hear my name being called. A small squeal leaves my mouth when I see my two of closest friends, Brittney and Aurora. I pull them into a tight hug, realizing it had been far too long since I’ve seen them last. I’m all too aware of Luke’s grip still on my waist as we chat and I wonder why he hasn’t left yet. I follow Aurora’s wandering eyes to my hips and she gives me a knowing smile. I try to hide my flushing cheeks by sipping out of my drink. Luke’s hand is gone at the sound of his name being called in a different direction. It’s Calum and a few of his other friends beckoning him over and I don’t hesitate to let him leave. “Remember what we talked about please. Have fun.” I push his face away from mine with a smile and he laughs, leaving after placing a soft kiss to my cheek. My eyes are closed and I feel empty as his body moves farther and farther away from my own.

“Y/N, please just tell him already. He obviously is in love with you also.” Brittany sighs, gesturing her cup to Luke’s shadow. I shush her, not wanting to discuss the details of mine and Luke’s relationship. We were just close. Of course, I wanted something more but I know that Luke sees me as nothing other than his best friend. We leave the kitchen and head towards the living room, which has become the dance floor. We don’t hesitate to start swaying our hips to the beat of the music. I can feel the buzz of the cherry vodka running through my veins, becoming increasingly prominent as I drink more of the liquid. I bask in the feeling of the alcohol, it makes me more confident as I dance. My hand that isn’t holding my drink moves to my hair and I close my eyes as my feet move me in whatever direction they please.

The sounds of my friends around me laughing and singing along to the music makes me feel relaxed. I don’t even notice the smile wide on my face as I dance. The floor is crowded with people, singles and couples alike. The style of dancing is the same, mostly grinding and swaying to the beat of the music. I found myself subconsciously watching the couples, wishing I had Luke to dance with. We’d never danced like that before, but I could just imagine his hands on my hips, his one leg pushed in between mine, and our chests pressed together. I close my eyes and imagine our faces close together, his nose brushing against mine and his hair tickling at my cheeks. In my head he whispers sweet words into my ear. Words that make my insides tingle and panties wet.

I’m pulled from my fantasy when I feel hands at my hips. I turn my head swiftly to see Kyle’s smiling face. I feel confused as to why he’s dancing with me, I shoot a nervous glance at Brittany. Kyle doesn’t seem to notice my apprehension as he bring his face closer to mine. “You look good, Y/N!” He shouts over the music. I smile politely at him. I don’t feel anything for him like I used to. Whenever I was around him in the past I felt like I just had to have him. But when I got him it wasn’t like how I imagined it be. It wasn’t completely awful, but at the end I faked an orgasm just so he could stop touching me. We’d been cordial ever since, conversations were light and never lasted long. We weren’t what I would consider friends, and for him to be here with his hands on my hips made me a bit wary. He begins to move behind me, enticing me to dance and I follow along, not quite sure what else to do. He wasn’t doing anything too alarming so I felt that I could just dance one dance get it over with.

But one dance turned to two then three, and before I knew it he was pulling me closer to his chest and whispering in my ear. His words made my skin crawl and I looked towards my friends for help, but they were too busy with their own partners to realize. I pushed away from Kyle gently, not wanting to reveal how disgusted I truly was. “I don’t think that’s a good idea!” I say, loud enough that he’ll hear me through the distance I put between us. He frowns and tries to move closer but I take a step back away, shaking my head. He shrugs his shoulders at the lost battle and thankfully walks away without another word. I check my phone for the time and curse to myself when I realize I was supposed to meet Luke back in the kitchen over ten minutes ago.

Pushing my way through the crowd, I finally reach the kitchen to see Luke leaning against the counter, his hair disheveled and his clothes wrinkled. I cock and eyebrow at him as I reach him and he frowns. “I’ve been waiting for you!” His voice raises in a tone I can only recognize as annoyance. “I’m sorry! It was Kyle he - “ I stammer but Luke cuts me off with a raised hand and the words drop from my tongue as if they were never there. “I thought we agreed no guys! Come on, Y/N that’s all I asked!” He seems to be even more annoyed now. He raises his hand to his hair and roughly pushes through it. “Says you! Look at you, seems like someone’s been holding your attention tonight!” I bite back, not even feeling it necessary to tell the truth about Kyle. If he wanted to accuse, so could I. I gesture to his appearance for emphasis and he rolls his eyes. “Let’s go home.” He says sternly, grabbing my wrist despite my reluctance. I wasn’t in the mood to argue with him, I’d much rather be partying with my friends. I pull back from him, but he doesn’t let me go. “Luke I’ll find a way home, you go, take my key.” I reach for my key in my bag but he stops me. “You’re coming home, I’m not leaving you here.” I can tell he’s mad, but I know there’s no use in trying to get him to leave without me. I sigh, deciding to just give in. I follow him out the door into the cool nights air. My sweaty skin relaxed at the fresh feeling.

I don’t even bother to talk to Luke in the taxi. I sip at the rest of my cherry vodka, letting him be mad for no reason at all. A part of me wanted to know why he’d looked so roughed up. My brain wondered if he’d been playing too rough with his friends, or if I was right and some girl had been keeping his mind busy. My pessimistic equal chose the latter and I grew jealous, my head conjuring up images of a girl touching him in ways that I couldn’t. I unlock my front door, pushing the green monster aside. Luke follows me into my room and disappears at once into my closet. I roll my eyes at the grumpy boy and set my things down on my dresser. I take off my makeup and brush out my hair before heading to the bathroom to freshen up. By the time I’m done Luke is curled in my bed with his back to the middle. I roll my eyes again and head to my closet to discard of my alcohol smelling clothes.

“Can we talk about this?” I drunkenly ask as I get into bed. Entirely sober me would’ve let him go to sleep mad, knowing he’d never stay mad for long. “I didn’t do anything with Kyle. We danced, he asked me to fuck and I said no.” I continue when he doesn’t answer. I sigh at the lack of response a second time and rest my head against my pillows. I don’t even bother to touch him, instead I stay on my side of the bed and try to sleep. This isn’t what I’d imagined tonight to be like. I thought I’d be getting my giggly, cuddly, flirty drunk Luke but apparently not. I pout at the ceiling for a while, sleep not something that was going to happen for me. With a groan my hands are at his back and pulling at his t-shirt to get him to turn towards me. He doesn’t hesitate and turns his body, his gorgeous eyes searching for my own. My drunken arms wrap around his neck as he buries his face into the crook of my shoulder. “I didn’t talk to any girls, I was just roughing around with the boys.” He says and my stomach settles. I shush him and hold him closer to me. He hums in appreciation, his plump, beer-stained lips placing a kiss to my shoulder.

His hands squeeze at my hips and I let out a sound that I’ve never heard before. He moves his touch from my hips to my exposed thigh, all the while keeping his lips going along my shoulder. My breathing is rapid and my alcohol induced brain does nothing to stop him. My fingers lazily tangle in his hair and my throat makes noises I’d usually stop. Luke doesn’t seem to mind, the intensity of his kisses picks up, traveling to my jaw. “Luke.” I hum and and groans in response. My brain feels fuzzy and confused and I’m aware that I should be stopping him and asking him where all this was coming from. But in this moment, I’d much rather enjoy it and make sense of it later. He’s rolling over me suddenly, fitting perfectly in between my legs. He kisses down my jaw to my neck feverishly, his chest colliding with my own. “Luke.” I say again, pushing at his broad shoulders. He groans again and wraps an arm around my waist and pulls me to my side.

“How drunk are you?” I breathe, the words tasting like stale vodka. My heart was in my throat. All of this felt wrong. I wanted it, so bad, but not this way. Not when we were both drunk and horny. “Only had two beers. Spent most of the time looking after Ashton.” He pulls his face away from my neck to find my eyes. I can barely make out his features in the dark, but I know his blue eyes are shining up at me. “How drunk are you?” He asks me and I can feel my face heating up though he can’t see. “Drunk. Not hammered, just drunk.” I admit, my fingers finding their way to his hair again. I was coherent and knew what was going on, I just felt good and when my eyes closed the world spun. Luke doesn’t seem too pleased with my answer he groans in disbelief. “Y/N,” He breathes and I hum at the sound of my name falling so solemnly from his mouth. His hand wanders under the t-shirt i’m wearing that belongs to him, my skin warming to his gentle touch. “I’m fine.” I mutter, not understanding why any of it mattered. I promised that I wouldn’t get hammered, not that I wouldn’t drink at all. My cup of the mixed drink was still more than halfway full and sitting on my dresser.

“Are you tired?” He whispers, brushing his fingers along my jaw. “No.” I respond. The mixture of alcohol and his touch was keeping me wide awake and wanting to see what he’d do next. “Good, me either.” He slides up so we’re face to face now and he reaches behind him to turn on the bedside light. My eyes adjust to the new lighting and I smile when he turns back to me. “You’ve gotta stop stealing my clothes.” He chuckles, shaking his head. My smile grows wider and he tugs the t-shirt to bring me impossibly closer to him. My hand finds its way to his face, brushing back his curly locks and caressing at his stubble. His eyes close and he falls into my touch, complete relaxation washing over his features. His soft lips press at my palm and a small noise leaves my throat. “I love when you do that.” He smiles his eyes still closed. “What?” I ask, my voice moving up a pitch. He chuckles and moves his face to kiss my forehead. “Those little noises.” He sucks on my jaw, and as if to prove to his point a low moan emits from my throat. “Like that.” He mumbles against my skin and I giggle a bit and the stubble tickling my skin. I’m falling deeper and deeper for him and I do absolutely nothing to stop it. My hazy, masochistic mind enjoys every moment of it.

He bites at my chin and I’m a fit of laughs. His hands squeeze tighter at my hips and his smiling lips press to my cheek in a cuddle. My fingers tangle in his curls when he begins to kiss around my face. My breathing slows when he kisses behind my ear, my mouth hanging open and a pitchy whimper comes out. My buzzed hands grip tighter to his hair and I can hear him chuckling. “You’re so adorable.” And he was so irritating. I groan and push his face away from mine. He laughs at my frustration which makes me even more annoyed. “Oh, Y/N come on!” He laughs, pulling me back to him. “You like it. And I like that you like it.” He hums against my neck, sucking at the flesh there. He was wrong, I didn’t like it. I loved it, and I wanted him to love me.

His lips on my skin are nothing short of heavenly and I don’t fight the moans at the back of my throat as he continues, sucking and kissing. The more he continues the more I feel the alcohol fueling me to continue and to initiate something else. And if I had just one more gulp, I’m sure I could. I tighten my grip on his hair, just to have my fun, and he groans. The sound was throaty and I wanted to hear more of it. I run my hand across the expanse of his shoulders and chest before returning back to his hair, holding him close to me as he nipped more harshly now. This was far from innocent anymore and I had no plans to stop him if he wanted to escalate it even further. I let his name tumble from my lips in small pleas and his hands claw at my thighs, pulling himself in between them. Ultimately, my leg is slung over his hip and his hand holds it there as he continues to nip along my jaw. When his lips find my face again, I take the liberty to delve into his neck, sucking at his skin there. “Oh my god.” He breathes and I smile against his neck, pulling away from him.

I smile smugly at him, having got him just where I wanted him. His lips tug up in a smirk in recognition. “You’re so cruel.” He frowns which ends in a smile and I can’t fight the smile on my face as well. Our smiles turn into laughter and soon Luke’s face is pushed into my neck again. “You play around too much.” I sigh, pushing his shoulders away. Like a magnet he comes back, his grip squeezing tighter. “Who says I’m playing?” He chuckles, finding his way back to the sensitive skin on my chin. I pull back in confusion my eyebrows arched at his shining eyes. “What?” He chuckles. “Com’ere.” He leans forward but I lean away. I need to know what he’s talking about. “Luke. No more of this.” I’m pushing him off with no luck. His lips are my drug of choice, pulling me back into his addicting touch. “How about..” He starts, talking in between pecks. “…We continue.” He hums into my neck. “Mm, no.” I breathe a huge lie. I want to continue, so desperately, but enough was enough.

This was always it with him. The touching, the kissing. Every time he’d go a little farther, pushing me to see when I would stop him. But I couldn’t do it any longer. I wanted him to touch and kiss me because he loved me, not because he knew that he could. “Y/N.” He whines and I almost give into the pouting boy. “No, Luke.” I say, my breath hitching at the feel of his hands wandering under my shirt. My body was betraying me, telling him how desperately I wanted him. “I think you want me to. I think you love when I kiss you like this.” He mumbles against my collarbones. I can do nothing else but moan in response, my brain not getting the chance to articulate my need to know. “I think you love when I touch you like this.” His hands grip at my thighs, pulling one leg over his hip. I’m practically purring into his ear as his hand travels of the expanse of my thigh. “And I think you like it because you see me as more than your best friend.” His eyes meet mine and I freeze. He’s moving back up and I’m completely frozen, not knowing what to do or say. Luke has a knowing smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. “So adorable.” He murmurs, pressing his forehead against mine. My heart all but stops when I feel his cool lips on my own, gauging my reaction. A quiet whimper leaves my throat. “I know…about it all.” He mumbles against my lips and still I’m speechless. I kiss him back eagerly, not wanting to let this get away. My movements are hungry and he grabs me tighter as I hold onto his face.

“You should know,” He pulls away only to come back once more. “I feel the same.” His lips travel back to my jaw and my lips tug up in a smile. “Oh yeah?” I question, my lip tucked in between my teeth. I scratch lightly at his scalp and he moves lips back to my face, kissing at my lifted cheeks. “Yes.” His smile is wide as our noses bump. I pull his face down closer to mine by his neck, connecting our lips. I can’t fight the giddy laughs that fall from my lips as I kiss him. He rolls over so his chest is pressed against mine, his hands caressing at my thighs. “You’re my best friend, but I want more.” He mutters. His touch is lighting me on fire and I’m finding it difficult to comprehend it all. I couldn’t believe that something was actually working out for me for once. “Are you kidding? This isn’t some kind of sick joke right?” I hesitantly ask. My words were rushed and frantic and my heart all but crumbles when he begins to laugh. I push him off of me angrily, but he’s pulling me back to his chest in an instant.

“Baby,” He grins, his arms wrapped tightly around my waist. I stopped trying to get away from him then. He was serious. He wanted this. He wanted me. “Does this feel like I’m joking?” He grunts into my ear. A gasp leaves my mouth at the feel of his cock outlined in his sweats being pressed against my ass. My eyes fall shut, my mouth open, completely ready for whatever Luke wanted to do to me. His name comes out in a whimper and he’s humming into my shoulder. “How I feel about you isn’t a joke, Y/N.” His manicured hands travels under my shirt and rests on my stomach as he holds me to him. My mind is frayed and I want to say so many things to him, but nothing comes to mind. All I could think about was how I wanted him to touch me. His lips nip at the back of my neck, there are no words left to say. I’m crumbling under his touch.

“Baby.” He calls me and my body weakens. “Yes?” I smile, the pet name warming my insides like a teenager. “I love you.” He smiles, pulling at my chin so he can see my face. I turn in his arms, palms to his chest. “I love you.” A sloppy grin spreads wildly across my face and he leans down, a toothy kiss pressed to my lips. My hands clutch at his shirt as I kiss him deeply, our noses brushing and lips smiling. A sneaky hand pats at my ass, squeezing cheekily. “Is that what you want?” I smile at him, resting my chin on his chest. A quiet chuckle falls from his lips and his hand tangles in my hair. “Yes, it’s 4 o'clock in the morning and all I can think about is burying myself deep in inside you, and murmuring how much I love you into your ear.” He pulls on my roots to tilt my chin back. His lean down to press a kiss to my lips and a chill runs down my spine.

I turn back around in his arms and he moves to his side, cradling me to his chest. He nibbles at my ear whispering sweet nothings while he pushes his hardening erection into me. I’m a moaning mess in his arms, pushing my hips back into him which leaves him grunting in anticipation. His hands slide up and down my thighs, pulling me closer to him frantically, rolling his hips against me. I turn around in his arms, my lips immediately finding his. He pulls my leg over his waist and his covered shaft hits my core so perfectly. “Oh my god.” I breathe into his mouth and he smirks, delectably rolling himself to me again. His mouth travels to my neck in a hurry, pushing my face to the side for more access. His grunts have me gripping at his hair and lustfully grinding onto his bulge. When his lips find my own again I tug at his sweats, pushing them down to his legs. He tugs my shirt off my body and rolls over me to straddle my lap and my chest rises and falls rapidly. His lips are at my chest kissing softly at the cleavage spilling over my bra. It was ill fitting and not my prettiest but Luke made me feel as if I were a goddess, his hands taking their time over my skin.

“I love you, god you’re gorgeous.” He mumbles. His fingers claw at my bra, eventually letting my breasts free. His mouth sucks around a nipple and a loud moan escapes from my lips. He’s groaning around my nub, pulling with his teeth at the sensitive skin. My fingers tangle in his blonde hair to pull him closer to me, his lips traveling down my stomach. He pushes off my shorts quickly, softly kissing the inside of my thighs. “Luke.” I whimper, tugging at the roots of his hair to get him closer to where I needed him most. His face comes closer to my clothed heat and his runs his nose along my mound. “Don’t tease.” I breathe erratically. He chuckles, placing a soft kiss over my panties. He places his thumb right where I need him to be. My back arches off my mattress when he applies more pressure, watching me through his blue eyes. He’s slowly tugging my underwear down my legs and my most private part is exposed to him.

“Holy fuck, I’ve waited for this for so long.” He mutters against my lower lips, the vibrations hitting me right in the stomach. I spread my legs wider for him. The teasing was torture, I was practically dripping for him. He kisses the side of my thigh, trailing closer. I almost lose it when he licks a stripe up my slit, just enough to separate my folds. “Baby,” I yelp. His hands hold my hips down to the bed as he flicks at my clit with his tongue before sucking the bud into his warm mouth. “You taste so good.” He mumbles to himself. His tongue delves into my center, the wet muscle stroking against my walls. My fingers tighten in his hair as he finds my clit again, the combination of sucking and flicking makes my legs shake. I can feel his finger pressing at my entrance and my mouth hangs open when he pushes into me. He relentlessly pumps his finger in and out, curling the digit to reach a spot the has me nearly falling over the edge. “Luke, I-I’m gonna..” I gasp and he looks up at me through his lashes and I fight every urge to close my eyes. “Come on, baby. Wanna feel you on my tongue.” He hums, lapping at my folds eagerly. He adds another finger to sweep against me, causing my toes to curl whenever he grazes that spot. With a few more strokes I’m coming with a loud yell, Luke’s name falling from my lips in strangled moans. His tongue doesn’t let up, sucking at my clit and his fingers continue to stroke through my clenching walls. As I come down from my high he places soft kisses to my cheeks, a soft smile tugging at his lips.

“Y/N, baby, you are so loud.” He chuckles. My face heats up in embarrassment and he kisses at their color. “You’ve got my cock throbbing, baby girl.” My lips pull up in a devious smirk and my hands roam against his chest. “We should take care of that then.” He falls to his back under my touch and I crawl over him, grazing my hand along his covered crotch along the way. He sucks in a sharp breath through his teeth at the sheer contact, his head pulling back on his neck. I love the way my name sounds falling from his lips as if it were his favorite word in the world. He makes it sound the way rose petals feel and as I pull his briefs down his legs I know there’s nothing I wouldn’t do to hear it over and over again. I take his hard cock into my hand, adoration written clear on my face. “God, Luke, what else have you been hiding from me?” I chuckle, shifting my eyes away from his length to his face. His eyes close as he shakes his head and smiles. “I love you.” Is all he comes up with and I smile in response. There was no one else I’d rather being doing this with. I was glad that we could joke and have fun as best friends still although we’d changed our status a bit.

I grip him in my hand, swirling the precum over his pink tip. I kiss at his moaning lips and his hands squeeze my breasts. The expression on his face gives me confidence as I take him into my mouth after kissing down his hairy chest. A high pitched noise erupts from his throat when I swirl my tongue over the leaking head. My tongue traces the veins on the underside of his cock and I take him fully into my mouth, pushing him deep down my throat. His fingers tangle tightly in my hair as I bob my head up and down on his cock, my hand jerking off what I couldn’t reach. I stared up at his parted pink lips and flushed neck , his eyes closed softly. “Baby,” He purrs as I take his balls into my hand, squeezing the full sacs. His tight grip pulls my head to the side and he’s watching his cock slip past my lips with hooded eyes. “You’re such a dream.” He says airily, pulling himself to his elbows. My pussy was aching for his touch, to feel his length inside of me. I wanted to feel him stroking against my walls, pushing me to another high.

Luke pulls me off of him when his cock begins to twitch in my mouth. His chest rises and falls quickly, his head hung backwards and lips parted so deliciously. “Com’ere.” He hums and I crawl towards him, licking my lips. He pulls me to his chest, his mouth blindly looking for my own. His sticks a hand between my legs as we kiss, his finger effortlessly finding my clit. I’m gasping into his mouth as he touches me like he’s known my body forever. And my body responds to him as if it were trained. I lift my leg over his waist in search of his cock but he pushes my leg back down, his hand slipping from my folds to turn me around. The movement is rough and sexy, my back is pulled to his chest and he lifts my leg easily, slipping himself against my slick folds. My head lulls back against his shoulder and he kisses at the skin, a hand gripping my boob before he slides himself into me with a grunt. I gasp at his size and Luke roughly grabs my chin to press his lips against mine. His tongue dances with mine as he thrusts into me, each time going unimaginably deeper. My eyes screw shut as his hand travels from my chest to my pussy, fingers finding my bundle of nerves. He makes no movements against it, just holds his hand there as he fucks men from behind. Whimpers leave my lips as I try to thrust my hips to his hand for friction. He chuckles throatily into my ear and sucks at the skin below it. “You’re so horny for me. Always are, I can always see it.” He gives me one harsh slap on my clit and a yelp leaves my mouth. “Only for you, Luke.” I breathe against his mouth and he groans, thrusting harder into me. The sounds of my sopping cunt being pounded fills the room, mixed with Luke and I’s moans.

His lips suck at my neck, marking me as his. My fingers grip his hair pulling him closer. I can feel his cock twitch inside of me, my walls clench around him as I feel the urge to come getting stronger. “Fuck, Y/N, you’re so tight. I’m gonna come.” His moans are airy. “Make me fucking come, Y/N.” His cock twitches violently inside me as he thrusts harder into me, holding my legs open so he could go deeper. My walls clench around him as his fingers circle around my clit pushing me over the edge. “Shit, Luke!” I cry out in ecstasy, my eyes screwing shut as I milk my orgasm. He’s growling in my ear then, the sounds rough and deep like his strokes. He topples over the edge with a final thrust, his face buried into my neck. “Fuck, baby.” I whimper at the feel of his hot load shooting against my walls. My pussy drinks him in, swallowing every last drop of his cum. “I love you.” He moans and pulls me closer to his chest as he comes down from his high. I so badly want to turn around in his arms and hold him but I’m not quite ready to feel him slip from me just yet. “I love you.” I say, tilting my head back in search of his lips. He meets mine with a satisfied hum, his movements slow and tired.

He pulls away from me and I gasp at the feeling of semen pouring down my legs. Luke reaches to the floor for his shirt and presses it between my legs and I smile, turning around in his arms. He immediately rests his head on my chest, snuggling to my breasts. Are you tired now?” I yawn, a smile smile lingering on my lips. He nods slowly, wrapping his arms tighter around my waist. “Next time I want you in those sexy red underwear.” He mumbles tiredly and my insides kick into gear again. “Thought those were for Kyle?” I mock. He growls against my skin, biting at the flesh around my nipple. “Don’t even joke like that. I’ve never liked that prick, still pretty pissed he had his hands on you tonight.” His voice is stern and deep with exhaustion. My breathing is shaky over what it does to me in between my legs. “I know, baby. Go to sleep.” I shush him, running my fingers through his hair. He mutters something I can’t hear to my skin, grabbing roughly at my behind as well. I don’t mind, jealous Luke has always been one of my favorites. I press a soft kiss to his forehead before tangling my legs with his own, resting my head on a pillow to fall asleep.


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Creature of the Night (Part One)

Pairing: Luke Hemmings x Vampire!Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 2626

Author’s Note This is literally inspired by their song Daylight. There will be a part two coming! I hope you all enjoy some Lukey <3Thanks to @h0tsos for luking while I was writing it and telling me what she thought of it!!

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As a Malaysian, it makes me so happy that the boys have tried to make sentences out of our slang terms.

Jom (pronounced Jome) : let’s go

Rojak (pronounced rowjAk) : a Malaysian fruit dish

Alamak (pronounced AlAmAk) : oh dear/ oh my God

Abuden : (pronounced AbeudEn)  duh/ “what else” in a sarcastic manner