Close As Strangers M&C
  • Close As Strangers M&C
  • 5 Seconds of Summer

Their vocals during the pre-chorus make me want to cry
Michael - Left ear
Calum - Right ear
(((use earphones)))

*I do not own this audio. I simply layered part of the song*


sorry lance but i’m my own favorite space bisexual ✨

darling, we are silhouettes.
scientists state our bones are from the stars;
scientists state our bodies are from the ocean.
how is it that we’re oh-so-different,
while we all seem oh-so-the-same.

you and me,
we’re train wrecks waiting to happen;
but darling,
train wrecks always make the front page.

you and I,
we’re the world’s lab rats.
they want us to affect the world;
they want us to use their techniques;
they want us to make them all right.

you, me, us:
we’re invisible.
invisible to the sun;
invisible to the universe.
too bad we’re everything to the world
[we could have gotten away with a lot].

still, we’re all the same
with different thoughts;
different styles;
different people.

still, we’re exactly alike.
we’re human.
we’re science.
we’re empty.

darling, tell me:
how is it together, we’re something.
alone, we’re nothing.?

—  6-1-5dear you