Imagine the very first time Zevran slept next to the Warden once they determined that their relationship was more than just physical, that there was love involved. Imagine him shooting upright in the morning in a panic, momentarily thinking himself dead before he realizes the truth; for the first time in years he had slept soundly through the night, not constantly on the verge of wakefulness due to untrustworthy nature of his bed mate.

Imagine Zevran waking up for the first time fully rested and in love

tatscatshamilton submitted:

My first time trying to submit anything because I am finally proud of myself. I tried eating crazy healthy and going to the gym constantly and honestly that method didn’t work for me. The left picture was taken in May when I was trying to get fit for a wedding that I was in, while the right is of 5 minutes ago. This is still a work in progress.

I first gained the weight through using the depo shot for birth control in conjunction with eating out almost everyday. I always wanted to make the change but my upcoming wedding in September is really motivating me. I have been eating organic as much as I can while opting to eat vegetarian 50% of the time. My workouts come from dance fitness videos done everyday and walking 5 miles per day around my workspace.

Height: 5'4
HW: 190
CW: 171
GW: 135 toned

Zevran's romance basically
  • Zevran goes into the Warden's tent: We're not together
  • Zevran cleans the Warden's staff/blade/bow for them: We're not together
  • Zevran fold the Warden's clothes to save them the hassle: We're not together
  • Zevran kisses the Warden on the cheek as they head to bed: We're not together
  • Zevran getting down on one knee: We're not-


Last year I was lucky enough to stumble upon the ultimate weight loss strategy and the key to staying lean.

I am 162cm/5,4 and currently weigh 52kg/114lbs, my exercise routine consists of hula hooping for 10 minutes a day and simply employing the ‘take the stairs’ mindset in everyday life.

These images are only 4 months apart, All I did to spark this weight loss was cut out meat, cheese, milk, butter, eggs, and all other animal bi products.
I have never felt so healthy in my life, I have endless amounts of energy and my hair skin and nails are flawless.

I encourage everyone to research the (countless) benefits of veganism as well as the motivation behind this incredible lifestlye :)

For Health
For the Animals
For our Environment
Go Vegan.

Please follow my journey @cleanconsumption
I follow back all health based blogs!

Why he even brings the thunder~….

Madison ! Man needs some love, he’s a pretty adorable guy.


Before: 140lbs 5'3
After: 123lbs 5'4

When I was a chubby underdeveloped 15 year old I took the photo on the left after I (very spontaneously) decided I was going to change my whole life.

Not only did I start exercising and eating healthy, I decided to start taking care of myself. I learned how to do hair and makeup, I started being more social and outgoing, I got involved in activities at school, I worked hard to get good grades, and I took time to focus on my mental health.

By the end of senior year of high school I lost 20lbs, gathered a plethora of beauty products, made a ton of amazing friends, was crowned prom queen, was accepted into my dream university, and I was (and still am) the happiest I’ve ever been.

One simple and spontaneous decision snowballed my life into a beautiful place. Don’t just love your mind and body, show your mind and body love. Your life will blossom before your eyes.


Zevran's romance basically part 2
  • Zevran: Wtf there are no FEELINGS here who the fuck do you think I am
  • Zevran to the Warden: Btw I'd die for you
  • Zevran to the Warden: Let me tell you all these things I've never told anyone
  • Zevran to the Warden: You know it'd be great if you only slept with me
  • Zevran to the Warden: Let me immediately drop my very nice gear for these shitty gloves you gave me
  • Zevran: Bah, FEELINGS who needs 'em

Before: 210
After: 127
I have been on this journey for 16 months.
The first 40lb I lost by eating 1200-1400 calories a day and doing the elliptical for 30-60 min 6-7 times a week. I took a break and gained back almost 10lb in 3 months. I started back up again but decided to try something different. This time I’ve done a complete lifestyle change. I started weight lifting and eating a mostly primal diet. I cut way back on my alcohol consumption. I lift for 30-60 min 4-5 times a week and I don’t count calories anymore. I’ve grown to really love weight lifting and I enjoy watching myself get stronger. I was 130 before babies, 235 when I birthed both of my children and am now 127 and stronger than I’ve ever been. I had extremely unhealthy pregnancies and paid for it but I don’t regret it because through all of this I’ve taught myself how to live a healthy lifestyle.

—- SEND in your own Before and After weight loss progress photos HERE. 

ma66ie92 submitted:

Weight: 169+ lbs (?)

145-147 lbs
Waist: 28.5

Height: 5'4"

Calorie counting (about 2100/day), lifting heavy weights, not keeping any junk food in the house. Refuse to let medical school lead again to binging and stress like it did in undergrad. I weigh almost everything I eat and weigh myself at least once a week. I highly recommend The Diet Fix by Yoni Freedhoff, Fat Chance by Robert Lustig, and the Weight of the Nation HBO documentary.

@fiddlelock said: Percival Graves was not an actual person, Rowling said it wasn’t Polyjuice but Transfiguration…

Listen, sweetheart, I know you think you know what you’re talking about. But consider this:

-“Percival Graves is a direct descendant of one of the original twelve aurors“, as quoted more or less word by word from pottermore

-Percival Graves was Head of Magical Security since 1920(me thinks?) or something like that, but definitely for a couple of years

-Apart fron the fact that Grindelwald would never have donned that mask for several years, do you have any idea how long and good someone has to work in a department before being promoted to its head?!?

-Tina Goldstein does not act as if he’s been her boss for a couple of weeks but her mentor for years

-Transfiguration can also be used to adapt an existing person’s face, so why the frick does that mean anything?!?

-You’re wrong, I’m sorry.

-Actually, I’m not sorry.

Have a lovely day :-)