5 yr

Think before you act for once

Context: I play a duet with my boyfriend so we can both get a grip on DnD (he DMs, i play) since im the only PC, i travel with a merchant and his 5 yr old son.

Earlier that in-game day, i killed two wolves and dumped their carcasses in out cart to skin and sell their pelts. After that i pissed off some locals, who tried to follow me. The following ensued:

Me (OOC): ‘Okay, I run towards the cart.’

DM: ‘You see that the cart is closed off and Garroth (5yr old NPC) is playing outside’

Me (OOC): 'I pick him up and put him in the cart.’

DM: *laughs*, 'You put Garroth in the cart, and look up to see Swen (the merchant) skinning the wolves, covered in blood. He looks to you and then to Garroth, who looks mortified’

Me: shit, i pick him up and put him back out of the cart, then turn to Swen and say: 'listen before you say anything, i… lets just act like that didn’t happen’.

DM (as Swen): 'I, *sigh* you really need to stop acting this quickly without thinking’.

Me: 'you think he’s gonna be okay?’

Dm (as Swen): 'I mean, we got attacked by poisenous snakes yesterday and two people almost died, he’ll be fine’

Me: 'yeah’

The kid is only five and he’s already traumatized

I have a childhood friends!AU hc in which Will and Nico are 5-yrs-old or something, and Nico’s current thing is pirates. The thing is, Will eventually tells Nico that pirates were actually Very Bad People (his mom told him they were THIEVES). And then Nico pouts and gets all sad and doesn’t talk to Will anymore and the latter panics bc !!! he has to fix this!!! So he goes up to the nearest adult (his teacher) and begs her to tell him about the good part of pirates, just so he can later talk to Nico about that and they can be friends again.