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I’m bored and this is going to be stupid, but here’s a list of parody bands.
  • Wink-281
  • The Blunder Eons
  • Sunset Surfer Teens
  • Fake Enemies
  • Tranquility? at the Library
  • Rise In Girl
  • Turquoise 6 (I’ve posted this one before)
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Analysis: Understanding why Naruhina happened even though Narusasu and Narusaku were more dynamic options.

The following has anti naruhina sentiments and arguments based on the manga. Please don’t call me delusional when the whole manga is plainly laid out for the world to see. 

1. The Creation of Hyuga Hinata

To understand the ending and the thought process of Kishimoto, we first have to analyze the character of Hyuga Hinata. Her creation story is rather odd. When an author makes a character, they usually have a more definitive purpose in the story. But with Hinata, her main purpose was to be the the love interest of our protagonist, Uzumaki Naruto. That is basically her purpose for the beloved manga series. She was created to be love fodder in the story line. There is nothing more to her character and nothing less. Kishimoto had intended for Naruto and Hinata to end up as a couple since day 1 when he was drafting the initial plot for the series. Below is a picture of the draft where Naruto can be seen behind Hinata with the sun. 

Naruhina as endgame was inevitable because Hinata WAS CREATED for Naruto. 

2. Other viable options - Narusasu/Narusaku

But Narusaku/Narusasu became a more viable option throughout Naruto’s serialization. BUT Narusasu was not a hetero couple that would be tolerated in Japan. This option had to be scrapped due to homosexual sentiments that is not socially accepted in Japan. Kishimoto could have broken the barrier and delve into the whole “I support homosexuality because love is love” thing but he did not. Sasuke was not sexually attracted to anyone but his closest and only important bond was Naruto. His best friend and soulmate. THis was evident by Sasuke wanting to get rid of his bond with Naruto and ignoring everyone else. He could have severed his bonds with Sakura also, but he did not even find their bond important enough to even try to severe it. After the whole Narusasu business was scrapped, Narusaku was the only other viable option. This became evident throughout the first part when Sasuke left.

With Sakura’s introduction, this was the biggest mistake Kishimoto has made. He introduced Haruno Sakura as Naruto’s love interest. When first introduced, Naruto blatantly outright stated that he loved Sakura, but Sakura had a crush on Uchiha Sasuke. Sakura was shown to warm up to Naruto and eventually developed unknown feelings for him too as stated in the Naruto databook.

After Sasuke left, Narusaku’s development was inevitable. Kishimoto had no other choice but to go down that route. What else can he do now that Sasuke has left. This created the infamous “Promise of a lifetime” where Naruto has promised to bring Sasuke back. 

I could list on and on the various moments and development these two had but you guys read the manga, do you guys would know.  

You guys get the gist, right? Right. 

So Kishimoto’s main mistake was not devloping Naruhina’s relationship but rather he was locked into developing Narusaku. 

Kishimoto’s initial plan was for Naruhina because Hinata was created for that reason. But his folly became too drastic and he couldn’t turn back and undo what little NH had. He didn’t place them on the same team nor did they interact in the 15 years of serialization up until the 700th chapter. He stated himself that romance was not his strong point, but he had dug himself too deep into Narusaku development and where we see Naruto love Sakura for the majority of the chapters from the beginning. The whole manga was based on Naruto pining over Sakura. There was no instance where we see Naruto become interested in Hinata. He failed miserably trying to make moments for NH but it was difficult. He accidentally made the non-canon pairing have more chemistry than the canon pairing. 

So what exactly happened? At the end of the manga, NH still had little to no interaction or development while NS had development, parallels, and everything one could hope for. BUT the problem is that Sakura wasn’t intended for Naruto at all in the initial stages. NH was cheated out of good development and NS was baited inadvertently. 

Kishimoto was adamant about carrying out his initial plan for NH despite the controversial lack of depth in their relationship. He should have developed their story more but he couldn’t backtrack and fix his mistakes. In the end, Kishimoto was adamant and stubborn in fulfilling his initial ending and he got what he wanted. He reaped what he sowed. His completed his vision of NH despite going against his manga. He had planned the ending from the beginning and going against it would go against everything he planned from the initial start. He should’ve planned this out more properly but it was too late and thus the ending was rushed and unsatisfying. 

Hinata had completed her role as romance fodder as Kishimoto had intended even though it went against logic. She ended up has Naruto wife just as planned from the beginning. Naruhina was destined to become endgame even though Narusaku was laid out on the table and probably has crossed his mind. He wanted NH but NS got out of hand but he still made Hinata fulfill her role and carried out his initial ending 5 years ago. Narusaku was and never will be canon and thus people are cheated out of a good pairing dynamic. 

so basically in simple terms., Kishi sucks at planning and at romance and NH was forced because he is a terrible writer that didn’t plan properly and everyone suffered for it. Okay, maybe using the word terrible is excessive. He refused to change his ending because he had already planned it. Everything was weird and ooc at the end due to his stubbornness to change. The shipping basically affected the non-shipping portions of the ending as well. The transition from 699 to 700 was not handled properly.