5 year old me so happy

hello again! :) i hope you’re all doing well and that you were able to enjoy the comeback to the fullest~:) i’ve successfully survived the first week of uni and i’m loving it so far! i’m really happy with my choice :) it is rather time-consuming though so i still haven’t got around to watching both comeback shows, but i’ll catch up over the weekend and will obviously post about them too :) 

and for those who care: this blog turned 5 today! 🎉🎉🎉 i never thought i’d be happy that 13 year old me created this blog but i really am now haha 

anyway, have a good time and see you at the next post! ♥


I never wanted much. All I wanted was for them to sell enough albums, enough to be stable to stay together. All I wanted was just to enter the top 100 on music charts. All I wanted was the nu'boys just to be happy, the most important thing.

Like alot of immature kpop group stans, most loves do not care about vanity or which BG is on top. We just want our members we love to so much to finally furfill their dream after so many years of hardship.

As a long term love, who about 2 years ago become dead set on making Nu'ests dream happen, and dedicated so much time to updating this blog to attract new fans and not seeing great results….. I never in my wildest dreams thought we’d top music charts. Thank you new and old loves for working so hard, and thank you to Nu'est for giving me so much love Its too much to even handle.

I am so happy for NU'EST W❤

(Next step is for us to make their dream of 5 years come true, no.1 on melon and their First win, let’s work hard for them!)

OMG!!! I see a shade called “OG Lolita” and it looks like the original formula!!! This makes me so damn happy. The original Lolita was my favorite! I hope this shade comes out in the studded kiss lipsticks too! No lie, I have been hanging on to a 5 year old Lolita lipstick because I can’t live without this color. Gross, I know. But the original color is to die for.

OH MY GOSH during newsies i was sitting next to this little 5-year-old year girl and she was singing along to EVERY SONG and her mom kept having to shush her and during intermission her mom told me that her daughter was so happy that I knew all the lyrics too and so I highfived the little kid and she goes “I’m the king of New York!!!!” to prove her Superior Fansie Status and honestly? my heart has been warmed. who'da thunk? she’s the king of New York!!!

little kids will really believe anything you tell them.

when i was in pre k (4-5 y/o) we had some guest speaker talking to us about who knows what and some kid in my class asked her when her birthday was.

she was a much older woman so she probably disliked her birthday and didn’t want to share the actual day, so she answered “Everyday is my birthday.” and i shit you not after the initial couple of seconds of shock that hit our little baby brains, we all just gradually started singing happy birthday, because clearly if every day is your birthday (which is TOTALLY possible [/sarcasm]) then she must have a birthday that day too!!!! how could we possibly disrespect her by not singing the happy birthday song to her on her birthday?!!

and that was it, that was how easy it was to convince us of that.

so yeah don’t try to tell me your young child can’t possibly understand my gender. if an entire class of 4-5 year olds are immediately willing to believe that a woman’s birthday is every day of the year then surely they can understand that a person can have a gender that’s something other than “boy” or “girl”

This guy just made my day

So this guy just made my day 100% better. How? Well as I was knee-deep in watching Buzzfeed videos on Youtube I saw this guy in my recommended. So I clicked on the video (he was ranting about his annoying emails). I watched it and I laughed and I thought, “Hm he seems like a cool dude I wonder what else I can watch?” So I find another one of his videos and have at it. Then after like 5 vids I find one entitled My Sexuality.

And in it he starts telling the story of when he was in the 5th grade and how he’s never really had a “crush” before and how even in high school he never felt the need to “do the do”. Long story short he ended the video with saying that he was demisexual ( a person who does not experience sexual attraction unless they form a strong emotional connection with someone). And tbh that was the best thing I’ve ever heard. It was like music to my ears. Here’s this guy running a Youtube channel with over 100,000 subscribers and he’s demi. That just makes me so happy. Being asexual it’s often very frustrating and hard for me to find other people to relate to that are a positive uplifting influence that’s relatively close to my age (He’s almost 24 if Wiki is accurate). This guy has 100,000 subs and he’s demi. Let me say that again. THIS GUY HAS 100,000 SUBS AND HE’S DEMI.  Here is a person whose discovery story I can identify with. He is a youtuber that I can relate to.

Although I am pretty comfortable with my own sexuality I still have my “I feel like such a broken and wrong individual” days. And whenever I have one of those days I hate all the sexual innuendos that same of my other fav youtubers use (though on any other day I would laugh at cause sexual innuendos are hella funny most of the time) cause all it does is just jab at my wounds of feeling different and that there is no one on that platform that feels the way I do. So finding someone that does is such a euphoric feeling.

I know the “sexuality” video is about 5 months old but discovering it was like finding a gem. Even if it was 5 weeks old or 5 years old just knowing that this video is out there makes me happy cause it just means I’m not as horribly alone as I thought I was. 

Evan Edinger( evanedinger) thank you so much for making that video. Thank you for making me realize I’m not as alone with my sexuality as I thought I was. Just thank you. It makes me feel so much better.

You subscribe to him here on his youtube channel. He makes videos every Sunday.  Have a wonderul day!

Pack Sleepover


Requested: “Could you do a Paul from Twilight imagine of for some reason the whole pack has to stay at Sam and Emily’s so it’s basically a giant slumber party in the living room and Paul and his imprint are all cuddled up together trying to sleep but the rest of the pack is a bunch of annoying brats??”

Sorry for the wait, exams got me pretty stressed but they are finally over now!  I hope you like it, even though it is a little shorter than normal!

Word Count: 741


The idea of the sleepover was to have some time to relax together.  The pack had had a lot going on lately, a lot of vampire related troubles had been keeping them up at night and on patrol all day.  Now that everything was sorted and things were relatively normal again, Sam had suggested having a pack sleepover.  I suspected he wouldn’t suggest it again.  The food had disappeared almost as soon as it was placed on the table and as a result most of the pack were on sugar highs.  The pack tended to be energetic anyway but with a whole tonne of sugar running through their veins they were crazy.

In a useless attempt at calming the pack down a little somebody had put a movie on.  Most of the pack were ignoring it completely though, or hadn’t even noticed it was on.  They were too busy winding each other up and running around like 5-year-olds at a birthday party.  It was quite funny to watch to be honest, I was just glad that they were smiling.  I hadn’t seen them this happy in weeks.  

Paul stuck beside me, off to one side of the living room.  We were both laying in our sleeping bags, watching the drama unfold.  Paul had his arm around me as I was pressed up against his chest, feeling every vibration as he laughed at his pack mates.  Sam had given up trying to keep them all in line and had disappeared with a last despairing look, so now there were a whole bunch of teasing arguments going on around the room and a good few of them were play fighting.  At least I hoped they were pretending.  

By the time the credits rolled on the movie which nobody had bothered to watch, I was ready to fall asleep.  I rolled over to face Paul, burying my face into his chest as my eyes slowly closed.  I felt him place a feather light kiss on my forehead as I hummed contentedly.  And then felt something hit the pack of my head.  I rolled back over as quick as a Flash and shot a glare at the crowd of boys giggling like little girls.  
“Which one of you threw that?”  I snapped, reaching to find whatever it was that had landed in my hair.  It was a piece of popcorn.  I rolled my eyes when none of them answered and peeked over my shoulder to find Paul shooting daggers at them all.  
“It was Quil.”  He muttered, grinning as there was aloud exclamation of complaint.  That grin quickly disappeared as a piece of popcorn hit him in the centre of his forehead.   I bit my lip to suppress a giggle as I lay back down again, getting comfortable.  
“Are you done?”  I grumbled, closing my eyes again as Paul wrapped his arms around me.  
“Nope.”  The pack chorused.  

At first I tried to ignore the pack, but they sure were persistent.  They kept yelling over the room at us every time I felt like I was about to doze off and pretty soon the two of us were covered in the popcorn and jelly sweets that the rest of them had thrown our way.  
“Can you guys quit it?  We’re trying to sleep?”  Paul growled.  Sometimes I wondered how on earth he managed to put up with being in their heads all of the time.  “Can you guys quit it with the cutesy coupley stuff then because we’re trying not to throw up.”  Jared quipped back and I rolled my eyes, biting back a small laugh.  I opened my eyes to see Paul watching them with a small smirk on his face.  “If us trying to sleep grosses you out then good luck with this.”  He met my eyes before leaning forward to capture my lips in his.  Much to the annoyance of the pack.  I heard a collective groan from behind me and laughed into the kiss, before pulling back, a deep blush covering my face.  I hid my face in Paul’s chest, ignoring the laughter from the pack as they noticed my tomato-like complexion.  “Can you please just let us fucking sleep?”  Paul’s eyes widened as the curse word slipped past my lips.  “I would let her sleep.”  He said, looking uneasy.  “Or she may well kill you.”  I smiled, closing my eyes.  “And I certainly won’t be the one to stop her.” 

Ha ha. Bean, my 5 year old, wanted to make Lance a birthday card.

She drew Lance by a colourful fountain and then asked me of she should draw another character with him so he wouldn’t be alone.

I asked her who she thought Lance’s favourite character was and she said, “Allura. That would be Allura. He loves her but (long dramatic sigh) she loves Shiro. But he also loves a lot of different alien girls. I’ll draw him some alien girls to hang with for his birthday.”

Then she turned the fountain to an alien chick.

I’m dying.

(”but jules! why don’t you wait until 1000 followers?” because i have no patience!)

To celebrate me hitting 900 followers (as well as the opening of my shop), I’m doing a giveaway! We’ll have two winners. 

First place will win one of my 4″ Proud and Defiant hoops in the orientation or identity of their choice (shown below) as well as a 5″ hoop featuring an embroidery of your favorite quote from a musical. 

Second place will win a 4″ Proud and Defiant hoop in the orientation or identity of their choice. 

If either winner is uncomfortable giving me a mailing address, I am happy to do a custom fic request, as well. 


  • must be 18 years old or have a parent’s permission to enter. i will need a mailing address if you want one of the embroideries, so you have to be okay with that.
  • must be following me! sorry, but this is a celebration of my followers. 
  • like and reblog as much as you want. 1 like = 1 entry, 1 reblog = 1 entry.
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  • winners will be chosen in one week, on September 16, 2017 at 9:00PM, EST.

(thank you so much to the wonderful and talented @spotsies for my header art!)


[REQUEST]- Could you maybe write down the reaction of each BTS member to seeing y/n asleep in their bed? Like she wanted to wait for them to come back but it got really late, so she fell asleep.

I tried :3 Hope you like it! 


He saw your sleeping lump on the bed. “Aigo…” He just got home after a full day of practice. He was worrying about the upcoming concerts and choreo he had to do for the Wings Tour. “Y/N, were you waiting up for me?” He asked while he slid into bed with you. He rested your head on his chest and put his arms around your waist. He felt you snuggle into his body for warmth. “Oppa, you’re home…” And you went back to sleep. Light snores and heavy breathing. He watched you sleep. “How did I get so lucky with you?” It was true, you were so patient with him and his members. You even tried to wait for him every night. But tonight, you were tired and you fell asleep. He gave you a kiss on the head and drifted off into his dreams as well.


He unlocked the door, trying to stay as quiet as possible. He looked at the time on his phone, 3:53AM. He sighed. He promised you he would have been home by 10 at the latest tonight, but practice dragged out longer than he thought. He walked into his bathroom, took a quick shower and came out. He didn’t notice you were on his bed until he sat down and felt your body. His eyes widened. You waited for him the whole time he was at practice. He thought you would’ve gone home by now. He went under the blankets to hold you, he would never admit to you that he was a real cuddler. He smelled the fresh scent of your shampoo in your hair. It was nostalgic.  He was home and drifted off to sleep.


He stumbled into his room, visibly exhausted. It’s been a couple of days since you’ve both seen each other and hung out because of the upcoming tour. Hoseok needed to practice and get everything perfect. You didn’t mind not seeing him. But what you did mind was his health. You wanted to surprise him by visiting, but you didn’t realize that he was going to be home so late. You fell asleep before you saw him on his bed. He walked towards his bed and plopped down and he whacked you with his arm whilst falling down onto his bed. You immediately got up, frightened and started screaming. Hoseok was shocked by the sight, “JAGI, JAGI IT’S ME HOBI!” You stopped and you threw your arms around his neck. You hugged him tightly. You realized he just came back from practice and still smelled like faded cologne and sweat. You urged him to shower and come back to bed with you. He agreed. He came back you were both snoring your lives away.


Namjoon unlocked the door to his room. Being a leader, communicator, producer, and member all at once was starting to stress him out. He really missed having a bit of free time to hang out with you and spend time with you. He’s been practicing nonstop and it’s been tense with the members because they were all exhausted. He rolled onto his bed and felt something under the covers. It was you. Namjoon felt tears pricking his eyes. He had the best girlfriend in the entire world. You didn’t complain about not being with him. You knew that it was his job to be busy all the time. You were his number one fan of course. You were patient and loving. He knew he chose best. He rolled towards you and put his arms around your waist and pulled you closer. “Jagi, I love you.”


Jimin has been feeling particularly tired. He’s been stressed out. All he wanted to do was just destress with you. Watch a movie and cuddle. He missed your laugh and smile. You haven’t been able to see him due to his schedule and your busy schedule as well. You missed him and you went to his apartment and slept in his bed because you missed his scent. You were able to sleep easy for once just by staying there and waiting for him to come back and you would jump him and kiss him to show that you missed him. But due to your exhaustion, you fell asleep. He walked in on you and he swept his hair back and had an evil look on his face. He jumped onto the bed and started giving you sweet little kisses all over your face. “Yah, Park Jimin, I’m sleeping!” He laughed at this. “I know Jagi, I just missed you so much and your face.”


For the past couple of days, Tae has been feeling ridiculously tired. He’s been yawning all over the place. He had to practice for the upcoming concert and he hasn’t had time to even respond to you. He felt a little depressed to know that he couldn’t make time to talk to you. Little did he know, You went by the apartment to drop off some food and clean. After cleaning you were feeling tired and you went to tae’s bed and fell asleep. Later that night, Tae came home to see you on his bed. “JAAAAGIIIIIIIII” He jumped on the bed as if he were 5 years old again. Happy to see you, he koala-hugged you. He had you between his legs and basically crushed the life out of you. “Tae-I know you love me, but I’m losing Oxygen” He sheepishly smiled, “heh, love you.”


He was pacing back and forth to stay awake. Practice was neverending and he knew he had to make it perfect for his fans and his number one gal in his life. Y/N. He loved your antics, and your jokes. He was missing you so much. He hasn’t had any time to talk to you and finally he was able to go home for a bit. Once he got into bed, he realized that there was less space than usual. He took the covers off and saw you sleeping soundly with his jacket on. “This girl.” He started tickling you awake. “Yah, kookie, can’t a girl sleep peacefully?” He started smiling like crazy because he missed you. “Jagiiiiiiyaaaaa, I missed you so much” You stared at him, “I do too, now can we sleep? It’s literally 3 in the morning.”



honestly being able to make you all happy by doing what i love doing is suuuuch an honor for me!!! i’m relieved that my art can reach out to you all!!!!!!!! i’m going through very difficult things irl but reading your messages really made me smile and i sincerely thank you all from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to tell me all of these!!!! i hope you guys continue to brighten people’s day like this!!!

i’m so happy that you all enjoy my art, my 5-year-old sense of humor and that you guys love my akihikos!! i’ll keep delivering him for as long as i love him, which is a VERY long time ♡ ~(‘▽^人) nyahaha

Dear Damian Part 4 (Older Damian Wayne x Reader)

Schninner: Part four of pain and feels- Er! I mean Dear Damian! *Nervous laughter* Heh, definitely no angst here! Anyways guys, thank you all for the wonderful comments and feedback for other parts of Dear Damian, it has truly made me a happy Squirtle! :D

Tagging @the-singing-canary to share the angst >:) as well as @isabellegunawan and @maruthor

Part 1 * Part 2 * Part 3 * Part 5 * Part 6 * Part 7

(Reader is a Girl)

Warnings: Swearing and oh so much of the angst

Word count:  1001

Mater List

You were 16 years old, standing out in the Wayne mansion’s garden looking up into the heavily polluted sky. Barely any stars were visible thanks to the light pollution, which caused your lips to form a slight frown. That was the only thing that you missed about your home, the stars.

You felt a pair of strong warm arms wrap around your waist, you let out a small gasp of surprise, then turned your head slightly to see your boyfriend, Damian Wayne.

“Oh, Dami! It’s you.” You said relieved.

“Of course it is beloved, who else would it be?” He inquired, before kissing you on top of your head.

“I don’t know, you just startled me.” You said with a sigh, your cheeks turning bright pick as he kissed you. You two had been dating for quite some time now, but you still weren’t used to his affections, not that they weren’t appreciated! They just surprised you.

“What are you doing out here at this hour?” He asked, his voice muffled by your hair.

You looked back up at the sky and sighed once more, “Just looking at the stars.”

Damian tilted his head upwards and squinted, “What stars?”

“Exactly,” You answered wistfully.

There was a long pause before Damian spoke again, “[F/N], are you… Unhappy here?”

Your eyes widened in shock at his words, and turned around in his arms to face him. The look on his face made your heart drop, his eyes were full of somber and fear. “If you are, you don’t have to stay here. I don’t want you to leave, but I don’t want to be the reason why you so miserable, and- “

You placed your hands gently on either side of his face, gently rubbing his check with one of your thumbs. He stopped talking immediately, and looked into your eyes. You gave him a gentle and warm smile,

“Hey, I’m not going anywhere, okay? I’m happy as long as you’re here with me, and don’t ever forget that.”

He smiled at you, making your heart skip a beat, and leaned into your touch.

“I just don’t want you to be in pain, and don’t want to be the reason why.”

You leaned in and softly kissed him, gently breaking the kiss, but remaining mere centimeters away from his face.

“Damian Wayne, you could never hurt me, and I could never hurt you.”

You sat numbly on your bed, staring at your bloodied hands. It wasn’t your blood, no, it was something much worse, it was his blood, it was Damian’s blood.  

“He’s not dead.” You silently reminded yourself.

“No, not dead, but hurt.”

He had been stabbed, by none other than his horrible excuse of an Ex-girlfriend, you. You stabbed him, cursed him, said all of those nasty things, to save him.

Hot tears rolled down your cheeks and onto your clenched fists. Your mind kept going back to the look of anguish on his face as the blade pierced his flesh and bone. You remembered his beautiful blue eyes, full of heartbreak as you told him you hated him. You recalled how he never fought back, not even when you released a full blown assault on him, just because the damn idiot still loved you!

“It was the only way.” You repeated to yourself over and over again, trying to convince yourself that that was the case.

But no matter how many times you tried to justify your actions, no matter how many times you told yourself that it was for the best, you still felt as if someone had ripped your heart out. Because not matter how many times you told yourself these things, you had still hurt the man you love, and you could never forgive yourself for that.

Months passed, months in which you had numbly went through, never fully present. It was always the same routine, your called into your father’s throne room, you are given a target, you go off and kill target, you come back, then it repeats. Today was no exception, you were called into your father’s throne room, undoubtedly for your next target. But when you got there, you noticed right away that something was wrong.

A large male figure with a burlap sack covering his face, was bound and kneeling in front of her father’s throne with a few of her father’s lackey’s guarding him to make sure he didn’t do anything. You walked over to your father, who had a shit eating grin on his face, making your skin crawl. You bowed to him.

“Father, you summoned me?”

“Ah yes! [F/N]! So wonderful for you to join us for our celebration!” Your father said, excitedly clapping his hand together.

You raised an eyebrow, “A celebration of what father?”

His eyes shone with twisted amusement, “It’s a party for our guest of honor here!” He sang out, pointing to the man that was bound. “We are celebrating his life and all of its glorious failures!”

You gave your father a confused and slightly unimpressed look.

He feigned shock, “Why my dear? Haven’t you figured it out yet?”

He signaled for the guard to remove the bag over the male’s face. You gasped, as you gazed into the eyes of your lover. His eye was swollen and bruised, and he had cuts all over his face. You head shot back to your father, who was maniacally smiling down at you.

“Dearest [F/N], today is the day we celebrate the death of Damian Wayne.”


Yo its like midnight but a while back people wanted some OFFICIAL PROFILES more info about my original comic The S.O.L.S.T.I.C.E so i finally got around and here have a giant info dump!! These are the main characters (at the start) so have at you. Click the pics to read it better since the words are small on tumblr!

There isn’t anywhere to read it atm (except an old scrapped version floating around on dA ) But eventually I’ll have update notifications going on here once i get together 5 complete chapters (might take some more time but im getting there). This story is my child and ive been conceptualizing some 12 years on it so please bear with me if I’m slow about it!! 

if you wanna see more of these peeps why not check out my solstice tag? I’d be super happy if this even got like ten notes so thank you to anyone that reads it! Sorry for any typos also, some of this wasn’t beta’d!!  Thank you!

The Other Stilinski

Originally posted by martabuzz

Characters: Y/n, Stiles, Peter, Derek, The Pack

Pairing: No pairing. Stiles x Brother!Reader (MALE!READER) 

Warnings: Fluffiness, happiness…sorta angst, mentions of death, traumatized child, fluff!!!

Word Count: 1043

Summary: Stiles takes his brother to meet the rest of the pack, but no one could’ve guessed he’d bond with him.

A/N: Ok, requested fic from anon-StilesxBabyBrotherReader? Like the MR is the 3-4 y/o Baby Brother of Stiles who is Mute (he can still do some sounds, but not often bc it will hurt him) so Stiles have to take care of him and the Pack just comes over & meet his Brother for the first time, so they help him & a lot of fluff. Ok, I changed the hurting part and made him selectively mute. Hope that’s ok, and hope u like it!!

Tagged Peeps: @sallyp-53@salvatorexwinchester@helvonasche@chelsea072498@the-latina-trickster@aingealcethlenn@lucifer-in-leather@p–trick@crackedclown@kumaartz@sinceriouslyamellpadalecki@mogaruke



Stiles rushed around upstairs, falling and thudding onto the floor, before he pulled the bedroom door open.

“What? Why?”

“I need to go. And the day-care cancelled”.

Stiles groaned, shaking his body exaggeratedly.

“Daaad! You know I was meant to go and meet the pack”.

The sheriff sighed, knowing that they’d been planning to hang out for the holidays.

But he needed someone to take care of y/n.

“I know, son. But, there’s no one else. And your brother needs you”.

When he put it like that, Stiles felt a sense of guilt, but also joy.

His brother needed him.

He’d still not gotten used to having a younger brother. Especially one who always relied on him.

But that feeling of having someone look up to him always made Stiles happy to have y/n.

“Fine”, he sighed, watching as his dad left the house.

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Potatomann *Discourse*

*In Universe Fake RPF post*

*clears throat, we’re now in the land of my UBER SUCESSFUL in-universe rpf blog. My character will be one of a Pimms (and Jeric) shipper who’s been jaded by the discourse surrounding Jack’s OD.* This post takes place in spring of 2016.


me as I wake up on this beautiful morning: my what a beautiful day

*opens tumblr, sees other jarse shippers fighting with pototamann shippers*

me as I close my laptop and throw it into the nearest volcano: well I’m glad reality is an illusion and ship wars don’t exist 

#welp #i guess it’s that time of the month again #discourse time  #jlz discourse #start blacklisting that if you’re new #it’s gonna be a loooong day


*sighs* PEOPLE

for the millionth time, my ship is not “dead”. Your ship is not “canon” or “non-problematic” (really, any ship can be problematic depending on how you dissect them). So how about instead of fighting about who’s better for Jack (wow, I haven’t been able to say that sentence in four years), we just focus on some goddamn playoffs predictions. 

#stop policing other people’s ships # ☕️ ☕️ ☕️  #jlz discourse

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Savior (Hwarang Sam Maek Jong)

Type: Angst Fluff ~Warning Age Gap~ 

Request: Can I get a Sam Maek Jong scenario? One where your pregnant and he’s more protective than usual

Can I request a hwarang scenario where I am ban ryus sister and I am always happy cheerful bright friends with the same kind of people like I am.&a lot of disgusting men hit on me.&I am also great friends with all of the hwarang& me and maekjong(jidwi) and married. So I get kidnapped by that guy who kidnapped sunwoo&jidwi. Make is scary fluffy angsty and very long please. Also I am younger than all hwarang boys. I have bug age gaps with all of them like 5-9 year gaps. Old times young marriages.

~Note: I’m making the reader around 15-16ish years old. I do not know how old anyone of the boys are supposed to be but I’m guessing they are around 21ish. Marrying young during time I think was common.~ And finally the reader is shorter!! 

The marriage was very much a secret from most of the population. Your father knew but his mother didn’t know. Banryu didn’t like the idea because you were his baby sister but was having to get over it. Sammaekjong swept you off your feet when you were fourteen and quickly took you in for marriage. And then the following year you were with child.

“My dear. You should be resting" Sammaekjong spoke as you sighed sitting on the porch. You looked up at him tucking your legs up. “I can still move. I can ever sit like this” you defend as he raises a brow. “Try to stand back up” he said as you took on the challenge. Your body didn’t move the way you wanted it to, like a sack of rocks. “I will help you up but you will go relax. Lay down and make sure the little one is well rested” he said in a sing-song voice as he helped you up. He wrapped his arms around your body looking down at you. “I will be back in a few hours" he whispered as he pressed his forehead against yours. He leaned down and placed a kiss onto your lips.


You let out a scream as a palm covered your mouth as your eyes opened you were scared to see that there was a man. You were ripped from your spot before you were dragged out of bed.


You sat awkwardly as your hands were bound behind you as you shifted against a wooden pole. Your legs were drenched and it began to show onto the floor after a splash noise “what is happening?” one of the men asked as you let out a harsh breath before you groaned. “I think she’s having the baby” they told the man with a scar on his face. He walked over to you looked you over before stuffing a rag into your mouth. “Now shut your mouth and hold it in” he saod as if the baby something you hand control over. Your eyes said ‘go to hell’ while you couldn’t actually say it.

Your eyes watered at a sudden pain before you heard yelling from outside of the building you were being held in. The men quickly rushed out as you let out a whine again. “Y/N!” you hear as you rested your head back you thought you were going crazy now hoping someone could come save you from the crazy men who took you. “Hey, are you alright?” you hear a soft voice say as you open your eyes and look up to see Banryu standing their with his normal big brother panic as you were quickly untied. Your body went limp as you fell into him. He wrapped his arms around you hoping to secure you before you ripped the gag from your mouth as you let out a harsh groan as you grabbed your big brother’s arm and squeezed it as he stood you up straight. “Is the baby coming?” he asked in a panic as you nodded, he took a moment to process before he picked you up. He rushed out of the building and towards Sammaekjong “the baby is coming” he said as you helped you clung to your elder brother, Sammaekjong looked at you. "We need to get her somewhere.


“I’m so sorry I should have been with you the whole time nothing like this should have happened” he said as you let the doctor look you over. “It is fine. You can not protect me from everything” you say as you squeezed his hand as a comfort for you both. “I should though. You are my wife. What kind of husband can not protect his wife and unborn child?” he said as you felt him bush your hair from your face “I am sorry” he said again as he pressed a kiss to your forehead. “Are you ready to push?” you hear as you look down at the doctor who was giving you a smile “are you ready?” you asked as Sammaekjong squeezed your hand before kissing it.


Jeongha slept calmly in your arms as she stretched in her sleep. “She’s perfect” Sammakjong says as he patted your forehead with a rag. “Thank you” you whispered as he gave a small smile. “The boys will want to see her” he informed as you nodded. “Maybe later. Come hold your daughter” you say as he stuck his arms out ready for his little girl.

I stopped at the gas station on the way home from work, and the 40+ year old guy at the counter saw my Steven Universe wallet and said “Oh my God, is that the… uhh… Steven Gem show?!”

I told him yes (but with the correct name), and he started telling me about his 5 year old son who loves the show, and that he sings all the songs, and wants to learn sword fighting like Pearl, etc. He really wanted to get him a shirt, so I gave him a little list of websites to shop at, and he was really happy.

I had a very long, tiring day, and it just made me really happy. I can’t wait to show SU to my own kids.