5 x7 prints

I am so happy that I can finally release my Misfit Bags. In each bag there will always be 3 small (usually 5"x7") prints that were either mis-printed, mis-cut, mis-signed or just simply retired. These are totally random and can also often have extras included like bookmarks, stickers and older small originals in them. The originals are rare which I love because it gives some Pokemon trading card nostalgia feels for the 90’s kid in me!

Some of the prints are signed and some aren’t. I don’t include prints that are “too far-gone”, they are all small imperfections that are easy to miss. I also don’t include ripped prints. Some of these are simply just retired or signed incorrectly in which case the artwork is perfect.

❤ If you haven’t bought a ton of my art yet and want some cool prints for your walls this is for you.

❤ If you are totally cool with potentially getting Sailor Moon or Studio Ghibli inspired art then this is for you.

❤ If you have wanted to buy some of my art but wanted something more affordable, this is for you.


► Ships from Canada. Contact me if you’d like tracking on the order, it is usually around $16 for tracking in Canada. Can take 2-8 weeks depending on location and holidays.

► For additional information check out my store F.A.Q.