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Pre-Season 5 OB Asks

Ask me anything!!!
1. Favorite clone?
2. Least favorite clone?
3. Most under-appreciated clone?
4. Most overrated clone?
5. Favorite OB moment?
6. Favorite season?
7. Lease favorite season?
8. Favorite character pairing?
9. Favorite non-clone character?
10. Least favorite non-clone character?
11. Saddest death?
12. Clone I wish had more screen time?
13. Biggest wish for season 5?
14. Death predictions for season 5?
15. Favorite episode?
16. Least favorite episode?
17. Best villain?
18. Worst villain?
19. Spin-off ideas?
20. Character meant for the Iron Throne?
21. Character I am most like?
22. Character I wish I was like?
23. Character(s) I would invite to dinner?
24. Character who is the best roommate material?
25. Character who deserves EVERYTHING GOOD?
26. Character who should join the Guardians of the Galaxy?
27. Character who should go on The Great British Baking Show?
28. Character who would be the best Pokemon trainer?
29. Character I will miss the most?
30. Plans for after the series finale?

ask-ichiko-matsu  asked:

Ichiko comes across the small matsu and looks down at him. She kneels down and hands him a lollipop, "Don't cry little one," she says softly smiling.

“I-I’m not crying..! .but thank you for the lollipop, onee-san..”

(( W-Waaaaa ;;;;; s-sorry I took an extremely long time..! ;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ))

Journal entries to you

In English class my teacher asked me to define the difference between love and hate and I swear to god I almost said your fucking name.

Stars never look pretty anymore. I tried looking at them, one night when the loneliness crept through closed doors and loud music. But when I went outside suddenly I was on fire and my wrists were stinging again and I couldn’t stop thinking about the glass I cleaned up that night.

I’m realizing now that I’ve never stopped being lonely. You covered it up. You showed me the stars, but now I know that you were never looking at the stars. You were finding answers in the black holes of my eyes.

I want to shout I love you so loud it’s breaks your ribs. Maybe then you’ll know why I was breathing fast when we met.

I want to punch the letters of your name so hard into a typewriter that they keys jam

6-5-14 (4:46 am)
I recognized your knock on the door. I knew it was you before I saw your sparkly eyeshadow. The way you pulled your sleeves over your hands confused me, but I was so caught up in the freckles on your skin I barely noticed. I wish I had.

I was so close to forgetting. But then you came around and asked for your necklace back. I like to think your breathing stuttered.

I wish your name was poison so all I had to do was call you one more time.

The last time I said your name my voice cracked and someone laughed, so I’m trying not to do that anymore.

Missing you makes me hate myself.

Someone asked me this today: “If you had one wish, what would it be?” And the first thing that came to mind was your name but instead I said true love, because i know they mean the same thing.

You used to tell me that that the bruises on my skin in the shape of your mouth were stars and that I was a universe. I never felt big enough to be one, but now I fill up the space in out bed and nothing hurts more.

You smiled at me today and I couldn’t remember how to breath, but that’s okay because at least you’re smiling. I’m not sure how to.
(At least not for real. Faking it is so easy it’s almost funny)

Don’t you remember the night when I was lonely in a crowded room so you took me out to see the stars? I was lonely again tonight (only now just by myself) so I tried it but it felt like the stars were sparks on my skin.

There’s broken glass everywhere and I think my finger is bleeding but I don’t know where it went wrong. I’m so scared.

She was crying today. I asked of I could help but she yelled at me and now I feel empty again.

Maybe she was always sad and I just couldn’t see it behind the lipstick on her teeth or the sparkly eyeshadow she loved so much. (It was my eyeshadow but I think it looked better on her.)

She seems sadder than when met, and I’m Not sure why. I hope that’s she’s okay because I know sadness can destroy as much as can build.

Everything is easy with her. Romance is so much more fun now. We were dancing today and there wasn’t any music but the house (her house, mine is too boring and small and filled with old sadness) was cold and we were warm.

Her eyes are so beautiful its making my chest hurt because eyes just can’t be that shade of brown.

I got her number and she’s so funny I haven’t smiled this much in years.

I met the most amazing girl today but I remember when I was around her, breathing was a lot harder. I think that’s a good sign.

—  inspired by this 

Its been a year you know… a year that our paths split. I haven’t said a single word to you but theres nothing in the world i wouldn’t do to just go back in time and really really appreciate the time I had with you. Its been a year and people told me that time would heal my wounds of our breakup. They’d lied…TIme only taught me how to deal with the pain. Even with the way things played out, even with the way we both got hurt, if i could say one last thing to you for the rest of my life…

Id tell you “I LOVE YOU”…even if you’re happy with him. We were young but that what made it truly beautiful. Those four years were the best of my life and there isn’t a day where i don’t go thinking about them. I do wish you the best you know, even after all you did to me. I want you to know my life has gone on and i plan on falling in love again someday but no one will ever be like you. Best of wishes to you. 5-15-14 

RKRecap 5/3/14

The insecure fans got their death wish and the nonnies got very excited today…. Too bad their party ended within hours!

So…. New Rob pics from last night. YIKES. You guys, he’s pissed. To be honest I really don’t want to post them. Hell, I don’t want to post any paparazzi pictures here. Is it ok if from now on I just talk about the pictures and don’t include the links? If you ever want to see them you can always go to RPLife for Rob pictures and KStewartFans for Kristen pictures. You’ll see the ones I talk about. I am fed up with being one of those sources. 

ANYWAYS, people were flipping their shit because *gasp* there was a blonde girl with him!

I know. He has a friend… WITH BOOBS! 

This totally sparked a nonnie celebration. But it was very short lived…

Guess what?! Rob was with Jamie too and the girl in the picture is Dakota’s friend! And if it couldn’t get any better, she’s a lesbian!

Almost as fast as it started, the nonnie’s party was shut down and they all pretty much looked like this (and yes, they really do look like that!)

Try again, idiots. Here’s the million dollar question: When will they get tired of the constant disappointment? If I were a nonnie I would give up now. Save yourselves, nonnies. Good things are coming and you all are going to crumble to pieces.


Speaking of good things….

Ruth favoriting an RK tweet :)


Staty pressed, haters. Here’s a little performance for your entertainment. Just for you, nonnies! Enjoy!

xx, S