5 w's and an h

warm and soft like a fireplace….a heith….


Alright so I got inspired by @relatablepicsofyusukekitagawa drawing yusuke with his team so I decided to do the same with Akira and his mons,,, (i know I said he only has a type null but listen I am a weak fool)
Its sloppy but y'know
(I am actually raising this team rn so if anyone wants to fight em,,, they there,,, )

  • ATLUS: hey y ou would you like, perhaps, a Persona 5 spinoff?
  • me:
  • ATLUS: u H
  • me:
  • ATLUS: ho W about a... P3 dancing game?
  • me: *gasping* *wheezing*
  • me: *collapses on the ground* please..... im..... so thirsty....
  • ATLUS: what would you like?
  • me: I'll take Shinjiro Aragaki in a pink apron and Minako DLC please. just.... take everything. everything I own

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“w h at”