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Also hey we love Hayato but can I say that I could talk literally forever about the part 4 villains? Like even about the weird dumb ones like Cheap Trick and Hazamada. While I adore some of the SDC villains (Darby Elder, Pet Shop and Alessi to name a couple) and Dio/The Pillar Men are in a class of their own, and I can't speak for the quality of later villains having not found decent translations for parts 5 on, DIU villains and their stands are so well-written and unique that I just love them

bato.to for better translations my dude. bato.to

but yeah part 4 villains are great because they’re just everyday people who got a hold of some serious power and started doing the kind of shit your average punk would DO with mysterious mystical powers suddenly being dropped into their hands

You know, the new episode of Samurai Jack had a line that seemed small in the moment, but actually gives the Daughters of Aku an interesting motivation.

“Bask in the glory in what our master has created. Admire its beauty but know that the samurai is out there leaving a wake of devastation wherever he goes. That’s why, my sweet Ashi, the Daughters of Aku must stay focused.”

It’s not so much that Jack leaves destruction in his wake (Aku’s assassins and bounty hunters like Scaramouch do that), but the implication that if Jack succeeds everything they know will be destroyed. And the thing is… 

That’s true.

If Jack goes back in time and kills Aku, history will be rewritten and the entire world will change. Aku’s world will never exist, and neither will anyone in it. It would be like going back and time and ensuring that Julius Caesar never took power (thus changing global history on such a scale that very few people would be unaffected by our time). Such alteration to the course of history would mean that the Daughters, their mother, and pretty much everyone Jack has ever met in the future would be erased from existence.

Of course Jack’s still the good guy and Aku is still evil. Of course going back to the past will save possibly billions of lives and prevent unimaginable suffering. But this gives the Daughters of Aku a damn good motivation to kill Jack: their own survival. And the survival of pretty much everyone in the future. It could be from their point of view Jack is going to wipe out everyone in their world, and they’re fighting to prevent that from happening.

So in their own minds the Daughters of Aku are the good guys, and that’s always a good thing when making villains. In terms of character motivation, it means they’ll likely fight Jack with everything they have to “save” their future.

10 ways in which fans rewrite their favourite television shows:

1) Recontextualization - the production of vignettes, short stories, and novels that seek to fill in the gaps in broadcast narratives and suggest additional explanations for particular actions.

2) Expanding the series timeline - the production of vignettes, short stories, novels that provide background history of characters, etc., not explored in broadcast narratives or suggestions for future developments beyond the period covered by the broadcast narrative.

3) Refocalization - this occurs when fan writers move the focus of attention from the main protagonists to secondary figures. For example, female or black characters are taken from the margins of a text and given centre stage.

4) Moral realignment - a version of refocalization in which the moral order of the broadcast narrative is inverted (the villains become the good guys). In some versions the moral order remains the same but the story is now told from the point of view of the villains.

5) Genre shifting - characters from broadcast science fiction narratives, say, are relocated in the realms of romance or the Western, for example.

6) Cross-Overs - characters from one television programme are introduced into another. For example, characters from Doctor Who may appear in the same narrative as characters from Star Wars.

7) Character dislocation - characters are relocated in new narrative situations, with new names and new identities. 

8) Personalization - the inserted of the writer into a version of their favourite television programme. For example, I could write a short story in which I am recruited by the Doctor to travel with him in the TARDIS on a mission to explore what has become of the Manchester United in the twenty-fourth century. (However, as Jenkins points out, many in the fan culture discourage this subgenre of fan writing.)

9) Emotional intensification - the production of what are called “hurt-comfort” stories in which favourite characters, for example, experience emotional crisis.

10) Eroticization - stories that explore the erotic side of a character’s life. Perhaps the best known of this subgenre of fan writing is “slash” fiction, so called because it depicts same-sex relationships (as in Kirk/Spock,etc.)

- Henry Jenkins Textual Poachers pg 162-177

If you thought Vanilla Ice was bad, Remember that to an actual Italian, Almost everyone in Part5 is named after food

Who could forget the Battle between Cookie and Fish, who wanted to avenge his brother:Ham or the time Lion Lambmeat was killed by Double Vinegar

Hi Everyone!

#pokespeweek is a week dedicated to the amazing manga series! It will take place March 7th to March 14th 2017. Pokemon Adventures has been running ever since March 1997, so it’s been around for 20 years!

You can find the rules on how to participate here. I hope many people will be able to participate to celebrate!

#pokespeweek will be tracked so remember to have it within the first 5 tags!!!

Here are the prompts for each day:

  • Day 1|| March 7th || Pokedex Holder
  • Day 2 || March 8th || Non-Pokedex Holder
  • Day 3 || March 9th || Arc
  • Day 4 || March 10th || Battle
  • Day 5 || March 11th || Villain or Villainous Team
  • Day 6 || March 12th || Relationship or Friendship
  • Day 7 || March 13th || Happy or Sad Moment
  • Day 8 || March 14th || Free Day

For everyone who is participating to celebrate pokespe, thank you so much!!

okay, episode 5 was GREAT but can we please discuss…



The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Supernatural:

1.  This is Dean.  

He hunts monsters.

He’s completely straight. 

And always extremely manly.

And also very dominant. 

2.  This is Sam.

He’s Dean’s brother/monster hunting partner.  They’re both very mature together.

He’s completely normal.  Never soulless or possessed or anything.

No emotional scarring or psychological trauma going on here.  Nope.

3.  This is Castiel.  

He’s an angel of the lord. 

As such, he’s obviously very intimidating.  

Very mighty.  

All fear this terrifying, fell creature. 

4.  There is absolutely no homoerotic sexual tension in Supernatural. 

5.  Its villains are mostly demons and other unholy creatures, so of course, no one likes them.

Except for this guy.  Everyone LOVES him.  

6.  Its fans are very calm, sane, rational people who are completely accepting of opinions that differ from their own. 

7.  And of course, you will absolutely be able to maintain your sanity after watching it!

You will NOT be plunged into an existential depression over the well-being of fictional characters. 

And when you’ve run out of episodes to watch, you’ll totally be able to return to reality, no questions asked!  


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