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Now matter how hard I try, I just can’t get the cold open out of my head. Twelve doesn’t deserve to regenerate alone, screaming in the snow. I can’t help but to notice how much of a contrast it is to Eleven’s regeneration. 

Eleven was with Clara, in the comfort of the TARDIS with his clean-cut and tidy appearance. 

Twelve is alone, out in the harsh cold with torn up clothes and broken appearance.

I just really hope that this isn’t what his regeneration will be like. Cold, broken, alone.  

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I love love this bloggg your writing is amazing I can imagine everything on my mind How would it be a relationship between Akira, Yusuke and Ryuji with a S/O that loves makeup and the boys would charmingly spend forever watching them get ready

SKJDHAJSKD THANK YOU SO MUCH I’m so happy you think so!! ;A; This request is the cutest thing??? I hope you like it!


  • It’s like falling in love all over again; S/O is simply divine in Akira’s eyes.
  • They practically radiate beauty throughout the application of their makeup because they’re so fond of it.
  • He’ll likely lean against the doorway with folded arms, and his watchful stare doesn’t make S/O uncomfortable in the least; on the contrary, having an audience is comforting to them.
  • The couple converses occasionally, but usually they remain silent.
  • If S/O catches Akira’s eye in the mirror, the two exchange a warm smile; although their gaze might linger a bit too long and then they lose track of time.
  • Akira definitely gains guts from watching S/O apply eyeliner on their waterline, and he instinctively withholds his breath every time they do it.
  • The reason for that is because he attempted it once, and naturally, he wholly regretted it when he nearly pierced his eye with the pencil.
  • “Akira, are you okay?”
  • “Y-yeah, just got something in my eye…”
  • Akira knew he would never be the same man ever again after that.
  • He’s memorized S/O’s favorite brands and he’ll purchase the products they need if they’re ever short on it or can’t afford it. 
  • Additionally, Akira never grows bored or utters complaints while he waits for S/O to finish applying makeup; on the contrary, he genuinely cherishes every moment he can gaze at them, as if they’re the stars.


  • Ryuji’s favorite part of S/O’s routine is when they apply mascara because their eyes are wide and their mouth is open, and he thinks it’s the most hilarious thing.
  • He’ll erupt with laughter, which in turn stirs laughter from S/O as they command him to shut up.
  • “Heh, what’re you makin’ that face for?”
  • “Go away!”
  • Eventually, S/O has to order Ryuji to turn around because every time they peer at him through the mirror while they’re attempting to finish brushing on their mascara, he’s waiting expectantly with an ear-to-ear grin plastered on his face.
  • Aside from that, his presence doesn’t bother them at all. 
  • Ryuji occasionally allows S/O to apply makeup on him, albeit only a dash of eyeliner and maybe neutral eyeshadow.
  • He commends their patience and effort; S/O’s makeup ritual occurs almost daily, and their staggering variety of supplies is somewhat intimidating to him.
  • Ryuji doesn’t recall the names of the items, but he knows the order in which they’re used; thus if S/O forgets a step in their routine, he’ll gently remind them.
  • Of course, Ryuji thinks they’re stunning with or without makeup; however, something about the way S/O’s eyes twinkle while they’re spreading on makeup makes his heart flutter and soar.


  • Yusuke adores observing S/O because their unwavering concentration is similar to his when he paints. 
  • He thinks it’s rather entertaining, and when S/O furrows their brow he can’t prevent the small chuckle that slips past his lips.
  • Out of curiosity, he implores S/O to allot him to apply their makeup for them.
  • To no one’s surprise, Yusuke’s quite gifted with makeup, and S/O requests him to teach them with fiery passion blazing in their eyes.
  • He agreed to do it occasionally, but he much prefers to witness S/O slather on their makeup, and he’ll often mutter to himself while he surveys them.
  • His favorite is liquid eyeliner, and absolutely nothing (including lobsters) could deter his focus when S/O brushes it on. 
  • Furthermore, S/O must remind Yusuke to give them space because his face is merely an inch away from theirs and they don’t want to elbow him.
  • “S/O… how do you manage to make the wing so effortlessly keen with such a petite brush?”
  • “Years of practice, my love.”
  • Yusuke is honestly fascinated with the entire process and how the makeup accentuates their already stunning facial features.
  • He desires nothing more than to immortalize the sight upon his canvas, but Yusuke’s eyes are practically glued to S/O while his body somehow remains frozen in time as a rosy blush dusts his once-alabaster cheeks.

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HOw do you do GIFs?? I am so so bad at technology...

((OOC: I followed TT’s tutorial, which I will link to, but if you’re wondering how I do MY gifs, here is a step-by-step.

1. I figure out what I want to post

2. I film the thing on my phone

3. I trim the fat on the thing I filmed, get rid of the bits that are me turning the camera on/off, the moments where I stutter, basically just whittle the clip down to around a minute long, and make sure that I like the take.

4, I send the clip to myself over FB Messenger

5. I download the clip.

6. I go to the imgflip website

7. I upload the clip to the site.

8. I set up the gif. This is covered better on TT’s tutorial, but this basically means-
*figure out which moment you want to gif
*set to the width I want, which is almost always 360 PX
*adjust the FPS so that it’s between 11 and 13
*speed up or slow down depending on my vision
*add any dialogue I want over the gif
*click Generate GIF and watch it, make sure that it works for me
**IMPORTANT! Make sure your gif is NO BIGGER THAN 2 MB. Tumblr won’t play gifs over 2 MB, because it is a bit of a butt. 2MB or lower only. You may need to make your giffy moment a 2-giffer, or you may need to speed up the gif, or you may need to adjust the FPS. A lower FPS will be a smaller file size, but lower than 11 FPS will be poor quality.

9. When the gif is how I want it, I set it to Private, and then I hit Generate Gif, and then I download the image. 

10. Open up a Tumblr TEXT POST. Not an image, not a video, a text post. Then I copy-paste my script into the post, and I replace the lines with the gifs.

11. Add tags, post the sucker, CELEBRATE!

Here is TT’s tutorial, it’s slightly clearer than this.))

Imagine: Bethyl Headcanon

Close up of Beth’s face. She’s asleep on a bed, face half buried into a pillow.  The shot slowly zooms off of her face to show a room lit up by a rising sun. 

The shot keeps zooming out slowly and the whole room can be seen now.  A small bedside table with a couple of half used candles. A pair of jeans on sprawled on the wooden floor. 

In the corner of the shot, next to Beth’s cowboy boots, a crossbow is propped up against the wall, next to the door.  The scene is quiet except for a pair of heavy foot steps becoming louder with each step. 

A figure comes out from the opposite corner, wearing an old pair brown pants and brown boots. As they move further into the shot, bare arms pulling on a vest with wings, that seems to glow with the sunlight.

His head is not seen in the shot, but he swoops to pick up his crossbow before opening the door. He turns to close the door, pausing right in the middle of the door frame for a couple of seconds. The door closes slowly with a click.

-scene cut- 

The Walking Dead opening commences.

And that is how they make Bethyl official. 


This time, clever friend, the disaster will be yours.


The morning after Stiles’s sixteenth birthday, he woke from his first honest-to-god wet dream about Hollywood heartthrob Derek Hale. It was the beginning of a bright and long-lasting obsession– one he would insist, repeatedly, does not exist, thanks, now can I get three copies of that Men’s Fitness– no, man, I didn’t even see him on the cover there, I just care a lot about kale and leg presses, okay?

And maybe he was a handful of years too late, because Derek Hale hadn’t been exactly relevant outside of his devastating good looks and magazine physique since 2008 when Diamond Interchange III came out, but after he had one measly little dream about Derek Hale’s jaw muscles flexing and eyelashes fluttering as he sucked down Stiles’s cock, he just couldn’t stop.

By the time he was nineteen, Stiles could quote all of the atrocious dialogue from the first two DI movies from memory, had turned down the handful of dates he’d been asked out on, and spent a truly unholy amount of time fantasizing about licking the cleft of Derek Hale’s chin.

At twenty, after the fifth installment in the DI franchise came out and had a shocking amount of success (especially considering the fourth one had gone straight to DVD/Blu-ray), Stiles went grocery shopping, had a minor breakdown in the middle of the magazine aisle, and left with no fewer than six magazines featuring spreads or covers or interviews of a glowering Derek Hale.

At twenty-one, he leaned across the bartop and said, “Hey,” with a sloppy slur, “can I tell you something sad?” The bartender raised her perfectly-shaped eyebrows at him and waited. “I’m a virgin. I’m a twenty-one-year-old virgin because I’m hung up on a shitty celebrity with nice eyes. I hate myself.”

hey so i made a horrible thing for an awesome fic, one of the very brightest stars in fandom for me right now, so satisfying in a way that is exactly the opposite of this shitty movie poster for a shitty movie. go, go now, go do it. you won’t regret it.


Australian Open:  Angelique Kerber def. Serena Williams (6–4, 3–6, 6–4)

French Open:  Garbiñe Muguruza def. Serena Williams (7–5, 6–4)

Wimbledon:  Serena Williams def. Angelique Kerber (7–5, 6–3)

US Open:  Angelique Kerber def. Karolína Plíšková (6–3, 4–6, 6–4)