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Humans are storytellers

(Sorry if this has been done before)
What if humans aren’t the burly space orcs, we are essentially these useless little squishy things that kind of follow the aliens around. The aliens don’t really mind, the humans aren’t stupid and can be useful around the ship so why not? One night planet side they start a bonfire, and the human suggests they tell ghost stories. The aliens go one by one and their stories typically go something like “Xirnith was walking to his abode when he was attacked by a bandit, Xirnith couldn’t defend himself and perished”. All the aliens stories are extremely basic, and just generally shitty. Then it is the humans turn, they weave an epic story that is 20 minutes long. It could be the tell tale heart, or the plot to the ring. The aliens crew mates had never heard such vivid storytelling! They are all scared out of their minds, and later that night the 1.5 ton Rhygorn is too scared to sleep alone and stays in the human’s room. Think about it, storytelling is uniquely human amongst all species on Earth. Other alien species might have the capacity for storytelling but it might not be a core part of their identity like with humans.

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Why Japanese is EASY

A lot of people want to study Japanese but think it’s too hard and that they will never succeed. That is really a myth, though. Here is why Japanese is actually easy.

1. All verbs are regular, there are only 2 exceptions 

If you know French, this must sound like a dream to you. In other languages [like French] there seem to be more irregular verbs than regular ones. Not in Japanese, though. There are 3 groups of verbs, the first 2 being regular and very easy to conjugate. The third group consists of only 2 irregular verbs!

2. Easy pronunciation 

Japanese doesn’t have any exceptionally hard to pronounce letters. Unlike Arabic, German or Finnish, Japanese should be quite easy to pronounce for English speakers. Also, Japanese isn’t a tonal language like Thai or Chinese. 

3. No genders, plural or articles

Anyone who studies a romance language [and many other languages that have that] knows how frustrating it can be when you use the wrong article or verb ending. In Japanese, it doesn’t even exist, so nothing to worry!

4. Grammar is easy!

That’s true. It’s just completely different from English, but that doesn’t make it hard. After a while, it will feel completely normal. The best part about the grammar is that you can build a whole sentence with just one word. For example, if you wanted to ask somebody in English if they did their homework, you’d say ‘did you do your homework?’ Kind of long, isn’t it? In Japanese, you can ask by using only the verb ‘to do, can, be able to’ - like this: ‘done?’ Also, spoken, you can drop many words if you don’t really need them, especially particles! So if you’re not sure what particle to use, chances are you can just easily leave it altogether without the sentence losing its meaning. It’s easy to build sentences that seem to end in ‘…’, but that’s completely normal in Japanese and everyone will understand.

5. Tons of resources

Sadly, there are some languages people don’t really care about or not a lot of people want to study/ are interested in. Japanese is not one of those languages. There are hundreds of books about Kanji alone! And so many courses for every level. Also, it doesn’t matter what you’re interested in - anime, manga, books, movies, game show, video games, dramas, music - it’s all out there and super easy to find, so you definitely will find something you can listen to or read to practice your skills.

6. Kanji/the writing systems are hard?

No. They aren’t. It’s just a huge workload, it takes time and effort, but they are not hard.

At first, having to learn 3 writing systems will seem exhausting. But believe me, later, when you start reading, you will be so glad! You can detect if a text has a lot of foreign words at one glance if it has a lot of Katakana, for example, and you could say a lot more on twitter because of the syllabaries!

So actually, the 3 systems put together makes everything easier to read!

So please, just start studying and go at your own pace, and have fun studying every day ⭐︎


Tianshan Week Day 5 One Day. I named it after the song I listened to. “All is violent, all is bright”.

Sorry for missing out yesterday but I put all my feelings and effort into this one. This instrumental inspired me for the scenery. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQ9fFfKeWkk

I feel like He Tian would dress like a total pimp later while Guanshan stays with his bomber jackets or warm winter jackets (bought by He Tian and the devil personified refuses to take anything for it in return *cough* Maybe Momo’s soul, but that’s a different story *laughs*)

akechi’s not that wealthy. he lives on his own, all of the foster families he’s been in has been neglectful/not cared for him that much, so it’s not unthinkable that akechi’s only source of income is super limited support from his foster family and his detective work. i think his financial situation is actually really similar to yusuke’s, especially if he survives (as i am 100% certain he will resign from working with the police).

hello, hello !! mochii here with yet ANOTHER muse !! if you’re interested in writing with a brand spanking new SINBAD from the MAGI series then would you mind giving this a HEART or REBLOG !! i’m excited to get to writing with all of you (:


Those boys cannot be left alone in that lab without a few explosions and some webshooter mishaps… So time to Introduce the newest member to the Sciencelings club: Lila Rhodes!

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Things I Noticed at the Cemetery Today
  • A sort of fluttery feeling in my stomach
  • Instant pressure around my temples and forehead
  • Sense of calm
  • A black butterfly
  • Pulls towards certain graves
  • A really strong ‘No’ from a cluster of graves when I was asking permission to collect graveyard dirt from their site. It wasn’t a “Go Away” sort of no, more like a “Not Now”. So I chose a different spot a few yards away, and I shit you not, less than 5 minutes later a car drives by and parks right in front of the site I was observing and stays there for a good 5 minutes.
  • Tons of yellow Black-Eyed Susan’s
  • This really pretty grave that looked like a tree
  • A really happy feeling when I invited the spirits to walk with me through the grounds.
  • Sense of surprise after leaving offerings at old and forgotten graves.