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Hey Isis! Loved your last analysis post and couldn't help coming back to ask you about a certain thing yet again! From... around days 5-7 in the route I believe, the game takes a turn with V blaming his "ideal" love for Rika become the way she is. She even flippin turns around and calls herself his ruined masterpiece that he threw aside. I was inclined to give it thought because I didn't want to be blinded by my bias, but then I began to question is (1/3?)


Because throughout the route, we see that even though V’s love is super unhealthy and harmful, especially to himself, we also see Rika actively feeding into it by asking him to save her from what “God cannot” multiple times. She was basically also pulling him deeper into that thought process by the ankles, and I think that one unnamed side of the mystic messenger fandom is quick to forget that V never treated Rika like “art” or a “trophy” of his own will, because she was the one who (2/3)

-asked that of him in the first place. V is quick to blame himself for literally everything that happens- and even his voice actor addresses this in his Free Talk (Lee Ho San is sooo salty about Rika, I love it). People insist that V’s “ideal love” was what made Rika start Mint Eye, but.. no?? Mint eye was literally started before the RFA, as seen with how Saeran is being drugged at such a young age in SE1. Thoughts? (3/3) 

Wowie Phil, okay, this is a long question and it ended up having a long answer. It also touches a couple controversial issues in the fandom so… haha…

Naturally, I’ll have to mark a SPOILER WARNING FOR ‘ANOTHER STORY’. This is a long post so if you’re on mobile, scroll down fast!

This analysis is divided in three key segments, so you can read these messy thoughts of mine in some kind of order.

  1. V and Rika are unreliable narrators, so we should be careful when we take their opinions in consideration. 
  2. What was the dynamic in Rika and V’s relationship while they were together
  3. The core of your question, V’s love and Rika’s darkness.

1- V and Rika as Unreliable Narrators.

Alright, so, the first point I have to make clear, and I really want to put emphasis on this, is the fact that both V and Rika are unreliable narrators by default. 

The only people that believe V is literally the cause of Rika’s woes are… That’s right, V and Rika themselves. Jumin, the person closest to the two of them and the character the game highlights as the neutral voice of reason, comments at various points how Rika made her own choices, therefore the whole “V created Rika’s demon” is a biased narrative created by these two characters, and it’s clear why. 

V will always find a way to blame himself in the story, always. He has made plenty mistakes that he acknowledges, sure, but he always tends to overestimate his flaws and underestimate others’, so he highlights his role in people’s failures and minimizes his influence in their victories and successes. Likewise, Rika also has a biased view of the world, in that she tends to put the blame of her actions on other people all the time. It’s her parents’ fault, it’s V’s fault, it’s society’s fault, it’s the RFA’S fault, it’s everyone’s fault but her own. Sure, she had a tragic childhood, but she tends to excuse herself at every point by trying to blame others for the road she took, while still liking to have control over everyone else’s lives.

What I want to clarify with this is that we cannot trust 100% what Rika or V tell us about their relationship unless it fits in one of these categories. 

  1. We saw it ourselves in a Story Mode flashback or in Secret 01.
  2. It’s a fact or an event, instead of a point of view.
  3. It’s commented on by an unbiased third person that is neither Rika nor V.

This means that the story itself is not trying to tell us V is to blame for Rika’s descent to darkness, that is only V expressing his (self-deprecating) thoughts. This route is literally about trying to convince this stubborn man that he’s wrong about a lot of things, why should we believe him when he says this is his fault?

2- V and Rika’s dynamics in their relationship. 

When they had their first date after Rika visited V’s gallery, the two of them had a conversation that highlighted how they had very similar views on love and what they wanted in a relationship: Rika wanted a kind of eternal love that will last no matter what bad, awful things she does, and V wanted to provide that kind of love to someone because he wanted to discover the reason he lives for through that action, since he thought his goal in life was to love. He wanted to give that love and be there for her, and she wanted to take it, so they were a match made in Hell, basically.  

So… What happened when they got together and Rika got the love she was looking for? A plethora of things: They felt happy for sure, and they settled down… But she never believed V’s love, and kept trying to test it by attacking him, insulting him and demanding things from him to push him to the edge and see if he’d remain with her or not. She also simultaneously wanted him to always do what she wanted him to do, and at the same time raged because he never “craved something on his own” and did only as she wanted. To summarize: If he didn’t do what she wanted him to do it means that he hated her, and if he didn’t take the initiative to do something towards her then it means that he hated her, too. It was a complex situation where Rika would both encourage him to take individual action, and demand he always did what she wanted him to do.  

As a consequence, V’s actions towards Rika were mild and cautious, and he never expressed much willpower around her, lest he risks upsetting her or going against her desires, because his “love” was all about pleasing her. Subsequently V had two different approaches regarding Rika: He wanted to help her and guide her towards the light (as any reasonable person would) so she could be at peace with herself, but at the same time he didn’t want to force Rika to do something she didn’t want, because that’d make her have a crisis and doubt his love. He encouraged her to take therapy and cheered on her when it all went well… But if Rika started to threaten suicide, or screamed about how she didn’t want it, or just flat out start saying she felt scared of getting ‘close to the light’, he wouldn’t force her to continue, and accepted her wishes. He tried to help her but only for as long as she was okay with it, because he didn’t believe confronting her was the answer, since… Wouldn’t that mean that he didn’t love her as she was? That he didn’t embrace all sides of her?

As I explained in a previous ask, submissive love for him was unconditional love, because he believed he had to love all of her darkness, too.

Rika, likewise, believed that V’s love would dry her tears and would save her, so like you mentioned, she constantly told him as much. She wants the sun to dry all her tears, she wants V to save her since God can’t. V believed that was part of his conception of unconditional love, so he promised to embrace her all even if she were to break him. V’s overwhelming and selfless love made Rika aware of how dark she was and so she decided to embrace that identity. 

3- V’s love and Rika’s darkness. 

The main consequence this behavior had, was that Rika found someone that would always love her no matter what she did, and she felt comfort in that. She felt that she could do whatever “her devil” wanted to do and it’d be fine, because V would always be there for her. 

Rika wanted that love because she never experienced it before, true, but also because it validated her, both in good and bad ways. It made her feel as if she was worth being loved… But it also gave her the excuse to give in to her darkest thoughts: She could do whatever she wanted, commit all the atrocities she desired (in the name of her ideals), and be judged by the world and society without caring… Because someone would always love her, so she would always feel the “warmth” of that unconditional love. She didn’t really care much about trying to reciprocate this love, and, personally, I don’t even think she treasured V as a person, because as I saw it through the route, she just wanted to feel his undying love and loyalty. This is why she mistreated him and enjoyed his pain (physical and psychological), but as soon as he stopped providing the love she needed (By dying in Secret 01, or by moving on and rejecting this kind of love in his route) she loses it. V had no value to her as a person, just as a “sun” that’s there to provide and nurture the daffodil. If a different ‘sun’ appears (like MC) she would flatly ditch him in favor of that someone else. 

This is how V’s love “caused” Rika’s shadow to grow. As you can see, he played a big role in Rika’s descent to darkness by inadvertently helping create the right circumstances for her to decide to act upon her inner desires. However, V didn’t create Rika’s “darkness” since that was with her from the start, he tried to discourage her most outrageous thoughts regarding anyone but himself (as seen in both Secret 01 and his route) and Rika never showed any actual desire to change herself for the better and erase her ‘demon’.

I believe his tolerance allowed the problem to grow, but I also believe blaming V for Rika’s actions is trying to absolve her from her responsibilities, and it’s almost a form of victim blaming. V was wrong, yes, his mistakes definitely let the problem get out of control, and his wrong conception of love validated Rika, but he cannot be blamed for the choices Rika made or what she decided to make out of his love for her.

V’s love provided Rika with the affection and tolerance she always craved, which gave her the motivation to carry on with what she wanted to do, while constantly abusing V so he can keep proving his love to her even more and fuel her. Once that love ceased to exist, Rika crumbled. 

Extra comment: Rika as V’s art.

This is just a small comment I want to make about the art analogies. Rika was V’s artwork in the sense that she replaced his need for pursuing arts in his life, and he filled the void in his heart by loving her. He is an artist, he thinks in artistic terms, so he saw her a as art in his eyes: Because she was beautiful, because he “loved” her, and because he could make a difference in her life. When Rika saw V trying to move on, she assumed it was because he was bored of this ‘old artwork’ (Rika) since it didn’t bring him the results he needed, and so moved onto the ‘next one’ (MC). To me it only seems as the comment of a person hurt by a lover leaving them, so perhaps she perceived that way, but that doesn’t make it reliable.

Also, if V took pictures of Rika and made her his muse and a model for his art, it was because of her own will, since he even told him she wishes he’d never put down the camera in front of her, and it made her feel beautiful. She flat out said she loved it, so… Yeah, I don’t see why people would think V saw Rika as ‘art’ or a ‘prize’. 

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PASS THE HAPPY ALONG! When you get this, reply with five things that make you happy and pass along to ten nice people. ❤️

Awww all the love to you, Anon 🤗🤗🤗!

5 things that make me happy…

1. Seeing my dad, family and friends healthy and well.

2. The smell and sound of rain. Preferably with a good book (or binge queued up) and a coffee in hand.

3. Making my wee nieces and nephews laugh (its just the purest sound) or argue just about silly things.

4. When I write or make a gifset or do anything in life I’m completely unsure or have no confidence about and they just somehow come out better than I expected them to.

5. Staying up all night with my bff binging stupid things and talking about everything and nothing.

Ok so I tag @fuckyeahclairebeauchamp @manders1984 @mybeautifuldecay @lenny9987 @londonerbecky @outlanderedandoverhere @kalendraashtar @writtenthroughtime @surana17 @pissedoffsoka13

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Ohh! Hcs of someone trying to use Kenpachi's, Jushiro's, Aizen's, Kensei's non fighter s/o as hostage to stay their hand? (Want more juice? How about the s/o is pregnant!)

This was a ridiculously fun one to write! Who doesn’t love angst and fluff?


  • Usually, Kenpachi relishes a fight. Craves it, even. He goes for the lengthy, in-depth fights, where you slowly creep your way towards victory.
  • But I think with enough on the line he’d grow pretty serious. When Nnoitra targeted Yachiru for 0.5 seconds, Kenpachi decided to fucking end him, so I figure the same would apply here, especially if his s/o is pregnant.
  • He’s not going to draw things out, he’s not going to mess around. You threaten the people he loves, he’s going to make damn sure you can’t follow through on that threat. He’d go all-in, no handicaps or reserves.
  • Especially if his s/o isn’t a physical fighter. Kenpachi is pretty big on being able to take care of yourself and being strong, but he also has a weird sense of chivalry. He took in and protected Yachiru for who knows how long before she could fend for herself, and iirc he deals pretty gently (for him) with Orihime towards the end of the Soul Society arc.
  • If you want to take that kind of risk, be prepared for a violent, messy, merciless death. You will end up choking on your own blood.
  • After, he’ll probably express deliver his s/o to Unohana, and be all hovery. Every now and then he’ll ask grumpy, growly questions.
  • “They gonna be okay? What does that mean? Do you know?”
  • He probably sounds pissed off, but he’s just still running on adrenaline. Quick fights don’t ease him like long ones do.
  • If someone tries again, they’ve got the whole of the Eleventh to contend with. There’s nothing more devastating to a group of hardcore blood knights than watching their fearless captain hold a tiny, adorable child. They think it’s beautiful that their Captain has a family, and if you threaten that family, they’ll come after you.
  • Said tiny adorable child is Yachiru’s favorite distraction, and therefore also under perpetual guard.


  • Jushiro is probably immediately in a bit of a panic. He’s had centuries of training and experience for situations like this, so externally he’s spitting orders and tracking them down, but internally it’s just this running monologue of ‘No. I’m not losing them. I’m not losing them. I will save them. No. No, don’t think about that. Don’t imagine that. I am getting them back.’ on repeat.
  • One of the few situations where even having his illness act up won’t stop him. If he’s halfway to where his s/o is, and he suddenly feels blood rising up in his throat, he’s spitting it into the bushes and forging ahead. It’s not a good idea, and Unohana will give him hell for it later, but he refuses to let what happened with Kaien happen again.
  • Whoever took his s/o will be arrested, but not before several very scary shinigami have had a chance to speak with them.  Kyouraku, in particular, will make it very, very clear what a terrible idea it is to threaten the life of “Jushiro’s lovely ___-chan,” and will make an unannounced visit to the s/o’s house sometime soon to make sure for himself they’re okay.
  • Will probably insist on his s/o being checked over immediately, and he’s definitely going to be kept in the Fourth overnight, just in case, so they end up next to each other in hospital beds. Date night? Kind of?
  • Jushiro himself will make a visit to the hostage-taker once he’s cleared to leave, furious and stern, and ask them very pointed questions about why they did what they did,  whether anyone else was behind it, and what exactly they did to his s/o while they had them.
  • Will spend every spare minute of the next week with his s/o, reassuring himself that they’re okay. Lots of naps together, where s/o ends up napping and he lies awake watching them and stroking their hair. Probably cries when he feels the baby kick for the first time.
  • If anyone tries it again, Shunsui gives him a license to kill, because honestly. What the hell. Give the man some peace.
  • Why would you try again. Who told you that was a good idea. Get better friends.


  • I’d like to preface this by saying that I don’t think Aizen is really the kind of guy who’d want kids. He wouldn’t be against having them, per se, but they wouldn’t be something he goes looking for.
  • But I also think he’d end up being a pretty decent father. He’d like the idea of a legacy, of someone he could teach and tell secrets to. And he’d come to truly love them, after some time, once they’re older and a little more individual. But he’d always stay kind of distant, letting them be independent.
  • So if his s/o is pregnant, the worry is more for how they’d feel if they lost the kid than for how he feels about it. Like, not to be callous, but in a way it would be an acceptable loss to him. His s/o is someone he’s already attached to, whose feelings and concerns matter to him. Though he may never express it, he loves them. And if they’d be upset to lose the baby, he’d understand. So he knows that if he wants to salvage this, he has to make sure they both come out of it alright.
  • Whoever it is is going down fast. Nobody stands against Aizen and comes away unscathed, and certainly nobody takes the people he loves and threatens them. If his s/o is hurt in any way, whoever took them is immediately in for twice as much agony.
  • Illusions, man. Scary stuff. They will suffer and suffer and suffer, and it will not be enough. He vents all his fear and frustration and anger into punishing the person(s) responsible and then, finally, killing them. Aizen is not what we would call emotionally healthy.
  • I think it would be something of a wake-up call for him. He’d be more open to his s/o about how much they matter to him, and what he’s willing to do for them. He’d also be a little confused to find himself relieved that the baby came through okay.
  • Nobody tries it a second time. Nobody even considers it a second time. Nobody is that stupid.
  • Side note- tiny Aizen kids. That fluffy brown hair and awkward lil glasses. Learning to play chess and sitting next to him while he delivers judgement. Adorable.


  • You know that panel of his face when he’s about to fight Wonderweiss? The one that’s pure, unmitigated fury? That twice over.
  • Listen, the Ninth Division is all about justice. Kensei is Captain there for a reason- he makes sure people get what’s coming to them, whether that’s safety and protection or an endless life of pain. He’s going to ensure it happens.
  • So when someone (incredibly stupid) decides it’s a good idea to take the person he loves and threaten their life? Damn right he’s heading straight for their throat.
  • If s/o is pregnant he gains like x2 adrenaline because that’s his baby out there. That’s his kid. However gruff and annoyed he might seem, he feels deeply. He’s not even met them yet, and he’s already so in love with this child.
  • He loves his s/o, and there’s no doubt he’d kill and die for them. Add in the baby and he’s just about ready to pull out that hollow mask.
  • Scratch that, the minute he lays eyes on his s/o and sees the slightest wound, he pulls out the hollow mask and demolishes the abductor and anyone they’ve got to back them up.
  • Whoops?
  • The abductors are locked far, far away. For like, three life sentences. He can pull strings. He can. It’s not illegal, he swears.
  • After, he makes sure his s/o is taken care of. He cooks for them, bundles them up in blankets and curls up with them, his forehead pressed to the middle of their back so he can hear their heartbeat. One hand on their stomach,  to remind himself that he saved them both. They’re both safe, and with him, and he hasn’t lost them.
  • Has nightmares about it for weeks.
  • If someone tries again, they’re dying. The first time around was enough stress on his heart. He’s not letting it happen again.

Y'all mind if I just take the rest of my life to love and appreciate everything about Wonho? Okay here we go:

1. His huge ass heart

2. His love for everyone he comes into contact with

3. His determination and perseverance

4. His talent

5. His hard working personality

6. His adorable endearing ears

7. His cute as fuck lisp

8. His contagious laugh

9. His belly button mole

10. His ability to see past the things that society deems taboo or ugly in a person and really see them

11. His appreciation of the beauty in life

12. His love for his mother

13. His love for the other MX members

14. His fighting spirit

15. His bright as the sun smile

And now I’m crying so please feel free to reblog with your own things you love and appreciate about Wonho. He is truly one of a kind and we don’t deserve him.

Day 4: selfishness

Mini entry series for today. Was too lazy to draw

Dear diary,

You are already aware on how I love technology and all. It’s like the essence of my existence. But having the time to think about important things like jackets, it plagues my mind. I’m actually jealous that Lance and Keith both have one. I brought it to their attention that I want to wear their jackets but all I get is rejection. THEY HAVE LIKE 5 PAIRS OF THE SAME JACKET. It kind of reminds me of that one scene of a classical show my great grandparents watched, Dexter’s Laboratory is what it’s called. So many lab uniforms! Anyways, I’m going to infiltrate the headquarters of Keef and Lahnce and take a jacket. They shouldn’t notice it anyways.


Day 10

There is still no recognition of the missing jackets. I have taken four in total. Two from each. I think I will go take another one. It’s a risk I am willing to take.


Day 15

Suspicious activity has been confirmed by Keith. Just today he stopped by my hanger to see if I had any idea to where his jackets could have gone. WELL GUESS WHAT KEEF, I AIN’T NO SNITCH. So I just shrugged and played off as oblivious to my deceitful actions. I now have 6 jackets in total.


Day 16

Today Lance had the audacity to call me out on being a possible jacket thief. I just dead panned told him why he throwin’ accusations at me. I played my trump card of acting hurt and it worked for a bit. Lance has left me for the moment.


Day 18

I now steal Hunk’s baked goods. I returned one jacket back to Lance and Keith. Of course, I did that when they weren’t there.


Day 20

I almost got caught by Hunk today. I had to play off that I was getting space juice. No cookies for me today.


Day 28

It has been almost a month since I have had four jackets in total and three weeks worth of baked goods. As I sit here in green’s cockpit, I can’t help but think that this all started by my jealousy and selfish thinking. What can I say? I can be a little sh*t at times. Now… who to “borrow” from to add to my ever growing hoard?


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4, 5, 19!

4) favourite character you’ve written
In fics, honestly Keith is a lot of fun to write! He’s just casual enough that I don’t have to alter my natural tone too much but his voice is just a little more on the… quiet? side of things, so it’s a good challenge in subtlety for me. In original writing, I have a character named Equias (IF ANYONE MAKES A HOMESTUCK REFERENCE I WILL FIND YOU) and he’s sUPER fun to write ‘cause he’s so formal and stoic! It makes for a really dry sense of humour that I love writing haha

5) character you were most surprised to end up writing
Honestly I never thought I’d write Matt (or like it) namely bc we now so little about him. But BECAUSE of that, I get to format his tone as I please for the most part. He’s very similar to how I talk and interact so it’s easy to write :)

19) when it comes to more complicated narratives, how do you keep track of outlines, characters, development, timeline, etc.?
I have the world’s longest word document in the world that outlines all the notes I need to hit and the general framework for the story. If I have a good talk about the story with someone, I will literally copy-paste it into that document for future reference. It’s kind of a mess tbh. 

Also I have 70000 electronic stickies on my computer desktop that I add to as I think of stuff. A disaster, in short. 

about yours truly

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- team brown year round
- team works out but clearly also really really likes to eat 😆
- i’m one of the taller girls in my various friend groups and i’m only 5′3! my girlfriends are small lol
- my hair is currently a brownish purplish/pinkish color. still deciding what color i wanna do next!
- oh yeah and my hair is hella long. i sit on it sometimes and it can be a hazard to my safety ⚠️ (gets caught on/in things, whips my face, strangles me lol) so it’s usually up
- 4 tattoos and they’re unintentionally all on my left side. maybe my next will be on the right side


- the Mom friend. i will dote, i will worry, i will protect, and i will have bandaids and painkillers handy while i do all of the above.
- default mode is shy and quiet. BUT if i feel comfortable enough, i loud and out-going. friends are always like, you?? shy?? bullshit. but yes, tis true. i shy 🙈
- always friendly though! sometimes i just need to be approached first. ok not sometimes. usually.
- caring and sym/empathetic. i get it from my mama. when she watches sports games she roots for the losing team. just because they’re losing.

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(I never do this but for some reason I really wanted to rn)

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Favourite Colours: BLACK, gray and light yellow

Lipstick or Chapstick: lipstick!!!!

Last Song Listened To: Undercover by Susanne Sundør (her new album is amazing)

Last Movie: IT (2017) (which u all know cause ive reblogged too many posts about it)

Top 3 shows: Brooklyn 99, DAG, SKAM      

Top 3 ships: Right now: Jonas x Mikael (SKAM), Lucas x Dustin (Stranger Things), Oliver x Fred (HP) (why do I only ship people who LITERALLY NO ONE SHIPS???? its so exhausting)

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my experience with adhd
  • I don’t even remember putting that thing down but now it’s not in my hand and I don’t know where it went
  • ‘what do you mean you can just think about nothing? what’s that like? I don’t understand’
  • *tuning out of a conversation halfway through somebody else’s sentence because I just thought of something interesting*
  • carrying my psychiatrist’s business card with me at all times because I see her once a month and every time I go I forget what floor her office is on. I’ve been there 8 times
  • ‘Between A & B, A would be the right thing to do’ *a cascading thought process that takes a few seconds tops, justifying option B* ‘actually B would be the right thing to do’
    • somebody else, later: why did you think B was the right thing to do??
    • me: …. it’s not important, I’ll know better next time
    • (spoiler: I won’t know better next time)
  • I know you already told me this thing like 12 times but can you tell me again just one more time because I forgot
  • it’s not that I forgot that I wasn’t supposed to do this thing. it’s just that in that particular moment i thought it was okay to do it anyway for reasons that would take 48 minutes to explain even though it only took me 3 seconds to justify it in my thoughts, so it’s easier for me to just say ‘I forgot’
  • ‘I already told you that’ ‘really? I must have forgotten, i’m sorry’ ‘it was FIVE MINUTES AGO. in this SAME CONVERSATION’
  • this internal conversation:
    • me: I feel motivated to do this responsible thing
    • me: if I don’t do this responsible thing right now I will get distracted and forget to do it for another 5 hours
    • me: so I should do this thing right this second, there is nothing stopping me
    • me: after I finish this one cell phone game
    • me, 5 hours later: I KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN
  • almost flunking a class because I straight up didn’t know any homework had been assigned despite loving the class and always attending
  • trusting the memory of literally anyone else over my own memory
  • intending to do something for days. sometimes months. never doing it
  • *cuddling somebody* mm this is nice … *2 seconds later* bored now
  • somebody is mad at me. I might as well fucking d i e
  • the options in company are: overshare about the one thing I care about or not talk at all
  • insensitive or inattentive? YOU decide (and when you tell me that i hurt your feelings and I didn’t notice I’ll rejection sensitive dysphoria into fantasies of disappearing forever)
  • being excellent at my job for months on end, doing everything right and everything well, and then suddenly & without explanation being t h e  w o r s t at it for several weeks, making dumb mistakes everywhere for no discernible reason
  • when asked to explain something: well it all started when I was a baby
    • ‘they don’t need that much explanation’ well YOU tell ME where to start b/c I have no fucking clue tbh
  • i can’t throw away anything b/c when I look at it I remember all the sentimental reasons I keep it around and they seem just as important as actually needing it and when I close the storage box back up I forget I had it in the first place until the next time I try to get rid of my clutter and repeat this process
  • i wasnt’ idle for a second all day and yet I didn’t accomplish a n y t h i n g
  • am i a speed-reader or was I so impatient for what came next that I read only half a page and then skipped to the next one?
  • getting excited about a project, starting it, then racing to finish it as fast as I can because when I get bored I’ll abandon it and never go back. must beat the boredom
    • edit my fics? working twice on the same idea? /uproarious laughter
    • well I fucked that up. too bad I can never rework it because I no longer have passionate energy for it
  • me, opening a bottle of adhd meds: I don’t have adhd. I’m just a lazy bum who doesn’t try hard enough
i love these questions okay
  • 1. what colors are in your room?
  • 2. who was your favorite school teacher?
  • 3. what are some passions of yours?
  • 4. when you drink coffee, do you like it black or with cream and sugar?
  • 5. are you self-conscious about anything? if so, what?
  • 6. do you have any tips for self-love?
  • 7. do you have any stuffed animals? Do you name them?
  • 8. do you like drawing or painting more?
  • 9. how do you sleep?
  • 10. what are some things that always make you smile?
  • 11. living in the city, mountains, small town, or out in the middle of nowhere?
  • 12. what's your dream house?
  • 13. how many pets do you wish to have?
  • 14. have you ever dyed your hair? do you want to? what color?
  • 15. what's your opinion on keeping a diary?
  • 16. what's your opinion on keeping an art journal?
  • 17. any art tips?
  • 18. talk about a moment where time stopped
  • 19. do you keep playlists for your music?
  • 20. is there anyone out there that you trust with your life?
  • 21. are you your number one priority?
  • 22. do you always type correctly or do you make millions of typos?
  • 23. recommend some music!!
  • 24. are your nails perfectly painted, chipped, or plain?
  • 25. do you believe in wishing on a shooting star?
  • 26. did you see the eclipse? describe it!!
  • 27. tell us what you love about nature
  • 28. who are you? describe yourself!
  • 29. what type of music do you like, and why?
  • 30. what's your favorite clothing store? why do you love it so much?
  • 31. thrift stores or name brand stores?
  • 32. do you like wearing your s.o clothes?
  • 33. when did you start tumblr? why did you decide to?
  • 34. what's your face care routine?
  • 35. freckles or dimples?
  • 36. name something you think should be banned from the universe
  • 37. tell us something you did as a kid that you loved
  • 38. mom or dad?
  • 39. do you buy expensive things just for the aesthetic or do you actually use everything you buy?
  • 40. tell us about something you're strongly opinionated about
  • 41. do you take peoples advice or do you have to figure things out yourself?
  • 42. bra or no bra?
  • 43. would you rather be cute or comfy?
  • 44. tell us about a moment in your life where everything went just perfect
  • 45. do you believe in anything? aliens? god? bigfoot?
  • 46. how much water do you drink a day?
  • 47. how do you feel about your natural hair?
  • 48. what does the sky look like right now? clear? cloudy? pink? blue? rainy?
  • 49. would you be a prince or a king? princess or a queen?
  • 50. tell us about your favorite outfit!
  • 51. name a few things you love about yourself
  • 52. are you open-minded?
  • 53. do you judge? could someone come to you in any situation they're in and you not judge them?
  • 54. do you like planning ahead?
  • 55. tell us how you feel about school
  • 56. talk about your first pet
  • 57. chocolate or strawberry milk?
  • 58. were you/are you in a fandom? if so, what?
  • 59. spotify, pandora, or itunes?
  • 60. favorite disney princess movie?
  • 61. favorite disney movie
  • 62. what's a subject that you think people don't talk about enough?
  • 63. how long does it take you to let your phone update?
  • 64. describe the fifth picture on your phone!
  • 65. favorite movie and why?
  • 66. do you watch studio ghibli? what's the first one you saw? what's your favorite one?
  • 67. you're home alone. describe how the setting is. music? what kind of music? tv on? what show?
  • 68. how often do you say "i love you"?
  • 69. do you have any weird things you obsess over?
  • 70. do you like being single or do you wish you had a partner?
  • 71. what's the last drink you had?
  • 72. talk about the easiest person to talk to
  • 73. give us some of your favorite blogs!
  • 74. if you could have one wish, what would it be?
  • 75. do you sing in the shower?
  • 76. how often do you shave? or do you wax? or do you not shave?
  • 77. tell us about a habit you wish you could stop
  • 78. do you listen to your own advice?
  • 79. do you love yourself? if not, are you trying to?
  • 80. tell us about your favorite halloween!! what did you dress up as? did you get a lot of candy?
  • 81. first memory that pops in your head, talk about it.
  • 82. how are you? what are you feeling? how has your week gone?
  • 83. rant.
  • 84. do you worry about something a lot? if so, what?
  • 85. do you think long distance works?
  • 86. would you date someone younger than you? older than you?
  • 87. name some people you'd love to meet
  • 88. what were some things you were scared of as a kid?
  • 89. tell us about your favorite birthday
  • 90. how is high school?
  • 91. tell us the worst pick-up line you've ever heard
  • 92. every been groped or catcalled? how'd it make you feel? what did you do?
  • 93. opinion of feminism?
  • 94. tell us about a time you got embarrassed
  • 95. ever had a pregnancy scare? tell us about it!
  • 96. tell us about your best friend
  • 97. what's your opinion on planning your life out?
  • 98. describe what you think afterlife is like
  • 99. talking on the phone or texting?
  • 100. how do you feel about the way most teachers treat students?
  • 101. what's a word you use more than others?
Things I absoulty love about the relationship of Moon and River Butterfly

1) He calls her “moon-pie”

2) River married into HER family, and not the traditional way around.

3) Moon knows, and doesn’t really care that her family doesn’t like River and vise-versa

4)They are are actually a super strong power couple who could beat you down in the blink an eye. She’s called “Moon the Undaunted” for a reason and River wrestles wild animals with his bare hands.

5) He calls her “MOON-PIE”

6) They come from different worlds but still love each other. River was a warrior Prince and Moon’s family are posh magic users.

7) Young River was an adorable mess.

8) “I cant believe I just called the queen "pal” “

9) Moon kept the apology meat

10) River was the only one who didnt baby her and insisted that she had a voice in the whole "peace treaty or war” matter

9) Moon probably likes River better than the other dude because he doesn’t treat her like a frail damsel.


11) Moon doesnt mind her husband being so dependent on her.

12) River automatically reaches over for moon in the morning.

13) River tries to party away his sadness because he misses Moon

14) Moon is worried about River, but is trying to focus on protecting Star.

15) “Of course I love my husband!
And Im worried sick!”

16) As soon River sees Star is okay after being reunited, he asks for his wife.

17) He CaLls HeR “MoOn-PiE”!!!!!

anonymous asked:

I love the passion you put when you talk about Benedict C. So I would like to know 5 things you love about him (physically or his personality) take your time. Thanks!

Hello! This kind of ask is always so hard to answer! But also fun, so sit back and relax…it’s going to be a long one!

Personality: I have had a few celeb crushes throughout my years and none have ever stuck, quite like Bc and it’s because of his personality, his charisma. I have never seen a celebrity as real as Bc is. This dude can’t hide his dorkness to save his life and I love that. He’s not pretending to be goofy or nerdy, this man IS a legit dorkus malorkus. And he’s never ashamed of that. Sure he can pull it together to be suave and sophisticated when needed, and who doesn’t love that kind of ‘batch that swoons are made of, BUT he can’t hide his playfulness and his childlike wonderment for the world around him.

He’s photo bombed, he’s been moved to tears, his PDA with Sophie because he’s so proud to have his girl beside him is just so sweet!!, and if he’s outraged, you bet he’s going to have his say. This man manages to move about the world like nobody is watching him, even when all eyes are on him!! and that to me is amazing. He is always himself.

Regardless of what is happening in the world, Benedict always comes across as being grateful for being alive. I’m sure it has to do with his near death experiences that make him really live the life he’s always wanted. You can’t just throw the word privileged out there and say well he grew up privileged and so he had the upper hand in the world. I don’t agree with that. I know people who have had all the privilege and done nothing with it. I know of people who have had nothing and have accomplished so much. It all comes to how you see the world, and Bc knows there is bad in this world, he knows we as global citizens are in trouble, but he doesn’t let that stop him from living and working, and from lending a hand via monetary, personal items, vocal or his time, to support whatever charity causes he can so they can get things accomplished. That is the power of Benedict Cumberbatch. He just cares and he is always trying to be the best human being he can. I don’t practice that a lot in my own life, but watching Bc and supporting him, it gives me so much encouragement to keep living and to keep striving to be the best person I can be and to always stay true to myself.

His Work Ethic: I think if anything is synonymous with the name Benedict Cumberbatch, it’s gotta be his work ethic. The man never seems to take a break! He goes from one job to the next and he still manages to fit in time with this family. But most importantly he builds up rapport with everybody he works with. The Collective have never heard a bad word from anybody that has worked with Bc. His costars seem to grow to love him and I mean how can ya not…just read above and try not be Cumberbatched! To me, Bc doesn’t just see this as a job, as a career that he’s in to make money. He loves  to act, he loves to research and learn all about what and whom he is playing. He doesn’t just put on the Belstaff coat and bam! Hes Sherlock, he doesn’t just put on the Cloak and bam! He’s Doctor Strange, he didn’t just do Smaug’s voice in a recording booth and call it a day. He actually got on the ground and became Smaug, he used his entire body to create that voice.

When Benedict uses his entire body to make the characters come to life it is just amazing. Listening to Cabin Pressure, he is Martin Crieff!! You can’t see him but just hearing him as Martin and imagining that he is the hapless but well meaning young pilot who’s always getting the short end of the stick and being bested by Douglass. It’s more than just the pitch of the voice or the accent, it’s more than just the costume he puts on. You HEAR it, you SEE it through his eyes, his hands, his facial expressions. Using all of the body’s movements and senses, that is the Cumberbatch way! Because he takes becoming these characters very seriously, he works damn hard at creating this world of fiction to come alive. Even more so when he is playing somebody who existed in real life, like Alan Turing and Billy Bulger.

Anybody can act. You just walk in, learn the script and repeat the words, right? Well not if yer Benedict Cumberbatch. That man will walk in, learn the script, ask questions, repeat the words and floor everybody in the room, because he gets right into the heart of what the character is feeling and thinking. He made me fall in love and sympathize with his Richard iii, he made me cry when lil Charles was getting berated by his mother, he made scream in pain at stephen’s first look at his damaged hands and he made me wish I could hug and comfort his Alan, at the thought of him losing his Christopher. So yes anybody can act, and anybody can work at acting, but you have to be Benedict Cumberbatch to be able to pull it off, flawlessly!

His love for Sophie: We all know that Bc is such a romantic. He learned it from watching his own father adore his mother. Bc made it known early on that what he wanted more than a successful career was to have his own family. To be married and be a father. To add children to enhance his already growing and rich life. He finally found that with Sophie Hunter and nothing in this world makes me happier, than to see Benedict with Sophie. You cannot deny that the boy has it BAD for that girl and that is why he put a ring on it and started banging out (pun intended LOL) Cumberbabies with her!!

You cannot tell me that when Bc floated down that red carpet with Sophie during the Oscars 2015, it was only because he was excited he was nominated for Best Actor. NOPE. That man floated because he was carrying sunshine wherever he went and that was because not only was he was being recognized for his work, but mama was carrying precious cargo in her belly. Of course Benedict’s work makes him happy, but the life he created with Sophie, the children they have, is what keeps that sweet man going because it’s all he’s ever wanted and I’m so glad and grateful to Sophie for keeping our boy full of sunshine that it radiates from his entire body and it affects us all in the most beautiful ways. He and Sophie make relationship goals more than just a hashtag. They make it a must for all that believe that true love is real and available to all those who seek it :)

His Face: The eyes. Those lips. That hair. And the cheekbones you could cut yourself on! sighhhh I don’t have fancy words to describe Bc’s face. All I know is that when I look at his face, the words ugly, weird, alien, otter or sloth never come to mind. I see beauty in it’s most perfect form. 

The Bc during Sherlock s1 was so young and fresh and pretty but as the years went by, the young and fresh went to dramatic and breathtaking to older and wiser and to tired with stories to tell. Benedict is an age chameleon. In his middle 30s he could look in his early 20s. Now in his early 40s he can easily look as if he was in his late 20s! He can make Sherlock look like he’s been through hell and back, (not to mention the sexiest fucked up of a mess that shezza can be) and he can make Sherlock look at peace and happy like that little pirate he once was before his innocence was drowned. 

Bc can go from model ready for the cover of vanity fair, to hipster hanging out with friends, or to dad on casual day at the office. He is the man with a thousand looks and faces and all of them are beautiful and real. Bring on the age because I can’t wait to see how much more this man will drive us wild when he’s in his 60s!

His Humanity: All the things that I mentioned above, would not be possible if it wasn’t for Benedict’s humanity. He thinks and applies being altruistic in all that he does. He cares about his fans, he cares about the world, he cares about speaking out for those who don’t have a voice. His humanity is what generates through him to project and promote, togetherness, love and understanding. His humanity is what makes him the most attractive human being on this earth.

To be a member of the CumberCollective is something special. I don’t always follow the right path and I shoot my mouth off way too much,( I can’t help it, it’s who I am lol)  but that doesn’t mean I don’t care about my fellow human beings. It’s hard for somebody like me to care for people when people have been shitty to me my entire life, but Benedict makes me want remain on this planet and to be a member of this group of fans that are better than me, that can show me the way to try to be a better human being. I fail so much at that, but having friends in this fandom that practice that and get it right on a daily basis (like @elennemigo  and @sobeautifullyobsessed ) seeing Benedict interact with his fans at events or even on the street, these things matter to me and it helps me to see that the end of the day, even somebody like me, just might be…human :)

Thanks for stopping by!

Try to get rid of me in an overseas big city? We'll get rid of you instead.

(long story. tl;dr at the end)


Back in 2011 me and my immediate family traveled to Saudia Arabia for Umrah, or what’s known as the lesser pilgramage. You visit Makkah, make rounds around the Kaabah, pray with all your heart and soul, you get the picture. My dad and I were excited because we were all about going on a spiritual journey and casting away the problems of the world - but as it turns out, some problems just wouldn’t leave us.

As soon as we landed in Jeddah’s airport, our plan was to take a taxi to Makkah and get the Umrah done while we were still gung-ho about God. However, we were instead diverted to our relatives’ house in Jeddah, where we discovered that 4 or 5 of my mothers’ relatives and their families had gathered up and spontaneously crashed in my grandfather’s house for one giant family reunion. Naturally, my dad and I, as well as my maternal grandfather, were really upset over this development as my mom’s side of the family is full of … for the lack of a more polite word, the shady folks. Most of them I was on good terms with, but once I realized that my least favorite Uncle and Aunt had come with the crew, my enthusiasm just deflated like a balloon.

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mew-mew-i-m-a-kew  asked:

Here I am agaiiiin not posting as anon for once ^^ in fact I don't have anything special to ask but I really enjoy interacting with you (you're actually the first person ever I talk to on Tumblr and I've been here for months) Anyway I don't know if you've done that yet, but since I saw that your bias is Jimin, what are your ultimate favorite moment of Park-I-Love-destroying-your-life-Jimin ? (I'm the anon confessing love to your blog and asking about the Wings your DVD ^^)

Hi, hiiiiiii !!! Glad you did dear ^^
Favorite moments? … that’s a hard task …  is EVERYTHING an option?
So aside from his singing abilities, beautiful voice, strong yet graceful dance moves and caring personality, I would say: 


Yeah baby! We are starting strong

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Yes, this is a thing 

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He was born a mochi

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It’s addicting

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Music to my ears

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Especially when he does this:

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Yes please

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Anything he does with his lips …

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It can cut butter, steel and hearts

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Rare but gold

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Just … wow

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100 % natural

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Must protect

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That thing has a soul on its own

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I made a list of my favorite Jimin focus HERE because they are THAT important

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That was just the first book… This boy is worth filling a library for.
*Because he was born on October 13 each book has 13 chapters.

Hope you liked it 
By @mimibtsghost ^^

Nessian Lingerie Shop Headcanons

just a little something @nessiansmut and I came up with (is anyone surprised by this point?)

  • So this happens sometime after ACOWAR when Nessian still aren’t together/they haven’t accepted the mating bond but Cass is aware of it
  • Nesta is out shopping with Elain and they go in the lingerie shop in Velaris that Feyre suggested
  • Nesta would just pick out some boring plain things because she’s a practical girl
  • So she goes to try it on and the stuff doesn’t really fit right so the clerk goes to bring her the right size but instead comes back with something super hot that Elain sneakily gave to her and told her to bring it to her sister
  • And Nesta would just be like ‘no way, that’s not what I asked for. That’s a lacy see-through handkerchief you want me to try on’
  • But the shop clerk and Elain would try and convince her to try it on 
    ‘Trust me, it might not be what you asked for but it’s what you need.’ 
    ‘But there’s no point in buying this. This is lingerie for someone who’s in a relationship.’
    ‘Sometimes you can just buy nice things for yourself, Nes. Who knows, one day you might want it and not have it.’
    ‘Just buy it to wear on a rainy day and it’ll make you feel better, trust me. At least try it on and then decide.’
  • And Nesta would finally give in ‘Okay, I’ll try it on and if I get it I’ll get it for myself and no one else.’
  • She finally gets it on after struggling for a few minutes because it’s a lacy, strappy contraption and all nice lingerie is a pain to put on. And she realises it’s not the right size so she tries 5 more sets and 3 different sizes because we know Cass said she has big boobs and let’s be honest, shopping for lingerie when you have bigger boobs is the biggest pain in the ass
  • So she’s about to give up muttering to herself ‘I don’t know what Elain’s talking about with this whole lingerie thing this is so stupid’ and ‘normal people can’t possibly wear this. Why does it need so many straps this is crazy’ and she finally looks in the mirror thinking she must look ridiculous in that set too
  • But she loves it. It’s very scandalous, it’s nothing like what she’s used to from the human realm. Her body is covered in fine lace and a criss cross of red straps and it’s hugging her body perfectly
  • And without even realising she thinks about how Cass would react if he saw her in that and she lets out a bark of laughter at the mental image but then she imagines how his expression would change and his eyes would darken and slowly drag over her body and linger for just a second longer in some places
  • She flushes and realises she’s thinking of Cassian which she definitely shouldn’t be so she just gets back to trying on the lingerie and seeing if she likes it
  • Meanwhile, Cassian is training with Azriel and has no idea this is happening. Until, that is, he suddenly gets a mental image of a bit of skin, a flash of a bare calf or something and he just brushes it off and thinks he must be imagining things and continues sparring with Az
  • But when she starts thinking about him, Nesta unconsciously opens up her mental shield and starts sending stuff down the mating bond to Cass without realising it
  • So suddenly, Cass stops seeing Az and the training room around him and what he sees instead is Nesta. Nesta in a pair of deep red - as red as his siphons - lacy lingerie, hair tousled and face slightly flushed from all the dressing and undressing she’s been doing. And she’s pushing her boobs up checking to make sure nothing falls out, and adjusting the straps, completely unaware that Cass is seeing everything
  • AND THE BAT. JUST. DIES. He’s just completely frozen in shock.
  • And Nesta’s hands trail down her body to her waist, and she’s adjusting the sides of the knickers before turning around to check out the back (which is the moment when cass truly thinks he’s died and gone to heaven)
  • And Elain asks how she’s doing and Cassian would realise she’s in a shop trying stuff on and he realises that what he’s seeing is 100% real and 100% Nesta and that’s 100% what’s she’s wearing or isn’t wearing at that moment
  • Nesta just sighs and tells Elain she’s okay and she just hooks her fingers in the waistband of the underwear and starts to slowly roll it down her hips and Cassian is about to E X P L O D E
  • And that’s when Az punches him in the face and he gets pulled back to reality
  • Cassian is so angry. Because Azriel punched him. Because he was to distracted and didn’t defend himself. Because he didn’t see what Nesta was going to do next. And because his face hurts Cauldron damn him!
  • So Az asks him what’s wrong and why Cassian froze and had his guard down for so long and Cass tells him and Azriel just laughs himself hoarse. ‘I knew Elain was going shopping but I had no idea she was bringing Nesta’ and ‘If what you saw is anything like the stuff Elain was trying on, I get why you’re in deep shit brother but get it together, i was still able to fight!’
  • Cass would be running his hands across his face and through his hair and pacing trying to calm himself down “Cauldron! And I thought the night court dresses with lower necklines and no corsets were bad but this is pure torture!” 
    “Well if you’re lucky, brother, she’ll actually let you see what she got in person.”
  • Fast forward to the next day when Nesta notices the purple bruise on Cassian’s cheek and she’s like ”Did someone finally get fed up with you and your smart mouth?” and Cassian just thinks “Oh, sweetheart if you knew this was all your fault.” But he doesn’t say that. And he desperately wants to ask if she got that red lacy lingerie set but he doesn’t do that either.
  • But just a bit later Nesta does something and the neckline of her dress moves and Cass sees just the tiniest bit of red lace and and the image of Nesta in the changing room is suddenly fresh in his mind again and he has to leave and cool down before he’s decent again
Marc Guggenheim SDCC17 Interview

Marc Guggenheim was kind enough to meet with me for a one on one chat. 

We walked the floor together with his nephew and little girl (who are the cutest) for an hour and talked all things Arrow!!! He told me this is his most aggressive SDCC schedule ever, so the fact that he slotted in some time just for me really meant the world. Marc Guggenheim is the actual best. He is the definition of it.


We launched right into number one on my list: wedding.

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Dream Daddy quick thoughts:

1. I love how once you realize Robert is taking the piss out of everyone 90% of the time, everything he says on other routes becomes hilarious.

2. Presumably Robert is quiet at Amanda’s party on other routes because he didn’t reconcile with Val… He probably didn’t even go meet her… kill me…

3. Robert has a Thing about sex, as evidenced by how infamously thirst will ruin your chances with him from the start, so when he makes advances on you at the end of the third date…  he’s totally sabotaging himself again by ruining his one deep relationship ie the one with you.  Kill me again??

4. For some reason I kinda love that Joseph was married when he hooked up with Robert, yet Robert and Mary are still bros.

5. Conspiracy theory: Robert is short.

This turned more into quick thoughts about Robert, I’m sorry, my cards are showing very clearly.

Just wanted to post some more photos from the marriage equality rally in Melbourne yesterday, and take the chance to tell a couple of stories because there was so much love in my city and I’m so proud of everyone. Long post, sorry, but there’s a bit to cover - ye be warned.

I spotted this cute couple as I walked out of Melbourne Central (a shopping centre and train station all mashed together) and told them they looked fab. Spotted them again and asked for a photo - they were very happy to oblige when all of a sudden the ABC came up asking for an interview, and I took this pic. They were beautiful people.

I’d seen this guy post in the Facebook event just before I left home, and suddenly found myself standing right next to him! We had a quick chat about how many people had arrived and then waxed about how AMAZE it would be if Lady Gaga parachuted in to the masses. Really funny guy and I’m glad to have met him. I swear I’m so much more personable at these things. 

I do love a simple home-made sign. I don’t have a story about this guy, sorry. Actually from here on in it’s all random stories of the day, assume the pics are unrelated.

The Greens senator Janet Rice got her rainbow family on stage while she was talking. Her wife is the Nobel Prize winning climatologist Penny Whetton, and she just happens to be trans. Senator Rice mentioned that in order for a married person to transition they must first divorce their partner. This information drew an audible gasp - fifteen thousand people had just heard this information for the first time and were disgusted.

A timely reminder that marriage equality doesn’t just effect the L and the G.

I spent my time during the speeches standing with the Greens, who I vote for (in the Senate at least) and who gave me a free shirt, so I felt obliged. They’ve been in this fight ever since former prime minister John Howard changed the marriage act - without the need for a plebiscite or survey - so I felt very comfortable chilling with them. I was about to take a photo for them when an organiser came up and announced that Senator Rice was about to do a press conference. They wanted representation in the shot, and as I was standing there and very obviously trans they asked if I wanted to be involved. I’m not a member yet, though, and declined. Besides, I am way too shy for that shit.

There were these two young girls - actually, side note, its amazing how many kids were not only there but openly passionate about the topic of the day - but these two girls couldn’t have been more than seven or eight, and they were leading a cheer as we marched:

One, two, three, four: equality is what we’re for!
Five, six, seven, eight: rainbow families are so great!

They were incredible, and you better believe that people were chanting along with them, these two young cheerleaders who were so full of life and love. 

When the speeches started, the organisers said there were, as I said, about 15,000 people in attendance. Trams were not able to travel on Swanston Street, because people were covering the tram tracks. The lawn and steps leading to the State LIbrary was covered in people, myself included. People stretched down the street and crowded nearby balconies and you couldn’t get out of Melbourne Central on the Swanston St side like, at all.

When we marched, we picked up a lot more people. And I noticed at one point that we covered three entire streets - Latrobe, Elizabeth and Burke - and that doesn’t include the people that had decided to wait on Swanston. By the time everyone got back to the State Library we numbered twenty thousand.

Twenty thousand beautiful, loving, amazing people. It was incredible.

Finally, just a pic of my free shit (and also the free ribbon I received). I had a great time at the rally. More importantly, I’m galvanised. I haven’t campaigned for a political cause since Howard tried to implement an industrial relations bill called WorkChoices, which cost him the 2007 election. I was kinda active then.

Nothing can stop me now.

I’ve signed up to drop leaflets in my neighbourhood. I’m going to as many rallies as I can. I’m going to try and get involved in planning sessions for further action. I’m going to fight for this.

But it’s supremely shitty that Australia even finds itself in this situation.

Back in 2004, as I mentioned, John Howard made changes to the Marriage Act so that the legal definition was exclusively between a man and a woman. This change happened in parliament. Politicians on both sides did not feel the need to formally consult the people before voting unanimously for the change.

In desperation a few years ago (because we queers had gotten very, very loud), then prime minister Tony Abbott (he of the many memes) proposed that if queer people really wanted to get married then they could vote for the right to do so, in a plebiscite. In Australia, if you want to change the Constitution then you hold a referendum, and the result of that is binding on parliament. Marriage, however, is not part of our constitution - furthermore, a plebiscite result does not bind the members of parliament to vote in accordance with the will of the people. It was a delaying tactic, nothing more.

A couple of months ago Minister for Immigration and Horrible Shitty Human Being Peter Dutton proposed a new idea if the plebiscite-enabling legislation was blocked once again by the Senate: a postal survey.

It is, again, non-binding. It’s not compulsory, unlike regular voting. And a survey doesn’t require legislation to acquire the funding. This idea really excited the badly-named Liberals. The expectation was that the No voters, overwhelmingly those who are over 50, would vote in droves while those who would be more inclined to vote Yes would fight each other over ideas of boycotting and have no time to persuade the most powerful group - young people between 18-24 who support marriage equality at a factor of 81% - to post their ballot forms.

That makes the twenty-thousand strong crowd at yesterday’s rally truly astounding. We’re not fighting about boycotts - those that have suggested it have been mostly convinced otherwise. We have all the time in the world to convince young people to vote and in fact the electoral roll has swelled with close to one hundred thousand new enrolments. In a small country like Australia (pop. 24 million) that’s a lot of new potential Yes votes.And queer Melbournians have never felt so much love before, we’re all a bit awed.

We could do with a little help though, especially from those of you who live in a country where marriage equality exists. We don’t need much. We just need you to tell stories. Talk about that big gay wedding you went to last week. Mention how your friends just got engaged and how you’re thrilled for them. Above all, share stories about how the world didn’t end, that people didn’t marry bridges, and that the only thing that really changed was that there is more love being openly celebrated. 

We know that 70% of the country supports marriage equality. We also know that 1 in 5 of those people aren’t sure if they’re going to vote. So a little bit of convincing from internetionals will go a long, long way.

That’s all from me. Thanks for taking the time to read this. I love you all.

And remember: superheroes vote yes!

meetings that i want for the next season

daenerys x arya: i think arya will be proud to see a woman in power who’s not cersei and it’s actually a badass queen of dragons. and WHEN SHE LEARNS THAT DANY SAVED JON.

daenerys x sansa: knowing that d&d are dudebros, i’m afraid they will come with some feminine rivalry storyline; or worse: sansa and dany fighting over Jon’s attention (please don’t, please don’t). They made a lot of guys becoming instant bros this season, so we deserve a dany x sansa friendship.  Dany loved to see another woman ruling (yara) so i think she would like Sansa. And i want a scene on a council meeting where Sansa say something and Jon doesn’t listen to her ( he never listen to her) but then Dany agrees with Sansa, and they smirk to each other and become besties.

daenerys x ghost: yeah, i know this is not going to happen. But it would be cool to see a scene between them ,like Jon and Drogon. You need to be friends with your significant other’s pets.

ghost x jon : please? at least 5 seconds.

ghost x drogon/rhaegal: the ultimate brotp. a girl can dream.

sansa x tyrion: i want this two ruling in winterfell and taking care of all the details and making all the decisions, bc Dany and Jon obviously don’t have much patience with this kind of thing. Sansa will be like ‘’ i love jon, but he never listen and he makes some dumb decisions” and Tyrion will totally relate and say ‘yeah, tell me about it’’  while sipping wine and making jokes about Jon and Dany. I kind of ship sansa x tyrion, but i’m ok with friendship as well.

arya/sansa x sandor: the hound needs to meet the stark girls again and he will be so proud of them.

arya/bran x Davos: because Davos is basically their step-grandfather.

arya x jaime: yes!! like, since Bronn stayed in king’s landing, who’s going to train with Jaime?? Brienne of course, but also Arya!! and he needs to be impressed.

bran x jaime: i don’t think Bran will hold grudges against jaime, but i want them to have a talk.

and finally

brienne x jaime: because they are the best ship and they are soulmates.