5 things i love about film

List of Gay Films with Happy Endings (as requested)

Disclaimer: I haven’t seen all of these films, so if there are some that are questionable about happy endings, my apologies. Also, I tried to find films with a good rating and a quality story.

1. Shelter (2007)

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2. North Sea Texas (2011)

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3. Beautiful Thing (1996)

4. Morgan (2012)

5. The Way He Looks (2014)

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6. Boys (2014)

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7. Weekend (2011)

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8. Summer Storm (2004)

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9. Love of Siam (2007)

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10. Latter Days (2003)

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11. Free Fall (2013)

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12. Maurice (1987)

13. Breakfast with Scot (2007)

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14. Big Eden (2000)

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15. Out in the Line-up (2014) (documentary)

  • chyler: so how're we filming this? we'll snuggle into each other, kiss, flirt, banter maybe? we can talk about our relationship, or just say cute stuff?
  • floriana: i can call her danvers and do the head tilt thing, bitches love danvers and the head tilt
  • director: nah i was thinking you lie there asleep and maggie wakes up and we pan for about 1.5 seconds and then end scene
  • chyler & floriana: *look directly into the camera like theyre on the office*
My favourite go-to films.

1) Heathers
2) The Virgin Suicides
3) Freaks
4) Clueless
5) 10 Things I Hate About You
6) Breakfast At Tiffany’s
7) A Clockwork Orange
8) What’s Eating Gilbert Grape
9) The Perks Of Being A Wallflower
10) The Breakfast Club
11) Zombieland
12) One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest
13) Fight Club
14) Pulp Fiction
15) City Of God
16) Whiplash
17) Requiem For A Dream
18) Trainspotting
19) Sabrina
20) Spirited Away
21) The Theory Of Everything
22) The Imitation Game
23) Jurassic Park
24) To Sir, With Love
25) 22 Jump Street

(there are so many more!) do you agree with any of them?

Top 5 Beautifully Tragic Independent Movies

Disclaimer: I’m not a film critic, I’m a photographer who gets excited about pretty, emotional things. 

By the time I was 16 years old, I had become obsessed with drama, independent and art-based movies. This was to the extent that I could barely fathom the fact that - on my first day of film studies class - our teacher informed us that our lessons would largely encompass generic blockbuster titles.

‘But there’s so little to these films…’, thought the younger, less knowledgable me. 'What could possibly be of interest about easily interpretable movies that follow cliche, overused narrative tropes, structures and visual stylings?’

Eventually I learnt the error of my thinking, and how dense filmic scrutiny could extend, even in the most conventional of titles. However, my love for movies that differ a little from the norm never really ceased. If its obscure, super dramatic/romantic, bizarre, confusing and/or beautifully shot I’ll probably be convinced by the end that it’s changed my life somehow. Yes, it’s relatively pretentious of me - at least I’m honest about it.

Since my departure from university, I’ve found myself with a little evening time to watch movies again. Subsequently, I’ve proceeded with my incessant hunt, in which there is no final target, to find films that are worthy of my 'list’. This is a catalogue of cinema that has moved me via nothing less than pure, superlative artistry. To celebrate this continuation, I have decided to share a section of my list so far with you. Whether a positive experience or not, these flicks are sure to blow your mind.


'LOVE’ (2011)

If you’ve heard of a wonderfully talented American musician named Tom Delonge (that dude who played in blink-182 and somehow managed to make bad singing sound great), you might also be familiar with the numerous art projects completed under the alias and associated iconography of his band, Angels & Airwaves. Delonge has crafted a wealth of different media under Angels & Airwaves, but no other manages to compare to the 2011 LOVE feature length movie. Directed by William Eubank and produced by Delonge, LOVE is a truly gripping movie that aims to explore the unconditional human need for contact, connection and companionship.

At the very end of a long space exploration mission, astronaut Lee Miller becomes the last human in existence as an unexplained apocalyptic incident sweeps across the world. This event is insinuated only by Miller’s discontinued contact with earth. LOVE possesses a pace that is binary in nature; utilising calm, suddenly sporadic and inconsistent shots to expertly depict Miller’s descent into madness. These skilfully crafted scenes are successful in simulating feelings of irritability and hysteria within its viewers - perfectly epitomising the human need for raw emotion that LOVE strives to explore and present. In turn, we are guided towards the films resolution: Love is the answer; the reason for our very existence. To truly feel gratitude for those you have in your life, you need to experience LOVE.


Why do we struggle to breathe a more righteous breath, when we all end up in the same place?’


'Submarine’ (2010)

This is a movie which is set in a town called Swansea, south-west Wales. What’s kind of wonderfully coincidental to me is that five years after seeing this movie, I am now dating a girl who’s lived in Swansea her whole life (200 miles away from my current location), and roamed some of the locations in the movie during its production. I also met a guy back in university who was actually in the movie as an extra! Kind of strange… anyways.  

As a slightly bleak coming of age comedy about a lovelorn boy named Oliver Tate (Craig Roberts), Submarine manages to adhere to, and subvert the conventions of the genre simultaneously. As Oliver tries to work out who he really is, he makes attempts to save his parents marriage and develop his relationship with his equally strange and somewhat pyromanic girlfriend, Jordana (Yasmin Paige). His naivety often results in ill-informed decisions and hilarious results.

I loved the striking performances delivered by the cast of the film; strong portrayals of refreshingly authentic character types. Additionally, the dry humour that remains consistent alongside more serious themes keeps the storyline concurrently sincere, yet humorous.

However, what I found most imposing about Submarine was its unconventional cinematography, visual triggers and narrative structure.

The camera work by Eric Wilson has an idiosyncratic, stylised dynamic; beautiful and often erratic. Alongside the choppy and quirky editing, this helps contribute towards the comedic undertones of the movie whilst remaining superficially alluring. The grain from the use of film cameras, and the use of only natural and existing artificial light, also contributes to Submarine’s 80’s era nostalgia.

Basically… it’s dope.


'You’re the only person that I would allow to be shrunken down to a microscopic size and swim inside me in a tiny submersible machine. We have lost our virginity but it wasn’t like losing anything. You’re too good for me, you’re too good for anyone.’


'The Tree of Life’ (2011)

This one is going to have you Googling explanations before the movie has barely begun. Its a CONFUSING film, but an emotional and gorgeously shot one at that. The cinematography is saintly and, as a photographer, I may have wept at little at this movie’s sheer beauty.

The film follows Jack (Sean Penn), the eldest son of a family as he reflects on his childhood in 1950’s suburban America: his relationship with his parents (Brad Pitt, Jessica Chastain) his experiences and the premature death of his brother.. however..

The way the movie has been moulded comes across as more of a lengthy video-based art-installation piece, rather than a feature film. The manner and pace in which the films develops, projects an inarticulate dream-like quality; an exploration of themes, ideas and visuals with no real events to drive any gripping or discernible narrative.

It’s damn complex - at times appearing complicated simply for the sake of being complicated. Some might call it art, some might call it pretentious - I call it poignant and moving.

The Tree of Life is a fantastic movie, demonstrating Terrence Malick’s auteurist style.


'Help each other. Love everyone. Every leaf. Every ray of light. Forgive.’


'Never Let Me Go’ (2010)

Much like the central theme of this movie, this is one that I will never let go of (or forget). Based upon Kazuo Ishiguro’s novel of the same name, NLMG follows its protagonists Cathy (Carey Mulligan), Tommy (Andrew Garfield) and Ruth (Keira Knightley). The trio are pupils at a school of children, all of whom were born and raised to be healthy, donate their vital organs and die young. Yeah.. it’s pretty grim. But hold up.. it gets additionally tragic.

A love triangle forms amongst the three and throughout the movies three act structure (spanning about a decade… I think) it becomes evident that Cathy and Tommy are meant to be. Deep down they knew this all along, yet by the time they act, they’re days from beginning their donations.

There is nothing more tragic than true love that cannot be allowed to exist. I’m getting worked up just thinking about it. Seriously, though… watch this movie. It’ll cut you up but you’ll know what it is to feel true gratitude and appreciation to be a free soul.


‘We all complete. Maybe none of us really understand what we’ve lived through, or feel we’ve had enough time.’


'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’ (2004)

So on account of its cult status - and being that this is Tumblr - my number one is probably one that you’re already familiar with. For those unfamiliar, however, I will enlighten you.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind tells the story of two seemingly incompatible people, Joel and Clementine (Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet) and the deterioration of their relationship. The films director Michel Gondry, presents a tender, endearing and intimate companionship that becomes reduced to a jealous, frustrated and dispassionate mess.

Sounds pretty conventional so far, right? Well, conventional it ain’t.

Overwhelmed and exasperated, Joel discovers Clementine has visited Lacuna Inc, a company which provides a form of brain damage; allowing her to forget she had ever met Joel. Devastated upon realising this, Joel has the same treatment performed upon himself. Joel’s erasure is what guides the films narrative.

Beginning in the present day as Joel starts his treatment, Eternal Sunshine traces back through the cherished memories of him and Clementine as they are removed one by one. However, as the procedure is occurring, Joel realises that he can’t bare the thought of losing Clementine for good; even if only as a memory. From the depths of his unconsciousness, Joel tries desperately to hold on to this paradigm of his psyche.

The reason I adore this film so much is the muddled narrative structure, the obsessively detailed mise-en-scene and visual triggers. This is to the extent that new little details and easter eggs seem to reveal themselves with every viewing. Additionally, the conclusions, lessons and themes of Eternal Sunshine are most certainly transferable to real life.

Although the movie appears as somewhat incoherent at times, Gondry somehow manages to find a perfect harmony within the films delivery; superlatively demonstrating the importance of love and memory, irrespective of life’s eventual outcome.

It’s kind of difficult to express through words the impact that this movie has had on me, and the cinematic quality I think it possesses. It’s gorgeously shot, magnificently executed and hard-hitting. The soundtrack by Jon Brion is also expedient and gets you RIGHT in the feelings. It’s one of those films that makes you feel as though a deep, innermost element of your being has been changed somehow. It did with me, at least. It’s breathtaking.


'What a loss to spend that much time with someone, only to find out that she’s a stranger.’

Gratitude list before passing out

1. Getting a tour of a beautiful French cathedral via WhatsApp.
2. Seeing the most lovely picture ever that made me want to spend the day with my family.
3. Having a sister that can teach me things I don’t know anything about.
5. Waffles. And chocolate. And coke. It’s Saturday, okay?
6. The sun.
7. Showering while listening to Fleetwood Mac.
8. Improved my lettering.
9. My bed.
10. Lying in the dark while listening to film scores.

Wanna be a part of a super cool project of mine? Read this!!

Okay so I’ve decided to start a really cool project, I’m not sure of a name yet, but it will come.

So basically I’m going to send disposable cameras to people through the mail and those people will take pictures of things that they think make them who they are or things that they think are beautiful or things that they love. Whenever they want really. And once they fill the camera, they send it back to me, I develop the film and then post the photos on a blog that I’ll make specifically for this project. I think it will be a lot of fun and something really cool to be a part of. If you’re interested message me with:

Your name
Your age
Where you live
A few things you’d like me to know about you

I was thinking of sending out 5-10 cameras to test this out and see if it could work.

*you can also email me at tonykingpark@gmail.com if you don’t trust tumblr’s messaging system*

anonymous asked:

What are your top 5 recommendations for must-watch (or read) gay media?

umm well…I think there’s a range of ways gay identity is made visible across cinema, so I’ll pick five great movies that deal with those themes in unique ways

I love Beautiful Thing, I think it’s my fave ~gay~ movie and is a pretty light-hearted film about coming out and acceptance etc. with a great dollop of dry british comedy

Boys because obvi, a little more ‘well I wish I was straight’ with a brief optimistic ending

Brokeback Mountain is haunting, tragic, and beautiful, and deals with themes of masculinity and homosexuality in a nuanced and empathetic way. One of the best at factoring in the “family unit” as a site of suppression and safety, as well as relationship dynamics for two (gorgeous) BLOKes (that’s three B movies :o )

To Alfonso Cuarón with Y Tu Mamá También/And Your Mother Too, GREAT great film about ‘unconventional’ relationships, the subtle homoeroticism of ‘hetero’ friends and how that allows suppressed desires to manifest, all wrapped up in the neat bow of a road movie (also the kiss at the end is one of the most satisifying things lmao)

AND just watched Au Revoir Les Enfants which is imo a subtle story about boys and their burgeoning sexuality/self-awareness; HOWEVER I’m probably reading some of that into this as its mainly a softcore war film and is also very sad

sorry if this was excessive, this is quite a thoughtful question thank you hahaha

simwithsparkles  asked:

once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, and then send it to ten of your favourite followers!

o man i’ve left this in here for a while bc it’s hard for me to think of five things!!!! thank u for tagging me 

1. i can make really good mac and cheese (not from the box mind you)

2. all dogs inexplicably love me!!!! :-)

3. i am smart!!! i know a lot about so many subjects (mostly politics/government and film, message me if you wanna talk about any of that!!! i would love to). and i am always wanting to learn new things :-))))

4.  i can be both creative and analytical and i think that’s one of my biggest strengths 

5. my face is pretty i think esp my lips i luv them :-)


I was tagged by @lehnsherr-stark thank you my lovely! <3

1. Star Wars Return of the Jedi (or any of the star wars films tbh)
2. Tangled
3. 10 Things I Hate About You
4. High School Musical 3 (fight me)
5. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
6. Grease

Okay, my mind went blank, all I do is watch and rewatch films and I suddenly forgot every movie ever. 

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5 things you’ll find in my bag:

  1. letters/postcards I’ve never mailed off
  2. a book (current read; Don Quixote AND actually finishing it this time)
  3. 0.3 needle tip black pen 
  4. headphones
  5. imogene + willie journals to jot/sketch my thoughts

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom:

  1. books 
  2. plants/succulents 
  3. more books
  4. a record player
  5. bottle of whiskey

5 things I want to do in my life:

  1. give more than receive 
  2. learn a 3rd and 4th language
  3. have a garden with my wife
  4. road trip everywhere with her 
  5. be a caring father

5 things I’m into right now:

  1. gardening this spring
  2. the song Nancy From Now On by Father John Misty, scroll to 4:26
  3. trying to perfect a crème brûlée 
  4. long drives with no real destination 
  5. Mexican independent films

5 things you might not know about me:

  1. i love having options
  2. i fuck up often
  3. i steal pages out of poetry books
  4. can’t wait to marry the love of my life
  5. …i’ll leave it at that

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phannite  asked:

may i order one match up please? i am 5'3 and i have wavy butt-length blonde hair and blue eyes. i love musical theater (or any theater really) and more specifically i love phantom of the opera! i absolutely love to perform and sing and dance! i am the head cheerleader on my team and i am obsessed with history! i love cheesy chick flicks (10 things i hate about you) and horror films! i do lots of yoga and i collect gems. my friends say i'm too positive... thank you so much and have a great day!

*dings bell* One matchup for table 6!

I paired you with Zen! You two have your love for musical theatre and performing in common, plus I imagine that Zen would absolutely love to watch cheesy chick flicks with his gf and play with her hair. Plus the dude could always use a little extra positivity and support in his life!

mygodthefeels  asked:

17 (i love indie movies so i'm kind of curious) and 44 😊

Good ones, Cat!!!

17. Favorite indie film? Idk if this really considered indie because it went wide after a while, but Like Crazy….it’s incredible. Real. Honest. Heartbreaking. It’s where I fell in love with Felicity Jones.

44. Top 5 favorite films? Slumdog Millionaire, An Affair to Remember, Casablanca, 10 Things I Hate About You, and Titanic 

Send me a number from ‘Movie Buff Questions

5 Films Challenge

I was tagged by the wonderful @roslin

Rules: 5 films you could watch anytime

1. Mary Poppins It has all of my favorite things. Music, comedy, Julie Andrews. This is the movie I put on when I want to feel warm and happy inside. 

2. Miss Congeniality I love Sandra Bullock and I find this movie to be hilarious. Also after watching it I feel a little more kick ass about myself. 

3. Coming To America This movie is freaking hysterical and I find myself referencing it a LOT. 

4. History Of The World Part 1 I think this is my favorite Mel Brooks movie. It has a brilliant cast(Madeline Kahn is once again perfection) & the jokes are sharp. 

5. My Fellow Americans James Garner & Jack Lemon are wonderful in this movie. I laugh so damn hard everytime and I find myself even catching new little jokes each time I watch it. 

I tag: @inlovewithatraumasurgeon @badassbettyrizzo @sarahstreep7 @sparepartsandbrokenhearts @knowthatiloveyou @ktlsyrtis @ames-78

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The rules are simple: List 6 films you can watch anytime. Tag 5 people afterwards.

1. Enchanted

One of the best movies to put on to inspire me to do anything creative, honestly. Just put it on and watch me go. I do sometimes actually watch the movie and enjoy it as well.

2. Trick ‘r’ Treat

I have a thing for horror anthology.

3. Most animated films, but especially Disney or Don Bluth films.

Creative inspiration + a healthy dose of nostalgia, even with some of the newer titles from Disney. They’re so timeless and I love them.

4. Fifty Shades of Grey or Twilight

Sometimes your inspiration can be fueled by the unholy wrath of 1000 exploding suns.

5. Jumanji

My all-time favorite Robin Williams movie, even more so than Mrs. Doubtfire, but I guess just about anything with Robin Williams in it works

6. Harry Potter

Harry Potter Weekend Harry Potter Weekend Harry Potter Weekend Harry Potter Weekend Harry Potter Weekend Harry Potter Weekend Harry Potter Weekend HarrY POTTER WEEKEND HARRY POTTER WEEKEND HARRY POTTER WEEKEND

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aspie-jake  asked:

😂, 🍳, 🌠, 💕 for the special interest ask

I swear I can always count on you to ask, always makes me smile~

😂 Something funny about your special interest?

Well, during the scene when Aragorn kicks a Uruk-Hai helmet  and then nurses his toe; whilst filming that scene,  Viggo Mortensen actually broke his toe.

🍳 Do you have a stim related to your special interest?

I think this counts: I constantly wear a replica of the One Ring which I never take off, and when I’m nervous or anxious I’ll run it over my lips.

🌠 What’s a past special interest?

This one’s tricky, since Tolkienverse has been my SI since the age of 5 (Gosh, ten years!) but I suppose I loved Dragons before that, I still do. So: my past SI was Dragons.

💕 What’s your fav thing about your special interest?

AHHHHHHHH! Probably how well thought out it is and how much I have left to learn. I could spend my entire life dedicated to learning all I can and there’ll still be some hidden letter or essay I never got to read. But definitely how “fleshed out” the universe is and how rich the culture and lore is; I’ll never run out of things to discover with Tolkien’s Works.

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Have a gif of Elrond and Thanduil being friends, just like we are!

The next Monday, Mr. Feingold approved the project at a modest budget of $2.5 million. But the film’s language barrier remained an issue at Overbrook. “Certainly, my producers said, ‘Do they have to speak Mandarin?’ ” Ms. Wu recalled, “and I was just like, ‘These things are nonnegotiable, and this is why.’ ” Mr. Zee had no better luck when he suggested she consider changing her ballerina’s ethnicity. “He really thought the love interest should be white so that we could cast a star,” Ms. Wu said. “I said, ‘No.’ The moment you make the love interest white, it becomes about race.”

So instead of a Scarlett Johansson, Ms. Wu cast a retired ballerina and aspiring actress, Lynn Chen, in the pivotal role of Vivian Shing. Playing opposite her as the medical student is Michelle Krusiec, who had supporting parts in “Dumb and Dumberer” and ”Daddy Day Care.” Mr. Zee also advised Ms. Wu to cut out what he first regarded as a false ending to the film, but, predictably, she demurred.

Ms. Wu sees nothing strange in her disregard of virtually every story change suggested by her producers. “It’s not like I’m out there hiring script consultants,” Ms. Wu said. “I’m hiring producers. I need them to find financing. They did, you know, and then they were really supportive.”



The producers who were pushing for these changes were Asian. So much in this article made me upset, and then so grateful to Alice Wu. This is why Alice Wu is my hero. She made the movie she wanted to make and no one could tell her otherwise.


Also Michelle Krusiec and Lynn Chen and Joan Chen are adorable, no arguments.

anonymous asked:

If you feel like it, please respond with five things that make you happy when you get this. Then, send to the last ten people in your notifications anonymously. You never know who might benefit from spreading positivity!

Hi! 5 more things that make me happy:

1. A good makeup day

2. Taylor Swift anything

3. Good animation films, preferably 2d. I LOVE Prince of Egypt and Synbad right now.

4. When people enjoy my cooking. I make excellent homemade gnocchi and pizza. :)

5. Sailing! My dad and I sail a lot. There’s something about the breeze and the sound of the sea that put me completely at ease.

“I have never understood how people can blithely disregard the damage they do by following their hearts.”

I quite love this quote from The Girl on the Train, which I finished reading last night. I gave it 5⭐️ because it was just so good! All the characters actually had pretty terrible personalities/lives, but that made things feel all the more realistic for me. It was also soooo GRIPPING; I could not put it down. I was also pretty shocked with the ending. Talk about intense! I hope to see the film adaptation soon. 😊❤️📚

Name: Ezra

Nicknames: Ez, izzer, Len, Lenore, lenoire

Star Sign: Capricorn
Sexual Orientation: asexual and panromantic

Height: 5 foot 2 and a pinch

Time right now: 1:14 AM EST

Last thing I Googled: The 1971 film The Devils

Cats or Dogs? Dogs because I’m more familiar with them but I LOVE cats.

Dream trip: out of the country, France or Israel. Within the USA, DISNEYWORLD

Favorite music artist: I have a lot but let’s go with Sleigh Bells for now.

Song stuck in my head: Literally the whole soundtrack from the 2017 Beauty and the Beast

Last movie I watched: the 2017 Beauty and the Beast!!!!

Last TV show I watched: Voltron!

What I am wearing right now: totoro pj pants, catbus shirt, a blue ft Walton beach hoodie with a rainbow and a dove on it.

When I created my blog: I don’t even know anymore but it’s been a long while. Like, before I came out of the closet.

The kind of things I post: Movies, books, music, fandom stuff, social justice, fairy tales, cute stuff, memes. It’s a hodgepodge.

Why I chose my url: it’s my ancient dA name. :/

Gender: Nonbinary

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor but I love hufflepuff.

Pokemon team: None. 

Lucky Number: 7

Favorite Characters: The four main characters from the novel The Phantom of the Opera, grantaire, Enjolras, cosette, and Marius from les Miserables; any of the main cast in Star Wars, Oola from The Return of the Jedi, beauty from Beauty by Robin Mckinley, belle and the beast from beauty and the beast, Jane eyre.

Dream Job: Poet and/or artist

Number of blankets I sleep with:a sheet and a comforter and a light blanket on top.

Dream fictional character that you would want to be: Belle or Beauty from Beauty and the Beast or Beauty by Robin Mckinley.

One interesting fact about you: when I was a kid my family owned and loved owned 13 dogs, 10 of them silken windhounds, 2 Chinese crested dogs and 1 Italian greyhound.

I tag: anyone who wants to do this! Tag me so I can see it!