5 things i love about film


Persepolis (2007) - Marjane Satrapi and Vincent Paronnaud

5 bullets on this movie:

  • It’s in french and I recommend you to watch it in the original language, but in the english version Iggy Pop is the voice of uncle Anouche.
  • You can learn Islamic history and a lot about women rights. Marjane, the protagonist, is the best thing in this movie. She’s a rebel girl in a society that oppresses women, and you end up loving her. And also wanting to be her. 
  • It’s as great as the graphic novel. The dialogues are funny, but at the same time the film tells a serious and real story about women’s fight for equality.
  • It’s based on the life of Marjane Satrapi, the writer of the movie and the graphic novel. I think this is what gives the story so much power.
  • It’s mostly hand drawn and the animations is black and white, it’s soooo amazing. Really, it’s one of my favorite movies. 
Three SERIOUSLY UNDERRATED Movies I just watched recently:

1. Strange Magic

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A work by freaking Lucasfilm/George Lucas himself!

Did not expect it to be a musical, very much cringe worthy—but once you look past that, this movie has stunningly beautiful animation! 

Not to mention the plot is actually kind of interesting. THIS coming from the same man who brought us STAR WARS and we know how well those relationships work out half of the time *cough* Anidala *cough*—but it is a movie ENTIRELY about LOVE! I kid you not. 

Though a few places are indeed very very much a cringe, other parts have me squealing like a fangirl! I wish I would have heard about it sooner!   

2. Epic

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So I guess 2013-2014 were just the years to have stunning visual animation for forest-related characters, in movies that both basically flop in the box office.

Epic was a little slow at times, but it was funny, unique, and had a few very memorable characters! 

I will not lie to you, I am a sucker for ships, and Ronin and Queen Tara never cease to make my heart ache for a whole week after I watch this movie. T_T If you watch for nothing else, at least enjoy the beautiful visuals, A-list voice acting cast, and the FRICKING relationship between the Queen and the most badass guy in this whole movie!

3. Book of Life

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So, aside from slamming me with the crippling nostalgia of watching El Tigre on Nickelodeon as a kid, this movie is witty, gorgeous, and (again unfortunately) more of a musical than I typically look for. 

STILL! I cannot believe it took me THIS long to watch it! It was fun, exciting, and busted all sorts of chops for various people and stereotypes. 

Plus, the fandom for this movie is ridiculously awesome! Jorge R. Gutierrez is very open with the fans with his info/rumors of sequels, and the voice cast nearly killed me. Channing Tatum was one thing, but DIEGO LUNA is the main character!  We’re talking Cassian Andor with more than 5 lines of dialogue and a leading role! ❤ ❤ ❤

And let me tell you about La Muerte and Xibalba—the OTP I didn’t know existed or that I needed in my life—their personalities are so different from what I was expecting and I love everything this movie did to make me think vs what I saw. 

Plus it is produced by Guillermo Del Toro—I’ve been seeing his name so much recently—seriously, what does this guy not do!?

So those are the 3. This is just my opinions of things based on recent exposure to the films, and they aren’t the best movies I’ve ever seen by far, but they were enough to be exciting and they definitely deserve more love than they were given! —or at least more exposure so it didn’t take me this long to watch…

He’d Be a Really Good Father- Cole Fluff & Smut

Request:  Hey could you write my request with Cole? ❤ so Cole and reader have been together for a long time (fans ship them, they r relationship goals), they visit a friend who has a little baby and Cole plays (being really sweet, i mean fluff 😂) with the kid and when reader and him come back home, Cole tells herbie wants a baby (maybe smut in The end? 😏it’s up to you, but i’d love to read it😂) I know it’s weird, but I jest thought it might be cute 😂❤ I really love ur tumblr

Warnings: Mild language, fluff, smut

Notes: y/j = Your Job.

o clarify characters:
- Maggie = Your friend who’s married.
- David = Maggie’s husband
- Hannah = Maggie and David’s baby


“Hey guys! Come in, come in!”, my best friend, Maggie smiled widely at my boyfriend, Cole and I. I let go of Cole’s hand to hug Maggie, and Cole hugged her after me. 

“Cole! Y/n! It’s so good to see you!”, Maggie’s husband, David said, kissing my cheek, then shook Cole’s hand. We all went into the living room and sat down on the couches.

“So what’s been happening?”, David asked. 

“Well, I just finished up filming Riverdale and Y/n has been busy with her job as y/j”, Cole replied. “And yourself?”

“Busy with my job and here with Hannah, who’s now in the household”

Maggie asks if I wanted to help out in the kitchen, to which I agreed and left the guys to talk. 

“So, how are you and Cole doing? You know relationship wise”, Maggie asks, getting out the wine from the fridge and pouring it into glasses for us. Then pouring the beer for David and Cole. 

“Good good. We’ve managed to get through the long distance thing, with him filming and me being really busy with y/j”, I reply. 

“Wait, so how long have your guys been dating?”

“5 years and still going”, I laugh. 

“Damn, 5 years!”, Maggie raised her eyebrows and smiled. “Is there any future plans?”, she winks. I blush and look down;

“I’m hoping so. I love him so much, that I feel ready to start the next chapter”.

“It’s work, let me tell you that. But love is the thing that holds us together. It gets more complicated when you start having children, but again, it’s about love and sacrifice”, she advised me. 

“I know and I’m willing to put in the work”, I smile. We take the drink out to Cole and David. 

“Aw thanks, love”, David smiles at me, taking the drink out of my hand. I realised Maggie wasn’t in the room, but then she came back with Hannah, their child. 

“Here, let me take her”, David said as he stood up and reached his arms out. Maggie carefully placed Hannah in his arms. He sat back down and Maggie and I went back to the kitchen to prepare dinner.


I walked out to the living room to ask if they needed a refill, when I found Cole playing with Hannah, who was laying on the floor next to him, laughing and squealing happily. 

I sneakily got my phone out and took a picture before they could notice. After I took the photo, David stands next to me, also looking down at Cole and Hannah;

“He’s really good with her. He’d be a really good father”, David whispers to me. 

“I know he will”, I smile back at him. 

“Hey, baby”, Cole smiles when he notices me. I asked for refills to which they happily accepted. 


The dinner plates were placed on the table and everyone immediately dug in, except Maggie, who was feeding Hannah. We had started up a conversation about the roadtrip that Cole, K.J, his girlfriend and I went on. 

After we finished dinner, Maggie excused herself saying she needed to put Hannah to bed.

“Oh, can I help?”, Cole asks.

“Of course you can”, Maggie smiles at him and they go off with Hannah to put her to bed. 

“He’s a keeper. You know that right?”, David suddenly says. 

“I know”, I laugh. “Hannah is very cute, by the way”

“Yeah I know, she get’s it from me”, he jokes and we both laugh. 


Cole and I got home after leaving Maggie and David’s. I looked at my phone: 11.47, it read. It was dark and a bit chilly outside, but it was nice and refreshing. We made it to our bedroom and Cole shut the door behind him. I sighed as I sat on the bed, taking my heels off. 

“Y/n can I tell you something?”, Cole asks, still in front of the closed door. 

“Of course you can”

“I want a baby”, he admits. 

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“Me too. When I saw you with Hannah, it made me realise how much I want a child, especially with you”, I reply, as I stand up, walking over to him and kissing him on the lips and he kisses back.

“Jump”, he said between a kiss. I jumped and wrapped my legs around his waist. He turned us around and pinned me against the door. Cole kissed down my neck, making me moan when he sucked on my sweet spot. He grinded his hips into mine, causing my hands to immediately fly to his hair and tangle themselves in it, tugging at the ends. He groans and kisses down to my collar bones, sucking them. 

“Cole”, I whined. He got the message and turned around, carrying me over to the bed, gently placing me down. He took his shirt and pants off and I took my dress off, before we proceeded. He slowly kissed down my chest, slipping his hands underneath me, unclasping my bra, then threw it behind him. He continued to kiss down to my panties, again taking them off and throwing it behind him. 

“Can we skip the foreplay? I just want it to be just you and me and creating this new life”, Cole whispers.

“Of course we can”, I smile at him. He took of his boxers then lined himself up at my wet entrance. He slowly pushed himself in and groaned. I gasped when he was fully in. Cole didn’t move, as he allowed me to adjust a bit. i gave him a nod and he began slowly thrusting. 

“You’re so beautiful. I love you so much”, Cole moaned into my neck, then kisses me passionately. 

“I love you too, baby”, I whispered back, in between kisses. I wrapped my legs around his waist, allowing him to go deeper. 

“Fuck, Cole”, I moaned, when he thrusted deeper, keeping the slow, steady pace. Cole grunted softly at each thrust of his hips. He leaned down and kissed me again. We kept like this for a while; just him thrusting slowly and deeply, kissing passionately and just letting our love filled the space between us. 

“Cole”, I moaned. 

“Me too, baby”, Cole moaned, getting the message that I was close. He didn’t speed up like he usually would, but instead, he whispered sweet nothing’s into my ear. 

“Oh, Cole, shit”

“Y/n!”, he moaned loudly, shooting his load into me. I came shortly after. He rolled off and laid down next to me. We both were panting. I turned to him;

“Cole, what if I do get pregnant? What happens then?”

“We’ll figure it out baby, we always do”, Cole said back.


Little did she know, I was planning to marry her. 

It’s come to my attention that amidst the glory that is Wonder Woman many people are saying “This is what a DC movie should be like” and that godforsaken article “the dceu is in trouble everyone liked Wonder Woman” all the while blatantly ignoring the vivid and prominent parallels between Wonder Woman and the other DC movies, specifically Man of Steel and Batman v Superman, because they seem to be at center of all the vitriol. Some of these aren’t parallels necessarily, just things BvS and MoS have been criticized for that magically no one mentioned about Wonder Woman.

Let’s start out with the most obvious, yeah?

1. Wonder Woman was FUN!!!

No. It wasn’t. Let me explain, I had a blast in this movie, it moved me, it made me laugh, it made me cry, it made my blood pump and while I am so blown away by seeing a movie directed with the female gaze and with all these amazing female warriors, this isn’t a FunTM movie. It’s set in World War I for god’s sake. It never shies away from the atrocities experienced by the citizens and soldiers in this war. It shows realistically what PTSD looks like through Charlie. It brings up interesting and complex ideas and hard facts about racism, politics, sexism and the arrogance of mankind. There are light moments for sure, but it isn’t bouncy happy fun all the time. I would say it isn’t humorous or light the majority of the time either. It’s a very serious movie, it expects you to take it seriously and you do. The thing is, Batman v Superman and Man of Steel are the SAME way. There’s humorous moments, light moments, but they are serious movies with complex ideas about heroism and being an immigrant in a strange world and how the darkness can corrupt even the most justice and moral driven of heroes. I had in watching them. I had amazing experiences. So did many others. But none of these movies are “fun” movies. They don’t shy away from sacrifice or darkness. They acknowledge that. You can have fun experiencing the movie, and laugh at its humor, but it isn’t a lighthearted film.

2. Colors!!

I mean, we’ve all hear the terms “dark and gritty” and “lacking color” when talking about the DCEU, which is frankly bullshit but I digress. Wonder Woman wasn’t really “colorful” either. Themiscyra was, but I mean it’s a magically hidden island of Amazons from ancient times. But as soon as they leave the island, the world is grey and dark and dismal. Diana calls it hideous. But this didn’t seem to detract anyone from enjoying the movie or following the story. Diana’s suit isn’t even that brightly colored, something Henry Cavill’s Superman has been criticized constantly about. Both movies use color and the lack thereof, shadows, darkness, to help tell the story.

3. Mental health/Triggering

Both Wonder Woman and Batman v Superman tackle PTSD in very real, pointed ways. Each depicts scenes where characters clearly struggle with nightmares, triggers, and outbursts from what they’re experiencing. Both did so in a compelling and realistic way and yet one was mocked relentlessly and one was not. Batman v Superman lingers on the mental health issues the characters are experiencing more, but they are central parts of the story and how it progresses. Bruce’s PTSD is what allows him to be manipulated by Lex’s games. Charlie’s PTSD is real and heartbreaking, but he is surrounded by friends and people who understand, Bruce is largely along besides Alfred who honestly doesn’t now how to help anymore.

4. The name game

So something I heard over and over as a criticism for Man of Steel was
that no one calls him “Superman”. People said Zack Snyder was afraid to use the name, despite the fact this was an origin story and he wasn’t Superman yet. Despite the fact that Captain Ferris calls him Superman by the end of the film(and I agree Ferris, he’s totally hot). Yet Wonder Woman was not called by “Wonder Woman” in the film and no one seemed to have any problem with that.

5. Stories about sacrifice

This one really gets my goat. Man of Steel ended in the destruction of Metropolis, but the hope we could rebuild. Batman v Superman ended with Clark’s death, but the idea that men are still good, justice is coming. Wonder Woman ended with Steve’s death, but that love is the most powerful motivation for heroism. All three of these things are important, and yet BvS was trashed for implying that heroism requires sacrifice and Clark should have just given Diana the spear. Well, as Wonder Woman also expertly showed us, sometimes, you can’t do everything. Diana told Steve whatever it was, she could do it. But she couldn’t. There was no time. He could save the day, but she needed to save the world. In Batman v Superman a similar situation unfolds: a creature from another word. Batman has the gas, but he’s a weak human compared to Doomsday. Diana is strong, but she’s holding Doomsday back with the lasso. And there’s Clark who knows that he has to do something. He has the spear. When you can do something you have the responsibility to. That’s what being a hero means. So he does. In both cases that sacrifice reminded the heroes of what heroism really is about: hope, love, the fact that humanity is deeply flawed but worth fighting for. This lesson is also demonstrated in Man of Steel when Clark has to kill Zod to save a family.

6. The Hero loses faith

When Batman v Superman came out Superman/Clark was heavily criticized about the fact that he has a crisis of faith, right after the bombing and before Doomsday it really looks like Clark is going to give up. That he’s going to hang up the cape and give up the dream of being the people’s guardian. Diana has a similar experience. After fake-Ares is killed and she sees that nothing stopped, she has an absolute breakdown. Her entire worldview, everything she was taught was shaken and uprooted. Steve tries to convince her that people are worth believing in, and when he can’t he goes back to doing what he must do. He must help save people. In both situations, the heroes are put to the test when people they love are put in danger and face real doubts about heroism and themselves. In both cases, each hero makes the choice to continue the battle. Diana saves Doctor Poison, choosing to believe in humanity and and take down Ares. Clark does his best to reason with Bruce, who he considered a violent vigilante, to stand down, and even after the fight goes beyond his control he begs him to save Martha, he doesn’t care if Bruce kills him first, as long as he saves her. He puts his trust in Bruce’s humanity and THAT is why they are able to put their differences aside to help fight Doomsday. In both cases the crisis of faith were important developmental moments, showcasing to the audience how grueling and disheartening being a hero is sometimes. Sometimes people don’t understand, they vilify you, they mistrust you. Sometimes you don’t win, and those failures have a high cost. Do you keep going? Both these movies answer yes.

Listen, I’m really not asking you to like the other DC movies if you liked Wonder Woman. They are different movies and each film had different strengths and weaknesses, but I am saying that as a whole MoS and BvS have gotten some pretty unfair criticism due to largely what I think comes down to Zack Snyder. Some people don’t want to like his films, so they don’t. But in the light of all that Wonder Woman is getting praise for, which it deserves, that both the other films did well along side it is hypocritical. Patty and Allan did an incredible job, but I would like to remind people that Zack casted Gal Gadot, not Patty, and Zack, along with others, helped write the story that Allan adapted into a screenplay. This movie was a team effort in a grand scheme of films that had its own wonderful unique qualities while sharing the ideals and driving force that its predecessors did.

My Top 10 Anime Ships/OTPs (spoiler alert for some of the shows)

10. Levi x Petra

Levi x Petra is a rather subtle/ambiguous ship. They might not even have had anything going on between them, but the subtlety is what I love about the ship. I didn’t even think of Levi as the kind of guy to have any romantic relationships. But the very first time I watched AOT, I thought that if they were going to write a romance involving him, this implied/subtle ship is a good way of doing it.

Besides, I seem to have a thing for angst.

9. Rock x Revy

At first, I didn’t think they’d make a good pair at all. I mean Rock was just this average guy who seemed kind of wimpy compared to Revy. It was the fight scene where he stands up to her that completely changes my opinion about him (and their relationship). As the show went on, we could see Revy looking out for Rock. A lot. It was nice to see her soft spot. It was nice to see that one of Roanapur’s deadliest mercenaries needed the innocence and kindness of a (not so average) Japanese businessman, and would risk her life just to protect him.

Also, that cigarette kiss.

8. Satoru x Kayo

They’re so cute! Yeah, I know about this ship being “pedophilic”, but I have to disagree with that statement. 

My first impression of ERASED was a man who has regrets over what happened when he was 10 years old. A man who has the memory of a lonely girl in a red coat lingering in his mind. So when Satoru goes back in time, I see it as a second chance. A second chance to be 10 again. A second chance to make things right. 

So I don’t see it as a 29 year old stuck in a 10 year old boy’s body. I just see it as a man who became 10 years old again, but with 29 years’ worth of memory. 

But…is it weird that I’m glad one of my favourite ships didn’t happen?

Okay. Lemme explain. As I continued to watch the show, I realised that the show was more about a boy becoming a hero than a boy-saves-girl kind of story. Even though I was really upset about the ending at first, I ended up accepting it, and even becoming glad about it.

It would be unrealistic for Hinazuki to wait 15 years for Satoru. She’d be wasting the life he gave to her. But just because she married someone else, doesn’t mean that she ever forgot about the boy who saved her. He still remains a very important person in her heart. And he always will. 

In the end, I can only remember SatoKayo as a moment in time. A short, sweet time in their lives when they meet the person who will change their lives forever. It’s a kind of bittersweet beauty for me.

So I am glad about the ending. In a sad-glad kind of way.

7. Hitsugaya x Hinamori / Ishida x Orihime

I can’t choose between the two.

Anyone who’s seen my blog knows that I ship Hitsuhina. It’s a cute-angsty kind of ship that I wish I could see more of. 

Uryuhime is a painfully underrated ship. I know that some people ship IH because they love Orihime and want her to be happy. Well, I love Orihime too. But that’s why I can’t ship her with Ichigo. Yes, Ichigo does try to protect her, even to the point of turning into a monster to fight Ulquiorra (though he was also thinking about protecting Uryu). But that’s kind of his number one goal - to protect others. One of the things that made me not ship IH is the way Ishida looks at Orihime. It’s different from the way Ichigo does. He’s the one who knows her, protects her, understands her, and loves her. I think he’s the best guy for our princess.

6. Fakir x Ahiru

Aka the only ship I ship that breaks the first girl/guy rule. I’ve never seen a lead-girl-ends-up-not-with-the-main-guy kind of ship done so well. I can go on and on about the reasons why I ship Fakiru. 

But you know what, GO WATCH PRINCESS TUTU!!

5. Minato x Kushina

NaruHina? NaruSaku? SasuSaku? Forget about the shipping wars, this is my OTP from Naruto. I think what really got me into them is how Minato loved Kushina’s red hair, which she thought was ugly. For someone to love the very thing that you hate the most about yourself, the part of you that you feel is the ugliest, I think that it’s a beautiful thing.

4. Ichigo x Rukia


Screw you, Tite Kubo.

3. Roy x Riza

Picture says it all.

2. Ashitaka x San

This is my favourite Ghibli ship. Hayao Miyazaki’s films were what got me into anime in the first place. 

I’m not sure what it is I like about San and Ashitaka so much. I guess it’s the same reason I love movie - their scenes. Nope. These scenes are not the shoujo, lovey dovey kind of scenes. They’re powerful scenes that not only define their relationship, but also the movie itself. 

When Ashitaka first sees San, when he calls her beautiful, when she takes him to the Forest Spirit, when she feeds him, when he talks to Moro about her, when he tries to save her from Nago, when she stabs him and he responds with a hug…I can go on and on about this ship.

I’m not as passionate about this ship anymore, but I’m putting them at no.2 because of the impression they’ve left on me.

1. Soul x Maka

I think this is the first OTP I really fell in love with in anime. Ever since I saw how Soul protected Maka from Crona, I’ve been spiraling deeper and deeper into SoMa hell. I love their bond. I love how they argue but care for each other deeply. I love how they’ll support each other no matter what. I love how they’re always together. I love how they truly are partners.

SoMa even gave me the standard for my other favourite anime ships, namely Royai and Ichiruki. I’ve heard that your OTP reflects what you actually look for in a relationship.

Well, this is what I look for in a relationship. I don’t just want someone who will make butterflies flutter in my stomach. I want someone who will understand me. I don’t just want romantic dates or kisses in the rain. I want someone who will be there for me through all the hurricanes in my life. I don’t just want someone who will throw romantic gifts at me. I want someone who will truly care for me, and I for him. I want someone who will go together with me on this adventure we call life, someone a can share a real bond with.

Sorry for the long rant. And thanks if you managed to reach the end of this post.

I’m tagging @herprettysmile to make a top 10 anime ships list (if you have time or if you haven’t done one already)

I’ve done it once, I’ll do it again

yes indeed, I’m going to defend the honor of the 2004 Phantom of the Opera, but with evidence to go with it. Yes, I’m aware some people have different opinions on the adaptions, but I’m tired of the phandom hating on this adaption because no matter what you say, it is still an ALW production and deserves much more recognition. 

Reason 1.

Out of all the renditions of POTO, this one took the longest. I’m sure everyone knows the struggles of making a movie, but not counting the filming and planning, this movie took almost 20 years just to finalize everything. From the rights purchase to the finding of a director to choosing the production company it took 20 years. wow. 

Reason 2.

When they actually decided to film the movie and pick actors, Andrew Lloyd Webber, having complete artistic freedom, decided to go in a different direction than his stage adaptions by not only giving Erik a different perception, but the film in itself. Yes, his original plan was to cast Sarah Brightman and Michael Crawford in the film when he decided to make a film in 1989, but after years of production limbo with Warner Brothers, he decided to do something else. Webber chose Shcumacher as his director because he was impressed with the almost obscure way he viewed things, and he decided to choose a cast to go along with Schumacher’s way of filming. Webber decided to go a different way of casting the phantom as stated in the wikipedia article for POTO 2004

They had both decided on another version of the phantom to incorporate in the film thus causing them to look for someone with an edgier side. 

They first chose Hugh Jackman as the role of the phantom, but he rejected the role due to the film he was already working on. 

Reason 5.

Personally, I think Gerard Butler was the perfect choice for this movie. No, he’s not Ramin Karimloo or Crawford, but he is one heck of a Phantom. For one, he matches the description above when they said they wanted someone more rock and roll and dangerous. Butler really impressed me with the power of his voice. Again, he wasn’t as professional as Karimloo, but he surprised many others. 

In this article, it states how Butler had only 4 lessons before performing Music of the Night for Webber, need i remind you how advanced that song is, and Webber was so impressed, he chose him for the role. that most certainly counts for something. 

Reason 6.

Emmy Rossum and Patrick Wilson are also completely underestimated. Rossum, for one, had never had a professional role in a musical movie before in her life and was only 16 when she was chosen. She had been classically trained in opera from a very young age, and Webber offered her the role on the spot after hearing her sing one song. One. Song. 

Wilson is another story, look at this article

Wilson was specifically chosen for his background on broadway, I mean look at all the stuff he’s been in!

Wilson had stared in over 5 productions and was chosen to display a more stagish Raoul. 

Reason 7.

Have you not seen the costume and scene design? 

One of the things I love about movie adaptions of musicals is freedom of set design. You can actively show the characters traveling and interacting in different physical scenery. While the stage production of POTO is so intricate and beautiful, the movie was able to go into more detail on the settings (ex. you can literally see the Palais Garnier in the movie as well as the inside detail even if they didn’t actually film there. They were also able to show more of Erik’s lair as well as the tunnels below. 

Reason 8.

Even though I was very disappointed by the cutting of certain parts of certain songs, they pretty much were able to capture the essence of the musical without those extra lyrics. 

Anyway, sorry for the long post, but I keep seeing others dissing this movie just because it’s different from other productions. But let me break it to you gently

*clears throat*


I want to live in a world where people accept the fact that Gerard Butler played a pretty okay phantom. Also, I’m pretty sure people are going to think I’m annoying for going so much into this, but this movie helped me get through my parents divorce and my surgery so I’m going to defend it with everything I got.

listen listen listen 

a cure for wellness was actually a solid movie 

it wasn’t the best ive ever seen, but it was damn good and although it was long, it did an excellent job of providing climaxes each time it seemed to begin to drag 

honestly, i dont want to spoil anything, but i do have to give disclaimers 

please, do not watch it if you 

1) except to love and empathize immediately with the, frankly an asshole, main character. i know it always makes a movie difficult to like when you don’t care if the main character dies or not, but i promise you, sit through the worst and it will absolutely pay off 

2) cannot overlook tasteless offensive dialogue within the first 15 minutes or so of the movie. a character makes a quip pertaining to sexual assault in prisons, but the movie does not force you to like this character at all, thank christ 

3) are bothered by extremely explicit gore and animal death

4) cannot sit through implications of child murder

5) cannot watch attempted sexual assault 

6) cannot watch the implicated minor (though it’s ultimately up to you to decide how old they are because they do look quite old) be lusted over and sexually assaulted 

most of these things are not thrown into the movie for an Edge Factor™ and do tie into the plot, especially the last 5, so do not be discouraged even if you can sit through all of these!! 

it’s a good watch if you LOVE psychological thrill (and no demonization of the mentally ill!), and downright brain fuckery! is it a movie i’d see again, yes absolutely, but i would recommend not watching it by yourself. having someone else weigh in makes it far more interesting (that is a flaw about the film, but meh, i personally dont mind). i hope u thrill seekers enjoy !

Things I love about the Gorillaz fandom

Some things I appreciate about the Gorillaz fandom are:

1.) The amount of love that goes into all the fan art; and the attention to detail it often has.

2.) The amount of imagine blogs and fic writers it contains (and how well they understand the personalities of the band members!)

3.) The silly memes and humour is always on point

4.) The way everyone posts every screenshot they can of new music videos and other film content, its always so thorough!

5.) All the amazing shots of the band live, so that those who cannot see them live can get a taste of the feeling

6.) The love and time poured into listening to a new album, and how everyone interprets it differently and shares their experiences

7.) How everyone seems to appreciate something about each new album; even if it isn’t their favorite.

8.) How everyone has a different story about why they like the band

9.) Those who rock with the ‘rillaz often have fantastic taste in other bands, too!

10.) Gorillaz fans are very dedicated to cosplay, its almost always top notch in quality, whether that be in overall costume construction, acting, or both!

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As Keith’s birthday is approaching, it’s time we celebrate! And what better way than to talk about Keith and appreciate him? hopefully these prompts can lead to some fun casual discussion between fellow Keith fans - be it on this blog or with each other on your own blogs/in private!

Please note: This is very informal and just a bit of extra fun running alongside many other birthday events, so there is no pressure to take part. The questions are open and broad so it should be something fun to answer if you wish! 

  • This will run from 17th October-23rd October
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things tyler talked about in his livestream

(requested - genuinely sorry this is so long I’m terrible at condensing) 

- he started off by talking about where you can donate/buy merch for the joyful heart foundation, and also how you can donate to help those affected by hurricane harvey. afterwards summarised what the JHF does and how the team aren’t doing a charity stream because they feel they’re not the right people to address the issue, but emphasised that it is a big deal and means a lot to them, and they want to support it as much as any other charity.

- he will be around in seattle for pax west (from aug 31st) to hopefully meet up with some fans as well as hanging out with his friends

- there are a number of things he’s been working on which he wishes he could announce, including the shoot last week: “it’s coming and it’s going to be so much fun and i hope you guys love it just as much as we loved filming it.” they were at the location for 5/6 days, and it was so much fun to have everyone’s creative effort come together

- someone brought up ethan’s 5 years on youtube posters, and tyler talked about how hardworking ethan is: “ethan is one of the most dedicated guys that I have the privilege to know and it’s really exciting to see his youtube channel take off, the community he’s built”

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anonymous asked:

Any thoughts on Phil's liveshow? If you do, I'd love to hear them!

yaaaa omg i actually just didn’t get a lot of specific/excited questions about it and therefore got sidetracked watching the young pope lmao but YES, it was so good and def several things worth noting: 

1. the signed pic of angel in a bubble bath. like, wow. i can’t believe that phil opened with this. i can’t believe that we’re at a point where phil is comfortable showing this. i wonder if he felt dan backed him into a corner tho? bc it def didn’t seem like he had any intention of telling us beforehand and then he kept sort of mentioning that “everyone was asking” him about it and tweeting him about it and wanting to see it so i just wonder if phil was like very much not intending to ever let it see the light of day but then felt pressured by everyone asking and then i wonder whether dan had to sort of talk him down from being worried about it in some way??? ???? ? ? idk!!!!! like he seemed very calm and giggly about it but only bc, in my opinion, he seemed to have prepared a story around it that was designed to dilute its impact (that he has loved buffy for ages, that dan was for sure looking for a sarah michelle gellar photo and couldn’t find one so he settled for this one, as though there were no other shops anywhere that would have sarah michelle gellar photos for dan to find. that it “wasn’t the signed buffy photo he was expecting” etc. etc.) and then many comments about being very put off by the photo, all of them slightly tempered by the fondness in his eyes and the loveliness of his laughter. idk, overall, such a big step that he shared it (possibly against his original will), but he still did it very much on his terms, in a language he is comfortable with. 

i just love that dan literally bought phil a nude photo of a dude in a bath for his bday like how are we at the point that that is a confirmed thing that we have seen with our own eyes and that we are allowed to KNOW? i feel like i’m living in some alternate reality and every single day things keep happening with them that make me literally wonder when the fuck it happened and just rejoice that we’re getting to see it aeorijaoweirjaowierjaoewr fuck man

2. the little commentary from phil about how in their photoshoots dan is the one who gets to “do the nice smile” and people always make phil do a weird face which inevitably leads to his infamous crazy eyes. that was interesting to me bc i didn’t realize it would be so set in stone that they’d be asked to assume those roles in their professional pics but i guess it makes sense and matches up to the “branding” of phil as strange/quirky and dan as the normie/ “straight man” that is and has been discussed to death. to me it was more interesting that phil didn’t really seem that bothered by it and to also hear him talk about photo anxiety yet again, and always resorting to big eyes as a way to save him from the awkwardness of figuring out how to pose his face in a more serious fashion 

3. YET ANOTHER movie date why are they living in a utopian ideal of domestic bliss i hate them. and yet another date/outing that was accompanied by a heaped serving of social awkwardness and catastrophe. i swear their life is simultaneously too funny and lovely to be real. my fav part of this was that the story started with phil referencing the poor middle-aged dude face-planting into “dan’s popcorn” but then by the end he was saying “our popcorn.” cute. the fact they saw another movie together. with footstools. so, so cute. the fact that phil was very open and intentional and repetitive with his explanation that he went with dan, that it was he and dan in the darkened theater, dan and phil getting accosted by a falling man,,, he could’ve potentially told that story without dan? and maybe would’ve done so at some point in the distant past? but not this time. and the casual “we” he used throughout the live show was lovely too.

4. his thoughts on manchester by the sea sounded very similar to dan’s style of reviewing films in live shows and v un-phil. phil normally sticks to broad opinions: either he liked it or it was ‘okay’ or ‘not the best,’ but this time he gave v specific things he liked and a bit more nuanced opinions and i was into it. 

5. so much about the gas leaks that i don’t really even know where to start. first of all: “you need to move.” “i know.” this is the first direct acknowledgment of moving, i believe, from either of them. holy shit? and then the fact that he said “hotel vlogs” if they were to go to a hotel, as though that’s something they’d ever give us. and then towards the end of the conversation: “is dan okay?” “yes, we’re fine.” i love when one of them answers on behalf of both of them, it’s gross and also so instinctive and it makes my heart soar. i feel like all of the jokes have been made about the very universe trying to force them to move and i’ve written so much on how sure i am that it’s going to happen soon, so i have nothing to add there. it’s happening SOON yall. they’re moving. i guarantee. 

6. phil retelling the meerkat story was so adorable. phil googling random things to have as pets like sugar gliders and talking about dog breeds before once again saying he should stick to plants was adorable and also just continued to solidify for me that they’re BADLY in want of a dog and just as firmly do not feel that it is the right time for it. phil’s coat…. is adorable ….. i HATE having nothing to say about phil things beyond “WOW SO CUTE” bc it’s dumb and reductive a lot of the time but genuinely, during this ls, a lot of the stuff that was under discussion was just v fluffy and cute. 

overall: heartwarming. a bit groundbreaking. ironically, both of those things applied to nearly every piece of content dnp have made so far in 2017. just sitting here totally unprepared for each new development that seems to be happening with each passing day :’) 

(live show: inappropriate birthday gift - 02.09.17)

On Harvey, and the rest...

Unless you were in a coma this week, you’ll have heard the “shocking” news about Harvey Weinstein’s serial groping, harassing and general abuse of women. You’ll have followed the phoney “outrage” of men who thought women should have spoken up sooner, or called the police, or “manned up, ‘cos that’s showbiz” or whatever shite men (not all men, but hey, a bloody lot of them) say when they feel one of theirs is under attack. 

The fact is, everyone already knew that Harvey was a bully. There was a whole plot-line in ENTOURAGE about it, based on the standing joke that Harvey (I can’t remember his character name, Harley or Herbert or whatever, but the portrait was damn lifelike) never forgives of forgets, and will go to any lengths to get revenge on anyone who annoys him.

I met him a couple of times, you know, when we were making CHOCOLAT. I never saw him sexually assault anyone, but what I did see was how terrified all his people were of him. Stories abounded about him: how he’d sacked a studio executive for letting in a goal during an inter-studio football game: how he’d given Gwyneth Paltrow £5 million in diamonds to try and persuade her to do a film. I don’t know if these stories were true or not, but one thing was clear: Harvey loved those stories. And Harvey loved the fact that everyone who worked for him lived in fear of his temper, his presence, his bludgeoning rudeness and his reputation of never forgiving anyone who crossed him.

I could tell he enjoyed that. The first words he ever spoke to me, at a party early on, were: “Hello, I’m Harvey Weinstein, and when I walk into a room, authors shit their pants.” To which I replied: “In that case, Harvey, I’ll send you my next dry-cleaning bill.” And Harvey laughed; apparently delighted at my reply. Later, one of his people took me aside and said: “He likes you. He likes people who stand up to him.” She made it pretty clear to me that not many of his employees did. 

But here’s the thing. I wasn’t a studio employee. He couldn’t threaten my career, or make me persona non grata in Hollywood. He’d acquired the rights to my book from David Brown, who originally optioned it. He had no power over me. What he did do, though, was exploit a tiny clause in my densely-printed, 50-page contract: a clause that I had been led to believe meant that he owned the stage rights to the screenplay, but that he maintained meant that he now owned the stage rights to my book - rights that, for the past 18 years or so, I’ve been receiving weekly offers. If his company ever decides to use these rights, as far as I know, I don’t get a penny - and the one time I happened to mention this (at a party, where my conversation was overheard by someone from the Daily Mail), my agent - who had been trying  in vain for several years to get in touch about maybe making the contract a bit fairer to the author - got a phone call the very next day from Harvey’s people, making it clear that Harvey wasn’t at all happy to hear that I had been discussing his business. To me it felt very intimidating - and I realized that that, although I’d been off Harvey’s radar since 1999 as far as paying me any money was concerned, he was watching me very closely when it came to any kind of criticism of him, or of his business. 

Of course I have no idea of the motives behind his refusal. Why would a huge company like Miramax begrudge a few grand to an author for rights? Was it just because they could? Was it because they didn’t care? Probably.  And yet I can’t help wondering: what if I hadn’t been quite so smart with my repartee, that night? What if I’d let Harvey have his joke, fluttered my eyelashes a bit; pretended to be impressed and intimidated by the big movie mogul, instead of laughing at his boast that he made authors shit their pants? 

I know. In the general scheme of things it isn’t an important story. But in 1999 I was an unknown author: the money I got for CHOCOLAT was nice, but nowhere near the millions that J.K. Rowling got for Harry Potter. It was enough for me to live on a couple of years without worrying too much about going back to my teaching job, which was great - but it wasn’t much. Not compared to the kind of sum the Weinsteins made from the movie. Not even compared to the money they spent on goodie bags for the actors.  If Miramax had been prepared to pay for the stage rights to my story, it wouldn’t have cost them much. My goodwill wouldn’t have cost much. Doing the right thing wouldn’t have cost much. 

Since 1999 I’ve heard rumours of plans for a stage musical of CHOCOLAT - a project I’d love to be part of, and not just for the money, but because it’s my book, and I’d like to think that I could contribute something. I’d like to be included. I’d like to sit in theatre and think: I helped make this, instead of You took this from me. So far, the Weinstein Co. hasn’t spoken to me once about the project (which is still ongoing, as far as I’ve heard). As it stands, the disputed clause in my contract means that, even if it does get made (a possibility that seems increasingly remote), they owe me nothing.  Not a penny. Not even a phone call.

So why didn’t I fight? Well, for the same reason, I guess, that no-one else has tried to fight back. There’s no fighting back against the kind of money and power wielded by the Weinsteins. I couldn’t afford to contest their claim, and if I had, I would have lost every penny I had made, whether I won the case or not. And so I moved on, just as others moved on from various other kinds of abuse. Because although I don’t pretend to have suffered in anything like the same way that Harvey’s sexual-assault victims suffered, there is a link between the two kinds of incident. Both come from an arrogant base of power, and privilege, and intimidation. Both come from a misguided belief in one’s personal invulnerability. Both come from the widespread belief that power is strength; that strength is good; and that the strong will always survive.

And this isn’t a sentiment exclusive to Harvey Weinstein: it’s a belief shared by  many powerful men - Jimmy Savile, Donald Trump, Bill Cosby - who revel in the fact that they can get away with anything: who bask in the knowledge that others are afraid of what they might say or do; who use that fear to build empires, and to create little mini-mes everywhere they go: because that kind of arrogance trickles down, infecting others with their beliefs. It teaches men that yes they can: it teaches women to keep their mouths shut. It’s what we used to call bullying when we were children: now, it seems, it’s what a lot of men call success

And yet, a success that’s built on making people shit their pants was always going to stink. It’s a smell that some can tolerate: they may even fool themselves into believing that it’s the smell of money. But there are successful people who manage not to bully and intimidate; just as there are men who somehow manage not to be rapists and abusers. All power and money does is to intensify what already exists. And so tonight I’ll be raising a glass of (cheap) champagne to the women who finally spoke out about the stink that’s been wafting around their heads for years. It isn’t new, and it isn’t nice, but that doesn’t mean we ignore it. It’s the in locker-rooms and boardrooms and hotel rooms and college rooms; it’s the smell of male power and privilege, and it’s high time all of us stopped pretending that it doesn’t smell like shit.


My Favorite New (ish) Films of 2016 - If I saw it in 2016 and it was less than five years old, it counts for this list.

1. Bone Tomahawk (2015) - ‘Great performances from a terrific cast highlight this terse, tense, slow burn weird western that explodes into Fulci-esque violence by the end.’

2. Dredd (2012) - ‘It’s briskly paced, constantly tense, features disturbing explosions of gore and a simple but propulsive score. And it’s very engaging on a purely visual level, juxtaposing grimy, dystopian greyness with splashes of vivid day-glo color.’

3. The Duke of Burgundy (2014) - ‘A beautifully rendered, twisty, and compelling relationship drama that examines what happens when one half of a couple has intense fetishistic needs and the other half can’t sustain the enthusiasm for it all… Aesthetically, everything here is simply lovely, from the actresses to the costumes to the furniture to the music. Every artistic detail contributes to the melancholy, autumnal fragility of the piece. It’s a haunting, alluring experience.’

4. Green Room (2015) - ‘An unrelentingly tense and carefully constructed thriller… This one boasts strong characters and world-building, shocking gore, and chillingly business-like and indifferent Nazi baddies. Feels way more relevant and important now than it did even six months ago.’

5. The Hateful Eight (2015) - ‘Every time I see a new Tarantino movie, I think ‘this is his masterpiece,’ and this one continues the trend. Even though the movie riffs heavily on The Thing and spaghetti westerns, it feels like the QT movie least about other movies. I’ve always loved his stuff, but this film feels substantive and challenging and disturbing in a way he hasn’t really achieved before.’

6. High-Rise (2015) - ‘…equally cartoonish, surreal, horrifying, and colorful…  undercurrents of eerie, stylish menace help to create what is overall a rather bewitching experience.’

7. Inside Llewyn Davis (2013) - ‘Oscar Isaac is terrific in the title role and the script communicates so much so deftly, allowing us to know Llewyn deeply without ever getting bogged down in exposition. It’s quietly moving and subtly humorous throughout, with lovely music and a great period NYC feel that doesn’t overplay the typical bohemian signifiers.’

8. The Invitation (2015) - ‘one of those movies where you know something terrible is about to happen and anxiety builds and builds until things finally hit the tipping point. The Invitation is an intense, weirdly moving, and physically chilling experience.’

9. The Neon Demon (2016) -  ‘It’s draped in neon and synth music and moves at a crawl before erupting into witchery, cannibalism, and necrophilia in the final act. The movie is more than a bit ridiculous and full of itself, but so is all good artsploitation.’

10. Queen of Earth (2015) - ‘A chilling and subtly stylish examination of grief, privilege, depression, and most interestingly, the way in which friendships can become toxic and competitive over time.’

11. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (2016) - ‘The script takes a sharp look at the Afghan conflict and the complicated sexual politics of the situation, with men and women on both sides of the East/West divide coming under scrutiny. It’s also about what people do to cope with living under extreme conditions, and it’s raunchy, exciting and ultimately rather moving experience on the whole.’

12. The Witch (2015)  - ‘a beautifully shot and superbly acted piece of historical horror… I also like the way the script characterizes religious zealotry as it’s own sort of prison. A gripping and authentic recreation of primitive American folklore.’

You’re My Wonderwall || D. H.

A/N: I got inspired to write this during my trip to France! it’s a little bit weird..I don’t know if i’m entirely happy with it… 

Word Count: 1.6K

POV: Reader


Originally posted by hcwll

The smell of salt hung in the air and it was still lingering on my skin. The window right next to me was opened as wide as possible and wind played with the light fabric of the curtain.

It wasn’t pitch black in the room, the moon adorned the night sky and some street lamps were still on. I could hear the distant sound of waves and water that wildly hit the shore.

Me and my friends had just agreed that it was time to turn off the lights and sleep after we had talked for at least an hour.

“We need to get up early tomorrow, if we want to take the first train to Cannes.” Frankie reminded us, set an alarm clock and closed her eyes.

She was right. I wasn’t a morning person at all, but some things are just worth getting up early for. I could have talked for at least another hour but I needed as much sleep as I could get if I didn’t want to look and feel like a zombie tomorrow morning.  

“Goodnight girls” I whispered as I slipped under my “blanket” that consisted of the bedsheet only. It was just way too hot for a normal duvet but I couldn’t sleep without some sort of blanket either.

“Goodnight, Y/N” my two friends answered.

We stayed completely silent after that and everyone had found a comfortable position to sleep in.

I was sharing a room with Frankie and Liane two of my best friends while the other three girls of our clique shared the room next to us. Summer had just started and we had decided to go on a little adventure. Our destination was France to be exact. We had booked six plane tickets and a little apartment in a French town right beside the sea.

One week full of swimming in the ocean, going out for dinner in cute little bistros and exploring new cities, that was the plan. Falling in love wasn’t. I guess one can’t plan everything.

My head was resting on the soft pillow, my body felt tired. It wasn’t a bad tired it was a good kind of tired. It was a ‘I did a lot of interesting things today’ kind of tired. I immediately knew it wouldn’t take me long to fall asleep.

Tomorrow my friends and I were going to explore the famous city Cannes, the one where the glamorous film festivals are held each year. I was excited already.

I glanced at my friends one last time before I finally closed my eyes, hoping I would fall asleep in an instant. What did I say about things not going according to plan again?

The apartment we rented for the week was great and right in the middle of the old town. We were surrounded by restaurants and there was a lovely market right in front of our door and the beach was less than 5 minutes away. The only problem was, we were right in the city centre and there was a bar directly underneath us.

So, while we were trying to sleep we were constantly surrounded by a lot of different noises: Cars, motor cycles, people chatting or laughing, the annoying sound that seagulls make and of course drunk bar visitors.

Believe me when I say that it was way too hot to sleep with the window closed. It was impossible. We were kind of susceptible to the noises. Normally I wouldn’t mind, but it was just unbearably loud today, even louder than the nights before.

I tried my best to ignore it, knowing that I had to get up early tomorrow. But the harder I tried to sleep the more difficult it got.

I heard Liane sigh as another car passed by and somebody seemed to crash a bottle made out of glass soon after.

Then I heard a lot of loud voices, some people were having a conversation right underneath our window. It wasn’t French, it was English. I could clearly hear a guy, he spoke with a posh but mellifluous British accent. Since he slurred his words I could tell that he was drunk.

They were talking so enormously loud that I could follow their entire conversation, I could hear every single word. Although I tried to ignore it and just sleep, I couldn’t.

I felt myself get annoyed and mad. Couldn’t they just stop?! I mean, some people need their sleep for god’s sake.

My hands turned into fists underneath my blanket, with every shout or word I got angrier. I was absolutely pissed. I rolled my eyes as they suddenly erupted into loud laughter.

“La Ferme!”

My French wasn’t perfect but I was sure that this translated to ‘Shut Up’. An old French lady that lived in the apartment above us had opened her window to scold the Brits who had a few too many drinks in the bar.

‘You go Granny!’ I cheered in my head.

But to my dismay, they didn’t stop and didn’t care that they kept the entire building awake.

The clock read 2am, I had to be on my feet in exactly 5 hours.

Just as I had given up and decided that it couldn’t get any worse, posh guy, the one that sounded like Winnie Pooh, started full on singing.

“And all the lights that lead us there are blinding
There are many things that I would like to say to you
But I don’t know how”

I had the sudden urge to smash my head against the pillow repeatedly, was he being serious?!

You’re gonna be the one that saves me
And after all
You’re my wonderwall”

Okay that was enough! I jumped out of the bed and stormed out of the room. My friends jolted up in their beds and stared at me in confusion, but I didn’t care.

God, I hated posh guy so much at this moment. I was a ticking time bomb and about to explode.

I put on the first pair of shoes that I could find and opened the front door. I was wearing nothing but my pjs as I trotted towards those rude Brits who literally stood underneath our window.



Posh guy wasn’t singing anymore, he was screaming on top of his lungs. Oh I was so gonna shut him up…

He had his back turned towards me and no one had noticed my arrival. I could tell that he was freakishly tall and probably a little bit older than me. I was too pissed to be shy or intimidated.

I tapped his shoulder to get his attention. He jumped in the air at my sudden touch, I had obviously scared him. The tall guy immediately turned around in surprise and shock.

As he saw me the scared look on his face instantly faded. He put his huge hands over his broad chest. His heart was racing because I had jumpscared him, but why was my heart suddenly beating rapidly fast?

I glanced up at him and took in his features.

The stranger had warm brown eyes and pale soft skin. His mouth turned into a smile as he eyed me up and down. He didn’t only have a few freckles, he also had two cute dimples. How perfect can one be?

I was supposed to shout profanities at this guy but I couldn’t help but be intrigued by him.

For a few seconds, we just stared at each other, unable to say something. We were both taken aback by one another. I never believed in love at first sight but this is what I imagine it to feel like. 

“You are not a very good singer.” Was all I could blurt out. No hello, nothing.

He may be cute but I was still mad at him.

“Did I really sound that bad?” the guy laughed and blushed a little bit.

He was wearing shorts and a short button up shirt. Some of his friends accompanied him but I didn’t really pay attention to them. He didn’t either, his eyes were glued onto me.

“The song was good, the singing not so much.” I explained and although I wanted to look pissed a little smile crept onto my face.

“Maybe you just didn’t like my personal interpretation. I’m Dan by the way.” The tall guy winked and introduced himself.

“I definitely prefer the original. And I’m Y/N.”

“So.. Y/N why do I deserve your presence?” Dan asked he was obviously still a little bit drunk.

As a warm wind played with the hem of my nightgown, Dan bit his pink bottom lip.  

“My bed is right there. Behind this window.” I pointed to the window behind us. “And your so-called singing kept me and my friends awake for more than an hour.” I explained sharply.

“Shit. I’m really sorry.”

Dan’s apology seemed genuine and he even seemed a little bit embarrassed as he awkwardly scratched the back of his head.

“Why is a pretty and young girl like you in bed already, anyway?” Dan slurred cheekily and I could tell that he wouldn’t have been brave enough to say this if he were sober.

It was my time to blush now. He was definitely flirting with me.

“My friends and I are gonna go to Cannes tomorrow morning.” I told Dan. He nodded to signal that he understood and looked even more sorry now.

There was a little twinkle in Dan’s brown eyes.

“And what are you doing after you have explored Cannes?” he wanted to know and I could already tell where this was going and damn did I like it.

“I will probably sleep for the next three days since you kept me awake. Unless you have other plans?”

“Why don’t you meet me at this spot tomorrow at around 6pm? I do have a plan and I promise it won’t involve me singing.”

I saw IT in the Cinema last night (£4 motherFUCKERS) and it was INCREDIBLE. I saw the original with Tim Curry when I was like, 4/5 (my dad was not good at the whole parenting thing) but I loved it so when I heard about a remake I thought “meh”. However, the trailers got me hooked and STEPHEN KING HIMSELF LOVED IT AND HE WAS RIGHT. If you haven’t, got see it. Not only is it a fantastic horror but also just a fantastic film itself. Really scary, really funny and very moving.


roadhog week day 5: pachimaris and pigs

i won all of these. they’re mine now.” (rat took this pic w/ a disposable camera immediately post-plushie heist because hog asked him to)
(based on this post!!)

W I L L A B E T H   A P P R E C I A T I O N   W E E K | June 12th to June 18th ⚔ 

If, like me, you were shaken to the core by the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie because of Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann making an appearance and finally mending those hearts they broke ten years ago, then you’re in luck.

Starting on June 12th until the 18th, Willabeth appreciation week will be launching, and it’s a whole seven days where Willabeth content is gonna be so overbearing that you’ll be seasick (on here, at least - but hey, what’s new there?). Waiting ten years for these two to grace us once again with their amazing love story and undeniable chemistry, and gosh darn it that epic Love Theme, was rewarding as hell, and I for one am super eager to get celebrating. So here’s some themes for the week (I did a thing,can you tell?):

Day 1: film(s)/general
Day 2: scene(s)
Day 3: kiss(es)
Day 4: colour(s)
Day 5: location(s)
Day 6: quote(s)
Day 7: creator’s free choice

You can of course swap out any of the themes for the given day or just post whatever you want anyway because, well, I definitely won’t be complaining about that. But hopefully this turns out well, and many of you join in and jump on my little bandwagon. Please tag your posts as #Willabeth and #WillabethWeek so everyone who wants to can find your work. Anything is welcome, from gifs to edits to videos to meta to, well, anything…

Happy sailing, shippers! 

ODD LOVE | tom holland

in which the reader is 7 years older than tom and she works on set of spider-man: homecoming as a makeup/costume coordinator and she’s assigned to tom and harrison (since he filled in for tom) and as they get closer, they fall for each other but they kind of ignore the feelings bc of the age gap


Y/n is a famous makeup/costume coordinator. Best known for fitting Grant Gustin into his Flash suit and Barry Allen’s clothes, Gal Gadot into her Wonder Woman suit, Tom Cruise into his outfits and fighting makeup and Jennifer Lawrence with her Katniss Everdeen attire.

And now, she was in charge of fitting the newest Marvel actor, Tom Holland, for his role as Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man.

She was most excited about this role, because she had been asked to play with the outfit a little more than the other ones.

‘Make it unique,’ they had told her, days before they were set to meet in Atlanta for Captain America:Civil War.

And that’s what she did. She changed the style, made it tighter and more fitted to the body. She added little details in the suit, alongside his new chest piece.

As soon as she had gotten to set, on the first day of Captain America: Civil War, she immediately headed over to the directos, turning in her finished costume before she headed off to makeup.

Every day the same routine, as it became a habit rather than a chore. Soon enough, it was time to leave, as filming was finished, and everyone had gathered at a cast crew’s house to watch the raw footage of the movie, where everyone would help pick out little things that didn’t go into the movie.

This was her favorite part. Everyone was at their most vulnerable, where they would not only joke around and bond, but they would also share a small part of their contribution. Everything that they put into a year be half of filming was coming together and they felt they were at their most vulnerable.

And then, it was over. She was back to making her own costumes to sell, until her manager had called her.

“Marvel called. They want you back to fit Tom Holland for Spider-Man: Homecoming.”

That’s how she came to be where she is now. Walking back to set in Atlanta, her jansport backpack sling over her shoulder, converse on her feet and her hair up in a loose ponytail.

Jon, the new director, had welcomed her, a smile on his face as he told her how much he admired her work and her costumes. “The costume details are perfect for this movie!”

They had handed her back the suit, asking her different questions about the details and how to incorporate them into the movie. It was simple. And then, it wasn’t.

“We are up for playing with anything at this point. So, hit us with some effects and anything you’d like to change about how it might look on screen.”

Her list was long, but it was worth it, because it was approved as soon as the words spilled from her lips.

“I was thinking, for the new spidey symbol on the front, we could do it so whenever he wants to take off the suit, he just pushes the button and it loosens from his body, making it like an oversized suit and it just slips off his body. And whenever he wants to put it on, he presses the button again and it instantly adjusts to his body.”

“That’s an awesome idea.”

“And we could have hidden spidey wings between the elbow and his ribs.”


The design was simple, and made for a good easter egg in the movie, since it would connect to the Disney XD show, Ultimate Spider-Man.

That’s how her first day went, talking to the directors, and meeting the new cast.

Some people she had been before, since she worked on the set of Captain America: Civil War, and others she met occasionally, when they were doing casting.

And then, came her time to see Tom Holland again.

Over the course of her job, she had developed feelings for the brunette boy, who was actually 7 years younger than her. Yet, during her time there, she had seen him grow into someone she never imagined. And he greeted her with a smile and a wave.

The smile that made her heart hurt.

She was 28. He was 21.

The age gap was huge.

She didn’t mind. He didn’t mind.

But they knew it wouldn’t work. The media would go crazy, the fans would call it “sexualizing” and “illegal”, when they were both adults.

She wanted to tell him. Tell him everything. But she ignored it, knowing it could ruin their careers.

She never expected for him to make the first move.

Especially, in front of everyone.

“Hey, y/n, you got a minute?”

Turning around at the sound of her name, she noticed Harrison standing there, a smile on his face as he waved.

“Hi Harrison. What’s up?”

“Uh, are you available this weekend?”

“Yeah, why?”

“Because I’m throwing a surprise party for Tom and we need some help. Also, because we wanted you to help design the cake.”

Did I forget to mention that she knew how to bake? Not only could she decorate like a professional, but she could also make the best chocolate coffee cake out of her whole family.

“Yeah, of course! Where is it gonna be?”

“Do you want me to text you the address? And we could meetup so I can help you with the cake.”


They exchanged phone numbers, as she smiled at him before Tom walked through the door.

“Hey guys. Y/n they told me to come in here for my makeup for scene 67.”

“Right! Sit and I’ll put it on.”

He sat in the chair, his phone in hand as he started to record the process, something he really liked to do. Her hands moved quickly as she brushed layers and layers of makeup, making him look dirty and beat up, a bruise on his cheek and a split lip.

“This looks amazing, mate!” Harrison exclaimed, a huge smile on his face as he watched her brush move over his lip, adding the finishing touches on masterpiece.

“It does! Thank you so much, y/n!” Without a second thought, Tom pulled her in for a hug, his arms around her waist as hers circled his shoulders.

They pulled away with a blush on their cheeks, as Tom, with another smile, walked out, Harrison behind him before he stopped, and turned to her.

“You know, he really likes you.”

The blush grew, as she smiled, looking at Harrison.


“Love, I can see it in his eyes.”

“But, I’m so much older than him. He could have anyone he wants his age.”

“Darling, do you have any idea how much he doesn’t care about the age gap? He is utterly in love with you.”

“I really like him too.”

“Then tell him.” Harrison then left without saying another word, leaving her with a lot to think about.


Y/n was packing up her things, as filming had ended for the day, and everyone was told to stay in their trailers. She had been putting away her makeup when she got a text message from Harrison.

‘Love, would you mind meeting me at Stage 6? To talk about Tom’s birthday surprise.’

She responded immediately, while grabbing her adidas jacket.

‘Course. I’ll be there in 5.’

Heading out, she headed straight for Stage 5, seeing the whole cast waiting as she entered.

Everyone looked at her, before making a passageway in the middle of the crowd, reaching Tom on the other end, who was waiting with roses in front of him.

A smile was on her lips, as she walked towards him. It almost seemed like a dream. Everyone watched the pair as they neared each other, before she had stopped, a couple inches from his body.

“These are for you.”

Handing her the roses, she smiled, before looking up at him.

“Y/n, I know it might seem weird, especially since I’m younger than you, but I really like you. I’ve liked you for a while and I didn’t want to wait anymore. I don’t care if others don’t approve of our relationship or if they find it inappropriate. I really don’t give two shits. I love you. I love you so damn much and I don’t care what others think. I only care about you.”

A smile was on her lips, as a tear slipped down her face. Tom wiped it from her cheeks, a smile on his face before she stood on her toes and pressed her lips to his.

Time seemed to stop, as they were only focused on the feeling of their lips against each other, smiles on their faces, and knowing, that this, was true love.

When they finally pulled apart, Tom was looking down at the girl of his dreams, a smile adorned his face as he took her in.

“Will you be my girlfriend?”

Without hesitating, she answered a simple word, that changed their whole lives.



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At the risk of being attacked by every tumblr who hates Disney’s Pocahontas because of the real life history behind it…
I just want to say from simply looking at it as a film, completely unrelated to the real life events linked to it, that it is probably one of my absolute favourite disney movies. It is just… so beautiful. Everything about it, the style, the colours, the MUSIC. It had me in awe as a child and it still does today. I get chills just listening to the film. The ending always makes me tear up, its the most bittersweet thing. I love it. She was my favourite disney princess growing up. I didnt have any actual women I looked up to in my real life, but I always thought she was so mature and compassionate and strong but totally adventurous. I wanted to be her. I still do, I admire the crap out of her.

I’ve watched (listened) to it 5 times today while working. And I just… love this movie so much.