5 stars hotel


1.      Throw a dart at a map and travel to wherever it lands
2.      Travel to Australia
3.      Travel to New Zealand
4.      Travel to America
5.      Travel to Paris
6.      Travel to New York
7.      Travel to London
8.      Travel to Rome
9.      Travel to Hawaii
10.  Travel to Norway
11.  Travel to The Philippines
12.  Travel to a deserted island
13.  Go to Disney Land Paris
14.  Go to Six Flags
15.  Go on a safari
16.  Visit Auschwitz
17.  Visit the museum in Cairo
18.  Walk on the great wall of China
19.  Be completely bilingual
20.  Be completely trilingual
21.  Cohabitate with a friend
22.  Buy my own dream house
23.  Buy my own dream car
24.  Buy my first horse
25.  Buy my second horse
26.  Breed my own foal
27.  Ride my horse on the beach
28.  Go on a vacation with my horse(s)
29.  Train my own foal
30.  Participate in a horse contest
31.  Go on a safari on horseback
32.  Ride a horse in a foreign country
33.  Get a dog of my own
34.  Have my own pack of dogs
35.  Get my driver’s licence
36.  Spend the night at the beach with a loved one
37.  Ride an elephant
38.  Have my hair short
39.  Attend a wedding for a whole day
40.  Stand front row at a concert
41.  Have a bonfire with friends at the beach
42.  See the Hollywood sign
43.  Get my first full-time job
44.  Run a marathon
45.  Ride the bullet train in Japan. (Shinkansen)
46.  Throw someone a surprise party
47.  Speak a foreign language (apart from English) and travel to that country
48.  Eat sushi in Japan
49.  Have kids
50.  Get a job that actually makes me happy
51.  Celebrate Christmas above the arctic circle
52.  Go to an airport and buy tickets for a random flight
53.  See the Northern lights
54.  See the Midnight Sun
55.  Visit the Northpole
56.  Visit the Southpole
57.  Climb to the top of a mountain higher than 5km.
58.  Go on a real cruise
59.  Go on a mini-cruise
60.  Get my braces off
61.  Work abroad
62.  Have an awesome picnic
63.  Swim with a dolphin
64.  Travel completely without destination, going wherever the roads take me
65.  Set foot on all 7 contents (2/7)
66.  Ride a hot air balloon
67.  Paint my hair a weird colour
68.  Go on a big trip with friends

69.  Learn how to play the piano
70.  Live in a big beautiful city of my own choice
71.  Take my mom on the vacation of her dreams
72.  Be able to do 100 push-ups
73.  Breed my own kittens
74.  Build a real treehouse
75.  Become vegan
76.  Float in the dead sea
77.  Stand with one foot on one side of the equator and with one on the other side
78.  Go bungee jumping
79.  Ride a limo
80.  Go skiing
81.  Ride a husky sled
82.  Meet a celebrity
83.  Get on a plane all by myself

84.  Get a lip piercing
85.  Get a stomach piercing
86.  Get an ear piercing
87.  Celebrate Halloween in America
88.  Have/Build my own horse stable
89.  See a real shipwreck
90.  Kiss beneath the mistletoe
91.  Give a kickass birthday party
92.  Graduate
93.  Get permanent make-up
94.  Jump off a cliff
95.  Wrap a snake around my neck
96.  Milk a cow
97.  See the Great Barrier Reef
98.  Go snorkelling
99.  Go on Yacht Week
100.  Dive in an aquarium with sharks
101.  Learn to surf
102.  Stand under a waterfall
103.  Have grandchildren
104.  Have my own fireplace
105.  Read the Bible
106.  Read the Koran
107.  Help an endangered or injured animal
108.  Write a song
109.  And play the piano with it
110.  Attend at least 20 festivals (1/20)
111.  Take a Mud Bath
112.  Stay in a 5-Star Hotel (just for once!)
113.  Drink milk from a Fresh Coconut
114.  Eat at a 5-Star Restaurant
115.  Eat Caviar
116.  Have at least 10 plants in my garden that are eatable
117.  Go to a Book Signing
118.  See a Volcano
119.  Stay in an Underwater Hotel
120.  Touch a Pyramid
121.  Visit as many of the United States as I can | 0/50
122.  Visit the Grand Canyon
123.  Visit the Niagra Falls | New York
124.  Swim at night in the sea
125.  Swim in icewater

126.  Read all the Harry Potter books
127.  Go on trip to at least 50 countries (13/50) 
128.  Visit 100 different countries (17/100) 
129.  See the statue of liberty
130.  Own a beach house
131.  Climb the Eiffel tower
132.  Do something special on Valentine’s day
133.  Go skydiving
134.  Go paragliding
135.  Climb a mountain
136.  Hike a mountain
137.  Get hair extensions
138.  See earth from space
139.  Experience weightlessness
140.  Visit the roman colosseum
141.  Go to at least 100 different concerts (11/100)
142.  Stay overnight in an icehotel (jukkasjärvi, Sweden)
143.  Spend the night in Finland, igloo village, kakslauttanen
144.  Spend the night in an overwater bungalow
145.  Watch the sunset over Ayers Rock
146.  Eat pizza in Italy
147.  Swim in every ocean | ¼
148.  Visit Mistic Falls (Covington, Georgia)
149.  Jump off a small waterfall
150.  Visit Harrods  
151.  Jump off a bridge (no, not like that!)
152.  Breath in helium and speak
153.  Write a letter to myself and open it in 10 years
154.  Finish 10 diaries (2/10)
155.  Write a book

Sooo, this is everything that’s on my bucketlist. As I said, I’m quite ambitious. xD I hope this inspires some of you! :)

dark!lance headcanons are always so melodramatic. season 4 episode concept: lotor kidnaps lance and it gives the rest of the paladins a chance to realise how important lance is to the team. they regret not appreciating him more, not telling him how much he meant while he was there, typical langst stuff, etc. keith is broken into pieces, hunk feels like he let his best friend down, every playful insult pidge ever directed at lance fills her with guilt, allura is shocked and ashamed that they lost another paladin, coran cries.

keith leads a rescue mission. Him and Hunk burst through the doors of his ‘cell’. It’s a 5 star hotel suite. lance has an aloe vera face mask on, cucumbers over his eyes, fluffy white bathrobe tied up. ezor and acxa are laid out beside him in a similar state. narti is painting their toenails. keith and hunk are just blinking in shock. zethrid was supposed to be guarding the doors but she ran out to grab mimosas.

prince lotor tried the intimidating british alien dictator thing on lance, threatened to kill everyone he loved and. lance told him his moisturiser was making his complexion look greasy. listen, the kid knows his skincare. the poor boy needed a day off anyway, he was an unappreciated wreck, he missed his mama, he was kidnapped by an evil space empire and his first reaction was finger guns. lance is such a fucking gossip he accidentally spills half the info lotor wanted on the lions to ezor anyway.

keith drags lance out by the scruff of his neck. hunk just awkwardly waves goodbye to the galra lady generals and shuts the doors to the ‘cell’. they can’t be bothered to follow, it’s ladies night. as they’re leaving lance starts screaming and kicking and begging them not to take him. suddenly hunk and keith are scared he’s been brainwashed or something.

he just wants to pick up some shampoo bottles from lotor’s bedroom please please keith it was so horrible and traumatising at least let him have this pleeeeeease??

(allura thinks that for someone held in galra captivity for six quintants, lance’s hair sure is glossy)


I am a high school drop out with severe depression and anxiety.
I’ve been trying to get a job for 4 months now so I can finally start to get my life rolling.

I shared this photo with my friend not even 2 days ago and now I start work at a 5 star hotel tomorrow morning.

I just thought maybe some people should know.

Know that like, some good can come out of life too.

Underneath the cut is a guide to WHAT BEING EXTREMELY WEALTHY IS LIKE. I did not write this. I saw this on reddit. It is cut into net worths. I just figured it would be helpful for some of you since rich characters are popular. This guide splits it up in an understandable way! Please like/reblog this guide if you found it helpful!

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Relentless | Calum Hood Series Pt.4

                                                Part F O U R 

Request: Being the cousin of Ashton Irwin was exciting, especially when invited to their tour to hang out with his best friends. You found yourself becoming fond of Calum Hood, who finds you annoying from your constant appearance. But what would happen if you stopped giving him that attention?

Word Count: 3k+

A/N: guys, im soooooo sorry that i posted this late! i was sleeping over at a family’s house and i forgot my laptop and couldn’t write part 4! but here it is so i really hope you guys like it! 

Parts: one, two, three, four, five, six, seveneight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty. [DONE]

                                                  I M A G I N E

Helsinki, 20:34 P.M. (same night as their landing night)

“Man, I am pooped!” Michael announced, belly flopping on one of the fluffy beds as everyone piled in one of the hotel rooms. 

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anonymous asked:

Just a PSA more and more asian women are going missing in western countries. A chinese woman was in France staying at a 5 star hotel and was called to the lobby at 3 am, she refused to go down and they ended up knocking on her door. She went down but also pulled her police on speed dial and made sure she had a way to get out. 2 men were downstairs and when she began to run back to the elevator they chased her. She is ok now, but theres a whole organization kidnapping asian women.

I’m glad she’s okay but what’s more frightening is that media coverage on human trafficking is lacking. Even when it’s covered, it’s rarely treated as a human rights issue (16%) instead, it’s treated more as a crime (54%). When an issue is treated more so as a crime, then solutions rely more on laws rather than help. Laws neither effectively nor directly address the problem.

If we go by the numbers provided, Asian women age 18 or older are the most trafficked group of people worldwide. So I believe you’re right in that there are entire organizations that kidnap Asian women (or attempt to). In addition, it’s not just organizations, it’s an entire industry.

Angry Asian Guy

Yongguk - Dangerously Innocent ♥ [Part 10]

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Member: B.A.P’s Bang Yongguk

Pairing: MafiaLeader!Yongguk &  You

Genre: This was hard to write. Poor Y/N


Words: 1,179

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Epilogue.

You wake up in a dark room that looks like a prison cell “This is so cliché” is the first thought that crosses your mind.  You left Yongguks side less than 24 hours ago and manage to get kidnapped. Just because you were stupid enough to follow a stranger to his car. Just to get Youngjae to tell Yongguk. Just so Yongguk realizes what he lost. And now you’re inside a dark room with no windows, your short dress –that actually was way too short, now that you look at it – is ripped and you’re freezing. “Sleeping beauty woke up. Hi there” A male voice says and footsteps walk over to the cell door.

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portugal’s song sounds like it’s being performed in a 5 star seaside hotel restaurant in the south of spain by an obscure lounge singer who was once an internationally renowned musician whose record sales went into decline because his old school romantic piano ballads are no longer appreciated in the modern age and it’s 11:38pm on a clear night with a full moon and palm trees swaying gently in the warm summer breeze with the distant sound of crashing waves in the background and the restaurant is quiet and mostly empty but there’s a glamorous woman in a fancy cocktail dress sitting alone at at a table and sipping her daiquiri looking heartbroken and staring wistfully out the window at the starlit sky above the dark expanse of the mediterranean and the singer is gazing at her longingly while crooning his heartfelt declarations of love and reminiscing about the childhood sweetheart he let go in order to pursue his dreams of fame and glory

Little Birdie

Pairing: Jughead Jones III (Riverdale) x Reader 
Words:  1,312 words
Warning(s): Swearing

The demolition of the Twilight devastated Jughead. Being the good friend Y/N is, she suggested to Jughead to spend the last night Twilight will be open with him. As much to his disarray that the fact Y/N, will finally see his temporary soon to be demolished home, he knew being alone that night isn’t the best idea for a murdurer on the loose. He agreed to the plan and little did she know that Jughead spent the whole day cleaning his small house and make it look decent enough for a sophisticated city girl like her.

The place was ready and all he needed to do was wait until she came. He checked every corner incase there was something embarrasing that needs hiding. Two loud knocks was heard, startling Jughead. He clumsily ran to the door, opening it with two bags in both hands. 

 “Hey Jug. Help me out here.” She chuckled. Jughead complied, placing the other two on his desk. 

“Why did you bring so much?” He asked. 

 “What’s a good movie night without some snacks. And plus, i’m staying for the night.” She replied, examining the whole place. Jughead got a hundred times more nervous with the plan, especially that it looked like she didn’t enjoy the place that much. 

 “Are you sure? It’s not a 5 star hotel like whatever you’re staying in.” He asks again. She looks over to him with a confused look on her face. 

 “Yes I’m sure. Y/N Lodge isn’t choosy, you know.” She chuckles, grabbing a sleeping bag and putting it on the floor. 

 “Now help me make the first and last movie night we will have in here the best one.” She smirked. Jughead chuckles with her, losing the tension in his shoulders. 

Hours passed and the whole place was trashed. Beer and snacks everywhere. The two got comfortable with each other and by the end of the movie, they snuggled up to each other. The movie credits were already rolling but Jughead noticed the Y/N didn’t move yet. He looked down to his chest and saw a sleeping Y/N, mouth partially opened and hair all over her face. Jughead chuckled softly at the girl before placing her hair away from her face and behind her ear. He tried waking her up by shaking her shoulder slightly but she protested by cutting him off with a shush. He slowly got up in their snuggling position and placed her on the floor. 

 “Y/N, you’ll be sleeping on the bed.” He suggests. But Y/N didn’t budge an inch. Jughead sighed before finally carrying her carefully and placed her on the bed. He smiled at the sight of Y/N sleeping peacefully on his bed. He kissed her on the forehead and slowly stood up. Before he could walk away, a hand grabbed his. 

 “Sleep with me. I mean, beside me.” Y/N sleepily, eyes still closed. When Jughead declined the offer, she groaned and pouted like a child. He chuckled and lied with her. She snuggled to his chest like a pillow. She snored softly. Jughead slept with a the wildest smile on his face 

 Y/N woke up on Jughead’s chest and to sleeping Jughead on her shoulder. Her eyes widen in shock, not remembering anything that happened after the movie. She looked under the blankets, praying that she was in her clothes. Thankfully she was. Her legs were entangled with his. Their bodies were entangled with each other but that was it. She sighed in relief, smiling at the precious after care Jughead provided her with. She placed a hand on the back of his neck and pulled him closer for a kiss on his forehead. 

 “Thank you.” She smiled. She puts her head on his chest to go back to sleep when something from outside flew in, landing between the two. 

 “Holy shit!” She yelled in shock. Jughead sat up, still sleepy and hair in a mess. He looked at Y/N who was hiding under the blanket. Laughing, he took the blanket exposing her. 

 “Why are you hiding?” He said, laughs in between and morning voice still evident. 

 “Because there’s a fucking bird in here. I think I saw-” she was cut by herself with a scream when the bird landed on her hair. She stood up and swat the bird on her. Jughead ran over to the door and opened it. The bird flew but didn’t go out, instead it flew in circles around the house. 

 “For fuck’s sake, get the fuck out of here.” Y/N yelled again, swatting the bird. Jughead was startled but the fact that Y/N Lodge, daughter of Hiram and Hermione Lodge, one of the most notorious buisnessmen in America, is afraid of a bird, just cracks him up. 

 “Calm down, Little Lodge. It’s a million times smaller than you.” He laughed again, earning an annoyed look from Y/N who is still swatting the bird away. 

“Shut up, Jones!” She spat back. Jughead opened the door wider then the bird finally flew out. Y/N, exhausted with the sudden workout, sat down on the bed breathing heavily. Jughead handed her a glass of water. 

 “Thanks, douchebag.” She grabbed the glass from him. Jughead sitting next to her, trying to contain the laugh from what just happened. 

 “It’s not your fault. I don’t expect Veronica to be teaching you how to handle bird situations.” He said, making Y/N roll her eyes. She drank the whole glass of water in one go. She took a deep breath and lets a laugh out as well. The two just laughed at the memory. Leaving an awkward silence after. 

 “About last night. I was pretty wasted after the movie and I can’t remember anything. Mind to elaborate for me?” She asked softly, the atmosphere suddenly going serious. 

 “Oh yeah um. You were knocked out so I offered you my bed. You didn’t respond so I just uh, carried you there. You then insisted that I sleep with you, no i mean beside you so I did.” He spat, with awkward pauses in between. He looked down to his feet with pink tinted cheeks. 

 “No it’s okay. I didn’t make you uncomfortable, did I?” She asked again, putting a hand on his shoulder. 

 “No not at all. Were you?” He said, still not looking at her. She grabbed his chin softly and tilted it to make him face her. 

 “Jug, it didn’t bother me. I actually think it’s sweet.” She smiled. Jughead opened his mouth, finding the right words to say but nothing came out. 

 “Do you want to say something?” She asks, concerned. Instead of an answer, Jughead grabbed her face and softly put his lips on hers. Her eyes widen in shock again like earlier but she responded with the kiss. Their lips were moving in perfect sync. She placed her arms around his neck so that they can get any closer if it was even possible at this point. Finally, Jughead kissed the girl he’s been crushing on for months now. Best fact is that she is too, and doesn’t seem like she wants to let go. The moment couldn’t get any more perfect, Jughead thought to himself. 

 “What the hell happened- Oh.” Veronica interrupted with Kevin, Archie and Betty beside her, startling the two and parted against each other. So much for a perfect moment. 

 “Baby Lodge and Darko? Together? Damn.” Kevin said. Both of you laughed, Jughead grabbing your hand and placing it in his. 

 “Little birdy tells me you have some explaining to do, Y/N.” Veronica smirked. 

“Screw that bird for telling.” Y/N joked. 

 “Yeah if it wasn’t for it, we wouldn’t be like this so better thank it really.” Jughead joked back. You laughed at each other. The whole scooby gang just looked at the two of you in confusion and why the hell are they laughing about a metaphor.

Carswell’s Guide to Deciding Whether to Date Cress


- Lunar. Some Lunars are okay.
- Lunar. (Can she live on my planet? I won’t live on that forsaken rock in the sky).
- Her dad thinks thought I didn’t deserve her
- I don’t deserve her
- A bit too noble for my lifestyle
- There’s so many other girls out there
- Haven’t kissed her yet
- We end up in really dangerous situations when we’re together.
- She is definitely not as lucky as I am.
- Lots of emotional baggage/trauma
- Very jealous of me with other girls
- Got herself kidnapped due to said jealousy
- Cries a lot (work on this)
- Crazy Hair.
- Very sheltered
- I’m falling in love with her


- Calls me Captain
- I remember her being cute.
- Shell. (Can’t manipulate me like Cinder)
- Can transfer money from fake accounts
- Could program a new ID chip for me
- Can take down palace security systems (banks too, I wonder?)
- Protected the Rampion/saved our lives
- She’ll treat my Rampion like a 5-star hotel compared to her satellite
- Thinks I’m dreamier than Kai
- She’s smarter than me. We’re both smart in different ways.
- She definitely likes my body
- She’s shorter than me. I can pick her up easily.
- Awkward Endearing.
- Very jealous of me with other girls
- Shy. (I can still be the center of attention)
- Easy to talk to
- Easy to please (just show her trees, sky, a potato, etc).
- Makes me feel like I have glamour just by looking at her
- I like hugging her.
- Makes me want to be a better person Maybe I can be a better person for her
- Thinks I’m a good kisser
- I liked kissing her too.
- Ready for romance even if I’m sweaty, itchy, and have bad breath
- At least Iko would probably approve of us
- Girl’s got a creative imagination. Could be useful later. (Wink, wink)
- Smart and sweet and unusual
- Likes Loves me despite everything I’ve done
- I can be her hero, baby
- Worth more than anyone could ever realize (!)

So It Comes to This

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A/N: Just a little ditty for wife. @impala-dreamer wasn’t feeling so hot this weekend, so she needs the Dean.

“You can’t be serious.”

“Babe. You can barely stand. If you would’ve listened to me earlier we wouldn’t be here.”

He was locking you in the dungeon. The freakin’ dungeon. If you didn’t feel so terrible, you would’ve kicked his ass.

“Dean, I-”

“Oh no. Nope. Don’t pull that you’ll just go lay down for a little bit and be just fine crap with me. Sam’s grabbing extra blankets for you. It’s dark in here, and quiet. Look! I even brought a bed in.”

He was making this seem like a tour of a 5-star hotel. Waving his hand around in some grand flourish. Again, if you didn’t feel so awful, you would’ve rolled your eyes at how ridiculous this all was.

“I will come check on you after a little bit. Meanwhile there’s a cooler here full of water. There’s some pop in there too in case a headache starts and you need the caffeine. I put some of the good pills on the bed.”

“I still think this is all wildly unnecessary, but it’s very sweet. Thank you.”

Dean pulled you in his arms and rubbed his hands up and down your back.

“We live a very strange life. ‘Thanks for locking me in our dungeon. I love you.’ You’re welcome though. This is just so you’ll actually rest. You think I didn’t notice you earlier sneaking out to throw a load of laundry in? Or yesterday when the “light reading” you had was a thirty pound lore book that coincidentally had to do with a case Sam’s working on? Or how I know for a fact you don’t have an appetite, but I found you in the kitchen? Shall I continue?”

“Fine. I fold. I didn’t think you’d notice I guess. Plus I have a lot to do, I need to help.”

Even with your concession, the list of things you needed to do was piling up in your head. There was still laundry, one of Sam’s favorite shirts had a tear by the pocket you promised to fix, you wanted to go to the store, on and on and on.

“Hey,” grabbing your attention, Dean brought his hands to your face. “Stop that. First of all I notice everything about you. Everything. You help by being you. Which you aren’t right now.


He kissed your forehead.


He kissed your nose.


Left cheek.


Right cheek.



By the time your lips parted all you fight was gone and Dean lead you to the bed. He gave you one more kiss and left.

Chauffeur’s daughter part 01

Summary: Based off the classic Audrey Hepburn film, Sabrina. A chauffeur’s daughter falls for the son of the wealthy Holland family.

Word count: 1.1k

Pairings: Harry Holland x reader, Tom Holland x reader (slow burn)

Warnings: A little old fashioned based on the source material


Once upon a time, some 12 miles south west of central London, there lived a small girl on a large estate.

The estate was very large indeed and had many servants. There were gardeners to take care of the gardens and a tree surgeon on retainer. There was a boatman to put the boats on the water in the spring and scrape their bottoms in the winter. There were specialists to take care of the grounds, the outdoor tennis court and the indoor tennis court, the outdoor swimming pool and the indoor swimming pool. And a man of no particular title took care of a small pool in the garden for a goldfish named George.

Also on the estate there was a chauffeur by the name of [y/l/n]. [y/l/n] was a fine chauffeur of considerable polish, like the eight cars in his care. And he had a daughter by the name of [y/f/n].

It was the eve of the annual boat race and, as had been traditional for many years, the Hollands were giving a party. It never rained on the night of the Holland party, the Hollands wouldn’t have stood for it.

There were 6 Hollands in total - father, mother and 4 sons. Dominic and Nikki Holland were married many years ago and among their wedding presents was a townhouse in central London and this estate for weekends. The townhouse has since been converted into a 5 star hotel.

Tom Holland, the eldest son, graduated from Oxford, where his classmates voted him most likely to earn a six figure salary within 5 years.

Next were the twins Harry and Sam. Sam had settled down with his high school sweetheart and moved away from home.

Harry went through several of the best universities in the country for short periods of time, and through several relationships for even shorter periods of time. He was now a successful filmmaker in his largely spare time.

Last was Paddy, the baby of the family. Paddy was studying history at Cambridge with a very promising future, as his parents were bound to tell you.

Life was pleasant among the Hollands, for this was as close to heaven as one could get in the London boroughs.

You finished polishing the Rolls Royce with your father, listening as the music of the party played on from the gardens. You longed to be a part of the throng, dancing to the mellow music with a glass of champagne in hand.

Once your duties were complete, you ran over and climbed a tree at the edge of the grounds. This was your favourite spot and you sat comfortably among the branches as you watched the indulgent scene in front of you.

Bright lights hung over the garden which was full of glamorous people, a full band played sweet music, waiters handed around canapés and cocktails. The men wore white tuxedos with bow ties while the women wore long, beautiful gowns.

Then you spotted him, Harry Holland. Your eye was trained on him as he maneuvered the crowd, exchanging broad smiled and quick words with the guests. To you there was no man more handsome, no man more charming than Harry Holland.

You watched as he danced closely with a woman. She had long, silky hair and a flowing white dress. You saw as his hand gripped her waist tightly. You saw as he leaned down to whisper gently in her ear. Whatever he said must have been very funny as she giggled mercilessly.

‘Come down from there, [y/f/n]. Come on’, your father called out to you. ‘You better finish your packing’.

‘Who’s that girl, dad, dancing with Harry?’

‘Her name is Gretchen Van Horn. Her father is on the board of directors at Chase National Bank’ he replied.

‘I hate girls that giggle all time’ you grumbled.

‘You hate every girl Harry looks at’.

Your father gave you a knowing look. ‘You can’t go on like this about Harry. You’ve got to get over it. It’s good that you’re going away, I only hope it’s far enough. Come along now’.

‘In a minute, dad. You go ahead, I’ll be up soon.’

Your father shook his head and retreated up to his room as you continued to watch the party and more specifically, Harry. He and his dance partner had separated briefly as she retreated into the gardens towards the indoor tennis court. Harry sauntered over to the bar, sliding two champagne flutes into his back pockets and picking up a fresh bottle before following in her direction.

As he passed underneath your tree, you slid down from your perch, startling him somewhat.

‘Oh it’s you, [y/f/n]’.

‘Hi Harry’.

‘I thought I heard somebody’, he smiled briefly at you before carrying on his way to the tennis court.

‘No, it’s nobody’ you said only to yourself as you watched him go, your heart heavy.

Despite yourself, you waited until he had turned the corner before following him and watched as he snuck quietly into the tennis court where Gretchen awaited him. You positioned yourself carefully at the window to observe what happened next.

‘Gretchen!’ He called out. ‘Up for a game of tennis? What’s this then, mixed singles?’ You rolled your eyes as that horrible giggle once again rang out.

‘I think it’s my serve’ Harry smiled as he poured out two generous glasses of champagne from the bottle.

The drinks were soon abandoned as the couple intertwined, you turned away, sliding down against the wall to sit on the ground. Why couldn’t it be you in there?

Eventually you gathered yourself and walked back to your room above the garage. As you approached the steps you caught sight of the elder brother, Tom. He could have been just as handsome as his brother, you thought, except that he was more interested in stocks and finances than romance. You’d never seen him so much as dance with a woman, or a man for that matter. Even now as the party went on, he appeared to be finishing up a business call, deep in conversation with some associate of his.

You walked up to your room and sighed as you were met by the half-packed suitcase laid out on the bed. You were due to travel to Paris tomorrow to go to cooking school, following in the footsteps of your late mother. Even as he evaded your affections, the thought of being away from Harry for a whole year filled your heart with sorrow.

As you lay in bed waiting for sleep, you listened to the music of the party as it carried on into the night. In your dreams you danced gracefully, Harry’s arms tight around your waist with your head rested on his shoulder.