5 star rated

i cant believe her name is hekapoo but i love her already

my fav type of dirkjohn is dirkjohn filled with like… absolutely juvenile, petty, pigtail pulling on the playground levels of bullshit an nonsense

dirk breaks into johns house just to eat his leftovers and to give 5 star ratings to softcore gay porn on john’s netflix account and screw up his recommendation algorithm

john uses his windy powers to get into dirk’s house undetected, and every day for three weeks systematically moves his furniture one quarter of an inch to the left

dirk takes to re-arranging all of the clothes in john’s dresser so he can never find the shirt he’s looking for

john leaves water balloons in dirk’s mailbox which don’t actually accomplish anything but rolling onto the pavement and bouncing away gently and dirk has to go pick them up like a dumbass because its technically littering

dirk leaves a single slice of brooklyn style pizza tucked snugly underneath john’s windshield wiper like a leaflet 

neither of them can explain why they’re doing this or what it accomplishes when prompted, and everyone around them is disgusted at their weirdass 6th grade level black-red flirting

I’m just about sick to death of seeing 3.5/5 star ratings on reviews that literally admit that the visuals are the only good thing about Dr Str•nge.

It’s hypocritical, it’s unfair to DC, it’s unfair to whatever fraction of the viewing audience that still takes reviews seriously, and last of all, it’s unfair to M•rvel.

I understand M•rvel makes product and not art so they don’t actually give a shit what people think of their movies as long as people see them, but directors are artists, and they deserve to know what’s wrong with their work. They deserve to know the problems in their film so they can fix and adapt for their future work. 

Because one day they’re gonna make a film without M•rvel’s disgraceful name at the front of it. They’re gonna make it the same way they made their marvel film, and it’s gonna get crucified. And they’re gonna feel cheated. I’m gonna feel cheated. Nobody’s gonna feel good about it except the smug pieces of shit giving a 7/10 to a Movie they admit isn’t any fucking good.

If you didn’t know why I hated M•rvel before, know that I hate them because I love films. For the same reason I love the comic, I love film because it’s a uniquely visual medium of storytelling and that’s such a beautiful thing; story through pictures, it’s the hallmark of the human race. So for “visuals” to be tarnished in such a way to be used as vague support for a bad film. It makes me…sad, sad in such a way that no more complicated of a word can explain it.


Ficlet: Patterns of Wanting

This came out of my tarot card fic prompt: (#5 The Star for Anonymous)

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Archive Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Category: F/F
Fandom: Supergirl (TV 2015)
Relationships: Kara Danvers & Cat GrantKara Danvers/Cat Grant
Additional Tags: First Kiss, Balcony Scene, Pre-Relationship, Not Actually Unrequited Love
Summary: Five months after Cat Grant left CatCo, Kara still hasn’t stopped wanting her. Small canon divergence after 2x02.

Thanks @kara-lesbihonest​ for your edits and encouragement.

Even now when she looked up at the sky, it was part of a familiar pattern of wanting. Something about those nights with Cat on the balcony had infused all future nights with longing, and now, when Kara looked upon the stars, she only saw Cat’s absence.

She’d promised that she’d be back, and Kara had believed her.

The first week had been hard but hope-tinged. Kara checked her phone breathlessly whenever it buzzed, and Alex, unable to bear the constant disappointment in her sister’s eyes, eventually showed Kara how to customize her alerts.

The second week, when Snapper’s brusque dismissal of an article Kara had been sure was good left her almost in tears, she’d ended up in front of Cat’s office. Kara hadn’t been to the 40th floor since Cat left and the ghost of her presence still lingered. The smell of the carpet, the familiar faces around her, even the way the sunlight hit the building from this angle reminded Kara of a time lost to her now. She wondered how many more weeks would have to pass before the space would feel right again.

For months, Kara missed Cat with a simple kind of longing that had become familiar to her. She’d worn grooves into the routine of missing Cat so that it was quite normal, for a time, to walk into Noonan’s in the morning, order a latte and spend the short walk back to CatCo believing she was going to place it in Cat’s hand.

She couldn’t remember what day or month it was when she stopped thinking of it as Cat’s latte and realized it was her own.

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Plasma Vial

I love working with Tritium!  It’s exotic and fits with the steampunk ethos and appeals to the mad scientist in me.  It’s estimated that Tritium will glow for 10 to 15 years.  It glows continuously and does not require “charging” from a light source like glow in the dark items.  It’s used in gun sights and watches.


Total of pendant section: 2 ½ inches long x 2 inches at the widest point.
Fixed drop chain: From the pendant to the clasp 11 inches long including clasp.

It is designed to be worn high on the body so there is enough room for the vial section to hang.  I can alter the chain if required.

Pink/orange tritium vial, glass test tube, brass end cap, brass beads, clock parts, mesh eyelet, triangular brass base, copper tone beads, copper tone “beehive” end caps, brass and silver tubing, brass spring, brass washer, copper cable chain, flat brass arc, copper rolo chain, copper bar connectors, brass pin.


horderlock  asked:

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Stupidity thy name is Goodreads Reviewers.

I heard there was a cover for Jennifer Niven’s new book so I logged into Goodreads which is basically my number 1 spot for book updates. I love Goodreads, but the fact that Holding Up the Universe has a 3.5 star rating when no one has ARCs and the book doesn’t come out until October, shows the ridiculous nature of people on Goodreads.

They keep saying the book is offensive. Really? Where’s your evidence? At what point during your read of the book did you have to step away cuz it was sooo offensive? Oh that’s right at no point because you haven’t read the book!! You have no idea what’s in there. You read a synopsis that was not written by the author, but instead a marketing team whose job it is to get you to talk about the book no matter what.

A lot of the “reviews” claim that All the Bright Places was offensive because it Romanticizes mental illness. Well, those ppl are all idiots. 1. They obviously have no idea what it means to romanticize something if ATBP is their example of it. 2. Lots of “in my family” type classifications for why the book is wrong. Really? The way your family deals with things is the only way something can be dealt with? I’ll be sure to tell my family that they are not acting up to the family parameters that you set up.

It will never cease to amaze me that the Goodreads reviewers can find so much wrong with a synopsis and pick up their politically correct flag, but Rainbow Rowell is completely racist and offensive in her portrayal of POC in Eleanor & Park and she is given a full pass and is on everyone’s must read list.

Hypocrite thy name is goodreads reviewers.

BTS as questions my friends ask
  • Hoseok: Are you more of an "AHHHHHHHH!!!" Person or an "NOOOOOOOO!!!" person?
  • Namjoon: Whats the difference between life and living?
  • Jin: If you could rate your meatloaf on a 1 to 5 star rating what would you give it?
  • Taehyung: Is gryffindor more of a dog name or a cat name?
  • Jimin: Why does this bubble remind me of how much I love you?
  • Jungkook: Guys, why are you hating on my shirts?
  • Yoongi: Why are you being a total dumbass?

I don’t know if it’s true or not but a customer just told me that Coop’s finally hit a 5 star rating on something called a TripAdvisor. I think that means I’ve got the best grub in town. 

I don’t know why I figured itunes would notify me when I got comments or ratings so I just FORGOT TO CHECK and we have two 5 star ratings holy shit?!?!