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Dining In The Clouds: Why yakumo saryo Is Tokyo’s Most Unforgettable Dining Experience

In an unexpected location deep inside residential Meguro lies the most unforgettable dining experience imaginable – forget Michelin, forget the World’s 50 Best – for this restaurant writer, it’s the discreet, understated otherworldliness of yakumo saryo that wins the race.

Tis Best Not To Discuss The Price of The Wine
At what was otherwise a pleasant dinner recently (in the sky in Toronto, Canada) an ill prepared waiter panicked when I asked him for a wine recommendation and he started to ask me about the price I wanted to pay for a bottle with my dinner. We all know you can't put a price on a great bottle of wine, but to get serious for a moment: I found it awkward and unnecessary to discuss such a matter in from of the rest of my party. Staff need to be trained properly to confidently discuss the wine cellar.   MY TIP: Ask me about region, pair it with my meal, and direct me to the price with your hand while pointing out suggestions on the wine list.