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you know when you’re born in a non-english speaking country bilingualism is kind of a default. we are taught english from a young age so when someone asks me what languages do i speak, i respond with “well croatian and english obv, but im studying french and russian too”. and that bothers me. because english is fucking hard. in my country bilingualism is default, trilingualism is expected, and people get impressed when you speak five fucking languages where as native english speakers are praised for learning one (1) foreign language. i get that english is a major global language and why it is taught, but it bothers me that even if i spoke 5 languages fluently it would be useless if i didnt speak perfect english. and along with that, all of my hard work that i put into my english is dismissed because english is expected of me.
rant over.

Pro revenge from a revenge pro.

(long story. TL;DR at the end)

If you think about it cynically, one of the functions of the police is to provide a sort of society-wide revenge service. Unfortunately for this sub, it’s usually kind of boring. When cops do take exceptional revenge, it’s usually unfortunate and icky, like a dirty beating in the no-camera areas of the copshop, or giving someone the silent-patrolman treatment during transport. Fortunately, most cop revenge isn’t dramatic - it’s procedural. You misbehave, we do the paperwork, and eventually some consequences happen, or not.

Sometimes, however, you get a chance to take a bit of vengeance that is (i hope) the very definition of professional.

For a time, I was a small-town Canadian cop, working in $hicksville, $province. Several years before I came to work in the town, there was an event which entered town legend (and made national news - the funny little throwaway story they go to just before the end of the broadcast). Some kids committed an act of spectacular and iconic vandalism, and cost the town quite a bit of money. They were all caught, tried and sentenced to probation terms with restitution. I would love to provide details, but anything more would be immediately identifying.

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SnowBaz au/headcanon where Simon is deaf and Baz learns ASL so he can talk to Simon and they eventually become (more than?) friends

lmao okay you gonna make me cry while writing this. 

- Baz was a smart bloke, always ready for class and always participating, he’s sharp as a knife and teachers love his remarks; but his all time favorite thing to study are languages. 

- He was raised as a bilingual kid, but later in life moved to another country, needing to learn another, complete foreign to him, language. That is when he realized his passion.

- By the age of fifteen he already spoke 5 languages and was now learning Latin, he had all the teachers impressed, and even the jocks of the school asked him to teach them new curse words (which Baz being Baz, he of course provided them with). 

- When Baz comes in to class after a few weeks, he sees a new student, all bronze messy locks, sitting next to his unassigned assigned spot. He’s ready a book about physics, and Baz can already tell that he can get used to this cute boy.

- Baz puts his bag down and sits next to the boy, he says hello but it seems like the boy just ignores him, so he taps his shoulder, and when the boy looks up at him with his blue eyes, Baz knows he’s a goner. 

- Baz says hi introducing himself, but he notices that the boy isn’t looking directly at him but at his lips, and when he introduces himself with a weird lisp using hand moments Baz realizes, he’s deaf. 

- However that does not stop Baz. 

- He starts writing Simon notes and texting him, sometimes directly talking to him but not much as Simon revealed that he’s kind of bad at reading lips. 

- It was about 2am on a friday when Baz realized that he was falling in love with Simon Snow, he realized that as they were watching a movie together (yellow subtitles for snow), limbs tangled (???) under the blanket, and Baz ran his hands though Simon’s hair.

- When Simon fell asleep Baz took out his phone, he knew what language he wants to study next. 

- At first Simon didn’t notice anything about Baz, but as the days moved on Si started noticing all the different hand movements that Baz started using, even when he just gave Si a note. 

- It was one of those nights again when Baz nudged Simon’s shoulder, and he looked up at him. Baz sat him up and looked him in the eye smiling as he signed “I Love You” to Simon, and Baz swore that Si lit up brighter than a Christmas tree as he saw that, he smiled so wide and it seemed like he was about to cry, as he threw himself into Baz’s embrace. 

- Baz was still learning but in a few weeks they talked in ASL, and as they lay down in the grass on a spring day, the flowers from the near by blossoming cherry tree flying in the wind, Simon turns to Baz, and decides to do something he was thinking about even before the night Baz told him he loved him. (hE FUCKING PUNCHED HIM jk)

- Baz looks at Simon, and Si’s cheeks are so red, but Simon closes his eyes and he kisses the boy laying next to him, and as he disconnects Baz just smiles and signs “Can we do this more often?” to which Simon happily nods. 


send me more prompts and stuff i love writing (i do mostly snowbaz, phan, joshler, destiel, otayuri and viktuuri) 

A push in the right direction.

Pairing: Jungkook x reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: You and Jungkook had been friends years but both of you were beginning to develop feelings for one another and the others noticed and since you both weren’t going to do anything they would have to take matters into their own hands.

(Credit to Original owner of gif)

You stared at your phone in shock and you couldn’t seem to get your fingers to move. Taehyung was sitting next to you with the most smug expression on his face. He had just stolen your phone and texted your best friend slash your crush that you liked him. That had been about 1 minute ago and you couldn’t decide whether to kill Taehyung or try text Jungkook. The three dots on the screen that indicated Jungkook was replying sent you into action and you suddenly starting to type apologies and telling him it was Taehyung before he had the chance to humiliate you by rejection.

 As soon as you had sent your many texts at once you grabbed Taehyung by the hoodie who has decided he was going to try escape “you needed my help! You weren’t going to do it!” He cried as you punched him and neglected your phone. 

 You were so occupied with lightly punching with Taehyung you didn’t see Jungkook calling you “I didn’t need help! He didn’t need to know!” You shouted, tears threatening to spill. 

 You weren’t angry or sad you were just humiliated and scared. You knew Jungkook wouldn’t believe that it was Taehyung who sent the texts. Taehyung managed to pry you off and pin your hands down and looked up after hearing your phone buzzing and held your hands with one of his own. He grabbed your phone with the other hand and answered the call “ah Kookie! Y/N is a bit stuck right now so we are just at the dance room.” He said and hung up not letting Jungkook getting a word in. 

 You stared at him, tears tickling your cheeks and Taehyung looked down at your, his boxy smile slipping from his face as he saw that you were actually quite upset “hey you don’t need to worry, he likes you too.” He said pulling you up off the floor and into a hug.

 You both hugged for a bit longer before hearing footsteps making their way down the hallway and Taehyung got up to hide from a possibly grumpy Kook. You stood up as well and couldn’t bring your eyes to meet his face as he entered the room, you could see his feet stop in front of the door and you wished he wouldn’t be so quiet, you wished he would yell at you and get it over and done with. But there were no harsh words as he quietly and slowly made his way towards you “is it true?” He asked with hesitancy in his voice.

You decided you couldn’t keep him in the dark any longer and nodded ever so slightly you followed the nod with an “I’m sorry,” Before slipping past the shocked boy and out the door. You made your way down the hall and Namjoon came out of the office at the same time and saw you looking flushed “did he finally confess?” He asked and you glanced up at him.

 He clicked “oh you told him, he’s probably processing just wait 5 seconds.” He spoke as you tried to wiggle past him. He wrapped one arm around your shoulder and lifted his other hand to start counting And he got to five and Jungkook burst out the room “wait Y/N!” He called and had to skid to a stop when he saw you standing in front of him. 

 Namjoon gave your shoulder a playful pinch before disappearing to give you privacy. “Jungkook I’m just so sor-” he cut you off by pulling you into a tight hug and smiled softly. “Not a day has gone by that I haven’t thought about you telling me, dreamed about it, only to wake up and realize that’s all it was going to be, until now.” He spoke softly and stroked your hair as you took in everything he said. 

 You looked up and moved slightly away when you noticed how close you both were “don’t say this just because you pity me.” You warned, tears threatening to spill over once more. 

 He gave you a toothy smile “I would never lie to you,” He promised and kissed your head, a small action but he had been doing it all throughout your friendship. However now, this kiss held something different and even the thought brought a faint blush to your cheeks as you pulled him back into a tight hug. “Does this mean we can like start dating?” He asked tentatively. 

 You nodded against his chest so you couldn’t see the wide smile that spread across his cheeks as he hugged you tighter while Namjoon finally came out of his hiding spot which happened to be the closet as he had wanted to get away from the lovey dovey stuff as soon as possible. Jungkook went to question the leaders actions before being met with a knowing glare and Jungkook just chuckled and looked at the top of your head and realized in that moment that even if It was Tae that initiated it he fit here in your arms and he couldn’t be more happy.Chat  


I didn’t get the chance to edit this so I hope you guys forgive me and enjoy this story and please don’t forget to send in requests!!

[Power Rangers] Lost in Translation

“So one thing I don’t get.” Billy comments as they’re getting to leave the ship after another day of training to keep sharp. “Is that the Zords are supposed to be like an extention of us, especially in the suits.”

“Correct.” Alpha 5 nods.

“Except that when we were in the Zords, and got the Neural Link going, it was like they were trying to tell us stuff, but all I could do was button smash.”

“Yeah.” Jason nods, looking thoughtful. “I had a neural link with my Zord, but it was like there was like this weird disconnect between us.” 

“Same.” Kimberly agrees. “I could fly, but… Trying to aim? Half the time I couldn’t hit what I was aiming at, even while looking straight at it.”

“Ditto.” Zack raises his hand, then grins. “Minus the flying part.”

Trini just rolls her eyes at Zack, then nods, silently acknowledging she’d had the same problem too.

“I’ll look into it.” Alpha 5 promises. If the Rangers weren’t connecting with their Zords properly, it could create bigger problems later on. “They’ve been asleep for 10,000 years, they may just need a little maintenance.”

“Well, if you need help, let us know.” Jason inclines his head, then leaps upwards through the water, heading back to the surface. Alpha watches them go, then walks back to the control room, his head bowed in thought.

Zordon watched silently from the wall for a while, thankfully allowing Alpha their calculations. The Zords for the most part were self maintaining, and capable of self healing. However, they were still machines, and like Alpha 5, had their own quirks and foibles.

“Zordon?” Alpha 5 finally spoke up, startling the former Ranger in the wall.


“-I think I may have forgotten to install the language pack in the Zords.”


(saw the movie with my little bro, Sean today. A++ on the characters, but the pacing and editing just draaaagged. This was Sean’s explanation for why they Rangers had so many problems piloting the Zords.)


5 times Nicki Minaj spoke the fierce, feminist truth 

Last night, by assuming Nicki Minaj was pitting “women against each other,” Swift not only expressed a narrow understanding of feminism — but also obscured the many feminist statements Minaj has made previously. From objectification to reproductive rights to racism, Minaj has vocally supported female empowerment in the media since the beginning of her career.


Taehyung x Fan (Tae POV)

    ✧ short imagine

    ✧ I was feeling cheesy.

The countdown in my headset began as the last movement of our choreography was complete, my breath was so heavy but yet the applause was louder. 

5.” The voice spoke up, my eyes wandering through the crowd trying to catch her eyes one more time. 

4.” I squinted, seeing her radiant smile in the third – no; the fifth row. 

3.” She tilted her head carefully, turning around, finally noticing that my eyes were glued onto her figure.

2.” Her lips were now agape, as I traced my tongue over my own; wondering if her lips were as delicate as they looked from afar. 

1.” Anxiety overcame me, I looked at her with much more concentration now, trying to remember every detail I could read off her face.

Sorry.” I mouthed before the lights turned off and I deeply was. 

But I swear I saw her eyes glisten even in the scary darkness that was surrounding me …

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Hey if you're still taking prompts how bout one where kim saves amanda without her armor because the putties were too close to wait? You can finish it how you like.

Ok this has been in my word docs for like a whole week. I was waiting to edit it but I still haven’t gotten around to it so I might as well just post it.


Shit. That way all Kim could think. Too fast to change. Too slow to stop. She and Amanda had their differences. And similarities. Kim understood why Amanda hated her now. Not just because of the nudes, though those did help seal the deal. It was because when Kimberly came out as bi to her parents they accepted her. Amanda’s didn’t. They told her it was a phase and she was just confused.

Kim thought through her options at a lightning quick speed. She could change right here and now in the school parking lot. The problem was there were about 20 other people here too. She could run around to the side of the building but putties would block her path so that would do no good.

As the putties advanced closer to Amanda the other students began to quickly leave. Soon enough it was just her, Amanda and the putties. Turning to run to the side of the building, Kimberly was stopped by a piercing scream. She debated through the options again before making her choice.

She couldn’t leave her first kiss defenseless.

Kim sprung into action. Grabbing one from behind before throwing it to the ground. After a quick look over to Amanda, Kim returned her focus to the battle in front of her. She blocked a punch before ripping the monsters arm from its body. Using the newly acquired ‘weapon’ to attack what was left over of the putty before moving to the next. And then the next. And then the next. Till all that was left was in the empty parking lot was her, Amanda, and the rubble of the defeated monsters.

Neither girl knew what to say. Kim didn’t know what to ask. Does she ask her if she’s alright? Amanda could easily have many questions about why and how. But she just stood there. Eyes on the carnage around them.

“So, I guess that explains you and your band of misfits?..” Amanda said after she was finally able to tear her eyes away from the sacred rocks.

“What do you mean?”

“Oh come on Kimmy. The 5 of you didn’t start hanging out till the rangers showed up. You just took out 15 of those rock things all by yourself. And I saw 3 police officers struggling with one during the invasion so you can’t just say you know how to fight. Not to mention your fighting style. I’ve watched the videos explaining each rangers fighting style and yours in quite similar to the pink ranger.” Amanda walked to her car door as Kim stood speechless.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” The ranger finally got her voice to work after a moment. “I’m not one of those rangers.”

“Sure you’re not. And I’m not bi. We both have thing we have to hide. I get it.” Her engine turned over before her tires fought the large rocks to reverse out of the parking space.

“And I’m not expert in this ranger business thing that you’re not a part of…” Amanda’s voice dripped with sarcasm as she continued on. “ But you may want to tell them that 5 teens who never spoke before they showed up and now each of them wears 1 main color isn’t helping them stay hidden. And maybe tell them that walking in the hall 5 abreast in the same order doesn’t help either.” Amanda started to roll up her window before stopping. “One more thing Hart. Just ask her out. I’ve seen how you look at her, and more importantly how she looks at you. Just cause I can’t be happy, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t either. And don’t worry. I’m not the kind of person to spread things like rumors or photos around…” Amanda left Kim in the picked up dust as she drove away.

xxx Later that night in a group message xxx

Not the Power Rangers

**Kimmy** Guys we need to be more secretive with our ranger identities. We’ve all started wearing ‘our’ colors and people may notice….

**Mama’s Boy** what brought this up

**The Small Gay** shut up zach she has a point

**Billy** That’s a great idea Kim! People may assume something cause we only started hanging out after we found the morphers.

**He’s In Charge?** Kim’s right guy. Especially about 'our’ colors. Maybe once a week we can have them primarily on but other than that we should try to act normally.

**Mama’s Boy** well I wore black before so I’m good Trini though you’ve gotta tone the yellow down

**The Small Gay** well not all of us got blessed with a dark color morpher

**Billy** I like my morpher color.

**Kimmy** I like mine too Billy. I wonder if any other morphers are out there?..

**He’s In Charge?** Wall dad and Alpha haven’t said anything about any others. But they also didn’t say anything about our weapons….

**Billy** Who knows! We could get other rangers someday!

**Mama’s Boy** I hope it’s a girl I’m feeling left out on team romances

**The Small Gay** don’t get you’re hopes up zach

**Mama’s Boy** *your

**The Small Gay** fight me

**Mama’s Boy** will do how’s Saturday work

**He’s In Charge?** Guys stop fighting. We have practice so you’ll get you’re chance.

**Mama’s Boy** *your

**He’s In Charge** Ok now we’re fighting. Trini you can fight him after me.

Ok. Wonder woman. So.
1. The amazing wonderful beautiful strong independent amazons
2. Diana
3. The ship
4. My cinnamonroll men, Sammy, Charlie and chief
6. The emotions
7. The special effects
8. Diana
9. No spoilers, but THE END OH MY LORDS
10. Did I mention Diana?

My man Scottie payed another visit to Steve Holcomb at Pro Auto Custom Interiors to film this 1958 Chevrolet truck project that is till in progress, but already looks awesome. The Light Grey and Black paint scheme looks really cool accented with a little Red and the 5-spoke wheels wrapped in low profile tires gives it the right stance. This ‘58 Chevy Pick Up Is Build For The Streets! As usual…

Because I’ve had it with certain stans and their QITN headcanon

Here’s how hiding stuff from your allies doesn’t get you anything:

Episodes 1-2: Sansa runs off from Ramsay with the help of Theon. She gets rescued by Brienne of Tarth from Bolton soldiers. Sansa is on her way to The Wall with Brienne and Pod. Theon leaves to return to the Iron Islands.

Episode 4: Sansa is escorted by Brienne and Pod to The Wall, where she is reunited with Jon Snow. She demands that he win back her birthright to Winterfell by fighting with the wildlings whose lives Jon saved and who are not obligated to risk their own lives for Sansa’s revenge. Jon is suffering from PTSD as a result of his stabbing and resurrection, which is ignored.

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64 Floors


Summary: A chance encounter can change your life and no one knows that better than you. With 64 floors to go before the interview of you life, a lot can happen. But you’ve always been stubborn and nothing is going to get in the way of you and success. 

A/N: I know CEO!Luke is becoming a cliche concept, but I decided to jump on the bandwagon. I hope you guys like it because I’m really excited about this. I’m hoping to turn it into a bigger series, so please keep requesting so I know you’re all interested! Thanks for reading!

~Approx. 3.3k words~

~Warnings: Smut~


It was the opportunity of a lifetime. Today was the day you finally had the chance to make something of yourself in the world and to say you were excited would be a huge understatement. You had just graduated college and as a business major, having an interview at Hemmings and Co. was in fact the opportunity of a lifetime. You had everything about the day planned, all the way down to the high heels that tapped on the pavement and the black pencil skirt that clung to your body as you walked down the crowded streets of the big city. To prepare, you had researched possible interview questions and made sure you had the perfect answer to each of them, and even now you rehearsed them in your head as you approached the ominous black skyscraper of a  building that you hoped you would be spending the next few years of your life in.

You took a deep breath as you opened the doors that led into the grand lobby. You were fifteen minutes early. Just enough time to become familiar enough with your surroundings to placate your nerves.

“This is it. I can do this.” You breathed as you crossed the lobby, your stilettos clacking on the marble floor. You hated wearing high heels, but if you wanted a job as professional as this one, you had to look the part and that meant uncomfortable, sky high and quite expensive, heels for eight hours a day. That is, if you got the job.

You made your way to the chamber of elevators and pressed the up button, your heart racing as you waited to be taken the sixty four floors up to where your interview with the big man himself would be taking place. You were hoping to be the personal secretary to the Mr. Hemmings and if everything went according to plan you would work your way up the success ladder until you were right there at the top. Of course you were starting small, but there was nothing a little hard work couldn’t do.

The chirpy ding of the elevator brought a smile to your face as you stepped inside the chic elevator. Thankfully you were alone, which gave you the opportunity to take a moment to psych yourself up once again before you had to meet the CEO of the company. Two of the elevator walls were mirrors and so as the doors closed you took a moment to check yourself out, making sure to smooth any wrinkles present on your silk blouse and check and re check if there was any lipstick on your teeth. You could feel your nerves resurfacing as the elevator took you further up. Floor 44…45…46…47…

All of a sudden, it came to a slow stop and the elevator doors slid open to reveal an extremely handsome man waiting in the foyer. He was tall, really tall, clad in an expensive looking silver suit that told you he must be someone at least a little bit important. He held an iphone to his ear, checking his rolex in exasperation as he joined you in the elevator and pressed the same button that you had upon entering, too distracted to realize that it was already lit up.

“They’ll be finished tomorrow. Yes. It starts in how long? Shit okay, I’m in the elevator now I’ll be there in 5.” He spoke curtly into the phone before abruptly hanging up and tucking it back into his pocket.

As if suddenly realizing he was not alone in the elevator, he looked over at you and you met his eyes. They were hypnotically blue, the kind you read about in poetry and novels that have you thinking about them days afterward. He gave you a small smile which you politely returned before continuing the silent ride upwards.

Suddenly the elevator lights began to flicker before it lurched to a dead stop, your arm reaching out and grasping the wall to stop yourself from toppling over.

“Oh my god.” You squeaked as panic began to rise inside your gut. Your interview was in just over ten minutes and you could not afford to be late just because the stupid elevator had decided to shut down. “No, no, no, no!” You breathed, as you reached out to frantically press the button to floor 64 as if somehow that would make the damn thing work again.

“Are you okay?” The man asked tentatively as he watched you panic inside the small space.

“I have to be on the 64th floor in five minutes!” You gasped, unable to believe your luck had turned this far south. You had prepared for everything that could possibly go wrong, but this? This was not something you saw coming.

“Well, so do I.” He sighed, running a hand through his blonde hair. “But I guess we’re stuck here for now.” He chuckled, leaning against the mirrored wall as he accepted his fate.

“I can’t be stuck here! I have to be up there!” You yelled. “Oh god this cannot be happening.” You pinched the bridge of your nose in concentration, as if to will the elevator to come back to life and take you where you needed to go.

“Hey, hey, hey.” The man walked over to you and placed a hand on your shoulder. “You’ll be fine. Just calm down.’

“Do not tell me to calm down!” You snapped, but your harsh tone didn’t seem to bother him.

“I’m sure the tech team is figuring something out as we speak. We’ll be okay. You’ll be okay.” He brushed a piece of hair from your face and you looked up at him, meeting his eyes again. For some reason, they calmed you down and so you took a deep breath and leaned back into the wall.

“This day was supposed to go perfectly.” You laughed, suddenly finding the humor in the situation now that you had actually calmed down.

“Well that’s the thing about perfect days. They somehow always get corrupted.” He looked at you with a cheeky grin and you tried to fight a blush from racing to your cheeks, laughing to disguise the nerves bubbling in the pit of your stomach that had suddenly appeared as you stared at the attractive man smiling at you no further than one pace away .

“I’m Y/N.” You stuck out your hand for him to shake, hoping that maybe a little small talk would take your mind off the job that was probably slipping through your fingers with each passing moment.

“Luke.” He took your hand in his, letting it linger for a moment before it fell to the side. “You look like you’re somebody’s assistant, so why haven’t I met you yet?” He asked playfully.

You thought about what exactly you should tell him for a moment before answering, “I’m, uh, new.”

“Well glad to have you here with us Y/N.” He smiled, taking his bottom lip between his teeth.

“So what do you do here?”

He scratched the back of his neck, hesitating before he answered you. “I handle the finances here.” He spoke slowly, like he was trying to decide just how much information to give you.

“Sounds difficult. I’m sure it’s not easy to manage all the money in a place like this. I mean, this is one of the greatest corporations in the world. Unless you’re a math guy, then I’m sure it’s pretty easy.” You gushed, the previous excitement of being so close to your dream job rushing back in.

Luke raised his eyebrows, “You think this is one of the greatest corporations in the world?”

“I know it is.” You assured him before reaching down and taking off your heels. Do you mind if I take these things off? I figure we’re going to be here awhile and they’re like death traps.”

“Be my guest.”

“Oh thank god.” You hummed as you removed your stilettos and sank down to the floor. “Feels good to be off my feet.”

“Mind if I join you?” He asked, a small smile tugging at the corner of his pink lips.

“Be my guest.”

He dropped down onto the ground next to you, his legs sticking straight out. “I honestly can’t remember the last time I sat on the floor.” He admitted.

“I can’t either. But it feels really good.”

“Yeah. Really good.”


It had been an hour and a half since you and Luke had found yourselves stuck in the elevator of the large office building and since you had been telling stories, jokes, and learning more about the other than you ever thought possible. You felt more carefree with him in this elevator than you had with anyone else in a long time.

“How does someone lock their keys in their car twice in one day?” He laughed as you told him the story of when you got your driver’s permit.

“I guess I’m just that talented.” His laugh was heavenly and you could listen to it all day.

“Okay, okay, worst first date story.” He asked between breaths. Instinctively, he took your hand in his, wiggling his fingers between yours. He was comfortable with you and that wasn’t something he could say about many others in his life.

“It was sophomore year of college and he started it by asking what my fetishes were. Told me he needed someone who could ‘keep up’ with him. Needless to say he didn’t hear back from me.” You laughed along with him, adjusting his blazer that he had placed over your legs to keep them covered. You liked him. In fact you liked him alot and maybe if you were lucky, he liked you just enough to make this day perfect again.

“It was a shame he couldn’t guess my kink though.” You smiled slyly, looking up at him from under your eyelashes. The chemistry between you two was obvious as he stared down at you, his expression curious and playful.


“Yeah. I have a thing for sex with guys in elevators. Really turns me on.” You bit your lip and you saw his eyes go dark with lust.

“Is that so?.” His voice was raspy as he stared back at you, his face slowly getting closer and closer to yours and he leaned down. “I’m sure we could make that happen.”

His lips met yours softly at first, his hand moving to cup your cheek and pull you into him to deepen the kiss. In one swift move he stood up from the floor and pulled you with him before pinning you to the wall of the elevator, his hands at your waist. You could see yourself in the opposite mirror, your body covered by his as he kissed down your neck, his tongue poking out to leave little wet spots as he made his trail. His fingers began to unbutton your blouse, working magic as he managed to undo every last one, exposing your lacy, black bra to him. You shifted your hands from his chest down to his belt, fiddling with the loop and undoing it before moving on to his zipper and dragging it downwards.

“Mmm, you’re a greedy little thing aren’t you?” He chuckled as he kissed up your jawline and moved back to your lips.

“What can I say.” You spoke between kisses. “I know what I want.” You reached into his pants and took hold of his semi-hard on and you felt a shudder pass through his body as you slowly moved your hand up and down until he was fully hard in your hand.

His hands moved down to the hem of your skirt, lifting it up so he could caress the backs of your thighs. One of his hands reached up to drag your matching panties down your legs and discarded them on the floor.

“Jump.” He mumbled into your skin as he lifted you up, your skirt hiking up so that it rested around your hips and your glistening heat was exposed. “There you go babe.” He captured your lips once again, slipping his tongue into your mouth. You could feel the erect tip of his dick at your entrance, waiting to fill you up. “Are you ready baby?” He breathed on your lips, his forehead resting on yours and piercing blue eyes staring into your own with a mix of pure lust and intensity.

You nodded your head, giving him the permission he needed as you kissed him again. He began slowly, sliding inside of you until he was completely buried inside of you, taking all of him in as he groaned in pleasure at the feeling of your wetness coating his shaft. He moved in and out of you, picking up the pace until his cock was slamming into you and your body was shaking and your back was hitting up against the wall in a rough rhythm. You looked across so you could see yourself in the mirror, wrapping your legs around him and holding onto him for dear life as you watched him pound relentlessly into you. You clenched your walls around him, making him moan out loud in pure pleasure.

“So good princess. So tight and wet for me.” He rasped, gripping your thighs harder as he thrusted his hips to get a better angle. At this new angle, he hit your g-spot perfectly each time he slammed into you and you could feel yourself moving closer to your climax, your body teetering on the fence of an orgasmic release.

You moaned out his name as he delivered the final thrust that brought you over the blissful edge. He came just after, growling your name in your ear in a way that sounded hungry and desperate for more of you, clutching onto you like you were his last thread connecting him to reality.

His head was spinning as he let go of you slowly, letting your feet touch back down on the ground as he placed another kiss on your lips.

“That was amazing. You’re amazing.” He beamed, placing small kisses on your forehead, your cheeks and your nose as you giggled. “When can I see you aga-”

A sudden jolt interrupted him as the elevator began moving again, back towards the real world.

“Shit, I need to get dressed.” You exclaimed as you buttoned up your blouse and retrieved your panties from the ground, readjusting your outfit until you looked professional again.

“Right uh, me too.” He chuckled, zipping his pants back up, throwing on his blazer, and straightening his tie before fixing his hair in the mirror. “But really Y/N, I want to see you again.” He said seriously, taking your hand in his. But you took your hand back, biting your lip tentatively.

“Listen, Luke, I really need to focus on this job and what it’s going to mean for me. I’ve waited my whole life to begin working my way up this ladder until maybe someday it’s my name on one of these buildings. And I know that sounds silly from someone who’s just just starting out here but I can’t afford any distractions.” You told him, watching as his face fell.

“But I’m-”

“A really good guy I’m sure, but I need this job to mean something and that means no dating right now.”

“Okay. I get it.” He nodded just as the elevator dinged, signaling that you had finally made it to the sixty fourth floor.

“Good. Then I’ll see you around!” You smiled at him before walking up to the front desk. Luke walked in the opposite direction as you went to sign in with the receptionist.

“Hi, my name’s Y/N Y/L and I’m here for the interview with Mr. Hemmings. I know I’m late, but the elevator was jammed and I was stuck for two hours and-”

“Well luckily for you Miss.Y/L, Mr. Hemmings is also running two hours late today and he will be with you shortly.” The receptionist replied, not even looking up from her computer screen.

“Thank you so much! Should I just wait over here?” You gestured to the posh lounge area.

“Wait wherever you want I’ll call your name when he’s ready for you.”

“Okay, great!” You gushed, trying not to sound too excited as you went to sit on the white leather couch.

You were only waiting for around fifteen minutes before the receptionist called out your name and instructed you towards Mr. Hemmings’ office at the end of the hall.

You stood in front of the mahogany double doors with his name in gold on the front, the name of your future boss, and knocked.

“Come in.” His voice was curt and you could tell he would be tough on you, but you could take it. You would take it, for this job. You turned the brass handle and walked inside.

“Mr. Hemmings it’s so good to finally meet you, I-” You stopped speaking. His back was to you as he stared out at the New York skyline but after staring at that same back in the elevator mirror merely twenty minutes prior, you would recognize it anywhere. “Luke?”

He turned around at the sound of your voice, his eyes wide to match yours.

“Oh my god.”

“Oh my god!” You echoed. “You’re Mr. Hemmings? Luke Hemmings, you’re the CEO of Hemmings and Co?” You were panicking again. “And you’re the guy I fucked in the broken elevator. Jesus Christ, Mr. Hemmings saw me naked. My potential boss saw me naked!”

“Half naked, actually.” He chuckled, his hands in his pockets.

“Oh my god!” You yelled again. “This is happening isn’t it? This is really happening to me.”

Luke took a few steps towards you, closing the gap between you and him. “Well for what it’s worth, you’re hired.” He smiled.

“I’m…hired? I don’t understand, I must’ve broken like, fifty corporation rules already and it’s not even my first day.”

“I know how much this job means to you and I know how well you’re going to do it. In that elevator I got to know the dedicated, hard working, intelligent Y/N. Not the one on paper. And I like her and I want her as my assistant. So, will you take the job?”

“Yes, of course, I uh, yeah I will.” You stammered.

“Good. You start tomorrow and I expect you here by 7am, no later. I’ll fax you my schedule for the week. Memorize it. I’ll have my stand-in send you a list of what you need to know. I like my coffee black and my suits pressed. You will dress and act professionally when in the office. I don’t often offer second chances so make sure you get everything done correctly the first time, do you understand?”

“Y-Yeah.” You cleared your throat. “Yes. Absolutely Mr. Hemmings.” You were interested in this sudden change in him, acting like he was saturated in power and importance, which of course he was but you were used to the funny and intelligent Luke, not the dominant and analretentive Mr. Hemmings. “Is there anything else I can do for you while I’m here?” You asked matter-of-factly.

“Yes, actually you can accept my invitation to dinner tonight.” He smirked.

“I can do a lot of things for you Mr. Hemmings but that is not one of them.” You replied, staring him dead in the eye as you spoke.

“What? Why?”

“You told me you managed finances.”

“I do manage finances, I just happen to manage everything else as well.” He chuckled, clearly amused by the situation.


“So will you go to dinner with me? I know a great place I think you’d love.”

“Whether you’re Mr. Hemmings or just Luke, I will not jeopardize my future here for you. I am here to make sure your schedule is in order and your coffee is hot and in time I’ll learn from my experience here and benefit how I see fit. Thank you for the offer though Mr. Hemmings. Truly I’m flattered.”

He smiled at you as he leaned back on his desk, his hands in his pant pockets. “You’re a very stubborn woman you know that?”

“I know. But I think that quality will be able to benefit your company greatly, Sir.”

He stared at you for what felt like hours. narrowing his piercing blue eyes until finally he let out a breathy laugh. “Alright, well I’ll see you at seven o’clock tomorrow morning Miss. Y/L. Don’t be late.”

“I wouldn’t dream of it Sir.”



Part 2


Dinner at California Grill located in Disney’s Contemporary Resort.

| Truth or Dare

Pairing: Murphy x reader

Request: “yay a new imagine blog!! lol I was hoping you could do a Murphy one where reader is playing a game w/ the other girls at camp, & confesses she finds Murphy rlly attractive but is too shy to talk to him? and he overhears or finds out and is flustered”

Word count: 1645
Approximate reading time: 8 minutes
Warnings: None really! Just some slight swearing.

A/N: This request was super cute and I had a lot of fun writing this!! so thank you for requesting it.

You were never one for party games, especially not truth or dare. But somehow Octavia, Raven and a few of the other girls from camp had convinced you to play.

You were all sitting around the small fire, going around the group asking each other questions and doing stupid dares that you each made up. When it finally got to your turn it was Octavia who asked:

“Y/n!! Truth or dare!!”

“Umm.. Dare I guess” you hesitantly replied while fidgeting in your seat, anticipating the dare that the group would come up with.

“Ok!! I dare you to tell us who you like” Octavia confidently spoke, a devilish smirk appearing on her face.

“Guys cmon I’m not answering that!! Don’t be ridiculous!!”

“Y/n you have to! It’s the point of the game. Just tell us, we won’t say anything to anyone!!” Raven replied, while the other girls also promised not to mention anything to anyone.

“Ok ok fine I’ll tell you!!”
You finally spoke after some consideration. The girls all giddily stared at you eagerly awaiting your answer.

“Ok don’t freak out, but I actually really find Murphy attractive!!”
Laughs and shrieks came from all the girls as you finally revealed your answer a few of them agreeing with you.

“Well I mean… really hot!! don’t you guys think!!” you exclaimed as you laughed loudly along with the other girls.

“So ask him out, oh my god!!!”
Octavia shrieked while lightly hitting your arm.

“Oh please, you know I can’t do that I’m way too shy!! Besides you know he wouldn’t like me!!” You sheepishly replied.

Of course all of the girls disagreed with your statement but you knew it was true, Murphy didn’t like girls like you. He was always avoiding you and he never showed any interest, so you pushed your thoughts about him to the back of your mind.

All of you continued your conversations until you eventually were all done with truth or dare. As all of the commotion of the game settled down each of you decided to turn in for the night and get some rest. Still giggling on your way back to your tents, while recalling all the fun things you had done and talked about.

Raven and the rest of the girls had promised you that they wouldn’t tell anyone about your confession. So you weren’t worried at all about Murphy or anyone else finding out, considering you trusted your friends with your life.

But little did you know, while you were confessing your feelings to your friends.
Murphy was on guard duty, just outside of the walls where you and your friends were sitting around the fire.

He heard everything you said about him.

He began making his way to his tent after his shift was over, stress clouding his mind on the walk across camp.

Shit she likes me. No what if it’s some kind of sick joke, what if they knew I was standing outside of the wall listening. But I mean, Maybe I should just ask her out and see what happens?
Murphy thought to himself as he began briskly running to his tent, his thoughts scattered in his mind.

Murphy screamed loudly as the two of you collided, interrupting his racing thoughts.

You crashed to the ground with a loud thud, falling onto your butt, right in front of a very worried looking Murphy.

“Oh god!! Why were you running? I didn’t even see you! Are you alright?”
You questioned, even thought you were the one on the ground. You looked up from your place in the dirt, at the startled boy who barely even stumbled when the two of you collided.

“Damn it! I’m sorry. Shit I knocked you right over umm… I’m sorry here.”
Murphy stuttered out as he awkwardly reached his hand down to help you up.

You took his hand and he pulled you off the ground as you replied
“Thank you, n-no it’s fine I’m okay.”
You spoke sounding slightly winded from the fall.
“Why the hell were you moving so quick? Is everything okay?” You laughed, smiling up to the boy who towered over you, as you brushed the dirt from your clothes.

“Oh that, uhhh yeah that was nothing don’t worry about it.” Murphy spoke trying to keep his cool while leaning against a wall with his hands in his pockets.

But you could tell something was up with him when you looked up at his face, his normal cocky expression turning into a very flustered one. His cheeks flushed with red and beads of sweat forming on his forehead.

“So you’re okay right, I didn’t hurt you did I?” Murphy spoke

“No I’m okay, are you alright?” you shyly replied while you noticed his whole body tense.

“Yep I’m fine, I’m gonna go now see ya”
Murphy abruptly replied as he turned on his heals and began quickly jogging towards his tent, not giving you the chance to say goodbye.

Okay then, that was a little odd.
You thought to yourself as you made your way into your tent, changing into your pyjamas and crawling into your cot to get some rest.

The next morning you awoke to Bellamy
outside of your tent ordering you around, as per usual.
“Y/N c'mon get up, you’re on guard duty today, let’s go!” he loudly spoke while clapping his hands together.

“Oh my god, ok ok shut up! I’ll be at the gates in 10 minutes.
You replied while lazily stumbling out of bed, your eyes still hesitating to open fully.

"How bout you make it 5 minutes” Bellamy spoke with a small laugh as he walked away.

You laughed slightly, shaking your head as you began to quickly change into your clothes. You messily tied your long hair up into a ponytail. You then slipped on your boots and quickly unzipped the tent door, stepping out into the bright early morning sun. You turned around, zipped the door closed and began making your way to the gates, now fully awake and smiling brightly.

You approached the gates, where Bellamy was standing there waiting for you.
“Here’s your gun” he spoke as he handed you the weapon. He turned to leave but before he could you spoke up.

“Who’s on guard duty with me today?”
you curiously spoke while looking around not seeing anyone in sight.

“Murphy is” he quickly mentioned before leaving you at the gates alone.

Oh that’s just great, as if it wasn’t awkward enough last night being around him for like five minutes. Now I have to spend all day with him.
You thought to yourself while taking a seat on an rock outside of the walls, waiting for Murphy to get there. Obviously you really liked Murphy, but the thought of being around him all day made you incredibly nervous and you couldn’t shake the thought that something was up with him.

“Hey y/n” Murphy spoke while walking towards you slowly.

“Oh.. hey” You replied shakily, his sudden appearance startling you out of your thoughts.

“About last night..” he began to speak, but before he could finish you interrupted him.

“No it’s okay, you don’t have to explain. I get it, you were in a rush it’s fine!!” you exclaimed looking over at the boy standing beside you, his face now had a large smile plastered on it.

“No you don’t get it, i heard you y/n”
He quietly mentioned as he made his way over to the rock you were sitting on.

Scanning your face he could see you weren’t following so he continued,
“I heard you say you like me, I didn’t mean to be listening but I was on guard duty last night and I overheard you confess your feelings about me.”
He softly spoke as he took a seat beside you on the large rock.

“You… you what???” You fearfully spoke, swallowing the lump in your throat.
He must have noticed the fear in your voice and your nervous expression because he turned to face you and placed a hand on your leg in an attempt to comfort you. Which in turn, made you a bit more nervous because not only was the guy you like telling you he knows about your secret feelings for him, he was now touching you.

“It’s okay, don’t freak out. You don’t have to say anything just listen.” He replied and you nodded lightly.

“Okay so here’s the thing” he spoke with a small chuckle, while nervously rubbing the back of his neck with his free hand. As you awaited his response.

“I really fricken like you.” He laughed while turning his head away from you, slightly embarrassed with his sudden confession.

“Wait what you do???” You replied
quite shocked at the fact that he felt the same way.

“Yeah, I um actually just took the guard duty shift today so I could tell you. I… i mean it’s cool if you ya know don’t really feel the same way I mean maybe you were just kidding I don’t know.. ” Murphy anxiously spoke without a breath in between.

You quickly erased every doubt in his mind by finally plucking up some courage, interrupting him with a kiss.
Shocked at first, his eyes widened at you. But after a few seconds his eyes fluttered closed as he began passionately kissing you back.

The two of you broke away as you took in a shaky breath, looking up at Murphy as he spoke.
“So, you think I’m hot huh?”
A cocky grin appearing on his face.

“Maybe a little.” You replied flashing him a wink while laughing, as he leaned back down towards you, kissing you again.

Maybe I should play truth or dare more often.
You thought to yourself, smiling into the kiss.

so i’m watching doctor who and it turns out i’m hella gay for iraxxa