5 song fanmix

THISKIDISNOTALRIGHT - awolnation // DISPARATE YOUTH - santigold // KILLER - bastille ft f*u*g*z // PANIC STATION - muse // THE FALLEN - franz ferdinand // VEGAS LIGHTS - panic! at the disco // RULES DON’T STOP - we are scientists // HARD TIMES - patrick wolf // BROKEN JAW - foster the people // THE FUTURE - mystery skulls // HEATHENS - twentyone pilots // BUSINESS MAN - mother mother // MODERN JESUS - portugal. the man

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kinda going for that ‘i hate society and the way it treats my generation but im chilling w/ my pals rn so i dont wanna get too angry and spoil my vibe’ vibe ya feel

5 Song Fanmix Meme
Personal Responsiblity: A Damian Wayne playlist

1. My Chemical Romance | Welcome to the Black Parade
“son, when you grow up would you be the savior of the broken, the beaten, & the damned?”

2. Linkin Park | Castle of Glass
“wash the poison from off my skin & show me how to be whole again.”

3. Anti-Flag | No Future
“you can’t change the future unless you change yourself.”

4. Archive | Bullets
“let me be the lesser of a beautiful man, without the blood on his hands.”

5. VAST | That’s My Boy
“just need something to clean the blood from my numb, weary mind.”

Hello, once again. It’s time for the Civil War Edition of my Stucky fanmixes! I already had half of these songs chosen beforehand, but  needed more so I asked you guys to submit some! Again, I’ve put the links next to the songs and put my favorites in bold. Have fun!


1. Red- Hymn for the Missing (x)

2. Panic! at the Disco & Nate Ruess- C’mon (x)

3. Bring Me the Horizon- Can You Feel My Heart (x)

4. Borns- Past Lives (x)

5. Nothing but Thieves- Hostage (x)

6. Nothing but Thieves- Tempt You (x)

7. Jaymes Young- I’ll Be Good (x)

8. The Calling- Wherever You Will Go (x)

9. Robin Schulz- Show Me Love (x)

10. BANNERS- Start a Riot (x)

11. Bastille- Oblivion (x)

12. Stars- In Our Bedroom After the War (x)

13. The Count of Monte Cristo- I Will Be There (x)

14. Bring Me the Horizon- Follow You (x)

15. Mumford and Sons- I Will Wait For You (x)

16. Nickelback- Savin’ Me (x)

17. Red- Pieces (x)

Let your education begin ! [ LISTEN ]

inspired by this post

01. Swing, Swing, Swing ; The All-American Rejects 02. Out On The Town (Bonus Track) ; Fun. 03. Right Here (Ft. Foxes) ; Rudimental 04. America’s Suitehearts ; Fall Out Boy 05. Reckless ; You Me At Six 06. She Looks So Perfect ; 5 Seconds of Summer 07. Weightless ; All Time Low 08. Round and Round ; Imagine Dragons 09. 400 Lux ; Lorde 10. Everybody Talks ; Neon Trees 11. Jesus Christ ; Brand New 12. Next In Line ; Walk The Moon 13. Nine In The Afternoon ; Panic! At The Disco 14. West Coast ; The Neighbourhood 15. Snap Out of It ; Arctic Monkeys 16. The City ; 1975 17. Undercover Martyn ; Two Door Cinema Club 18. Gold On the Ceiling ; The Black Keys 19. Life on the Nickel (remix) ; Foster the People 20. Home ; Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros 21. Dreaming ; Smallpools 22. Millionaires ; The Script 23. Starry Eyed ; Ellie Goulding 24. Something I Need ; OneRepublic 25. California ; Phantom Planet

steve/bucky songs~

LET ME SHOW YOU (a fitzsimmons mix) ::  he couldn’t find the courage to tell her [fitz-centered]

i. could it be another change - the samples / ii. you, your cat and me - frank hamilton / iii. anyone else but you - the moldy peaches / iv. colors - barcelona / v. two-part harmony - robert skoro / vi. ho hey - the lumineers / vii. everlasting friend - blue october / viii. can’t help falling in love - elvis presley / ix. she loves you - the beatles / x. stay young, go dancing - death cab for cutie / xi. in your sleep - andrew belle / xii. breakeven - the script / xiii. she’s got you high - mumm-ra


5 Song Fanmix Meme
The Rocker: A Gambino Themed Marshall Lee playlist

1. Childish Gambino | The Awesome
“niggas ‘fraid to go outside, they some house cats.”

2. Childish Gambino | New Prince (Crown on the Ground)
“young smart & handsome who could even ask for more?”

3. Childish Gambino | Hero
“but I would never fail, I’m a hero, one of the best there is.”

4. Childish Gambino | The Rocker
“haters think I’m lame & girls think I’m sick, but both of them groups is riding my dick.”

5. Childish Gambino | Do Ya Like
“all that I know is that I wanna dance with yah, move in closer before I’m gonna kiss yah.”

companion piece: [Alone With Me: A Wombats Themed Marceline Mix]

Firestarter: A Delsin Rowe Fanmix | {listen}

Firestarter - KDrew | Can’t Hold Us (feat. Ray Dalton) - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis | Icarus - Bastille | There They Go (feat. Sixx John) - Fort Minor | Things We Lost in the Fire - Bastille | Make Me Worse - Kings of the City | Freakshow - Skillet | Contagious - Trapt | One 2 One - Magnetic North | The Hard Way (feat. Kenna) - Fort Minor | Underneath - Adam Lambert

5 Song Fanmix Meme
myrrrah asked: Kinzie Kensington

1. Radiohead | Bodysnatchers
“it is the 21st century, it can follow you like a dog, it brought me to my knees.”

2. Childish Gambino | I’m A Winner
“I ain’t gotta tell nobody why they call me the boss.”

3. Bloc Party | She’s Hearing Voices
“she is always out there, she is yesterday’s news.”

4. Robyn | Fembot
“once you gone tech, you ain’t never going back.”

5. Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross | In Motion