5 song fanmix

Hello, once again. It’s time for the Civil War Edition of my Stucky fanmixes! I already had half of these songs chosen beforehand, but  needed more so I asked you guys to submit some! Again, I’ve put the links next to the songs and put my favorites in bold. Have fun!


1. Red- Hymn for the Missing (x)

2. Panic! at the Disco & Nate Ruess- C’mon (x)

3. Bring Me the Horizon- Can You Feel My Heart (x)

4. Borns- Past Lives (x)

5. Nothing but Thieves- Hostage (x)

6. Nothing but Thieves- Tempt You (x)

7. Jaymes Young- I’ll Be Good (x)

8. The Calling- Wherever You Will Go (x)

9. Robin Schulz- Show Me Love (x)

10. BANNERS- Start a Riot (x)

11. Bastille- Oblivion (x)

12. Stars- In Our Bedroom After the War (x)

13. The Count of Monte Cristo- I Will Be There (x)

14. Bring Me the Horizon- Follow You (x)

15. Mumford and Sons- I Will Wait For You (x)

16. Nickelback- Savin’ Me (x)

17. Red- Pieces (x)

5 Song Fanmix Meme
ladyoftheskulls asked: Lisbeth/Mikael

1. Coldplay | The Scientist
“you don’t know how lovely you are.”

2. Muse | Map of the Problematique
“I can’t get it right since I met you.”

3. Sia | Breathe Me
“be my friend, hold me.”

4. Radiohead | Reckoner
“did I cater to all your needs?”

5. Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross | What If We Could?

5 Song Fanmix Meme
dammit-andrea asked: Sugarless Gum

1. MGMT | Indie Rokkers
“you live life like everyone’s an enemy.”

2. Blink 182 | What Went Wrong
“I’m sick of always hearing all the sad songs on the radio.”

3. Bloc Party | This Modern Love
“I’ve never known what’s good for me.”

4. The Wombats | Our Perfect Disease
“we all need someone to drive us mad.”

5. Of Monsters & Men | King & Lionheart
“but you’re a king & I’m a lionheart.”

5 Song Fanmix Meme
It’s All Up In The Stars: Holland & Talho

1. Calvin Harris & Florence Welch | Sweet Nothing
“& it’s not enough to tell me that you care when we both know that words are empty air.”

2. Yeah Yeah Yeahs | Runaway
“run run run away, no sense of time, want you to stay, want to keep you inside.”

3. Bloc Party | Zephyrus
“baby I’m ashamed of the man I was for you.”

4. Fun | Stars
“why can’t you see that no one’s gonna save us?”

5. Shiny Toy Guns | Jackie Will Save Me
“what’s the problem, you’re a lady, you can stop them, where’s your baby, he’s alone.”

5 Song Fanmix Meme
The Rocker: A Gambino Themed Marshall Lee playlist

1. Childish Gambino | The Awesome
“niggas ‘fraid to go outside, they some house cats.”

2. Childish Gambino | New Prince (Crown on the Ground)
“young smart & handsome who could even ask for more?”

3. Childish Gambino | Hero
“but I would never fail, I’m a hero, one of the best there is.”

4. Childish Gambino | The Rocker
“haters think I’m lame & girls think I’m sick, but both of them groups is riding my dick.”

5. Childish Gambino | Do Ya Like
“all that I know is that I wanna dance with yah, move in closer before I’m gonna kiss yah.”

companion piece: [Alone With Me: A Wombats Themed Marceline Mix]

5 Song Fanmix Meme
On Top Of The World: The Adventure Time Gang

1. Empire of the Sun | We Are The People
“we lived an adventure, love in the summer.”

2. The Naked & Famous | Young Blood (Renholder Remix)
“we lie beneath the stars at night, our hands gripping each other tight.”

3. Imagine Dragons | On Top Of The World
“I’ve traveled all this way for something, now take it in but don’t look down.”

4. Grouplove | Tongue Tied
“take me to your best friend’s house, I loved you then & I’ll love you now.”

5. Of Monsters & Men | Dirty Paws
“& that’s how the story goes, the story of the beast with those four dirty paws.”

5 Song Fanmix Meme
erraant asked: The Riddler

1. The Hives | Diabolic Scheme
“well from greatness to greatness is where I span.”

2. Fall Out Boy | This Ain’t A Scene It’s An Arms Race
“I am an arms dealer fitting you with weapons in the form of words.”

3. Forgive Durden | Ants
“me being of mammoth’s size, this comes as no surprise.”

4. Thunder City Shout | The Riddle Prince
“me, I need no royal introduction, let the rags speak for themselves.”

5. Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross | In The Hall Of The Mountain King

5 Song Fanmix Meme
anonymous asked: Scarecrow

1. Silversun Pickups | Panic Switch
“when you see yourself in a crowded room, do your fingers itch?”

2. Linkin Park | Breaking The Habit
“you all assume I’m safe here in my room, unless I try to start again.”

3. Metric | Monster Hospital
“monster hospital, can you please release me?”

4. Marilyn Manson | Sweet Dreams
“sweet dreams are made of this, who am I to disagree?”

5. Borgore | Guided Relaxation Dub

5 Song Fanmix Meme
Kings & Queens: Children of The Bat

1. 30 Seconds To Mars | Kings & Queens
“the sound of a fight, father has spoken.”

2. Mika | Kick-Ass
“we are young, we are strong, we’re not looking for where we belong.”

3. My Chemical Romance | The Black Parade
“when I was a young boy my father took me into the city.”

4. Diddy (ft. Skylar Grey) | Coming Home
“is a house really a home when your loved ones is gone?”

5. Fun | Some Nights
“this is it, boys, this is war, what are we waiting for?”

5 Song Fanmix Meme
Personal Responsiblity: A Damian Wayne playlist

1. My Chemical Romance | Welcome to the Black Parade
“son, when you grow up would you be the savior of the broken, the beaten, & the damned?”

2. Linkin Park | Castle of Glass
“wash the poison from off my skin & show me how to be whole again.”

3. Anti-Flag | No Future
“you can’t change the future unless you change yourself.”

4. Archive | Bullets
“let me be the lesser of a beautiful man, without the blood on his hands.”

5. VAST | That’s My Boy
“just need something to clean the blood from my numb, weary mind.”

5 Song Fanmix Meme
anonymous asked: Lord of the Rings

1. Mumford & Sons | To Darkness!Kripa
“but oh, my heart was flawed, I knew my weakness.”

2. Alanis Morissette | Wunderkind
“our best back pocket secret, our bond full blown.”

3. The Civil Wars | Kingdom Come
“tall trees bend their lean, pointing where to go.”

4. Delta Rae | Bottom of the River
“the wolves will chase you by the pale moonlight.”

5. Clare Maguire | This Is Not The End
“& when I’m gone, we’ll meet again, as often do the closest friends.”

5 Song Fanmix Meme
anonymous asked: The Joker

1. U2 | Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me
“they don’t know what you’re doing, babe, it must be art.”

2. The Servant | Cells
“I dress myself like a charcoal sketch, my eyes are brown & my hair’s a mess.”

3. The Rolling Stones | Sympathy For The Devil (Neptunes Remix)
“please allow me to introduce myself, I’m a man of wealth & taste.”

4. Eminem | Without Me
“feel the tension soon as someone mentions me.”

5. Awolnation | Burn It Down
“some people call it crazy, well I call it healing.”

5 Song Fanmix Meme
myrrrah asked: Kinzie Kensington

1. Radiohead | Bodysnatchers
“it is the 21st century, it can follow you like a dog, it brought me to my knees.”

2. Childish Gambino | I’m A Winner
“I ain’t gotta tell nobody why they call me the boss.”

3. Bloc Party | She’s Hearing Voices
“she is always out there, she is yesterday’s news.”

4. Robyn | Fembot
“once you gone tech, you ain’t never going back.”

5. Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross | In Motion

5 Song Fanmix Meme
rickgrimess asked: Andrea, Rick, & Michonne

1. Mumford & Sons | To Darkness
“so hold my hand, subscribe me not to darkness.”

2. Matthew Good Band | Running For Home
“I saw your face before it changed, the gun, it makes you look nicer in a bad way.”

3. Anna Nalick | Scars
“but I won’t let us go, we’ll make it through alright.”

4. Joshua James | Water Run
“I’d follow you into the depths of Hell if only you’d ask me to.”

5. Tunng | Bullets
“we’re happy, then again we’re not, we shout through the endless doubt.”

5 Song Fanmix Meme
anonymous asked: Poison Ivy

1. Massive Attack | Inertia Creeps
“say you string me along, say inertia creeps, inertia creeps & she comes.”

2. Johnny Hollow | Stranger
“words on the tip of my tongue, taking aim, cocked back just for fun.”

3. She & Him | I Put A Spell On You
“I put a spell on you because you’re mine.”

4. Britney Spears | Toxic (EarthMoonEarth Mix)
“baby can’t you see, I’m calling, a guy like you should wear a warning.”

5. Nigel Godrich | Hello Envy

5 Song Fanmix Meme
deadpools asked: Haymitch

1. U2 | Cedars of Lebanon
“chose your enemies carefully, cause they will define you.”

2. Mumford & Sons | Home
“I ran away in floods of shame, I’ll never tell how close I came.”

3. The Airborne Toxic Event | The Kids Are Ready To Die
“cause I was just 13 when I got my first taste of danger.”

4. U2 | Exit
“he used to stay awake to drive the dreams he had away.”

5. Adele | Hometown Glory
“you get the people & the government, everybody taking different sides." 

5 Song Fanmix Meme
wallacewellsbian asked: Deadpool

1. Hadouken! | Rebirth
“I don’t want their eyes on me, I don’t need their sympathy.”

2. My Chemical Romance | Na Na Na
“remember when you were a madman, thought you was batman?”

3. Klaxons | Atlantis To Interzone
“yer dead man, half alive, who hangs from helping numbers 1, 2, 5.”

4. The Hives | Hey Little World
“whatcha gonna do, any one of you, whatcha gonna do when he comes for you?”

5. The Prodigy | Invaders Must Die

5 Song Fanmix Meme
When She’s Left All Alone: Asami Sato

1. Beyonce | Save The Hero
“I guess I’m their soldier, but who’s gonna be mine?”

2. Yeah Yeah Yeahs | Skeletons
“skeleton me, love don’t cry.”

3. Civil Twilight | Letters From The Sky
“cause even though you left me here, I have nothing left to fear.”

4. Radiohead | Reckoner
“you are not to blame for bittersweet distractor.”

5. Explosions in the Sky | Glittering Blackness

5 Song Fanmix Meme
Live Fast, Die Young: Shaundi

1. M.I.A. | Bad Girls
“live fast, die young, bad girls do it well.”

2. Robyn | U Should Know Better
“the whole industry knows not to fuck with me.”

3. Kanye West | Gorgeous
“inter century anthems based off inner city tantrums.”

4. M.I.A. | Paper Planes (DFA Remix)
“everyone’s a winner, we’re making that fame.”

5. M83 | Midnight City
“the city is my church, it wraps me in it’s blinding twilight.”

5 Song Fanmix Meme
Running For Miles: Lilly Caul

1. The Civil Wars | Barton Hollow
“never goin back to Barton Hollow, devil gonna follow me wherever I go.”

2. The Black Ghosts | Full Moon
“but I don’t know where I am & I don’t trust who I’ve been.”

3. Bloc Party | Coliseum
“pain is hopeful, pain is holy, pain is healthy, pain heals.”

4. The Civil Wars | Kingdom Come
“run fast as you can, no one has to understand.”

5. Moby | Shot in the Back of the Head