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I’m kind of sad that CDs and Vinyls have lost their popularity. Personally I enjoy the feeling of opening up a new album and watching it play right in front of me.
I also feel that it gives the album more life, rather than just being something that’s floating around on the internet.

Anyone else?

luke has physically changed so much like it’s gotten to the point where he doesn’t even look like the same person anymore??? but sometimes i’ll look at him and he’ll make a facial expression or something and i’ll get a glimpse of 2013/2014 luke and it’s shocking because it’s actually hard for me to remember that he’s the same person??? how has his appearance changed so drastically??? is that normal???? send help???

Life goal; sleep on Ashton, play w his hair, kiss his face and make him v happy all day ery day

5 Seconds of Summer



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there’s a part one here but you dont have to read it to understand this.

summary: in which you run into the boys and have a heartbreaking conversation with your old best friend, michael.

requested?: hell yeaaaa

word count: 4,564 (my longest so far!! i got carried away lol)

warnings: this is angsty as hell get ready

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Dating Peter Parker Would Include
  • him telling the Avengers about you
    • he literally never shuts up about you
    • “Peter, as much as I’m enjoying this, i think Steve would enjoy this even more.”
    • “and shes so smart, maybe even smarter than me. and her y/h/c hair is so cool!……..”
    • “Why don’t you bring her in one day?”
    • “she doesn’t exactly……know about this……….yet.”
    • “TELL HER”
  • Figuring out he’s Spiderman so you never get mad when he has to leave suddenly because of some ‘important family business’ or other stupid excuses
  • ”My guinea pig just died I have to go!”
  • ”Peter you don’t have a guinea pig”
  • ”Well yeah not anymore!”
  • when he finally does tell you if takes him about 10 minutes to finally get it out
    • “I’ve known for about a month actually”
    • “And you’re not mad at me?”
    • “if I was a superhero i would wait a while before I told ANYONE. I’m just glad you trust me enough to tell me now.”
    • “this might be a little abrupt but I don’t care. I love you, y/f/n y/l/n”
    • “I love you too, Spiderboy”
    • “I’m SpiderMAN”
    • “yup”
    • him always being worried about you and you always being worried about him
  • You wanting to help him but he doesn’t want you to get hurt
    Doing it anyway
    Having to stitch him up every time he gets hurt
  • him telling you all about his adventures and missions as Spiderman, but purposely leaving out all of the parts where he gets hurt or nearly does
  • falling asleep on his couch while watching movies, probably Star Wars
  • Aunt Mae finding you late at night cuddled on the couch and has to wake you or call your parents up so they don’t get worried
  • being best friends with Michelle and Ned
  • study dates
    • most study dates turn into makeout sessions
    • Peter being really timid when touching you at all
    • “you’re allowed to touch my waist, you’re fine”
  • Mae loving so much, maybe even more than Peter
  • Meeting the Avengers but they already know everything about you from Peter.
    • “you must be y/n, born  on y/bd, your favorite color is y/f/c and your bedrrom wall are painted y/bdrm/c. Peter has told us so much about you, i took the liberty of storing all of it in a file, would you like to see?”
    • “hi, you must be Vision, I’d love to see my file”
    • your file had just about everything you had ever told Peter, except for the private stuff of course
  • you guys get married as soon as you graduate from high school and move into Avengers HQ, but you have your own wing of the floor you stay on so it’s not like you even live with them for the most part
  • Tony pretty much adopting you as a daughter he never had
  • Natasha and Wanda would be your sisters
  • Steve, and Bruce would be your wise uncles
  • Bucky and Clint woud be your super protective older brothers
  • basically joining the Avengers family, even though they would never let you go on a mission so you have to another person in a chair with Michelle and Ned
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This is where all of the preferences, imagines, and whatever else I decided to do will be. Request on the request page. PLEASE NO NSFW because I’m literally such a scaredy cat lmaooo

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Shawn Mendes

Side Chick  “Oh sorry, are we interrupting something?”

Morning Rush  “Mr. Unicorn is in the toilet!”

Bad Boy Mendes Pt. 1 “Call me princess one more time, Mendes, I swear!“

Bad Boy Mendes Pt. 2

Bad Boy Mendes Pt. 3

Mess "Well you have a gosh damn funny way of showing it!“

Heartbreak Story "Please don’t say that, lovely”

War of Hearts “Keep it that way or don’t bother showing up tomorrow”

These Kinds of Things “I slept with Y/N? The actress, model, and SUPERSTAR!“

Fools Rush In "Did you sister have a kid?“

Four Years Late “Promise?“ “I swear”

Four Years Late Pt. 2 "I know you didn’t forget me, don’t play dumb.”

Treat You Better "Shawn. Shawn Mendes. Y/N’s best friend since kindergarten, someone huge to compete with…it’s very nice to meet you”

Stay Together “Why not spend it with my favorite girl–I mean old friend”

Dysfunctionally Functioning “Julie! Daddy is telling you to put those scissors down!“

Perfect "I don’t know why you read those, I told you not to Y/N…”

Kiss, Kiss, Bish "Get intimate, she’ll quit it”

A Lover is a Fighter “Haven’t seen you in a while” “You say that like it’s a bad thing”

Miss Independent “Can you tell the LIVE viewers what awards, as in plural a.k.a MORE THAN ONE, you’re up for this year”

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Calum Hood

Laying Low “This is way too close for comfort”

Clingy Red Carpet Calum "Calum, kiss her on the cheek"’

Sweet Creature "That was helpful you dumb fuck”

Remember Us "Hey there, princess”

Toxic “That’s your girlfriend isn’t it?” "Yeah, isn’t she hot?“

Honey, I’m Home "A kid in the big kid grades said that his daddy and mommy read something that said you guys hate each other”

Honey, I’m Home Pt. 2  "I don’t believe you are legally a Hood, not at the moment.“

Remember Us Pt. 2

Happier "I have history with one of them. That doesn’t mean I don’t like their music.“

Remember Us Pt. 3 "Is that Calum?“

Happier Pt. 2 "Oh…the tear stains?“

Burn "I think you should tell the world what happened between you and Calum”

Banished “You can’t banish me! This is my bed too!“

Untitled "Walk out that door and…I’ll never forgive you!”

Jealous of the Rain "Yes, yes I am! I’m very jealous…”

A Team “Don’t talk about her like that”

Serendipity “You’re not a terrible person, why are you even sorry?”

You, Just You “Well I don’t, as I’m the one that fucks him–”

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Harry Styles

Doll “I am a grown ass woman Styles, I can handle my self! Sike!”

Questions “She obviously doesn’t like your dumbass questions”

i don’t care about waking up to a person i love, i wanna wake up to a new song of my favorite artist for the rest of my life

Smutty September!

Thank you to Cat (@lattecalum) for this lovely header!

I’m so happy to announce the arrival of Smutty September! This is an event in which I post a new smut everyday of the month, including eight of each boy and two special items! 

I took inspiration from 5sexonds-of-smut’s 25 days of smut (it wouldn’t let me tag the blog), so full credit to them for giving me this idea! I started writing for this in May and I’m the worst at keeping secrets so I’m honestly surprised I’ve kept it this quiet for so long.

Anywayyy, this is going to be a masterpost where I’ll link each imagine with a little synopsis part. Please enjoy reading!!

Feedback/excitement would be appreciated! (pls come freak out with me)

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