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luke has physically changed so much like it’s gotten to the point where he doesn’t even look like the same person anymore??? but sometimes i’ll look at him and he’ll make a facial expression or something and i’ll get a glimpse of 2013/2014 luke and it’s shocking because it’s actually hard for me to remember that he’s the same person??? how has his appearance changed so drastically??? is that normal???? send help???

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Calum is such a complex person. Some see him as the guy that plays bass in 5sos but he’s so much more than that. He used to be so closed off as to what was going on in his head but recently he’s been opening up and showing us his view and opinion on the world and the type of impact he want to have before he moves on. He been reading and talking to people, always trying to expand on his knowledge and that just goes to show that he’s not just doing this for the fame or girls but to make people feel something, to leave a positive impact on the world. Calum has such a beautiful mind and that should be appreciated.

Michaelclifford: alright, vacation for me is over. the past 12 months has been quite a life changing experience for me, I feel like I’ve grown into the person I was meant to be. if you don’t know, we (5sos) have taken the past 3 and a half months off to really gather ourselves, and to find where we sit in amongst a normal(-ish) life. as you can imagine touring for 5 years straight can take a toll on you mentally and physically. and it’s funny, because I even remember our own supporters were telling us that we needed to take a break, because you know us so well that you could literally see it on our faces. (and I do need to thank you all for being there for us throughout everything) 
anyway, a LOT has changed for me; I’m genuinely happy (as you can tell by the photo), I’ve had the courage to come out publically about my relationship, I’ve tried to be the best son that I can be, I’ve discovered my passions for things in life, a lot of my health issues are getting fixed, and I even learnt to DRIVE (watch out for me) and all of this has made me realize that there’s so much more to life than just waking up every day obliged and complacent in life about one thing or another, and really has taught me what is important to me in my life. as important as it is to follow your aspirations every single day, don’t lose sight of what makes you happy; I think it’s just as important to make a conscious effort to be intelligent, aware of your surroundings, and overall just a good person. I’ve made some incredible friends this year who I think will be my friends for a long time to come, and I’m honestly just excited to see what the rest of life (and this year) holds for me. 
BASICALLY, all I’m saying is don’t lose sight of what makes you tick, and never forget to feed your own happiness, whatever that is. 
To every single one of the people who support 5sos, I absolutely cannot be more excited for the future. I really do think that our third album is going to be the best of anything we’ve done before. 
again, to each and every person that’s been apart of my journey; whether you support my band, you’re IN my band, you’re my friend, or even my parents: thank you. I love you all ❤️

Last Christmas - Ashton Irwin

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“Are you sure you’re going to be okay here,  Ash?”Luke questioned as they headed to the front door. Ashton the only one without bags for their trip home for the Christmas holiday.

“Why wouldn’t I be?” he questioned, tone coming off colder than really necessary as Luke brushed it off knowing it wasn’t anything personal. He was supposed to be going home with his girlfriend over the holiday to meet her family, but caught her in bed with another guy just two days prior. Way too late to purchase a plane ticket home to Australia.

“You can always take my ticket,” Luke said smiling softly, gesture being appreciated by Ashton, but not taken as he shook his head.

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Heartless - M.C

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I feel like I rushed this and I’m really sorry. Part here’s part 4 It’s also really long…like about 12-13 pages on my drive.

“So…which one of you wants to tell Adam that you kidnapped the wrong mother fucking person?” Michael asked the two guys sitting in front of him, Ashton sitting to the side picking at his nails knowing he did nothing wrong. “You had one…oNE FUCKING JOB! Lance doesn’t have fucking tits, so please tell me how you got Lance and whoever this is mixed up!”

“W-well, you see…when we snuck in, he was wearing an outfit similar to that, so when the power cut, we grabbed the closest person who looked like that…it’s not my fault that she has barely no boobs!” Danny, one of the men getting reamed said trying to defend himself as Michael rolled his eyes shaking his head.

“Get the fuck out. Ashton, drive them back to the clubhouse…I’m going to stay with the princess we have here,” he said watching as the new kid stood up, grabbing the keys as he nodded his head. Michael turned on his heel heading back to the room with the unconscious girl who was tied down to the chair, skin bruised from prior engagements, most likely, knowing none of the guys had even touched her at this point. His eyes scanned her skin shamelessly, eyes boring into each and every mark already etched onto her body as his heart wrenched a bit, Michael ignoring the pain in his heart know that it wasn’t his circus, and certainly wasn’t his monkey.

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5SOS as dogs
  • Ashton: dog that begs to go outside, either for a walk or just to chill in the sun; loves to swim; likes to make loud noises
  • Calum: dog that always looks pissed at everything; loves cuddles and belly rubs; greets everyone with doggy kisses
  • Luke: dog that is tall and slender; falls down the steps everyday; looks funny when he plays with dog toys
  • Michael: dog that is lazy 25/8; barks at everything he can; stubborn little shit

Part II - Imagine Ashton’s confession goes viral, which he isn’t happy about. He is afraid to lose the bestest friend he ever had. It’s like you are gone until you appear in the crowd of 5sos’ next show. You traveled all the way from home to tell him in person what you feel for him