5 seconds of summer oneshot

Badboy!michael would be such a sweet heart to you like he’ll treat you like a princess. He would always make sure you’re safe, he’d give you sweet kisses, admire you with such a strong fond and make sure you’re always happy and satisfied. Sometimes Michael would wonder what did he do to deserve you in the first place, he’s a typical bad boy, he’s covered in tattoos and piercings, he drinks too much, he smokes too much and at times he would be involved in some serious fights, but in the end of the day Michael knows that you’ll always be there for him, you’ll be the one to stitch up his wounds, help him sober up from all the alcohol and work on making him smoke less.

Michael|Meeting Your Mom

I can totally see you and your mom going grocery shopping, and you’re sort of stand apart, but close at the same time; you’re sort of in the same vicinity.  Everything’s generally quiet and calm and then out of nowhere you hear someone call your name and come running up to you and then he picks you up and just keeps messing with you.  And then he puts you down and is about to kiss you and then your mom is staring hardcore.  And he notices that you’re not into it for a second and then looks where you’re looking.  So you’re just like, “Hey, mom, this is Michael…”

“Nice to meet you, Mrs. (Y/L/N).”

// Elastic Heart // Luke Hemmings // One shot

// Elastic Heart // Luke Hemmings //

With Luke being on tour most of the time, you hardly ever saw him, you both tried to make time for each other when he wasn’t touring, but you would call, or Skype him, while he was on tour, but you still missed him. It was 10:00 PM, and you were on your couch watching TV, when your phone rang. It was Luke, you sat up excitedly and answered the phone “Hey baby!” You said happily, you hadn’t talked to him at all today, so you were excited to hear his voice.

“Oh god Luke, fuck baby right there.” You heard a slurred female voice say. Your expression changed quickly, as you were slightly confussed
“Luke, what the fuck?” You said with a bit of anger in your voice. You heard more moans from both the female and Luke, “Luke, hello?” The moans stopped and you heard the phone move, “y/n, baby I’m so fucking sorry,

it didn’t mean anything I swear.” You immediately hung up the phone. You didn’t know what to do, you didn’t think he would cheat on you. You broke down crying into your couch pillow.

Friends with Benefits (Luke)

Warning: Is there smut? Yes, most definitely. Also, prepare yourself for some cuteness and giggles.



It all started because I did Luke a favor. Granted, it was a fairly large favor. Taking someone’s virginity isn’t exactly an everyday occurrence, but I had no plans of it resulting in us being friends with benefits.  Here I am though, making a booty call at one in the morning to my once best friend turned fuck buddy.

I lay sprawled out on my couch, my foot jiggling back and forth, as I wait for Luke to answer the phone. “Come on.” I groan, listening to the ring of the phone for the sixth time. Just as the call is about to cut to voicemail, a groggy voice answers.

“Hello?” Luke’s voice is muffled and slurred. His face is likely pressed into his pillow.

“Hi.” I chirp. Not leaving time for formalities, I cut to the chase. “I’m horny.”

I hear the bed creak and the covers shift on the other end of the line. “What?” Luke’s voice is clearer now, but still rough with sleep.

“You heard me. Luke I haven’t seen you in a week because you’ve been so busy with recording.” I whine. “I miss you. Both in a ‘I need my pancake buddy’ way and a ‘I really miss having sex with you’ way.  Come over?” I sound pitiful, but if that’s what it takes to make him get out of bed and come downstairs, then so be it.

He groans, and I hear him shuffle around. “Give me like five minutes. I have to find condoms.” I can hear him rummaging around. “Where was the last place we had sex?”

I pause to think for a moment. “Um the couch I think?”

“Aha! Found them.” He sounds victorious. “They were on the end table.”

“Okay. So see you in a few?” at this point I’m literally bouncing in my seat.

“Yeah, see you.” He hangs up.

Not five minutes later and he’s walking through my door. I suppose it helps that he only lives three floors above me though.

 A bright but sleepy smile lights up his face. His hair is disheveled and mashed flat in some spots. He almost looks too endearing to have sex with. Almost. “Y/N!” he whisper yells, flopping down on top of me. He talks into my stomach. “You’re extremely comfortable.” His eyes close. “I missed you by the way.” I feel him yawn against me.

“Hey.” I flick him on the ear. “Now is not the time for sleeping. Now is the time for sexing Y/N up.” I roll him off of me. He hits the floor with a thud.

“Ow.” He groans. “You’re so demanding. You’re lucky I love you.” Immediately realizing what he said, his eyes grow large. “I mean in a friendship way, because you know we’ve know each other for years so of course I love you, but it’s totally platonic and…” he trails off. “You fucking know what I mean.”

I awkwardly nod. “Yeah I-I know what you mean.” I stay seated for a moment before taking action, trying to move past the awkward silence. Crawling off the couch, I straddle Luke. “Hi.” I grin from my perch above him.

“Hey.” He reciprocates with a drowsy smile. He stretches, and I take the opportunity to remove his shirt. With his arms still stretched out he says, “So we’re doing it on the floor huh? That’s new.”

“It was the most convenient place at the moment so…” I shrug.

“I like it. I don’t have to walk anywhere.” He plays with the hem of my shirt. I raise my arms so he can remove it. “So you’re going to be on top tonight?” He struggles to unclasp my bra. His eyes are heavy and his speech is slow. Finally he just gives up and pulls it over my head.

I fiddle with the elastic of his sweats. “If you don’t mind?” I lift myself off of his hips to remove them, taking his boxers as well.

He yawns once again. “Course not. I’ll have a great view.” He attempts to wink, but stops half way through, shutting his eyes.

I laugh softly. “Yeah, if you can keep your eyes open.”

He peeks at me, just enough so that I can see the pale blue of his iris. “Oh I’ll definitely be keeping my eyes open.” He smirks and ruts against me.

I roll my eyes before standing to shimmy out of my sleep shorts (a.k.a. Luke’s taco boxers that I stole and never gave back.)

He whistles. “I like you in my clothes. You’re welcome to steal some more.”

I snort and shake my head. “I’ll keep that in mind.” I straddle him once again. “Where are the condoms?”

He leans up slightly and feels around for his sweatpants. Finding them, he retrieves a condom from one of the pockets. With a proud smile he offers it to me. “Would you like to do the honors?”

I place a hand on my bare chest and pretend to wipe a tear away. “Really? All my life I’ve dreamed of rolling a condom down your dick. I’m so happy to have gained this opportunity.” I snatch the foil package from his hand.

He narrows his eyes and sticks his tongue out at me.

I laugh and roll the rubber down his length. Positioning myself over him, I place one hand on his abdomen for balance and the other on his member to guide it. With a sharp intake of breath, I take him all in.

He gives an experimental thrust up. I rock my hips to meet him. He groans and sits up so that my chest is pressed to his. “We should do this more often.” He nips at my jaw. He braces his hands behind him for leverage.

I hum in response and grind my hips in a tight circle. Twining my fingers in the hair at the nape of his neck, I place light pecks all around his face.

He giggles. “What are you doing?” his languid thrusts continue. We have a steady rhythm going. Like a boat rocking on the ocean.

“Kissing you, you oaf.” I place a sloppy kiss right on his mouth, the kind you give when you’re little, all puckered lips and spit.

“Ew!” he laughs, tossing his head back. “I’ve gotten Y/N cooties!”

I snicker along with him. “It’s a little too late for that. Your penis is kind of inside of me. You’ve been cootied.”

He grins deviously. “That’s right. My penis is inside of you.” He thrusts up sharply, tilting his hips at an angle.

I moan before narrowing my eyes down at him. I quirk my lips up in an evil grin, reaching down to cup his balls while simultaneously slamming down.

He drags his bottom lip between his teeth. His thrusts start to quicken. I rock down hard to meet them.

“You close?” he huffs out, his eyes lidded.

I hum a yes. “You?”

He nods vigorously. His thrusts are growing sloppier by the second.

I reach a hand down to rub my clit.

He moans. “That is so hot.” With that, he cums.

I follow close behind, panting. He slides out of me and I collapse onto his chest. He rakes his fingers through my sweaty hair. It’s not long before we’re both asleep.

“Naked pancakes!” is the first thing I hear upon awakening. I sit up and peer around the couch only to see a grinning, naked Luke, holding a plate of pancakes. He waves, spatula in hand.

I giggle and slip Luke’s shirt over my head before making my way into the kitchen.

“That’s cheating.” He whines. “You have a shirt on.” He places a plate in front of me.

I dig into my pancakes, stuffing my mouth. “I was cold.” I talk around my food.

He mumbles. “You’re still cheating.”

We chew in silence for a moment before Luke lifts his glass of orange juice. “Cheers.” He pauses. “To pancake buddies.”

I clink my glass against his. “And to fuck buddies.”

He clinks our glasses again. “That probably should be in a relationship but aren’t because they’re dumb.”

I smile, taking a sip of juice. “I don’t care what we are right now as long as I have dibs on marrying you.” I stuff another bite of pancake in my mouth.

He chokes on his drink. Spluttering, he says, “You want to marry me?”

I shrug. “It’d be nice. I love you. We get along. You make ace pancakes. Oh, and you’re great at sex.” I give him an exaggerated wink.

He nods and chews thoughtfully. He lifts his glass in the air once again. “Well then, cheers, to us. Whatever the fuck we are.”

I smile fondly at him. “Cheers. To us.”


Organized Masterlist!

Hey Guys! I thought I should organize all of my writing from oldest to newest so in each catagory the older ones are first and the newer ones are last. Hope you like everything!! <3 Xx


Luke Hemmings:
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Michael Clifford:
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Ashton Irwin:
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Forgetting My Worries - Luke
Coffee - Calum
Picnic - Michael
Walk through the Park - Calum
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He Thinks You’re Cheating - Cashton   Muke
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Picture Preferences:

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Au Memes:

Corny Jokes - Luke
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“I love you” - Michael
“Why do you like me?” - Calum
She’s So Beautiful - Calum

Preference 38: He says "I Love You" for the First Time (REQUESTED)

Michael: “I won!” You yell, leaping off the couch. “I won!” You toss your remote down and jump onto the coffee table, dancing in circles. “I BEAT MICHAEL CLIFFORD!” You bellow, raising your arms in triumph. You hold your arms up, taking in the imaginary cheers of a crowd. “Thank you! Thank you!” You shout, waving to no one. You look down to see Michael laughing despite himself. You leap off the table to the couch and sit yourself down beside Michael, smiling at him proudly. “I let you win,” he says, rolling his eyes. “Oh, don’t give me that, Clifford,” you scoff, “I won fair and square.” Michael rolls his eyes again and you lean towards him, putting your hands on his chest and your face inches from his. “Admit it,” you whisper, “Admit I won fair and square.” “You won fair and square,” Michael murmurs back, subconsciously leaning toward your lips. “YES!” You shout triumphantly, jumping off the couch again. You run to the door, pulling it open and rushing into the street. “I BEAT MICHAEL CLIFFORD!” You yelled to the neighborhood. You hear Michael chuckling and turn around to see him watching you, shaking his head. “Michael!” You say excitedly, rushing toward him. “Michael, remember that time I beat you?” You giggle. “Yeah, I remember,” Michael laughs. You see a man walking his dog down the road and take off towards him. “Hey!” You shout, “Did you know I just beat this guy at Mario Kart for the first time ever?” You point back at Michael as he hurries up to you, laughing. “Sorry, she’s a bit excited,” Michael apologizes, pulling you into his arms and carrying you away. “I WON!” You yell out again as he holds you tightly against his chest. “It feels good to win,” you state, grinning widely up at him. “I love you,” Michael laughs, shaking his head. Your eyes widen and Michael’s do, too as he realizes what he said. “I mean, uh, I mean,” Michael begins to stutter. You stop him by pressing your lips to his. He starts to kiss back, but you pull away, looking up at him. “I love you, too,” you sigh contentedly. He kisses you again, smiling into it as you giggle.


Calum: You cling tightly to Calum’s shirt, knowing that once you let go he’ll be gone. You try to hide your face in his chest, but you know that your tears are soaking his shirt. “It’s only five months,” he sighs, although you know he is reminding himself as much as you. “I’ll be back before you know it,” he whispers. You feel his chest shake and can tell he’s crying, too. You refuse to look up, knowing that seeing him crying will make it worse. Instead you hug him tighter, breathing in his scent and trying to memorize it. You let out a shaky sob and he rubs your back. “Now you’re making me cry,” he says with a watery laugh. “Sorry,” you mumble, finally looking up at him with tear-filled eyes. He smiles at you sadly, removing his hands from the small of your back to cup your face. “Please stop crying,” he mumbles, wiping tears from your cheeks with his thumbs. “Please,” he adds, biting his lip to keep himself from crying again. He blinks back tears and you look down as more tears pool in your own eyes. “I’m gonna miss you,” you choke out as the tears start to fall again. “Not as much as I’ll miss you,” Calum sighs, wrapping his arms around your body again. “Cal, we gotta go,” you hear Michael call, nodding towards the area where his flight was boarding. “Be right there!” Calum shouts back. “I gotta go,” Calum says to you, his bottom lip trembling slightly. You nod, unable to speak. “Bye,” Calum sighs, removing his arms from your body and picking up his bags. He turns away, walking to meet the boys. You watch sadly as Ashton pats Calum’s shoulder consolingly. Calum turns back and you wave, smiling sadly. You’re surprised to see him drop his bags and hurry back towards you. You stay rooted to the spot until he picks you up, kissing you hard. After a few moments he sets you down and looks at you seriously. “I love you,” he admits, “I didn’t wanna leave without you knowing that.” “I love you, too,” you burst out in fresh tears, cupping his face as he kisses you passionately. You pull away slowly and unwillingly. “I love you,” Calum says again, wiping tears form his cheeks, but smiling. “I love you,” you repeat, laughing. “Good,” Calum says with a nod, “Then five months will seem like nothing.” You nod, wanting to believe him, and he turns around, walking back to the boys. He turns one last time and you wave, laughing as he blows a kiss back to you.


Ashton: “MAYBE I SHOULD JUST GO THEN!” You threaten, motioning to the door. “MAYBE YOU SHOULD!” Ashton agrees. You close your mouth tightly and nod as tears sting your eyes. “At least we can agree on one thing then,” you sigh, refusing to let your tears fall. Ashton’s eyes widen as he realizes what you just agreed on. “Wait,” he mumbles, reaching out toward you. You shake your head, stepping out of his reach. “I deserve better,” you say more to yourself than to Ashton, “I deserve to be with someone who wants to be with me.” “I do want to be with you,” Ashton sighs, stepping closer to you. “Don’t you dare tell me you want to be with me!” You shout, tears flowing freely now, “Don’t you dare! After everything you’ve said to me you’re gonna tell me you want me here?!” You turn away, trying to hide your tear-stained, puffy face. “I was wrong,” Ashton admits, “I was - I was scared.” “Oh, please,” you scoff, rolling your eyes, “Scared of what Ashton? Please share.” Ashton steps toward you slowly, tears pooling in his eyes. “I was scared of - of needing someone,” he whispers. You roll your eyes, not believing him. “I was scared of letting you in,” he adds. “You’re making this up,” you state, frowning. “You’re all talk, Ashton! You always say the right thing, but you never mean it!” You point out, your voice rising again. “I do mean it!” He yells back. “I can’t deal with this anymore,” you say, shaking your head. “You say you want me, then you act like you don’t! You can’t keep doing this to me!” You move toward the door, unlocking it and throwing it open. You move to leave when Ashton calls out, “I love you!” You freeze, turning back to Ashton. “No you don’t,” you sigh. “Yes I do,” Ashton argues, “I love you so much and it scares me like nothing else! I’m scared of hurting you or losing you and by trying to prevent that I’ve done both and I - I’m scared of needing you, but I do need you! Because I love you!” You open your mouth to speak, but can’t find any words. “Don’t tell me you don’t love me back,” Ashton pleads. “Of course I love you, but -” You’re cut off by Ashton’s lips on yours. “That’s all that matters,” he insists, kissing you again. “I love you,” you sigh into his mouth, kissing back.


Luke: You sit in Luke’s bunk, the only light coming from his laptop. “I have to show you my favorite song right now!” You whisper excitedly, typing ‘Soldier - Before You Exit’ and pulling up a video. You put one headphone in your ear and one in Luke’s and listen. As the song plays, Luke finds your hand, intertwining his fingers with yours and using his other hand to trace circles on your legs. You smile up at him and he kisses your nose. “My turn,” Luke whispers when the song ends. He reaches over, typing 'I’m Lost Without You - Blink 182’ “Luke, I know this song,” you point out as he clicks on a video. “I know,” Luke admits, putting his arm around you and pulling you against his chest, “But it reminds me of you.” You smile and kiss him gently. Luke looks down at you and the corners of his mouth twitch into a smile. “What?” You ask, growing insecure. “Nothing,” Luke says, not very convincingly. “Okay,” you say skeptically. You rest your head on his chest and he runs his fingers up and down your back until you close your eyes. “Luke,” you whisper, “This is a really great song.” “I know,” Luke says, smiling. “Sing it to me?” You ask, hopefully. “The guys are sleeping,” Luke points out. You think for a moment and then say, “Whisper it to me?” You look up at him and he laughs, clicking the restart button on the song. He begins to whisper along to the song and you smile, shutting your eyes and listening to him as you feel his heart beat with yours. You smile up at him and he starts to laugh, making you laugh as well. You kiss him, giving him a reason to stop whispering the lyrics. He kisses back gently before pulling away. “Hey, Y/n,” he whispers. “Hey, Luke,” you reply. “I love you,” he admits. “What? Sorry I didn’t catch that,” you lie, smirking at him. “I love you,” he says a little louder. You smile widely, and he does, too. “I love you, too,” you respond. You shut the laptop and push it to the foot of the bunk. leaving you and Luke in complete darkness. “I love you,” Luke says again. Although you can’t see him. you can tell he’s grinning. You giggle softly, finding his lips and kissing him. “I love you,” you whisper against his lips, making his smile even wider.

3am - Luke Hemmings/Calum Hood Oneshot

I don’t know what I’ve done, this just sort of happened. 

  • warning: intense feels: read at own risk
  • don’t do this to yourself if you’re a calum girl. just dont. 
  • I’m a Calum girl and I love him more then life itself so please don’t send me hate for this. It’s purely fictional! 
  • Please tell me if you like it because omfg it was heartbreaking to write. 

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Black Eyes

[not my gif]
Requested: No

He trails his fingers up my skin as if it were delicate porcelain, watching his hand intently as he does so. I shiver under his touch once his fingers hit a sensitive part of my skin. He lifts his other hand and gently brushes it against mine before intertwining our fingers. I lean forward and press a soft kiss to his neck, he shudders under my touch. He continues tracing invisible shapes on the inside of my arm while keeping his other hand connected to mine.

This isn’t an uncommon occurrence, Luke loves times like this, where we don’t have to keep a conversation going, we don’t have to ask each other about our days, we can just touch each other, not in a sexual way but in a curious way with the desire of memorising every part of each other’s body.

“You’re so,” he hesitates, thinking of an adjective before his eyes light up when he finds one, “innocent.”

I raise an eyebrow at him out of confusion and he grins. He continues, “Your humanity is perfectly intact. You have a conscience; you can justify your actions. You have had no experience of hell; you haven’t reached that point where you had to switch your emotions off. You’re perfectly innocent.”

I smile at him, glancing at our connected fingers, “Not exactly, ‘innocent’ wouldn’t describe someone in a relationship with a demon.”

He chuckles. He’s never been very secretive about being a demon, he’s mentioned to me multiple times that he doesn’t see the importance of hiding it from me, it was our third date where he blinked and let his eyes flicker from the ones I recognise with baby blue irises to a black abyss. It didn’t put me off as he said it should, it intrigued me more, idiotic as that may seem.

He smiles, “You’re innocent, just not smart in that matter.”

“You always say that,” I respond, “you act as if you are this horrible thing but there are these men I could be with who could abuse me, emotionally, physically or sexually, there are complete sexists and a lot worse. Yes, you’re a demon but you treat me like gold.”

“When I was human I was raised to be a gentleman,” he justifies, “but I’m no longer human.”

“That doesn’t mean you’ve lost your chivalry,” I argue.

It’s true. He still gives me his coat if he sees me shiver when we go out. He offers me his hand constantly, he will walk in front of me if we are going down a flight of stairs so if I fall, he’ll stop me, or if he falls he won’t hurt me. He holds out his umbrella for me if it begins raining and I’ve forgotten to take one with me. He will always have his arm around my waist in public, sometimes when men approach me but most of the time when women approach him, he likes to make it clear that he’s not interested. He’s polite to my family. He still believes in the sentiment of kissing my hand.  He holds doors open for me, whether it be the door to our home or to the car, he will do it. My friends are all jealous that I have such a respectful boyfriend; I can’t blame them in the slightest.

“I’m a demon, not a pig,” he answers.

I smirk at his remark. He glances back to his hand which continues trailing up and down my arm, and I inquire with a hushed tone, “Would you ever want to be human again?”

He shakes his head, “Absolutely not.  I’d rather be back in hell than suffer humanity again.”

I push myself off of him and off of our bed which we were laying on. I move to our bedroom closet and start to look on Luke’s side of the inside. I pull a t shirt off of the hanger and throw it at him along with trousers and a jacket.

“What the hell are you doing?” I hear him question with a completely puzzled tone.

“Teaching you humanity, “I answer.

“Why?” he inquires.

“You act as if humanity was torture, which to you it probably was, I’m aware that you were an orphan all of your life, you lived in a time without the best housing or healthcare and you died horribly,” I answer.

I remember Luke confessing his death to me before. He was stabbed in the eighteenth century by someone who mugged him; he didn’t go into much detail as he wishes he could forget it. However he’s explained it as better than his time in hell, which he hasn’t told me about yet, and I haven’t asked, I know he’ll tell me  when he’s ready.

I continue, “This humanity is different, it’s good, Luke.”

He rolls his eyes at me before picking up the shirt which lays slightly crumpled in front of him. He shoves it on, “This better be worth it,” he answers, pulling the hem down to his waist.


We saunter through the empty, slush filled streets at two in the morning, no one is around except for the occasional young teenagers who look as if they are coming home from parties they really aren’t old enough for. I keep Luke’s hand intertwined with mine, his body heat is keeping me warm as he demanded to hold my hand and refused to let me wear a glove over it. I’m slightly in front of him, enthusiastically guiding him to our destination.

I direct him to the park closest to my home and we enter through the gates, the snow beneath our feet crunches with every step we take. My arm is tugged and twisted so abruptly that I can’t comprehend what’s happening. Luke twirls me under his arm and uses his free arm to wrap itself around my waist and pushes me towards him until our chests meet. I glance up at him and he leans forward and pecks me on the lips briefly. He turns me around so my back is huddled against his chest as he leans forward and rests his head on my shoulder, “We could be at home and doing much more fun things right now,” he suggests.

I smirk and break myself free of his grip, bending down swiftly to pick up a lump of the soft snow below me before forcing it together to create a firm ball and then hurling it in Luke’s direction. It hits him in the chest and he stares at me with a quizzical expression, “Why?”

I pick up another lump of snow, form it into a ball and throw it at him with a grin on my face as I attempt to conceal my giggles. He raises an eyebrow at me, “Come on, babe, you don’t want to start this.”

I raise an eyebrow to match his, challenging his stare. He continues, “Let’s just –“

He’s interrupted by a third snowball being hit off of him.

“That’s it.”

He bends forward and picks up a lump of snow, forming it into a ball in the same fashion as I did previously, before launching it in my direction. I jump to the side and the snowball misses me completely. He curses to himself before picking up another lump of snow and while he is caught off guard I throw a fourth snowball at him, except he manages to avoid this one. He glances up at me and our eyes lock as he crushes the lumps of snow together in his hand to make one huge snowball. He cocks his head and keeps a devilish grin across his face. I hold my hands up in defence, “Luke, don’t you dare.”

He raises his arms with the large snowball and prepares it for aim. I continue, “Luke if you throw that big ass snowball at me I will make your life a living hell.”

“Been there, done that,” he pulls his arms back before launching the snowball at me.

I try to avoid it but it’s too large. I squeal as the ice makes contact with my body, feeling myself shudder as I feel ice trickle through my top and down my back. The park echoes with Luke’s booming laughter at the sight of me with my beanie and hair drenched as I shiver. I glare at Luke and he cocks his head, “Come on babe.”

He saunters towards me, opening his arms.

I laugh, “You are so not getting a hug right now,” I try to sound stern yet my hitched breathing isn’t a helpful factor.

“Believe me, I am,” he challenges.

“Hm,” I put my finger to my chin, “I’d rather not.”

I turn on my heel and jog away from him, giggling as I do so, the ice trickling down my back even more now but I don’t care. I hear Luke from behind me, “That’s so not fair!”

I laugh at his complaints. Suddenly I hear breathing from behind me and two arms wrap around my waist. Luke picks me up as I kick my legs to be put down, “God damn your demon speed and strength you Sasquatch.”

“Oh, how you do flatter me,” he responds, pecking me on the cheek.

He places me down onto the ground but doesn’t remove his hands from my waist. He pulls me closer towards him and I notice him swaying slightly, he probably doesn’t realise he’s doing it. “You’re not very intimidating for a demon,” I mumble.

He turns me around; I wish he’d stop doing that. He tilts my chin up so I our eyes lock. The devilish grin on his face is evident. He blinks and when his eyes open once again they no longer show the periwinkle irises which are what I am accustomed to. They’re black, jet black and I can see my reflection through them. Normally I can tell how Luke is feeling by his eyes, they don’t conceal anything but that’s not the current case, his eyes are empty.

He cocks his head, “Am I intimidating now?”

I open my mouth to reply but I am interrupted by an unfamiliar voice, “Luke, is that you?”

I notice Luke’s body stiffen and he presses his hands down on my shoulder when I try to turn around to face the owner of the voice. He growls through gritted teeth, “Don’t you dare move.”

I am close to arguing and he continues, “Stay silent.”

I know not to question him, he hasn’t spoken sternly around me before and I know now is not the time to comment on it.

“Oh it is,” the voice speaks again, “How long has it been since we’ve seen each other, two years maybe? I haven’t seen you since the great massacre.”

I feel myself involuntarily gasp at what I have just heard. I can feel Luke tense up even more now. The unknown voice is deep, not as deep as Luke’s yet it is still deep, and he and Luke share a similar accent. The voice is smooth and husky. Luke interrogates, “Why are you here, Calum?”

I hear footsteps crunching on the snow and coming closer to me, Luke slowly pulls me closer to him, attempting to make sure it isn’t noticeable to this mysterious man. Calum speaks, “Same reason as you, to catch prey, my work has been done, the naïve ones always taste the best, poor girl thought I was driving her home.”

“I’m not here to catch prey,” Luke argues.

“Don’t be greedy,” the man scoffs, “I thought we were over that. Come on, let’s make it like old time sakes, you get the pleasure of killing and I get the satisfaction of drinking their blood.”

“I would be completely willing,” Luke begins and I shudder at the statement, he squeezes my shoulder in assurance, “But she’s not human.”

The man takes a few steps towards me and I can hear the snow crunch with every footstep. He grows nearer and I shiver at the sensation of the man’s breath on my neck. A hand rests on my shoulder, next to Luke’s hand and brushes along it, and then up my neck, until the place where my jaw meets my neck when he stops. He presses his fingers to the point which he has discovered. His fingers are cold, colder than mine after touching the snow. He speaks to Luke, “Really? Not human?” he then chuckles, “Explain her pulse.”

I glance up to Luke with my mouth parted and my eyebrows furrowed, feeling my lip quiver out of fear. He glances down at me with his eyes still black before clenching his jaw. He lets go of my shoulders abruptly and pushes me away from the touch of the other man, or whatever Calum is.

I turn to see the face of the mystery man. He looks slightly shorter than Luke but just as broad with stronger arms and darker skin. I can see a hint of a tattoo from the cut of his shirt slanting from his right side. His hair is jet black and his dark eyebrows to match are furrowed with confusion at Luke’s action. As I pay closer attention I can see streaks of blond. 

Luke grips the shorter man’s wrist which was still in mid-air from being forced off of me. Luke twists Calum’s arm behind his back and pushes him onto his knees, Calum protects his face by breaking his fall with his arm. Calum tries to defend himself by swinging his other arm around to hit Luke but his attempt fails when Luke stands on Calum’s hand before he has the chance to get it far off of the ground. Calum groans in pain. Luke spits, “If you ever touch her again I’ll kill you.”

“Try killing what’s already dead,” he chuckles and Luke twists the tanned boy’s arm even more. Calum groans, “You must have him whipped girl, if he’s willing to kill his partner in crime over you.”

Luke keeps Calum on the ground and I notice the dark haired man smirk, “Too bad he learned what he knows from me.”

Calum uses one of his legs to kick Luke’s, catching him off guard before yanking Luke’s arm which was previously held behind the smaller boy’s back and flipping Luke onto his back. I gasp as Luke heaves in a breath, being winded by the impact of being thrown to the ground. Luke breathes, “Babe, run.”

I hesitate, not wanting to leave Luke like this, with the possibility of being badly hurt or even killed by Calum, yet knowing that there is absolutely nothing I can do to help him. Luke repeats in a louder, stern tone, “Run!”  Before letting his head hit the snow.

I take his advice this time and turn on my heels and sprint in the direction which I came in, letting my boots sink into the snow with every time I take a step and letting the cold air burn my cheeks and ears. I hear a laughter echo through the park before I can faintly distinguish Calum’s voice saying, “You think her running would help?”

I feel startled by the noise of something whizzing through air, light footsteps can barely be heard as I can hear Luke groan even further in the distance. I gasp when I feel two arms being pressed on my own arms, “Hey love,” an uneasy voice greets me and I can easily recognise it as Calum’s now, “We’re going on a journey.”

He pulls me quickly and I scream at the sensation. My feet aren’t moving but I am going faster than I could in any car. The pressure makes my ears feel blocked as if I were in an aeroplane. The cold air hits my face in an uncomfortable manner and everything passes me as a blur and I can’t recognise where I am and the best I can make out is the white snow below me. I try to fight against Calum’s hold but the pressure from the speed he is moving at makes it difficult for me to move my arms, or any part of my body. He has too tight a hold of me for my struggling to make a difference anyway.

We stop abruptly and I feel as if I am going to be sick. Calum pushes me backwards which such force that I hit my head against the brick wall behind me, his strength was great but it looked like he didn’t even make much of an effort, which terrifies me. I always thought Luke was strong but this is something completely different.

Calum saunters towards me slowly and I know better than attempting to run away. I keep my back tightly pressed against the wall as Calum cocks his head and chuckles at the evidently terrified expression on my face. When he comes close enough to me that I can feel his breath against me he puts his hand on the front of my shoulder and holds me against the wall so even if I tried to get away, I couldn’t.

He watches me intently. He brushes the back of his fingers against my neck and I notice a tattoo with three letters on his hand, initials possibly. He plays with the chain of my necklace. He runs the chain between his index finger and his thumb before he finds the locket. He uses his fingers to open the locker with ease which impresses me, I tend to struggle. He chuckles, “Cute,” referring to the picture inside with myself and Luke, “He gave you this?”

I nod, too terrified to form words.

Calum drops the locket back down so it rests on my clothing, “I’ll make sure to try and keep it clean then.”

His statement confuses me before he lunges for my neck, sinking his teeth into it. I scream out in pain when I can feel him begin to suck at my neck. I can feel the blood pour out of my vein but not a single drop trickles down my neck, not a single drop misses Calum’s mouth. He removes his mouth for a second and proceeds by mumbling, “No wonder Luke likes you, you taste amazing.”

He latches his mouth back onto my neck and drinks from me again, I squeeze my eyes shut and the pain begins to numb itself.

I feel air collide with my neck and Calum’s hand come off of my shoulder before hearing a thud and Calum groan. I open my eyes and breathe a sigh of relief when I recognise Luke standing in front of me, hovering over Calum. He bends down and holds his hand to Calum’s neck, tightly.

“Hate to break it to you, but I’m the only one who’ll be leaving bite marks on her neck,” Luke states.

Calum slips away from Luke’s grip and I can feel myself beginning to panic, hoping for the situation not to end like it did previously. Calum bites his lip and keeps a cocky grin on his face and I can see my own blood has decorated on his chin. He smiles, “I like a challenge.”

Luke raises his arms and waves his fingers in a ‘come here’ motion, signalling that he is ready for a fight, and aware that he won’t lose. Calum lunges at the taller boy and knocks him onto the snow. Luke grabs Calum’s wrists once he hits the ground and turns him over onto so he’s now on his back. Luke places his hands on either side of Calum’s head and tightens his grip; Calum widens his eyes in terror. Luke’s eyes look even darker than before and I didn’t believe that was possible. Luke groans before tugging on the dark haired man’s head and ripping it off of his neck. The sound of the head being disconnected is sickening and the sight is bad enough to force me to turn away.

I screw my eyes shut before I feel two hands cup either side of my face, “Baby, what did he do to you?”

I gesture to my wounded neck without opening my eyes again, not risking seeing Calum’s head lay next to his body, the blood colouring the snow. Luke pulls me in for a tight hug and I burrow my head in his chest, wrapping my arms around him tightly, not caring if it makes him uncomfortable, I’m not in the position to let him go.

Luke murmurs, “I’ll get you home and we’ll get you cleaned up, okay?”

I nod against his chest and Luke tangles his fingers in my hair.


Luke gently places the square bandage onto my neck and I wince at the sting. Luke apologises for the sting before using some of the tape for bandages he saw in the first aid kit and placing it on each side of the bandage. He picks up a slightly damp, cool sponge and dabs it on the areas of my neck where blood dripped. He pays close attention to my wound, “Sorry if this hurts,” he murmurs.

“Luke, it’s fine, you’ve done enough,” I respond, “let me help you.”

I stretch my arm out to pick up the first aid kit next to Luke and he stops my hand, “Don’t even think about it.”

“Luke, you were hurt more than me,” I argue, just wanting to help him.

“I’ll heal quickly,” he states bluntly, “demon, remember?”

I open my mouth to argue but then close it, Luke’s stubborn, if he doesn’t want me to help him then he won’t let me, no matter what I do. He puts the sponge down and sighs, “I’m so sorry.”

“It wasn’t your fault –“

He interrupts, “It was, I should never have thought there could have actually been something between us, I knew this was inevitable, eventually my past would catch up to me, I mean you nearly got killed by a vampire. I didn’t care I was so selfish and I can’t be selfish with you, this is difficult because I love you but I can’t –“

“You love me?” I interrupt him, meeting his gaze with my eyebrows furrowed.

When we first started our relationship, before I found out what he was he made it clear that he wasn’t capable of feeling such affection. I didn’t care, I didn’t need it and at that point I didn’t really want it. When I found out what he was I finally understood that he wasn’t hesitant to care, he just couldn’t. I was aware of that when my feelings for him grew, but I didn’t care, I didn’t need his affection. But now I realise I can have it.

His body stiffens in realisation of what he just said. He raises his eyebrows, “What?”

“You said that you –“

“No I didn’t,” he argues.

I roll my eyes at his feeble attempt to make me ignore what he just said. I try to relax him by confessing that the feeling is mutual, “I love y-“

“No,” he interrupts, “You can’t, you can’t say it.”

“But I-“

“No! You can’t feel that way about me. I’ve hurt people for fun, you heard what Calum said, we were a team. We killed together, actually he didn’t kill, I did. I used my charm to get girls to come back to my place before snapping their necks, all Calum did was drink the blood from their dead bodies. I took the pleasure of watching the life drain from them, I liked it. I loved it. I was going to kill you at first –“

“But you didn’t,” I counter, “You didn’t kill me, you did the opposite. You saved my life.”

He looks down at the ground, refusing to meet my eye. I place my hand on his shoulder, “I know what you are, I know what kind of things you used to do and not even being tortured in hell can justify it. The point is you don’t do these things anymore, you aren’t this scary thing. You don’t scare me.”

“Look me in the eyes and say that,” he scoffs.

 He lifts his head and I meet his gaze and begin, “You don’t –“

He stops me, “Not these eyes,” he blinks once and I am reacquainted with the emptiness of his black eyes, “these ones.”

He stares deep into my eyes and cocks his head. I gaze into his dark eyes and announce without hesitation or stuttering, “You don’t scare me.”

“I should scare you,” he argues, “I’m a demon.

“Guess I must just be pretty stupid then.”

“What do you really think this relationship will bring you?” He bellows which startles me, “I can’t marry you in a church, I can’t age like you, and you can’t have kids if you want to be with me. You could even go to hell for being with a demon! Why would you put yourself through this?”

“The same reason you killed your old friend!” I argue.

Luke glances down again and I notice his eyes flicker back to their previous mask with blue irises. I grip his hand with mine, “I love you. I know so well that I shouldn’t but I do, and I can’t help this. I don’t expect a normal relationship, if I did I would have left you the first time your eyes turned black,” Luke meets my gaze again, “I’m not in this relationship for the possibility of marriage and kids, I’m in it for you, and I’ll stay in it for you.

He smirks slightly before removing his hand from mine and wrapping both of his arms around me and pulling me next to him, before leaning backwards on the couch we were perched on and letting me rest on his chest. He holds me even tighter than he did before and I rest my head in the crook of his neck.

“You’re perfect,” he mumbles into my hair.

“I’m glad we established that before I turn into a vampire,” I joke.

He chuckles, “But really, I don’t know what I did to deserve you.”

I glance up at him and observe his features carefully, making sure I don’t miss a single detail, “I really adore your eyes.”

He blinks once, changing his baby blues back to the hungry deep black once again, however I don’t recognise the emptiness this time. He smirks and shows off his dark eyes, “How about now?”

I peck him on the cheek briefly, noticing that as I do so it darkens from his usual pale complexion into a soft pink shade; I smile at the knowledge of what my touch can do to him. “They look even better now.”

"What are you wearing?"

So, uh, this was requested by an anon and I’ve finally gotten around to writing it. Hope you guys enjoy.


I’m in the middle of trying to work a knot out of my hair when my phone buzzes from its place on my bed.

“Hi beb.” The text reads. It’s from Luke. He’s been sick for about a week and since Liz has enforced the rule that no one can visit Luke while he’s getting well, I’ve had to text him nonstop to keep him company.

My thumbs hesitate over the keys for a second, debating what to type. I finally decide on a cheeky, “Hi ;)” biting my lip before hitting send.

I flop onto my bed, fiddling with my fingers while I wait on his reply. My phone buzzes once again. “Why the winky face?” he’s asked.

“Eh,” I respond, “I’m feeling frisky.” My finger hovers over the send button, finally tapping it before I lose my nerve.

Not ten seconds later I receive his response. “Um frisky?” I can just imagine his face turning red at this exact moment.

“Frisky.” I confirm. I attach a picture to the message. My face is frozen in a wink. I follow up that text with another. “You know what I’d be doing if I was with you right now?” I ask.

He sends a picture of himself blushing, his eyes cast to the side. “What?” the message beneath it reads.

I tap my fingers against my thigh for a moment, considering my options. I could drop the whole act right now and keep this conversation completely platonic (seeing as we are just friends, even if we do flirt frequently) or I could tease Luke a bit.

I make my decision, smirking. “Tease Luke it is.” I mumble to myself. “Well,” I start, “I would bite that sexy lip ring of yours and palm you through your jeans…” I pull up my camera, unbuttoning the top few buttons of Luke’s flannel I stole. Snapping a quick picture, I attach it to my message before sending it.

After waiting for a few minutes without a reply I ask, “What would you do to me?”

 A few seconds pass. My phone dings. “Erm I wuold grab ur ass and suk on ur nrck.” The jumbled text reads.

“Oh my god. He’s masturbating and I’ve barely even said anything.” I snort. I egg him on even more. “What are you doing Lucas? Are you imagining me trailing my tongue down your cock? Are you getting yourself off to the thought of me sucking you off?”

His immediate reply is, “yea I am. wat r u wearing?” God, he’s actually taking charge? Glad the boy finally manned up.

“Skype me and find out.” I send. There’s no way he’ll video call me while he’s jerking off. To my surprise, I receive an incoming call from “Lukey.”

He’s got more nerve than I thought.

I answer the call and am immediately greeted with the sight of a flushed and huffing Luke.  “Y/N, hi.” He grunts before continuing. “Jesus Christ is that my shirt? What else are you wearing?” He pants out in-between labored breaths.

I decide to humor him and slide my laptop down my bed so that it sits in-between my legs. Slowly, I glide the edge of his shirt up my thighs, revealing a pair of periwinkle blue underwear. Grinning, I start to unbutton the shirt from the bottom up, exposing more and more of my torso. I stop just below my breasts.

He groans, tilting his head back so that it rests on his headboard. “Please Y/N.” he gasps. “I wanna see your tits.”

“Well since you asked so nicely.” I chuckle and unbutton the last two buttons.

He clenches his eyes shut and grits his teeth before expelling a growl. “Ugh, Y/N.” he moans. His chest heaves and he rests his forearm over his eyes. After a minute of this he finally sits back up. “That was…great.” He laughs awkwardly. “Could we maybe do something like that again some time?” he asks timidly, scratching the back of his neck.

“We could do something like that in twenty minutes if you can convince your mom to let you come over to my house to ‘study’.” I put finger quotes around study; a devilish grin breaking it’s way across my face.

His eyes grow big and he beams. “Don’t worry. I’ll be over in twenty.” With that he abruptly ends the call.

I flop over and sigh, smiling widely. “I’m about to have sex with my best friend.” I murmur. “I’m about to have sex with my HOT best friend.”


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Preference 58: He Catches the Boys Staring at You (REQUESTED)

Calum: You, your boyfriend Calum, and his fellow band members get ready to go out to dinner to celebrate their new album’s release. Since this is a special occasion you go all out, deciding to curl your hair in big loose waves, and apply more makeup than usual. You slide on a tight black dress that shows off your body well, but still looks classy. You hear Calum call from downstairs, “Babe, c’mon were gonna be late!” “Can you come upstairs to zip me up?” you respond struggling to reach the silver zipper on the back of your dress. You hear footsteps and Calum’s tall frame appear in the doorway, smirking. Walking up behind you and zipping up your dress, he smiles, “You look beautiful,” pecking your now blushing cheek. “You don’t look so bad yourself, Hood,” you laugh. “Let’s go. Everyone’s waiting,“ Calum sighs. You roll your eyes and drag Calum out of the room behind you. As soon as your footsteps hit the stairs you hear Ashton’s loud voice, “Let’s go guys!” He turns to face Luke and Michael, sees the boys staring open-mouthed at the stairwell and turns around to join them. You blush, realizing they are staring at you. “Okay, we’re here, we’re here,” Calum says, not paying attention. When no one responds he looks toward them, noticing their obvious staring. “Guys! I know Y/N’s hot but eyes off!” You blush and Luke quickly looks at the floor, saying, “No! I mean she is - wait I didn’t mean it like that!” You laugh and slide on your black heels, “Um thanks guys, but we should get going,” you say smirking at them. Calum eyes the boys and leads you out the door. “Well that was awkward,” you whisper to Calum. “Yeah, yeah, yeah. Looks like I’m gonna have to have a serious talk about where their eyes are allowed,” he grumbles while you laugh at his cute jealousy.

Luke: Since your boyfriend, Luke, and his band mates have the day off, you decide it is a great time for a beach trip. You choose to wear your brand new bikini, although it is a bit showy, especially in the chest area. You put on the bikini, a pair of shorts, and a crop top before grabbing your bag and heading out. After a twenty minute drive you arrive and see the boys laying out towels. “Hey Y/N!” you hear Calum and Michael yell. “Hey guys!” you respond happily, walking over to where all of their things are laid out. You lay your towel right next to where Luke is laying down. “Hey babe,” he smiles and pulls you into into a hug. “Woah there, it’s way too hot for this. I’m going in the water,” you laugh as he pouts. You pull off your shorts and shirt and start spraying sunscreen on.  “Guys, seriously?!” You turn around to see Luke hitting Ashton and Michael upside the head while Calum stares at you, open mouthed. Confused, you eye all off them. You quickly realize they have been staring at you, but you ask innocently, “What’s wrong?” Michael opens his mouth, trying to form words, but nothing comes out. Luke breaks the silence, “Well what’s wrong is that they can’t keep their eyes off of my girlfriend!” Suddenly Calum speaks up, “Well I’m sorry but who expected that!” He gestures to your body and you chuckle lightly. “I did! Now stop looking at her!” Luke says harshly. You laugh, “Babe you’re cute when you’re protective.” “Then I must be adorable right now,” he mutters, still watching the boys. You giggle and drag him towards the water, teasing him the rest of the day.

Michael: You toss and turn in Michael’s bunk on the tour bus, unable to get comfortable. Summer nights on the tour bus were always miserably hot, but this is the worst it has been. You look at the clock, sighing when you see that it is 1 AM. Deciding that maybe you’re hungry, you pry Michael’s arms off of you and slide out of bed, making your way toward the kitchen. “Oh, hey,” you nod sleepily at Calum, Luke and Ashton, who are all up watching a movie. You bend over, digging through the crammed drawers of food for something appetizing. “Who knew Y/N had such a good body!” Ashton whispers, impressed. “This is definitely a nice angle,” Calum agrees, eyeing you as you search for food, oblivious to their stares. “What’re you doing?” You hear Michael ask. Calum and the other two tear their eyes from you just as you stand up. “Michael! I, um,” Calum glances back at you guiltily, blushing beet red. “Perv,” Michael mumbles, glaring at Calum, Ashton and Luke in turn. “What?” You ask, looking around sleepily. “Come here,” Michael sighs, holding out his arms for you. You oblige, forgetting a snack and making your way to Michael. “What’s up?” You ask with a sleepy smile. “Come back to bed,” he says. “Okay,” you comply, still confused. You catch him glaring at Calum again as he leads you back to the bunk. “Did you know all of the boys were staring at you?” Michael asks with a hint of bitterness. “Oh,” you say, looking down at your body and realizing that maybe you should’ve put on something other than your short shorts, hardly covering your bum, and your low cut tank top. “I’ll have a little talk with them in the morning,” Michael says sternly, “But for now come back to bed.” You agree and clamber into Michael’s bed, falling asleep almost instantly. You wake up in the morning to the sound of Michael and the boys bickering over who stared first and laugh to yourself, grateful for such a protective boyfriend.

Ashton: Luke, Calum and Michael gather around a laptop, talking in hushed voices about your most recent YouTube video. “Her butt looks great in yoga pants,” Michael observes. “Her butt looks great all of the time,” Calum corrects. “Right here!” Michael says excitedly, pausing the screen at a time when your butt looks especially great. “She’s so hot,” Calum sighs. “I can’t believe she’s actually dating Ashton,” Luke says, shaking his head. “What about Ashton?” Ashton asks, entering the room with you in tow. “What? Nothing!” Calum lies, blocking the computer screen from your and Ashton’s view as him, Luke and Michael continue to stare at your frozen frame on the screen. “Are you seriously watching this again?” Ashton asks, coming up behind them. “No,” Michael lies, shutting the laptop before you see. “What?” You ask, moving to Ashton’s side. “They’re watching your videos again,” Ashton sighs, rolling his eyes at them. You chuckle, reaching over and opening the laptop to see the screen paused on a shot of your butt. “Nice, guys,” you laugh. “This is horrible,” Ashton sighs, embarrassed. “We didn’t know she was over,” Luke defends weakly. “Just stop watching her videos!” Ashton says, exasperated, “They’re makeup tutorials!” The three boys exchange guilty looks and you laugh again, your cheeks reddening. “Until you start wearing makeup, I forbid you from watching Y/n’s videos,” Ashton says seriously, “Now apologize to Y/n.” “Sorry,” Luke and Michael grumble. “You have a great butt,” Calum mumbles instead, making you laugh and Ashton smack him upside the head. “Let’s go,” Ashton sighs, taking your hand and leading you out of the room.

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Ashton Fanfic

OMG OMG OMG Just imagine…Calum is the class nerd but he isn’t the classic “button down-khaki” kind of nerd. He was the ‘Peter Parker’ kind. The one where they are super bad ass but super genius. Anyways, so you were just roaming the hallways of your school one day trying to get to class and once you sat down at your desk you pulled out your notebooks. Class already started when Calum showed up late for class and ran by your desk, knocking over all of your books. “Oh God… I am so sorry.” He picked up your notebooks for you and sat down at his desk behind you. About halfway through class, your teacher was just rambling on about Shakespeare and you felt a poke. You turned your head to see Calum smiling. “Hey.” He whispered. “Hi.” You replied. “I’m really sorry about your books.” “It’s okay.” You said and looked down. “No it’s not. It’s embarrassing. Can I make it up to you?” You smiled at looked up. “How?” You asked. “Wanna get some coffee after school?” You smiled and looked into his big brown eyes and whispered, “I’d love to.”

3 am Part TWO - Luke Hemmings/Calum Hood Oneshot

Part one 

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Requested: Kinda



I watch him intently as his fist which was covered by the thick red glove collided with the punching bag repeatedly. I can hear the metal which is holding the punching bag up above the ground squeaking, obviously not built for someone with Luke’s stamina. I can see sweat roll down his body as he continues training, his muscle tank clinging to his body. His Lego necklace is constantly hitting his chest after every collision between his glove and the punching bag. He doesn’t notice me watching him, I knew he would stop training if he acknowledged my presence; I just want to see him train himself.

After one extra forceful hit the punching bag falls from its place above the ground and hits the floor with a thud. “Fuck,” I hear him mutter to himself. He removes his red boxer gloves and dumps them on the ground. He runs his fingers through his now-sweaty hair to keep it out of his face and takes a deep breath. He picks up his water bottle and swallows a large amount before releasing the bottle with a gasp for air.

“Having some trouble with the punch bag?” I chuckle, letting my presence finally be known to him.

He glances towards me and I see his expression turn into one of surprise. After taking a moment to acknowledge my appearance he smirks as he puts his water bottle back where it was previously. “How long have you been here?” he enquires, I can hear the breathlessness in his voice.

“Long enough,” I answer vaguely, “I like watching you train, you get so lost in it,” I admit as I approach him.

A devilish grin appears on his face. He steps closer to me so he’s now towering over me as we speak. “I guess I just like to box.”

He wraps his arms around my waist so his hands are resting on the small of my back. He attempts to pull me closer and I step backwards, “No Luke you’re all sweaty.”

He doesn’t let me leave his grip and he pushes me towards him, “You’re just going to have to put up with it.”

I squeal as he squeezes me tightly against him. I can hear his pulse racing as I’m against him. He laughs at my slight struggle. I relax in his arms after a few moments and let him keep his arms around me while I rest my head against him. The laughter stops and all that can be heard is Luke’s heavy breathing, still not back to normal after his intense training session. His grip around me becomes tighter and I luxuriate in his embrace. The silent moment is interrupted once Luke and I hear slow clapping echo throughout the room.

I remove myself from Luke’s arms and turn my head swiftly to see who the noise is coming from. It’s a tall man, not nearly as close to Luke’s height but relatively tall. He’s wearing a plain white t-shirt and some red shorts, similar to Luke’s but his are blue. I’d guess he’s here for training. He’s quite muscular and I can see part of a tattoo peeking out from below his right sleeve, most of the tattoo is covered but it looks like a snake.

Luke notices the man and grips my hand tightly with his own, keeping me connected to him. The man chuckles, “Aw Hemmings, I didn’t know you had a girl.” He has a deep voice and a faint London accent.

I glance towards Luke to see his reaction and I notice his jaw is clenched and his grip on my hand becomes tighter. He growls, “What do you want, Sykes?”

Sykes lets out a small condescending laugh. “I came to see if you were ready for the fight tonight, but obviously you’re preoccupied,” he responds, glancing towards me and I glare at him.

I glance up at Luke as I want to see his reaction; Luke hadn’t told me about him having a fight tonight. Luke spits, “I’m ready, Sykes. Now get out of here.”

Sykes takes Luke’s hint and starts to turn around and walk away. All that can be heard in the room are his heavy footsteps becoming fainter with every step he takes. “See you tonight, Hemmings.” He turns a corner until I can’t see him anymore yet I can still faintly hear his footsteps until I hear what I assume is a door opening and closing before the room is completely silent.

I turn to face Luke who’s evidently irritated by Sykes’ unexpected appearance. “You didn’t mention anything about a fight tonight,” I point out, slightly puzzled.

He doesn’t acknowledge my statement, he pretends he didn’t hear. I think back to Sykes’ physical appearance. He looked tall, not overly tall but taller than average; I’d guess he was a couple inches below six foot. He was very well built, large muscles and a six pack was evident under his shirt. I then turn to Luke, who is very tall quite broad and muscular, but not compared to Sykes. “He’s a higher weight class than you!” I realise out loud, him finally giving me his attention.

“[Y/N] let me explain –“

I interrupt, “Luke it’s illegal to fight someone that’s a higher weight class for a reason! Do you realise how badly you could get hurt?”

“[Y/N] I’ve been training a lot, and this guy’s practically all talk!” Luke defends.

I soften my tone before as I respond, “I don’t want you to get hurt.”

He notices my worry for him and his previously defensive and slightly annoyed expression and stance softens. He approaches me and gently tilts my chin up with his hand, “I’m going to be okay,” he responds without any doubt and it makes me feel more confident that he’ll win the fight. He suggests, “Why don’t you come to watch the fight tonight? So you don’t have to worry at home.”

“Luke I’ve never seen you in a proper fight before,” I explain, “Are you sure you want to start me off with this one?”

He ponders the question for a moment before nodding, “Yeah, you’ll be my good luck charm.”

“God, do you realise how cheesy that was? I’m not twelve years old that won’t work on me.”

“Don’t make things difficult,” he chuckles, “but will you come, please?”

I weigh out my options. I could either wait at home, constantly waiting by my phone for a call or a text explaining that Luke isn’t injured while being anxious until I receive that clarification. I could also get that dreaded phone call stating that he is injured, or in hospital. I shudder to think of that being the case. My other possibility is to watch Luke as he participates in an illegal fight, holding my breath until he’s out of that ring safely, having to watch every time he is hit. I’ve seen the way he can come back from fights he’s won with bruises and black eyes, I hate to think what he’d look like losing a fight against someone in a higher weight class. Neither of the options are desirable, but I go with the one that Luke would prefer, “I’ll come.”

His eyes light up and he smiles. He approaches me and presses his lips to my forehead, pecking it lightly before speaking, “Thank you. The fight starts at eight and its here.”

I pull away from him, “I need to meet my cousin for lunch, I’ll see you at eight.”

“See you at eight,” he replies as I turn around and start to move in the direction of the exit.


I enter the place where I was previously and the differences are extreme. First of all it’s crowded, which is surprising considering it’s an illegal fight. It’s mostly men here, there are only about three women that I can see at the moment, and they look like Sykes’ supporters. I can see Sykes standing by one of the ring’s corners with lots of people standing outside of it giving him encouragement. He has a smug grin across his face and it irritates me. It irritates me that he’d think to start a fight with someone of a lower weight class so he can boost his ego. I hope Luke kicks his ass.

I search around the room for any sign of Luke. I would’ve thought he’d be easy to find. There are not many tall blonds with extreme quiffs in the world. I feel a hand on my shoulder and I turn around quickly, expecting it to be Luke. It’s not. It’s a man of average height and a strong build, he has a short, scruffy beard and he smells as if he has bathed in aftershave. He has alcohol on his breath. “What’s a pretty girl like you doing in a place like this?” he slurs.

I groan at his attempt to flirt and try to walk away from him, not bothering to respond. He grips my shoulder even tighter, “I asked a question, sweetheart,” he speaks with a condescending tone.

The observation that he thinks he can do this to a girl who’s alone in a primarily male-surrounded environment angers me. I spit back, “Here to cheer on my boyfriend who’ll be in the ring. If that’s such an issue I can get him for you, or I can smack you myself. Your choice.”

He lets go of my shoulder, As he walks away I hear him mutter, “Psycho bitch.”

“What’d you say about my girlfriend?” I hear an Australian accent exclaim. I turn my head swiftly and I can finally see Luke with a loose t shirt and his shorts on. He’s facing the drunken man who was next to me earlier.

I watch Luke as his arms are folded in front of the man he glances towards me and winks subtly with a smug grin. That expression tells me that he’s not annoyed by the man, but simply wants to scare the shit out of him for a second.  Luke towers over the man and he has to tilt his neck upwards in order to get a good look at him. The man stutters, “N-nothing.”

Luke smirks and pats the man on the back, “Good,” I hear him respond, “Keep it that way.”

Luke saunters towards me and I notice the man look behind him with an expression of confusion, completely surprised by Luke’s reaction which makes me chuckle. Luke approaches me and wraps his arms around me, holding me loosely with his hands on the small of my back. I chuckle, “You didn’t have to torture that guy.”

“I know,” he responds, “I saw the shit you gave him about watching your boyfriend and I decided it might be fun if I got involved.”

I laugh, “This is the type of shit that gets you into fights.”

“I’m a boxer! It’s my job,” he replies, “Speaking of we need to get to the ring.”

He removes his arms from around me and grips my hand tightly, he creates a path for himself in the crowd of people excited to watch an illegal fight, making it easy for us to get to the ring. He makes his way to his corner and I see a familiar face standing there and I breathe a sigh of relief. “’Bout fucking time,” Ashton giggles, “Ready for this fight?”

“I can’t wait,” Luke responds excitedly.

“Get ready then,” Ashton instructs, “The fight starts in two minutes.”

Luke climbs into the ring and proceeds to remove his shirt. He takes the shirt off of his torso and throws it to Ashton, who catches it. I can’t help but glance at Luke’s bare torso. He notices my staring and chuckles, “Nothing you haven’t seen before, [Y/N].”

“Doesn’t mean I do not want to see it again,” I reply.

“Oh I almost forgot,” he takes off his Lego necklace and hands it to me, “For safe keeping.”

I grin as he hands it to me and I put it around my neck, “It suits you,” he compliments. I am about to respond before we hear the referee, “Ready to begin?” he bellows.

Luke turns his attention to the referee and I see him nod, I can already feel myself becoming worried. I feel an arm swing around my shoulder. I turn my head and see Ashton. “Don’t worry, [Y/N]. Luke’s got this,” he assures me. I know that Ashton comes to all of Luke’s matches so he’s going to have a better insight than I do but I still can’t help but feel nervous.

I must’ve missed the referee’s call to starting the match because I can already see Luke with his boxing gloves on with his arms protecting his chest; he’s facing Sykes who is just about ready to swing. Luke uses a right hook and hits Sykes in the jaw. I feel as if a weight has lifted off of me as he went off to a good start as I see Sykes is affected by the impact. I hear the crowd starts cheering as the fight begins to kick off, Ashton and I both excitedly cheer for Luke.

Sykes finally bounces back and hits Luke straight in the jaw. Luke stumbles slightly and Sykes hits him again in the ribs. I can’t help but stop cheering for him and bring my hands to my mouth, starting to feel nervous again. Ashton turns to me, “[Y/N], it’s okay, he’ll bounce back.”

I don’t respond, I just watch Luke carefully. He is hit again in the ribs, I can hear him groan in pain and it almost feels like I’m the one who took the punch. “Hit him back!” I cry, “Come on Luke!”

Luke attempts to punch back but is struck again in the ribs and knocked down. I feel my heart skip a beat as he collides with the ground. I scream, “Kick his ass!”

I notice Sykes says something to Luke. I pinpointed the exact moment where Luke snapped. He steps back up quickly and punches Sykes right in the face, hard enough to make him stumble slightly. The crowd roars at Luke bouncing back. Luke hits Sykes in the ribs, and then again in the stomach. Sykes tries to hit back but Luke blocks it with his gloves before using a left hook and hitting him in the jaw. Sykes is up against the corner of a ring and Luke keeps hitting, Sykes has a bust lip and a nose which I think is broken. Sykes eventually stumbles to the ground. The referee gives Sykes time to get up but he just stays lying on the floor. The referee loudly blows the whistle, takes Luke’s hand and brings it up to the air, announcing him the winner. I cheer loudly for him as he walks back to his corner.

He climbs over the edge of the ring and I don’t hesitate for a second to run to him and wrap my arms around his neck and bury my head in the crook of his neck. He groans slightly with pain and I remember the damage possibly caused to his ribs. “Sorry,” I mutter and attempt to move backwards but he pulls me closer by my waist. “I never said to leave,” he mumbles and I bury my face even deeper into his neck.

I hear Ashton approach us and congratulate Luke, “Well done, man! That’s the best win you’ve had this year!”

“Thanks mate,” Luke responds.

“I’ll leave you two here,” Ashton informs us.

I keep my arms wrapped around him. Not to show off that I’m dating the winner or anything as shallow as that. But because I was scared, for a few minutes watching Luke getting pummelled was horrible. I didn’t care whether he won or not, I just wanted him out of there, I wanted to jump in and stand in the way and now I don’t feel scared, because I’m holding him.

He removes his arms from my waist and I take it as a sign to move my arms away from his neck as well, it probably hurt him like hell. He clutches his chest as soon as I move away and he groans. I take his hand in mine, “Come on, let’s get you checked out. We’ll go to the hospital and say you fell down the stairs.”

“Wait, I forgot my shirt,” he protests.

“Leave it, it’ll make our story more believable,” I turn around and he notices me smirk.

He chuckles, “This is why I’m dating you.” 

for classifiedluke and macaroonmichael‘s college!5sos night

You first met Calum in your intro to creative writing class.

You were there because you were thinking about pursuing an English minor – or major, you were still undeclared, after all – and you assumed he was there to fulfill one of his general education requirements. Otherwise, you didn’t think he’d be in a creative writing class.

He probably didn’t know who you were – apart from being his classmate – but you knew your classmate was a member of the biggest fraternity on campus. Even without his fratboy reputation preceding him, just his attire screamed fratboy, the backwards snapback seemingly always there on his head being the biggest indicator.

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Friends with Benefits (Ashton)

Warning: Swearing?? Implied sex.

Not as smutty as it could’ve been but eh, I’m happy with it. Hope you enjoy and thanks for reading!

I stumble into Ashton’s apartment. He’s latched onto me like a leech and giggling like a maniac.

He hiccups and slurs out, “Shots, shots, shots!” He pats my tummy and rests all his weight against my side. I struggle to hold him up. He tries to make a course for the kitchen, heading for more liquor I assume.

I push my shoulder into his side, gearing him towards his room. I groan. “I think we’ve had enough shots for the night. Our heads will be pounding by morning.”

He looks towards the kitchen longingly, but begrudgingly lets me drag him in the opposite direction. His head rests heavily against my neck and I can feel him inhale strongly. “Your hair smells fruity.” He murmurs before bursting into giggles again.

I drop him onto his bed with a snort. “You smell fruity, what with all those girly drinks you managed to down.” I smack him on the butt and manage to not be cross-eyed long enough to take my shoes off.

He rolls over and grumbles, tumbling me on top of him. “They taste better than the manly drinks.” He whines. I suppress a laugh and nudge his ribs with my barefoot.

To any onlooker, we’d look like a hot mess. Sprawled across the bed, our wobbly limbs tangled, hair a mess. For us this is normal though. Every Friday we go out and get wasted, come home at the ass crack of dawn, and then sleep until Saturday night. Ashton and I have this down to a science.

From his spot on the other side of the bed, Ashton flashes me a cheeky grin. He clumsily scoots over so that he’s pressed up against me. I look at him confused. He snickers before shoving his face in my cleavage. He comes up for a second and whisper yells, “Woo motor boating!” before plopping his face back onto my chest.

Expecting him to blow against me, I’m surprised when he stays perfectly still. “Ash, I don’t think you quite get the meaning of motor boating.”

He groans. “Shaking head back and forth make Ashton very dizzy.” His nose digs into my breastbone and I feel his gentle exhales.

I laugh, snaking my hand under his gray v-neck to rub his back.  Next thing I know his hand has made it’s way up my dress, passed my underwear, and planted itself on my stomach. He massages tiny circles, stopping every now and then to pat me. “Um Ash. Why is your hand up my dress?”

“I’m returning the favor. Since I can’t reach your back, I figured I’d rub your tummy instead.” His hand slips a little lower so that his palm brushes against my underwear.

I sigh. “You did that on purpose didn’t you?”

He gives me an innocent look. “Did what?” he giggles.

“Put your hand on my underwear.” I pinch his butt.

He yelps. “Maybe. What’re you going to do about it?” his hand inches lower, brushing against me.

I gasp. “This.” I roll us over so that I’m straddling him. My hand makes it’s way down his trousers, and that’s the last thing I remember before it all goes fuzzy.

I wake up to a navy sky and a pounding headache. I’ve already swallowed down two Tylenol I grabbed from the bedside table by the time I realize I’m naked. I look beside me and see a dozing Ashton. “Shit.” I mutter. He’s naked too. I slip out from under the covers and feel around the floor for an article of clothing. I grasp Ashton’s t-shirt.

Slipping it on I make my way to the bathroom.  I stare at myself in the mirror before splashing cold water on my face. “This can not be happening. I did not sleep with my best friend.” My eyes are squinted shut in the hopes that, when I open them this will all have just been a dream. I peek one open and, yep, definitely not a dream. I make my way out of the bathroom only to find Ashton sitting up in bed. He’s rubbing his eyes and muttering to himself. I cough.

His head shoots up. “Thank god.” He rasps. “I thought I had slept with some random hooker or something.”

I can’t help but laugh. I sit down on the bed and hand him some Tylenol. He nods in thanks. “Nope. Just me. Although I could be a hooker. You never know.”

“Yeah, but you’re not a random hooker. That makes all the difference.” He giggles, immediately groaning after, placing a hand to his temple.

“Aw poor baby.” I mock, wrapping my arms around his shoulders and letting him rest his head on my chest.

“Can we have naked cuddles?” he sticks a lip out.

“Isn’t that what we’re doing?” I snort, raising an eyebrow.

“No, you have a shirt on.” He pouts, pulling at the hem of my shirt.

I sigh and remove the shirt, shuffling under the covers with Ashton. I become the big spoon (I really don’t feel like having a boner dig into my back) and wrap my arms around Ashton’s middle. “Happy?”

He hums his approval.

We lay in silence for so long that I think he’s fallen asleep, but he pipes up, “Do you remember what happened last night? Like, was I any good?”

I scan my brain for any memory of what happened after I went fuzzy. I come up with zilch. “I’ve got nothing.” I shrug.  “Do you remember anything?”

He snickers. “I don’t remember much, but one thing I can’t forget is the way you sounded. Your moan is hot.” He winks at me over his shoulder.

I roll my eyes and press my cheek to his back. For a few peaceful seconds the throbbing of my head stops as we lay in silence.

Ashton breaks it again. “Do you want to like, do IT again?” he rolls over so that he’s facing me. His eyes are innocent, but I can feel his hardness against my stomach.

“You want to make this a regular thing?” I clarify, my voice nervous.

He nods. “Only if you want to though.” He rushes to add.

I take a deep breath. “Yeah. Let’s be- friends with benefits I guess?”

He grins. “Yeah. Friends with benefits.” His grin widens and he places a sloppy kiss on the corner of my mouth. I can feel his hand trail gently down my stomach, a specific destination in mind.

I place my hand over his, stopping him. “Whoa there partner. I’m tired, you’re tired. My head hurts, your head hurts. We’re hung-over. Let’s start this whole friends with benefits thing after we’ve slept our hangover off. I move his hand so that it rests on my hip.

He groans but smiles. “I guess that makes since.” He places pecks all around my face. “So see you in a few hours?” he murmurs, his eyes fluttering closed.

“I’ll definitely see you in a few hours.” I pet his hair back before closing my eyes as well.

He places his face on my collarbone and I can feel his grin.

I have to admit, I’m kind of looking forward to this whole friends with benefits thing. So maybe I lied a little bit when I said I didn’t remember anything about sleeping with Ashton. Let’s just say he was a pretty good lay.

The Other Side

request: babe would you please write something like long and fluffy for sad mikey please? I really need it. thank youuuuuu!

sister piece to this post (but it’s fine on it’s own too!)

You hesitated, turning the key over in your hand. You’d never really took the time to stare at the outside of Michael’s door, never really noticed the wear in the wood. Any other time you’d stood on this threshold, you had placed the key in the lock and turned it without a second thought, more excited by the possibility of your boyfriend’s smiling face on the other side than anything else the outdoors could have offered you.

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