All Grown Up (Calum)

So, this is going to be a thing. I want to make it a multiple part thing but I guess we’ll see where this goes and if you guys want it. I’ll only write it if you guys will read it! So, enjoy :) Also, Y/B/F means your best friend, if you didn’t know!

 The sun shone brightly as she ran as fast as she could, trying to keep up with her friends who were definitely way ahead of her. Y/N wasn’t the fastest runner, which all her friends loved to tease her about.

 “Jeez, Y/N! You’re so slow!” Y/B/F giggled as she approached, making Y/N pout when she skidded to a stop in front of her friends. Y/N glared at her, panting as the others began giggling as well.

 “A turtle could run faster than you!” Michael, who was barely faster than her, joked and made everyone else burst into full blown laughter. Y/N glared at him next, standing up straight so he could see her glare better.

 “Oh shut up, Mikey! You’re barely faster than me!” Y/N half-whined, earning a pout from the slightly older boy before he stuck his tongue out at her.

 “Don’t be mean, Y/N. You’re only 8, he’s 9. Respect your elders.” Luke pointed out, his finger moving back and forth between the two. Y/N turned to look at Luke, a mixed look of disbelief and agitation consuming her features.

 “You respect yours, Lucas! I’m three months older than you.” Y/N giggled, causing Luke to pout this time instead of Michael. He opened his mouth to shoot back a retort before they were silenced.

 “Both of you shut up, or I won’t ever take you guys here again.” All three turned to look toward the oldest, the 10 year old from the end of the street, Ashton Irwin. He was the coolest, only because he was older than all of them.

 “Take us where, a bunch of bushes?” Michael quipped, glaring at Ashton before the older boy turned and started to lead them. Michael watched, huffing when Y/N purposefully bumped his shoulder to catch up with Y/B/F and Luke.

 “So, where are we going?” Y/N finally asked after a few seconds of trudging through the woods and battling with a few pesky twigs. Ashton glanced at the younger girl, smirking when he looked forward again.

 “The secret fort. Where the captain, that’s me, and my first mate, that’s Calum, rule the land with an iron fist.” Ashton explained, the brightest of smiles covering his face as he kept going forward. Y/N made a confused face, keeping up with the older boy as he made his way quickly through the forest.

 “Who’s Calum?” Y/N asked, causing Ashton to stop in his tracks. Y/N ended up bumping into him, the rest behind following suit. “Why’d we stop?!”

 “Who’s Calum?! Why, he’s the coolest ever! He’s a football legend, and he’s my first mate. He should be at the fort already. When we get there, he’ll help me assign parts.” Ashton explained and the group of kids were off into the woods once again. It wasn’t much longer until they reached the fort, a kid sitting in front of it with a huge stick resting against his thigh.

 “How’s the fort?” The kid immediately perked up, standing quickly with his hand in a salute as Ashton approached. “You took care of it, right?”

 “Yeah. There was a hole but I got it.” The kid smiled brightly until he noticed the new faces, his dark eyes landing on Y/N in particular. “You brought girls?!”

 “They can be princesses or something. So then we don’t have to use a stick. They’re cool.” Ashton assured, Calum staring at Y/N then Y/B/F warily until he slowly nodded.


 “Okay! Mikey and Luke can be officers. Go find sticks that you can pretend are guns. Y/B/F can be the beautiful princess that needs to be saved from the ugly witch, Y/N.” Ashton explained, pointing at each person as he talked. When he landed on Y/N, she pouted at her assignment.

 “Why do I have to be the witch?” She whined, stomping her foot for good effect. Michael and Luke snickered before running off to find sticks to use and Y/B/F sighed while rolling her eyes.

 “Because you’re ugly.” Calum deadpanned, making Y/N pout even more as her eyes turned toward him. “Right, Ashton?”

 “I didn’t say that! We need someone to be the witch-”

 “I want to be a princess too!” Y/N whined again, stamping her feet again before Y/B/F’s loud sigh caused her to stop.

 “Not everyone can be a princess, Y/N. Deal with it, and stop whining. You sound like a snotty 5 year old!” Y/B/F harshly shouted, her hands on her hips as she stared at Y/N, expecting her to just give in. Instead, Y/N began to cry, sniffling a bit at first before she began wailing. 

 “Ooh, you did it!” Luke mumbled as he came back, Michael behind him and nodding with a matter-of-fact expression. “She’s such a crybaby!”

 “I am not, Lucas!” Y/N shouted before turning back the way they came, running as fast as she could away from them and toward her home, where she could play with her barbies like she wanted to do in the first place.

 When she broke through the brush to the woods, she stopped, huffing and puffing as she did. Y/N sat down, sniffling and wiping her eyes of the left over tears that still lingered. The grass behind her ruffled and when she turned, Calum stood there with a stoic looking expression.

 “You really are a crybaby. Only crybabies cry when they don’t get their way.” He bluntly said, making her sniffle again before taking a step back into the woods. “Come back when you’re done, we need a witch to keep the princess prisoner.”


 “I don’t know, Y/B/F. I have homework to do.” Y/N whined as she looked from her opened books to her friend standing in the doorway. Y/B/F sighed, walking into the room and flopping onto the bed before trying to convince her friend some more.

 “Really, Y/N? Homework over summer break? Come on! The boys have something cool planned! An adventure.” She explained, sitting up to show Y/N her dazzling smile as she said ‘adventure’. It took a few extra minutes but eventually Y/N was convinced and they were on their way to the field behind the old dollar store that went out of business way before any of them could walk.

 “Oh look who it is, slow poke and prissy princess.” Luke shouted, making Michael and Ashton laugh as they high-fived each other. Y/N and Y/B/F looked between each other, trying to figure out who was who.

 “Whatever, let’s go.” Calum cooly said, turning and walking in the direction that they had previously decided on. Y/N followed with a pout, looking to Y/B/F with the same look as they did.

 “You didn’t say that he’d be here.” Y/N mumbled as they followed. Y/B/F shrugged, looking from her toward Calum.

 “I said the boys.”

 “When did Calum become one of the boys?” Y/N half hissed, but her question was ignored by her friend. It took a while, the hike to this secret place longer than Y/N expected. When they reached it, she noticed it was a huge warehouse with broken windows and graffiti all over the outside walls.

 “Now, this is what I’m talking about!” Michael shouted, Luke following him with a large cheer. They ran to the opening in the fence, the rest following before they all headed inside the giant warehouse.

 “How about a little music, to keep things nice.” Ashton smirked, walking over to a boombox that was set up. The two younger boys awed, Calum smirking as he watched Ashton turn it on to a popular pop station.

 “Oh, I like this song!” Y/N said with a smile, dancing slightly before the station was quickly changed to some punk rock song with way too much guitar for Y/N’s taste. “Hey!”

 “Sorry, slow poke. Pop is annoying and only losers listen to that crap.” Calum shrugged before walking to one of the logs set up near the boombox. Y/N pouted at him for a few seconds before walking off, opting to explore by herself and keep her distance from Calum.

 Y/N walked for a bit, watching the light through the broken windows as the sun began setting slowly. Bugs lazily flew through the streams of light, seeming to dance on the rays and mesmerize Y/N as she stood watching them.

 “Did you sit on glass or something, slow poke?” Y/N whipped her head around, facing a giggling Michael and Luke as they pointed at her backside. Y/N looked down confused, her eyes growing wide when she caught a glimpse of red.

 “Oh, fuck.” She whispered, turning away from them but they already saw, grabbing her wrist to drag her toward the rest of the group. Y/N tried to fight them off, not getting anywhere as they eventually got her to the rest of the group.

 “Guys look, little Y/N here is a woman now!” Luke joked, spinning her around before shoving her toward the other three that were sitting on the logs. Ashton covered his mouth to hide his laughter, Calum looked thoroughly grossed out, and Y/B/F looked mortified for her before she jumped up and gently took Y/N’s hand.

 “Let’s get out of here, Y/N. These guys are jerks anyway.” Y/B/F gently said, smiling softly as Y/N nodded, wiping tears away before letting Y/B/F lead her out of the warehouse and back to her own home.

 It wasn’t until a week later, when Y/N’s mom came to her door and told her that a boy was at the door for her, from down the street where the Irwin’s lived. Y/N gave her mom a weird look before she got to the door, eyes wide as she took in Calum’s figure.

 “What do you want?” She looked down at her colorful socks, avoiding his eyes as he shuffled his own feet. When he sighed, she looked up and noticed his eyes on the door frame where her hand was clutching tightly.

 “I-I wanted to say sorry for the other day. They shouldn’t have done that to you. I remember my sister, Mali, had the same thing happen. Not the embarrassment, but the-you know.” He mumbled, his right hand slowly moving up and down his left arm. When he finally looked to her eyes, Y/N couldn’t keep looking and ended up looking away.

 “Whatever, Calum. Don’t try to make me feel better. It wasn’t their jokes that made me feel bad, anyway.” Y/N explained, watching from the corner of her eye as his face slowly turned into a frown. “Seeing you look disgusted really did it. It was the same face you had when we were kids, when you first met me. You’ve never liked me but that’s okay.” 

 “What are you talking about?” Calum watched as Y/N stepped back, her hand on the door when she stood out of it’s way. Y/N couldn’t help but laugh, the sound bitter and not the joyous kind that one would usually hear.

 “I’m moving in a couple weeks so you never have to see me again. Bye, Calum.” She flashed him a smile before closing the door on his slightly shocked face. When she got back up to her room, she let out a small sigh before falling onto her bed and watching the fan slowly move in a circle.


 “Is this the last box?” Luke asked as he watched the mover set the box down before looking to Calum. Calum smiled, nodding before looking at Luke standing next to him.

 “This is going to be awesome! Don’t get any pets, though. They probably won’t survive.” Michael said, causing Calum to chuckle as he nodded in agreement.

 “Don’t worry, I won’t. This is just a place that I can come to after tours and stuff. I know I could always go to my parent’s house but, I mean, I need my own space.” Calum explained, earning a few cheers from the other boys until a knock on the door caught their attention.

 “Already got ladies knocking.” Ashton winked before striding toward the door. Calum laughed before following, Luke and Michael deciding to join them. After unlocking the door, Ashton pulled it open to reveal two girls around their age, smiles on their faces as they gave small waves.

 “Hi there! We noticed you guys moving in and-”

 “Ashton?!” The one girl suddenly shouted, looking from him to the other three boys. “Luke, Michael, and Calum?! Oh my god!”

 “Oh, it’s nice to meet a fan.” Calum awkwardly said as he watched the girl hug Ashton before pulling away. She gave him a confused look, looking at each boy before popping her hip and placing her hand on it.

 “You really don’t recognize us? Wow, what has tour done to your memory! It’s me, Y/B/F! And Y/N. We live like, across the hall.” Y/B/F explained, causing the boys to look in shock from Y/B/F to Y/N, who looked nothing like she used to. Both of them seemed so different, so much taller, so much…more like girls.

 “Oh shit.” Y/N breathed, her eyes wide before she turned and ran back to their apartment, Y/B/F doing the same after saying goodbye. Ashton closed the door after they left, slowly turning toward the boys with a shocked expression before letting out a short laugh.

 “Well, looks like slow poke finally returned.” He commented, making the other three nod before they headed back to the boxes. Calum stared at the door for a second longer, his face blank as he played over the encounter one last time. He knew this was bound to be interesting, especially now since Y/N was all grown up and completely different than the kid he had known.

Part 2?

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Trigger Warning: Talks of an eating disorder

      “Ow easy! I’m a bit fragile alright,” Michael groaned, wiggling under you. “Y/N, I’m serious get off!” he whined, only making you sit on him even more. 

“Not until you tell me what you said wasn’t a lie,” you said, stopping your movements and look down at him for an answer. Michael looked over his shoulder with wide eyes, making a zipping motion over his lips. He then looked around before smiling at you. 

“Okay you didn’t hear it from me,” Michael started, “But I know for a fact Luke has feelings for you too.” The minute those words left Michael’s mouth, you could feel your insides turn to mush. A goofy grin making its way onto your face at his words. Luke had feelings for you too, which meant there was a chance the two of you would be together. Michael took your daydreamed distraction as his cue to slip from under you, making you fall back against the couch. “Now, since you know the truth, go ask him out!” he exclaimed, nudging you in the arm

“You think I should ask him out? Maybe I can wait until Luke asks me out ya know. That way I wouldn’t be coming off as too forward or anything,” you began to ramble. Your words being cut short by Michael placing his hand over your mouth.

“Take risks woman! Seriously if you won’t say anything, then there’s a slight chance the two of you wouldn’t be together…unless I tell Luke for you,” Michael smirked, knowing that was the last thing you wanted. A smile embraced his face when you pushed his hand away, running out the room to find Luke.

That was about two weeks ago and honestly you wanted to erase that encounter with Luke from your mind. Michael’s words had sounded so sincere, genuinely innocent. Yet when you went to confess your feelings to Luke all he could do was stammer and mutter out how he didn’t feel the same way. Since then you’ve tried avoiding him at all costs. Mainly because you were hurt, but mostly because you felt as if Luke was disgusted by you. You thought you weren’t good enough to be with him. It had gotten to the point were you barely ate. Trying to fit the “ideal girl” Luke would be into. This of course didn’t go over the boys head. Ashton was the first to notice the change, always keeping a protective close eye on you. He had seen you toss your lunch away about ten times in the past week. “Have any of you notice a change in Y/N recently?” Ashton questioned, sipping at his coffee. Calum looked away from the game he was playing and up at Ashton with furrowed eyebrows. 

“What do you mean?” Calum questioned, glancing back towards the screen. 

“Well she hasn’t been eating much…she hasn’t been eating for two weeks now,” Ashton elaborated. 

“I thought she was dieting,” Michael replied, a crease in his forehead as he thought back to two weeks ago. You had seemed fine and dandy the last time he talked to you. You were happy in fact. Happy that Luke had feelings for you also, his lips parted when he realized that was the day you started acting strange. It was after you had gone to talk to Luke. “Now that I think of it, she is acting strange it was after Y/N left to see Luke,” he told them, “Luke, did Y/N say anything the last time she saw you?” 

Luke shook his head, avoiding the guy’s eye contact and staring down at his phone. He hadn’t seen much of you since that day. Whenever Luke entered the room you’d leave right away. He tried calling, but you wouldn’t answer; of course Luke noticed the change. He felt responsible for what you were doing. It all added up in his mind. You confessing your feelings, him not showing the same feelings back, and then you starting to not eat. If Luke had only said what he really meant to say, none of this would be happening. He liked you back, always have since the day you two met. Luke had became nervous when you told him of your feelings, saying the first thing that came to mind which happened to be “I don’t feel the same way.”

     A bag of chips was tossed in front of you, then a sandwich, an apple, and bottle of Gatorade. You looked up from your notebook and at the food in confusion. Your gaze tore away from the food and went towards the two tall boys hovering over you. “What’s all this?” you questioned, pointing at the food. 

“It’s for you…eat,” Luke said, him and Ashton taking a seat on each side of you. 

“I’m not hungry,” you mumbled, going back to what you were doing and ignoring them. You glanced at the food again, already feeling your stomach grumble at the sight. It looked delicious, any food was appealing at the moment. 

“We’re not taking no for an answer. Now eat.” Ashton stated, opening the bag of chips and placing it in your lap. You glared at him, then glared at the bag of Salt and Vinegar Lays. “We’re not leaving this spot until you eat everything…well not the whole bag of chips, but eat half of that.” Your eyes closed as Luke began to wave the sandwich in front of your face. 

“Y/N, please eat something,” Luke said, the words coming out in a beg. “Starving yourself is not healthy,” he whispered. They were worried about you and knew that what you were doing was a dangerous game. Both the boys waited, staring at you intently. They both knew there was a better way to address the situation, but right now they needed to get food in you. Just from one look people could tell you were on the verge of passing out. Your hand rose up, grabbing the sandwich from Luke’s hand and staring at it for a few seconds.

“Give us at least three bites of the sandwich,” Ashton bargained, knowing even just one bite would be a tiny step closer to getting you back on your feet. An inaudible sigh left your lips and you bit into the sandwich, starting to chew angrily. Luke and Ashton smiled, sitting with you until half the lunch was gone. You felt sick, already feeling the extra pounds you had just “gained.”

It was going to take some time for you to bounce back from this. Either way deep down you knew your eating disorder wasn’t going to go away for good. It’ll always creep back up at some point, but you knew that you’d have four best friends to help you through it. 

Ride - Calum Hood **SMUT**

REQUEST: Can you do a smut witg calum where you’re having sex on top of a nice ass car?

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A/N: Practice makes decent, am I right?  Ew, I’m awkward.  Anyway, I decided to write this because I heard a song about cars and sex and thought, why not?  Plus, the only way you can get better at writing smut is continuing to write and see where it takes you.  IF YOU HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS THAT WOULD BE VERY HELPFUL.  Because I want my smut to be sort of enjoyable(?) to read.  I don’t want any of you to get uncomfortable reading any of my imagines, so any constructive criticism will help.
P.S. I wrote this as having sex INSIDE a car and not on top of it.  Sorry if that’s a deal breaker.


DISCLAIMER: I decided to make this an AU because, in reality, Calum is hella busy all the time and probably spends his downtime playing video games and eating.  So, this will be a Millionaire!Calum AU.

WARNING: SMUT, cursing, drinking, unprotected sex–safe sex is the best sex (not gonna lie, there will probably be some cringe in here because I’m still spreading my smut wings)


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New Family Part 6 - Requested (Michael - Luke)

Anonymous said:Part 6 to new family?

Anonymous said:Can you do an imagine where you’re best friends with Luke and you start being cold and short with them after the Rolling Stones magazine came out because you thought that they were these ‘awful people’ but they explain to you that everything was taken out of context

I paired the two together, I hope that’s okay. 

Read the previous parts first if you haven’t already or to freshen you memory:  Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5

A soft nock on your door makes you look up from your desk. “Hi sweetie”


“I have a favor to ask you”

“What is it?” you smile to Liz.

She sits down on your bed. “Your dad and I want to renew the guestroom next week. But with him being away this weekend and me having the fundraiser Saturday and the school’s funfair on Sunday, we don’t have the time to clear the room out, so”

“You want me to do it”

“If you have time. The room is packed with junk that didn’t get a place with the move”

“No problem Liz”

“You don’t have to do it alone hon, Luke said he would help to”

“Okay”, you smile.

“Good, thank you so much”, she stands up and leaves your room. You sigh and roll your eyes thinking about being stuck with Luke the whole weekend. The ringing of your phone snatches you out of your daydream. Michael, you display shows. Your finger goes from left to write, accept or deny.

“Hi”, you speak into your phone.

“Hey, how are you?”

“Fine. Finishing up some schoolwork”

“You free tonight?”

“No, I’m meeting some of the girls”

“This weekend?”

“Can’t”, you know you’re being short, but you can’t help it. You don’t feel to hide your feelings and pretend everything is alright.

“But I feel like we haven’t seen each other in so long”, you know he’s right, with him being off and since he’s back something always popped up so your plans had to be cancelled.

“I know, but I promised Liz I would clean out the guestroom”

“I can help”

“That’s nice, but Luke is helping and it would just get crowed in that room”

“What about in the evening? You won’t be working all day long will you?”

“Michael, I don’t know. I really need to get back to work, I need to finish this. I’ll call you later”, you just hear him say goodbye before you end the call.


It’s still early, your dad left yesterday for his business trip and Liz has just left after the two of you had breakfast. Eight o’clock, if you start now you’ll probably have a few hours of cleaning without Luke. He got in rather late, or early. You heard him stumble on the stairs at six this morning. The less you see of him, the better. If you’re lucky he will stay in bed till four. You sit down on the floor and start roaming through the boxes, most of it it’s crap, but there are also memories you come across. “What are you doing?”

You turn around and see a tired Luke in the door opening, he’s wearing a t-shirt above his boxer. “Can’t you see, I’m lying in the sun by the pool”, you turn back around and continue going through a box.

“You don’t have get smart with me”

“I shouldn’t have to if you wouldn’t ask stupid questions”

He ignores your comment. “Why did you start already? It’s so early” Luke asks yawning.

“It’s eleven, you can’t call that early”, you say looking over your shoulder.

“For me it is”, he rubs his eyes.

“Of course, that’s what you get when you come home at six in the morning”, you give him a stab under water.

“What time did you start?”


“Wow, you should of stayed in bed a little longer, maybe you would have gotten up on the right side of the bed”

“Why don’t you just go back to bed”

“No, I’m up now. I’m going to put some clothes on”, you let your whole body drop. Fuck, you think. Being trapped with Luke in one room is exactly what you wanted to avoid. “Okay, where do I start?”, Luke asks when he inters the room fully clothed.

You point to a load of boxes on the other side of the room. “It’s stuff from you and your brothers”

“Oh”, Luke laughs. “Jack’s report cards”, you ignore Luke and keep going. “Mom kept my artwork from kindergarten, look”

“I’m not interested in your shitty color work, Luke”

“Come on, it’s cute”

“I don’t want to waste time by looking at everything that you think is cute. I don’t to be stuck here the whole day, whit you!” you fall out.

“What is wrong with you?” Luke asks calmly.

“What is wrong with you!”, you yell back. Everything you’ve held in, is coming out.

“Seriously, what’s going on?”, he stands up and you turn to him. “Ever since I’m back, I haven’t seen you for longer than five minutes at a time. And when I see you, you’ve been acting shorter than usual to me”, you shrug. “Come on, what’s wrong”

“You’re a discussing human being Luke Hemmings”

He’s taking back a little, but sits down in front of you anyway. “Okay”, he swallows. “Could you tell me why?”

“I’ve read the Rolling Stone article”

“Okay”, he says again.

“I never thought you were some kind of a saint, but I never thought you were such a jerk”

“I, uh”, he stammers.

“I don’t get how you still have fans. Reading that article, you were so arrogant, hypocrite, supercilious. Just such a fucking asshole”

“Don’t hold back”, Luke sighs.

“I won’t, don’t worry”

“Can I?”

“Be my guest”, your inner bitch is wide awake.

“Everything in that article is so blown up. You know me, you know us”, you start to doubt and Luke picks on to it. “I can be a prick, I know that, you know that. But you know me, you know who I really am. We live together, you know what I’m like. You’re my sister, after all”

“Don’t push it”, you smirk.

“(Y/N), do is say stupid shit? Of course. I’m an idiot like that”

“You defiantly are”, you smile.

“Oh god, she’s smiling at me! We have a breakthrough!” Luke yells laughing. You roll your eyes and smile. “Seriously, did I say that stuff? Yes, but it was taking out of context of I mend it as a joke. That writer clearly didn’t have a sense of humor”

“Well, your humor is so bad so I don’t blame him”

“She’s back”, Luke smiles. “We’re okay?”

“I guess so. I still feel like you should get punished”

“Living with you is a punishment”, he says carefully.

“Living with me is a joy”, you bounce back. “But I’m going on break for a few hours, you can carry on alone right?” you stand up and ruffle your hand through Luke’s hair. “See you later bro”, you laugh leaving Luke alone.


Walking into the living room you see Michael and Luke sitting on the couch, next to each other. “We need to talk”, Michael sais as soon as he sees you.

“I’m not in the mood right now”

“We have to”

You sigh, knowing he’s right. You’ve made up with Luke, it’s not fair to Michael to not do it with him as well. “Okay”, you shrug. You turn back around, exiting the room. Michael gets up quickly, running behind you.

“Hey! No boys in your room!” Luke yells.

“Fine, we’ll be in your room!” you yell back.

“Just leave the door open!” he responds, making your roll your eyes.

You sit down on your bed, Michael sits down next to you. You both stare in front of you. “This is all about the article”, Michael speaks softly, you nod. “Luke told me”

“Didn’t expect anything else”

“Look, in that article”

“Michael”, you stop him. “Yes I’m mad at you, but not for what you think. I don’t care how many girls you had sex with or how often you go out”

“Then, why are you mad?”

“I care about how you feel. And I’m mad that you didn’t tell me what was going on with you”, you look at him, but he doesn’t look back at you. “We talk lots when you’re gone, why didn’t you tell me?”

“I feel like that when I get home sick and you’re part off home”, you feel your heart swell. “When I talk to you, I feel good”

He’s being so sweet and he’s saying all the right things, but it’s not enough. “Michael,” you put your hand on his thigh, “why didn’t you tell me?”

“I couldn’t”, he says turning his head to you.

“Why not?”

“We never talked about us. We left it to the last minute and then we agreed to let it be, to see where it goes. You don’t tell a girl that you have dark thoughts, she will just run”

You place your hand on his cheek. “I will never run from you Michael”

“So can we go for us? And I will tell always tell you everything , so much that it will drive you crazy and that you’ll ask me to shut up”, he smiles.

“I would like that”, you smile. Michael puts his arm round your waist and pulls you close to him.

“I think I love you”, Michael whispers.

“I think I love you too”, you whisper back. You tilt your head and Michael leans in. His warm lips meet yours and you start to move together.

“What are you doing! It’s far too quiet up there!” Luke yells up the stairs. Michael and you pull apart and start to laugh.

“You’re not angry anymore?” Michael asks you.


“And Luke? Are you gonna give him some slack?”

“No, he’s my brother. It wouldn’t be right to”, you smirk.

“The two off you will never change”, Michael laughs.


Okay I feel like I need to make another post for Moline because there are some things from that Soundcheck I left out






It didn’t feel like I was talking to big celebrities y'know? It generally felt like I was having a conversation with a group of friends I hadn’t seen in a while.

They lit up my whole entire atmosphere and the fact that they made my friend feel so special because it was her birthday made me feel all the more happier because I just wanted her to have a special day that she could remember and they all made that happen by just a couple kind words.


These boys are so special and they helped to make yesterday one of the best days in my life and I’m so grateful that I’m apart of this beautiful fandom.

OKAY IM DONE @5-seconds-of-mischief 😂😂


“I messed up”

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A/N: If I had a dollar for every imagine I’ve written where they find a new girl and the reader gets devastated or the reader gets pregnant and the band member leaves her and then at the end of each the member checks up and decides to be with the person…If I had a dollar for every one of those, I would be rich right now…

     Usually when Michael was on tour the two of you would talk almost every single day. Every other day if you had to, but recently your communication had gone down the drain. Being in a long distance relationship was hard enough and with minimal communication from Michael, you seemed to be the only one trying to salvage the relationship. He would tweet, so you knew his phone wasn’t off. Maybe if you hadn’t heard rumors about him seeing someone else, you might have brushed him not talking to you off. Everything could have gone in a whole other direction. Whenever you did talk to Michael your conversations lasted less than five minutes. One thing you did notice was that he no longer said he loved you at the end of phone calls, making your suspicion grow.

Now that he was home, you could clearly see something had changed while Michael was away. It was almost like he was nervous to be around you. Fiddling with the hem of his shirts, hiding his phone from view, and just all around sketchy behavior. “We could go to the movies,” you suggested, biting onto your bottom lip and looking at Michael timidly. You had been suggesting a ton of things that you and Michael could do. Ranging from the roller skating rink to a simple walk in the park. Michael seemed like he was in his own little world, absentmindedly nodding his head at your words and saying a “oh that’s nice” or “really” anytime you said something. “Michael, are you even listening to me?” you questioned.

“Mhm,” he mumbled, his phone buzzing on the coffee table. You rolled your eyes as he picked it up. A smile embracing his face and a small chuckle escaped his lips as he read what was written. 

“I’m moving to Alaska and gonna become a porn star,” you told him, the frown on your face growing when he nodded his head at your words. “MICHAEL!” you exclaimed, hitting him with a couch pillow. He jumped at the hit, looking at you with wild eyes. “You weren’t listening,” you scoffed, “What’s up with you lately?” The smile on his face dropped when you asked that question and already you could feel the tension in the room shift. You let out a sigh, finally deciding to get what you had off your mind. “You’ve been distant, almost to the point where you avoid me. Not to mention we can’t even hold a conversation without you smiling at your phone from a text message, so tell me the truth is there someone else?” 

Michael’s mouth became dry at your question. He knew hiding something like this was going to come out eventually. The last thing he wanted to do was hurt you, but that was going to happen anyway. Finally after some time he looked at you. “Y-Yes, there’s someone else,” Michael stuttered out. Your eyes closed and you took a deep breath to hold back the tears. “I met her sometime during the tour and it shouldn’t have gone as far as it did, but we’re together an-” his sentence was cut short by you raising your hand up to silence him. You weren’t expecting him to confess all of this. The information nestling itself into your brain and processing over and over like a broken record. You didn’t know how to react, all you knew was that you were hurt. “I just don’t feel the same way about you as I did before,” he whispered, “W-Which is why I think we should.” You didn’t even get to hear the rest of his sentence, grabbing your stuff and rushing out the door.

     You don’t remember much of what happened after that. One thing you could remember was taking a drive. Not really having a destination in particular, it was something you had done when you got upset or to clear your head. Three years. Michael had just wasted three years of your life, taken your heart and stomped on it. You felt broken beyond repair. Sure being broken up with hurt, but that wasn’t the thing that tore you apart. It was the fact that Michael cheated. All of your relationships ended because your significant other’s infidelity. This was something Michael had known and the fact that he did the same actions as your exes made the situation all the more worse. So worse that you didn’t feel like eating and cried yourself to sleep most nights. 

At some point you had to move on. It had only been a month and forgetting Michael was hard. It was like everywhere you looked he was there. All you wanted to do was Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind yourself. To believe the two of you never dated, erase the good and bad memories you had of him. That would have been the easy way out. You, of course knew that erasing Michael from your world wouldn’t fix anything. Even with the memory of him gone, your feelings would still be the same. You would still feel empty. 

You were curled up in a blanket on the couch watching Mean Girls when someone knocked at the door. It came as a surprise to you, eyes adverting towards the clock which showed 8:30pm. You weren’t expecting company, so you wondered who could have been at your door. The knock came again, a bit frantic this time. You let out a loud groan, climbing off the couch and shuffling over to the door. Lifting up on your tip toes, you glanced through the peephole. Eyes widening as you spotted the familiar hair. “I can see the television light,” Michael said, “Y/N, please open up!” You debated with yourself for a few seconds, sighing and unlocking the door. 

“What do you want?” you asked, tone mellow but at the same time filled with annoyance. Michael stood tall in front of you, studying your features. You looked terrible, hair a mess, puffy around the eyes, and a grimace on your face. A month too long. Even with Michael going on a tour he always knew he’d come home to you. Now you both had broken up and he didn’t know what to do. 

“I messed up,” Michael confessed, voice raspy like he had just finished crying before coming to see you. You rolled your eyes at his words and scoffed. He messed up. Now Michael was feeling sorry for what he had done. You didn’t care, you were glad he was the one suffering now. “I broke up with her…I couldn’t live with myself for what I had done to you,” he said, “The one thing I said I wouldn’t do and I had done it. After you left I realized that I still love you and it was just a terrible mistake.” He waited for you to say something and all you could do was stare at him. You so desperately wanted to forgive him. Jump into his arms and tell him you felt the same. Something had stopped you though, you couldn’t-you weren’t able to say those things. All you could think about was Michael hurting you even more. It made you scared, terrified even. He reached out to grab your hand, only to have you shake your head and retreat back. 

“I can’t. You hurt me to the point where I don’t even want to relive something like that time and time again,” you told him. His face fell at your words, head hanging low. 

“Then c-can we still be friends?” he questioned. Michael wasn’t going to let you go that easily. Even if it took a lifetime to regain your trust again, he was going to do it. For some reason you found yourself smiling at his question. It sounded impossible for you to be just friends with someone you used to call your own. You knew the two of you could do it though, so instead of letting Michael down once again, you nodded. 

“Friends,” you whispered, finally making eye contact with him. “That doesn’t sound so bad.”


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People You May Know: Michael stumbles across a familiar face on Facebook late at night.

I Can’t Watch A Movie Without Making An Ass Of Myself: Michael is in love with his best friend and accidentally blows his cover during movie night.

Two Sides: Michael is the cliche school bad boy who is known for being egotistical and intimidating, but he’s also a huge teddy bear of a boyfriend.

Part Two: Michael takes his girlfriend to a party and things go a little too far.

I Say Stupid Things Around Pretty Girls: Y/N gets lost trying to find her way around the venue at the 5 Seconds of Summer show, but she runs into a familiar band member who is equally as lost.

Home At Last: This tour has been especially unkind to Michael and he’s just so glad to be able to go home to his best friend.

Departing Pains: Michael is in the graduating class and his girlfriend is in denial that she’s gonna be lonely without him the next year.

I Dedicate This Song To You: Michael and his girlfriend break up right before one of his band’s biggest shows. Unfortunately for Y/N, the venue is right next door to her house.

Anywhere But Here: Y/N finds out her boyfriend has been cheating on her when pictures leak on twitter, but her best friend Michael comes through to comfort her.

Part Two: Y/N moves in with Michael, but her ex-boyfriend isn’t willing to let her go that easily.

Insecurities: Michael finds out about Y/N’s insecurities when he takes her swimming on one of the hottest days of the summer.

One Night Alone: Y/N and Michael get into a small argument when he refuses to go sightseeing with her, but Y/N ends up wandering too far and gets into quite a bit of trouble. (Potential trigger)

As The Sun Sets: Michael and his girlfriend go to a music festival. (Hippy!Michael AU)

High By The Beach: Michael and his girlfriend get high by the beach. (A Continuation of Hippy!Michael)

The Tree Of Cliches: There’s a big tree in Y/N’s backyard conveniently placed right next to her bedroom window. There’s also a cute boy named Michael next door that conveniently has a big crush on her.

Breakfast In Bed (And Out): Michael wants to take his girlfriend out to breakfast, but sex is the top priority. (Smut)

Call Me Daddy: Michael takes a girl he met at the bar home, where he’s able to unleash all his pent-up sexual frustration. (Smut, Daddy Kink)

A Change Of Heart: Michael’s girlfriend is a vegan, and he decides to give it a try.

Sex Tape: Michael decides to spice things up in the bedroom and put his old camcorder to use, filming a sex tape with his girlfriend. Everything is going well until the guys need to borrow his camcorder. (Short Smut)

Stay The Night: Michael and Y/N aren’t the greatest couple, but they fight loneliness together. (Inspired by Stay The Night by Green Day)

For The First Time: Michael and Y/N are just two teenagers in love, ready to take their relationship to the next level. (Smut, Realistic First Time)

Closure: Michael’s true love is getting married to somebody else, and he needs to get his feelings out before she’s taken from him for good.

I’ve Got My World In My Hands: Short, but sweet. Michael’s love falls asleep on him while she’s showing him her favorite television show.

Good Girl: Michael is a teacher and it’s one of the most stressful times of the school year. Y/N decides to pop by for a surprise visit, walking in on something that triggers her jealousy, making her do something risky and punishment-worthy. (Teacher!Michael AU, Daddy Kink)

Thank You: Michael wants to thank his girlfriend Erin for everything she’s done, so he does it in a way she’ll never forget. (Personalized imagine for Erin)

The Things You Find Online: Michael finds out that his girlfriend is the little sister of Josh Dun.

Long Way Home: Michael has some time before he needs to take Y/N home, so he takes her for a little drive. (Inspired by Long Way Home [Acoustic] by 5 Seconds of Summer)

Friends With Benefits: Michael and Y/N have a friends-with-benefits relationship, strictly seeing each other for sex, but things change when feelings are ignited.

H E M M I N G S 

The Proposal: Y/N is sick and tired of Luke Hemmings and his obnoxious band, and is willing to do anything to get him to be quiet.

Love Me For The Night: Luke just wants his girl back.

Sleepy Conversations: Y/N and Luke are best friends, but could’ve been more at one point in their past.

Surprise Homecoming: Luke picks up his girlfriend from school as a surprise when he’s back from tour.

Makeup Has No Gender: Luke’s girlfriend is a makeup artist and he gets curious after watching her do her makeup one-too-many times.

Corrupted: Fame changed Luke, and Y/N knows how she deserves to be treated.

On The Run: Luke is the leader of a gang and lands himself into deep shit with some unhappy people, causing him to pack his things and set off with his girlfriend under false identities and hope.

Part Two: Luke heads back home to pick up more of their belongings, where he finds that people are out looking for him and his girlfriend isn’t safe.

Part Three: Luke and Y/N get found, and Luke is put in a dangerous situation defending Y/N.

Part Four: Luke is recovering and determined to start over.

Seeing Her Again: Luke sees his ex-girlfriend with somebody else and wants her back.

Anywhere But Here: Luke cheated on his girlfriend and didn’t realize how horribly it would affect him until she left.  

Part Two: Luke says goodbye to Y/N, but he knows this won’t be the end.

Because I Owe You An Explanation: Luke explains to Y/N why he has to spend more time with his fake girlfriend, even intimately. (Continuation of this blurb)

Five Years Later: Luke gets his girlfriend Y/N pregnant but is unable to handle the responsibilities of fatherhood and walks out. Five years later, Jack Hemmings runs into Y/N while taking his kids to preschool and helps Luke get back in touch with her. (Dad!Luke, OVER 1K NOTES!)

Part Two: Luke meets his daughter Violet for the first time and decides he wants to be a part of her life.

Part Three: Everything is settled with Luke, Y/N, and Violet. Now all that’s left to do is introduce Violet to the guys, and Luke’s mother.

Part Four: Luke gets pleasant news from Y/N, where he then pops the question to her. He later on gets a call from an ex-lover, bringing news that changes his life.

Part Five: Luke finds out he has a child with his ex-girlfriend, Arzaylea, and sees that she’s unfit to be a parent. Luke tells Y/N he wants to adopt his son from Arzaylea.

Part Six: Luke makes the first advances in adopting his son from Arzaylea, getting so caught up in legal documents and court dates that he’s starting to spend less time with Y/N and Violet.

Part Seven: Luke takes Y/N to meet Oliver, and things start getting better again.

Part Eight: Luke accidentally leaves adoption papers sitting on the kitchen table, where Violet finds out that she’s gonna get a little brother very soon.

Part Nine: Violet turns six.

I Waited Too Long, Now I Need To Suffer The Consequences: Luke has always had a crush on Y/N, but never wanted to do anything about his feelings because of his PR stunt with Arzaylea. When he finally gets the nerve to tell her, he walks in on something unpleasant.

For You Are Mine At Last: (Part Two) Luke gets cranky when Y/N and Calum start getting close, making Y/N curious as to why her best friend is shutting her out of his life. She eventually finds out.

The New Hemmings: Luke proposes to his girlfriend Y/N at a family get-together at his house.

I Almost Do: Y/N and Luke broke up on mutual terms. Luke still wants to be friends, but Y/N has to shut him out if she wants to move on. (Inspired by I Almost Do by Taylor Swift)

Hurricane: Y/N meets a smooth-talking stranger in Bed-Stuy, changing his life. (Inspired by Hurricane by Halsey)

She’s A Storm: Luke’s perspective of Hurricane. (Trigger Warning?)

Nothing Like the Rain: Y/N’s perspective. Y/N finds out about Luke and is unable to cope. (Trigger Warning)

Savior: A stranger followed Y/N onto the bridge and talks her out of ending her life. (Alternate Ending)

The Beers: Short and cute. Luke and his girlfriend go out for dinner and drinks on his last night in town before leaving for tour, where he has one too many beers.

Sugar: Luke is a young, successful CEO looking to make an arrangement with Y/N, his sugar baby. Her confidence and wit makes him fall under her spell, wanting everything to do with her. (Sugar Daddy!Luke AU)

Sweetest: Y/N accompanies Luke to a business trip in London. (Sugar Daddy! Luke AU Sequel)

 Spoiled Little Girl: Luke and Y/N take a well-deserved vacation to Bali, where Y/N gets a little mischievous. (Daddy Kink Smut)

Never Have I Ever: Y/N’s boyfriend is drunk and takes things too far during a game of Never Have I Ever, causing Y/N to break up with him. Her best friend Luke is there to comfort her through the aftermath.

Right Before My Eyes: Luke and Y/N ran away from home as young teenagers, winding up in a whole new country as wanted robbers and drug addicts. Y/N’s life with Luke flashes before her eyes while they’re getting chased by police. (Inspired by Flow[+Shiver] by Cage The Elephant)

The Great Escape: Y/N is the barista and the local coffee shop. Luke is a depressed art major who’s desperately in love with her. After a close brush with death, Luke takes Y/N for an unplanned road trip to go find the finer things in life. (Inspired by the movie Asthma, Trigger Warning)

Girls: Luke’s little sister has a secret girlfriend, and he doesn’t find out until she gets her heart absolutely shattered. (Big Brother!Luke)

Cute Strangers: Luke is a poor and lonely performer at the local coffee shop. Y/N is a student at the local university who catches his eye. (AU)

Meet The Parents: Luke takes his best friend (and crush) home to meet his parents for the first time, where his secret is later on spilled because his family can’t keep his mouth shut to save their lives. (Luke x Male Reader)

Fall For You: Luke and Y/N are a married couple that get into a lot of fights. This fight happens to go particularly far, a few things getting broken, but nothing is beyond repair. (Inspired by the song by Secondhand Serenade)


Only The Best For My Angel: Calum loves spoiling his girlfriend.

The Pleasure Is All Mine: Calum makes a new friend while taking a smoke break at the studio.

Nightmare Dinner: Y/N’s parents absolutely hate her boyfriend Calum, thinking he’s going to break her heart and ruin her life because he’s some big-shot celebrity, but Calum proves them wrong.

Our Disco Ball’s My Kitchen Light: Short and sweet. Calum and Y/N slow dance in their kitchen.

Party Time: Calum is the head of a frathouse. When the rival fraternity crashes their party and starts a brawl, he finds himself needing urgent medical assistance. That’s where he runs into Y/N, a nurse in training on her way to her night shift at the campus hospital.

Part Two: Calum is back in class after his incident and wants to thank Y/N for saving his life.

Best I Ever Had: Calum and Y/N are friends with benefits, but he knows no girl will make him happier than she does.

You Give Me Something To Think About: Y/N wakes up after a one-night stand with her not quite significant other Calum and takes a moment to admire his natural beauty.

Hulu and Chill: Calum is a fuckboy and invites Y/N over for Hulu and chill, since he doesn’t have Netflix. (Smut)

Part Two: More smut with fuckboy Calum.

Would You Wanna Run Away Too?: Y/N has an unsettling fear that she’ll never make it out of her hometown, so her boyfriend Calum decides to take her for a little trip.

Starving Artist: Calum is a poor art major living in a shitty apartment with his girlfriend, Y/N. They may not have much, but they have each other. (Smut)

Part Two: Calum’s artwork gets discovered by a famous gallery in New York. He leaves Y/N once he grows accustomed to his pampered new life, but quickly gets depressed without her. He travels back to Sydney to get her back, but realizes he’s too late.

Puppy Love: Y/N gets Calum a puppy.

Numbers: Y/N wants to lose weight for herself, but snaps when she only loses one pound in months. Calum comforts her through her breakdown and tells her he’ll always be there to support her. (Potential Trigger)

The Silent Treatment: Calum finds self-inflicted scars on his girlfriend’s body and ends up ignoring her, upset by the fact she never told him she felt so low to the point she believed hurting herself was the only answer. (Trigger Warning)

Old Friends: Calum has to leave his best friend when his band takes off, but their parents work together to reunite them once again.

Part Two: Y/N and Calum catch up on old times.

Surprise!: Calum claims that he’s never been surprised by surprise parties, so Y/N and the boys plan a party that will change his mind.

Hands: Each person is born with the name of their soulmate imprinted on their hand. (Soulmate!Cal AU)

Coffee Shop: Y/N and Calum work at a coffee shop together and they’re both too shy to admit their feelings for each other. (AU)

Over: Y/N finds out Calum has been cheating. (Inspired by Over by Tove Lo)

I Want You Close: Y/N and Calum could be lovers, but Y/N is scared of getting hurt again. (Inspired by Close by Nick Jonas)

Broken Pieces: Y/N’s parents hate Calum, and their relationship is in shambles. Calum has one last chance to prove to Y/N that he loves her and he can fix things between them. (Inspired by It Will Rain by Bruno Mars)

My Summer Love: Calum meets a girl while on vacation, when he accidentally kicks a soccer ball at her face.

We Can Make This Right: Calum and Y/N used to be the power couple, but he started falling apart and becoming self-destructive and eventually ended up cheating on her. Calum hurt Y/N, and he knows he doesn’t deserve a second chance, but they can’t be without each other. (Inspired by Wait by NF)

Say It: Y/N meets Calum at a party and ends up walking back to his place, getting high off of a joint laced with ecstasy and having sex with him. (Smut, Inspired by Say It by Flume)

My Best Friend’s A Dog: Calum meets a girl at the dog park when he doesn’t get a good grip on his dog’s leash.

The Office: Calum is a salesman and Y/N is the cute receptionist in a relationship with somebody else. (Inspired by Jim and Pam from The Office)

Part Two: Calum takes a job offer as regional manager in a different branch, thinking the distance could help him get over Y/N. (Inspired by Jim and Pam from The Office)

Part Three: Calum drives down from San Francisco to visit his girlfriend Y/N. (Inspired by Jim and Pam from The Office)

Transatlanticism: Calum and Y/N refuse to let their relationship fall apart when he leaves for tour.

Who Knew?: Calum’s been getting worse with his smoking habit.

This Time Around: Y/N and Calum used to be in love, but things have been changing. (Inspired by This Time Around by Tove Lo)

The Wedding Singer: Calum meets the love of his life in the midst of an anxiety attack at his grandmother’s funeral. (Inspired by the music video for Wedding Singer by Modern Baseball)

Love Potions: Calum is a mischievous Slytherin who loves getting into trouble and has a huge crush on a Hufflepuff named Y/N, who hates his guts. Calum comes up with a creative way to ask her to the Yule Ball, and she’ll undoubtedly say yes. (Hogwarts!Calum)

Recovery: Y/N has a history of depression and self-harm, and Calum brought her on tour with him so he could keep a close eye on her so they don’t have a re-run of the scariest moment of their relationship. When Y/N relapses, Calum and the boys only want the best for her and to help her. (Trigger Warning)


She’s Not Mine: Ashton is in love with his best friend, but she doesn’t feel the same.

Good Things Come In Small Dorms: Ashton and his girlfriend are in love, and there isn’t enough room for the two of them on his squeaky loft bed. Ashton also loves talking about philosophy.

Seven Years: Ashton visits his old love. (Potential Trigger)

Please Don’t Think That This Was Easy: Y/N and Ashton have to break up, but they don’t want to let go just yet. (Inspired by Konstantine by Something Corporate)

A Letter To The Cute Girl Behind Me: A letter from Ashton Irwin, to you.

She’s Standing Right In The Front Row: You said yes to Ashton’s offer and decide to show up to his band’s gig to support him.  

Art School Victim: Ashton is an art major who’s always stressed and insecure about his work.

Study Buddy: It’s finals week and Y/N can’t focus on her history review. Little does she know, that’s Ashton’s strong spot.

So Wrong It’s Right: Ashton is a teacher and Y/N is one of his students. They’ve always had a close relationship, considering each other friends rather than teacher/student. Y/N and Ashton run into each other at a mutual friend’s party and end up hooking up.

Part Two: Y/N admits she’s in love with Ashton and they decide to become an official couple, but keep their status secret until the last day of school.

End: Ashton wants to take Y/N on a proper date before she leaves for college.

Big Brother: Ashton and Y/N are best friends and he rushes to the rescue when she has a messy breakup.

I Speak English: Ashton meets a cute bartender at the hotel bar in Amsterdam. He panics and assumes she doesn’t speak English, but she does, and she learns that he’s horrible at Dutch.

Secrets: Michael finds out that Y/N self-harms and confronts her about it, but Ashton walks in on them cuddling and gets jealous and starts yelling. Michael later fills Ashton in on what he walked in on and why he’s a huge asshole. (Trigger Warning)

Crave: Ashton and Y/N hook up a lot, but pretend like they hate each other around others. (Smut, Inspired by Crave by Tove Lo)  

Heart Attack: Ashton is having a hard time getting over Y/N. (Inspired by Heart Attack by One Direction)

Birthday Sex: It’s Ashton’s birthday. (Smut)

Swimming Pool: Ashton works at the country club as a lifeguard, trying to make some money to get a new car. He takes his girlfriend Y/N to the pool after hours so they can hang out, since his job sucks all the time out of his schedule. (Smut, Sex In A Pool)

Defense: Ashton’s girlfriend has been receiving loads of hate recently. When an interviewer is being rude to her, Ashton and the boys step in to defend her. 

Losing Teeth: Y/N gets her wisdom teeth removed and Ashton is the one taking care of her. 


Like Like: Y/N intervenes when her best friend Michael is too shy to ask out the boy of his dreams, Luke Hemmings, the short-ish blonde with the most breathtaking blue eyes he’s ever seen. (Clemmings)

You Made Me Drop The Lasagna!: Luke spends hours making the perfect lasagna while Michael is gaming, but Michael thinks it would be funny to sneak up behind him and scare him. It’s not so funny when the lasagna is all over the floor and Luke has to clean it all up. (Clemmings)

Drunk Feelings: Luke’s girlfriend broke up with him, so he walks to Ashton’s apartment shitfaced drunk and covered in his own vomit and tears. Luke, while drunk, starts getting lovey and cuddly with Ashton and eventually kisses him. (Lashton)

Cute Neighbor Boy: Ashton moves into the house across the street from Luke, and Liz invites him and his mother over as a “welcome to the neighborhood”. Luke and Ashton end up in Luke’s bedroom, half dressed and breathless. (Lashton)

Valentines: Michael has a crush on Calum Hood and decides to overcome his anxiety and give him a pretty red rose on Valentine’s Day. (Malum)

Mall Boy: Calum works at Hot Topic and Michael needs help finding some new bands that he doesn’t have merch for yet. (Malum)

Wingman: Ashton helps Calum pick up a cute girl at the bar. (Cashton, Bromance)

“Come on, buddy!” Michael cheered as him and his son walked towards the tour bus. Michael was pulling his suitcase and lugging a rather large duffle bag over his shoulder while his son, Damien, was rolling his small suitcase (mostly filled with toys) and holding his stuffed unicorn, his most prized possesion. Damien started running , his suitcase bouncing against the ground as he did. You were walking slightly behind them, keeping your eye on Damien while also tugging your own suitcase.

You were Damien’s nanny. Normally, Damien would stay with you at Michael’s house when he was away but Michael wanted something different this time. He had asked you if you could go on tour with the band so Michael could finally bring his son on tour with him. The look of hope on his face when he asked you was more than enough to make you say yes to his offer. A couple months on the road with 4 men and a 5 year old wasn’t exactly how you pictured your life going but it sure sounded like it was going to be…interesting.

You left your suitcase where Michael and the rest of the guys had left theirs and picked up Damien’s suitcase, that he had abandoned at the door to the tour bus. Since it was containing 90% toys you took it inside the bus with you, setting it on one of the couches. The bus was nice; probably nicer than the apartment you lived in. As you looked around, you slung your backpack off of your shoulders and tossed it next to Damien’s suitcase.

You heard the young boy’s familar giggle and walked further into the bus, stepping into the sleeping area. Damien’s giggle sounded off again and you looked around, wondering which curtain the munchkin could be behind. A small brown haired head stuck out from the curtain in the top right bunk and a grin spread across your cheeks. “What are you doing up there, little man?” You asked playfully, walking up to him and raising your eyebrows at him.

“This is daddy’s bunk! He wanted to show me!” Damien said exictedly, pushing the curtain out of the way to reveal Michael lying in the bunk, looking up at Damien with a look of pure joy. “That’s right, buddy.” Michael commented, wrapping his hands around his son’s stomach and pulling him into his chest. Damien screamed, giggling and kicking his little legs. “Daddy, let me show Y/N her bunk!”

The young boy squirmed in his fathers arms as you watched, completely entertained. Eventually, Damien escaped Michael’s grip and he jumped into your arms. He lurched towards the bunk right across from Michael’s and ripped the curtain open. “Daddy said you could sleep here.” Damien turned to you, his mossy eyes alight with joy and a sense of adventure. You booped his nose and watched as he squeezed his eyes shut and giggled. “Sounds like a plan, D.”

Michael slid out of his bunk and fixed his newly dyed blue hair, Damien’s choice, of course. Damien slid out of your arms as soon as he heard more voices towards the front of the bunk. “I bet that’s Uncle Calum!” Michael bent down and told Damien. “And I know for a fact that he reeeeally wants to see you.” Damien gasped, eyes wide as he bolted off towards the front of the bus to greet his father’s best friend.

You shook your head at the little bundle of energy when you heard him scream “Uncle Cal!” and then an “oof!” which was Uncle Cal catching Damien, who had a habit of just throwing himself at other people. Michael straightened himself out and coughed slightly, catching your attention. You turned your head, looking at Michael as he scratched the back of his neck. “Thank you for doing this.” He said quietly, his eyes cast down at your feet. “It means the world to me to have Damien here.”

You reached out, gently resting your hand on his shoulder. Michael looked at you with the same moss green eyes as Damien and you smiled at him. “It’s my pleasure. Besides, I’m sure this is going to be tons of fun.” You reassured him and let your hand fall back to your side. You were really looking forward to the next couple months. As unexpected as it was to be going on tour with a world famous band, you were excited for the experience.

Damien burst into the bunks just as Michael opened his mouth to speak. “Daddy! Y/N!” He shouted his little fists balled up in anger and his stuffed unicorn tucked under his arm as he stomped over to the two of you. You crouched down in front of the little boy, eyebrows furrowed in confusion at his outburst. “What’s wrong, little man?” You asked, Michael joining you on the floor at eye level with his son. “Why did Uncle Luke tell Uncle Ash to make sure the two of you weren’t making me another brother in here!?”

You and Michael had grown really close over the past 5 years. When Damien’s mom found out she was pregnant and wanted nothing to do with the baby, Michael set out to find the perfect nanny. If his kid wasn’t going to have a mother that wanted to be around him, he was going to give him the next best thing. Michael had interviewed you for about 3 hours, asking you all the normal questions and even a few curveballs that you answered the best you could. (Who knew the proper answer for “best pokémon” was all of them?)

So you weren’t really, just Damien’s nanny. You were the mom he never had, without the title. And Michael told you all the time how much of a family the three of you were. He took you on vacaction with them for godssake. The boys had an ongoing joke of telling people the two of you were together. While it was hilarious to them, it was something Michael demanded they keep away from Damien.

As your jaw fell open, Michael’s eyes grew wide before they narrowed with anger. “Damien, Uncle Luke was making a very innapropriate joke.” Michael explained as your cheeks grew red and hot. “And he’s going to get in a lot of trouble for it.” Michael finished, staring his son directly in the eyes.

Damien simply shrugged and unclenched his fists. “Oh, well if anything, can you and Y/N make me a sister? I don’t want a younger brother.” Your eyes almost popped out of your eyes and Michael jumped to his feet. Luke and Ashton’s laughter silenced when Michael stepped foot into the front lounge.

You sat on the floor, stunned at what had just happened. Damien sat on the floor next to you and played with his stuffed unicorn. Michael walked back into bunk area and shook his head in anger. He shot you an apologetic look before looking down at his son who was looking up at him. They were the spitting image of each other. “Does this mean I’m not getting a little sister?” The young boy asked, pouting and slumping his shoulders in dissapointment.

“Buddy, I can’t just make you a little sister.” Michael sat next to you on the floor once more. You nodded your head in agreement. “I’d have to do a couple things first.” He told his son. You stopped nodding your head and turned to look at Michael in shock. “Like, I’d have to ask Y/N on a date first.” Your eyes widened and your breath caught in your throat. Michael’s eyes flickered to his son who was watching the two of you. “And she’d have to say..”

“Yes.” You answered him. A grin spread across his cheeks and he pulled Damien into his arms. “Step 1 complete buddy.” He told his son as you grinned at the two of them. Somewhere in the back of your mind you had been hoping for this. Just hoping those feelings you had weren’t for nothing. Damien giggled and cheered, wrapping his small arm around your shoulder, pulling you into a group hug. Michael’s arm wrapped around your waist and pulled you tight against him. You smiled and leaned your head against Michael’s shoulder. It was one thing for Michael to find a nanny, but it was another thing completely for him to find someone who could finally help him take the “single” out of “single parent.”

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When you and your squad coordinate outfits and one member forgets but you’re looking hella good so you take a squad pic without them anyway

Scream Queens' 5 Seconds of Summer version
  • Luke:Good morning sluts.
  • Calum, Ashton, Michael:Good morning Luke.
  • Luke:My name is Luke Robert Hemmings, I'm 19 years old and I'm the diva of 5 Seconds of Summer. These are my partners, I don't want to know their names. They're known as:
  • Calum:Luke #2
  • Ashton:Luke #3
  • Michael:Luke #5
  • Luke:And I'm Luke #1, there was a Luke #4 but that bitch saids he was irish and had another band, then he left and he died.
  • (A friend wrote this in spanish and I translate it to english and I wanna give him all the credit so.. you can find him on twitter as @J_JLOPEZ1. Thanks for sharing it :) )