5 seconds of summer confession

5 Seconds of Summer/5SOSFam confession

I hope other 5SOS fans have gotten over their jealously fit of the boys having girlfriends and refusing to buy their music so the new 5SOS album will actually do good this time. I don’t like all of 5SOS’ girlfriends but that’s not going to stop me from supporting them. I love them for the music, not their their looks or possibility of dating them. I wish others were like that aswell.

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Arzaylea confession

Not saying Arzaylea cheated (even though everything points to that) but for Luke to dump her, Michael, Ashton, Calum, Liz, Lauren, Rena, Nia, Casey, Iain, Mitchy, Crystal, Roy, Mariah, Brian, Alexa, Annemarie, KayKay, and many more to unfollow her, and for Halsey to call her and her friends embarrassing, she obviously had to do something bad. It’s sad her little fans would rather believe everyone just turned their back on her for no reason rather than realize she’s a piece of shit.

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You know what’s sad? Teenage boys who think they can come up to you in the middle of an interesting class making sexual noises and gestures and think it’s perfectly funny. What’s sadder is that when you tell them to stop they glare at you and tell you you’re a bitch. Not wanting to be sexually harassed at school and speaking up in an uncomfortable situation does NOT make me a bitch.

Luke Hemmings and Arzaylea confession

Arzaylea fans are so annoying. Since Luke finally dumped her fake ass I’ve seen so many of her idiot fans bitching that we don’t know what happened so stop believing she cheated. Luke, Mikey, Ash, Calum, Hey Violet, Lauren, Crystal, KayKay, Mitchy, Mariah, Alexa, AnneMarie, Roy, and so many others who actually know her have unfollowed her and these idiots are calling them backstabbers and saying they don’t know what happened either. Um, I’d think people who’ve actually been around her and Luke would know what happened and obviously SHE had to do something bad to HIM for all of them to take his side. Damn y'all pathetic. Arzaylea is a fake, wannabe famous, cheater who got caught again. End of story.

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I think one of the biggest conflicts some fans have to face is watching a band that you’ve adored from the start turn big right before your eyes and you more or less sit back and realise, ‘oh shit. They did it’ and it hits you like a ton of bricks

5 Seconds of Summer and 5SOSFam confession

Every time 5SOS talk about their anxiety and depression fans act like they care and call them brave for speaking up and claim they also anxiety and depression or some other mental illness but a majority of them are extremely disrespectful to the boys and bitch when they are too stressed out or depressed to take pictures with fans and walk past them. If you actually had a mental illness you’d understand what the boys go through and wouldn’t be upset. As a 5SOSFam member who ACTUALLY has depression and anxiety, it pisses me off so much that the boys have to deal with so-called fans who are so fake and disrespectful.

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