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In Those Jeans

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A/N: I got hit with inspiration when this song came on and just unf…the song is by Ginuwine…or as my mom likes to call him Ginufine (x).  Some of the lyrics will be in bold since it’s during flashbacks 

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Warning: Contains Sexual Content, View At Your Own Risk!!!

     Ashton was hit with a flashback when he saw you wearing the jeans. The jeans that had started it all and landed the two of you were you were now. It was almost like it happened yesterday. Your first ever interaction with each other etched into his brain.

Got out my ride seen you from afar and I couldn’t stop myself from looking hard. You wore these jeans, girl you wore these jeans. 

It wasn’t like Ashton to not admire something that was beautiful, so when he spotted you walking down the street he nearly lost his breath. The one thing that stood out the most was of course your jeans, well not the jeans itself but the way your ass looked in the jeans. Ashton was after all a guy, so when something such as a nice ass was in his view, he didn’t hesitate to look. After a few minutes he broke from his thoughts, turning the corner and rounding his way back to where you were walking. I have to have, have you for myself. The minute he rolled up to the curb, he could practically see your eyes roll. “Excuse me, Miss?” Ashton called out the window, licking his lips, and grinning. You stopped in track, eyebrows raising in question. “I like your jeans…they’re looking good, plenty tight,” he commented. 

“Fuck off,” you scoffed, beginning to walk. You weren’t one to respond to catcalling, or being hit on by a man driving alone. Ashton’s foot lightly hit against the accelerator, driving forward, and making you stop in track once more. You had no idea what your jeans were making him do. It was almost like he was under a spell. He parked the car and hopped out. “What do you want now?” you huffed, arms crossing over your chest as he approached you.

“I didn’t mean any disrespect,” he started, “It’s just I’m loving what I see and I’m feeling you.” You rolled your eyes, a smirk making its way onto your face. He looked sincere, but you were still cautious. “You’re a beautiful woman and I know this may be a little too forward, but can I take you out to dinner sometime?”

That had been three years ago and Ashton was glad you had accepted his invite. Now he was looking at those same jeans. They almost looked new and still gave him a rush even now. Ashton yawned, sliding out the bed and making his way over to you. A smile made its way onto your face when you felt his arms snake around your waist. “Good morning,” you said, reaching out to grab your hair tie. Ashton nuzzled his face into your neck, eyes locking on yours through the mirror. You could tell the hazel in his eyes had grown a shade darker.

Is there anymore room for me in those jeans?” Ashton questioned, nipping at your neck. He wanted you more than ever now, pushing his crotch into your ass; still naked from the night before. “Can I have what’s up in those jeans?” he whispered, kissing at your sweet spot and making your knees weaken. Your breath hitched in your throat, the air around the room becoming hot as his hands slid back to grip at your ass. Your eyes closed in delight, turning around in his arms and crashing your lips against his. Ashton kissed back with much passion, hands going from your ass to grip at your thighs. You jumped up, letting him place you on the dresser. Teeth clashing and tongues dancing together. The kiss broke for a split second as Ashton pulled your shirt off, hands going around your back to unclasp your bra. The straps slipped down your arms and you let it drop to the floor. 

“What’s got you so worked up?” you asked, breaking the kiss. Ashton’s lips connecting back to your neck. He was amused that you didn’t know. These jeans are the reason the two of you were where you were now; happily in love and engaged. 

I really love the way you wear these jeans,” he replied in a raspy voice. Fingers hooking in the sides and tugging at them. “Baby, damn those jeans,” he moaned, feeling his cock grow harder. You bit onto your bottom lip and smiled at his reaction. Your eyes scanned over his body, landing on his cock which was red at the tip and leaking with precum. Your attention was back on his face when you felt him grab your breasts; massaging the soft flesh in his hands. 

“I want you so bad,” you breathed out, arms wrapping around his neck and pulling him closer. You kissed Ashton soft and slow this time, smiling as he picked you up once more and carried you to the bed. Sex with Ashton was always something new, he never failed to make you feel loved and worshiped your body. Your back landed on the fluffy duvet, Ashton’s fingers working at the buttons of your jeans. You lifted your hips, allowing him to yank the jeans off. Your mind was no longer focused on running your morning errands. Ashton having your full undivided attention. Goosebumps rose against your skin when you felt his lips ghost over your leg and down your inner thigh. Soon he was face to face with your clothed heat. A wet patch had already formed and he nuzzled his nose into it, the tip lightly brushing over your clit. The action made a jolt run through your body and you patiently waited for him to do something. You licked your lips, raising up onto your elbows and watching as he took the hem of your panties into his mouth and began to pull them off. You giggled in delight when he kissed your ankle, shooting you a wink and kissing down your leg all the while making eye contact. His tongue was warm against your skin, licking the rest of the way down until he was at your heat. 

“So fucking beautiful,” he whispered, eyes closing as he smelled your sweet succulence. Ashton sent three kitty licks between your folds making a whine a pleasure leave your lips.

“Now you’re just teasing,” you huffed, falling back between the pillows and staring at the ceiling. Ashton smirked while parting your legs even further, taking a long swipe up your folds. The tip of his tongue playing with your bundle of nerves. Your eyes closed in bliss, hips raising in need. His hands slipped under you, holding at your ass as he really began to eat you out. You tasted sweet, his mouth paying attention to your clit. Nipping and biting at it until you were begging for him. Ashton pulled back, blowing cool air onto your clit while circling his thumb over your entrance. The added sensation drove you mad, loud moans filling the air. Your legs shook as he plunged a finger inside, sucking at your clit and thrusting his fingers. “Ashton please,” you whimpered, feeling his tongue replace where his fingers used to be; truly tongue fucking you. You were already so close to your release, hand reaching down to grip at his hair. The minute his thumb landed close to your clit, tenderly rubbing it, your back arched off the bed and you came calling out his name. The sound was music to his ears and Ashton lapped up your juices until you had calmed down. Once your breathing was back to normal he kissed his way up your body. His cock was pressed up hard between your thighs, making Ashton feel the warmth from your heat radiating over it. He kissed you passionately, letting you taste yourself on his tongue. Ashton pulled away, resting his forehead on yours, eyes closed, and a smile on his lips.

“We’re getting married next week,” he whispered, slipping between your legs and lining himself up at your entrance. You smiled at his words, hand going up to fist in his hair. “Are you excited?” he asked, slowly easing into you.

“Very excited…I love you,” you replied, body shaking at the new sensation. Ashton pecked your lips, burying his face in the crook of your neck.

“I love you too,” he hummed, pushing all the way in until he filled you to the brim; knocking the wind out of you. Ashton rested for a minute, letting you adjust to the feeling of him being inside you. You pushed your hips forward in a request for him to move. He pulled out till just the head was in then slowly thrust back in. Ashton’s strokes were long, your warmth pulsating around his cock. His forearms were rested next to your head, holding himself up so that all his weight wasn’t on you. You let out a shaky breath, nails digging into his biceps. Ashton’s hand went under your thigh, hooking your leg around his waist as he drove in deep. Once again his lips were back on yours, kissing you feverishly. You began to lift your hips, taking a bit of control instead of letting Ashton do all the work. A tiny scream of pleasure left your lips when he gave a sharp thrust; hitting a spot that made your toes curl. “Fuck,” Ashton hissed, swallowing the moan that was about to release from his mouth. 

“Let me hear you,” you coaxed, hand going up to touch his face and caress his jawline. Ashton always held back his moans, but you wanted to hear them. The deep grunts of pleasure sounding like song birds in the early morning. He rolled his hips into yours, slowing down the pace and making you feel every inch of his cock. All too soon the pleasure was gone and Ashton was asking you flip over and lay on your stomach. You turned under him, face burying into the pillow as Ashton slid back in. The pace picked up this time, the sounds of his skin slapping against yours sounding out around the room. Your loud moans bouncing off the walls. You knew the neighbors heard and would probably complain, but you didn’t care one bit. Your back arched up when the head of his cock hit your g-spot “Oh right there!” you whimpered, hand gripping at the sheets. You could feel his lips on your back; sending feather-like kisses down your spine. From the way his thrusts were becoming sloppy, you knew Ashton was close to his release. Knowing him, he wasn’t going to last long. You pushed back against him, starting to ride him from your position. Ashton’s name left your lips in whispered chants, your eyes rolling to the back of your head, and a sheen of sweat lining your skin. Your clenching was what drove him over the edge. Swears flying from Ashton’s lips as he pulled out and pumped his load out onto your ass. Loud, throaty moans leaving his mouth. You felt the bed dip, no longer feeling Ashton’s body heat. You were spent, slowly catching your breath as he came back to clean his load off you. 

“Gotta admit morning sex is by far the best sex,” Ashton whispered, kissing you deeply. You smiled into the kiss, quickly pulling away and making him whine. He grabbed your wrist, pulling you back into another kiss. 

“I have to pee,” you giggled against his lips. He reluctantly let go of you after sending a series of kisses over your face. “When I get back, you better be in the kitchen making your famous french toast,” you smiled. 

“French toast and round three in the kitchen sounds great!” Ashton shouted after you, shaking his head in amusement. He picked your jeans up off the floor, a smile on his face as he looked at them. Ashton loved these damn jeans.

hi. new series. ‘ashton dates a college girl’. it’s more a series of blurbs than an actual ‘series’. but we’ll see. anyway, part 1!

The bartender set his drink on the counter, Ashton going to grasp it before another hand beat him to it.

“Um?” He started, turning to see a girl, the glass already against her lips, head thrown back as she drank. “That was mine?” She set the drink back down on the counter with a dull thud, her eyebrows raised.

“No?” She said, fingers curling around the glass a little tighter. “I ordered before you so this is mine.”

“Jack and coke?” He asked, arms crossing over his chest, giving her a look of disbelief.

“Yeah?” She confirmed, taking another drink. Ashton shook his head, a small smile forcing his way onto his face.

“Never would’ve pegged you as a jack and coke girl.” She snorted, lips curving upward in a smirk.

“Yeah, well, I pegged you as a dick, and would you look at that? I was right.” He reeled back for a moment, not sure how to respond until he saw the teasing glint in her eyes.

“Are you flirting with me?” He asked, eyes sparkling in amusement, pressing his hand over his chest in mock shock. She bit her lip and looked down at her drink, swirling the liquid around.

“Maybe, maybe not.” She lifted her head and met his eyes again, a fleeting look of uncertainty on her face.

“Well I hope you are,” He said, giving her a wink that caused a blush to spread across her cheeks. “I mean I already got you a drink.”

“And they say chivalry is dead,” She joked, holding her hand out towards him. “I’m Y/N.”

“Ashton.” He took her hand and shook it, her hand warm and a little rough with callouses.

“I know.” She pointed towards the drink the bartender had set in front of him. “I’m guessing that drink is actually yours?”

“So it would seem,” Ashton agreed, his cheeks turning a slight red. “I guess I do owe you a drink.” She laughed and waved him off.

“Nah, this is my only drink for tonight, I gotta go home and study for a test tomorrow.” She sighed and took another long drink, Ashton also taking a sip of his.

“So, a university student?“ He asked, waiting as she nodded in confirmation. "What brings you out on a school night?” He asked curiously. She tilted her head towards a group on the dance floor, waving her hand towards them dismissively.

“A friend of a friend’s birthday, I promised I’d come out until at least 11:30.”

“So that means,” He started, pulling his phone out of his pocket. “I’ve got about 45 minutes to get to know you.” She chucked, setting her empty glass on the bar and swiveling her stool to face him.

“Kind of a shit place to try and get to know someone, don’t you think?” He shrugged, throwing back the last of his drink and setting it on the counter, pulling his wallet out and throwing a couple of bills down.

“Well then let’s find a place a little more quiet, yeah?” He offered. She chewed on her lower lip for a moment before she nodded, the grin on his face infectious. He held his hand out towards her and there was a beat of contemplation before she took it, letting him drag her through the crowd to the back door, both of them stumbling outside. “Here,” He said, pointing towards a rickety set of stairs. “They lead to the roof.”

“Looks dangerous,” She murmured, setting her foot on the first step, leaning all over her weight forward.

“Trust me, they’ll hold,” He promised, nudging her forward slightly. “C’mon, I only got 38 minutes left.” She giggled and climbed up the stairs, eyes never leaving her feet as she ascended. He watched her intently, wondering to himself just what the hell he was doing. They made it to the roof, her immediately wandering over to the ledger and looking out over the city.

“Wow,” She mumbled as he came up next to her, hands stuffed into his pocket. “Do they only ever let rockstars up here?”

"Rockstars, actors, actresses, famous athletes and pretty college students who drink jack and cokes.” He joked, already deciding he liked the way the apples of her cheeks heated up when he smiled at her. “It’s a pretty exclusive rooftop.”

“I can definitely tell.” She turned around and sat down on the ground, leaning back against the ledge, staring up at the sky with a small frown. “You know, this is one of the reasons why I don’t care for living in the city.”

“What’s that?” He asked, sitting down next to her. She pointed up towards the sky.

“You can’t see the stars. I grew up away from the city and you could see stars for miles. I could lie there and stare at them forever.” He titled his head back to look up, brow creasing in confusion at the lights twinkling back at him.

“Well what are those then?”

“Satellites,” She sighed, her hand dropping back to her lap. “Satellites or planes.”

“How can you tell?” He wondered.

“The color of them, mostly. And the fact that they move way faster than stars.”

“What do you study, astrology?”

“I think you mean astronomy,” She giggled, his face heating up at his blunder. “And no, actually, I study psychology. I just love space.”

“Psychology,” He repeated with a slight nod. “Why psychology?” She shrugged, looking down at her hands in her lap, picking at her cuticles.

“Dunno if my reasoning for it is really something to tell someone I just met but uh, it’s cause I have a neurodevelopmental disorder and a couple of mental illnesses.” She continued to look down at her hands, offering him another shrug. “It makes me feel more okay I guess knowing that there’s a science, a reason I guess as to why I’m like this.” He couldn’t help himself as he reached towards her and grasped her hand, squeezing it slightly.

“I think that’s great,” He murmured. She turned her head towards him and gave him a soft smile.

“Thanks. Sorry, I don’t always know when to shut up.”

“No, hey don’t apologize for that.” He shifted his body towards her, taking both of her hands in his. “I think it’s awesome being that open and wearing your heart on your sleeve like that, it takes a lot of courage.” Her face was bright red, the smile on her face so wide little crinkles formed at the corner of her eyes.

“You’re really sweet, I take back what I said earlier about you being a dick.”

“Yes!” He exclaimed, punching the air as she laughed. “Yes, goal achieved!”

“You’re ridiculous,” She giggled, rolling her eyes slightly. “Don’t take this the wrong way but I honestly would have expected you to be looking for a casual hookup, not someone to actually talk to.” He chuckled slightly, not surprised by her assumption.

“I’ll be honest with you, normally that’s what I’d be looking for. But just right from the start, I didn’t want that with you, you’re different to me, in a good way. I don’t do this with just anyone, truly I never really do this.” She groaned loudly, shaking her head at him.

“And here I just said you weren’t being a dick, how cliche of you! Does that bit normally work?” Her words seemed harsh but her tone light and teasing.

“Ugh I know, this is right out of a bad rom-com?” He laughed along with her, shaking his head slightly. “Sorry that was terrible, I’m usually smoother than that.”  

“Eh.” She shrugged, her smile still bright and wide. “You’re smoother than you think, I’m still here aren’t I?” She glanced down at her phone, a look of panic appearing on her face. “And fuck, I really gotta be going.” She scrambled up, Ashton following suit. “Shit, fuck it’s past midnight. Fuck, I’m gonna be up all night.” Her expression was pained, the look on his face mirroring hers.

“Do you have a ride?” He asked, feeling a little disappointed at her nod. “Then can I-?”

“Sorry, sorry I really gotta go. Fuck this was great but holy shit I’m so screwed.” She wasn’t paying any attention to him as she headed to the staircase, practically flying down the steps.

“Wait- Y/N!” He called out after her. She didn’t seem to hear him, running down the street and climbing into an uber. The car pulled away right when he reached the curb, his body sagging as he watched her drive away. “Fuck,” He mumbled, running his fingers through his hair. “Fuck.” He kicked at the ground, his foot catching on something and kicking it further away. He creased his brow as he went over and picked it up a small card, turning it over in his hands to see her younger face smiling up at him. Her driver’s license. He shook his head and smiled, bringing the card up to his lips and kissing it, unable to stop himself. He got his second chance and he’d be damned if he was gonna blow it.

if Luke wears his sparkly gold boots again, Donald Trump won’t be elected as president, the grass will be greener, the sun will be jealous, global warming would be stopped, the world will be a happier place and

\ par-uh k-siz-uh m \

any sudden, violent outburst; a fit of violent action or emotion

A/N: So uh I don’t know about this… it’s kinda angsty and a little bit mature (well.. kinda.. I can’t write something that’s so nsfw ngl)

“I am so fucking stressed right now, Cal!” You said out of nowhere.

Calum stopped composing a song that has been stuck in his head for a week now. He watched you walked back-and-forth in the kitchen, opening and closing the refrigerator door - a thing you do when something is bothering you. You opened the freezer, reached for the tub of your favorite ice cream flavor, grabbed a cup and a spoon, and started scooping some ice cream.

“Babe, talk to me.” Calum said as you put back the tub of ice cream in the freezer. You stood opposite to Calum who was seated on a stool, elbows rested on the kitchen table. 

“Well, first, my job… oh god…” You started venting out your rage.

Calum listened attentively, with the look on his face. He kept looking at you while you let out your emotions; couldn’t help but admire you. To him, even though you were in your worst, he can still see the best in you. He’d like to think that you were stressed because you cared too much about your job, about your sister who sometimes cut her classes, and about one of your co-workers not doing their job properly. To him, you were this helpful little fairy who wanted nothing but goodness in this world we live in. 

“Why are you smiling?” You noticed.

“Oh.. am I?” 

“Yeah. I’ve been talking here and you’re just smiling. Is there something to smile about Karla not helping me during our shift?”

“Sorry… it’s just that.. you look so hot when you’re mad.” He bit his lower lip. 

“You know what to say, huh..” You approached him. “How about you cool me off in our room?” You gave him a suggestive look. He understood it and led the way, making you forget how annoyed you were. 

Midnight snack

Imagine waking up in the middle of the night feeling rather peckish so you decided to go downstairs and make yourself a snack, but end up getting the fright of your life when you see a figure in the kitchen going through the cupboards. Without thinking you grab the closest weapon to you -an umbrella - and hit the figure as hard as you can receiving an “Ow that hurt, what the fuck.” From Michael who you had forgotten was staying the night, like you he was hungry and was in the middle of making a sandwich before you assaulted him.


white hair michael appreciation (x)

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imagine skyping with luke until you two fall asleep and when you wake up your computer is still on and you can see luke sleeping on the other end and you say something without realizing how loud his volume is and he gets startled and ITS THE CUTEST THING EVER

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Baking with Ashton

You’re friends with Ash but he kisses you

Calum & Ashton have a crush on you

You’re older than him

His mum walks in on the dirty

Ashton sings Wherever You Are to you before going on tour

You and him are being cheesy

Ashton takes you to the fair

You buy sexy new lingerie and you’re shy to show it off

Michael and Ashton have crushes on you

Ash proposes to you

You’re Liam’s ex and dating Ash now and Liam finds out when 1D and 5SOS are on tour together

Ashton AU where he’s not famous and moves to Ireland

  -> Part 1
  -> Part 2
  -> Part 3
  -> Part 4
  -> ♦ Part 5

  -> Part 6

Bandanas (Smut in which he ties you up w/ his bandanas)

Holiday (You two have sex on holiday)

Teacher Ashton smut (insp. by his new glasses)

♦ Lips Of An Angel(Part 1 || Part 2) (Cheating on Luke w/ Ash)

She’s a good girl, daddy’s favourite (Punk!Luke + Daddy!Ashton threesome)



Nervous Calum bc he’s younger

Break up with Calum where you’re a famous YouTuber

You fight with Calum and end up making out

Jealous Calum

Calum has a crush on you and he is nervous

Long distance relationship

Calum & Ashton have a crush on you

Bad boy Calum likes you

Clingy Calum

Cuddling with Calum after tour

You both are best friends and you confess your love for each other

Being cuddly and things get heated

Few years younger than Calum

Don’t Ever Leave


Fight With Calum

Happy New Year

♦  Partition

Dom!Calum (tiny blurb)

Hair pulling & making out

Calum cheers you up when you’re sad

♦ Calum being a tease

He catches you masturbating


Luke (I’m a Luke girl so I have lots of little Luke blurbs here!)

Luke lookalikes

My Luke playlists (Sex || Cuddles)

Fight with Luke

Break Up With Luke (Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4)

You’re a famous singer and Luke has a crush on you

You’re vlogging at a 5SOS concert and Luke kisses you

You’re Spanish and the boys like your accent and Luke is jealous

You’re friends with Luke but he gets jealous when you cuddle with Michael

You’re a singer and Luke has a crush on you

Bumping into Luke

Making out with Luke at the airport

You’re in a video & have to kiss Ash but Luke likes you

You & Luke have a cute moment in front of his family

He accidentally hurts your feelings

Long distance relationship

You’re best friends with Luke & he hates your douchey boyfriend

Luke throws you an 18th birthday party but it goes wrong

You’re older than him

Neck kisses

Luke’s mum walks in on the dirty

Luke falls in love with a Norwegian

The boys find love bites and scratch marks on you and Luke

Luke is sad

You’re shorter than Luke

Your daughter climbs into your bed

Clingy Luke

Luke comforts you after a nightmare

The boys walk in on you and Luke

You and Luke flirt a lot but neither of you will admit it

You comfort him after he had a bad day

The boys hear you and Luke

You’re angry bc your best friend has been talking shit about you

You and Luke have crushes on each other and end up having sex

You qualify for the Olympics and Luke surprises you

You’re Luke’s girlfriend and meet 1D for the first time

You get drunk and Luke takes you home and looks after you

Early morning sex

Rough sex with Luke and boys make fun of you both the next day

Jealous Luke

You are always shipped w/ Michael but Luke has a crush on you

Romantic evening turns dirty and you’re caught by the band

♦ Luke AU Smut: He’s the bad boy, you’re the shy nerdy girl (Part 1|| Part 2)

End Up Here (Smut inspired by the song)

Shower sex

Sleepover with your best friend (You move in with Luke & have celebratory sex)

My Way (Inspired by Luke’s VMAs outfit)

It’s All About You Tonight, Baby (AMA inspired smut)

♦  Watching a movie w/ the boys and Luke gets horny

Backseat Serenade

I Wish It Wasn’t So (Luke asks you to come on tour with him but you can’t go)

Talking about the future (Blurb with pictures)

Close As Strangers

You two hate each other & go to the beach and end up making out

Stormy Weather Is For Cuddling

His brothers make fun of your hickeys

Best Christmas Tree Ever

Christmas Eve

Christmas morning with Baby Hemmings

♦  Just Friends, Right?

She’s a good girl, daddy’s favourite (Punk!Luke + Daddy!Ashton threesome)

♦  Honeymoon

♦  Lunch (Thigh riding smut)

Never Have I Ever (Part 1 || Part 2 - soon!)

Luke forgets your birthday

You’re 5sos’ stylist & you & Luke like eachother (Part 1||Part 2- soon!)


Luke comes back from tour

Luke does your hair



Tantalising (insp by iHeart Radio awards Luke)

Sex with Luke is like…


Mrs. Hemmings (Wedding Night Smut w/ visuals)

First Time (Virgin!Luke, virgin!you smut)

♦ Footballer Luke AU (Part 1 || Part 2 soon!)

Photograph (Insp. by the Ed Sheeran song, Photograph)

Teach Me (Virgin!Nerd!Luke)

Mine (Sub!Luke)

Spoil You

Thigh riding in a car

Honeymoon Luke insp by Luke in white


  Husband!Luke blurbs

  Daddy!Luke blurbs

Roommate!Luke jacking off to you

Roommate Luke mutual masturbation

Giving Luke a blowjob would include

Luke eating you out would include

Dom!Luke would include

  Tiny us

Millionaire!CEO!Luke (All CEO Luke blurbs here!)


♦  Happy Trail

♦  Honeymoon with Luke would include

  First Kiss


I Was Thinking (CEO!Dom!Daddy!Luke)



He helps you fall asleep

A fan kisses him without his consent and you fight

You’re a fan and Michael likes you in an interview

You bump into him in Starbucks

You are a horseback rider at the Olympics and dating Michael

You both are best friends and he admits he likes you

Michael and Ashton have crushes on you

New Years

Snow day with Michael

You eat the last slice of pizza




Falling asleep on each other

His daughter is abused by her boyfriend

You’re best friends and he confesses his love for you

He tries to do your make up and fails

Drunk At A Party

Sharing a bed for the first time

You’re best friends and he sees you after a long time

Someone flirts with you and he gets jealous

You’re a bet (Part 1 Part 2)

You’re way shorter than him

♦ Your first time is with him (Ashton Luke Calum Michael)

Their tour bus breaks down and they have to bunk with you

What kind of girl they’d go for

What your relationship is like

How he reacts when you tell him you’re on your period

They’re with a girl with big boobs

You are a dancer

You have different music tastes

Sleeping with him

Sex with him

Playing hide and seek and you give him a boner

His nicknames for you

How he proposes

Snapchat he sends when he’s on tour

Snapchat from your best friend in the band

Texts from when hes on tour

He spoils you

Social Media & your relationship (w/ fake tweets)

You’re super smart

He Gets Insecure (Malum || Lashton)

Your First Time Together

Christmas Couples (Picture preference)

Snapchats from him (Ashton || Calum || Luke || Michael- soon! )

Sex & Moans

♦  Turned on in public

Luke gets the band a puppy

You come out as bisexual

Tummy aches


Song Imagines (4/4)

Goodnight Moon, Go Radio

Still Into You, Paramore

All of Me, John Legend


5sos: plays in Wembly arena
5sos: plays slsp
Michael: gets burned

5sos: plays in Wembly arena
5sos: plays slsp
Michael: falls off the stage