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Side Chick

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   Calum was walking an appropriate distance in front of you as you discreetly trailed behind him. Your mood at the moment was not the happiest and you were trying to keep up with the tall boy as you two made your way to class. You knew the rules of being a side chick. Never interact in public especially when Calum’s girlfriend was around, never fall for the guy you’re sleeping with, and always keep things on the down low. You’ve heard of stories where things had gone wrong and you wanted to avoid that at all costs. Though you had a safety net. Being in the same class as Calum allowed you to talk to him in public, using class work as an excuse to talk with him outside of your hook up time. “Calum,” you timidly said, trying to get his attention and weaving through the crowd as you came up close behind him. “Calum,” you repeated, reaching out to pinch at his arm only for him to pay attention to your next words. “Are we going to the frat party tonight?” you asked. The words came out loud and Calum’s head whipped around, his eyebrow rose, and he gave you a once over. Then he turned back around and continued his trek to the 1pm class. It was the action he gave when he shrugged someone off which is what he had just done to you.

Your pace quickened and soon you were walking beside him. “It was a yes or no question so don’t shrug me off,” you said in a strong voice. Entering inside the building for the Psych 102 class. Calum glanced around at his surroundings before quickly pulling you under the staircase.

“I am going to the party, but not with you…look, Y/N don’t overstep your role. I have a girlfriend and this-” he gestured between the two of you, “This does not see the daylight. Only the darkness of your bedroom or the backseat of my car. Got it?” His words came out cold and you felt a chill run down your spine at the dark stare he was giving you. Calum’s eyebrows rose in question. You swallowed hard and nodded. 

“Got it,” you whispered, almost feeling your breath being sucked out of you as Calum left. Rule number three: don’t catch feelings. That was hard not to do. Sure you enjoyed the sex, but after hooking up with Calum so many times how could you not fall for him? His girlfriend was getting everything you wanted. Calum was emotionally and sexually available for her, but of course there had to be something wrong with his relationship if he was seeking sex from you. You waited a couple of minutes before walking out from under the staircase. Minutes later you entered the classroom and sat two rows and one spot away in front of Calum. No contact whatsoever. 

You chin rested in the palm of your hand as you scribbled down some notes that were written up on the slide. You felt yourself begin to doze off and your eyes landed on the clock rested above the whiteboard. A small groan left your lips as you realized there was still fifteen minutes left of class. Throughout the whole lesson your instructor had been rambling on about dreams connection to memory. You had gone into your own thoughts. Thinking mostly of Calum and how you felt about being in the situation that you were in. Your head tilted to the side and you took a glance at the Kiwi boy. Calum looked bored with the lesson. He was leaning back in his seat with crossed arms and an expression you couldn’t quite read. You felt a tap on your shoulder and your attention was brought to the person sitting next to you. You stared at the guy and your mind raced to place a name to the face. “Hey are you going to the Alpha Omega frat party tonight?” he asked. Eric Knight, you thought to yourself. The two of you had often talked, but it had never gone more then at least five sentences to one another.

“Uh maybe not. I have a ten page paper to write for English,” you lied. Truth was you had finished that paper three days ago, but you remembered Calum saying that he was going to be at the party with his girlfriend. Him being at the party with her meant that you couldn’t attend. Rule number six: never be in the same location as the main chick.

“Awe come on! You’re the life of the party without you there it’d just be bleh,” Eric smiled, playfully nudging you in the side. You chuckled at his words and shrugged your shoulders. 

“I’ll think about it,” you told him, “Not making any promises though.” Eric’s smile grew into a grin and he nodded at your words. His smile only made you smile.

“Well I hope you do come,” he last said, starting to pack his stuff up. You looked around and realized everyone else was also doing the same. Eric gave you a wave goodbye and left out the room. You smiled to yourself and began to pack up your stuff. Your teeth sunk into your bottom lip and you shook your head to stop the thoughts that were running through your mind. Your conversations with Eric usually ended in that way. His charm rubbing off on you in a good way. He was always flirting with you and often times wanted to hang out. Though your small banters only stayed behind the classroom and at parties. 

Calum was leaning against the wall next to the door when you left the classroom. He’d never wait on you unless he was in the mood, but as you looked at him quizzically you could tell that wasn’t the case now. You didn’t allow him to say a word only brushing past him at a quick pace. Calum had told you to stay in your place and so that’s what you were going to do. “Don’t ignore me,” Calum said, his voice sounding raspy. His chest was pressed up against your back and for some reason the action made your core throb. Luckily for the both of you the hallway was packed as everyone was leaving the building or traveling to their next class. You kept quiet and waited for him to say something else. “What did Eric want?” Calum questioned, pinching at your hip. 

“He was asking if I was going to the party,” you told Calum. He let out a low chuckle at your words and without turning around you could already see him shaking his head. 

“You’re not going. I’m gonna be there with Ria remember,” he said, “I don’t want you anywhere near her.” You frowned at Calum’s words and let out a huff. Your social life basically didn’t exist anymore because Calum was always going to be at some party or event with his girlfriend. It irked you to the core and you knew your friends were starting to worry.

“I told him I wasn’t going, so cool yourself alright,” you snapped. Calum smirked at the reaction he got from you. His eyes scanning over your backside for a second. His hand reached out to grab your elbow and to make you stop walking. You let out a deep sigh and you turned to look at him. 

“Why don’t we sneak away to our little spot,” Calum suggested, wanting to take your mind off the party. “I can do that thing you wanted,” he smirked. You rolled your eyes and pulled away from his touch. 

“You have to meet Ria in five minutes and I’m hungry, so I think I’ll pass.” With that said you walked from him and headed towards the Dining Hall. As much as you wanted to feel Calum inside of you, you were also pissed off at him. In spite you had decided on going to the party. Just for one night you didn’t want to be Calum’s side chick. You wanted to enjoy yourself and who was he to tell you not to.

     Your friends hooted in happiness as you walked out your room dressed up for the party. “YOU LOOK HOT!” your best friend, Deandra, shouted. “Give me a twirl girl,” she said spinning her finger around. You laughed in delight and turned around to show them the back of your outfit. They cheered even more which only made you laugh harder. It had been a long time since you had gone out with the girls. Calum was the main reason for that. The only person that knew you were a side chick was Deandra. Though she didn’t approve of it you were still her best friend and she wasn’t going to love you any less. 

“Alright, alright let’s go before I completely back out of this idea,” you said, grabbing your phone from off the charger. Everyone began to leave your shared apartment and made their way out to the car. Deandra stayed behind with you and waited till the room was clear before speaking.

“Have fun tonight and please don’t let that ass-hat stop you from having a good time,” she said. You smiled at her words and nodded. The two of you left to catch up with the rest of the group. You were about to break rule number six. As long as you stayed a safe distance away from Calum and his girl you should be fine.

Music was blasting loud in your ears and the smell of alcohol instantly hit you as you entered the frat house. You smiled at the sight in front of you; a crowd of diverse people all having fun, drinking, and dancing. You had missed the party scene it almost felt like you were home and a warm feeling of comfort slid down your spine. You followed your group of friends, weaving through everyone until you made it into the kitchen. One of your friends grabbed a cup from off the counter and picked up a bottle of alcohol. “Ladies let’s toast to commemorate Y/N for finally leaving her damn apartment and joining us once again on a party night!” she said, raising the bottle high in the air. You rolled your eyes at her words and raised your empty cup in the air with everyone else. 

“Well let’s party then!” you shouted, earning cheers from everyone that was in close proximity of your group. You laughed loudly and grabbed the bottle of alcohol from your friend, pouring it in your cup, and mixing it with some soda. Everyone dispersed and you found yourself joining a group of people watching a game of beer pong. You sipped on your drink and turned away from the game to scan over the room. Not too far away you spotted Calum with his own group of friends. His arm was draped around Ria and whispering in her ear about something. He hadn’t noticed you yet which was good. 

“You came!” a familiar voice yelled. You turned around to see Eric. He had changed into a button down shirt and jeans. His light brown hair hidden underneath a snapback just a few strands of it poking out. Your eyes lit up and you embraced him in a hug.

“Yeah I thought why not have some fun ya know,” you said, pulling away from him. “Who did you come with?” you asked, feeling Eric’s hand grab yours and pull you away from the game. 

“I came with a few of the guys. They’re somewhere around probably out back,” Eric said loud enough for you to hear. “What about you?” he asked, pulling you into a corner of the living room.

“I came with my friends too,” you told him, back pressed against the wall as you leaned against it. “It’s been a while since I last came to one of these,” you admitted raising the cup up to your lips. Eric nodded at your words and his arm draped over your shoulder. He pointed over to a crowd of people and brought your attention to it.

“Well one thing you’ve missed is that now there are bets placed on how long some of the guys can stay up on the beer keg,” he explained, “My bets on Cooper over there. So far he’s won by ten minutes.” You laughed at the news and then scrunched your face up. 

“Uh I’m not one for gambling,” you chuckled, looking over to him. Eric nodded at your words and instead pulled you towards the center where everyone was dancing. Eric began to shimmy around in his spot and rocked his hips to the music.

“I know you can dance beautiful, so show me what you got!” he yelled making everyone’s attention land on the two of you. You began to laugh and started to dance to the music. Your favorite song came on and Eric pulled you into him. You turned around and began to grind into him, feeling his hands land on your hips. It had been such a long time since you had let loose and the alcohol running through your veins only elevated your experience. It all seemed to end quickly when you caught Calum’s eye. He was in the middle of kissing Ria, but his eyes were trained on you. Your shook your head and tried to focus on the hot guy you were dancing with. Calum’s stare was making you uncomfortable and you turned around to face Eric. “Are you okay?” he asked, noticing your smile had faded. 

“Yeah. Hey do you want to go somewhere?” you questioned, jutting your thumb over your shoulder towards the exit. You were both swaying to the music now and Eric nodded. You could still feel Calum’s stare and you shifted in your spot. “I’m kinda craving some Mickey D’s fries and I believe I saw one down the street,” you explained, “So I was thinking maybe we could leave the party for a bit and do a quick food run.” Eric looked down at his feet and a small smile embraced his face. 

“That actually sounds like a great idea,” he said, his hand sliding down your arm and interlocking your fingers together. He pulled you towards the door and you both made your way to the McDonald’s that was down the street. It was a bit chilly out as the both of you walked and continued to talk some more. “Can I admit something though?” Eric asked after a while as your laughter died down. You nodded and went quiet as you waited for what he had to say. Instead he held the door open for you and you walked into the fast food restaurant. You were still a bit on edge from Calum’s staring and the fact that Eric hasn’t told you what he wanted only increased it. “Two large fries and two sweet teas,” he said, pulling out his wallet to pay. Once you got your order, you both went to find a seat. 

“So what did you want to admit?” you giggled in a teasing tone, sliding into a booth that was in the back corner. Eric slid in next to you, his arm resting over your shoulder. You began to munch on the salty treat and turned in your spot to give him your undivided attention.

“I’m glad you came tonight because it gives me the opportu-”

“Y/N! Eric!” the familiar voice exclaimed. You let out a groan and looked up to see Calum. Ria was latched onto his arm and his three best friends were behind him. “Didn’t expect to run into the two of you here,” he smirked. You rolled your eyes and Calum pointed at the empty space inside the booth. “Mind if we join you?” he questioned. You could see the look in Calum’s eyes and knew what was happening. He was jealous. The type of jealous that made you question just exactly where the two of you stood in your “relationship.”

Toothbrush - L.H.

Okay…so I (obviously) got this idea from listening to Toothbrush from DNCE. I’ve also decided I want to update every Friday so every time I finish something, I’m just going to queue it up. Enjoy

Also…I know I said no more Luke pieces for awhile, but this literally came to me in class and I wrote it in fifty minutes so….

Luke woke up early from the sunlight pouring in through the window on the other side of the room, body still bare from the night before, the only thing covering him being the stupid little close to nothing sheet resting on his hips. His bright blue eyes fluttered open slightly, heart sinking as he sat up confused as to why the body next to him had disappeared at such an early hour of the day, the clock reading a mere 6:17 in the morning, no longer confused when he heard the toilet flush from the bathroom just down the hall…unless it was Ashton of course since he was the usual prospect that would be up this early in the morning.

He ran a hand through his tousled hair, bringing his palms down over his face rubbing the tiredness from them slightly as he waited for his lover to return to the room.

“You’re up early,” she mumbled seeing him awake as she leaned up against the door frame, arms crossed over her chest as she looked over the tired man’s features, a lazy smile gracing his perfectly pouted lips. She had on his torn Nirvana tee, the fabric falling to the tops of her thighs, and with the way she was leaning against the frame, he could see her favorite pair of navy blue panties from Victoria’s Secret. Her feet were still bare, probably having lost her socks in his sheets through the night, as she always did, even though she refused to take them off before falling asleep. He’d always loved her sense of style, but he always thought she looked best dressed in his shirt with no pants on laying in his bed.

Her hair was still a mess, sticking up slightly in awkward directions, most likely extremely tangled and in desperate need of a pound of his conditioner to comb out the knots before she left. Her eyeliner had run across the side of her face lightly and he was sure there was glitter on his pillows from her eye shadow as well, small love bites gracing the length of her neck, small enough for him to miss if she had her hair styled the right way covering them perfectly. It was a sight he always loved, even if she did look like a hot mess. She was his hot mess.

“Luke, are you listening to me?” she asked smirking slightly knowing he wasn’t. He never was when he was looking at her like that…not that she knew exactly what that look on his face was, but she knew it enough to know he was lost in his train of thought.

“Not at all, sweetheart,” he hummed leaning back against his pillows, arms making their way behind his bed as his muscles shifted slightly, eyes daring her to make her way back to bed with him, and she knew she would. “Close the door love.”

She did as she was told, feet padding softly against the dark, hardwood floors as she climbed into bed right over to him, swinging her leg over his hip so she was straddling him, as placed strategically against his pelvis, knowing damn well if she wanted to at any point in time she could change the entire mood.

“What were you saying?” he asked, hands making their way to her thighs rubbing the soft, bare skin lightly leaving goosebumps behind.

“I said I can’t stay long. I’m working at eleven,” she said running her nails down his chest lightly, up and down, over and over, Luke shivering slightly at the feeling.

“That reminds me..I need to talk to you,” he mumbled, hands slowly making their way to her hips as he ran his thumbs in small circles under the fabric of his shirt along her bare skin.

“What about, rock star?” she asked, brows furrowing together confused, not sure if she should be worried or not. Usually he’d just come out and say it, not making it a big deal unless it was something important.

“Well…I mean…we’ve been doing this for what…five months now…?” he asked stumbling over his words as she giggled slightly.

“Six,” she she said smirking slightly. “Where are you going with this Lu?”

“Well, I was thinking…that maybe you could like…leave some of your stuff here so when you do have to go in the morning you don’t have to leave so early…” he suggested making her heart melt as she smiled softly at him. “Like..maybe that coconut shampoo you have or your toothbrush…”

“And maybe some clothes considering I can’t really work in your tee and panties,” she teased as he blushed more. “You’re too cute, you know.”

“Are you going to answer me or just make fun of me?” he pouted as she leaned in pecking his lips quickly.

“I’ll bring them over when I see you tonight.”

Please Don’t Go

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A/N: Uh I was listening to some throwback music again and this is kinda based around a Boyz II Men’s song

Warning: Contains Sexual Content & Mentions of Alcoholism. View At Your Own Risk!!!

     Ashton sat alone in the dark. Curtains drawn to block out the early morning light. He was resting into the sofa and his hand clutched a bottle of vodka with a strong grip. His jaw clenched and he brought the bottle up to his lips and took a sip of the alcohol. Ashton’s eyes were dilated and clouded over as if he was stuck in a trance. They stayed locked on the moving boxes the sat near the front door. The moving boxes that held your belongings. Ashton swallowed hard and he wiped a tear that was rolling down his face. It was his fault that you were leaving him.

The two of you had been having problems for months and on top of that Ashton began to stay out late and he started drinking. It was becoming a hassle trying to handle him when he was drunk. His temper had elevated and the insecurity of losing you had drove him mad. At some point he had became violent and threatened anyone that looked your way. There was something about seeing him get into fights that struck a chord with you. It made you realize that if Ashton acted this way when someone pissed him off, then what would happen if he got angry with you while he was drunk. You didn’t feel comfortable being around Ashton when he was in that state of mind. As the arguments increased you feared for your safety even more. Ashton of course promised that he would never put his hands on you, but you couldn’t take his word for it. You never know what could make a person snap. Even if he had never physically hurt you before, there was still the thought that Asthon could and it scared you. 

The sound of the door unlocking echoed around the loft apartment and soon the door opened allowing a flood of light to sparkle into the entrance. Ashton stayed in his spot and he closely watched as you came inside. You were dressed in sweats, hair pulled back, and face bare of makeup. It was as if someone could see the exhaustion radiating off of you. You were sick of the fighting and just needed to get out. You tossed your keys on the table next to the door and let out a sigh. You were too busy scrolling through your phone to notice Ashton sitting in the living room. He took another swig from the bottle and licked his lips. “Is the moving truck coming today?” Ashton questioned, his voice sounded rough and the sound of it made you jump in your spot.

“Holy fuck, Ashton! You scared me,” you sighed, placing your hand over your heart. Your eyebrows furrowed when you turned to look at him. “Really sitting in the dark?” you sighed, walking over to the windows to pull open the curtains. Ashton groaned as light filled the living room and his arm came up to shield his eyes. Once you had adjusted to the light you finally got a good look at him. Ashton looked worse than you. His hair sticking up, facial hair grown out more as if he hadn’t shaved in days, and bags under his eyes. You felt a tinge of sorrow at the sight of him but quickly shook the feeling away when you spotted the bottle of alcohol in his hands. “Of course you’re drinking,” you scoffed, walking towards the moving boxes. You began to mutter under your breath and grabbed the tape from off one of the boxes to continue securing your things.

Ashton tilted the bottle of alcohol in his hands and looked at it in disgust. The taste of it almost didn’t have an affect on him. Somehow Ashton had become immune to the burning sensation of hard alcohol. With a deep sigh he sat the bottle down on the coffee table and stood up from his spot. “Is the moving truck coming today?” he asked again, moving to sit at the bar stool. 

“Yeah. I won’t be here when they make the second trip, but Joey will give you back the key,” you told him. You bent down to pick up the box you had just taped and placed it closer to the door. You chewed on your bottom lip contemplating on if you wanted to tell Ashton something else Joey was going to hand him. “He’ll also hand you the d-divorce papers,” you said. Ashton blinked back in surprise and his eyebrows furrowed at your words.

“The what? No-no I’m not signing anything, Y/N,” Ashton said, “When did we ever decide on that? I recall us talking about you moving out. I remember us talking about being separated for a bit, but divorce? We never discussed that.” His voice had rose in anger and you flinched at his tone. “Fucking divorce papers…I’m not signing shit,” he scoffed, rubbing at his chin. Ashton thought you were being a bit too dramatic. Sure you two were having problems, but it wasn’t that bad for you to file for divorce. He had been holding out hope that you’d get over this rough patch. He agreed on letting you move out to clear your head. At least that way Ashton knew you were still his in a sense, but divorce meant you were no longer together. He would rather die than divorce you. He sucked in a deep breath and stood up from his spot to approach you.

You felt his hand grab your elbow and you let out a deep sigh. “Can we just talk about this please baby,” he said, voice sounding desperate. You looked up at the ceiling and your teeth sunk into your bottom lip.

“I’m done talking about it, Ashton. You made your choice and I made mine,” you said, brushing him off. “I think I left some stuff upstairs,” you said, quickly walking away from him. Your footsteps sounded loud as you ran up the stairs and disappeared from his view. Ashton rubbed at his forehead and took a long look at the boxes. He despised them knowing that once they were gone you were never coming back. The first night you had left made Ashton realize he couldn’t let your love slip away. Ashton needed you because you were his rock and without you here there’s no telling what he’d do. He wanted to change for the better but that was easier said than done. 

You sat at the edge of the bed and looked out the glass doors of the bedroom with a melancholy look. You could never think straight when you were around Ashton and you could feel hot tears spring at the corner of your eyes. “Stop it,” you hissed at yourself, wiping your face as the tears started to flow. “Stop crying,” you said, trying to put on a strong voice. It hurt to see Ashton like this and you knew he needed help. He had to control his anger and how much he drank. Someone had knocked on the door the sound echoed loudly around the loft. You stood up from your spot and patted your cheeks twice. You left the bedroom and at the same time wiped away the rest of your tears. Ashton wasn’t going to make you feel bad for wanting a change. Especially a change where you needed to feel safe around the person you’re with. The knocks continued and your eyes darted towards Ashton. He was still in the spot you had left him in. “You’re not going to get that at all?” you huffed, brushing pass him to open the door. 

“MOVING DAY!” your best friend, Lea, cheered, entering your apartment with your other best friend, Joey. Your eyebrows rose up at her words and you gave a quick smile. You weren’t in a happy mood, but you did feel relief about leaving the toxic environment you had been in. “Oop hey, Ashton I didn’t know you were here,” Lea said, giving you a ‘my bad’ look in an apology for her greeting towards you. Ashton rolled his eyes and began to shuffle upstairs to your once shared room. On the way he swiped a scotch bottle from out the bar and soon left you and your friends in the living room. 

“He’s still drinking?” Joey questioned earning a silent nod from you in return. 

“I don’t even know how to deal with him anymore,” you sniffled, “Whoever that is upstairs is not my husband.” Joey sighed at your words and his hand came down to squeeze your shoulder in reassurance. You shook your head “It’s fine. Let’s just load up the car,” you said, pulling away from your friend and grabbing one of the moving boxes. Lea and Joey shared a look and then followed in pursuit. Ashton seemed to spend the rest of his time in the bedroom drinking away his feelings. He had only peeked over the railing once to get a glimpse of you; wondering where it was the two of you went wrong. When half of your stuff was packed into the car you made your way upstairs. Ashton was laid out on the bed, headphones in, and eyes closed to block out the reality that was happening around him. You leaned against the door frame and watched him curiously. “Ashton,” you said, trying to get his attention. When he didn’t respond you called his name again and this time your voice rose to a louder pitch. You pushed off the door frame and walked over to him. “Ash!” you yelled, yanking the headphones out his ear. He jumped in surprise and looked at you with wide eyes. 

“What?” Ashton said, eyes scanning over your face. Your eyebrows furrowed at his tone making you take a step away from him, cross your arms, and clear your throat. 

“I’m taking the first half of my stuff to the apartment,” you told him. Ashton nodded at your words and for some reason you found yourself lingering. “Lea and Joey will be back for the rest while I go to my appointment-” you paused to walk towards the door but then stopped yourself to turn back towards Ashton. You gave him a hopeful look and you wanted Ashton to show some sign of resistance. You wanted him to show some attempt of change, but instead he took a swig from the Scotch bottle. Instead of saying what you were going to say, you straighten back your shoulders and said “When you get a chance send the divorce papers to my lawyer.” You left after that leaving Ashton alone to his thoughts. Five minutes had passed of your departure and Ashton was already upset. Pacing back and forth all while chugging the alcohol. You were tearing him apart and he was tearing you apart. Your last words rang through his head and Ashton let out an aggravated yell throwing the glass bottle of alcohol towards a wall. The sound of glass hitting against the wall was loud and the liquid splashed against the wall and dripped down onto the floor. Ashton’s knees began to buckle under him and he fell down onto the floor and broke down crying. 

     You were curled up on the couch in a blanket, hand grasping tight to the television remote as you flicked through the channels. The only thing showing up on most channels seemed to be infomercials and it made you wonder exactly why you were up this late. You hadn’t been sleeping much over the past month anyway. Staying up late and filling your nights with television to not hear yourself think. It was different to be living alone and that was the problem. You felt alone. It was what kept you up at night. Being aware that you were no longer living with someone you had been with for years. It was weird and you weren’t sure how you coped with being alone before Ashton ever came into your life. It was reaching the early hour of 2am when you were starting to finally drift off. Your eyelids becoming heavy and mouth parting as you started to fall asleep. It was for only a second that you felt the relief of sleep only to be pulled out of it by someone banging loudly on your front door. Your head flew up in shock and it took everything in you to get up from the couch. You pulled the blanket tightly around you and yawned as the loud knocking continued. 

You stood on your tippy toes to look through the peephole and your breath hitched in your throat at the sight of the wavy light brown hair. Ashton was leaning up against your door, face pressed into the cold wood and fist pounding on the door. You quickly stepped away from the door and pressed your back against it. “Y/N! I KNOW YOU’RE HOME PLEASE OPEN THE DOOR!” Ashton shouted, banging on it harder this time. It was too early for this to be happening and from how his voice was slurring you knew Ashton must have been drunk. “Y/N!” Ashton shouted even more, making your eyes shut tight and teeth sink hard into your bottom lip. You knew if you didn’t answer Ashton would end up waking your neighbors. After a minute you sighed in defeat and unlocked the door. Ashton stumbled inside nearly falling on his face. Once he had caught his balance he turned to face you. 

“Ashton what are you doing here?” you questioned, yawning once more. He had statred shaking his head and you noticed Ashton was gripping at some papers. The sheets crumpled and torn around the edges. “Where have you been? Do you know I’ve been trying to get a hold of you?” you questioned, still keeping a safe distance away from him. Ever since you moved out Ashton had been in hiding. You spent a whole month without hearing from him. No calls or anything. You even contacted the boys to see if they’d heard from Ashton, but sadly no. It had almost gotten to a point where you were beginning to worry about him. “Ashton,” you sighed, trying hard to get through to him. He ignored your words and kept mumbling to himself about something. “You’re fucking wasted,” you sighed.

“I-I can’t sign this,” Ashton slurred, shaking the papers at you. Your eyes squinted and you pinched at the bridge of your nose. “I refuse to sign them. I don’t want to lose you baby,” he whispered, “I can’t-please I just can’t lose you.” You were taken aback by his words and realized Ashton was crying. He had been drinking, but the emotion he was giving off was no longer anger. It was sadness. 

“You have to sign them,” you sighed, now being the one to shake your head at him. “Sign them and go home Ashton,” you said, voice coming out stronger this time. Ashton let out a small laugh, the sound coming out watery as he was still crying. He approached you making you back away from him until your back hit against the wall. Ashton trapped you between him and the wall and his hands came up to press on the wall and rest over your head. His head dipped low until his face was inches away from yours. 

“No baby. You don’t mean that,” Ashton whispered, nudging his nose against yours. You sucked in a deep breath and your eyes closed as you felt the tears start to come. The stench of alcohol radiated off of him and you shook your head. “Tell me you still love me,” he mumbled, tucking his head into the crook of your neck and sending a peck to your skin. “We can make it work-we can work it out. Please don’t go away from me,” he whimpered, sending more kisses onto your neck. You had started to cry at that point. Your body wracking with sobs. It’s not like you didn’t love Ashton because you did. You loved him with all your heart, but you couldn’t go through this cycle of negativity and pain over again. “Please don’t go,” he cried once again, hands dropping down to grab at your hips. His fingers pressed hard into your skin like a child clutching to their favorite stuffed bear and you cried even more.

“You need help,” you said through tears, body relaxing into his touch against your wishes. 

“I need you,” Ashton mumbled, lips trailing up to kiss at your jaw. You shook your head again feeling the tears run down your cheeks. He wasn’t listening to you. Ashton’s mind being somewhere else with the alcohol in his system. You needed Ashton to understand that the two of you couldn’t move forward until he dealt with his own issues. 

“No, Ash no.” You sniffled, hand reaching up to grab his chin and turning it so that he’d face you. His lips were slightly puckered and his skin felt soft to the touch. “You. Need. Help.” The words came out slowly and your eyes bore into his, holding his gaze. “The drinking has to stop,” you said, beginning to chew on your bottom lip. Ashton tore his gaze away from you and his grip on your hips released. “You want us to work it out then go to rehab,” you softly said, finally taking a breath. He went quiet at your words and pulled back to hold you at arms length. “Do you understand what I’m saying?” you questioned. Ashton nodded at your words, but then shook his head. Your eyebrows furrowed as you watched his face scrunch up and nose wrinkle. His eyes squinted and he gagged for a few seconds.

Ashton had lurched forward his head dropping as he began to throw up everything he had been drinking that night. You grimaced at the sight feeling uncomfortable as he continued to empty his stomach out onto your hard wood floor. Finally after some time Ashton coughed twice and spit out the excess vomit. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and lazily looked at you. “Mm I’m sorry,” Ashton muttered, looking down at himself in disgust. The splash of it had hit against your floor and backfired onto Ashton. He was covered in his own vomit. You sighed loudly and rubbed at your temples. Ashton looked about ready to pass out, but you weren’t going to let him sleep in his own vomit. 

“Come on,” you said, stepping around the puddle of throw up. You bent down and your arms slipped under his arms so that you could haul him up. Ashton placed his weight on you and you pulled him as best as you could towards your bathroom. Once inside you sat him down on the toilet seat and turned your back so you could turn on the water. You plugged the tub up and allowed it to fill. Ashton was too out of it to wash himself so you were going to have to do it. “Stand up for me,” you coaxed, trying to lift Ashton up yourself. He complied to your words and stood up. You grabbed at the hem of his shirt and pulled it up over his head. Ashton looked like a lost puppy as you began to undress him. Your fingers brushed against his abdomen and Ashton could feel his skin heat up at the touch. Your fingers worked on unbuttoning his jeans. Pulling down the zipper and yanking them down his legs. A smirk made its way onto his lips when you had gone down onto your knees. The minute you felt his hand grab at your hair you slapped it away. “Stop it,” you huffed, standing up once you had him out of his jeans. Finally Ashton was standing naked in front of you and the tub was filled up with water. 

The water felt warm against Ashton’s skin and his head rested back against the wall as he let out a moan of comfort. Steam coated the bathroom mirrors and you sat on the floor watching Ashton. Your fingers dipped into the water and silence filled the air. It almost felt like a comfortable silence, but you knew it wasn’t going to last for long. Ashton’s hand lifted from out the water and he reached out to wipe a tear that was rolling down your cheek. You closed your eyes at the gesture and then cleared your throat. Your hand dipped into the water to grab at the wash cloth and you poured some body wash into it before grabbing Ashton’s arm and washing him. He sat quietly in the water and allowed you to run the towel across his body and wash away the day he had had. The once clear water had become foggy as the dirt washed off of him. Ashton stood up and he felt his cheeks heat up when he realized he had gotten hard. “M’sorry…it’s just the heat and-” his hands went down to cover his hard on and you nodded at his words. He had sobered up just a bit, but was still slightly out of it. You unplugged the tub and grabbed a towel for him to dry off with. 

“I have extra toothbrushes in the cabinet. You can wash out that taste while I grab you something to wear,” you told him, handing over the towel an exiting the bathroom. You began to rummage through your drawers looking for some of Ashton’s old clothes that you had acquired into your own wardrobe. You found a t-shirt and some basketball shorts that you had worn the first time you’d spent the night with him. You grabbed the articles of clothing and made your way back into the bathroom where Ashton was hunched over the sink brushing his teeth. He looked over to you for a split second and spit out the excess toothpaste. 

“Thank you,” he muttered, going back to brushing as you sat the clothes on the counter. You nodded at his words then left out to go clean up his vomit from your living room floor. It was reaching 4am and you were tired as can be. Eyes bloodshot, but not in the way that Ashton’s was, hair a mess, and body exhausted. You grabbed some rubber gloves out the kitchen drawer and began to clean. Finally after five minutes you were finished cleaning and sprayed some Febreze to hide the stench. You dragged yourself towards your bedroom finally ready to close your eyes and get some type of rest. When you came to the entrance of your bedroom you found Ashton passed out asleep on your bed. You shook your head and just climbed into bed with him. A sigh of relief left your lips as your head fell onto the pillow. Not too long after Ashton’s arm draped over your body and he pulled you closer into him. You didn’t even fight it this time and just allowed his body to mold into yours. “I love you,” he hummed, finally drifting off to sleep. You found yourself smiling at his words and squeezed his hand. Soon succumbing to sleep yourself. 

     Ashton was still hard. His crotch pressed up against your ass and the feeling of his boner was what had woken you up. You felt yourself grow wet at the pressure and you became angry with yourself for wanting Ashton in this moment. Ever since you both separated you had been lacking sex and you knew he had been too. Your eyes darted towards the clock and you let out another groan. You had only slept for two hours. Turning back to look at Ashton you could tell he was still deep in sleep. He was probably having a sex dream which is what brought on his boner. You felt your skin heat up and you tried to shake the thought of him filling you up from out your mind. You hated how easy it was for him to turn you on even if he wasn’t awake. The whole thing felt inappropriate especially considering the events that had happened earlier. Ashton snuggled closer to you and he softly grind his crotch into your ass and a moan slipped from his lips. You couldn’t take it anymore, turning in your spot and shaking Ashton awake. He groaned and pushed your hand away.

“What?” Ashton mumbled tiredly, eyes peeling open. Even though he was tired Ashton looked as if he had fully sobered up in the little time he had slept. 

“Can you fix your damn boner it’s making me-It woke me up,” you corrected yourself. Ashton’s eyebrows furrowed at your words and he lifted the covers to take a look for himself. 

“Sorry,” he mumbled for the third time that night. Ashton scratched at the back of his neck and he looked at you for a second almost hesitating to get out of bed. “Excuse me,” he said, finally sliding out from under the covers. You sat up in your spot and watched him walk towards the door. Your breathing had quickened in pace and your fingers fiddled with the duvet as Ashton left your room to take care of his “problem”. You sat in silence and stared at the door where he had gone through. Your core throbbed and you began to argue with yourself. 

“Ash,” you called, losing out to how your mind felt against what your body and heart wanted. He was quick to come back, head poking through the door to give you a quizzical look. 

“Yeah?” Ashton asked, eyebrows knitting in question. Your mouth parted for a split second and you licked your lips not sure how to voice what you wanted. You bit down on your bottom lip and stared at him in innocence. Ashton recognized the look you were giving him. You had often used it when you two had just finished arguing about something stupid and you were too stubborn to actually say you wanted to fuck him. His eyes widened in surprise and broken sounds left his lips. “A-Are you positive you want to do that?” he questioned, earning an eager nod from you in return. “Oh-um,” Ashton felt his cock grow harder at your unspoken words. His eyes clouding over in lust as he watched you rub up and down your arm in nervousness. 

“Please don’t make me beg,” you whined out, becoming inpatient at the fact that Ashton was still frozen in his spot. Ashton was quick to move from his spot. The bed dipped as he climbed on it once more and you moaned in delight when his lips pressed against yours in a passionate kiss. It had been months since you last kissed Ashton and it felt like you were at home. Your hands snaked around his neck and you pulled him into a deeper kiss. It was one of both hunger and need. Teeth clashing together and tongues massaging one another. “Mhmm I missed you,” you breathed into him, the kiss parting as he pulled off your shirt. You weren’t wearing a bra and Ashton groaned at the sight of your breasts. His head dipped into the crook of your neck and he kissed at your skin. This time you wanted the action and your head tilted to the side to allow him more access to your neck. Soft moans left your mouth as he trailed his lips down and took your nipple into his mouth. Goosebumps rose on your skin and your hands laced into Ashton’s hair. He pulled away to give you another kiss and you tugged at his shirt wanting him to take it off. 

“Patience, baby doll you’ll get to feel me soon,” Ashton whispered, pinching at your nipple until it was a hardened nub. You let out a moan and your hand reached out to grip at his shoulder. Your core throbbed and you felt a flood of wetness hit you when Ashton toyed with the hem of your pajama shorts. Your lips trailed across his jaw sucking tiny love bites into his skin. His moans turned you on even more and your hands slipped into his basketball shorts and softly grabbed at his cock. Ashton’s body tensed up against yours for a second and then he relaxed as you began to stroke his cock. His grip on your hips tightened and Ashton’s face fell to rest on your shoulder as he enjoyed the pleasure you were giving him. It took everything in him to pull away from you making a whine leave your lips. “Mhm no-keep doing that and I’m gonna explode,” he said, finally yanking down your pajama shorts. 

Once again Ashton’s lips were back on your body. He kissed between the valley of your breasts and marked your under boob with love bites. He continued his trek down your body making sure to kiss every inch of your skin as possible. Heat rose at your chest when Ashton kissed at your ankle and he sent you a wink. He kissed down your leg and came close to your core. His breath felt hot against your skin and Ashton took a tentative lick up your folds. Your eyes closed in bliss and when he took another lick, longer and the tip of his tongue fiddling with your clit, your back arched. Ashton’s hands slipped under your ass and he pulled you closer beginning to eat you out some more. Your thighs quivered as Ashton nipped at your bundle of nerves his pointer finger circling over your entrance. He sucked at your folds and the sound of him slurping up your juices sounded loud in your ears. Your moans bounced off the walls and you wrapped your legs around his head to draw him more into you. Ashton’s cock pulsated at the sound of your moans and he plunged his finger into your heat. “Ashton please,” you whimpered, hands fisting at the sheets. You needed him badly and the way he was licking you out had your body aching in the best way possible. He slipped another finger inside of you and began to thrust them, tongue circling around your clit and making your body convulse. Your eyes fluttered as you felt deep in the pit of your stomach your release approaching. It felt so good and you began to rock against Asthon’s fingers, slowly riding it as your release continued to build up. He curled his fingers up and the tips of it brushed at your g-spot. Ashton replaced his fingers with his tongue and he moaned at your taste. The vibrations of his moans hit your clit and your legs shook as you came to your release. 

Ashton hummed as your hips rose and legs kicked out in pleasure. He took two more licks up your slit and then kissed at your inner thigh. Your hand rose to rest at your forehead and you tried to focus on catching your breath. Your skin felt on fire as Ashton kissed back up to your lips. He gave you a passionate kiss allowing you to taste yourself on his tongue. Ashton rested his forehead against yours and traced his fingertips across your skin. “You okay?” he whispered, sending tiny pecks to your shoulder. You hummed in response and gave him a lazy smile. You had missed having Ashton between your legs. You turned in your spot until you were facing Ashton. He gave you a smile and you kissed him softly before sliding your hand back into his basketball shorts. The head of his cock leaked with precum and you swiped your thumb over the tip. Ashton’s eyes closed at the feeling and his hip instinctively bucked at your touch. The kiss grew even more and you pulled down his shorts. Ashton kicked them off and you continued to stroke his cock. Your arousal grew and you pushed Ashton onto his back so that you could straddle him.

Your nails scratched down Ashton’s chest as you sat on his cock. His chest heaved up and down and you began to rock your hips. You were teasing the both of you. Your clit throbbing as it continued to slide across his cock. Ashton’s hand flew up to grab your hips and he halted your movements. He swallowed hard and you smirked at him. “It’s not fun when you’re the one being teased huh?” you said. Ashton glared at your words before pinching at your hip. 

“Stop teasing,” he said in a raspy voice. You grinned at his words and leaned down to give him another kiss. This time your hips rose and you grabbed his cock and ran his tip between your folds for a few seconds before sinking down on him. You both simultaneously moaned and your face fell into the crook of his neck. Your eyes squeezed shut as you tried to focus. It had been months since Ashton had last filled you up and your body molded into his perfectly. You missed this feeling. Once you had caught your breath you lifted up and looked down at Ashton. His teeth was sunk into his bottom lip as he stared at you in awe. You slowly lifted up until the head of his cock was the only thing inside of you and then you slid back down, starting a slow and steady pace. Ashton let out a throaty moan and began to move his hips up to match your speed. You began to roll your hips down in figure eights and the pace picked up. You rocked your hips against his and let out tiny moans. Ashton’s hand reached down to rub at your clit making your body shake above his. Your hands rested on the headboard and you began to really ride him. Tiny jolts of pleasure coursing through you. Ashton decided he wanted to control control the pace and his hands gripped at your hips. He took control and began to pound up into you. Your head fell back and you let out loud moans with you slightly distracted bythe pleasure, Ashton took the opportunity to flip you over onto your side. A small yelp left your lips at his actions and your leg draped over his hip. You giggled in surprise and he continued to thrust into you. Ashton was close and you had already came once, so getting him to his release was what drove you on. The pleasure was sending you into overdrive as Ashton tried to get you to another release. Ashton gave you a particularly sharp thrust and the head of his cock hit at your g-spot. Ashton pulled you closer and his lips landed on yours. He nibbled at your bottom lip and your tongues clashed together. The kiss broke and Ashton slowed down his pace to make you feel every inch of his cock. “I love you,” he whispered, feeling you start to clench around his length.

You had reached out to caress his cheek and your eyes rolled back into their sockets. “I love you too,” you cried out, breath fanning over Ashton’s skin. Your clenching became unbearable and Ashton grunted loudly as he came. You gasped at the feeling and your head fell back against the pillows. You both lazily grinned at each other and Ashton pulled out of you. You laid on your back and stared up at the ceiling in shock. Sleeping with Ashton was never your plan nor was him showing up at your doorstep. “I’m gonna go pee,” you sighed after a moment, peeling yourself from Ashton’s embrace and making your way to the bathroom. You flicked on the light and shuffled to the toilet, raising the lid of the toilet and sitting down to pee. You stared at the tile walls of the shower for a few seconds and then began to cry. You were a bit sad, but more in shock. With everything that had gone on you couldn’t believe you had caved. Ashton was still your husband so it wasn’t all bad, but you had still filed for divorce. Or at least tried to file since Ashton refused to sign the papers. Your head was spinning and you needed more sleep feeling exhausted now. You found your way back to bed, curling up besides an already sleeping Ashton and headed back to bed yourself. 

     The smell of bacon wafted into your room making you stir in your sleep. You turned over in your bed feeling the weight of it being much lighter than before. Your face nuzzled more into your pillow and you wanted to get more rest, but the smell of food was much more appealing than sleeping. Your body felt slightly heavy as you slid out of bed and you searched your floor for your shirt that Ashton had pulled off of you. Mouth opening to let out a yawn as you made your way out your room. The smell grew even more prominent as you came close to the kitchen. You stopped at the entrance to the kitchen, standing like a lost puppy at the sight of Ashton, and rubbing at your eyes. For a moment the events of the early morning had left your mind, but seeing Ashton brought them back. He was standing in front of your stove stirring something in a pot and flipping the bacon at the same time. Ashton had his back facing towards you and you were hit with a sudden feeling of comfort. He had often made breakfast when the two of you woke up from a long night. You could distinctly remember Ashton cooking you sausage and pancakes with strawberries on top. Fresh squeezed orange juice rested at the center of the table and a plate set up in waiting for the food to lay on it. Things were much simpler back then.

You had cleared your throat, catching Ashton’s attention by the sound. He looked worse than earlier. Hazel eyes less dilated than before, but still a tinge of red could be seen on his eyeballs. His facial hair looked as if it had grown even more and from the small crease in his forehead you knew Ashton was hungover. There were tiny bruises scattering his skin from the love bites you had given him. “I hope I didn’t wake you,” he said, giving you a sheepish smile. Ashton turned off one of the burners on the stove and placed the freshly cooked bacon on a plate. “Got hungry and I didn’t want to just cook for myself,” he said, voice coming out timidly. You nodded at his words and found yourself walking more into the kitchen to sit down at the table. Ashton wasn’t showing any sign of remembering what had happened. Though the goofey smile on his face showed that he remembered the two of you having sex. In fact he didn’t even seem surprised that he had woken up naked in bed next to you. Your eyes glanced towards the clock and you realized you had slept through the whole morning.

“Waffles and oatmeal?” you questioned, looking up at him with raised eyebrows when he began to pour the oatmeal into a bowl for you. Ashton looked down at the display of food and you could see a hint of a pink blush against his cheeks. 

“I wasn’t sure what you were hungry for so I made both,” he said, placing the hot pot back on the stove before taking a seat across from you. Ashton picked up a bowl of blueberries and he held it out for you to grab some. You grabbed a spoon and scooped up some of the fruit and placed it in your oatmeal. 

“Thanks.” The two of you ate in silence, avoiding each other’s gazes. It almost felt like old times again and for some reason you wanted to relish in it. Live as if nothing wrong had ever happened and that you two weren’t separated. The sound of forks scraping against plates and the sips of coffee was the only sound present in your home. You were surprised to see Ashton drinking something other than alcohol, but you weren’t going to voice your surprise out loud. Right now you wanted to avoid the drama. Alas the quiet moment ended all too soon by Ashton breaking the silence. 

“Y/N,” he whispered making your fork pause halfway towards your mouth and your gaze land on him. 

“Hm?” you mumbled, taking a bite out of the waffle and chewing slowly. Ashton rubbed at his facial hair and he looked down at his plate of food before meeting your gaze.

“I-um. I vaguely remember what occurred last night,” he said, “It’s showing up in my mind like jigsaw puzzles that I have to put together.” You could see his eyes cloud over in sadness, “One thing I do remember is making you cry,” he whispered. The image of your tears was clear as day in Ashton’s mind and it caused him pain to know that he was the reason for your tears. It was never his intention to hurt you. That was the last thing he wanted to do, but it happened more times than he could count and Ashton hated himself for that. You had stopped eating at his words and dropped your gaze. “I want to change for you, so I’ll do it-I’ll go to rehab and get sober for you,” he said. Ashton reached out to grab your hand and for some reason you didn’t pull away. “If I do this promise me that we’ll work it out? That you’ll stop wanting to divorce because I need you right here with me at all times. I won’t let go of you.” He looked at you hopefully and you chewed on your bottom lip as his words washed over you.

“The drinking stops and you’ll take some anger management classes?” you questioned, earning an eager nod from him. 

“I meant what I said last night. I still love you,” he repeated. You smiled at his words and then nodded.

“You get sober and I promise you we’ll work it out. No divorce,” you agreed, squeezing his hand in reassurance. Ashton grinned and the sides of his eyes crinkled in happiness. You had agreed which was all the motivation Ashton needed. He was going to change for the better and fix your marriage.

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drunk confessions || afi

This may turn out to be rubbish because it is literally the first imagine I’ve written in almost a year, but bare with me as I try and start writing again :)

Also, I have no idea what it feels like to be drunk so this may be inaccurate af but oh well I wanted to write and this is the idea I came up with. ❤ 

Ashton’s strong arms held on to you as you leaned on him and stumbled into your shared apartment. You were completely drunk and were incapable of doing even the simplest tasks. Your boyfriend had to physically drag you out of the party before you could pass out from all the alcohol. But you were finally in the safety of your home and Ashton could finally put you to sleep. 

“Okay, let’s take off your heels, yeah?” Ashton said. 

“Mmm…” You replied as you sloppily slid off the heels from your aching feet. 

You almost fell because of your imbalance but Ashton caught you as you giggled. 


He couldn’t help but crack a smile. 

“C’mon Y/N let’s get you to bed.”

He gently took your hand and guided you towards the bedroom.

“You want me to go to bed with you?” You slurred. “That’s gross! I have a boyfriend!”

“I’m sure your boyfriend would want you to be safe and in bed.” He chuckled. 

By now you’ve reached the bedroom and Ashton was ushering you inside and getting you to sit on the bed. But he completely failed and you ended up being sprawled across the entire bed; but hey, at least you were in bed, right?

“My boyfriend is the best…” You mumbled. 

“Oh really?” Ashton laughed. “He thinks you’re the best too.”

“Awwww thaaaanks!”

You rolled over onto your stomach, now laying on the very end of the bed. 

“You know, my boyfriend is so sweet. He’s the cutest and he always does these cute little gestures for me and ugh, he’s so perfect.” You rambled so lowly Ashton could barely hear you. 

“I’m in love with him.” You then stated matter-of-factly. 

Ashton paused. This was the first time either of you had said the L-word, and you were saying it while you were drunk? Did you really mean it?

Suddenly, you gasped. “Oh my god I’ve never said that out loud before.”

You lifted up your head to look at the blurry figure you had no idea was your boyfriend. You lifted a finger up to your lips and said, “Shhh…. Don’t tell him…. You’ll scare him!”

Ashton nodded but said nothing. You then sighed and exasperatedly said, “I wanna sleep.”

“Okay.” Ashton whispered. 

He repositioned you on the bed so that you could be comfortable. Once he was done, he came up to your face and said, “Y/N, I’m gonna undress you so you can sleep, okay? This dress must be so uncomfortable.” He murmured that last part. 

When you didn’t answer, he slowly began to unzip your dress, but as soon as he did so, you began to whine. 

“What are you doing? Do you want to see me naked? I told you I have a boyfriend!”

“Y/N, Y/N relax. I am your boyfriend.”

“No, no! You’re just saying that!”

At this point you began to cry. “Ashton!” You called out. 

Ashton gently cupped your face with one hand and held your hand with the other. “Y/N. Y/N….” He cooed. You were still whining, so he gently captured your lips in his and slowly kissed you. You began to immediately relax at his touch and moaned, “Mmm… Ashton.”

He pulled away and you fell asleep instantly. He finished taking your dress off and decided that he wasn’t going to attempt putting clothes on you while you were sleeping. He pulled the covers up and tucked you in like a little kid. Ashton pressed a longing kiss on your forehead then turned out the light. 

He took the couch that night and left you to have the entire bed. But the entire night he was thinking about what you said. 

Does she really love me?

She’s drunk, Ash she doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

But drunk words are sober thoughts, right?

Do I love her?

He began to think about his feelings for you. How every time he sees your smile he gets this rush of happiness spreading through his veins. How your laugh gives him an entire zoo inside his stomach. And how when he holds you in his arms, it feels like he’s holding everything that’s beautiful and precious in the world. But was that truly love?

The next morning, Ashton rose up bright and early. He took a cup of water and some aspirin up to your room and set them on the counter next to your bed. He sat down next to you and studied you. How peaceful you looked. And how he so eagerly wanted to kiss you right then and there and wake you up. 

But when you wake up, would you even remember last night? Would you remember your confession to him? Would you still feel the same?

He tucked some loose hair behind your hair and you began to stir. Ashton’s heart rate rose seeing you closer to waking up. He didn’t know what was worse: you remembering what you said last night or you forgetting everything about last night. Either way, he had no idea how to handle it. 

Your eyes flickered opened and you immediately groaned from your pounding headache. 


“Yes, baby?”

“Never. Ever. Allow me to drink that much again.”

Ashton laughed as he handed you the water and pills. 

You downed everything and immediately went back under the covers. You slid over to Ashton leaned on him from underneath and groaned again. Ashton lifted the covers and got underneath them with you and began to hold you in his arms. The two of you cuddled for a bit before you spoke up and asked, “Ash? What happened last night?”

Oh. She doesn’t remember. 

“Uh. Well…” He trailed off awkwardly. “We went to Mike’s party and you got shitfaced drunk. You went all crazy and started dancing all over the place.”

“Oh no…”

“Oh, yes.” Ashton laughed. “And um. You were puking outside and I was trying to take you home, but you wanted to stay and said you could handle your alcohol.”

“Psh. Clearly not.”

“And then we got home… And you didn’t know I was your boyfriend. And you kept on gushing about how awesome I was.”

“I did not!”

“Yes, you did!”

You squealed from embarrassment as you hid your face in his chest. 

And then you told me you loved me.

“What else?” You asked.

The words were on the very tip of Ashton’s tongue. He was mentally battling himself going back and forth of whether or not he should just say it. But in the end, he leaned down and kissed you. 

I love her… lips on mine. 

I love her body against mine.

I love her hair.

I love her smile.

I love her laugh. 

I love… her

Ashton broke away from the kiss and stared longingly into your eyes. 

“No. Nothing else. You were really just a funny drunk.”

You laughed and once again hid your face in his chest. 

God she is so cute. 

You looked back up to see him staring down on you with the biggest grin on his face. “What?” You giggled. 

“I just… I just really love you.”

You didn’t hesitate to reply with a firm, “I love you, too.” a split second later. 

The two of you immediately engaged into another kiss that ended with smiles as big as they can be. 

Wow. She really meant it.  


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A/N: Based off the song “Wrong” by MAX (feat. Lil Uzi Vert)

Warning: Contains Sexual Content, View At Your Own Risk!!!

     Luke’s grip on the steering wheel tightened as he felt your hand slid over his thigh. His eyes darted over to you in a look that said “don’t you dare.” Only you weren’t looking at him. You were facing forward, a sly smile on your lips as you continued to tease him. Your hand inched closer to his crotch and you began to palm Luke through his jeans. Luke’s teeth sunk into his bottom lip and he began to tap his finger against the steering wheel. Eyes locked on the road. He wasn’t sure what had gotten into you. Moments before you were perfectly content and full from the dinner you two just had. It was a different story now. You were on the prowl and of course had your eyes set on Luke. He cleared his throat, eyes still locked on the road as you kept palming him. You could feel Luke’s cock growing under your touch the smile on your face growing. Luke’s attention was taken off the road for just a split second when he heard your seat belt unbuckle. “What are you doing?” Luke asked, pouting at the feeling of your hand leaving his cock. 

“Just lift up,” you instructed him, already unzipping his pants. Luke did as you said, moving in his spot as carefully as he could so that his foot wouldn’t move off the brake. Lucky for him the two of you were stopped at a red light. Once his pants were off you immediately went back to giving him a handjob. Soon Luke was hard enough to your liking and you leaned over the gear shift to take him into your mouth. Luke’s foot hit against the gas pedal in surprise and the car skirted forward. 

“Oh fuck,” Luke gasped, trying his hardest to focus on the road. Your tongue swirled around the head of his cock, tasting the bit of precum that had collected at the tip. Your lips surrounded his cock as you began suck. Your tongue poking out to lick at a prominent vein on his cock. “Damn it feels so good,” Luke grunted, his foot hitting against the accelerator, so that the two of you could make it back to his place quickly. Your head bobbed at a steady rhythm and you stroked the parts that wasn’t in your mouth. Just giving Luke head made you wet. Everything about him turned you on. The way he looked in his black fitted shirt and ripped blue jeans. Luke’s hair had even grown out a bit more and started to curl. You loved it when he let his hair grow, giving you something to play with sexual or not. Luke was and is beautiful. 

Throughout the entire dinner Luke had been whispering to you. Telling you everything he wanted to do when you got back to his place. His hand placed on your thigh and thumb rubbing circles close to where you needed him. It made you crave for his touch even more than you had. Just thinking about all the things Luke was going to do to you made your core throb. Your head lifted so that you could catch your breath and you wiped at your mouth then looked around at your surroundings.

Pull over and don’t lock the doors,” you whispered into his ear, teeth tugging at his earlobe. Your words made a shiver run down Luke’s spine and he made a sharp turn towards a back road area. 

“What are you up to?” Luke moaned, feeling your hand massage his cock once more. You began to kiss alongside his neck, teeth nipping at his sweet spot. 

“I want you,” you muttered against his skin. “Take me right here. Right now,” 

“You don’t want to wait ‘til we get home?” Luke asked, coming to a stop in an empty lot. You were too busy teasing Luke to answer his question and sucked just below his earlobe. Luke turned the car off, then pulled the keys out the ignition. He tossed them into the door holder. Luke turned his head to the side and grabbed you by the back of your head to pull you into a kiss. You kissed him back with much passion and your tongue glided along his bottom lip in asking for permission. His lips parted and you stuck your tongue inside his mouth. Luke moaned against your lips, his other hand reaching down to push his seat far back. The kiss broke and you took that opportunity to kick off your shoes and climb over to sit on him. “I like this mood you’re in,” Luke chuckled, eyes closing shut as you sat down on him.

“Yeah, you like it?” you asked, beginning to grind on him. Luke nodded rapidly and his teeth sunk into his bottom lip. The only thing that was separating him from actually being inside of you was your panties. Luke pulled down the straps of your dress and pulled down the front of it. He reached behind you to unclasp your bra and massaged your breasts. Your lips connected once again, the kiss slower this time. The tension began to build when Luke began to buck his hips up into yours. Luke knew it was wrong for the two of you to be doing this in public, but it somehow felt better when it felt wrong. 

“Stop teasing me,” Luke mumbled against your lips. Even if he was showing so much dominance during dinner it was clear to the both of you who was in control at the moment. His hands moved down to your ass and squeezed at the soft flesh. He lifted up the bottom of your dress and rubbed at your clothed clit. Luke may have been extremely hard, but you were another story. He could feel how soaked your panties were, your clit swelled in arousal. “Y/N please,” Luke groaned, moving your panties to the side and running his fingers between your folds. This action took your by surprise and you let out gasp. You wanted him to be inside of you just as much Luke wanted to be there himself. “Come on let daddy in,” he whispered in your ear, plunging two fingers into your soaking heat. You whined in pleasure and began to ride his fingers. The air inside the car had gotten hot. The windows fogging up as everything escalated. Luke had turned the tables and now you were the one like putty in his hands. You lifted up so that you could line him up to your entrance. Teasing both of you by rubbing the head of his cock over your folds. 

“How much do you want it?” you asked Luke, a smirk on your lips as you saw him pout in frustration. Luke couldn’t take it anymore and held tight onto your hips as he pushed in. “Holy shi-Luke,” you moaned out, sitting down more so that he was fully inside of you. 

“Does that answer your question,” Luke chuckled. The wind had nearly been knocked out of you and your head rested against Luke’s shoulder. Both your actions had stopped and you soaked in the feeling of him filling you up. After a few seconds you began to ride him. Your hips lifting at a steady pace and rolling down in a figure eights. Luke’s grip on your hips was so tight you knew it was going to leave a mark. You picked up the pace, mouth hanging open as silent moans left your lips. Luke began to buck up into you, matching your pace. 

“Oh yes-right there,” you huffed, breath fanning over Luke’s face. You grabbed the headrest and began to bounce on his cock. The sound of his skin slapping against yours echoed around the car. You sat down on him hard then began to grind. His pubic bone hitting at your clit. His eyes closed in pleasure, head falling back against the headrest. Luke couldn’t remember the last time the two of you fucked like this. Just hot and dirty. It made him get worked up even more and he began to pound up into you. Tiny screams of pleasure leaving your lips as the head of his cock hit against your g-spot. Luke sat up straight making your back hit against the steering wheel and the horn honk. “I think we should go to the backseat,” you suggested. Before Luke could even reply you were already getting up. Your warmth no longer surrounding him. You opened the car door and quickly moved towards the back. Luke was fast on your heels and the minute you opened the back door he had you face down ass up. 

“Look at you,” Luke grinned, spreading cheeks apart. He stroked at his cock and rubbed at your bundle of nerves. “So beautiful…opening up for daddy like a good girl,” he said. You moaned at his words and raised your hips in a request to having him inside of you. Luke plunged in hard making your toes curl and a squeal of pleasure leave your lips. Your body pushed forward as Luke began to thrust into you. His hand coming down hard on your ass. No one could fuck you as good as Luke could. He made your body tingle in ecstasy.

“Luke!” you yelped, hands reaching you to grab at anything only to grab at the air. He was working into you so much that you could almost see stars. You began to clench around him and you could hear Luke curse under his breath. “S-So good. Fuck Luke d-don’t stop,” you stuttered out. He slapped your ass once again and really began to work into you. You began to clench around him, face burying into the cushions as you moaned into them. 

“Do that again baby,” he requested, rolling his hips into yours. Going in deep and hitting all the right spots. You clenched around him once more and moaned. Luke was close to his release a series of grunts coming from him. This was so wrong, wrong in the fact that you two could get arrested for public indecency, but it still made everything feel so right, so good. You could tell Luke was about to come. His pace becoming sloppy and his moans growing louder. 

“Fuck I can’t hold it,” Luke announced, his pace slowing down and letting you feel ever inch of his cock. He gave you two sharp thrusts then pulled out to spurt his load over your ass. Luke stroked at his cock as he came. Letting every bit of it leak out and coat your ass in his cum. After he had finished, Luke tapped your leg. You turned over in exhaustion and pouted up at him. “Sorry you didn’t finish baby,” he sighed, leaning down to kiss you. “How about we drive home and I can eat you out?” Luke suggested, “Then do that thing you wanted me to do too.” He kissed at your forehead, then the tip of your nose, then your cheek, and finally he kissed your lips. “Hmm?”

“You’ll do it?” you asked, trying to confirm his words. Luke nodded in response. You grinned at Luke and pulled him into another deep kiss. “Well then we better hurry home,” you said. Luke was quick on his feet. Pulling his pants up and heading to the driver’s seat. This wasn’t going to be the last time you two had sex in public, but this was going to be the start of a new kink.

ok but picture this: dating luke but yall are just best friends who happen to kiss and be coupley. Absolutely nothing changes from friendship to relationship. Luke screaming your name from the kitchen and when you get there he’s somehow burnt the pasta and there’s water all over the floor. You organizing all the things in his little home studio even though you know Luke has a messy order for everything because ‘it looks better this way!’ You curling up in ball on the couch for a solid 3 days straight once a month and Luke not even being phased by it. He’d walk past the couch and just toss you a container of Ben and Jerry’s and a spoon before heading upstairs to get the heating pad he knew you forgot because you always do. Luke sitting next to you on the couch while eating chinese take out and he’d grab your chin and turn your head like he was going to kiss you but he’d really just burp in your face and ask “does it smell how it tastes?” Luke waking you up at too fucking early in the morning just to play you a song he was up all night writing and you not even being mad by end of it because his face is so lit up and he cares so much and the lyrics are so beautiful. And when he looks up at you with that raised eyebrow “what do you think?” look you can’t help but give him a round of applause. “I love it.” You’d mumble and smile at your now blushing boyfriend. He’d set the guitar down and pull you into him. He’d hug you and you’d be sitting on his lap at Too-Fucking-Early in the morning and he’d mumble “I love you” against your neck and you’d just feel so at home. Because Luke wasn’t just your best friend, he wasn’t just your boyfriend, Luke was your home and from the content sigh that’d escape his lips, you knew you were his home, too.

‘‘it seems as if your feet are bigger’‘

‘‘not this shit again man i told you we’re not gonna fuck’‘

secrets || mgc

you find out your husband michael is cheating on you but you have a secret of your own that you’ve been hiding from him that only further complicates things

It wasn’t like you didn’t know. Michael hadn’t been very discreet; coming home late with lipstick stains and hickeys you didn’t leave, smelling like expensive perfumes you didn’t own, receiving suggestive texts you didn’t send. So you didn’t know why you broke down crying after finding lingerie that definitely wasn’t yours under your’s and Michael’s shared bed. You knew your husband was cheating on you. You had known for a while now. But this, this was the first confirmation you got. Everything else was simply circumstantial evidence. But this crumpled up lingerie was definitely not a surprise Michael was planning to give you. So you broke down.

Michael said he was going to be at the studio for the day. You were expecting the house to be empty, which is why you didn’t feel Michael’s gaze as he watched you pick up the lingerie by the smallest string and throw it in the trash with a forceful swing. He came back home to surprise you with lunch, only to be greeted by your sobs and broken heart as he peeked through the small crack of your bedroom door.  You sat on the floor with your back against the bed, head in your hands as sobs racked through your body. Hot tears streaming down your cheeks and whimpers escaping your lips. Michael hadn’t seen you this upset since before the wedding and he felt an ache in his heart.

Of course he still cared for you. He tried to convince himself everyday that you were all he needed and all of his vows were still true. But every night, he would be met with a new woman with a new adventure and he just couldn’t help himself. In the morning he would hate himself for it; but at night, he couldn’t stop himself.

He looked back at you feeling horrible knowing he was causing you this pain. He knew he had to confront you. This had gone on long enough and he had been horrible to you. To his wife. He knew this confrontation would lead to him promising to stop, and he knew he was going to regret it later, but he went into the room nonetheless.

He decided to play dumb.

“Y/N!” he gasped. “What’s wrong?” 

He rushed over to your side, taking a moment to decide whether or not he should hold you. He slowly wrapped his arms around you, afraid you’d just push him away. But instead, you wiped your tears and looked up at Michael with a weak smile. 

“Nothing, Michael.” 

You moved away from him, stood up, and started walking towards the door. With your back facing him, Michael didn’t know what you were feeling. More importantly, he didn’t know how to react.

He decided not to push it as he heard you take a deep breath and turn around to face him. “Why aren’t you at the studio?”

“I- I came back with lunch.” Michael stuttered. 

“Mmm, great!” You turned on your heel and walked out of the room. Leaving Michael at the foot of the bed, as confused as ever.

The next day, when Michael was actually gone, you called your best friend over to inform her of your situation. You had told her of your suspicions so she knew of Michael’s infidelity, and you really needed someone to talk to at this moment.

“You said what?!”

 “I told him it was nothing.”

Your best friend looked at you with a confused face before stuttering out, “Wha- I- Why?!


She stared at you, waiting for you to continue. You sighed in response when you couldn’t find the proper words to describe to her the situation. 

“Y/N, you can’t just let him keep hurting you like this. You have so many reasons to believe he’s cheating on you, and you just found a huge piece of evidence that can’t be denied, so it’s not like you’re about to approach him with a stupid hunch! He’s hurt you long enough, Y/N, and you can’t keep brushing it under the rug like it’s nothing. This isn’t what marriage is supposed to be like!”

You shakily sighed. “I know.” Tears brimmed your eyes, and Y/F/N noticed. 

“Oh Y/N…”

She brought you into a hug as you sobbed into her shoulder. “I’m so scared, Y/F/N.”

“I know, but it will be worth it in the end,” she pulled you away from her to look you in the eye. “Just imagine, no heartbreak, no stress, no Michael hogging the sheets in the morning.”

You cracked a smile as she let out a small giggle.

“But I don’t know if I’m ready to leave him…”

“Y/N, maybe you won’t have to. I mean, I’m just asking you to confront him about this and maybe you two could work things out. I personally think you should leave him, but I know how much marriage means to you and I’ll respect whatever decision you make.”

“You’re the best, you know that?” You smiled through your tears.

Y/F/N beamed at you and hugged you once more. 

“But… in the case you should get a divorce, I will be here every step of the way. I mean it should be easier since you don’t have any kids connecting you two, right?”

Your gaze dropped. 

Y/F/N noticed and pressed, “Right, Y/N?” 

Your lip began to quiver and the tears were back again, confirming your friend’s thoughts. “Oh no, Y/N.”

“I should be happy about this! Why aren’t I happy about this?!” You sobbed.

“Oh Y/N, this just makes things more complicated… But it’s okay! How far along are you?”

“Two months.”

“Well now you just gotta think about three people’s future instead of two. What’s best for the baby?”

“He or she needs their father.”

“I knew you were gonna say that.”

“But I need my space from Michael.”

“That is also true.”

“I don’t know what to do, Y/F/N!” You cried out, grabbing your hair in frustration.

“We’ll figure this out, Y/N. You’re not alone. I’ll be here for you. Always.”

A few weeks had passed since Y/F/N had found out about your pregnancy. And you still had not said a word to Michael. Of course Michael had noticed you being distant and he knew exactly why. But he wasn’t willing to bring it up only for you to explode at him. He was just too scared. And so were you. 

You had no idea what to do. You wanted your baby to live with their two parents and have a perfect family and a perfect life and you knew that wasn’t going to happen. The closest thing to that would require you giving up your own happiness. But you’ve thought about it and realized that you would give up anything for your child to be happy. The only reason you’ve hesitated is because you’re scared that Michael would hurt your child as much as he hurt you.

The past few weeks were far too suspicious for Michael to not be curious. He had to know what was going on in your mind. So when you called Y/F/N on the house phone because your cell phone ran out of battery, he picked up the phone in the kitchen to listen in on your conversation. He knew it was wrong to be eavesdropping, but there was something going on with you and he was getting to the bottom of it. 

For twenty minutes, he listened to you and Y/F/N talk about each other’s days and laugh at a few jokes. He didn’t hear anything worth noting, so he was about to hang up the phone before he heard, “So, have you told Michael yet?”

He immediately put the phone near his ear to hear your response. 

“No… not yet.”

“Well have you decided what you were going to do?”

“Yeah, I think I have.”

He could hear you sigh over the phone.

“I’m going to tell Michael about the baby.”


“I’m going to give him a chance to clean up his act and be a part of the baby’s life. I don’t want them to grow up without a father, you know?”

“You don’t have to justify yourself, Y/N, I totally get it.”

“But I will leave Michael if I have to. If it’s what’s best for me and the baby.”

Michael’s heart was beating out of his chest as he heard the news. He’s going to be a dad. The mother was questioning to even stay with him and he had to find out by eavesdropping. How had he fucked up so badly?

He could hear you and your friend exchanging goodbyes and he hung up the phone quickly and raced up the stairs to your bedroom. You had just hung up your call with Y/F/N before you opened the door only to be face-to-face with a wide-eyed and out of breath Michael. 

“Hey Mich-” You began to greet but he cut you off with a sentence that drained all the color from your face.

“You’re pregnant.”

here is part two

Taking Care of You

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*** Hey guys! Feel free to send me request and stuff, I know this is short but I wanted to get something up today.***

You trudged up the stairs to your apartment, your face tear streaked and your mascara smudged. It had been one of those days where no matter what you did, no matter what attitude you had, it was just going to be shit.

You fished your keys out of your bag, coming to a stop at your door. You opened up into the entryway, sighing with relief. You slip out of your pumps and set your tote bag on the table, heading straight for your bed. You don’t even bother getting undressed, you just flop in, curling up and letting a few more tears fall.

A few minutes later the front door creaks open and you hear, “Baby?” Luke’s husky voice echoes through the halls. The front door close’s behind him with a bang, you can follow the sound of his footsteps going through the kitchen.  You don’t bother responding, curling up on top of your blankets. You hated being like this when he was around, it made him worry, and that was the last thing he needed at a time like this. He was up at all hours, whenever inspiration struck, writing songs. He was also gone most of the day, recording with the guys or writing with them. He was pretty exhausted, and there was many mornings where you found him in the same spot he had been when you had gone to bed, still awake and still writing.

“Baby…?” You open one eye, seeing Luke peak his head in. His blue eyes land on your body, and his face softens. “Are you okay?” He asks quietly, walking into the room and climbing into bed next to you.

You sniffle in response, looking up at his concerned face. His eyebrows creased in the middle while he chewed on his bottom lip. You took notice of the dark circles under his eyes and immediately felt worse.

“I’m sorry, please do not worry about me,” You say, your voice hoarse from crying, “I just had an awful day and I just need to… be.” You explain, resting your head in his lap.

“Can I just ‘be’ with you..?” He asks, rubbing circles on your back.

“That would be nice…” You whisper, cuddling into his leg.

He sits with you for a while, noticing how your breathing got deeper hnd heavier.

“Y/N,” He whispers, “I’m going to help you change into some pajamas…” You feel his hands lift you head off his lap and put it on a pillow. You kept your eyes closed, but heard his soft footsteps move around the room. Suddenly his hands are unzipping your pants and pulling them down, quickly replacing them with your favorite sweat pants. He helps you sit up, and takes off your blouse and your bra, tugging on your softest sweater. You smile at him, tears coming to your eyes.

“What’s wrong?” He asks, once again concerned. “Did I do something wrong?”

“No, you’re just… I know how stressed you are, and you’re spending your time taking care of me and I just… I love you.” You say with a hiccup.

He smiles down at you, resting his hand on your cheek.

“You’ve taken care of me so many times love, I just wanted to return the favor. Now go to sleep… I’ll be here when you wake up.” With that he tucked you in, stoking your hair and sitting next you until you fell asleep.

sleeping with strangers || cth

what started as a potential one-night stand ended with what could be the start of a beautiful relationship (feat fratboy!cal)

there’s no smut in this lmao

One party. That’s all it took for you to break every promise you ever made to yourself. Your friend had been begging you to come to this party and after days of refusing, you finally gave in and that was the decision that changed everything.

1. I will not go to a party.

You never really went to parties. They just weren’t your scene. Who wants to go to houses full of sweaty bodies and alcohol? And yet here you were, putting on a dress you never would have worn otherwise, and caking on more makeup than you have ever worn.

2. I will not get drunk.

There was so much to be done the next day, you couldn’t possibly do it all with a hangover. But when your friend offered you a red solo cup filled with a mysterious mixed drink, you couldn’t turn them down. You told yourself it would be one drink. But one drink led to another and now the room was spinning and you could not even form a coherent thought.

3. I will not make out with a stranger.

Yet you found yourself playing intense tonsil hockey with a boy you had just met a mere two hours ago by the beer pong table. His body sandwiched you between him and the wall while his hands roamed your body. His tan skin was pressed against yours as your fingers found their way into his raven curls. You stayed that way for a while, your lips hungrily kissing the stranger, until you pulled away to break your next promise to yourself.

4. I will not go home with a stranger.

For some reason, you followed the stranger as he led you through the frat house and into, what you assumed to be, his bedroom.

You were now on his bed, with him hovering above you kissing down your neck.

5. I will not sleep with a stranger.

The make-out session had kept you away from the alcohol long enough for you to feel yourself sobering up a bit (you were still incredibly drunk- but at least you could think clearly now) and when you realized what was happening and how far this could go, you immediately stopped and tried to push the boy on top of you off. 

“Wait, wait stop.”

“What’s wrong? Did I do something?” The boy asked.

You stood up and walked away from the bed. He now sat up and followed you with his eyes. You shook your head. “No, no, I just… I don’t want to do this.”

“Hey, I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable.”

“No, you didn’t do anything I just…”

You thought long and hard about what you could say to get out of this bedroom as quick as you could.

“I’m a virgin and I don’t want to lose it to a one-night stand.” You quickly blurted out.

Well, it was the truth and boys do freak out whenever they hear the word virgin.

The boy stared at you blankly before saying, “Well… What if I wanted to be more than a one-night stand?”

You froze, not knowing how to respond. “W-Well, like I said,” You stuttered, now suddenly nervous. “I’m not losing my virginity to a one-night stand.”

“Wait, no that’s not what I meant to say,” the boy became flustered. “I’m not gonna sleep with you if you don’t want to but I would really like to get to know you.”

You looked at him with surprise all over your face.

“What?” He asked.

“I just didn’t think you’d take no for an answer.”

“What? Just because I’m a fratboy, doesn’t make me a fuckboy.”

You both laughed at his comment.

“No but seriously, I would like to get to know you.”

You raised your eyebrows. “It didn’t seem like it a moment before.”

“Okay first, I just tried to talk to you and then you started kissing me and it just escalated form there.” He raised his hands in defense. “I thought it was what you wanted! And I am a lady pleaser.” He winked.

You rolled your eyes at his charm. You began to walk towards the door, but he quickly stood up and walked over to you.

“Hey, hey! Where are you going?” 

“I want to go home, now if you’ll excuse me…”

“You’re still drunk, I can’t let you drive like this! Stay with me, we don’t have to do anything, we could just talk.” He paused for a bit before continuing, “Aaaand I just said I wanted to get know you more and you’re just gonna walk out on me?” He said with mock hurt.

“Trust me…” You trailed off, drawing a blank on his name.

“You forgot my name already?” he laughed. You sheepily nodded. “It’s Calum.” He smiled.

“Trust me, Calum. You do not want to know drunk Y/N, she is a mess.”

“Well I already know she’s a good kisser. Why not learn some more?”

You felt a blush creep on your cheeks. You knew he was right; you couldn’t drive home drunk. And there was no harm in staying just for tonight, right?

“Alright, Calum. You have one night to learn all you can about Y/N Y/L/N.”

It was now hours after the party had ended. The thumping music that once echoed throughout the fraternity was now replaced by silence. You had changed out of your incredibly tight and uncomfortable dress and into one of Calum’s t-shirts.

So now you and Calum were now comfortably cuddling in his bed, both completely sober. You rested your head on his bicep as his arm was draped around your body, his fingers resting on your hip. You had your arm over his chest, hugging him from the side and feeling his every breath.

“You did what?!” You laughed.

“I went streaking around campus for 10 minutes!” He said.

“You had no other option?!”

“Um, yeah the other one was not get into this frat!” He laughed.

“Man, you really wanted to get in huh?”

“Yeah… I’m surprised no one stopped me. It was a really long time and everything was on display.”

You giggled at him. “I never understood the Greek life.”

“Oh, so what are you into?”

You thought about it for a second. “Hmm…” You hummed. “I don’t really know, I’m not that involved. I really just stay home and do my work.”

“Ugh! That’s so boring! You’ve got to let me take you out some time! Show you everything life has to offer.”

You smiled at the thought of Calum taking you out. “I don’t know, Hood. You and I are very different people.”

“Oh relax, I’m not gonna take you to a club or anything, unless you want to, but I mean like, going around the city, just to get you out of your dorm for a little while.”

You thought about it for a little bit. “That would be nice, actually.”

“So what else do you do besides your work?”

“Uhh… study?”

“Are you serious?”

“What?” You laughed.

“So you’re telling me that you actually stay in your dorm 90% of the time? Like you don’t go out at all?”

“No! I have no reason to. I mean I guess it’s a habit to just study in my free time.”

“A habit?” 

“Oh yeah, I was a total nerd back in high school. I always had my nose in a book, these huge glasses, braces, and acne! Ughh!” You shuddered.

“I can’t even imagine you as a nerd.”

“There’s a reason you don’t see me at these parties, Hood. I’m always at home studying.”

“Damn, can’t relate. I can never just sit down and study, school was never my forte.”

“Oh, yeah? What was?”

“Music. I love music.”

“No way!” You rolled over and were practically on top of him to look at him in the eyes. “Calum Hood, tall, muscular fratboy, a musician?! And people say perfect boys don’t exist!”

Calum blushed at your comment.

“Yeah, I play the bass in a band with my mates.”

“You’ve got to play for me sometime! I’d love to hear it!”

This made Calum smile from ear to ear. He quickly pecked you on the nose and you blushed, hiding your face in his chest. You could feel his chest move up and down as he chuckled.

“Why are you so weird about that? A few hours ago, my tongue was literally down your throat.”

“I don’t know… this is just different…”

“What about this?”


He cut you off by capturing your lips in his plump ones. He cupped your face gently and sat up so the both of you weren’t in an awkward position. It took you a second to realize what was going on before you started kissing him back. Your hands made their way to the back of his neck as you pulled him closer. His lips were soft and you could faintly taste the alcohol from hours before. The kiss was slow and passionate, unlike the heated make-out session from before. And you couldn’t get enough of it.

Once you both pulled away, you leaned your forehead on his as both of you caught your breath.

“Yeah, that was really different.” You said, answering his question from before.

He smiled. “Well now I know sober Y/N kisses even better.”

You bit your lip to keep yourself from smiling too hard.

You both stared into each other’s eyes for a while, before you pulled him towards you once more and reconnected your lips. He let out a little laugh before kissing you back. Your hands began toying with his hair and his arms now held you tightly around your waist.

Eventually you both had to pull away because the grins on your faces made it too awkward for you two to kiss. 

“I feel a good thing coming.” You whispered.

“Me too.” Calum whispered back.

Technically, you did break your promise of sleeping with a stranger, but it was an entirely different type of sleep. The kind of sleep where you stay up too late talking about each other’s lives. The kind of sleep where you are cuddled in each other’s arms; legs tangled under the covers. The kind of sleep where you knew you would have something great to wake up to the next day. The kind of sleep you haven’t had in so long; and you weren’t about to let go of it anytime soon.

a/n: I am the nerd the nerd is me. I would study and not go to parties this is m e ! shoutout to all the other nerds out there! also yes i know they would be puking from all that alcohol and they’d probably pass out or something but this is cuter so let’s just pretend… okay? thanks.