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So for the longest time I’ve wanted to know why Calum sang Invisible by himself.

Like what was going on when they were recording the song?? Did they all agree that the song would sound better if Ashton or Calum sang it because they have some pretty soft sounding voices??? Or did Calum decide hey I wanna sing this song by myself??

If he did why?? Is he telling us something? Is that his way of telling us he feels invisible?? Cause if so that’s really sad and it breaks my heart. But it also got me thinking. Does he feel that way cause there are people in this fandom and outside of the fandom that make him feel like that or is it because he doesn’t get the recognition and credit that he deserves?? If that is so, then I wanna take this time to give him some credit.

Calum, you deserve all the credit in the world and I just wanna thank you for being the one to sing Invisible because the song already means a lot to me but the fact that you sing it makes it that much more special to me.

Your bass playing is amazing and while sometimes it can’t be heard in the song it’s still phenomenal. The other night I was listening to Disconnected Removed Vocals and I heard the bass clearly then and I’m truly amazed. You never seem to fail me and always exceed my expectations.

I wanna thank you for still being so quite and shy in interviews. It’s very refreshing because I’m so quite and shy I don’t talk unless I feel like I should say something. So thank you for not changing that about you.

And this one is definitely the most important to me. Thank you for writing my number one favourite song.
Disconnected. Thank you. That song has gotten me through a lot of shit since its release. When I’m mad, sad, upset, happy, lonely, Invisible, unwanted, unloved, when I’m feeling anything that is the song I put on. That is my go to song. And when I hear that song I get the biggest smile on my face and it feels like a weight has been lifted of my chest. So Calum, thank you. Thank you for being you. Thank you for writing songs. Thank you for playing the bass. Thank you for your smile. Thank you for Disconnected. Thank you for everything. Thank you.

Toothbrush - L.H.

Okay…so I (obviously) got this idea from listening to Toothbrush from DNCE. I’ve also decided I want to update every Friday so every time I finish something, I’m just going to queue it up. Enjoy

Also…I know I said no more Luke pieces for awhile, but this literally came to me in class and I wrote it in fifty minutes so….

Luke woke up early from the sunlight pouring in through the window on the other side of the room, body still bare from the night before, the only thing covering him being the stupid little close to nothing sheet resting on his hips. His bright blue eyes fluttered open slightly, heart sinking as he sat up confused as to why the body next to him had disappeared at such an early hour of the day, the clock reading a mere 6:17 in the morning, no longer confused when he heard the toilet flush from the bathroom just down the hall…unless it was Ashton of course since he was the usual prospect that would be up this early in the morning.

He ran a hand through his tousled hair, bringing his palms down over his face rubbing the tiredness from them slightly as he waited for his lover to return to the room.

“You’re up early,” she mumbled seeing him awake as she leaned up against the door frame, arms crossed over her chest as she looked over the tired man’s features, a lazy smile gracing his perfectly pouted lips. She had on his torn Nirvana tee, the fabric falling to the tops of her thighs, and with the way she was leaning against the frame, he could see her favorite pair of navy blue panties from Victoria’s Secret. Her feet were still bare, probably having lost her socks in his sheets through the night, as she always did, even though she refused to take them off before falling asleep. He’d always loved her sense of style, but he always thought she looked best dressed in his shirt with no pants on laying in his bed.

Her hair was still a mess, sticking up slightly in awkward directions, most likely extremely tangled and in desperate need of a pound of his conditioner to comb out the knots before she left. Her eyeliner had run across the side of her face lightly and he was sure there was glitter on his pillows from her eye shadow as well, small love bites gracing the length of her neck, small enough for him to miss if she had her hair styled the right way covering them perfectly. It was a sight he always loved, even if she did look like a hot mess. She was his hot mess.

“Luke, are you listening to me?” she asked smirking slightly knowing he wasn’t. He never was when he was looking at her like that…not that she knew exactly what that look on his face was, but she knew it enough to know he was lost in his train of thought.

“Not at all, sweetheart,” he hummed leaning back against his pillows, arms making their way behind his bed as his muscles shifted slightly, eyes daring her to make her way back to bed with him, and she knew she would. “Close the door love.”

She did as she was told, feet padding softly against the dark, hardwood floors as she climbed into bed right over to him, swinging her leg over his hip so she was straddling him, as placed strategically against his pelvis, knowing damn well if she wanted to at any point in time she could change the entire mood.

“What were you saying?” he asked, hands making their way to her thighs rubbing the soft, bare skin lightly leaving goosebumps behind.

“I said I can’t stay long. I’m working at eleven,” she said running her nails down his chest lightly, up and down, over and over, Luke shivering slightly at the feeling.

“That reminds me..I need to talk to you,” he mumbled, hands slowly making their way to her hips as he ran his thumbs in small circles under the fabric of his shirt along her bare skin.

“What about, rock star?” she asked, brows furrowing together confused, not sure if she should be worried or not. Usually he’d just come out and say it, not making it a big deal unless it was something important.

“Well…I mean…we’ve been doing this for what…five months now…?” he asked stumbling over his words as she giggled slightly.

“Six,” she she said smirking slightly. “Where are you going with this Lu?”

“Well, I was thinking…that maybe you could like…leave some of your stuff here so when you do have to go in the morning you don’t have to leave so early…” he suggested making her heart melt as she smiled softly at him. “Like..maybe that coconut shampoo you have or your toothbrush…”

“And maybe some clothes considering I can’t really work in your tee and panties,” she teased as he blushed more. “You’re too cute, you know.”

“Are you going to answer me or just make fun of me?” he pouted as she leaned in pecking his lips quickly.

“I’ll bring them over when I see you tonight.”


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The first time they had sex he was a nervous wreck. Though experienced Calum didn’t want to rush too fast. He wanted her to feel safe and secure. They both had fumbled for the first half. Kisses being broken as they giggled at one another. Small gasps as fingers slicked over the other’s skin. The touches were tantalizing and his fingers inched closer to a place she wanted him to be. He was going slow and wanted her to feel every ounce of love he had. After getting over their nerves things  began run smoothly. Limbs intertwined, hickeys scattered, sheets being gripped. They were in bliss and didn’t want it to end.


Sometimes Calum just wanted to fuck. Though he loved making love to her there were times where he just wanted to go hard. The grip he had on her hips were going to leave a bruises. Teeth sinking into bottom lips as he took her from behind. She was becoming to like just fucking. It showed a different type of love. One that said yes I still love and respect you, but right now I want to get down and dirty; I want to manhandle you in a loving way. The type of sex that set their skin ablaze. Nails racking down his back and drawing blood. This was when Calum found out that she was indeed a screamer.


This type of sex made Calum’s heart ache. Cheeks stained from tears, lips puffy from kisses, and hearts pounding like a drum. They had only broken up for two weeks, but it felt like a lifetime to Calum. Making up was something he longed for and it was finally happening. It was like their first time all over again, but a lot more intimate. They’ve had time to get to know one another’s body. His touches being softer than before. Wanting to milk in every moment as if she could be gone again the next day. Calum found himself crying as their bodies molded together. It was happy tears, tears that showed how much he loved and cared for her. Never again would he let go.


New experiences were always fun, but this one was the most exciting. Her body shook as he slid in the once forbidden hole. Whimpers of both pain and pleasure filling the air. Anal sex had been something she wanted to try and Calum was happy to oblige. Everything was slippery with a large dosage of lube, but it made things easier. He mentally noted that lube was your best friend. Though she could get wet on her own lube added something extra to the table. The pleasure was euphoric. She felt tight wrapped around him and clenched each time he entered her. Calum couldn’t get enough and from how much she was moaning he knew this wasn’t the last time they would try this.


Sex like this felt even more special because of the circumstances. A thought they both agreed on was what brought them to it. Wanting to not only enjoy the pleasure, but wanting to make something of it. Bodies slick with sweat as the air in the bathroom heated up. Water sloshed over the side at their movements. This time she was on top. Calum loved when she topped. Throaty moans echoing about as she rode him with her all. It was different this time. For one they had gone through so much together. Though that fact wasn’t what made it different. It was the first time Calum had done it raw. The first of many steps in trying to conceive. They wanted a child and so they were going to make one.   


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A/N: Honestly this is sad. Like don’t ever make a bet to date someone and then end it that’s fucked up

     Ashton had to be drenched in sweat and it wasn’t because he was playing the drums. No, it was because he was about to crush your heart into a million pieces. He was regretting accepting the bet and knew he was about to ruin the best relationship and friendship he’s ever had. He had been dreading this day all night. Trying to soak in every happy moment with you before it all came crashing down. The night before the concert, Ashton couldn’t help but to think back on when this bet was put in place. 

“You just have to date her for a year and when it’s up…” Luke stopped mid-sentence, trying to think of what else should happen. He scratched at the back of his head and looked at Calum for help only to have him shrug in return.

“When it’s up you have to announce at a concert in front of everyone that your whole relationship was a bet,” Michael finished off. Ashton eyebrows rose in surprise and chewed at his bottom lip, contemplating the bet.

“What do I get out of it?” Ashton asked, crossing his arms over his chest. The guys had to have something good planned if they thought Ashton was going to go along with this. You were good friends with each one of the boys, but Ashton was your best friend out of them all. It was one thing to pretend date someone for a bet, but another when it’s your best friend. Ashton leaned back in his chair, waiting for what they had to say. There was a smug look on each one of their faces. “This better be good,” he sighed, shaking his head at the looks.

“Well you get laid for a year,” Calum chuckled making the rest of them laugh. “But you also get total reign over any and everything we do for a year…whatever you want,” Calum explained. Ashton looked unconvinced, was he really going to choose between being in command of the guys over your friendship? “And forty bucks from each of us.” 

Well no one could pass up money, but now that a year has passed Ashton wanted to go back on his bet. It was too late now and he was broken from his thoughts as Michael cleared his throat into the speaker. The words sounded morphed in his ears as Michael announced that Ashton had something he had to tell everyone. He really didn’t think this through. Once Ashton announced that your whole relationship was based on a bet people would never see him the same. You would never see him the same. He’d come off as some heartless guy that toyed with women’s feelings. Worst of all Ashton was afraid of what you were going to say. He reluctantly stood up from the drum set, dragging his feet until he was standing center stage. He took a deep breath, looking to the side at Luke, but catching your eye from behind stage. Ashton wanted to disappear and there was no backing out now.

     You rolled your eyes as Ashton’s name popped up on your phone. This had to be the fiftieth time he’s tried calling you and once again you sent him to voicemail. You’ve never been so humiliated, felt so used in your entire life. What hurt the most was that your best friend was the one to break your heart. Every single ‘I love you’ was all just a lie. The way he touched you no longer left a shiver down your spine and had your knees weak. It now made your skin crawl and left a bad taste in your mouth. So much betrayal and it was all for money. You didn’t care how much Ashton had apologized, how much he begged for you to hear his side of the story. You wanted nothing to do with him and you sure as hell didn’t want anything to do with the rest of the guys. They were the whole reason Ashton went out with you. The whole reason you were currently heartbroken.

Not long after you ignored the phone call you could hear frantic knocking at your door. “Y/N, please just let me explain!” Ashton yelled, still knocking. 

“GO AWAY!” you shouted, already feeling the tears spring to the corner of your eyes. He was becoming annoying, shouting out anything to get you to open the door. A sigh left your lips and you reached out for your headphones to block him out. Before you could place them in your ear Ashton had said three words that sent rage through your body. 

“I love you!” he shouted, rearing back seconds later as you swung the door open. A smile made its way onto his face when he saw you.

“You love me?” you questioned, “That’s bullshit and you know it.” The smile on Ashton’s face faded and you could feel your breath becoming shallow. “Because if you loved me you wouldn’t have humiliated me in front of a hundred fans…if you loved me you would have never taken a bet to date me.” You were extremely angry and the fact that Ashton was saying he loved you pissed you off. “You don’t know what love is, Ashton, because if you did I wouldn’t be heartbroken and you wouldn’t be begging for my forgiveness,” you told him. You wiped tears from your eyes, letting out a shaky breath at the end of your small speech. 

“It’s not bullshit, Y/N. I messed up I know but I do love you,” he whimpered, “Just please give me another chance.” You rolled your eyes at him, shaking your head. 

“I don’t know if I could do that,” you whispered. You loved Ashton so much, you really did but you couldn’t get over the fact that he was only with you because of a bet. You needed a lot of time to figure out if you wanted to be with him or not and until then you had to be away from him. “I think you should go,” you mumbled.

“Y/N, please don’t do th-”

“Go Ashton,” you said as strongly as you could. He sighed, looking down at the ground in sadness. He gave you one longing glace, biting on the bottom of his lip before nodding. Your breath hitched in your throat as Ashton took a step forward, cupping your cheek with his hand and sending a peck towards it. 

“I really do love you,” he whispered, pulling away and leaving like you had asked. You stood in the doorway stunned. The touch of his hand still warm against your skin. You didn’t know what to do and you weren’t sure if you truly wanted to lose Ashton as a boyfriend and best friend. 


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     Luke had gotten use to being on the road and away from family. It was apart of his job and he wouldn’t have it any other way. You had become accustomed to his lifestyle for a while now too. On occasion you were able to join on the tour, but this year was one where you couldn’t. Time became tough and even though the two of you made the effort to talk and Skype it wasn’t enough. You missed his presence and affection. Any other time you were fine with him being halfway across the world, but now it felt unsettling and you felt lonelier than ever. Luke was feeling the same way. He constantly called and wanted to face time before heading on stage. It was becoming somewhat unhealthy and the guys couldn’t sit through him not being happy much longer.

“I can’t just drop everything and come out there I have a job,” you sighed into the phone, glancing at your calendar for a quick second. Luke’s birthday was just in a few days and already you were feeling guilty for not being there.

“I know you get vacation days,” Ashton said, “Just use a few of those and plan a trip down here.” The guys had decided on making you Luke’s birthday gift. It was a way to make both of you happy and everyone could rest easy knowing Luke wasn’t walking around miserable. “The guys and I can chip in for the flight just please come see him…but it’s a surprise so don’t tell Luke.” You began to chew on your bottom lip in thought, wondering if you should take on the offer. Ashton was right you did have some vacation days saved up, so why not cash a few out now. 

“Alright I’ll come out there. I just need to know what days I have to call out for,” you mumbled. This had to be happening around Luke’s birthday so you thought on just calling out the day before and through to a day you could come back home. Some more words were exchanged and soon you were packing for your journey.

     Luke’s laughter was loud as the guys piled on top of him shouting out happy birthdays. He began to wiggle under them, Michael’s hand making it’s way into the young boy’s head and messing it up. “You guys are crazy!” Luke shouted, letting out a huff as they finally climbed off of him. Before he could even walk through the door they had him down on the ground, showering love everywhere. It was what he needed right now. Something to take his mind off of you not being here. It only worked for about five minutes. Usually you were the first to tell Luke happy birthday, but for some reason he hasn’t received a message back from last night. Even now as he texted you it kept telling him the message wasn’t being delivered. It was making him worried. Luke’s attention was taken off his phone at the sound of his name being called. 

“Are you excited for tonight?” Calum questioned, handing over a wrapped box to his friend. They were performing tonight, and because it was his birthday the event was going to be better than ever. Fans were already excited to see the concert, but the fact that it was Luke’s birthday made it even more special. 

“Yeah I am…hey have you heard from Y/N?” Luke asked, glancing down at his phone once more.

“No I haven’t, why?” Calum replied, putting on a poker face. He didn’t want to ruin the ultimate surprise for Luke. A sigh left Luke’s lips and he shrugged.

“Nothing, it’s just she hasn’t called. Which is weird because she always calls me during this time.” Calum frowned at his words. He knew you were currently on the plane. The arrival time being at least two hours before the concert time. 

“I’m sure she’ll call just don’t think too much on it,” Calum said, “It’s your big day man, have some fun!” 

If it hadn’t been for the guys preoccupying his mind, Luke would have thought you had forgotten his birthday. If you had messaged there was a slight chance you would have ruined the surprise. It was hard enough keeping a secret from him, so you never did unless it was really important. After some time your flight had landed and you were picked up. You were already buzzing with excitement and couldn’t wait to see Luke again. It had been five months since you last saw each other and you knew you couldn’t go another. From Ashton’s instructions, you were suppose to hide out on the tour bus while the guys did soundcheck and come out when they were ready to give Luke his birthday cake. 

The anticipation was killing you and finally once your wait was over you made your way inside the venue. Not wanting to ruin the surprise and have fans see you before Luke did, you sneaked into a side entrance with help. You had freshened up and by the time you made it towards stage the guys were finishing up a song. “So today’s Luke’s birthday!” Michael shouted into the microphone, making the crowd cheer loudly. “And the guys and I have one last present we want to give him.” Ashton ran off stage, coming to a halt in front of you. 

“Hey good to see you. Are you ready?” he asked, giving you a hug. You nodded, helping everyone place candles into Luke’s cake and lit them. “Okay I’ll walk out with the cake and just follow behind me,” he told you.

“Got it, man I’m so nervous…do I look okay?” you muttered, smoothing down your dress. 

“You look fine come on,” Ashton chuckled. The crowd was singing happy birthday as loud as they could when Ashton began to walk out. You waited a few minutes and watched with a smile on your face as Luke turned to blow out the candles. The minute you stepped out on stage the fans went wild, phones out as they recorded what was going to happen. “A cake! Thanks guys you made this the be-” Luke stopped mid-sentence when he spotted you walking out. The smile on his face turning into a grin. “What!” he exclaimed in awe, jumping around in his spot. 

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” you shouted, holding your arms out wide. It didn’t take long for Luke to rush over to you. Grabbing you in one quick motion and pulling you into a tight hug. “I missed you,” you said through laughter, letting him squeeze you as hard as he could. 

“I missed you too,” Luke hummed, pulling back to hold you at arms length. He couldn’t believe his eyes. “Are you really here?” he asked, then looked back at the fans. “Is she really here?” They shouted in response and Luke pulled you into a kiss. This was the best present he’s ever received and he couldn’t thank his friends enough. Luke’s energy for the rest of the night was on high and he was once again happy to have you in his arms.

Dating Calum Hood would include...

1. Grilled Cheeses in the middle of the night.
2.Singing and dancing together in the middle of the living room.
3. Rough Sex cause Daddy AF
4. Shitload of puppies cause Calum…
5. You tracing his tattoes when you are bored.

6. His hands on your waist when you are in public cause his is protective AF.
7. Stupid little gifts like candybars and flowers all the time
8. Skinny dipping.
9. Showering together to “save time” but actually always being late cause shower sex is so good.
10. Kidnapping you from work/college just to spend some quality time together.

11. Stupid fights that end with him pulling you into a hug.
12. Once in a while spending lazy days laying on the bed.
13. Him waiting for the right time to say “I love you” for the first time but actually blurting it out during a fight.
14. Smirking at you all the time.
15. You biting his botom lip when you kiss.

16. Him loving and worshipping your body as it is.
17. Loving your boobs so much that he always looks at them even when in public.
18. Skyping and texting every night before you go to bed  when he is on tour
19. Taking you out on formal dates when he gets back home.
20. Being in a long distance relationship for most of the time but none of you mind because you are both so in love.

21. Him being scared that he’ll lose you, but not admiting it to anyone.
22. Watching each other sleep, but him doing it almost all the time when he is home, because he thinks you are a work of art.
23. Cuddles all the time.
24. Supporting you through everything you decide, either on a professional level or a personal issue.
25. When you are sick or on your period, he runs you hot baths, makes sure you sleep peacefully, makes you food and takes care of you because “You are sick, you are my girlfriend, I have to take care of you cause I love you. Now shut up and drink your tea.”

26. Grocery shopping together for his or your apartment and him thinking that he wants to live with you.
27. Concert dates.
28. Beach walks.
29. Him squeezing your butt while you sleep and you pecking on his jawline while he sleeps.
30. Making plans for your shared future even if they are plans of places you’d like to go with him or talking about bigger stuff (like houses, kids etc…)

ok but like imagine fratboy!Calum showing up at one of your sorority’s parties & he joins the pool tournament in the middle of the room where you’re just learning to play. he walks over to you, his snap back turned backwards on his head and his teeth digging into his bottom lip as he grabs a pool queue to join the game. he winks at you and you playfully roll your eyes as he stands on the opposite end of the pool table, motioning for you to be the first to break the balls around the table. you confidently shrug and bend down over the table, purposely shaking your hips to distract him from the game as you hit the queue ball and smashed it into the rest of the balls, spreading them all out almost symmetrically across the table. calum nods his head and chuckles, moving to stand on the side closest to the queue ball as he bent down like you, teasingly shaking his own hips to earn a giggle for you. by now a crowd had gathered around, much larger than the crowd that had grown once you and your friend had played before. calum shot the ball, hitting a solid colored ball into one of the corners. you commended him, standing still as he moved again to hit yet another ball into a slot. he kept shooting and kept shooting, until eventually he only had one ball left on the table where as you still had all of your stripes to try and hit into the slots. “are you even going to let me shoot?” you questioned, rolling your eyes as you let your pool queue stand against the table. it was practically pointless for you to stand at the table to play against calum, it seemed. calum smirked at your attitude, twisting his snap back so that it was now sitting sideways on his head. “here, I’ll let you take a chance at winning, sweetheart.” he smirked, purposely scratching as he tried to hit the queue ball. you scoffed and moved beside him, bending so that your ass was in great view for calum to admire. just as you brought your arm back to hit the queue ball, Calum’s hand came down to grip onto your ass in a seductive squeeze. you squeaked at the unexpected touch, jumping and missing the queue ball as your stick swung and dug into the green table. you turned and growled at calum, crossing your arms. “groping me in the middle of my shot? that’s considered cheating.” you said, watching as calum just laughed and shrugged his shoulders. “here, I’ll show you how to shoot so that you don’t miss, hm?” he offered, bending you over the table. he pressed his front into your back, his toned chest and prominent bulge in his jeans pressing against you. you blushed red as his hands clasped over yours on the queue stick, twisting it until he let a breath flow down your neck. “you do it like this,” he whispered, his voice low as he took your hands and swung your stick, striking a striped ball and pushing it into a slot across the table. the crowd around the two of you cheered loudly, as calum smirked while standing tall. he quickly hit his last ball into a slot and watched you as you stared at him. he winked at you, saying, “I can give you private lessons anytime you want, sweetheart.” before he handed his stick to the next contestant as he walked to find himself a drink for the night.

5sos: plays in Wembly arena
5sos: plays slsp
Michael: gets burned

5sos: plays in Wembly arena
5sos: plays slsp
Michael: falls off the stage

Preference #57: “Please Just Fuck Me”

Warning: Contains Sexual Content, View At Your Own Risk!!!

Calum: The words left your lips in a whisper. Sounding so innocent when it clearly wasn’t. Calum couldn’t help but to let out a tiny laugh at your words. The warmth of his breath fanning over your clit and making you whimper. “I thought you loved the foreplay?” he questioned, taking a tentative lick up your folds. Your body jolted at the feeling and your hand reached down to tug at his hair. It wasn’t until your fingers connect with his peach fuzzed scalp that you remembered Calum had cut his hair. Instead you scratched at his head and let out a hum in response. Calum smiled at the reaction he got from you and nudged his nose into your bundle of nerves. You weren’t sure what to say, barely getting your last sentence out from how much he was pleasuring you. You enjoyed the foreplay, but you wanted Calum so bad, he had gotten you so wet that you were ready. He kissed at your clit once, then worked his way up to your lips. You pulled his head down to give him a passionate kiss, tongue sliding into his mouth and tasting yourself on his tongue. A small gasp left your lips as you felt the head of his length slip in. You whined at his actions knowing he was just teasing you. “Calum please,” you moaned out only to have your toes curl as he gave a sharp thrust. You wanted him to fuck you and that’s what he was going to do.

Ashton: He looked at you with dark eyes once the words left your mouth. Teeth sinking into his bottom lip to hold in the groan. Ashton smirked at your words his fingertips digging into the skin at your hips. He planned to do just that. Not in the mood to make love, but in the mood to fuck. Ashton had a stressful day and he was ready to release the pent up frustration. A yelp of pleasure left your lips as Ashton slid hard into you. “Fuck yes,” you moaned out, face burying into the pillow as he began to thrust. Ashton was going in hard, his length hitting all the right spots as he entered you. Deep groans were echoing about the room and Ashton kept his eyes locked on where you two were connected. His fingers tucked into the small of your back. You couldn’t remember the last time Ashton had just fucked you. Going in raw and pounding you into oblivion. You pushed back on him, starting to match his pace. “Just like that baby,” Ashton breathed out, spreading your cheeks apart so he could watch even more. This was just what he needed, to be buried deep inside of you and hear your whimpered moans. It was music to his ears. Ashton’s hand reached between your legs and began to rub at your clit. You were loving it. Prepared to go all night in order to make Ashton forget his stressful day.

Michael: You looked at Michael with raised eyebrows, the smile on your face growing at his words. He was in a submissive mood today. Wanting you to take charge and have him in anyway. “Is that what you want?” you asked, sucking on his sweet spot and making him wither beneath you. You pushed your crotch against his, feeling his length grow even more. “You want me to fuck you,” you whispered, nibbling at his earlobe. Michael let out a groan and he nodded rapidly at your words. You smiled lifting up so that you could slide off your panties. Michael could practically hear his heat pound in his chest as you teased the both of you by rubbing his tip between your folds. His mouth opened, the moan getting caught in his throat as you sunk down on his length. “You feel amazing,” he managed to say, head falling back between his shoulders as you began to ride him. Your hands held onto his shoulders as you began to pick up the pace, milking moans from deep with Michael’s throat. One of his hands reached up to tug at your hair while the other grasped your breast. The slink sounds of him entering you filled the room, skin slapping against skin as you rode him faster. Michael was in bliss, soaking in every minute. He had been gone for months and had waited for this moment for so long. 

Luke: “You’re sure you want that?” Luke asked, glancing up at you all the while fingering you. He looked around making sure no one was noticing what was going on under the table cloth. You nodded at his questioned, head falling onto his shoulder as he curled his fingers up to reach your g-spot. Luke had decided to tease you just before you had to go out and meet up with friends for dinner. “Meet me in the bathroom in five,” you whispered, sucking a tiny love bite under his earlobe. You excused yourself from the table, shooting Luke a wink before heading to the bathroom. “Why is it that we always find ourselves fucking in a bathroom?” Luke gasped, thrusting into you. You laughed at his words, pulling him into a kiss and wrapping your legs around his waist. Luke moaned into your mouth as you clenched around his length. “Do that again” he begged, pulling you onto the edge of the sink counter. This only made him push deeper into you, the head of his length hitting at your g-spot. You clenched around him once again and Luke buried his face into the crook of your neck. He kissed at your collarbone, speeding up the pace as he thought of your friend group realizing the two of you were missing. This had to be a quickie and from how much you were clenching around him Luke knew you were going to release soon. 

just a little thing i wrote about best friend!luke because we all know im i hoe for that concept

Whoever came up with the unbearable “strictly platonic” clause of the relationship you shared with your best friend Luke has clearly never lived to see the ice blue specs resembling stars that contrasted the navy rings found in his eyes or the way his tongue would poke out between his pink lips as he tried to prevent even the smallest of laughs from stretching across his face and illuminating his features immediately.  They definitely haven’t experienced the feeling of home that came with being wrapped in the warmth trapped within his arms or the almost silent sound of guitar chords at 3am as he scribbled away at the paper in between late night notes and riffs.  Because if they had, you wouldn’t be stuck in a friendship completely platonic by definition that happened to seem slightly less platonic on the outside with feelings within that were even further from the meaning of the word.

You never considered any aspect of your friendship with Luke unconventional in the slightest bit until people started pointing it out to you.  The amount of times you’ve corrected people about the status of your relationship couldn’t be counted on two hands, nevermind one, and the times you got a nonchalant comment of “oh sorry, you two just seem so in love” was enough to trap the foreign idea deep in your brain, practically eating you and your friendship alive.  Otherwise normal pet names of babe and darling made your body tense up for the slightest of seconds until you mentally shook it off, the change in your demeanor gone before Luke could realize it even was present to begin with.  Luke’s long arms lingering around your waist and stubble-covered chin propping on your shoulder as you waited in line for your soft-served ice cream would’ve just been a normal mannerism of your friendship (and maybe his last resort of trying to brush off the worker’s not-so-subtle comments about how attractive she found him).  But thoughts implanted by random passersby, strangers who noticed just something a bit off between you two, continued to cloud your mind, blurring the line between friendship and actual relationship where you and Luke currently stood.

And maybe Luke saw it too. He saw how the boys would share glances, eyes meeting even in the room dimly lit by the blue tones emitting from the movie currently displayed across the TV.  Gazes from three pairs of eyes would flicker from one another to the two figures curled up together on the couch, your fingers absentmindedly working through the sandy blond curls at the nape of his neck as his hand wrapped around your waist underneath the soft material of the grey throw blanket.  He was aware of how the old couple working at the diner you frequented every Sunday morning after you pried his tall, broad frame from the contrasting white sheets would look at you two with soft smiles as his sleepy body curled against yours in the small booth in the back of the restaurant. Two eggs and rye toast were always on the menu, and evidently so were the hushed comments about how “you two look so in love” as you went to leave, even after telling them otherwise on multiple occasions. Luke became so hyperaware of how you good you looked with his striped shirt hanging on your frame, especially with hooded eyes and hair messed perfectly by your previous slumber.  Was this still or ever platonic?

Although things remained pretty much the same between you two for quite some time, there were evident moments were time seemed to freeze where it was, a rush of something between adrenaline and hesitation simultaneously coursing through both of your veins.  Late nights spent at home dancing at 2am to demos of new songs that just got out of the recording studio in the light emitting from the refrigerator and days where you two were both halfway across the globe exploring foreign cities and buying souvenirs all seemed to come to a momentary halt when an all too real lump formed in your throats, eyes wide and not knowing what would happen next when a rush everyone calls “love” would fill the space around you.

So yeah, maybe you were falling for your best friend, but maybe he was falling for you too.

Mornings (Calum) - Imagine

You woke up — earlier than you wanted to — to the faint sound of Stevie Wonder and Calum singing along just a little bit too loudly for this hour of the morning. As you stared at the ceiling in your bed, you exhaled heavily before dragging yourself off the mattress and down the hall. The music got louder as you made your way downstairs to the kitchen. With the blanket from your bed held loosely around your shoulders, you peeked your head into the kitchen and smiled at the sight of Calum vaguely dancing to For Once In My Life while trying to make breakfast.

“For once I can say,

This is mine you can’t take it,”

Calum whisper-sang. It wasn’t necessarily pretty because the notes were high and he was trying to be quiet, but it was cute nonetheless. His sock-clad feet slid across the tile in a hopeless attempt to nail a moonwalk. He almost tripped, but recovered and lightly laughed at his own failure. He then directed his attention back to the stove where he was cooking eggs and bacon.

You slowly walked up to him, mimicking his dance moves. He turned around eventually and, seeing you, blush immediately rose on his cheeks and he stopped singing. You smiled and put your arms around his neck. “Noooo, don’t stop,” you whined, carrying out your words, and kissing his cheek.

The song came to an end and changed to Bored to Death by Blink-182.

Calum gave a small, muffled laugh in response, obviously still a little embarrassed from the pink in his face. As he put his hands on your waist and started moving both of your bodies to the music, you whisper-sang along with him. It was hard to sing because your cheeks were hurting from smiling so much.

You carried on like this for a while, enjoying the warmness of each other’s smiles. You shared a few kisses during instrumental solos and brought each other gradually closer. Eventually the current song ended and you connected your eyes a last time before a feeling of alarm coursed through your body.

“Shit! Calum, the food!” you exclaimed, laughing a little as a look of panic appeared on his face. He scrambled over to the eggs, slipping a little due to wool socks on a tile floor. He got back to the food just in time. The bacon, however, was a bit blackened and much crispier than it should have been. He put everything on one big plate while you got two smaller plates and each took what you wanted.

You met each other in the living room again and sat down on the couch. The remainder of the morning was relaxing, spent eating breakfast and watching TV together.