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Cure || LRH

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Abstract: Luke Hemmings becomes known as your typical rich kid who gets away with everything until [Y/N] learns that he’s more than just his money when she starts to fall with him, acting on her feelings when drunk. 

Word Count: 4622 words

Request part 2

“Did you hear about the new kid in town?” Your friend, [Y/F/N], snorted at her own remark as you laughed with her.

“What new kid?” You asked in confusion as you both calmed down from her earlier remark.

“Luke something, I think.” She said as she bit into her sandwich causing a chunk of egg salad to spill onto her tie, “fuck.”

“No, I haven’t heard about this kid but clearly everyone else has.” You laughed as you watched her struggle to clean the mess on her tie.

“Well I’m just gonna have to smell like egg for the rest of the day.” She groaned as you laughed, offering her a few of your napkins which she gladly took.

“What’s so special about this Luke kid?” You asked trying to get her back on track.

“Apparently he’s psycho.” She beamed excitedly as you gave a very confused look not really seeing the correlation between his supposed crazy her happiness.

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Requested: yes, this sweetie did

Words: 1294

A/N: I hope it’s okay! If not, request again ;) It turned out longer than I expected, but it happened.

check out the soulmate!Michael story i’m writing

It wasn’t like you hated Hey Violet. You weren’t allowed to hate them – they’re were 5SOS’ experiment. That’s not what the boys said, but that was how you saw them. They wanted to make a band famous and help them out, just like 1D did with them. So you could easily hang out with HV – as long as they were all there. Because hanging out just with Nia or being alone with Rena was weird and scary to you. So going out them Hey Violet and 5SOS shouldn’t be a problem. But even though all you wanted was a nice, calm conversation with all of them, you couldn’t help but notice the way Nia laughed at Calums’ jokes. You all sat around a table at a rather big coffee shop. You sat beside Miranda and Luke, so far away from Calum.

They were all talking in over each other, so nobody really got the idea. Maybe there was too many people, but it was nice anyway. Sometimes you would actually laugh at Michaels dumb jokes or talk really quietly with Luke, so only you and him could hear the conversation. But in the middle of the fun, Nia almost died from laughing – and you more or less wished she would have. She hit Calum’s arm playfully, making Calum’s eyes crinkle and shine.

“I’m gonna get some more water. “ You said getting up from your chair. The table you were sitting at was pretty close to the window, so you could see fans starting to notice the bands.

“I’ll come with you. I need more coffee. “ Nia said, her voice full of happiness and her smile wide. “I didn’t get any sleep yesterday. “ She whispered. Nia was sweet… She really was, so it shouldn’t be a problem being with her alone for a small minute. You walked both walked towards the counter – unfortunately there was a queue, hinting that you’d be alone with her for longer than you thought. There was no awkward moments, but every time she smiled, you couldn’t help but think about her flirting with Calum. They had been together quite a lot lately and you didn’t really see any harm in that. Until now – Calum wouldn’t cheat on you, but maybe he had a thing for Nia? You just were done telling a small story about the time you went to Disneyland and you puked after trying the teacups. Nia chuckled.

“Yeah! It was like this one time where we went to a small concert – me and Calum-“ Your face changed at Nia’s words, but she clearly didn’t notice. “I don’t even remember who was playing. I took a couple of shots before the concert. “ You moved forward in the queue.  “But anyway, I puked at the girls bathroom and Calum laughed at me. “
Somehow the fact that all Calum did was laugh at her calmed you down a bit.

“But then he helped by holding my hair and buying me something to drink. He’s really sweet. “ Nia said, clearly trying to compliment you and your choice of boyfriend, but you couldn’t see it as anything else, but her smearing it in your face.

“Yea, you probably know how sweet he is. “ You mumbled, because it had become a bad habit of yours to whisper your thoughts. But obviously, Nia heard – because what else could happened?

“You don’t want me to be friends with Calum? “ Nia asked. All of a sudden the sweet, funny, innocent person was gone and instead a very angry and irritated Nia was standing in front of you.

“I don’t want you flirting with him. “ You said, crossing your arms and lifting your brow.

“I’m not flirting! “ Nia raised her voice, so the people behind you looked up from their phones to see what was going on. “Are you really that type of girl? “

You didn’t know what to answer, because you knew what she meant. You weren’t the jealous, controlling, clingy girlfriend, but today you were just getting tired of Nia. You didn’t mind Calum being friends with her, but the fact that she was flirting with him made you mad – and when she didn’t want to admit it made it worse.

“Maybe I am. Butat least I’m not going for boys who’re taken! “ You yelled, not caring about the people behind you and the people in front of you. They could mind their own business.

“Bitch, you’re just scared that I might actually fuck your man! “ Nia hissed. And just like it couldn’t get any worse, Calum turned up.

“Hey, you guys are slow. “ Calum smiled. You loved his smile – it was one of the many reasons you fell in love with him. And you kept falling in love with him every day who saw him.

“Hi Calum. “ Nia said in a tone that clearly showed she was gonna tell him. “Did you know that Y/N is a jealous, idiotic prick? “

“Bitch. You just can’t handle the fact that I have it better than you! “ Nia stuck her tongue out while grinning devilishly.

“You can’t handle the fact that Calum would rather be with me than you. “ She said it slowly, making every word longer. Her tone was quietly teasing and she didn’t even look at you. She looked at Calum behind you.

You stormed out of the coffee shop, pushing Calum aside and sneaking in and out between people. You squinted your eyes, as you closed the coffee shop door. Normally you weren’t like this. You wouldn’t storm out of rooms because someone insulted you, but today was the first day where you did exactly that.

“Y/N! “ Someone yelled. You looked at the source of the sound and found about 5 teenage girls, standing with their phone and taking pictures of the boys from the window. You smiled, knowing that you had to put up a face and walked towards the fans.

“Oh my god. “ A girl with red hair and cute little freckles smeared over her cheeks mumbled. “You’re like really pretty. “

“What are you guys doing? “ Another girl asked. She had platinum blond hair to her shoulder and she was standing with her phone pointed towards you, filming you.

“Getting something to drink and eat. It’s rare they have time for that. “ You smiled and looked at the girls. You actually loved meeting fans, because they were usually always so sweet and curious. And it made you feel special in some sort of way. But just as you were having a very cool and casual conversation with the fans, they started whined.

“OMG! CALUM! “ You looked down on your feet, well-knowing that you couldn’t avoid him. And you knew he was getting closer, because they were being louder with every step he took.

You felt Calums arms being wrapped around you and his scent hit your nose and you instantly felt like it was dumb – the whole thing was dumb and idiotic. You were generally surprised. The brown-haired girl was clearly still filming and she wasn’t even trying to hide it. The other girls were awing at the two of you. Calum would normally not be much for PDA when there were cameras around, but this time he just kissed your temple and hugged you from behind.

“I love you and only you, babe. “ He whispered in your ear, making the girls aweing and one of them snouted “GOALS”. Calum kissed your lips and took your hand, before he started talking with the fans.

Next day on twitter, you saw the video from the brown-haired fan’s perspective. And you had to admit, you pretty damn cute together.

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imagine sitting next to Ashton on a plane. at first you wouldn’t realize he was there because you were lost in the song you were listening to. then you look over and realize he was there and you start to get nervous. you want to talk to him but you don’t know how to start the conversation. so you start listening to one of their songs and you sing along just loud enough for him to hear. and he looks over at you and smiles. you smile back of course but you’re still to nervous to say anything. then you get a notification that Ashton tweeted. and it says “the prettiest girl is sitting next to me on my flight and she’s listening to one of our songs. rad.” with a smile you immediately retweet it. after that the two of you end up talking for the whole flight and end up exchanging numbers. and that’s how you met your boyfriend.

"Who cares." | luke hemmings smut

A/N: this request got me very inspired. i really like how this one turned out. :-)

Request: Heeey could you do a bff luke that goes to a party with you and it end up in his room? i love your writing!!

Warnings: drinking, mention of drugs, light smut

[ “Who cares.” ]

“Why am I here again?” You asked, sighing and sitting down on a couch in the corner. The music was blaring far too loud for your liking, and you were scared to even sip your gingerale at the thought of what someone might have accidentally slipped in it without you seeing.

“I think I should be asking you that question. You’re the one that dragged me here.” Luke said with a chuckle and put a hand on your shoulder.

“Sorry. I really need you here though. I would’ve never been able to survive this alone.”

Luke sat down next to you. He pulled out his phone and started checking some of his social media. “Whose party even is this?”

“A friend’s.” You sighed again. “One that I haven’t seen all night.”

“You know what? We’re here now, may as well take advantage.” Luke pulled you up and dragged you over to the bar. “Two tequilas please.”

“Luke!” You yelled.

“Free drinks (y/n). I’m taking advantage.”

You rolled your eyes as he gave you the shot. You downed it in less than 2 seconds.


Many drinks later, you knew you weren’t in your right mind. It was almost 1:00 in the morning, and you just wanted to go home. You found Luke talking with some girl at the bar, and right before he was about to give out his number, you dragged him away.

“I just called an uber. Let’s wait outside.” You said. You both went outside and collapsed on your friend’s front lawn. You could still hear the music loud and clear, but there was a sort of silent vibe that you were getting from sitting underneath the stars with your best friend.

When the uber arrived, you both climbed in the backseat drunkenly. Luke had the driver take you back to his house, where you would spend the night. There was no way you were driving anywhere. Not after all those shots.

When you got to his house, there was tension in the air you could cut with a knife. You kicked off your shoes and were about to change into one of Luke’s shirts, however you couldn’t undo your dress.

“Will you unzip me?” You asked. Luke walked over to you and slowly undid your zipper. You spun around and looked up at him. “What?”

Then his lips were on yours.

You were completely taken aback, not expecting this kind of behavior from your best friend of 13 years, but kissed him back nevertheless. After what could qualify as solid makeout session, he pulled away.

“What are we doing?” He asked.

“Who cares.” You said and leaned up to kiss him again. You tugged on the hem of his shirt and helped him take it off.

“Upstairs…now.” He whispered. He lifted you up and brought you to his bedroom. He completely slid your dress off before laying you down on his bed. “My girl is so beautiful.” He said and started kissing down your body.

You loved being called his girl.

You squirmed underneath him as his tongue explored every inch of your skin. You didn’t have your wits about you to even comprehend what was going on. All you knew was that Luke’s mouth was making you feel things you had never felt before.

He undid his belt and took off his pants. He kissed your neck while taking off your bra. You never would’ve guessed Luke was so skilled in the sex department from his usually dorky demeaner and cheesy smile, but damn was he good.

Eventually all clothes had come off, and Luke was on top thrusting into you. Sweat glistened on both of your foreheads, and loud moans were echoing throughout the room. You both rode out your highs together, and collapsed next to each other, breathing heavily.

“What did we just do?” You asked.

“Who cares.” Luke whispered, leaning over and kissing you again.

Feeling Ashton wrap himself around you as he climbs into bed after a long day of work would always put a smile on your face. He snuggles into your neck, inhaling the scent of your hair as you push your back into his chest more, his arms tightening even more and your smile grows that much more

“Love you baby.” Ashton would whisper into your hair and lean over to kiss your cheek, feeling your skin scrunch up as you grin at his actions. The two of you fall asleep wrapped in each other, breaths in sync and hears creating a beautiful melody.

Waking up in the morning would mean you gently open your eyes and see a peaceful Ashton, arms still wrapped around you and sunshine lighting up a sliver of his face where the drapes had fallen open. You would make your way out of bed quietly, planning on making him a big breakfast to celebrate just being together.

Hours later when Ashton finally cracks his eyes open he would hear the soft music flowing from downstairs accompanied by a wonderful smell and every so often your voice floating up to him, signing along to the song. A smile would play on his lips as he sneaks downstairs to catch a glimpse of you dancing, swaying your hips to a song on the radio, humming to yourself as you made a variety of foods.

Eventually, when Ashton had had enough of not being able to touch you he would sneak up behind you, wrapping his long arms around you and kissing you on the cheek, singing in your ear as you giggled and turned into his arms to kiss him fully.

“Missed you. Always miss you.” Ashton would whisper, nosing your cheek.

“I love you.” You say back, biting his collarbone softly as he lets out a melodious laugh, hugging you to his chest tightly and dancing around the kitchen with you.

Two Different Worlds ~ c.h

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Paring: Prince!Calum/Human!Y/n in another world au

Request: No

Words: 2,046

Summary: Love comes in so many ways, as well as to many different people. But just how hard is it staying away from your love for eternity?

(sorry this is v long, I tried to add a read more thing but it won’t add properly and it’s 1am so I’ll do it in the morning)



“Ugh.. Uuugh”

The brunette looked up, and was greeted by a shadow obstructing a glowing light.

“Where am i?” He groaned. He peered his eyes around, taking in the surroundings.

“I…Is this a humans home?”

The shadow above him spoke, not really answering his question; “dont wiggle like that. I found you at the cliff base. You took quite a fall”

His eyes focused to the figure, and he saw..a girl?

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prince!5sos au (mikey) | part three.


anonymous said: part 3 to Prince Michael!!!! pleaseeee

[part one.]
[part two.]

(***foreword, the pronouns and gender in this preference will be female. to all my he/him and they/them audiences, if you would like me to make a replica with your prefered pronouns gender, just inbox me.***)

summary: after attempting to find one another and finally doing so, michael and you go to a special room where his father, the king, interrupts a moment.

pairing: michaelxreader

word count: 1586 words

the task of finding prince michael was definitely easier said than done. every person attending had a mask adorning their face, some just their eyes, others their full face, so it was impossible to tell who was who. aside from the king and queen, who were sat at their throne observing their son’s coming of age party.

you wandered aimless through the crowd, avoiding the dance floor and sticking towards the outskirts. 

however, as you paused to catch your breath and calm your mind, you took a glance around the party.

it was a matter of fact that the ballroom and the castle were elegantly decorated and everything so intricately designed. the various ball gowns and dresses that you had seen made your jaw drop in awe. the gowns and dresses varied from bold to soft colors; some pinks and reds, others with blues and purples, even some with black or white. no one had the same dress within the room. the men, too, were beautifully dressed in their formal attire, their outfits matching their lady’s gown. 

the room was lit up with giant, crystal chandeliers hanging high from the ceiling. the royal family’s flags hung from the sides of the room, and tables were spread here and there with pastries and goodies, and some with silver chalices of water or wine. there were guards stationed at every entrance, their uniforms special for the prince’s ball.

you sighed happily and stood near the wall for a few minutes while taking everything in. you never wanted to forget this sight, and you would never forgive yourself for forgetting a single detail.

it was soon, however, that a young man from across the room approached you, bowing and holding out his hand. you took it, wanting to be polite. when the orchestra had begun to play again, this time you were dancing with the stranger, twirling and stepping in time with the music. you were a little curious as to who the masked man was, but you weren’t going to demand he take off his mask.

you two danced to a few songs, and when you both grew tired, he bowed and you curtsied, going off in your own paths. after dancing for so long, you ascended the stairs to find a balcony for some much-needed air. the room had grown considerably warm with so many people inside.

you nodded to and thanked the guards who opened up a set of doors for you and continued your search for a balcony. but instead, you found a hallway with portraits and statues and busts of the kings and queens of the past and present. you admired every portrait you came across – you had to commend the artists for their talent, each work was so beautiful and realistic. it was absolutely lovely. you stopped in your tracks and you recognized the current king and queen; king daryl and queen karen. and next to them was a portrait of their son, prince michael.

you smiled warmly at the portrait. the artist certainly did a wonderful job of capturing the prince’s beauty. but to you, the man in the portrait seemed much too serious for the prince michael you met in the marketplace. you stared at the portrait for a while, taking in the prince’s features. it seemed as though tonight, you weren’t meant to find him. and while the thought saddened you, you weren’t one to go against fate.

“the party not entertaining enough for you, my dear?” you heard a voice say behind you, causing you to jump.

you turned quickly, bowing your head, “my apologies, sir.”

“did i startle you?” the man asked.

“a little,” you admitted in a small voice.

you jumped again when feeling a knuckle lift your chin. your eyes met the stranger’s, and you sensed some familiarity within them. “then i must say that i apologize for startling you, my dear.”

“apology accepted,” you muttered, heart racing in your chest as you still could not tell who the strange man was. it seemed as though you had just seen those eyes from somewhere. and then it clicked, “y-your highness?”

he grinned, “i thought i told you to call me michael,” he replied while his hand reached behind your head to pull the ribbon holding your mask. the blue mask fell into his hand. “where have you been hiding all night long? i’ve been looking everywhere for you.”

you laughed lightheartedly, “and i’ve been looking every for you, prince michael.”

he laughed too, nose scrunching a bit from the action, “come with me, i have something to show you.”

he took your hand, and you ignored the butterflies that had erupted within your stomach and followed michael down the hall. both of your laughters filled the silent hallways, each of you having an excited smile on your faces. he took you through a certain set of doors that led to yet another hall, but this one only had a small door at the very end of it.

michael paused right before the door, turning to you, “what i’m about to show you, no other that resides outside of this castle has ever seen before. not even half of the help knows of this place. are you ready?”

you nodded.

when he opened the door, you were stunned into silence. the door revealed a room full of large mirrors covering each of the five walls, one large mirror the size of a door and two small ones adorning its side. the walls were also covered with twisting vines traveling up the concrete frames of the mirrors, a few flowers in bloom. (a/n: if y’all have seen ella enchanted, picture the room charmant takes ella into).  you looked up, seeing a sky full of stars.

“beautiful, isn’t it?” prince michael asked, and you looked down from the ceiling to see him standing a few feet in front of you.

“it’s absolutely lovely,” you whispered.

he smiled, “good, i’m glad you enjoy it.”

you smiled back, “thank you for showing me.”

“my mother and father used to take me into this place when i was younger,” he said. “now, if i cannot go to the kingdom, this is my escape.”

you nodded in understanding.

he stepped towards you, smile faltering a little bit before he stepped back, “(y/n), there’s something i have to tell you.”

your brows furrowed, “oh. do you wish to sit down with me?” you looked around for a bench to sit down on, leading the two of you towards one on the opposite side of the room and sitting down, “yes, michael? is something the matter?”

he hesitated, mouth ajar a small bit while he decided what to tell you. “i… i don’t really know how to tell you, (y/n).”

you took his hand into your own, fingers curling together, “that’s okay.”

he sighed, “(y/n), this ball isn’t just for my eighteenth birthday.”

“oh?” you asked, intrigued.

“my mother and father, well, they wish to see me married soon,” he started, “so in addition to celebrating my birthday, they threw this ball so that i may find a bride-to-be. i invited you here today because in the marketplace, running into you made me feel something.”

so you weren’t the only one.

“and while you do not have to accept, (y/n), i wish for you to become my bride-to-be,” he finished.

you gasped and stood from your place, hand falling from the prince’s, “michael, i–”

“you don’t have to have an answer for me now,” he replied quickly, standing up with you and gripping your arm gently for reassurance. “you have all the time in the world.”

you nodded, gulping slightly when realizing how close you two were in the moment. you eyes flickered from his lips to his eyes, your subconsciousness pulling the two of you closer and closer until you could feel his warm breath hit your lips. your eyes fluttered closed as you braced yourself for a kiss, your first kiss.

but before the two of you could, you both heard the door to the room open, and in came the king himself. the two of you sprang apart from each other, cheeks burning with embarrassment. out of rightful respect, you curtsied and kept your head bowed, not wishing to upset the royal majesty.

“good evening, your majesty,” you greeted.

“you may rise, my dear,” he replied. you looked up, seeing a face similar to the prince’s. “son, your mother wishes to speak with you.”

the boy nodded in reply, turning to you. “excuse me, (y/n).” and he left the room after bowing to you and his father, off on his way to find his mother.

the king turned to you before leaving, “he will marry royal blood, my dear. i’m sorry for the inconvenience. please leave the castle immediately, and i wish you a wonderful rest of the evening. you looked beautiful.”

your heart plummeted and your head dropped, “yes, your majesty. thank you, your majesty.” you left the room swiftly, tears threatening to spill over as you made your way through the halls while a guard led you through the maze of hallways and doorways until you reached the outside of the castle. a carriage had already been called for you, and you spared one last glance at the elegant structure before clambering into the carriage.

how could you have been so foolish? a prince and a commoner would have never worked out anyway.


luke’s. | part two. | (part three coming soon).

calum’s. | part two. | (part three coming soon).

ashton’s. | part two. | (part three coming soon).

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5sos: plays in Wembly arena
5sos: plays slsp
Michael: gets burned

5sos: plays in Wembly arena
5sos: plays slsp
Michael: falls off the stage

Luke strolling into the dressing room after a rather taxing show with his hair all stuck to his forehead and sweat staining the navy blue in his shirt and as he sheds the clothing from his back, he’s singing lowly in a raspy, spent voice my girlfriend’s bitchin cause I always sleep in.. and as he does he spots you in the corner of the room, your arms folded tight to your chest and your back against the wall as you drink him in shamelessly. he’s just smirking, roughing his hair up as he makes his way over to you, two fingers finding your belt loops as he presses you against the wall, heat radiating off his bare skin and labored breath fanning out over your collarbones as he brushes his lips over the hollow of your throat, the chill from his lip ring a harsh contrast to the humidity surrounding your figures and he’s just smirking when he feels a string of goosebumps spread against his lips that are still firmly attached to your skin as he mumbles lowly in your ear, “she’s kinda hot though..” 

but like can you imagine luke would absolutely be the boyfriend who holds your hand in everything like i mean everything he would always love to just hold your hand no matter what’s going on and he would also rub your hand with his thumb and its so cute like sure it’s not as much as a hug or a kiss but it’s just always there and it would just be so comforting

imagine your daughter’s favorite color changing to whatever color her daddy’s hair color is at the moment like she’d be so excited to see that Michael dyed his hair red again because she’d drag out all of her red clothes and start coloring all of her artwork red and beg you to paint her nails that color. And the day that he’d dye his hair next she’d be waiting for the second he walked out of the bathroom and she’d just scream “green!” at the top of her lungs before sprinting off to her room to change into a green shirt before running back into the hallway, only to be scooped up into her daddy’s arms and she’d be beaming and pointing to her shirt, saying “daddy, we match!” and Michael would just be so filled with joy that his little girl wanted to be just like him