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Ashton Irwin Imagine

I had this idea when the whole 5sos groupie drama was happening and i thought it would be good to write :)

“What’s with all this groupie drama?” You asked, You and Ashton were having a lazy day today - You had been best friends for ages and you found yourselves in each others company a lot, Today Ashton was round your house and you both sat watching the TV and scrolling through twitter, That’s how you found out about the groupie drama

He shrugged and you looked over at him, Even though he was your best friend, you couldn’t help but want to be more, You had always had this crush on him and you’ve never got over it - It hurt you a little to see that Ashton wasn’t denying the groupie drama “A few girls came on our bus after a show and we hit off - no biggie” He muttered, not even looking at you

You frowned, You’ve liked him for ages and to know he’s been with a girl he barely knows hurt you, You wanted him to be with you, not some random “No biggie? Your whole fandom hates what you did!” You argue, showing him your twitter app on your phone which contained a lot of angry tweets from fans

He looked over at you and frowned “Why should you care? You’re just my best friend, my love life has nothing to do with you” He muttered sourly, The truth was he wanted you to be more than best friends but he figured that you wouldn’t want him so that’s why he did it - He had no feelings for the groupies but he wanted to feel wanted, He hated seeing you every day, knowing you were ‘just friends’

“I care because i’m 'just your best friend’” You said, repeating Ashtons words “I don’t want to see your fans hating on you guys, sort it out and get some respect, You invited groupies into your bus while you had fans outside, they love you and you threw it back in their faces!” You argued, you could relate to everything you said, You did feel like he had thrown your love in your face

Ashton sighed and looked at you, He was like an angel and you thought he couldn’t do anything wrong “Why do you care?” He groaned, He wanted to make you jealous but he didn’t think it was working because you kept using the 'best friend’ line

“Because I’m your best friend, I’ve already said that!” You snapped back, still scrolling through twitter to stop yourself looking at him, You knew it was stupid but you felt like he had cheated on you even though you knew you were 'just best friends’

“Best friends shouldn’t care that much” Ashton muttered,You didn’t have a clue how much he adored you - He knew he had done wrong but it felt right in the moment because he was so fed up of being 'just best friends’ and so were you

“Well maybe I love you” You retorted, It came out your mouth too quickly to take back, You quickly looked up at Ashton to see if he heard and he was already staring wide eyed at you, unsure if his best friend which he had crushed on for ages felt the same way about him as he did with her

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Au Meme: You & Luke have been dating for awhile. He’s currently away on tour so you two have been missing each other a lot but you seem to find ways to make it work.

i’ve had this in my drafts for like eight months so here :)


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4/4: His nicknames for you


Ashton would originally call you by your name or a shortened version of it. It would then go to “Hey, beautiful” or “Good morning, gorgeous” But as your relationship grows, he’d start to fall more and more for you every day and one day, out of the blue, he’d start calling you love. And he’d add it at the end of every sentence because he just loves you too damn much and he needs you to know.



With Calum, it would be two things for sure. On a regular basis, he’d call you babe but a little faster and it would sound more like ‘beb’. This would be like “Let’s go to dinner, babe?” But when he’s in a romantic mood and wants to make you feel special and make sure you knew that you were all his, he’d call you darling (like in Long Way Home). Before you guys fell asleep at night, he’d hug you real tight and kiss your forehead and say “Good night, darling. I love you” and he’d make sure he sees you blushing or giggling and then he’d pinch your cheeks and sing some really silly song using the word 'darling’



Michael would have a bunch of nicknames for you and he’s such a loud guy that if you guys were outside, he would not hesitate to yell “SWEETIE LOOK AT THIS I NEED THIS” when he say a little stuffed animal to make friends with Daniel. If he was feeling a little whiny or hungry, you’d be 'babe’ but he’d stretch it out like “But baaaaaaaaaabe I really want pizza” and make a cute little sobbing noise. I also see him as the kind of guy, if you unknowingly did something that turned him on, he’d say something like “You know you’re such a little shit. But you’re my little shit and I love you” before pulling you into his lap and kissing you.



Luke would be all about food nicknames. He’d never really have a standard one. You’d be his honey pie or his strawberry cupcake or apple pie and he’d find himself so hilarious. He’d say things like “Good morning, my little chocolate muffin” or “Would you like to go to lunch, cheesecake?” or “You’re my favourite taco, baby” and he’d do that little giggle where he covers his mouth and laughs. But if he was feeling really turned on, he’d definitely call you honey (like in SLSP). It would be something he whispers into your ear and it would give you goosebumps every time.


Material List

I’m super busy with college so requests are closed. I’m working on some stuff that will be uploaded as and when I get them done:

   1. Michael smut on being each others’ first time

   2. Ashton smut about backstage sex after a great show

   3. Calum smut about watching him working out and you find it sexy

   4. Part 6 to the Ashton AU where he’s not famous

   5. 4/4 blurb about dancing around the house

   6. 4/4 blurb about first dates

   7. 4/4 blurb about proposals


SGFG Aussie Promo Tour Rant

If i see one more non-Australian person complain that Aussies get a promo tour for Sounds Good Feels Good, i will lose my shit. Australian’s literally get nothing regarding 5SOS. The only reason we get the album early is because we’re a day ahead of the rest of the world, which is totally out of our control. The USA and the UK got m&g for ALL of their other tours, we only got m&g for Pants Down Tour (which hardly anybody went too because nobody really knew about them) and only one group of people from each state in Australia and NZ got to meet them for ROWYSO (which they had to pay a lot of money for), so don’t start complaining that you don’t get anything, because you always get everything. Extra EP’s, extra songs on the album’s, extra everything. Just let us have this one thing far out.