luke has physically changed so much like it’s gotten to the point where he doesn’t even look like the same person anymore??? but sometimes i’ll look at him and he’ll make a facial expression or something and i’ll get a glimpse of 2013/2014 luke and it’s shocking because it’s actually hard for me to remember that he’s the same person??? how has his appearance changed so drastically??? is that normal???? send help???

Frankenstein! Michael

Words: 3.8k

Warning: smut

Summary: Y/N creates the man of her dreams with clay and deceased peoples organs. She manages to get him to life and she shows him a few things ;)  


It was weird you knew that, trying to stitch body parts together to get a real life creature. But in this day and age nothing was impossible. The body parts weren’t real well apart from the insides, but they were of the deceased; used for science. I got a hold of the last roll of my black thread and poked it through the tiny hole of the needle. I looked down at the body that was moulded out of clay. It’s taken nearly 2 years to complete, to get the structure right and to gather all the inside parts.

The last part was stitching the rest of the hand to the arm, since I had sowed some of it earlier. Then after I had finished that I would finally shock the body to get the heart pumping and getting the blood flowing. I had been stitching the body for about a year, starting with the feet and delicately making my way upwards. This included a clay penis, that was probably the hardest thing to make as well. Being a mad-scientist you don’t get out much so there was a hard choice to make on what a perfect penis was and I wanted this man to be perfect.

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In honor of the one year anniversary of the best night of my life, here is a video of Luke Hemming’s singing in my face!