5 second sell out


They sold out. We had the chance for a really good girl fronted punk band. But their latest song ‘guys my age’ is as far from the punk scene it can get. I’m so sick of all of these rock magazines covering them. They are not punk. HEY VIOLET SOLD OUT AND ARE PLAYING POP MUSIC!

last years blizzcon was kinda a cluster w dad croakin n all n kinda threw me off for the year but the con was a blast/ this year i got a ticket but no one else did n i was kinda worried abt goin by myself cuz thatd suck but one of my best buds is goin NEXT year i want to see all my mutuals there and thatd be fuckin rad if tickets didnt sell out in .5 seconds

I’m still currently selling two 5 Seconds of Summer: Rock Out With Your Socks Out concert tickets. I’m selling it for $155, and that’s for both of the tickets already. These are floor seats in Section D, Row 35, Seats 10 & 11. The concert will be at the Hersheypark Stadium in Hershey, PA on Saturday 08/29/15 at 7:30 PM. The seats are pretty close, and can’t be emphasized by pictures from the venue online. I’m trying to sell these because my friend and I aren’t able to go anymore. PLEASE PLEASE REBLOG!!!

wait woah woah hold on.

i saw a post that i have lots of problems on and instead of reblog it im just gonna talk about it here (also bc i’m not hating on this person just very much disagreeing with therm)

why dont fob tour with paramore again or twenty one pilots or gym class heroes or literally the 1000 people signed to fueled by ramen

maybe they wanted to tour with a band that they like? maybe they wanted to tour with blink? maybe it was something they’ve wanted to do for a while but never got the chance to?

or other ‘classic’ pop punk bands

okay? name some??? all of them are gonna have the same’ dudebro’ fans that you so like to hate and be ‘scary and rough’ in the pit jfc

who wont make tickets expensive

OH NO . BECAUSE BLINK IS GONNA GO 'lol we want tickets to be a billion dollars each because we are an old band and it’s totally all up to us we control every bit of this tour’ WHY DOES THIS FUCKING MATTER

who wont make tickets sell out within 5 seconds

OKAY??? AND??????????? every 'big’ show I’ve gone to has sold out or tickets have gone fast. what does blink have to do with it? fall out boy tickets normally go pretty quick anyway??? and maybe OH NO Cobra fans want to see THEIR favorite band that would make tickets gofaster? OH NO WHAT IF PEOPLE LIKE ALL THREE FUCKING BANDS AND SO THEY BUY A TICKET RIGHT AS THEY GO ON SALE???

with nicer fans

with nicer fans. with nicer fans?????? what the fuck is this supposed to mean? I have not seen/heard of a blink fan being automatically a huge douch. the only people i’ve seen being dicks about this are all the people saying that blink fans are gonna be dicks and they don’t feel safe around 'dudebro’ blnk fans like????? there are ALREADY FANS OF ALL AGES AT FOB SHOWS PITS ARE ALREADY DANGEROUS IT’S NOT GONNA BE ANY DIFFERENT JUST BECAUSE YOU WANT TO COMPLAIN AND BE BAGS OF DICKS AND GENERALIZE ALL FANS OF BLINK 182

why dont they just coheadline with cobra alone



Nash Grier Imagine


You were so excited to finally meet the boys you’d been obsessing over for months, almost a year. Luckily, your mom finally agreed to take you and your cousin to magcon. Plus, your cousin didn’t really know who they were so she could take all the pictures without having multiple fangirl attacks. You felt so lucky that you got VIP considering tickets sell out in less than 5 seconds now. Your mind kept playing images of your favorite boy, Nash Grier. He was just so perfect to you. His eyes, hair, nose, everything

-skipping to day of Magcon-

You woke up to the sound of your alarm, playing Timber by Ke$ha. You hopped out of bed, still excited to the point it was hard to think straight. You skipped into the bathroom and closed the door. You stripped off your clothes and got in the shower, making sure your hair and body were clean and smelled nice. You finished washing the conditioner out of your hair and stepped out, water dripping onto the hotel floor. You dried your body and face. Soon enough you began to put on your make-up and straighten your slightly curly hair. 

Once your face looked perfect, you picked out an outfit. After about 10 minutes, you picked out high-waisted denim shorts, a white, lace crop-top, a bright, pink sports bra to go under, and your white vans. Your mother and cousin were already awake, but nowhere near ready. You sat down on your bed, and waited. Twitter seemed like it would past time, so you logged on and scrolled through your timeline until you saw some Magcon boy tweets.

@nashgrier: “Can’t wait to meet all of you! Love you guys!”

The yellow star lit up as you Favorited his tweet, just like every tweet he wrote. “We’re ready, (y/n)!” your mom shouted, opening the hotel door. You jumped up, walking fast out the door. You couldn’t wait. This was probably going to be the best day of your life. (c/n), your mom, and yourself walked into the elevator, going to the lobby. 

-at magcon-

Ugh, you thought to yourself, theres so many pretty girls here, the boys will never choose me. You began to frown and not pay attention to your surrounding. “(y/n)! Its our turn!” your cousin said noticing you frown, “Don’t be sad, this is what you wanted! right?” She looked a little worried at you being sad. She shoved you foward, bumping you right into Taylor Caniff. “Oh my god,” you began, “I’m so sorry” You pushed yourself away from his chest and looked up at him. Wow, they were tall. “It’s fine, babe.” Taylor replied, smirking. Holy shit, Did Taylor Caniff just call me babe? you thought. He turned you both to the camera your cousin was holding, and wrapped his arm around you. You smiled for the picture and hugged, but not by accident this time. You blushed and moved onto Matthew, who was next to him. “Hey! What’s your name?” Matthew asked, signing your t-shirt. “U-Uh, (y/n).” You replied, stuttering a bit. “That’s a beautiful name, (y/n).” Matthew said, pulling you into a hug. You blushed, and doing the pose Matt wanted for your picture. You moved your hands up, copying Matt, and made a weird face. After you did that, you realized you were doing the dinosaur face, that Matt loves to do. 

You already saw Shawn, Aaron, Cameron, the Jacks, and Carter. Now, it was Nash. You walked up to him and looked into his bright, blue eyes. “H-Hi. Uh, what’s your name, gorgeous?” Nash asked, putting his arm around your small shoulder, posing for a picture. “(y/n), nice to meet you!” you said, smiling. You tried so hard not to have a fangirl attack as he kissed your cheek. He got yelled at by security, but he didn’t mind. Nash Grier just fucking kissed me. You thought as he signed your t-shirt. Nash chuckled slightly, “Why, yes I did.” he said, looking up at you smirking. You blushed, really hard, that you said that outloud. Nash hugged you, much longer he was allowed to, and kissed your cheek again. “Would you mind coming up on stage with us, and participating in some games or something?” Nash asked. You screamed internally, thinking Nash just asked you that. “Of course!” you said, as calmly, yet confident, as possible. Security started saying you had run out of time and had to move on, letting other girls get their turns. You hugged Nash one last time and waved goodbye.

Hours passed, and it was time for the show. Jacob had already sang with Shawn, and the fans convinced the Jacks to perform their new single as well. Matthew walked up to the mic, and tapped it. He’s such a dork. you laughed to yourself. “Uhm, we’d like (y/n) to come up here. Oh, and incase there is a lot of girls with that name, the one we want is wearing white vans, and a white crop-top.” Matt smiled. You blushed as your cousin nudged you up to the front. Matt held out his hand and helped you up. “Just so you know guys, Nash wanted her to come up here. Not me!” Matt said into the mic, laughing and glaring at Nash. Nash blushed and walked over to you. “Okay, so we’re going to dance a bit while Mahogany DJ’s like the queen she is. That good?” He asked, making sure you weren’t freaked out. You nodded and Nash grabbed your hand, pulling you more towards the center of the stage. Some music started to play and the boys all waited for you to dance. You were actually a pretty good dancer when you tried, so you did your favorite mood and the boys all stuck their hands up in surrender, except Carter. Carter walked towards your spot and started doing some weird dance move. You laughed as all the fans screamed, cheering him on. Then that “Nae Nae” song came on. Cameron yelled into the mic, “Everybody, hit that nae nae!” The fans obeyed, swaying their hips and moving their hands to the beat. Of course, the boys had to vine it. You giggled at the boy’s ridiculous immaturity, which you found adorable. “Your laugh is adorable!” Nash said, smiling. “Thanks” you said, tucking some hair behind your ear while blushing. “Want to hang out after the show?” Nash asked. It was difficult to hear him over the screaming fans, music, and the boys. You understood enough to get what he was saying. “Sure!” you said, smiling from ear to ear. 

-after show-

You and Nash were in the greenroom, after he had taken you in there after the show. 

“Did you have fun?” Nash asked, sitting on the couch, apple in hand.

“Yeah! That was amazing!” You replied. It really was fun for you, most fun you’d had in awhile.

“I’m really glad you enjoyed that.” He said, blushing slightly.

You made eye contact with him. You were so close to him, you could kiss Nash if you wanted. He leaned in a bit and you did too, You closed your eyes as his lips met yours. You’ve only met him 8 hours ago, yet here you are, kissing vine-star, Nash Grier. It was a soft kiss, but meaningful. It got the point through, Nash obviously liked you. He pulled back quickly as you both heard the door open. “Oohh. I knew there was something going on.” Cameron said, seeing you kiss for just a second.

(a/n) im going to hopefully empty my ask this weekend, so be prepared for imagine overload! Sorry this is reallyyyy long. I hope you like it! This took me a little over an hour so i hope it was worth it hah. 

love you! xx

Hey guys I have a couple of tickets up for sale for July 31st in St. Paul, Mn for ROWYSO
The seats are:
Section 106
Row 18
Seats 12, 13
I’m just looking to get face value which is $83.20 each
If you could reblog this so people can see it and spread the word it’d be awesome because I’d really like to sell these!!