5 questions with themerchdude

Tonight we have @AndyBVB lead singer of The Black Veil Brides on 5 questions with @Themerchdude

Thank you Andy for Taking the time to do this. Hope you are doing well and having fun! Don’t forget code word “having fun!!” Dinner is on me next time I see you.

- Before we start give us a few sentences about yourself, the band any new protects etc.

I’m Andy and I sing for Black Veil Brides. We recently released our 3rd album “Wretched and Divine” which is being rereleased in an extended version on June 11 2013. I consider myself very fortunate to get to do what I do in my life and like many artists I share a strong connection with our fans that means the world to me.

Here is Andy Biersack with 5 questions with Themerchdude

1) Well you’re in one of those bands that people love to hate (I might have been one of them until I met Jinx) most the time people hate even before they hear your band. How do you deal with the Constance bullshit thrown at you guys. Also how do you deal with having some of the most active fan bases online?

To be honest with you some of the negativity or online “hate” is so blown out of proportion largely due to the “makeup” or visual aesthetic that the band has had over the years. Whats ironic about that is so often people will jump on the “oh that band is nothing but makeup and gay and blah blah” and fail to see the irony that a great number of them fit firmly in their own aesthetic mold…we all know what the hardcore guy with the neck tattoos and flat bill hat looks like, in fact we all know a million of them. Could it be a total coincidence that so many of them dress identically? Or is it a fashion choice/preference that has been brought on by their interest in a particular type of music or genre? The safe bet is that its “what they like” which again is a huge contradiction when so many people are adamant that it’s not okay for a band to possess any level of theatricality without being labeled as “fags” or people saying “well if they spent more time on the music and less on what they look like..blah blah etc.” In point of fact all any of us are trying to do is have fun and enjoy our lives and our art. All that being said my life is pretty damn good, if ticket counts and record sales can in any way be a barometer for success it would seem that our dedicated fans continue to prevail over any nay sayers out there. In this world of bitterness between bands and hatred based purely on ignorance it’s cool to hate the band thats doing well and doing it on their own terms and I get that, but we aren’t miserable or suffering because of it. We have fun, tour the world and get to meet tons of really cool people who feel the same way that we do in all walks of life. Rock and Roll ain’t too bad ;)

2) Your band just won a golden God award. You had many supporters and many people that were not so supportive in the crowd. Many criticized the band because of the way you guys responded to the crowd. Which in all honesty, you just gave it back to them. Why is it that when a band is consistently being hated why do people get up in arms (Butt hurt) when a band gives it right back?

What is most laughable to me about that whole situation was when I saw a few other bands criticizing my reactions that night. To me thats idiotic on two different levels, the first being (and possibly the most important) how can you sit there behind your computer having NO knowledge of what it’s like to even be nominated for any sort of award and mock and judge me and my friends for responding negatively to a large crowd of people who are literally yelling and throwing things at us simply because we won something based on our own fans voting?? I will grant you that in the heat of the moment some things that i said weren’t my best but it’s not really up to them to judge that. Secondly I would love to know a band in this world who has NEVER had a bad night or played for a bad crowd and didn’t get bummed out or angry?
The last thing I will say is this, when did we all get castrated? When did we all become so safe and afraid to speak our mind?
I don’t want to live in a world where a fucking rock band can’t say exactly how they feel for fear of pissing someone off haha WE ARE SUPPOSED TO SHAKE THINGS UP! Thats the very core and nature of what we do!

3) What bands would make you act like a lot lizard?

I still get all crazy fan when it comes to Alkaline Trio, honestly that band has meant the world to me for so long and no matter how many times I see them it always takes me back to being 13 years old and just hoping I could meet them ya know? A lot of bands have that effect on me for different reasons but that one is always gonna be one of my favorites.

4) SOME of the younger scene bands seem to always have something negative to say about your band. I have realized that you get a lot of support from the older metal bands (Mötley Cru, Twisted sister, Skid row) just to name a few. You have a young fan base that supports you guys to no end. Do you feel that an older fan base would give the band a chance if the just listen to your music?

The difference I have noticed is that with the old school band guys you don’t get any bullshit. If they like you they will tell you to your face and if they don’t they will do the same. Younger bands hide behind twitter accounts and feel as if they can say whatever they want with no repercussion, where is the respect there? With these guys that are heroes of mine that I am fortunate enough to now call my friends..they don’t fuck around like that. They come from a time where if you believed in something whether it was positive or negative you REALLY had to back it up. I have no time for shit ass band #9000 saying “Oh they are fags, we are so cool” because so often they don’t have the guts to say it to our face. And if any of them ever do, then more power to them…at least they are being genuine.
As far as fan base goes we are fortunate in that we have continued to grow and expand on our demographic over the years. What we talk about in our songs is pretty simple and can apply to any age group. Have fun and Rebel against convention.

5) Would you ever do a side project with other band members on your off time from the road? And do you find that sorta thing healthy?

Danny from Asking and I want to start a two man facial hair based comedy troupe. It’s all jokes about his beard and my lack of a beard. Not sure if that one is gonna get off the ground hahaha
Honestly I love being in BVB so much I don’t often think about outside stuff but I’m sure somewhere down the line I’ll do something in collaboration with another artist. There are a lot of great bands out there that I have a ton of respect for!

Bonus question: What are the chances that I can get your beautiful girlfriend Juliet Simms to do 5 questions with TheMerchDude?
I’ll ask her right now! Haha
She’s working on a lot of cool stuff thats coming up and I’m sure she’d love to share some info with you some time soon!

P.S. Well, I don’t know if many people know this but the merch dude is actually Robin from the Batman comics, thats the reason he’s had to hide his identity for so many years. Sorry for spilling the beans on that one buddy! haha

Any charities you like to work or work with?

I work with Nikki Sixx’s charity “Running Wild In The Night” and recently we have been working to donate proceeds from signed merch etc. to the Red Cross Oklahoma Relief fund.

Tonight we have @brianlogandales from the band @the_summer_set on 5 questions with @Themerchdude

First off I want to thank all the bands that are taking the time to do this series for my blog. I know you all have very little time while promoting shows, rehearsals and albums. So here is a small bio directly from the man himself.

I’m Brian Logan Dales and I sing for The Summer Set. We started this band in 2007 our of Phoenix, Arizona. We’ve built our career off of touring and just released our third album, Legendary and are this year’s winner of the Macy’s Iheartradio Rising Star competition.

Here is Brian Logan on 5 questions with TheMerchDude:

1) Touring is one of the things that can help a band make a living. (If they budget it correctly) with guarantees and merch. Why do you think bands don’t take more control their ticket prices? Also why dont they do agreements with venues to sell concert tickets using strictly venue and bands websites instead of using Ticketmaster and other websites like that nature that inflate ticket prices with fees?

I definitely think too many bands don’t budget their tours correctly and lose money they shouldn’t. Any income we’ve made in this band has come from touring very well. We’re involved in the decision of our ticket price for every headlining tour we’ve done. It’s important. We’ve supported tours with expensive ticket inflation and watched them fail. It’s important to us to be involved in every decision, and we also design all of own merchandise ourselves to cut costs. Merchandise sales have been our major source of income.

2) Your band The Summer set has a female member (hahaha I said member) her name is Jess Bowen. Which is great because we need more ladies out there kicking ass. What is your take on bands that don’t hire merch girls and why do you think it is that we see this prevalent still in music today?

Jess is such an amazing role model to girls and an amazing asset to our band. She’s such a strong, positive human. We’ve never had a girl Merch girl, but for years we had a female tour manager. She was our mom and amazing at our job. I love seeing girls get involved in this industry. No one should be allowed to tell them they can’t do this job. I yell at every security guard at a venue who tries to stop Jess and not let her in with the band.

3) You have probably met many celebrities, musicians etc while on tour. Any celebrity or musicians stories that that totally took you by surprise in a positive way?

It’s hard to pick out one. We’ve met and befriended a fair share of celebrities who have shown amazing support to our band. My ex-girlfriend was on a very successful TV show and she’s always been our biggest fan and supporter. We’re still very close. We’ve toured with so many bands and made so many friends, so it’s incredible to see endorsed tweets and support from our friends in times we need them, like the Macy’s Iheartradio rising star contest we just won. We’ve become a part of a really wonderful community.

Also, it was really fucking amazing to have Michelle Branch tell me she loved a song I wrote with a friend of hers. I gushed, I’m a big fan of her.

4) Bands on tour are usually in a venue one night, then move on to the next. This gives people the misconception that because you travel a lot you get to see the whole country. Besides stinky venue bathrooms and green rooms what is one of the things you usually do when you are in a new town?

Its definitely a misconception. We’re on the Warped Tour all summer and you don’t get to see much on that tour because its an all day show, usually 45 minutes outside of every major city in a parking lot or field somewhere, then on to the next.
I’m a really avid coffee drinker, so if I’m in a brand new city I try to find a unique independent coffee shop. I also love old hotels and hotel bars.

5) Monkey crazy sex inside of a pool of mayo with Ryan Gossling or Roxanne Barr?

Definitely Ryan Gosling.

So there you have it. Guys now go online check out The Summer Set website and see if they are playing in your area. Go to iTunes and check out their new music and BUY the record.

Just know that this is the type of band that looks out for their fans and its basically trying to do it on their own with the help if you guys coming to shows and getting a shirt!

Be on the lookout because I will be going to some of their shows this summer while on vacation.

Thank you Brian. Please thank the whole band for me. Tell Jess I send her a hug!

Today we have @AlexGoRadio from the band @Goradio on 5 questions with @TheMerchDude

So for those of you that don’t know Alex here is a short bio about him:

His name is Alex Reed and he plays guitar/piano/vocals for the band Go Radio! Their second full length record “Close The Distance” is out now on Fearless Records and you can find them this summer playing the entire Vans Warped Tour 2013 on the Tilly’s Stage!! So please check them out and help them conquer their dreams.

So here are Alex’s answers to 5 questions with Themerchdude:

1) Music is what drive most bands to become a band. It’s usually because they experience a band that makes them say “I want to be in a band!” What band, if any was the first one that made you want to be a musician and what would you say to bands that seem to forget they were once a fan before becoming a musician?

I grew up in a classical music home, both of my parents were orchestra teachers and played in a professional symphony so I was always very active in music from day 1. They had me playing piano and cello by the time I was 5 so its no surprise I wound up in music haha. When I got to highschool I had a friend who introduced me to bands like Copeland, Weezer, The Juliana Theory and Jimmy Eat World. That was probably the first time it clicked in my head that I wanted to play guitar. There was something so passionate and honest about the music these bands were creating that I just wanted to be a part of it any way I could. I think it’s really easy for people to be so focused on whats ahead that they forget to look back and see how far they’ve come. I constantly remind myself of this. Don’t get me wrong, its very important to stay ambitious and keep shooting for that next level…that next goal, but it is equally important to be grateful for all you’ve achieved and when given the opportunity to pay it forward that you do it. I see a lot of myself in our fans and i think that helps you connect. I try to treat our fans how I always hoped my favorite bands would treat me, we are all fans of music no matter what position we are in.

2) Touring is a very repetitive thing. You load in, set up, do sound check, play a show, meet fans (when time allows it) load out and go to the next town. You also have moments when shit hits the fan and you as a band have to improvise. What has been a moment when you were like “there’s no way this show is gonna happen” but you guys manage to pull through and do what you had to do to put on a show?

We were recently at The Rave in Milwaukee, WI and had one of these moments. If you’ve ever been to this venue or have heard of it you probably know some pretty wild stuff has been known to happen here. Anyways, after the headliners soundcheck the support bands were setting up back line on stage when BOOM the power went out in the entire building. I don’t think anybody was extremely surprised and figured it was just something to do with the old venue’s power. A lot of the tour went exploring in the venue’s boiler room in the dark as we waited for the staff to get the power back on. Soon we found out that we weren’t the only ones without power, nobody had power in a 2 mile radius of the venue. After hours of waiting on the police and city officials to give us the scoop we were forced to cancel the show due to it being too late to start at that point regardless. So what do you do? 500 kids have been waiting out in the snow and subzero temperatures all day to see a show that just got cancelled:-/ Well, all the bands from the tour got together and decided to play acoustic sets outside in the 14 degree weather on the steps for the kids….probably one of the coolest (and coldest) moments I’ve ever had on tour. It didn’t matter to the kids that the power went out, they still got to sing along to their favorite songs and walked away with a once and a lifetime experience.

3) The Internet is the best and worst thing that has happen to musicians. One of the Worst has been illegal download. Some of the best has been the easier it is for bands to have more control over their music because of how easy it can be to distribute their own albums. What are some of the tools your band uses to the max and which other tools you think bands should take more advantage of?

I think at this point you have to view the Internet as a positive thing. It’s not going away and will more-than-likely become a bigger part of the industry as time progresses. We are really into using our Twitter & Instagram accounts to connect with our fans. Some can argue that its too intrusive and that times were better before social media took over the world. Whether thats true or not, most kids coming out to shows today don’t know a time before iTunes, Twitter, Instagram etc. It’s what they grew up with. It can only work to your advantage to use these forms of exposure and can be as beneficial as YOU want it to be. People want to know what your doing and when your doing it….its exciting and makes them feel closer to you which will likely make them feel more connected to the music too. I don’t mind leaving it all out there, I put my heart & soul into every song/lyric I write….why wouldn’t I post of picture of what i made for dinner? haha!

4) Many bands or lead singers have used TV shows like The Voice and American idol for exposure (I think it’s fair game) some have even won. There seems to be a popular opinion that winning one of these shows will be beneficial to a band. But at the same time both shows offer to the winners 360 deals. If given the chance to do either of these shows and win would you be up for signing a 360 deal?

I too think it’s fair game. Not just coming from a musicians aspect but from a fan of actually watching these shows I don’t see any real negative POV. I make music because I love it. When I was 14 years old in my room playing guitar along to my favorite songs I wasn’t day dreaming of dollar signs and mansions….I saw myself on a stage in front of people doing what I loved. These shows give people the opportunity to achieve this dream whether they’ve had success in music before or not. Thats a beautiful thing. Today you make your money on the road playing shows and selling merchandise….its been this way for awhile. A 360 deal can suck, i’ve been in one before, but if the people that are behind you actually believe in you and are busting their ass to get your music out there then go for it. In the current state of the industry most record deals are going to be 360 deals unfortunately:-/ On the other hand, like we were talking about before, with social media & iTunes you have every tool you need to do it yourself without the “big bad label” haha. Chances are if your on one of these shows you’ve either tried to do it yourself before or you want the help of the label, 360 deal or not.

5) Brad Pitt walks into your show and says “I want you guys to play a band in my next movie”. The catch is you have to play naked in the cold. Which one of the guys in the band would be terrified and which one would try to sleep with Brad Pitt?

Haha! Whats weird about standing naked in the cold on the set of a Brad Pitt movie?! I’d say Jason or Matt would probably be the most terrified about that. Mainly because they have significant others back home and would probably get a ear full if they were naked in front of millions of people on the big screen. Also, we wouldn’t want our singer catching a cold haha. I think Steve would be suspiciously okay with being naked in the cold…he’d probably be naked before we even had to be if we are being honest here. I’d probably be the one trying to sleep with Brad Pitt, not intimately, but just for the experience hahaha….maybe in hope that some of his success rubs off on me somehow.

I heard the movie Ted was actually suppose to star themerchdude and Seth MacFarlane but due to his unavailability & reasonably high cost Mark Wahlberg was the backup plan.

So guys there you have it. Hope you all enjoy it and show your support to Go Radio. Below are some of the charities they work with, links to the bands website, twitters and also last but not least their latest music on iTunes. You may go to their iTunes and listen to their songs even maybe pick up an album especially for a band that played a canceled show in 14 degree weather!!

Go Radio proudly supports:
To Write Loves On Her Arms
Music Saves Lives
Keep A Breast
Peter Says Denim
Smooth Sailing Clothing Co.
New Vintage Amplifiers
Gibson Guitars
Ernie Ball Strings
Fender Guitars

You can find us on Twitter:


Go Radio’s “Close The Distance” is in stores & iTunes now!

Here is James McGibney from @Bullyville on 5 questions with @Themerchdude

Hello everyone this is to me one of the most important interviews I have done. Mostly because of the person I am interviewing His name is James McGibney. I asked James to give us a short BIO for those that live under a rock that dont know about “Bullyville”

James McGibney said he first had the idea for CheaterVille.com while serving overseas. And so CheaterVille.com was born, along with BullyVille, KarmaVille, SlingerVille and CupidVille.com. “I was in the Marine Corps on an overseas deployment with a good friend of mine. We came back only to discover that his wife had been having an affair during the entire deployment” McGibney said. “I thought to myself, doesn’t everyone have the right to know if someone is cheating on them?” James served tours of duty with Third Surveillance Reconnaissance Intelligence Group and Marine Security Guard Battalion. He was awarded a Navy Achievement Medal by the Secretary of the Navy for his service.

Prior to starting these five companies, James was the founder of SecuraTrak (Sapias), a Telecommunications company (GPS/Cellular.) SecuraTrak is a patented wireless asset tracking system that can locate anything, anytime, anyplace via integrated GPS and cellular technologies. The company raised over $28 million in financing from institutional and individual investors before being acquired by a publically traded company. James is also the author of numerous GPS and cellular technology patents which are used by many Fortune 100 companies today (Patent # US 6,509,867 B1 & 6,850,839 – GPS spatial zones.) He currently has over 40 trademarks filed with the United States Patent and Trademark office (uspto.gov.) James holds a Master’s Degree from Boston University and attended Harvard Business School for his executive education. James sits on Cisco Systems UCS Blade Advisory Board and was the first person in the world to launch the Cisco UCS Blade technology. He is a Life Changer on Dr. Drew’s daytime talk show and hosts his own radio show, VocalVille.com – the choice for your voice on CBS FM 100.5 KXNT in Las Vegas.

So here is James on 5 questions with TheMerchDude:

1) I usually interview bands or crew people but what you’re doing deserves to be spread as much as possible. So how do you see the progress that Bullyville is doing in regards to stopping bullying and revenge porn sites?

JAM – I would be remised if I didn’t start this interview by thanking you for all your support. You’ve been around since the early stages of BullyVille and I just wanted to say thank you. Alright our bromance is over……….speaking of progress, I think BullyVille has kicked some major ass over this past year. We’ve gone after, and definitely rattled, the cages of some big time scumbags. From revenge porn site owners, who post UNDERAGE naked girls on their site, to bone chilling pedophiles who should be hung from the gallows pole, we’ve made our presence known.

2) I been following you for awhile and I have seen you have won numerous lawsuits using your intelligence to slowly but surely stop revenge porn sites. My questions to you is what do you think of all these people that voluntary summit their pictures to sites because they think it will make them either famous or simply make them gain followers on twitter?

JAM – Our company tagline is “brains over bullies” and when you use the smallest level of their narcissism to your advantage, it ensures that all revenge porn sites will eventually come crashing down. More importantly, the time has come for these revenge porn site owners to be held accountable for their actions and do some jail time. That’s what should happen when you post naked images of UNDERAGE girls on your site, you should become somebody’s bitch in prison. With respect to the girls who voluntarily submit their nudes to gain more twitter followers…….I promise you that one day you will regret that decision. Please think twice, hell even three times, before submitting that pic. When someone pulls the EXIF data from that photo and blasts out your address to millions of people, you will see just how crazy and sick some of these “fans” are. Believe me when I tell you it’s not worth it and they’re definitely not people you want to follow you on Twitter, or anywhere for that matter.

3) I usually like to make the third question a funny one but because we are dealing with a serious issue I will skip it this time. A few of us know that the Anonymous group has helped you find personal information on bullies (legally) which is amazing. How powerfully do you find that exposing these people information (that hide behind their laptops) to bully people has made them think before doing it again?

JAM – You revoked my funny question? Bastard…..meow. This past year has truly been an eye opening experience for me. There’s no doubt that BullyVille has done some amazing things, but we most certainly didn’t do it alone. Our spokesman, Dj ASHBA, lead guitarist for Guns N’ Roses, has been getting our message out to millions of people. And Becca Tobin, the ever so popular bully cheerleader on Glee, has been a great spokeswoman. What members of Anonymous, along with some unbelievably brilliant non-anons, did to help our cause (and theirs) will never be forgotten. When you purposely and maliciously expose naked images of non-consenting women, and girls who are underage, whatever you get as your punishment isn’t enough. And we have exposed cowards who hide behind their twitter accounts. As a matter of fact, we are about to expose the identity of an unbelievably vile twitter handle. This person should be transported to their very own island immediately.

4) This younger generation seems to think that rape jokes are funny. Even going as far as posting videos of themselves laughing and treating victims of rape. How can we educate these people to understand that its not funny? Do you believe fighting fire with fire is an effective way to stop bullying and these people?

JAM – You know what’s more disturbing than hearing a rape joke? When someone makes a rape joke directly towards a woman they know has been raped. It’s hard not to just want to punch that person right in their stupid little face. But that most likely won’t accomplish anything…….. I guess it depends on who you ask. With respect to educating people about rape, it definitely needs to start early, and apparently often.

5) You have defended reality star Katie (Katie plus 8) and personally I admire that you did. How is it that what takes authorities months and months of work, you with the help of the anonymous group can take as quickly as couple of weeks or hours?

JAM – Look the fact of the matter is that if you put yourself in the spotlight you bet your ass you’re going to have haters, lots of haters. And if someone calls you an asshat, that’s their Constitutional right to say it. Some people believe in your right to free speech, and even served this great Country to defend that right. However, when you start making continuous death threats and act like a full blown sociopath/stalker, someone will eventually call you out on your shit. Some people think the best use of their life is to harass someone for at least 12 hours a day, every single day. I wonder who’s name they’re going put on their tombstone, maybe they should go start living their life. Life = perspective

Below are some of the charities Bullyville would like you all to know about.

JAM – Two of the best organizations out there are St. Judes and the Wounded Warrior Project. Also, if you ever think that you have a rough life, go to your nearest homeless shelter. Each and every one of us is blessed, no matter how much hatred someone spews your way, you are blessed. Help people when you can, that feeling is priceless…….and hopefully repetitious.

There you have it feel free to follow @Bullyville I know I do. Have in mind the next time you want to harass someone online Bullyville might be watching. Thank you James again for taking time to do these question. I dont need to tell you “MI casa es tu casa” see you in Vegas sometime soon.

Tonight we have @RobDyerS4C for skate for cancer on 5 questions with @Themerchdude

Rob Dyer doesn’t need much of an introduction. He is one of the most positive people in life and online. He works with Skate4cancer. He skates all around the world bringing awareness about cancer. He is amazing SuperHuman his positivity affects many even the most bitter people around (yep even me) so here are his answers:

1) You’re one of those few people that is always in a great mood your PMA is always on high gear. How the hell are you always in a good mood and what can other people (specially me) do to increase their PMA and positivity?

I try to focus on the positive things, that’s the key to life for me. But, of course I am not always in a good mood. I have super highs and super lows like everyone else, it’s just what I choose to put out into the universe. Some people choose to be publicly negative, and that’s not my thing. My hard things stay in me, and the positive is shared. Promote what you love, rather than bashing what you hate. There is so much good in this world, just focus on that. I sometimes postpositive things to help myself when I am feeling down.

2) You have skateboard all over the world promoting Skate4cancer. Which place would be your dream place to skateboard? And what got you inspired to start skate4cancer?

Australia was always my dream. We set out to skate it in 2010, I unfortunately got hit by a car and wasunable to complete the skate, but will be doing so late this year. I love the beautiful oceans to gnarly desertsin AUS, there is something about that country that is so intriguing. The whole the country is a big adventure. Skate4cancer was inspired by loosing my mom when I was 18 and s4c was a way for me to cope. I turned a negative situation into something positive. It acted as a form of therapy for me to deal with a loss.

3) You are on tour with All time low and Me at Six guys. Which are some of the funniest dudes in bands. Which band member has shown you his pecker more and do you have any pictures?

Every one of those guys is funny in their own unique way which makes everyday on tour with them fun - I constantly laugh. Its amazing to tour with people who strive to make each other smile everyday. As for the pecker photo, Jack. Constantly. I am actually surprised I don’t have my own photo of it.

4) You’re heavily tattooed and have found a solid career. What if any is your advice for kids getting heavily tattooed way before they have found a solid career?

Yeah, I’m a mess. I have always loved tattoos since I was a kid. I would colour all over my body with marker, never grew out of it. All of my visible tattoos are reminders of what work I want to do with my life.For me, they are the highest form of commitment. As for the advice, to each their own. When getting tattooed, go slow and make sure you are fully stoked on the piece and artists, there is no rush, you have your whole life to colour your body. My first tattoowas a monkey on a skateboard, no regrets.

5) Hardest thing about bringing awareness to people regarding helping others with Cancer?

Our new mission is to help young people dealing with cancer through an organization called wellspring, whohelps families and young people deal with the traumaof cancer. The hardest part is that everyone’s situation is different, everyone is dealing in a different way and you need to be adjust to each persons coping mechanisms accordingly.

P.s. when I get messages from you after positing things on twitter, it makes my day. Thanks for being a #PMA believer, and a good friend.

There you have it just so you guys know Rob also helps several other charities these are some of the ones he also supports Dreamlovecure.org and please support wellspring.ca

You might see him on Warped tour walking around just feel free to say hi to him and follow him on twitter @RobDyerS4C if you are not already.

Tonight we have @ZMyersOfficial from @Shinedown on 5 questions with @TheMerchDude

Zack is one of the members from the Band Shinedown he is hands down one of the most down to earth guys in the music business. They have traveled all over the world and are in the middle of their US tour.

Thank you again Zack for taking the time to do these questions.

Here you go;

1) You’re in a band that has been through a lot from drugs, to personal drama even losing members. How have all these events that are from outside of making music made you and the band better at writing, preforming and even closer to each other as never before?

I think those times you look back to and you want to make yourself better. I look back at those days and realize… Probably what a buncha assholes we were to be around … I mean we were miserable out there. But having fun at the same time. I don’t think we realized how bad it was Till now … Everyone is 100% clean and sober. I mean Barry loves Beer but that’s really it. We work out together as a band everyday at 6pm. We eat meals together. We hang together on days off. We’re positive people who influence and help each other with positivity. And the reflects in every aspect of what you do …..I’ve always said. You Can only fool your fans for a little while if you’re up there for the wrong reasons

2) You guys have made songs about all sorts of everyday issues. Which one of all these issues has touch closes to home?

For me “Shed Some Light” hits home a lot. For a lot of different reasons. Lyrically it’s pretty self explanatory …. When you’re out here you miss the people you love at home …but at the same time you’re doing this with your band and your crew who you love doing this with. And couldn’t see yourself doing it with anyone else. It’s quite the conundrum … Haha

3) If you were a wrestler in the WWE what would your name, walk out music and your signature move be? Oh and could you beat Chris Brown?

Haha… Maybe Michael Myers. Which is my real name …. Walk out music would be Right now by Van Halen. Since it pumps me up … Or 99 Problems … And yes of course

4) Favorite band you would like to be a part of (if you weren’t in a band) and why?

U2 just because they are my favorite band of all time… I love the worldliness of them

5) Whats your take on an industry that gives praises to “artist” that don’t write music, songs, don’t play an instrument, basically just dance some choreography did and are called “Artist”?

I think there’s a market for everything. I sense it to the same as “thou shall not worship false idols” I mean. I think some people who win televised contests for talent are definitely talented I’m just wondering what would happen to their career if they did it the way we did … Some I think would actually be bigger than they already are. Some not so much. I mean as band who writes , records , and plays our own songs. I think it’s funny to see some of these people who I think are not exactly “talentless” but definitely lack talent be some of the biggest stars in the world because someone told you that they were supposed to be famous or “the next big thing ”.

Bonus Question: Have you figured out who I am?

We actually have had several ideas of who “the Merch dude” is our Merch guy is VERY clever so for a long time we thought it was him … Till recently when I kinda found out who it was ….. And that …. Is ….. Batman.

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