5 points if you know where this is from lol

*long, drawn out sigh* Okay, cosmere fandom, I give up. What the hell is up with these poems? Someone please explain the joke to me. I swear to Harmony, this fandom needs to start citing where their memes come from. Whenever you enter this fandom, you need to have a Meme Cited Page, MLA format or minus 5 points on your final grade.

This joke was brought to you in part by @skymarks

I saw this on facebook and wanted to post it here!

In honor of Valentine’s Day, all married, engaged or dating couples: Make this your status and answer honestly.❤

Who’s oldest? Him

Who was interested first? I think it was mutual

Married? Yes 💞

Same high school? No

Most sensitive? Me lol 😢

Worst temper? Him, though I admit I have my moments

More social? Depends on the situation 

Hardest working? Both

Most stubborn? Him, though he would disagree lol 😡 

More sarcastic? Depends on the situation 

Who makes the most mess? Probably equal

Wakes up first? Me 

Bigger Family? Him

What are your middle names? I’m Joseph, he’s Thomas

Whose siblings do you see the most? We’re both only children (unless yuo count Diana, who is a big sis to us both equally 😊)

Do you have any children together? Not biologically, but all our kids are ours, not just his or mine

Who cooks the most? Me

Where do you eat out most as a couple? The Italian place near my job (and if you count fast food, McDonald’s lol) but most often if we’re going to get food, it’s either pizza or Chinese delivery

Who has the craziest exes? LMAO I’m not touching that  😂 

Who cries more? Me…shut up lol  

Better singer? Him

Hogs the remote? We fight over it lol

Who hogs the bed? HIM.  Big time.  But I cuddle up to him, so it works out.

Where was your first date?  Will you guys judge me if I admit I asked him over to netflix and chill? 😉

Better driver? We fight over that too lmao

Better cook? Me

Spends the most? Him, but not just on himself 💗

Smarter? He sure thinks he is…  😂 

Most common sense? Probably about equal, but in different areas

Do you get flowers often? Nope… he could work on that, j/s

Who does laundry? Alfred

Who’s better with the computers? Him, I guess… but I’m better with social media 😜

Who drives when you are together? We take turns

Who picks where you go to dinner? Me usually

Who wears the pants in the relationship? Preferably neither! 😉 

Who eats more sweets? Me!

How long have you been together? 7 years, married for (almost) 5! 


Guys. GUYS. I was browsin’ through Netflix to find a movie to put on in the background while I unpack from my trip and tidy up my room and I saw some dance/music rom-dram called High Strung, and that formulaic shit is my JAM so I put it on. Guys. GUYS. THIS IS BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT THE MOST UNINTENTIONALLY HILARIOUS MOVIE I’VE EVER SEEN I’M HALFWAY THROUGH AND THERE ARE ACTUAL TEARS RUNNING DOWN MY FACE IT HAS EVERY TROPE IN THE KNOWN UNIVERSE AND IT’S GLORIOUS. 

BASIC PLOT: shy, talented American blonde ballerina attends a ~~~super exclusive~~~ Arts conservatory in Manhattan (is there even another city in the US?) and is pushed extra hard by her teachers because She’s Just So Talented™. Shy, talented American blonde ballerina is strolling down the subway post-class and hears a broody British modelesque violinist playing for money. Turns out the broody British modelesque violinist is an illegal immigrant with Nothing Left For Him Back Home™ (’what about your family?’ *moody stare* ‘like I said’ *dramatic glance into the Manhattan skyline* ‘nothing’) and the lawyer he’s been paying to get him a green card was swindling him (he kicks a trashcan into a car in front of a swanky office building out of RAGE because that’s what people trying to avoid run-ins with the police do obvi). Blonde Ballerina goes back to the subway the next day and shares a slow-mo stare with Broody Violinist and then OUT OF NOWHERE a gang strolls out of the subway train and starts shit with a crew of painters working on the subway station. Naturally both the gang and the painters are dance crews (!?!?!?!?!?!) who bust out into elaborate aggressive choreo, and Broody Violinist starts playing his violin to their battle music cause why not???? Chaos ensues, Blonde Ballerina gets pushed to the ground, Broody Violinist rushes to help her, his violin gets stolen, and OH NO his grandfather gave it to him so it’s A Big Deal™ and Blonde Ballerina is so distraught so she follows him all determined to help. That’s the set up of the basic plot, now HIGHLIGHTS:

1. The movie literally opens up with the most dramatic, horror-movie-like shot of Broody Violinist playing his violin shirtless in a vast, shadow-drenched bedroom in the early morning light with a voiceover that’s like ‘the music is inside me… and if I don’t play it… it consumes me’. Something to note about Broody Violinist is that he’s barely surviving NY but he lives in a swanky bachelor pad and dresses like a Calvin Klein model.

2. His downstairs neighbor just happens to be the head of the world’s most extra dance crew and he intercepts Broody Violinist one day for NO REASON and forces him to come into his apartment and watch his crew dance like it’s a fucking recital (LITERALLY I SWORE HE WAS HITTING ON HIM BECAUSE IT WAS SO TARGETED AND OUTRAGEOUS BUT NAH HE WAS JUST LIKE ‘HEY STRANGER COME MEET MY FRIENDS AND WATCH US DANCE NOT TAKING NO FOR AN ANSWER LOL HAVE SOME CALAMARI WHILE I WALK YOU THROUGH WHO EVERYONE IS AS THEY DO A SOLO’).

3. Blonde Ballerina’s roommate is the token Comedic Party Girl™ and they are honestly so gay it’s outrageous? Like they constantly walk around holding hands and had a pillow fight within 5 seconds of meeting each other and casually chat while one’s naked in a bubble bath and who the fuck is this movie trying to kid????

4. At one point Blonde Ballerina shows up at Broody Violinist’s apartment (HOW DOES SHE KNOW WHERE HE LIVES??? IDK???) with a violin she borrowed from her school and a flier that’s CONVENIENTLY for a ‘Strings and Dance!’ competition where the winner gets 25K and a full scholarship to the conservatory (i.e. student visa!!!!!!!), but Broody Violinist is Too Ferocious and Independent™ for conservatories and they’re beneath him and his Subway musician ways and Blonde Ballerina is Too Establishment™ to understand. So Blonde Ballerina is REAL UPSET and leaves and calls her girlfriend to cry about this random stranger rejecting her offer during the cab-ride home, and Broody Violinist stares dramatically at his table before realizing his Big Mistake™ and running after her, but NOOOO, the cab pulls away just as he reaches the door!!!! GASP, I’m so sad for these literal strangers acting like they just ended a five year relationship!!!!

5. There’s a straight-up montage where Blonde Ballerina is dancing with her frenemies at bar (what’s a dance movie without a bar scene where everyone inexplicably knows impromptu choreography) and it’s spliced with BROODY VIOLINIST RANDOMLY BOXING. LMAO LIKE THERE HAS BEEN NOT A SINGLE INDICATION THAT HE’S INTO BOXING OR ATHLETIC IN ANY WAY BUT HERE HE IS, TAKING SUPERHUMAN, SHIRTLESS SWINGS AT A PUNCHING BAG IN THE DARK TO THE BEAT OF THE BAR MUSIC THAT HE’S NOWHERE NEAR. I died. 

6. Broody Violinist RANDOMLY SHOWS UP as a waiter for an event Blonde Ballerina is attending with an Arrogant Playboy Violinist™ from her conservatory, and I kid you fucking not, they tango. INTENSELY TANGO. BROODY VIOLINIST CAN TANGO. HE CAN BOX, HE CAN TANGO, THE SKY’S THE LIMIT FOR BROODY VIOLINIST, AND THERE’S NO EXPLANATION OUTSIDE OF ‘My grandmother taught me’. So Broody Violinist and Blonde Ballerina tango all ‘frictiony’ (it’s hilar) and Arrogant Playboy Violinist (who’s playing the violin in some kind of performance) starts playing SUPER aggressively because he’s getting jealous that the girl he wouldn’t even call his date is friction Tango-ing with another guy. And then comes the moment where I lost my shit:

7. Arrogant Playboy Violinist™: “You want to settle this outside?”

Broody Violinist: “I’m fine settling it right here.”

Aggressively strides over to the orchestra and grabs a violin and THESE TWO TESTOSTERONE MACHO MORONS HAVE A FUCKING HOMOEROTIC VIOLIN-OFF. SAID VIOLIN-OFF INVOLVES SMACKING EACH OTHER’S BOWS AND AT ONE POINT EVOLVES INTO A LEGIT VIOLIN BOW FENCING MATCH AND IT’S THE FUNNIEST FUCKING THING I’VE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE BECAUSE THEY’RE LIKE SNARLING AND TWO SECONDS FROM MAKING OUT AND IT’S MEANT TO BE SO SERIOUS AND ~~ALPHA MALE~~ OMGGGG. And then naturally the rest of the wait staff is Broody Violinist’s extra ass neighbor and his dance crew so they take over the DJ-ing and start dancing in unison with their serving trays and oh my Gooooood it’s just the most perfectly absurd scene in cinematic history.

That’s as far as I’ve gotten. I don’t even know how this movie’s going to top itself but so far it’s been the most well-invested hour of my life and I can’t recommend it enough.

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I got 71% Ravenclaw. o___O; I should have made myself out to be lazier. I assumed a 5 was a slight yes.

ooojh that’s high! also, IIRC diligence is associated more with Hufflepuff. Ravenclaws are supposedly just brainy eccentrics. so we can still be lazy LOL.

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THE BEAUTIFULEST. except Minobro always rejects my chem pickup lines, probably because I tweeted too many lame ones at her lol.

[!] fyeahjunghoseok is recruiting!

Hello everyone!
You might have noticed fyeahjunghoseok hasn’t been up to date for a while now, so we decided to open admin applications!
The applications will be as simple as possible.

We’re looking for at least two people who are responsible, who know how to be mature in answering questions as well as respecting BTS privacy and fansites rules and who are willing to update this blog everyday (or when you can)

 Just message us with the following:
1. Your name, your main blog and, if you have, side blogs you might think are relevant to the application. (like, if you have a side blog for gifs/graphics, or for another group different from your main, etc this will help us see how you manage blogs) 
2. Twitter (you must have one since we’ll be in touch there and because, you know, where BTS and fansites post their pics)
3. How much time you spend online a day on average.
4. Timezone (we don’t have preference on any but important for reasons)
5. If you have/had experience managing any fyeahs, let us know! (bonus points lol)

That’s it, I think. 
Just a few notes: you don’t have to stan Hoseok, obviously, but it would help if you know his fansites and be up to date to BTS schedules, twitter, fancafe posts, etc,. If you get accept we’ll give you more details on how to help us run it.

This blog is very dear to us and it honestly makes me so sad that life has caught up to us but we’re trying our best to keep it active, so we appreciate every application!
Thank you!

PS: I’m sorry if this post looks like a mess but it’s 2AM and I’m tired lmao 

anonymous asked:

How can you still have hope for Stelena? I admire you, really :) Because I can't stand Elena anymore. There's also the fact that she proclaimed time and time again that Damon was the love of her life, that their love was eternal, that she wanted forever with him... and she said all those things to Stefan's face. Don't even get me start on how she's been treating him since 5. How do you come back from that? It came to the point where I want her to *suffer* for what she did, how awful is that? :(

LOL. Hmm…hope for Stelena? You know…I’m not sure. That’s not what my post really meant. I was simply trying to state that the writers didn’t retcon anything. 

At this point in TVD, it can go either way…Stelena or Delena. They are fully entrenched in the Delena side of the love triangle. I wouldn’t actually have a problem with that if the writing quality was up to par but it’s total shit.

As a vampire, yes…Damon is the love of Elena’s life. The tragedy of Stelena’s love story is that Stefan was the love of Elena’s life. Their love was eternal. He was her choice. The best choice she ever made. 

As a human.

But Elena died. The person we see before us? The vampire? That’s not the Elena we all fell in love with. She is irreparably changed. Vampirism…DEATH changed her. Had she remained human, then yes…she would always be with Stefan. But her vampirism, the sire bond…it all culminated in Elena becoming a completely different person. Something the show has stated MANY times. Her treatment of Stefan, her treatment of EVERYONE is just a by product of those changes. The girl who was once selfless has become selfish. That’s what consuming loves does to you. It’s all you can see…it’s all you want. No matter how much it hurts those around you. That’s the Damon & Elena love story. It’s a different kind of love, not one I personally subscribe to and it’s the one TVD writers want to tell. Doesn’t mean I have to buy into it or like it. But it is what it is. Elena is changed. And no, it’s not a person I like - at all.

I mourned Elena…human Elena. I didn’t realize she was dead, truly dead, until 4x23 when Elena chose Damon. I realized that the show has split Elena in half. One half, the human half for Stefan and one half, the vampire half, for Damon.

But our love story? Our love story ended in tragedy. Elena sacrificed herself for Matt. And because Stefan loves her, because Stefan respects her free will…and always respected Elena’s free will (because Stefan knows what it’s like to NOT have free will)…he listened to her. He saved Matt…and Elena died and Stefan lost her. Probably forever.

IF Elena doesn’t change…the choice is Damon. IF she finds her way back to her old human self, either by physically becoming human or reclaiming that piece of her heart…then the path leads directly to Stefan.

But it all comes down to which version of Elena TVD goes with. And no…if Elena remains this way, I don’t want her with Stefan. My Elena, Stefan’s Elena died. I let her go. If she comes back, I will be so happy but I don’t have a lot of hope that she will.

Not all love stories have a happy ending. Stefan & Elena may not, but it doesn’t make their love any less EPIC. In fact…it’s the epitome of selfless love. They always put other people before their own love. Elena sacrificed her life for Matt and Stefan allowed her to. It’s not because he didn’t love her…it’s because he DID love her. He loved her and understood her best. They sacrificed their love for an innocent human being.

Bitter? Yes. Sweet? Yes. Tragic? Yes. EPIC? YES.