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5 things you will find in my bag pockets:
Don’t have bag pockets, pants pockets tho :)

1. A piece of cloth I use to clean my glasses

2. A set of Keys

3. Money…sometimes

4. My Phone

5. …???? Pocket Lint

5 things you will find in my bedroom: 

1. Small bookshelf filled with books some I need to read.

2. A wood and metal computer desk.

3. A fairly old commonly used laptop and an old desktop sitting unused under my desk.

4. My assorted collection of videogames, collectables etc.

5. A laundry hamper.

5 things I have always wanted to do:

1. Dress up as Mileena I really wanna do it but I need to figure out how to make stuff YouTube how tos for Ref here I come.
….Also Widowmaker too :D

2. Successfully make a DOOM map (not Snapmap) but an actual Map with DoomBuilder for Classic DOOM I’ve tried on several occasions made some progress but never actually finished.

3. Also DOOM related make some kind of DOOM mod if I ever figure out how decorate/coding and sprite editing etc. works I’ve studied it abit but still don’t fully understand it.

4.Make some sort of content ppl will enjoy like a game or DOOM mod for example.

5. Maybe travel somewhere outside the U.S

5 things that make me happy:

1. Cats and the lil pap pap paps their paws make when they run pretty much anything a cat does.

2. VideoGames in general and playing them.

3. My best friend Aly.

4. Listening to music.

5. Spending time with the ppl I love.

also you guys following me your awesome and I love you(except them bots/porn bots) I’m sorry we don’t talk/interact much besides liking/reblogging stuff from each others blogs.

5 things I’m currently into: 

1. Mortal Kombat

2.Black Lagoon

3. DOOM and other Old First Person Shooter
Games from the 90’s

4. Collecting Old VideoGame stuff I mainly collect 90’s to early 00’s VideoGames

5. Stuff I find aesthetically pleasing…if that counts…

I’m into alot of stuff but since the list was only for five…

5 things on my to do list: 

1. Get a job I’ve been in unemployment for awhile, I do “temporary jobs” to get by.

2. Clean up/Re-Arrange my room around.

3. Get a newer PC

4. Get my drivers license I do drive sometimes and know how to drive but need my license it’s pretty silly me a 27 year old guy who doesn’t even have his license.

5. …I think get my life together.

I tag @jessebamfmccree @jessie-chan16 @venus6f6 @so-many-efforts @raven-senpai @dosgamer000 @pimellu @high-lady-of-os-alta if anyone reading wants to participate feel free this is totally optional. If you’ll excuse me I have mild to intense stomach pains/troubles and I kinda wanna die :’(

I hope I didn’t typo/screw up somewhere in the post I think I’m good.

A simple guide to paying.

1. Don’t play keep away with the money. It’s not funny/cute. Just hand it to me.
2. Don’t hand over a wad of crumpled bills. Straighten it out first.
3. Don’t hand over sweaty money you just grabbed from your bra. That’s disgusting.
4. Have it ready. Don’t wait and dig around for 5 minutes in the bottom of your bag or pockets.
5. If I say “please swipe” then just swipe. Don’t ask if we have a chip. Don’t ignore me and try to use the chip. I know what I’m talking about.

exo hospital! au

Baekhyun: everyone’s favorite nurse, gets gifts from patients all the time, has been proposed to about 5 times, secretly plays games in the on-call room

Chanyeol: head of trauma, always has two pens stuck somewhere in his thick and curly hair, wears the biggest circle glasses you’ve ever seen 

Jongdae: head of cardio, he makes his surgeons do most of the work, typically in his office whining about paperwork, but goes to check up on his patients every second he can

Jongin: head of pediatrics, always carries at least 5 lollipops in his pocket, he only goes to the cafeteria during chicken days, goes to the neurology department very often 

Junmyeon: head of plastics, a sad widow, still keeps a picture of his ex-husband in his wallet, treats his whole department to meals

Kyungsoo: head of neurology, angel with the patients but satan with the interns, holds a daily ‘conference’ with head of pediatrics 

Minseok: chief of surgery, wears a different tie everyday, lives in a mansion across the hospital, complains about his staff but loves them very much

Sehun: anesthesiologist, reads fashions magazines during the surgery, flirts with the hot nurses, face of the hospital 

Yixing: head of general surgery, is usually confused all the time but not when he’s in the OR, works hard, but gets roasted by his peers, they love his reactions


Steal His Look

- Green In Gold 18K Gold Genuine Natural Emerald Earrings, 0.30 Ct t.w. Round Cut Emeralds ($929)
- Armani J10 Extra Slim Fit 5-Pocket Jeans ($260)
- Louis Vuitton Initiales 40mm Reversible Belt ($575)
- Versace Women’s Leather Off-white Boots ($550)
- Nokia 3310 Vintage Cellphone with Customized Mother-Of-Pearl Casing and Gold Detail ($2500)
- Natural Hair (Self-grown, 10 lbs.)
- Acqua Di Parma Shampoo (20 bottles, $600)
- Unite U Luxury Conditioner (15 bottles, $675)


レイトン教授風ポケモンBW。 By ぱす子 on Pixiv

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Day 123 - Goloog / ゴルーグ / Golurk (Shiny)

Prologue (translated from an ancient language):

To you, Mysterious Automaton, in the future.

You came to us in our darkest hour and risked your well being to end our suffering. We have not seen anything like you before. You never woke from your slumber so we built a small shrine for you to sleep in. When you do wake, we would like you to know that we owe our lives to you. So we will protect and cherish your home like you protected ours. Thank you.

Have memory issues? Life hack with it: leave yourself presents!

Put a bottle of your favorite tea in your bag after you get home so you can discover it tomorrow! Leave a $5 bill in the pocket of your jumper when you hang it up so you can surprise yourself with enough for a sweet treat later! If you’re in a good mood, put a reminder in your phone next week to remind your future self life can be good ❤


feelin better did some things here are some of my fave ricks and mortys

my main hang up with this game is that sausage morty doesnt have lil nub arms im super upset about it man

Imagine cutting Dean off at the bar

“I think that’s enough, sugar.”

You covered the top of his shot glass with your fingers, picking it up and placing it on your tray of finished drinks.

His eyes followed the shot before flicking up to yours, the vulnerability in his expression a stark contrast to the strength and size of the man.

“I paid for that,” he murmured, a quiet protest without any heat.

“I know, darlin’,” you nodded, still holding eye contact. “This is my last pass of the floor before I get off, I’ll bring you back your money.”

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