5 planks

My Exercises

(( i exercise five days a week! ))

•Monday Exercise (Booty Day) :

1. Toe Touch- 30 sec
2. Jog In Place- 2 minutes
3. Lunges- 20 each leg x2
4. Squats- 30, Pulse Squat at 15 x2
5. Hip Lifts- 5 seconds
4. Hip Flutters- 15 x2
5. Marching Hip Raise- 20 each leg
6. Single Leg Deadlift- 20 each leg
7. Kick Backs- 15 each leg x3
8. Wall Sit- 40 sec

•Tuesday Exercise (Ab Day) :

1. Upward Dog- 40 sec
2. Toe Touch- 30 sec
3. Jog In Place- 2 minutes
4. Bicycle- 20 each leg x2
5. Plank- 40 sec x3
6. Single Leg Bridge- 15 each leg x2
7. Lower Ab Leg Lift- 15 times x2
8. Sit ups/ Crunches- 20 times x2
9. Side Plank- 30 seconds x2
10. Russian Twists- 50 times x3

•Thursday Exercise (Leg Day) :

1. Butterfly Stretch- 30 sec
2. Jog In Place- 2 min
3. Toe Touch- 40 sec
4. Squats- 25 times x2
5. Side Leg Lifts- 25 each leg x2
6. Run In Place- 2 min
7. Walk/Run- 30 minutes (Optional)
8. Bridge Raises- 30 times x2
9. Wall Sit- 40 sec
10. Jumping Jacks- 25 times x2
11. Run In Place- 2 minutes
12. Leg Hold- 30 sec
13. Lunges- 30 each leg x2

•Friday Exercise (Arm day) :

1. Arm Across- 20 sec each arm
2. Arm Back- 20 sec each arm
3. Jog In Place- 2 minutes
4. Push ups- 15 times x2
5. Superman Push Ups- 15 each leg x2
6. Dips- 20 times x2
7. Plank ups- 20 times x2
8. Inchworm- 20 times
9. Plank Taps- 30 times x2
10. Plank Jacks- 30 times x2
11. Burpees- 20 times

•Sunday Exercise (Yoga) :

1. Toe Touch- 30 sec
2. Butterfly- 30 sec
3. Cat- 20 sec (back up)
4. Cow- 20 sec (back down)
5. Upward Dog- 20 sec
6. Downward Dog- 30 sec
7. Boat Pose- 30 sec
8. Tree- 30 sec
9. Warrior- 30 sec
10. Seated Twist- 20 sec each leg
11. Child’s Pose- 30 sec
12. Mountain Pose- 20 sec


MS91 Orama bathroom

This was a collab between me and @mxims. Thank you for the help, fun as always <3 

It has been sitting in my mods folder for a while now. I haven’t been “inspired” to take previews for it and there was some small issues that I had to fix, but I just.. I didn’t felt like doing it, sorry! Well, up untill now, I hope you guys will like it!

What you get:

  • Sink (8 swatches)
  • Counter (5 swatches)
  • Bathtub (8 swatches)
  • Shower (6 swatches)
  • 2 piece fireplace (5 swatches each)
  • Wall divider (1$, sculptures, 12 swatches)
  • Wall divider track (1$, misc, 4 swatches)
  • Double sponge (1$, misc)
  • Single sponge  (1$, misc)
  • Body brush  (1$, misc)
  • Cocoa butter  (1$, misc)
  • Bath salt  (1$, misc)
  • Body wash  (1$, misc)
  • Soap bar  (1$, misc)
  • Tub towel (5 swatches)
  • Corner shelf (5 swatches)
  • Plank floor (4 pieces, all 1$, rugs)
  • Plank floor with shower drain (3 pieces, all 1$, rugs )
  • Mirror (4 swatches)
  • Walls to match (0$, paint)

Credits: @marcussims91, @mxims

(To TS3 players: Get the original files here)

Enjoy, happy decorating!
Download (simfileshare)

Make sure your game is updated to the latest patch. 
If anything is wrong or I have missed something, let me know and I will fix it asap!

AU List

Oh. my. god. Huge ass AU list done with byrdboiv

Part 1 | Part 2


  • ‘I’m a student teacher at your school and you’re a senior who keeps on trying to ask me out in your free periods – I mean, I would because you’re only younger than me by like, five years ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM, and you’re kind of totally my type? But hey, I’ve got to keep some sense of professionalism’ AU
  • ‘I’m a basketball coach in the year above you from your brother/sister school, and you’re that kid who can’t ball for shit, has friends in the team I’m coaching, and told me that I was really short and had really pretty eyes, you’re distracting me my team, fight me in the PIT, motherfucker’ AU
  • ‘I’m part of the IT at the school you work at, and you’re a drama teacher – you keep asking me for help with the sound and lighting even though we both know that’s the job for the deputy principal’s sound and lighting kids’ AU
  • ‘I’m your best bro and you’re my best bro, we used to have broners for each other but now I have a romantic boner for you, bro, and I don’t know about you. I’m sorry, bro. All the homo’ AU
  • ‘I’m in your Mathematics class and you sit next to me, whispering words of encouragement after my teacher verbally bodyslams me for my epic math fails’ AU
  • ‘I’m a 500% troublemaker and you’re a 500% goody two-shoes and we’re both in the Student Representative Council – who will come out on top? (Not in the sexual way, oh my God is this really happening I had no idea you had it in you, we’re both minors but I don’t think either of us could care less; so much for you being good.)’ AU
  • ‘I’m really hungry and I forgot my lunch and I have no money to buy food at the canteen, and you just passed me a $10 bill, I am 10000% willing to become you sex slave right now, bless the ground you walk on, O Benevolent One’ AU
  • ‘I’m walking past the basketball courts and you’re just lying in the centre of the courts. Staring into the sky. I’m going to join you’ AU
  • ‘I’m in your P.E. class and you’ve been doing a plank for 5 solid minutes, are you an Olympian or something??’ AU
  • ‘I’m a VA student and I fucking hate basketball to the nth degree but my teacher wants me to paint a basketball hoop and backboard for my assignment and fuckyou you’re playing on my reference, move aside bitch’ AU
  • ‘I do Latin and so do you, but you’re in a year below me and ask me for help a lot because your pronunciation may be great but your grammar is not’ AU
  • ‘I’m working part-time at a fast food joint and holy fuck, you and your friends just came to order stuff and oh no I have this huge fat crush on you because you’re always so nice to everyone and to me, I hope you don’t notice the fear in my Customer Service Smile™’ AU
  • ‘I do notifications over the PA every morning and you like my voice??? You want to ask me out for coffee????? Like, right now?????? School has already started???????You’re in Year 9 and I’m in Year 11 and I do NOT want you to skip school just for this?????????????’ AU
  • ‘We’re both in a school volleyball team and we’re the only ones not here for the gay volleyball anime (well, maybe)’ AU
  • ‘We’re both in a school basketball team and we’re the only ones not here for that one gay basketball anime (well, not really)’ AU
  • ‘We’re both in the same swimming squad and hell yeah are we here for the gay swimming anime’ AU
  • ‘I’m a VA student and you’ve been bringing me food for the past month after school when I’ve been working on my artwork, even though we’re in brother/sister schools and I only really get to talk to you at our interschool vocals club and/or on Facebook (which is really rare, to be honest), I really need to pay you back, does my eternal love and devotion (or dedication of my artwork to you) suffice?’ AU
  • ‘We’re married teachers in the Science faculty and the students keep on making jokes about us having chemistry, please bury me’ AU
  • ‘I have a TAFE account and you’re begging me for it – are you really willing to give me what you’re offering, I mean, an entire cake, your virginity and your first born child is not something that should be bartered for something you could Google at home’ AU
  • ‘We just snuck into the movies together because our friends dared us to get in, watch a movie and get back out without getting caught, hell yeah, this isn’t a date by the way what are you saying, fuck, this movie’s sad, fuck, I’m not crying, fuck, you’re holding me in your arms and it feels right, fUCK’ AU
  • ‘I’m part of the IT at the school you work at, and you’re a drama teacher – you keep asking me for help with the sound and lighting even though we both know that’s the job for the deputy principal’s sound and lighting kids’ AU
  • ‘I’m a basketball coach in the year above you from your brother/sister school, and you’re that kid who can’t ball for shit, has friends in the team I’m coaching, and told me that I was really short and had really pretty eyes, you’re distracting me my team, fight me in the PIT, motherfucker’ AU
  • ‘I’m a student teacher at your school and you’re a senior who keeps on trying to ask me out in your free periods – I mean, I would because you’re only younger than me by like, five years ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM, and you’re kind of totally my type? But hey, I’ve got to keep some sense of professionalism’ AU
  • ‘Your notes are the most beautiful thing my eyes have ever been graced with, and what the fuck, how can you even do this when our history teacher talks rapid-fire’ AU
  • ‘I leaned over your shoulder to see the creative writing piece you’ve been working on for the past hour, and oh my gosh????? You’re that writer in the school magazine with the mysterious alias, and I admire you so much???? Did you sell your soul to the devil to reach that level of eloquence tell me your sECRET’ AU


Fast Food Outlet

  • I work at McDonalds and you’re the fuckface who tries to order my number with a 24pck of chicken nuggets and a large strawberry sundae every single fucking time (I mean, I’d give you my number if you bought a chocolate sundae instead, strawberry is wrong)’
  • I work at KFC, why in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour, did you buy six 450ml servings of mash potato, sit down at a table close by, open each of them up and drink them all.
  • I’m a Domino’s Pizza deliveryman and you just bought 20 pizzas, there’s not even a party at your house? Are you going to eat this all yourself in one go? Are you just bulk buying so you can reheat it later and not bother calling us up again? Pizza’s way better fres– fuck, you’re crying, what do I do, they didn’t teach me this in my training.
  • I’m working part-time at a fast food joint and holy fuck, you and your friends just came to order stuff and oh no I have this huge fat crush on you because you’re always so nice to everyone and to me, I hope you don’t notice the fear in my Customer Service Smile™.
  • ‘As an employee, I shouldn’t be saying this, but it is NOT nutritionally acceptable to eat here every day. Drop by after my shift ends and I’ll cook you some real food’ AU

Convenience/Greengrocer store AU

  • ‘I’m a convenience store owner and you’re asking me whether the $2 or $3 noodles are better, I like both of them, what do I say, you’re looking at me with bigass puppydog eyes, I am fucked’ AU
  • ‘I’m your local greengrocer’s cashier and you’ve been staring at the tomatoes for over 15 minutes now, Jimmy, hold the register’ AU
  • ‘Why on earth are you holding that fruit to your ear like you can hear the fucking sea or something’ AU

Technological Store AU

  • ‘I work in JB-HiFi and you come in and ask me if I could help you find your friend who is a) missing and b) has a huge thirst for Kanye West and Jay-Z, shall we go to the CDs? They might be in the Rap genre section…’ AU
  • ‘How did you manage to fuck this up so badly’ AU

Dentist AU

  • ‘I think you look very attractive but there’s not much dignity I can muster when you’re holding my mouth open with these goddamn contraptions from hell and my mouth’s starting to fill with saliva’ AU
  • ‘I’m a dental assistant and you’re really cute, even with a bajillion black stains and mildly bad breath’ AU
  • ‘You’re not seriously going to put that in my mouth, are you’ AU

Sports Coach AU

  • ‘I’m a single parent and you’re my kid’s volleyball coach, I’m sorry I introduced them to Haikyuu!! how can I make it up to you?’ AU
  • ‘I’ve been tasked with this feeble looking teen who can’t do push ups for shit’ AU

Librarian AU

  • ‘I’m a library assistant and you’re the person who comes in every week with 100000000 kids and still manages to keep them all in check, you are amazing’ AU
  • ‘We have a self-checkout system, but ever week you unfailingly turn up at my desk and OH MY GOD IS THAT GERONIMO STILTON’ AU
  • ‘I must say your taste in books is beautiful, can I take you out for coffee?’ AU
  • ‘You’re balancing a pile of fifteen books in your arms and you look like you’re about to fall any moment now’ AU

Wedding Planner AU

  • ‘I’m a wedding planner and you’re the wedding photographer, I agree with you completely, this couple is absolutely disgusting – they need to stop with all the sappiness and frills and make out sessions in front of you when you’re trying to ask them about what they want in their actual wedding, yeah, let’s get lots of cheap alcohol at a bar somewhere, together, after this whole ordeal is done (and maybe make our own wedding a lot less cringeworthy)’ AU

Bakery AU

  • ‘I work at a bakery and you’re the person that buys a smiley face cupcake every single day, I swear to God stop smiling at me like that, like, that’s the cupcake’s job’ AU
  • ‘Do you really want to give a dick cake to your niece?’ AU
  • ‘That comes to six hundred dollars in total’ AU

Office Jobs AU

  • ‘I’m in a boring corporate business job and you’re in the cubicle in front of mine, did you just send me a paper aeroplane with the words “WASSSSSSUPPPP TURN UP BITCHEZ” written on it?’ AU
  • ‘I never usually go to workplace drinking sessions but since you’re here sign me the fuck up’ AU
  • ‘Are you seriously going to turn that poor excuse of a prototype in to the boss? You’ll get the sack’ AU
  • ‘We’re both vying for a promotion, and you’re not above sabotaging my work’ AU
daily ab routine!

for all of you who wanted to start a daily ab routine with me, here you go!

before starting your daily exercise, make sure you are listening to your body & making any neccesary accomodations for your body. (accommodating your body is good! that does not mean you are weak by any means. i always have to accommodate my shoulder in plank positions & various exercises)

disclosure: i am not a certified health/fitness professional. listen to your body & do the best you can! make the workout your own

plank workout

1. 60 second plank (full or elbow plank okay)

2. 45 second plank

3. 40 second side plank (left)

4. 45 second plank

5. 40 second side plank (right)

6. 35 second plank

7. 30 second raised-leg plank (left)

8. 35 second plank

9. 30 second raised-leg plank (right>

if the planks are too long, don’t give up! cut it down by 10, 20, 30, (etc) seconds

basic ab routine

1. full sit ups for 40 seconds

2. russian twists for 60 seconds

3. v ups for 40 seconds

4. lying leg raise for 30 seconds

5. v ups for 40 seconds

6. lying leg raise for 30 seconds

7. russion twists for 60 seconds

8. full sit ups for 40 seconds

(if you want a challenge, add weight to russian twists + v ups)

Personal morning routine

- starting laptop for some relaxing music
- making tea
- drinking 1 liter water
- stretching for at least 10 minutes
- some light exercises: 20 crunches, 15 squats, 30 sec. side plank (each side), 30 sec. normal plank, 5 push ups.
- taking a shower
- skin care routine
- brushing teeth
- scrolling through tumblr

Returning from our sixth commercial break a bus door opens its hatch.

Jonny is immediately startled.

This is one of my favorite scenes of Jonny in the movie. It’s mysterious. Almost unsettling. It’s coming from the perspective of the bus driver. An adult. 

Jonny has rarely left his neighborhood. All these people including the bus driver are strangers. Jonny would rather be near faces that are familiar to him. Having social anxiety has always held Jonny back. Or rather the kids never wanted to get to know him. That’s another reason why the kids won’t accept the Eds. 

Middle school tends to be a tough time for all. Everyone feels that they need to like the same things in order to fit in. And if you don’t like the same thing you’re outcasted. Not that Jonny minds. He never deserved a friendship with the kids. It took the kids years to realize that all the Eds wanted was to be accepted.

Jonny deserves better post BPS.

This is an interesting scene where a few quarters slide off from Plank paying for bus fair.

It’s a little creepy seeing how it’s implied that the adults tower over the kids. Jonny can’t even reach the bus fair. It makes the scene more uncomfortable. He’s the only kid on this whole bus.

I have mentioned how Jonny’s mental state grows worse at the end of the movie. I think it is has been deteriorating for a while now. In the first few seasons he hung around with the cul-de-sac kids holding conversations. Then he spends all his time with Plank making mischief. This must be Jonny’s way of a call for help. He doesn’t understand what is going on. Nobody will help him. 

The kids ignored him throughout the whole car chase at the beginning of the movie. 

Then there was the episode Between a Rock and an Ed Place. Nobody showed up to his party except the Eds. The only reason the Eds went was because they thought all the kids were going to be there. Each kid gave off a pathetic excuse. They never cared for him. All those times they let him hang out was only to make the Eds jealous. Although it’s sad how the Eds are tossed aside Jonny has nobody. They don’t wrap their minds around this boy who talks to a piece of wood.

I can never see a friendship lasting between the Eds and kids. Although it’s satisfying to see the movie end on a high note, remembering how these kids tormented the Eds day after day makes you wonder how everything is going to work out. If they will.

I love this screenshot.

An actual bus!

We have seen cars and even a mail truck before.

The reason why this image is set at an unsettling angle is because they’re at the end of the town. Jonny is being taken away from his safe zone in a vehicle he has never been in before.

Cartoon physics can’t get him out of this. He has to face reality.

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No Excuse November Day 1

November 1st 

Day one complete:  201 push-ups 101 squats 5:00 worth of planks 50 V-Ups. Mrs. m0tiv8me is joining in with me she did 45 minutes walking on the treadmill and some dumbbell shoulder work!

Here’s everyone else who has said they’re in for this challenge. Remember NO EXCUSES… get some work put in everyday this month!  If I missed you let me know!

@gswanfiks @simplygela82 @donnoire @filipinofitnessfreak @weight-less-spirit @damn-mind  @workingbodytransformation @wiserstrongerbetter@kmaigskmal @kayelleem  @thelovelyfineapple @fearthegrowl @spidey-brock @chocolategrapeprincess @sagecedarsrunning @guy1122 @connectmindwithmuscle @rotty404 @bufmack @thefit-witch @runnersandheels @coconut-marie @fitter4me @cidahthewritah  @thisistheworst273

anonymous asked:

If I may add to these brilliant anons;anti face first hugging your pillow/stuffed animals,wearing your hoodies and punching anyone who says anything about it bc he likes the scent,holding your sock above lighter with the message "I'm gonna do it",you wake up an hour late for your trip while he's pleading for 5 more minutes planking on top of you,you can't leave because there's 5 new deadbolts on the door,clinging onto rob or mare until even THEY get annoyed w/captions like "my new bf hurry back"

Anti would have messed with your alarms on your phone to keep you from going. Even going as far as to close the windows and change the clock in the room to make it seem like it was still another few hours till your trip. 
But then Chase comes knocking, waking you as he says you’ll be late and you have a short scolding at Anti for doing that. 
All the white he’s running around the room with your suitcase because you can’t leave without your clothes. 

Finally, Marvin manages to unlock the bolts using magic and Rob worms the suitcase out of Anti’s hands. Chase is the one to usher you to the car, but you quickly kiss Anti’s cheek before diving into the vehicle and driving away. 

When you get those messages, you just laugh and reply with. 
“Keep him for now. I’m still enjoying the vacation.” 
Every Ego moans loudly because you won’t be back for another week.

anonymous asked:

lol is it weird to say that tom is kinda my motivation to work out? Not that seriously, but there's like a small voice in the back of my head that yells "do it for tom!" idk man this was embarrassing to type out, but everything I do is embarrassing so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

ok no this is legit me when i’m doing training for boxing and conditioning like if i’m doing a 5 minute plank or something i just think about hoping to look good when i meet him in january, i think it’s totally normal 


Jeanell’s Ultimate 90 Day Fitness Challenge - Calisthenics (Days 1-30)

For reference to the cardio part of Jeanell’s UFC - First Phase, click here.

In the calisthenics portion of my Ultimate 90 Day Fitness Challenge, I alternate between a compiled list of fitness challenges and BuzzFeed’s 5-One Song Workouts. Fitness challenge days consists of jumping jacks, squats, lunges, push-ups, and abs-specific moves (sit-ups, crunches, leg raises, plank). The 5-One Song Workout songs are listed below in the correct order:

  1. Icona Pop - “I Love It”
  2. JAY Z - “On To The Next One”
  3. Kanye West - “Power”
  4. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - “Can’t Hold Us”
  5. Sleigh Bells - “Infinity Guitars”

If you are curious about these workouts, click on this BuzzFeed link and there will be visuals on the page.

To shake up the workouts, every other week there is a YouTube Workout. Now this is a compilation of music and concert videos where I learn the choreography of the dances. I chose music artists that I really enjoy and I am always catching myself dancing to.

Here is a link to those dance videos: YouTube Dance Workout

At the end of first 30 day period or Phase 1, I will do my first weigh-in. I don’t want to weigh myself constantly throughout this process, so I thought every 30 days was reasonable to weigh myself.

Wish me luck on the first 30 days and beyond!

Jeanell Sunshine

For Jeanell’s UFC calisthenics (Days 31-60), click here.

For Jeanell’s UFC calisthenics (Days 61-90), click here.



HOW TO ⬇️⬇️⬇️

This is the warmth building and upper body strengthening portion of a full sun salutation - plank, to chatarunga, to upward facing dog, to downward facing dog. Start in high plank with your spine in one straight line, shoulders in line with your wrists. Option to do this all on your knees! Just make sure your hips stay in line with your shoulders/your spine is straight. Inhale in plank. Hold your high plank for at least 5 breaths.

From high plank, exhale as you shift forward on your toes pushing your shoulders past your wrists and lower down, bending at the elbows. Chest lowers first into chatarunga (think triceps push-up). Option to lower all the way to your belly. Inhale, upward facing dog or cobra - chest opens up, push into your hands, tops of feet on the earth. Exhale, downward facing dog.


🌟 Strengthens arm, shoulder, and leg muscles.
🌟 Develops core stability.
🌟 Prepares body for inversions and arm balances.
🌟 Strengthens and stretches spine
🌟 Warms the body for more intense flows and postures
🌟 Holding high plank builds endurance for holding inversion


Hosts: @natashaxjade and @loseitconkatie

#weightlossjourney #weightloss #fat2fit #fattofit #fattofitjourney #yoga #yogi #yogini #yogaflow #yogaasana #yogachallenge #yogateacher

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Day 27. I would have rather stayed in bed with Oswald all morning, but I got my butt up and did it. All plank/push-up moves alternating with jump rope. I subbed 50 jumping jacks every time, which meant I did 750 for the whole workout. Not fun, honestly. But I nailed the max reps moves, every one of ‘em. This was the rundown:

30/50 Intervals: 30 Seconds Max Reps, 50 Seconds Cardio:

1. Spiderman Cross Pushup
2. Knee Drop Plank
3. Sumo Pushup
4. Supergirl Plank
5. Rolling Pushup
6. Plank Jack
7. Rotating Side Plank
8. Walking Pushup
9. Shoulder Tap Pushup
10. Leg Lift Plank (forearm)
11. Leg Lift Pushup
12. Side Jump Plank
13. Superman Pushup
14. Cheek to Cheek Plank
15. Down Dog Pushup

Got in 6 miles after that - 3.5 running (average 8:58 pace with 8:25 average sprints for intervals) and 2.5 walking (14:14 pace). Saving a longer continuous run for tomorrow. It was so miserably hot today but we have a cold front coming in overnight yay! So as long as it isn’t thunderstorms out there, I’m all over it.

It has otherwise been a long, but fulfilling day. Steve is off hunting with a friend, so I drove out to see my mom for lunch (poke bowls!) and my sister for dinner (Thai fish and tom kha!). Can’t complain about the food or the company today (which, as many of you know, is saying something). Not thrilled about everything I need to get done around the house and on errands tomorrow, but I will power through it. 

No Excuse November Day 5

Full day of activities on Sunday and just finally getting to posting. Sunday’s are typically a rest day for me but no excuses this month so I did 150 push-ups 5:00 of planks and 100 squats Incline treadmill jogging and some upper body dumbbell work for the mrs. Chest work planned for this evening