5 places to visit

Emoji questions 😏

👄- first kiss story?
🦄- fav animals?
🌍- places you’ve traveled?
🌬- most tokes you’ve taken in 1 sitting?
🍭- fav candy?
🏐- play any sports?
🎨- colouring, drawing or both?
🎮- fav video game?
🚍- craziest bus story?
🚨- craziest cop story?
✈️- places you’d like to visit?
⛱- 5 things you love about the beach?
🚬- do you smoke darts?
💉- any tattoos? If so how many?
🎈- birthday?
💏- dating, fwb, married?
👅- best sex story?
🎧- songs you have on repeat right now?
🎼- play any instruments?
💋- turn ons?
🖕🏼- turn offs?
👽- believe in aliens?
👻- craziest ghost experience?
📽- favourite movie?
💌- ever received a hand written love letter?
📞- talking on the phone or texting?
💭- something you’ve always wanted to do?
🗯- what’s one thing you’d love to tell someone right now?
🎟- ever been to a concert? If so which one(s)?



ACCA x Sweets Paradise Collaboration

If you will be in Tokyo anytime before March 5, I HIGHLY recommend visiting this place. The food was so delicious compared to other anime collaborations, and the portion size was worth it for the price. My friends and I got the curry w/ salad, burger w/ fries and pasta w/ soup. It’s in Ikebukuro Sunshine City on the 1st floor. Good job, ACCA! 👏👏👏

This is the famous Fujimi Inari shrine, located very close to Kyoto, 5 minutes (2 stops) on Nara line local train. We visited this place at 5:45 in the morning, taking the earliest train from Kyoto and there were still few people there that early. This place is almost magical, with the almost infinite series of orange tore, each of them donated by a Japanese business as Inari is seen as the patron of business; merchants and manufacturers have traditionally worshipped Inari. 

Hello. Post your Top 5 places you want to visit.


1. England

2. Ireland

3. France

4. Los Angeles, California

5. New York City, New York


Unexpected Roommates
1. I’m really broke, so I had to sell my apartment and I know we haven’t talked in years, but hey need someone to live with?

2. You got really sick, and can’t live alone for your safety so you are going to stay with me.

3. Turns out my house has termites, please, please, please let me stay till I figure this out?!

4. You show up at my home, at four in the morning, with a broke arm and need a place to stay…okay.

5. I need to stay at your place because my parents want to visit, but they don’t know I live in a shitty apartment, with four other people.

Sherlock & Hannibal (Hanlock)
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Abigail :</b> *Sees Hamish*<p/><b>Abigail :</b> Aww , Ive always wanted a lil brother<p/><b>Hamish :</b> <p/><b>Hamish :</b> *makes deduction on Abigail* You're missing one ear no sign of struggle there and you live wait no just visited a place that has 5 or more dogs and undergoing some PTSD symptoms maybe the main cause of that scar on your neck you kept hiding which had happened years ago ...Hmm.. and you've experience something that I'have quite experience before...<p/><b>Abigail :</b> not this one<p/></p><p/></p>

anonymous asked:

What are 10 places you want to visit in the world? 5 places in the US, and 5 Places outside of the US

us: cali, new york, seatlle, miami, new orleans
outside: paris, canada, japan, hawaii, perth

You Deserve the Best

Originally posted by glamdamnit

Pairing: GabrielxReader
Word count: 2,224
Warnings: Smut
Author: Brittiny
Request: Anonymous. could I please have a Gabriel fanfic. I have been really down lately and I would love a fic where the reader is treated like a princess/goddess/royalty by him after she has a really bad day. Like she goes to bed upset and crying but wakes up in a place she always wanted to visit in a 5 star hotel. Lots of fluff and some gentle lovemaking
A/N: I hope this is okay, hun! And I hope things are looking up<3

“You could have gotten yourself killed!” Dean screamed at you as he paced the motel room. You were leaning on the headboard of your bed, while Sam patched you up. “How could you be so reckless?” His eyes were blazing with fury.

Wiping your eyes, you stared at your legs. “It’s okay for you to jump in the line of fire to protect someone, but not me?” You asked quietly, not wanting to keep up the yelling. You heard Sam sigh, but he kept out of it. He knew that the two of you were beyond stubborn, and there was no use speaking up. “Time and time again, you’ve taken the blow for Sam and me. Yet, I try to protect you, and suddenly I’m reckless?”

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20 Questions To Get To Know Me!

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1: Where would you like to visit?
2: Where would you like to live when you’re older?
3: What is your favourite city?
4: What is your favourite country?
5: Where was your favourite place to visit?
6: What is your favourite colour?
7: Who’s your celebrity crush?
8: What’s your favourite sport to play?
9: What’s your favourite sport to watch?
10: What’s your favourite animal?
11: What do you want to be when you grow up?
12: What’s your idea of your perfect guy?
13: What is your dream?
14: What is your favourite subject in school?
15: If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?
16: What’s your favourite band and/or singer?
17: What’s your favourite song?
18: Do you have any pets?
19: Do you want any children when you grow up?
20: Are you single?

majoringinlycanthropy  asked:

top 5 places you want to visit/top 5 tv shows/top 5 movies

Awww hi love!

1. Mexico
2. Spain
3. Japan
4. Cambodia
5. Australia

TV Shows
1. Brooklyn 99
2. Bob’s Burgers
3. Game of Thrones
4. Orphan Black
5. That’s all the tv I watch lol

1. Star Wars (specifically Rogue One, Eps IV - VII)
3. Dead Poets Society
4. Amelie
5. Y Tu Mama También


I kinda wanted to start a journal and since I still have one laying next to me, I wanted to make one right now!
The book was only 80 cents and it’s 200 pages, though the paper is reaaallly thin.

I have some ideas to fill it with, such as:
1. Things I’m a fan of
2. Tags you guys tag me in
3. Random lists
4. Goals
5. Favorite clothes
6. Places I still want to visit
7. Putting my iPod on shuffle and writing down the first 10 songs
8. Horoscope of the day
9. 8tracks playlists I love
10. Currently….
11. Week in whatsapps
12. Cool pictures from all over the internet
13. 50 facts about me

But well, that’s only 13 pages so I still have more than 180 to go.
Any suggestions?


gold coast - april 2015

the days are starting to blur together - it’s day 4 or 5 or both.  we visit snapper rocks, it’s the best place to catch sunset or a nice place to watch surfer bro’s stare at the sun.  in between shots i stare at the sun as well - it’s hard to not to think that these guys have it made. at least for now.  the next day we meet some baby animals - i’m not mad at touching a wombat.

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