5 piece paper

Hey everyone, I’m opening a limited number of spots for ink sketch commissions. Primarily busts, but really whatever I can fit onto a 5″x7″ piece of paper! Fan art and original characters acceptable, and tentativelyyy other stuff but please just ask!

Hit me up at: janetsung (dot) art (at) gmail (dot) com to secure a spot.
Please provide references (images, description, ref sheets, whatev) especially for original characters! Payment via PayPal and Venmo accepted. Shipping is within the US only, if you live elsewhere, we can arrange something!

Also, for anyone attending Boston Comic Con or Flame Con, I’d be happy to arrange an in-person pick up to save ya the shipping.

Real women

I’ve seen this going around once again….
“You’re only a real woman if…”
There were dozens of phrases used to fill in the blanks, everything from “you have a thigh gap” to “if you can hide your waist behind an 8.5″ piece of paper”
Well, I have something to tell the Internet.
I am a real woman…
I can’t hide my waist behind a piece of paper,
My thighs touch,
I have cellulite,
I am larger than a size 0,
My breasts aren’t the same size,
I do get my period even though it is “icky” according to the Internet,
I am not a DD cup,
But I assure you, that I am indeed a real woman, because I define my gender, not any of these arbitrary standards.
I am here to tell you that you are all real women, despite what anyone else tells you, and every one of you are gorgeous, amazing people. So what if your thighs touch? You’re one step closer to being a mermaid. Your breasts aren’t the same size? Well, that happens when they are real. Don’t listen to these people. If you aren’t beautiful on the inside, you will never be beautiful on the outside. And from what I’ve seen, every one of you is radiantly gorgeous.

DIY Notebooks

Hi guys! So, I’ve been obsessing with making notebooks these past days. I decided to attempt and make a tutorial for it, partly because I received a message asking how I made it and partly because I enjoy making them. So here I am attempting to make a tutorial for the first time. 

These DIY notebooks are useful for jotting down to-do lists, using it as an inspiration notebook, travel journal ( one notebook for  short travels) , drawing sketches, bucket list journal and whatever else you want to do with it. It is customizable so you could pick how you prefer to use it. 


1. Cardstock Paper/ Scrapbook Paper

2. Assorted paper (White, Graph, Lined) | 8 1/2 x 11 |

3. Hammer | Scissors | Screw/ Nail

4. Needle and Thread



1. Fold the card stock paper and assorted paper in half.Cut along the dotted lines. ( I used 5 pieces of white paper; this creates 20 pages for the notebook)

2. Fold the papers in half again. 

3. Put dots on the card stock paper for the preferred spacing for binding the notebook.

4. Use the hammer and screw/nail to make the holes necessary for sewing.

5.  Take the needle and thread (your colour preference) and start doing a basic stitch.

6. Keep stitching until you have sewed all of the papers together. 

And there you have it, a functional notebook.

Jeongcheol; “Ice Skating”

day 19 and time for one of the most popular ships ohoho. I don’t really know what to say about this one tbh except for the fact that I left my notebook at home but someone in class had ONE piece of notebook paper that they let me use and normally it takes me 5-6 pieces of paper to write one of these but by writing hhhhella small i was able to fit it all on the front of one paper lmao. Also my German teacher saw me writing this,,,,,,,,, “Oh Anja [my German class name] are you writing a book?” “kiND OF” he said my donut hoodie was interesting today too fun facts

Ice skating was yet another of those tasks that was, in theory, quite simple; one only had to lace up their skates and go, theoretically. Of course, things rarely went as they were intended to in theory. To one who had been doing so all their life, skating was a mind numbingly basic task, really. It was like second nature; gliding across the ice felt just as easy - if not more so - than walking across the floor. To one who had never so much as attempted the activity, though, the concept was entirely foreign, and the very idea of it was daunting. Roller skating was no big deal - but ice skating? That was something different entirely. Such was the dilemma of Yoon Jeonghan and Choi Seungcheol.

Jeonghan was certainly no stranger to the ice - skating was a hobby that he had adopted at a young age and never abandoned. It wasn’t as though he was a top class skater; he just knew his way around the ice. Seungcheol, on the other hand, had never so much as laced up a skate in his life, nor did he ever anticipate doing so. Ice skating just wasn’t his thing, he had claimed. In truth, he was (quite irrationally) terrified of the idea, but it wasn’t as though he was ever planning to admit that.

He had every intention of staying as far away from the ice as he could for the rest of his life, but when one’s supermodel-gorgeous boyfriend asks them to do something with them, it’s really just shy of impossible to resist. As such, Seungcheol soon found himself sitting beside Jeonghan on a bench in the nearest ice rink, skates laced and fear in his heart.

“Are you okay?” asked Jeonghan, concern evident in his voice at the sight of his boyfriend with all color drained from his face. “We can go back to the dorm if you’re not feeling well.”

“No, no, I’m fine,” Seungcheol assured him, ever the gentleman as he waved away the other’s concerns. If there was one thing he didn’t like, it was his boyfriend worrying about him. “Shall we go?”

Jeonghan smiled, seemingly satisfied with Seungcheol’s empty words, much to the latter’s relief. “Alright! Come on, then.” The long haired boy stood easily, as balanced as he would’ve been had he been wearing normal shoes as opposed to skates. He extended a hand expectantly to Seungcheol, eagerly waiting for him to accept it and join him.

Seungcheol sighed; there was no way he could back out now. Taking a deep breath to steel his nerves, he accepted Jeonghan’s outstretched hand, allowing the younger to pull him to his feet. He felt unstable from the moment that he stood, wobbling already from the shift in his weight alone. Jeonghan steadied him, though, placing one hand on his shoulder and still holding his hand with the other. The first few steps were rough; his legs shook, steps landing more on the sides of the blades than on the edges, but with Jeonghan’s support (both physical and verbal), they slowly became more sure, and he was soon able to walk more or less normally. “This isn’t that bad,” he said, sounding utterly and completely mystified, as though a whole new world had been opened up to him.

This just elicited a laugh from Jeonghan. “We’re not even on the ice yet.”

It seemed that Seungcheol had forgotten that the entire point of ice skating was, in fact, to skate on the ice. He had been building up his confidence, feeling good with his ability to walk, but once he remembered that he was not yet on the ice, any shred of previous self-assuredness was instantaneously lost, his face falling once more. It was then that Jeonghan began to understand the situation, and he couldn’t stop the light laugh from falling briefly from his lips. “Seungcheol, are you scared?”

Seungcheol was quite to shake his head, denying the accusation. “I’m not!” He insisted, though perhaps a bit too fervently for his denial to be seen as inconspicuous. At the knowing look from Jeonghan, the heat in his cheeks flared up and he muttered, “Okay, fine. I’m scared.”

Jeonghan smiled, leaning over and pressing a brief, chaste kiss to the elder’s cheek. “There’s no need to be scared,” he assured him, voice as soft and gentle as ever. “I’m here with you, okay? I won’t let you fall. Trust me.”

Seungcheol grinned like a kid in a candy shop - there was nothing that made him happier than Jeonghan being affectionate with him. He cupped the younger’s cheek, pulling him in for a cliche kiss of his own this time (on the lips, of course - Seungcheol was a romantic). “How did I get lucky enough to have you?” He asked once pulling away, resting his forehead against Jeonghan’s. If there was one thing to be said of Seungcheol, it was that he was certainly quite cheesy in his interactions.

Jeonghan giggled, his own face flushing a bit at the interaction before he pulled away. “Let’s go.”

Seungcheol nodded happily, following along as his mind was now entirely empty of anything save for his love for Jeonghan. The younger had done that on purpose, he supposed, to get him onto the ice, but he didn’t really mind. He’d take Jeonghan acting lovey-dovey any time that he could get it.

The first step onto the ice was strange - his foot felt as though it was slipping out from under him, but he didn’t feel as though he was falling - it was like it was meant to be like that. Curious, he then added his second foot, somewhat surprised when the momentum of the movement pushed him forward slightly. He glanced briefly at Jeonghan, as if it check that he saw him moving, and he was met with a laugh. Encouraged, he continued on. It didn’t take him long to discover that walking like usual was not going to work under these circumstances; lifting his feet straight up felt so clunky, so strange. He watched Jeonghan’s movements beside him and tried to mimic those, pushing his feet forwards and just slightly out. Much to his delight, it seemed to work.

From there, he could only get better, taking his chances and speeding up a bit. Jeonghan followed along easily, glad to see Seungcheol loosening up about it, seeing as he looked about ready to die of nervousness beforehand.

As comfortable as he got, though, he never once let go of Jeonghan’s hand.

Tomorrow’s Shipmas One Shot - 

Soohao; “Pine Needles And Pajamas”

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Mystery Girl: Stiles Stilinski/ Teen Wolf Imagine

You took a breath before walking through the doors. Instantly you felt eyes on you. Some smiles, some frowns, some laughs. “Okay so before we take you to the counsellors we want you to meet the gang.” Scott said as he lead you towards the lockers. In the distance you could see someone you instantly knew was Lydia. You barely remembered her from when you were kids but you always knew it was her because of her hair and the way she should, tall and confident. “Hey Lydia, guys this is y/n. My cousin.” You smiled at everyone, they smiled back. “Hey wow you guys look a like.” The girl who instantly took Scotts hand said. Must be the girlfriend. “Really? Maybe i need some tattoos now.” You said and everyone laughed. “Welcome back y/n.” Lydia said with a shy smile. “Im Malia.”  A taller girl with short hair and short…shorts pushed through the group to say hi. “Oh hey. Nice to meet you.” You looked at Stiles. He had told you about how he dated her for awhile. You could not see him with her at all, she looked like the type of girl that would be with a jock not a…Stiles. “Okay well we will see you guys at lunch, gotta get y/n to the counsellors to figure out her courses.” Stiles said as he put his hands on your shoulders and spun you the opposite direction. “See you!” Lydia said. “Bye!” You said as you were pushed down the hallway. 

“Im going I’m going gosh.” You said. “Sorry.” Stiles said as he put his arms down. “So they seem nice. Lydia seems…calmer from when she was a kid.” You laughed. “Yeah well she’s been through a lot the last few years.” Stiles said with his head down. “Oh. Well Malia eh?” You nudged him. “Oh shut up.” He nudged you back an you both laughed. 

“Ok so text me your first class and ill come get you after and take you to your next one.” The bell rang. “You don’t have to do that Stiles. Im sure ill find my way.” You said. “Nah its all good. So text me!” he said as he bounced down the hallway. You turned and walked into the counsellors office.

“Hello?” You said as you entered. “Oh good morning! You must be..y/n?” You shook the women hand. “Yeah.” She gestured you to sit down. “Well welcome to Beacon High. Im Ms. Martin. Now why don’t you fill these forms out first.” She handed you a stack of about 5 pieces of paper. You signed everyone line, barely reading what they said. “Okay so what courses are you interested in taking?” You had thought about this plenty. “Uhh well i really love psychology, drawing, history…” You trailed off. “Okay well you have to take a math, and english. We have biopsychology which is a science about psychology, we can put you in an art course and history and give you a study block?” She typed without looking at the computer. “Yeah that sounds perfect.” You said. 

You were waiting outside the counsellors office for Stiles when you were nearly pushed over by someone. “hey watch out-” You looked up to see a very attractive boy. “Oh I’m so sorry…you..i have never seen you before.” He smiled. “uhh yeah I’m new. Im y/n.” You said trying not to blush. “Im Theo. Its very very nice to meet you. Oh and sorry again.” He winked as he walked away. “Hey. What did he want?” Stiles walked up beside you. “Nothing just saying hi. How did the universe make a perfect looking person like that?” You said watching as he walked away. “You mean how did satan make the perfect ass hole.” You rolled your eyes. ‘C’mon i gotta get to History.” You said.

History class consisted of listening to the teacher go on about things you already knew about, things you spent hours reading about in the library where you taught yourself everything. After that class, you found your way to Math where you sat for another hour bored. Then it was finally lunch. Scott and Stiles’s lockers were right outside your class so you met up with them instantly. “Hows your first day?” Scott asked. “Pretty boring.” You said. “Welcome to high school.” He said.

You all met at a table outside with your trays of food. “Hey y/n, are you wearing Scotts shirt?” Lydia asked. ‘Oh yeah. I couldn’t bring any clothes here and the ones i was wearing got destroyed.” You looked down at the sagging jeans. “So you got here all by yourself? Why?” Malia asked and everyone looked at her. ‘Well i..uhh.” You stuttered. “She just did lets leave it at that for now.” Stiles said. “Hey if you wanna come over later, i have a bunch of old clothes you could have.” Lydia smiled. “Yeah that would be great actually. Thanks.” You said and smiled back. You spent the rest of lunch listening to them talk about some party on Friday and invited you to come. “So what class do you have next?” Scott asked. “uhh art.” You said cheerfully. “Oh with my mom? Ms. Martin?” Lydia asked. “I knew she looked familiar! yeah i have her for that class.” You stood up as the bell rang. “I have it too, i can take you there.” She said.

You and Lydia sat next to each other in front of canvases. “So how is living with Scott?” She asked while sketching. “Uhh interesting. Better than home for sure.”You said as you sighed. “Was home..bad?” You felt comfortable with Lydia so you decided to tell her. “Yeah well. My mom has issues and so does my step dad, he’s a drunk…typical. I just had to get away. Back home. Back to a normal life.” You watched her face drop as you mentioned the thought of a normal life. “Well i hope you find that.” She said.