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Also, happy birthday for that one Anon! ♡

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My Impression after reading FT 448

Hey Guys!
Today, I want point out some things from chapter 448, which I think are important! (I am really looking forward the next chapter >///<).

Page 2 :
“A short break before the unprecedented battle”
It is not the first time that we can read something like that.
As if the story happened already, and somebody is telling us a story.
(you know, as in Tenrou Island or during the GMG arc with Lucy & Levy)

Page 5 : 
The two Lucy’s pannel, with the look on her face.
I don’t know, this look shows us that she matured a lot during the last year.
& she still has some feelings that we don’t know inside of her.

Page 6-7 :
We are, I think, inside Lucy’s mind in that time. 
Then, we have this sentence “At this time, that was my only wish”.
Again, this past sentence. This feeling that everything is settled already and something awful will happen :( Hope FT & Natsu will be okay <3

Page 12 :
Natsu tells : “Our goal is not victory! We’re gonna fight to live!!”
I think he is not telling that only for the present battle but also the fact he is fighting to live himself - ‘cause I think now he is aware that he has sth strange inside of him.

Page 15 :
Grey thinks “END”. He didn’t forgot. He stills want hold his promise to his father.
I think we’ll have a battle/confrontation between Grey & Natsu/END.
I don’t think we can compare to Naruto/Sasuke, because the conditions are not the same at all.
But this gonna be epic & Mashima is preparing us the field for it!
This confrontation won’t be out of nowhere.

Page 18 :
Maevis tells “my sin…”
“it’s time to reveal the truth”
Oh My GOSH! What’s happened ? >///<

Page 19 :
“This is the story of a cursed boy & a cursed girl”
Then, we have a pannel on Lucy’s face, as if she was related to that.
“the single magic” “love or darkness”
I think I am not the only one but…
I feel like we can do a parallel between Zeref/Maevis & Natsu/Lucy.

So, my thoughts !

Zeref & Maevis were friends (lovers? >///<), as we saw during Fairy Tail Zero.

I think this friendship brought bad things around them.

I think also Zeref is the representation of Darkness

Maevis is the representation of Love/Light (Lumen Histoire & Fairy Heart)

We all know Zeref and Natsu are siblings.

I think know also Maevis cannot have a child or something, because since the incident with Makarov’s father, she couldn’t grow up anymore. (so cannot be related by blood to Layla & Lucy).

I didn’t know or why, but I think Layla & Lucy are related to Maevis & Lumen Histoire/Fairy Heart. Like, since the begining, Natsu & her seems to be fated to meet each other. She is her saviour ? Don’t know, I really feel the relation Maevis/Zeref & Lucy/Natsu has to be put together.

If Layla & Lucy are not relation to LH/FH, Layla has to be connected with the fact that sth happened in x777. Layla knew about the one magic : Love.

We know Igneel was inside of Natsu in order to protect him from END.

In Tartaros Arc, he said that Natsu would be able to win against END now.

Since that time, 1 year skip, it seems Natsu changed (his arm).

Also, Natsu is from the “past”, so how he arrived in the present era?

We don’t really know how long it tooks to Zeref to create END, but still, if they were still dragons in x777, I think people should know that but it was not the case.

My theory is that Layla did sth to bring Natsu to the present time. I don’t know how, why, but she did and sacrifised herself.

Few questions :

- How/when Igneel took Natsu from Zeref ?

- Why Zeref stayed on Tenrou Island/Alvarez ?

- Is Natsu really has the same personality of Zeref’s brother ? I mean, the same spirit/soul ? Or it is just a corpse with a new spirit/soul inside ? (as for Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle - Sakura & Shaolan’s clones)

- Will END have another personality or will he be same as Natsu, only with dark power ?

- Are Gajeel & Wendy demons as well ? (‘cause their dragons were not inside of them, but Gajeel was not able to pass through the 80th years old limit during Laxus’s arc).

- How Silver knew that Natsu was END ?

- What’s really happen to Layla ?

- How / Why Acnologia is related to Zeref ?

- The past sentences of narration are they there because it is the story Lucy is writing ? & sth bad happens, and Natsu is no more ? :’(

- Will Lucy take the place of Maevis in the cristal, as Kida did for her mother in Atlantide ? :O

Sorry, there is a lot of random things haha

Please, let me know your thoughts as well!

I am looking forward your reactions!

Next chapter will be great! Aaaaah :D I am waiting for!!

With the last pannel of Lucy’s face, I feel like we will have answer soon about Layla :o

Then, the fight with Alvarez’s empire. Hope we’ll see other guilds :D