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I cannot abide it when straight (generally white ?) women make it clear that the only reason they like Pride and Prejudice is bc they want to f*ck Darcy. listen. Darcy is an asshole. he’s awful. that’s the entire point. he is there to provide enough of a plot for my wife Elizabeth Bennet to grow as a character and that is it. you fools. you absolute dunderheads. listen. don’t act like Darcy is some kind of polite charming dreamboat who’s going to take you for a ride in his 4-horse carriage w/ springs & his family crest on the side or at least not before insulting you, thinking he’s better than you and everyone you love & probably ruining SOMEONE’s life and you know what I can’t finish this post I hate myself

the-syrup-witch  asked:

Can you remind me if lup has a red jacket or a robe? I think it was a jacket but I'm not sure

Considering that we found her body in Wave Echo Cave in a robe and not a jacket, I’d say the latter.

For reference, Barry also had a robe, Merle and Magnus took a jacket, Taako took both (jacket over robe) and Lucretia and Davenport are unspecified, though I’d figure that Lucretia would choose robe and Davenport jacket if you asked me.

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your top 5 Fernando outfits

okay i trolled my way through the answers, sorry

5. a superhero always needs a cape

4. black turtleneck, a classic 

3. casual yet stylish, a man to my taste 

2. anyway, true fashion is wearing one (1) tattoo sleeve 

1. but accessories can really make a nice outfit stand out

Also, I wrote a oneshot tag to “Dragonstone”, but was hanging onto it until after I watched “Stormborn” because A. I wanted to make sure it would fit into canon continuity and B. I wanted to go back and work on the character voices a bit more.

Good news: I was right that the Jon/Sansa fight would be resolved – for a given value of ‘resolved’ – offscreen, leaving me all the room to fill in the gaps.

Good news: I was 100% on the ball with the show’s use of the ‘love from your subjects and fellow nobles is good, but it doesn’t guarantee your safety’ theme, if Olenna’s comments in “Stormborn” are any indication.

Bad news: I obviously totally overestimated Jon and Sansa’s ability to communicate about their respective issues and then act on that communication. My fic didn’t 100% resolve their “Dragonstone” argument, but it certainly resolved it a lot more than the characters seem to have done in-show. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Bad news: As I had suspected/feared, if I want the character voices to sound more accurate, I’m going to have to trim the dialogue. A lot.

So… revision, here I come!

Eventually, anyway. All Hail the Overlord Called Grad School, and whatnot. ;-)

In other news, I should – hopefully! – be able to post the next chapter of TNOF by this time next week.


Delphine can be trusted.

01x08: Promise me Cosima’s safe.

02x09: I made a terrible mistake.

02x10: I love her and, if you let her die without me, it is personal.

03x01: I won’t be working with you and Scott for a while. I’m keeping my promise to love all of your sisters equally. But to do that, I can’t do this.

03x10: What will happen to her?

04x10: I know, but she’s my patient, so if you’ll please excuse us.

05x05: I promise to protect you.