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anotheronefliesthebus  asked:

I don't know if you've already been asked but who would you want to play Brainiac 5?

This is a great question but I have no idea where to begin because I like so few men. Like I have a rolodex of names of great female actresses ready to go at all times because I’ve had so many crushes on so many women (and that’s the lens through which I consume all media, whoops).

But there are only a few guys I’ve been into enough to remember (fun fact: most of which have played Superman) and none of them are right for this part.

But anyone else have any ideas?

I just saw the emoji movie and

-The night started out with half the theater chanting “MEME MEME MEME” during the opening

-At least 10 times we burst into applause and random moments. We being half the theater

-Every possible moment we could we all chanted Gene’s name or yelled out over exaggerated reactions

-Everyone stood at the end to give it a standing ovation

-And 30 of us left the theater chanting EMOJI MOVIE 2 EMOJI MOVIE 2

a night to remember

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the one thing

flower cloak.