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Edward Poynter (1836–1919, England)

History and mythology paintings 1

Poynter was an English Academic painter, designer, and draughtsman working in the neoclassical style, which he adopted after his studies in Italy and France. He was a leading figure in English art of the time, elected president of the Royal Academy (after the death of Millais), and his large-canvas paintings such as Israel in Egypt and Visit of the Queen of Sheba to King Solomon were popular successes.

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Im 5'4 went down from 132 to 116 But since school started i couldnt manage to lose anyweight i allways boredom snack or even when i start to lose i just mess it up Its making me go crazy even tho im not gaining weight I dont know what to do its an endless cycle :(

Just try to get control of your cravings. It’s fine sometimes but just try to limit it

Lots of love


Skispringen: Wellinger in Oslo Zweiter hinter Kraft - Eisenbichler Dritter

Andreas Wellinger hat in Oslo seinen dritten Weltcupsieg knapp verpasst. Der Team-Olympiasieger musste sich auf dem Holmenkollbakken erneut nur Österreichs Doppel-Weltmeister Stefan Kraft geschlagen geben und wurde Zweiter. Markus Eisenbichler sprang als Dritter mit auf das Podium.

Zuletzt hatte Wellinger bei der WM in Lahti zweimal hinter Kraft Silber geholt. Im Springen von der Normalschanze siegte der Österreicher wie jetzt in Oslo vor Wellinger und Eisenbichler.

Der 21 Jahre alte Wellinger, der nach dem ersten Durchgang noch geführt hatte, lag nach Sprüngen auf 133,5 und 127,0 m mit 258,6 Punkten letztlich noch deutlich hinter Kraft (267,5/130+132,0), der damit auch die Führung im Gesamt-Weltcup übernahm. Eisenbichler (244,1) sprang im zweiten Durchgang noch von Platz sechs auf drei.

Mehr bei SPOX: Weltmeisterin Vogt zum Saisonabschluss Siebte | Nach Traumflug von Wellinger: DSV-Adler in Oslo Zweiter | Sieg in der Quali: Wellinger mit Traumstart in “Raw Air”-Serie

Skispringen: Sieg in der Quali: Wellinger mit Traumstart in "Raw Air"-Serie

Der zweifache Vize-Weltmeister Andreas Wellinger hat einen Traumstart in die neugeschaffene Skisprung-Serie “Raw Air” hingelegt. In der Qualifikation zum Weltcup-Springen in Oslo (Sonntag/14.15 Uhr), deren Ergebnisse in die Gesamtwertung der norwegischen “Vierschanzentournee” einfließen, sprang der 21-Jährige auf die Tagesbestweite von 132,5 m und siegte mit 140,5 Punkten klar vor Peter Prevc (Slowenien/135,9) und dem starken Richard Freitag (Aue/131,8).

Doppel-Weltmeister Stefan Kraft (Österreich/129,8) leistete sich dagegen eine kleine Schwäche und belegte mit deutlichem Rückstand auf Wellinger Rang fünf, noch hinter dem ebenfalls überzeugenden WM-Dritten Markus Eisenbichler (Siegsdorf/130,0). Weil zudem auch Stephan Leyhe (Willingen/121,5) mit Platz 15 eine solide Leistung zeigte, gehört Deutschland zu den Topfavoriten für das Teamspringen am Samstag (16.15 Uhr/ZDF und Eurosport).

Team-Olympiasieger Andreas Wank (Hinterzarten/112,3) und Karl Geiger (Oberstdorf/109,2) qualifizierten sich auf den Plätzen 32 und 38 ebenfalls souverän für den Wettbewerb. Einen Patzer leistete sich Mitfavorit Kamil Stoch (Polen/124,5), der auf einen für ihn enttäuschenden elften Rang kam.

Bis zum 19. März finden in Oslo, Lillehammer, Trondheim und Vikersund im Rahmen des “Raw Air” in nur zehn Tagen sechs Weltcup-Springen statt, darunter zwei Teamwettbewerbe. Alle Sprünge inklusive der Ergebnisse aus der Qualifikation gehen dabei in die Gesamtwertung ein, dem Sieger nach insgesamt 16 Wettkampfsprüngen winkt ein stattliches Preisgeld in Höhe von 60.000 Euro.

Mehr bei SPOX: WM 2019: FIS stellt zweites Teamspringen in Aussicht | ÖSV-Adler springen in Lahti zu Team-Bronze | Wellinger im Interview: “Mit Medaille springt es sich einfacher”


Left (July 2013) 165 lb - Right (March 2015) 132.5 lb

I started eating healthy food and do yoga on a daily basic in September 2014 (I was around 150-155 lb but I didn’t have a picture). I wasn’t happy and I cried myself to sleep way too much. I eat a lot of fruits (mangos and bananas are my favourites) and cut “fake” sugar (unless I don’t have “the choice” (like when I’m at my friends or restaurant))

I feel so much confident and happier now. If you take your time, you can do anything !

I also have a “healthy-fitness-motivation” blog maudamotivation :)

PS You are all beautiful xx

Popular Fandoms & Pairings ranking for Winter Comiket 87 - December 2014

People continue to ask me for more data and information about the trends in Japan, so I checked for new data from the recent comiket.

The rankings are an analysis of the comiket catalog, and the original post in Japanese can be found in the source.

First of all, fandoms data, compared to summer comiket 2014.

Fandom ranking:

1. Kuroko no Basket: 1574 circles (449 less circles from last comiket, but keeping #1 position)
2. Yowamushi Pedal: 930 circles (458 circles more, came up from #8)
3. Haikyuu!!: 929 circles (368 circles more, up from #6)
4. Tiger & Bunny: 746 circles (113 circles more, but down from #3)
5. Shingeki no Kyojin: 717 circles (308 circles less, down from #2)
6. Free!: 654 circles (55 circles more, but down from #5)
7. Hetalia: 469 circles (132 circles less, down from #4)
8. Sengoku BASARA: 451 circles (52 circles less, down from #7)
9. Uta Puri: 303 circles (106 circles less, stays at #9)
10. Gintama: 287 circles (67 circles less, but up from #11)

That’s a big leap from Yowapedal and HQ!!, although KuroBasu is still very strong. 

Now for the pairings, as in Japan top or bottom makes a big difference and considered a different pairing, for the purposes of this ranking, the character listed first is the top (seme). The data is also compared to summer comiket from August 2014 and sums all the different readings of the pairings. 

Pairings ranking:

1. Barnaby x Kotetsu [Tiger & Bunny] (keeping #1 with 334 circles)
2. Levi x Eren [Shingeki no Kyojin] (keeping #2 with 185 circles)
3. Makoto x Haruka [Free!] (up from #5, with 161 circles)
4. Erwin x Levi [Shingeki no Kyojin] (down from #3, 133 circles)
5. Kotetsu x Barnaby [Tiger & Bunny] (up from #9 with 128 circles)
6. Eren x Levi [Shingeki no Kyojin] (down from #4, 123 circles)
7. Toudou x Makishima [Yowamushi Pedal] (up from #21 with 120 circles)
8. Kise x Kuroko [Kuroko no Basket] (down from #5, 116 circles)
9. Sousuke x Rin [Free!] (97 circles, only had 1 circle in summer comiket since the application period ended before the season started)
10. Midorima x Takao [Kuroko no Basket] (down from #8, 91 circles)

makoharu still strong at #3, although with a bit less circles than before. sourin, toumaki shot up high!

I also have pairing rankings for some fandoms in comiket 87, if there’s interest I’ll post them as well. 

Couch to 5K: 

Week 5, Day 1 

- 5 min warm up 

- Run 5 min 

- Walk 2 min

- Run 4 min

- Walk 2 min

- Run 5 min
- Walk 2 min
- Run 4 min

- 5 min cool down

App Stats:

- Avg. Run Pace: 10:41/mi 

- Avg. Walk Pace: 15:24/mi

- Overall Pace: 12:26/mi 

- Distance: 2.74 mi in 34 mins

This is the last time I will run around the lake behind my house. It’s not exactly a prime running area but it’s convenient for walking out my front door to get going.

My initial thought was that running on an unknown path (they don’t clear the leaves/brush so I don’t know what I am running on) could hurt me if I misjudge. Then, as I started through the wooded area directly around the lake, I psyched myself out thinking that at any moment a serial killer was going to jump out and kidnap me to be his next victim. I was freaking out. I even texted Emily my exact whereabouts just in case and took my headphones off (which I think made it worse because I couldn’t control my breathing while listening to myself breathe AND every crackle of leaves had me thinking I was being followed).

I’m lame. BUT I’M DONE NOW.

Tuesdayyy! Biggest Loser tonight!

Time for an MCU Countdown

As of 11/28/15, we’ve got:

  • 3 days until the next episode of Agents of SHIELD (12/1/2015) (promo) (sneak peek)
  • 38 days until Agent Carter (1/5/2016) (promo)
  • 132-ish days until Daredevil (air date TBA) (promo)
  • 160 days until Captain America: Civil War (5/6/2016) (promo)
  • 342 days until Doctor Strange (11/4/2016)
  • 524 days until Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (5/5/2017)
  • 608 days until Spider-Man (7/28/2017)
  • 706 days until Thor: Ragnarok (11/3/2017)
  • 811 days until Black Panther (2/16/2018) 
  • 888 days until Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 (5/4/2018)
  • 951 days until Ant-man and the Wasp (7/6/2018)
  • 1197 days until Captain Marvel (3/9/2019)
  • 1252 days until Avengers: Infinity War Part 2 (5/3/2019)
  • 1322 days until Inhumans (7/12/2019)
  • 1616 days until Untitled Marvel Film #1 (5/1/2020)
  • 1688 days until Untitled Marvel Film #2 (7/10/2020)
  • 1805 days until Untitled Marvel Film #3 (11/6/2020)  

Is it November of 2020 yet??

(A big thanks to @omgfitzsimmons for the gif!!)

Left (July 2013) 165 lbs
Right (today) 132.5 lbs
Stop thinking you can’t do it cause you can. Everything is possible, just take you time. I didn’t change what I eat a lot, I only found “healthier versions” of what I like. I eat a lot of fruits but I still eat cake (made of applesauce and bananas) !
Just do it ♡