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Get To Know BigBang!

New to BigBang? I’m here to help~


Kwon Jiyong (G-Dragon)

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Position in group: Leader of the group / Lead Rapper / Composer / Lyricist

Birthday: August 18th, 1988

Height: 5′9″ (177cm)

Weight: 127 pounds (58kg)

Social Media Accounts:

Get to know him:

  • In Korea he is a household name
  • He’s known for his fashion and style
  • He LOVES cats
  • he’s also said “I like girls who are like cats”
  • He knows how to play the piano and the guitar
  • He can beat box (believe it or not)
  • This man is dainty AF
  • He acts like a prince all the time kind of dainty
  • He gets embarrassed easily
  • He becomes cute when he’s around people he likes
  • He pouts and acts childish often (as a form of aegyo)
  • When he performs he does a 180
  • He always has swagger and tons of charm no matter the situation
  • always
  • He’s been friends with T.O.P since childhood, and friends with Taeyang since teenage years
  • Jiyong is a HUGE fan of Dramas
  • At first when Seungri joined the group, Jiyong wouldn’t talk to him because he didn’t put in as many trainee hours as the other members had, and he was angry that he climbed the ranks so quickly
  • Him and Seungri bonded over a TV drama and became really close afterwords
  • He cries easily
  • He has multiple tattoos
  • His dad is #1 on his speed dial

Choi Seunghyun (T.O.P):

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Position in group: Rapper / Lyricist 

Birthday: November 4th, 1987

Height: 5′11″ (181cm)

Weight: 143 pounds (65kg)

Social Media Accounts:

Instagram: choi_seung_hyun_tttop

Get to know him:

  • He loves chairs
  • I’m not kidding this boi really loves chairs
  • Like all his Instagram photos are of food and chairs practically
  • He’s an extremely artistic man
  • he’s legit an artistic genius
  • He has a scar on his hand from a traumatic accident
  • Jiyong has a smiley face tattoo on the same hand, in the same place as T.O.P’s scar
  • Him and Jiyong are extremely close and have been since childhood
  • Bingu T.O.P is the best T.O.P
  • Bingu T.O.P is T.O.P when he’s being weird and silly
  • He’s one of the most outspoken in Big Bang
  • He regularly stands up to anti-fans when they vocally attack his members on social media sites
  • He even goes as far as to take screen shots of their comments and posts them on Instagram with his sassy reply (but they usually get deleted minutes later)
  • He loves making people laugh
  • After his member Daesung was involved in a bad Moter Vehicle accident, T.O.P made it his mission to make Daesung smile whenever he could until he felt better
  • He doesn’t like showing his skin off
  • The only time he’s been seen with his shirt off was in one of his dramas
  • He usually wears multiple layers of clothing no matter the weather
  • He’s also an actor
  • He’s been in 5 Dramas
  • Commitment / Tazza: the hidden card / 71: Into the fire / 19-nineteen / and Iris: the movie are the names of the movies
  • He loves to dance
  • He’s not too good at it, but he always gets a good laugh so he does it proudly

Kang Daesung:

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Position in group: Lead Vocalist

Birthday: April 26th, 1989

Height: 5′10″ (178cm)

Weight: 138 pounds (63kg)

Social Media:

Instagram: xxd_litexx

Get to know him:

  • happiest man on earth
  • seriously so sunny
  • You will often see him with his eyes covered because of his small eyes
  • However, he’s said that his eyes and nose are the features that he’s the most proud of
  • He will do absolutely anything to make people laugh, no matter what it is
  • He will make himself look completely stupid if you’ll laugh
  • Happy virus
  • Incredible drummer
  • He works hard to stay in shape and to take care of himself for both himself and for his fans
  • He has a competitive side though and won’t loose easily
  • everyone needs to see this man on the TV show Running Man to see this side of him. Everyone.
  • He gets scared really easily
  • All you’d have to say is “boo” and he’d jump 10 feet
  • Hates roller coasters and haunted houses (he’s so cute on them though)
  • He loves mathematics and difficult word problems
  • He’s quick witted and very smart
  • One of his favorite things to do is to support his members and always says how grateful for them he is
  • He’s accident prone when cooking
  • Comedy king
  • Amazing at impersonations
  • Loves his fans more than anything else in the world
  • He had the main roll in a tv show called “What’s up”
  • He was in the Korean version of the musical ‘Cats’
  • He is a devout Christian

Dong Youngbae (Taeyang):

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Position in group: Vocalist / Dancer

Birthday: May 18th, 1988

Height: 5′8″ (174cm)

Weight: 123 pounds (56kg)

Social Media:

Instagram: __youngbae__

Get to know him:

  • He hand writes letters to his band mates when they’re apart for a long time
  • or whenever he feels that they need extra encouragement
  • He hadn’t kissed a girl until his ‘I need a girl’ Music video
  • He texted the members of bigbang afterwords saying “hyungs I died. I kissed a girl”
  • He’s the literal cutest human being ever
  • Extremely talented dancer
  • He tends to be quiet but extremely sassy when he speaks
  • “To those of you who said my hair looks like a mop, I hate you.”
  • ^^an actual quote from him
  • Plays the piano, guitar, and drums
  • He’s been dating the actress Min Hyo-Rin since 2013
  • He is also a devout Christian
  • He’s been good friends with Jiyong (G-Dragon) since middle school
  • Jiyong, T.O.P, and him decided to become a group of 3 in middle school when they realized how well they got along
  • He’s the motherly figure to the group members
  • He’s extremely kind and caring
  • He believes in eating right and exercise (and tries to get the other members to do the same)
  • He’s one of the only members of BigBang that can genuinely dance

Lee Seunghyun (Seungri):

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Position in group: Vocalist / Maknae

Birthday:   December 12th, 1990 (THE NEW ALBUM IS COMING OUT ON HIS BIRTHDAY OMFG)

Height: 5′9″ (176cm)

Weight: 132 pounds (60kg)

Social Media:

Instagram: seungriseyo

Get to know him:

  • He was so young when he joined BigBang that he didn’t know how to cook for himself
  • He made the other members cook for him until they made him learn himself
  • The other members still tease him about this to this day
  • He gets the most freaked out when the other members show too much affection to him
  • The other members show him the most affection just to screw with him
  • He’s a little shit (but we all love him anyway)
  • He sasses the members even though he’s the youngest
  • he calls his hyungs by their names like he’s an equal, even when they get mad at him for it
  • He’s sassy and blunt as hell
  • He gives a lot to charity though
  • like A LOT
  • also, he is the aegyo king
  • K I N G
  • He’s been in multiple dramas
  • Haru / Lights and shadows / Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo / A Message Send To You / and Angel eyes are the names of the dramas
  • He’s known for spontaneously breaking out into English songs while in concert and dancing to them (like Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’ and Rihanna’s ‘Don’t stop the music’)
  • He’s extremely confident in himself as well as his hyungs
  • He is extremely close to his mother
  • literal sass king (his eye rolls doe)
  • he has said before that “even anti-fans are fans”
  • He loves his VIP’s with his entire soul, he loves us all so freaking much


  • Their fans are called VIP’s
  • They are one of the most widely successful kpop groups in the world
  • The members were each able to branch off into extremely successful solo pursuits
  • This included solo albums, musicals, TV’s, movies, etc.
  • They take a really long time to come out with new music because their schedules are so busy separately that it’s hard for them to get together
  • It’s so worth the wait though
  • They are all extremely close to one another
  • YG added Daesung and Seungri to BigBang before their debut because he felt that a 3 man group wasn’t enough

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A/N: @annyeongminyoongi I hope this helps you a little bit!! If you (or anyone) wants any more information on BigBang, just let me know!! I’m here for you~ Welcome to the VIP world!!

edit: Originally I thought that this post was a little long, but I added some more things to the list because I felt like I didn’t add enough information. There’s so much about them to tell! They’re truely amazing men

You’re Pretty

Author: minhyera

Pairing: Meanie

Genre: fluff, smut, domestic!au, established relationship, top!wonwoo, bottom!mingyu

Rating: NC-17

Length: two shot

Word Count: 5,132

Warnings: none

Description: “Wonwoo. If, hypothetically, I’d want you to, uh, fuck me.. You’d be gentle, right?” Mingyu asks carefully when he opens his eyes again and causes Wonwoo to smile. “Of course I would,” Wonwoo responds, and Mingyu nods to himself before he answers, “Okay, then.”

or in which Mingyu comes home on a cold, snowy day and finds Wonwoo reading


Noah Smith/Kookaburra Submission

Title: Kookaburra

Real Name: Noah Smith

Age: 17

Company Name: Sunset Sugar

Mask Design: A happy drama mask (found in this post: https://kookaburrakomedy.tumblr.com/post/161132116319/noahs-mask-v1 )

Way of Claiming: The company doesn’t really care how he gets life force, as long as he gets it. He prefers terminally sick and elderly in that case. The standard is 12 a month.

Personality: Noah is sarcastic and loves to joke around and play pranks on people. He is very territorial and will fight tooth, nail, and wing to keep his turf safe. He is pretty laid back. He does comedy for a job, for better or worse. He’s fairly well known.

Looks: 5'9’’, and weighs 132 pounds. He has cream groomed back hair over dark skin (like hot chocolate). He normally wears a brown hoodie over various graphic t-shirts with blue jeans. He wears gray adidas high-tops with red stripes on it, and a gray scarf with back stripes. He has a pair of aviators over his brown eyes often. His wings are brown and medium sized.

For @siren-legion

My main blog is @itchtheglitch

anonymous asked:

Just bought your program! I am 5'8", 132 lbs, and taking my before pics! I am super motivated, thanks for the healthy and delicious program you made :) I'll keep you updated :) <3

😘😘 good luck love :)

Raven // Under construction
  • Male
  • Imaginary friend/ghost
  • 5′6″ (1.70 m)
  • 132 lbs (60 kg)
  • Fluffy galaxy hair
  • His facial hair is dark however
  • Silver eyes
  • Lightly tanned skin
  • Very loving, very friendly, often can be seen wearing oversized sweatshirts
  • His eyes and hair glow in the dark
  • You can touch him only if you believe he’s real, he can be seen all the time though

(( Ayy people! I offer you a new muse you can interact with, even though he isn’t completely finished yet :3 Just tell me your message is for Raven :3 ))

addictedtobookss  asked:

1, 5, 7, 87, 132, 216.

1: My name?
Carrie. Nice to meet you!

5: Book/series I reread?
Oh, a lot of them. I’m an avid re-reader. Harry Potter, Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter, The Last Vampire (Thirst), The Raven Cycle, Dangerous Angels, The Time Quartet, Carry On, Just Listen, Whores On The Hill, All The Bright Places

7: Writer I trust enough to read whatever they write?
Christopher Pike, Maggie Stiefvater, Rainbow Rowell

87: Favourite comic book character?
I don’t read a lot of comic books! I’m working on getting more graphic novels into my reading list (if that’s the same thing as a comic book). From the movies I’ve seen that are based on them though, I like John Constantine, Black Widow, The Winter Soldier, Cyclops, and Harley Quinn a lot.

132: Hogwarts house / Divergent faction / Hunger Games district?
I’ve never taken quizzes for any of them, but I’m probably a Hufflepuff, and then either Amity or Erudite. I have no idea on Hunger Games districts. I’m not even sure I know them all.

216: Favourite fictional character?
Hermione Granger, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, The Mad Hatter, Jim Nightshade, Alice Cullen, Wendy Darling, Edward Forrester, Dirk McDonald, Witch Baby, Alisa Perne, Astrid Thornton, Thisbe Newton, Inej Ghafa, Penelope Bunce, pretty much everyone in The Raven Cycle… This could really go on forever, stop me any time.

Thanks for asking, sweetpea!

(ask meme)

sandy-zanders  asked:

After reading ch 31 I think I have formulated the reason why Chuuya is short... It his gravity manipulation 'corruption'- he increases his density, mass remaining constant, and by ९=m/v gives his volume sould be low. Small body containing an adult's mass hence high density... Plus in corruption gravity increases, decreasing the space between molecules... A tall woman like me finds this short guy highly infuriating :'( Why you no tall, Chuuya??!!

Haha, when we got to Ch 31 we had a similar conversation, although I said it was probably gravity compressing his spine.  Astronauts actually come back to Earth taller than they were when they left (2 inches is the average difference) because no gravity means their spines elongate (really it’s the fluid between vertebrae that expands).  It takes a day or two for them to shrink back down once they return.  So, conversely, if the fluid is compressed by a similar factor the other way, he’d shrink down to… well, what he is now.  Tack on those few inches of difference caused by a lower gravity and he’d be an average-ish height of 5′5″-5′6″.  Of course, with that level of spinal compression, he’d be in constant pain and need a chiropractor something fierce.

I’m not sure his density’s increased overmuch (although it’s possible) because of his BMI.  At 5′3″ weighing 132 lbs (from official character sheet), he’s got a BMI of 20 (using the Lean BMI formulas that account for people with muscular builds - muscle is much more dense than fat).  20 is actually a perfect BMI for a muscular, athletic person who gets into as many fights as Chuuya does.  He’s in great health and exactly the density he should be.

…Which, come to think of it, implies that his height is 100% natural.  Oh dear sweet Lord.

Popular Fandoms & Pairings ranking for Winter Comiket 87 - December 2014

People continue to ask me for more data and information about the trends in Japan, so I checked for new data from the recent comiket.

The rankings are an analysis of the comiket catalog, and the original post in Japanese can be found in the source.

First of all, fandoms data, compared to summer comiket 2014.

Fandom ranking:

1. Kuroko no Basket: 1574 circles (449 less circles from last comiket, but keeping #1 position)
2. Yowamushi Pedal: 930 circles (458 circles more, came up from #8)
3. Haikyuu!!: 929 circles (368 circles more, up from #6)
4. Tiger & Bunny: 746 circles (113 circles more, but down from #3)
5. Shingeki no Kyojin: 717 circles (308 circles less, down from #2)
6. Free!: 654 circles (55 circles more, but down from #5)
7. Hetalia: 469 circles (132 circles less, down from #4)
8. Sengoku BASARA: 451 circles (52 circles less, down from #7)
9. Uta Puri: 303 circles (106 circles less, stays at #9)
10. Gintama: 287 circles (67 circles less, but up from #11)

That’s a big leap from Yowapedal and HQ!!, although KuroBasu is still very strong. 

Now for the pairings, as in Japan top or bottom makes a big difference and considered a different pairing, for the purposes of this ranking, the character listed first is the top (seme). The data is also compared to summer comiket from August 2014 and sums all the different readings of the pairings. 

Pairings ranking:

1. Barnaby x Kotetsu [Tiger & Bunny] (keeping #1 with 334 circles)
2. Levi x Eren [Shingeki no Kyojin] (keeping #2 with 185 circles)
3. Makoto x Haruka [Free!] (up from #5, with 161 circles)
4. Erwin x Levi [Shingeki no Kyojin] (down from #3, 133 circles)
5. Kotetsu x Barnaby [Tiger & Bunny] (up from #9 with 128 circles)
6. Eren x Levi [Shingeki no Kyojin] (down from #4, 123 circles)
7. Toudou x Makishima [Yowamushi Pedal] (up from #21 with 120 circles)
8. Kise x Kuroko [Kuroko no Basket] (down from #5, 116 circles)
9. Sousuke x Rin [Free!] (97 circles, only had 1 circle in summer comiket since the application period ended before the season started)
10. Midorima x Takao [Kuroko no Basket] (down from #8, 91 circles)

makoharu still strong at #3, although with a bit less circles than before. sourin, toumaki shot up high!

I also have pairing rankings for some fandoms in comiket 87, if there’s interest I’ll post them as well. 


You can decompose a hexagon into four triangles using three line segments. As shown above, there are exactly 14 ways to do this. The number 14 is the fourth Catalan number; more generally, the number of ways to decompose an n-sided polygon into n − 2 triangles is the (n − 2)nd Catalan number. The first few Catalan numbers are:

1, 1, 2, 5, 14, 42, 132, 429, 1430, 4862, 16796, …

Couch to 5K: 

Week 5, Day 1 

- 5 min warm up 

- Run 5 min 

- Walk 2 min

- Run 4 min

- Walk 2 min

- Run 5 min
- Walk 2 min
- Run 4 min

- 5 min cool down

App Stats:

- Avg. Run Pace: 10:41/mi 

- Avg. Walk Pace: 15:24/mi

- Overall Pace: 12:26/mi 

- Distance: 2.74 mi in 34 mins

This is the last time I will run around the lake behind my house. It’s not exactly a prime running area but it’s convenient for walking out my front door to get going.

My initial thought was that running on an unknown path (they don’t clear the leaves/brush so I don’t know what I am running on) could hurt me if I misjudge. Then, as I started through the wooded area directly around the lake, I psyched myself out thinking that at any moment a serial killer was going to jump out and kidnap me to be his next victim. I was freaking out. I even texted Emily my exact whereabouts just in case and took my headphones off (which I think made it worse because I couldn’t control my breathing while listening to myself breathe AND every crackle of leaves had me thinking I was being followed).

I’m lame. BUT I’M DONE NOW.

Tuesdayyy! Biggest Loser tonight!

Time for an MCU Countdown

As of 11/28/15, we’ve got:

  • 3 days until the next episode of Agents of SHIELD (12/1/2015) (promo) (sneak peek)
  • 38 days until Agent Carter (1/5/2016) (promo)
  • 132-ish days until Daredevil (air date TBA) (promo)
  • 160 days until Captain America: Civil War (5/6/2016) (promo)
  • 342 days until Doctor Strange (11/4/2016)
  • 524 days until Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (5/5/2017)
  • 608 days until Spider-Man (7/28/2017)
  • 706 days until Thor: Ragnarok (11/3/2017)
  • 811 days until Black Panther (2/16/2018) 
  • 888 days until Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 (5/4/2018)
  • 951 days until Ant-man and the Wasp (7/6/2018)
  • 1197 days until Captain Marvel (3/9/2019)
  • 1252 days until Avengers: Infinity War Part 2 (5/3/2019)
  • 1322 days until Inhumans (7/12/2019)
  • 1616 days until Untitled Marvel Film #1 (5/1/2020)
  • 1688 days until Untitled Marvel Film #2 (7/10/2020)
  • 1805 days until Untitled Marvel Film #3 (11/6/2020)  

Is it November of 2020 yet??

(A big thanks to @omgfitzsimmons for the gif!!)

He Asks You To Move In- Imagine #132
  • *requested by anon*
  • Luke: Recently moving out of his parents house and getting his own place, Luke had asked you to help him settle in. You said yes, but just wondered why he hadn't asked you to move in with him as well. "Is that the last box babe?" He called as he heard you close the door with your foot. "Yeah, I put the rest in the garage for now." You set the box down on the kitchen counter and began unpacking his pots and pans that his mother had given him. "Help me move the couch?" He said pointing at the suede couch he had recently got. "Sure," you said jumping over the island and pushing on the front cushions until the couch hit the wall. "That was a lot of work for one day," you said sitting down, him joining quickly after and leaning his head on your shoulder. "Are you tired babe?" he asked as you began playing with his hair. "A bit. We can go set up your bed and take a nap," you said as you felt his arm wrap around your waist. "How about instead of calling it my bed, we call it our bed." You look at him, slightly shocked. "Did you just ask me what I think you asked me?" You said moving so you could get a better look at him. "Would you like to move in with me?" He asked, taking a key out of his pocket. "Yes!" You said taking it from him and hugging him tightly. "That's great babe. Now, do you want to go and break in our bed?"
  • Ashton: Rolling onto your back to gaze at the ceiling, memories from last night now flooded your brain. You remembered how Ashton had took you to dinner at your favorite restaurant, how his fingers trailed down your body delicately as he undid your dress, how his lips left soft kisses on your skin. Last night was the night he took you, and you willingly let it happen and you were glad that you did. "You're smiling," he said quietly, turning your head to face him. "Is it because of me?" He asked, running his thumb across your cheek. "It's always because of you," you said quietly, turning on your side and leaning over and kissing his cheek. "I could get used to this, waking up and seeing you in the morning." You smiled and moved over so you were resting on his chest. "I could get used to you every morning, you're a nice pillow, Irwin." You felt his laugh before it left his lips, and you felt his lips before they met your forehead. "So how about it then?" He asked, tilting your chin upwards. "What do you mean how about it?" You leaned up on your elbow and looked down at him. "Would you like to move in with me? I mean we have been dating for a good seven months. Seems appropriate doesn't it?" He sat up, practically mirroring everything you did. "I...I'd love to move in with you," you said quickly kissing him before wrapping your arms around his neck. "That's great babe. Now how about we get you in the shower so you can clean up?" "Only if you join me," you said winking before making it into the bathroom.
  • MIchael: "DIE YOU ZOMBIE BASTARDS DIE!" Michael yelled at the TV screen as you sat beside him, tossing your own gaming controller to the side. "God you sound like a girl on her period the way you yell Michael," you said turning yours off and getting up to go to the kitchen for a beer. "Babe I've seen you on your period and I know that this isn't how girls act." You smirked at his comment before tilting the glass bottle to your lips and letting the amber fluid into your mouth. "Do you want one?" You asked before even hearing his answer because you knew it was yes. "Thanks babe," he said as you walked back to the couch, clinking his bottle against yours. "Do you have any laundry that needs to be done Michael?" You asked as you leaned into his side. "Why do you ask babe?" "Well it's just that I have to do mine and I'd like to kill two birds with one stone." "It's weird that you have to do laundry at my place when you don't even live here." "I know, I just like staying here with you. You make me feel safe," you said kissing his cheek. "So, Y/N," he said with a questioning tone. "Can I ask you something babe?" You nodded as you pulled the bottle away from your lips. "Would you like to live with me, I mean just cause you're here all the time and it'd be a lot less of a hassle and all." "Michael, I'd love to move in with you!" You said happily, putting your bottle down and hugging him. "Great babe, wanna get started now with that laundry?"
  • Calum: "HEY BABE, HAVE YOU SEEN MY BASS TUNER?!" Calum asked from his recording studio. "ABOVE THE TV BABE," you shouted back, not looking up from your laptop. You had your last final exam tomorrow, and you wanted to get a good grade and you couldn't be bothered with looking up. "Found it," he said coming out of the room with the tiny black box in his hand and his bass in the other. "What are you doing babe?" "Studying for my debate class. I have to give an argumentative essay on why Henry David Therou was a genius. Quite frankly he isn't one." You closed out of the tab you were in and turned your computer off. "One more test for my entire life, and I feel so confident about it." "Do you feel so confident because you're at my house?" You didn't answer, you just sat and thought. You did turn out to be a lot calmer at his house, mostly because you were away from your parents who were always arguing and you were also away from your disruptive little siblings. "I do seem more relaxed here don't I?" He nodded before plucking strings. "Your parents like me, don't they babe?" He asked, glancing up at you. "They love you. Why do you ask Cal?" He shrugged, just kept plucking his strings. "Just wondering if they'd be okay with you moving in with me." You looked at him with wide eyes. He wanted you to move in with him. "Are you sure you want me to?" You asked, getting up and sitting in his lap. "Of course. I like seeing you more relaxed and not so stressed out." "Cal, o-of course I'd love to move in with you!" You said throwing your arms around him. "That's great babe. We can do it tomorrow after your test." "Like an early Christmas present," you smiled before kissing him.