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  • My friend: So you have a thing for guys rolling up their sleeves, gloves, and suspenders?
  • Me: (thinking about Ignis) yeah

As promised, I made a sketchdump for Joseb Doggos!
I’ve got some haunted jojo, supportive bfs, and seb beating the crap outta sentinel for you ;v;

I hope you enjoy <3 Feel free to send requests for these woofers! (also commissions are open! :3c )


in case you missed my horrid face xx

The first times of Archie Andrews | Archie x reader (1/5) | Riverdale imagine

The first time. Drabble (1/5).

Note: hey guys, so here’s something I wrote in the waiting room of my doctor (who cares). It’s going to be a 5-part imagine, and I promise yo my they are gonna be longer. It’s like a sort of introduction you know. Have fun!

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The first time that Archie Andrews had been speechless in front of her was the first time he saw her after the end of the Summer.

She was striding along the corridor joined with Betty and Veronica, the three of them laughing at something said. An harmonious laugh that resonated to his ears like a sound he’ll always remember. Her hair cascaded down over her shoulders and slightly jumped ever time she made a move, her clothes fitted her woman body. She was beautiful, in her way, a kind of beauty Archie Andrews has just realized. While they made their way towards him, the red haired boy felt his palms becoming sweatier and the pulses of his heart being quicker. He was wondering about this sudden emotion when they stopped in front of him and greeted him.

“Hey Archie! How are you?” She asked him. He almost fainted.

“Hi.. hm.. i. I’m..”

No words seemed to come from his mouth. Pieces of syllabus joined together were the only sounds he had made. Being conscious of his lack of speech and the situation he just put himself in, Archie Andrews almost ran at the other side of the corridor, under the gazes of the girls. She was making him speechless.

  • Manami: …Hey, Arakita.
  • Manami: Oh, nothing really. Uh…I was just thinking about green Jell-o.
  • Arakita: Green Jell-o?
  • Manami: Yeah! How do they do it?
  • Arakita: Do what?!
  • Manami: Make it green!
  • Arakita: I don’t know, Manami. Just go to sleep!
  • *Manami goes to sleep*
  • Arakita:
  • Arakita:
  • Arakita: *whispers* How DO they make it green?
Cameron/Nash imagine Part 5

Side note: Hey guys i just want to inform you about my imagine, that it will be a Cameron/Nash imagine now. Because i didn’t really know were i was going with this soo. But don’t worry i will make it fun :)

And my computer stopped working and i’m salty as fuck right now, but enjoy.

http://mattisthebae.tumblr.com/post/85440838619/cameron-dallas-part-1  Part 1

http://mattisthebae.tumblr.com/post/85548690959/cameron-imagine-part-2 Part 2

http://mattisthebae.tumblr.com/post/85625529934/cameron-imagine-part-3 Part 3

http://mattisthebae.tumblr.com/post/85746990784/cameron-imagine-part-4 Part 4

Me and Emmelie stood there confused and did not know what to do.

He’s the boy with the blue eyes that came toward us, he came closer and closer, to my nervousness was at the highest level now.

I now had never been so close to a celebrity before now, I kept staring at him but then all of a sudden he stood in front of me and looked at me with her bright blue eyes deep into mine.

“Hi I’m Nash” he said and gave me his hand, “ I already know your name ” I said laughing .

“Oh okay” he said and scratched his head. I couldn’t help myself but stare right into his as bright blue eyes, ohh how can anyone be so hot? I came to reality when I saw Nash looking at me in the eyes, I looked a little second time on him and then i looked down quickly and smiled.

A few seconds of silence came Cameron up beside Nash, staring directly at me with big eyes, “Fuck ” I whispered and looked nervously down.
Cameron scratched behind his head and finally said something, “Hey (Y/N) ” he said quickly, “ Hey ” I said dry.

“ Wow , wait a familiar two apart? ” Nash said surprisingly , “ we were best friends since 4th grade, and then I moved school soo "he said nervously waiting for me or Nash to say something.

Nash said finally, ” then how long ago saw you and Cameron last each other? “ He asked questioningly, ” 2 years ago I said dry, but inside i was burning for Cameron’s touch, but at the same time i was also so mad at him after he never wrote to me after what happened between us.

Emmeli stood still beside me, just with her mouth open now and her big green eyes searched my eyes but I did not look at her.
“So nice to see you again Cam (Note my sarcasm), it was also great to see you Nash I start but was interrupted by Nash saying

” Can I get your number (Y/N)? “ he looked at me with his puppy eyes into mine.
Now I looked at Emmeli , she was very surprised Nash asked for my number , she nodded and I said ” of course “, Cameron was clearly also surprised by the way he was looking at Nash, irritating i think.

Was Cameron jealous? Hahah no why should he, or what Nooo.
But it looked like just that he was so jealous of Nash, ” (Y/N) “ Nash said, "Yeah? ” I was fully awake now, “Your Number? ” He said and gave me his Iphone.

I wrote my number in, and we said goodbye and drove back to the hotel. “OMG (Y/N ) Nash fucking Grier asked right after your number ohh you lucky ” and plut her head to bake and start crying for fun, I just laughed.

I got a message from an unknown number that said, Hey (Y/N), you and me hang out tomorrow? ~ Nash.
“ Hahah ” I laughed so loud for joy, “ what are you laughing at ? ” She asked with a smile .

“ Nash has just written to me, he wants to hang out with me tomorrow ” and I take a break because she start to freak out.
“What should I write? ” I said and laughed nervously and put my head back, “You should of course hang out with him, how many girl’s are been asked by the Nash Grier, to hang out with him? "she said almost no air left.

I did not write anything to him at the time.

We were back at the hotel, it had been a long day now I just want to sleep, I threw my clothes to the side.
I got a shock of my iPhone rings, it was Nash, I took it quickly, ” Hey Nash" I said happy, “Hi (Y/N) would you like to go out and hang tomorrow? ” He asked questioningly.

“ I’d really like that’‘  I said, "Okay cool i’ll see you tomorrow? ” He asked, “ Yeah see you,” I said and hung up.
I felt like a princess, I was so happy, and now I was going on a date with Nash, okay a date was it not, but who knows what might happen?

Part 6?

Love Note #5

Hey guys! BethylGrixon here with your daily love note.

I felt like I should bring out the big guns today, so while this post won’t be quite like the ones we’ve done so far, I hope this reassures you, as it does me; I present to you:  a little nugget of proof that Gimple planted the Bethyl seed long before the flutters and piggyback rides ever seemed possible.

Something that gets me every time I think about it is this scene from 4x01… This was the first scene that made me think Bethyl might one day become canon, so it’s special to me, personally. Hopefully it is to you, too.

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