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These 2 dogs took me on a wild ride this morning. Thank you pretty white tailed deer. Top speed 16.5 mph doesn’t seem like much. But when you are weaving in & out of trees on a singletrack lane oh boy! What a thrill! Good dogs stayed on trail though. Even if they were still craning their necks after the deer passed.

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The soviet Antonov An-22 Antei (NATO reporting name “Cock”) strategic airlifter, currently the biggest prop plane in service, and both the biggest turboprop-powered aircraft and the biggest mass-produced prop plane in the world.

As of 2015 only 5 units remain in service with the Russian Aerospace Forces, formerly known as the Russian Air Force, as the type has been slowly replaced by the tubofan-powered An-124.

General characteristics

  • Crew: 5–6
  • Capacity: 290 passengers
  • Payload: 80,000 kg (176,350 lb)
  • Length: 57.9 m[14] (189 ft 11½ in)
  • Wingspan: 64.40 m (211 ft 4 in)
  • Height: 12.53 m (41 ft 1½ in)
  • Wing area: 345 m² (3,713 ft²)
  • Empty weight: 114,000 kg (251,325 lb)
  • Max. takeoff weight: 250,000 kg (551,160 lb)
  • Powerplant: 4 × Kuznetsov NK-12MA turboprops driving contra-rotating propellers, 11,186 kW (15,000 shp) each


  • Maximum speed: 740 km/h (399 knots, 460 mph)
  • Range: 5,000 km (2,700 nmi, 3,100 mi) with maximum payload, 10,950 km (5,905 nmi, 6,800 mi) with maximum fuel and 45,000 kg (99,200 lb) payload
beginner driver thoughts
  • me: omg its moving. the car is moving.
  • me: i don't put my right on the gas and left on the brake?
  • me: how does the wheel even work? what???
  • me: 5 mph! wheeee
  • me: 10!! 20 mph!!! it feels so fast when i'm the one driving
  • me: it's so fun driving in an empty lot
  • me: holy shit sorry i thought the gas was the brake haha
  • me: good thing there's no cars because i would have hit them
  • me: how do you turn and then continue driving straight?
  • me: i hate turning right
  • me: if there were cars in this lot, i'd hit them all
  • me: i can't park normally, how will i parallel park?? ohgod
  • me: how am i going to survive driving on the real roads?
  • me: or the freeway????
  • me: maybe i'll just stick to public transportation for life
  • me: how do you look at all the mirrors and drive?
  • me: reversing is so weird!!
  • me: shit almost hit that pole
Draco has Harry's entire schedule memorized
  • Blaise: right so Potter'll probably walk out of this corridor and that's when we'll ambu-
  • Draco: hahaHAHAHA BLAISE
  • Draco: you're absolutely hilarious
  • Draco: everyone knows Potter gets to the great hall for breakfast at usually 7:45, 8 am at the latest
  • Draco: and then he and weasley and granger walk out usually last
  • Draco: and then he heads for the charms wing
  • Draco: where he stops to check if he has all his stuff
  • Draco: and then he goes to charms
  • Draco: and then walks out at 9:20
  • Draco: and travels to the dungeons
  • Draco: at the speed of around 5 mph because he likes to take his time rather than be early to potions
  • Draco: and he turns right at the slytherin hallway
  • Draco: passes our entrance at around 9:27
  • Draco: and shows up at Potions
  • Draco: and when class is done he walks out and then appears at THIS hallway
  • Draco: haha blaise you're so wrong
  • Draco: *shakes head* not knowing which hallway Potter will come out of. Hah!

when vax flies with haste on himself, matt describes vax as becoming “less of a bird and more of a bullet.” at 480 ft per found, he’s flying 80 ft/s which is around 54.5 mph, a speed that he can maintain for 1 minute, after which he slows to a cruising speed of around 20.5 mph. 

in short bursts some birds can reach horizontal speeds (diving speeds is a different story, most can reach well over 100 mph) of up to 60 mph (california condor) to 100 mph (common swift), with most having cruising speeds of around 25 to 30 mph. homing pigeons also average around 50 mph over moderate distances (500 miles) to 60 mph for short distances (100 miles).

this puts vax’s magically enhanced fastest flight speed slower than most birds of prey at their fastest and his cruising speed to be about two-thirds of theirs. his fastest is also slower than the cruising speed of homing pigeons in a 100 mile flight and his cruising speed is one third of theirs. 

which makes him very much not a bullet and even slower than birds.

i also did some calculations on the total amount of distance he can cover in the hour that he has the wings and it comes to 20.95 miles. homing pigeons can fly that distance in 21 minutes, making vax quite slow, even while jacked up on magic.

Day 3: Morning Cardio!!!!!

OMG! I HATE running!! I’ve always struggled with my endurance and it always has been a big paranoia of mine. I hate running with other people whether they can or cannot run, I hate the way my stomach bounces with every step, and I hate how my breathing sounds as if I’m about to die at any minute. 

These past few months, I had been forcing myself to hit the treadmill. I did quite a bit of research on High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and it has worked wonders. Not only hast it helped with my endurance, but always allowed me to be okay with running. 

My HIIT routine usually lasts about 30 mins. 

I walk/jog for 2 mins at 3.0 mph and then run at 5.8 mph. As the weeks pass and I continue to to this, my speed increases and I can go a little longer (which i love!) At this pace and speed, I hit about 2 miles! (something I thought I’d never be able to do!)

122/145 pounds down.

I’ve decided 25 degree weather is my favorite to run in. The snow isn’t really melting at that point and is nice and compact, but not icy! Also I don’t have to wear a second bottom layer at that temperature! And I’m getting better at not falling on my face (knees actually). I get that slips come with the territory, but it takes a little skill to correct myself fast enough to not fall!

Also my my oldest got one of those giant Ride on/in cars for Christmas and it’s kind of beastly! It goes up to 5 mph so when he’s cruising the street I have to be right next to him and it’s really giving me a decent workout!


I don’t do very much cardio anymore but every now and again I like to check myself and see what I’m capable of. I remember when I couldn’t even run a minute straight and now I can run for 22 minutes with ease (probably longer but this was my cap for today). First mile at 6 mph, second at 5 mph. I also did a KB circuit for a half hour prior.

I think the gym is out of the question today.

I could TRY to go, but I think I’m just going to make whatever I have going on worse. I think my body was trying to tell me yesterday. I was walking at an incline at 3.5 mph, which is normally no problem for me. My legs were so fatigued that I had to drop the speed.

Oh well. 1 day in the long run is nothing!

i-am-agent-washingtub replied to your post “Hahaha my car won’t start because it’s so fucking cold and I couldn’t…”

Would it help if you imagined your life as being in some sort of bizzaro world completely incomprehensible to my SoCal self? You’re a brave inhabitant of a strange world with unimaginable small oddities.

I mean, it does help a little to think it’s an adventure because I live on Mars or something (no lie, I based a lot of stuff in the Mars-based story I wrote a while ago on life in Barrow)

i-am-agent-washingtub replied to your post “unrelated: it’s -5F with a 5 mph that results in a windchill of -16F…”

Get scully a treadmill

yeah but he uh…can’t poop on a treadmill

so lucas finally came to help me get my car off the hill and it was an INSANE process that took at least 20 mins (btw we were only about 50 ft from his house sooo…)

but this is the exact workout i did right before that from my fav youtube fitness girl, whitney simmons. and let me tell you, MY ARMS ARE TOAST. especially my shoulders.

after completing this psycho workout i did 20 mins of HIIT on the treadmill alternating between 50 seconds of walking at 3.7 mph and running at 7.5 mph which is v fast for me. and the treadmill still scares me because i have detailed visions of tripping over my feet and smashing my head into the ground, yup.

Alabama to seattle

Stuck in Baker City, Oregon. Great little town, stopped by the Corner Brick Bar and Grill to get away from the situation for a few mins. The roads were so nice from Idaho until just before this cool little town. The temp dropped drastically, from 40 to 24 and there were about 30 trucks pulled over putting chains on. I figured the road ahead probably might be difficult. I took it slow, followed, a convoy of slow goers, when I got near Baker City, it was chaos. I came down the ramp at 5 mph, following far behind the guy ahead, started sliding down the ramp, they were sliding, truck ahead was sliding. Everyone did. There were trucks everywhere at the bottom, holy shit. So nice to be stationary. I’m sitting in front of a Bi-Mart, not moving. I bought more chains, did some Maintainence, Expecting 6" of snow tonight. That would be great, give some tread to the road after all this rain and dropping temps. Today 40 degrees tonight 4 degrees after rain in the Oregon Mountains. It’s beautiful but seriously insane on the road right now. I’ve seen over 50 trucks upside down, sideways, etc in the last two days. Huge truck pile up near Bakers City. I heard 1fatality, road closed, it’s nuts. I’m sitting still, see if I can get to Seattle in the morn. Night.

I always thought those physics word problems were so stupid like “You’re a physics student so you decided to figure out the speed of ____ from the variables you’re given like the nerdy asshole you are” and I was always like “literally no one is like that” but today I was in the hall elevator and it’s always so fucking slow and so I was like “well if I measure the time it takes to go from one floor to the next while it’s at top velocity and I take the average length of a floor in my building I can figure out that this elevator travels at 2.3 m/s or 5.1 mph and then I can even take the average time it takes a person to climb a flight of stairs to figure out if this elevator is faster than the stairs or not IVE BECOME THAT NERDY ASSHOLE IN THOSE STORY PROBLEMS I HAVE BECOME THE ENEMY