5 minute project


Ok, so. We have a pretty good bit of audio posts in the polygrumps community. And a small amount of those, are nsfw implied ones. Which are usually very short. So, I have a proposition for us.
Inspired by @omgsuchegobang and since there’s a lot of moaning on grumps, especially with Arin & Dan. I want to make a looong, like 7 or 8 minutes at max, egobang nsfw audio post.

And I need help. Bc there’s a lot of episodes that harbor what we need to make this happen.
So if you could, shoot me some episodes that you remember having any kind of rando sex noises from either Dan or Arin. If you could give me the time stamp that’d be even more helpful!
If there’s none of the top of your head, listen back to old or new episodes!

As many as you can too, so we can make this a long one. Okay that’s all, idk when this garbage project will be done but I stg it’s happening.


Last week was the lead up week to a butt load of tests and prelims :(( However it was pretty chill so it was actually kinda lovely (especially compared to this week)  There’s two months till externals start and prelims start properly next week1