5 minute blast


5-Minute Core Workout … This will burn and work your whole core!

Fitness Friday

Short on time? Can’t get to the gym? Don’t have workout equipment? Then I have just the remedy for you!

Fitness Fridays is something that you commonly see around the “healthy living blogging” parts of the Internet. Although this isn’t a roundup of my weekly fitness routine, here’s a roundup of some quick exercises that I like to incorporate on days I can’t get to the gym!

15 Minutes Or Less Calorie Blasting Circuit

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I typically do this on Wednesday or Friday mornings. If I can’t get to the gym or don’t have enough time to do a little cardio and strength training, this is a great way to incorporate both in very little time! If you don’t have 15 minutes, you can always do this circuit for less rounds!

10 Minute Quick Fire Circuit

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This is another great routine that I’ll do on Wednesday or Friday mornings to just get a little extra ab work in. You by no means need an actual jump rope, just do the motion and you get the same effect!

5 Minutes Blast

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I do this before bed every night! It’s the perfect little energy blast after dinner and my “midnight snack” so I go to bed with confidence for the next morning!

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