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You laid on the tanning chair, gazing up at the star filled night sky. The full moon shining down on you as you take a hit from the blunt that lays between your fingers. Stretching your arm out, you pass the blunt to G, who laid on the chair next to you. 

Neither of you had said a word since lighting the blunt. Both of you taking in the night sky, the autumn breeze, and the crickets chirping in the background. It wasn’t often that Gerald got down time, and when he did he was usually out partying. 

This was a whole new scene, a change. A good change. 

“I know all your dreams, goals, accomplishments you have in life,” you began keeping your gaze on the stars, “but what’s your biggest nightmare?” 

G stayed silent for a second, thinking about the question. You two weren’t per say a couple, but he had feelings for you, your feelings were mutual. You both lived the fast life, with your modeling career, and his rapping career there was never time for a relationship. 

“Losing everything. My job, my fans, music, you. My biggest nightmare is losing you.” 

You looked over at the tall, lanky man, your heart beat speeding up within a second. 


“All the years that I’ve been in this music career I felt alone. Every night after tour, I felt as if no one understood me, got who I was, what I wanted. It was not until I met you that I didn’t feel alone anymore, I felt as if I could share and talk about it all without being judged. Because you understand, you get me. You get me and I’m afraid that no one else in the world will ever get me like you do, Y/N.”

“Gerald,” you didn’t know what to say. 

“I just- somewhere along the way, I got attached, I grew feelings, G fucking Eazy became a damn softie, for you. So yes, I think I’m in love, and yes my biggest fear is losing you.” 

Lord Zedd Planned for Power Rangers Movie Sequel

Lord Zedd Planned for Power Rangers Movie Sequel

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Comicbook.com recently had an interview with Dean Israelite, the director of the Lionsgate Power Rangers film about the potential villain for the sequel.  According to Israelite, he is planning to have Lord Zedd as the main villain.

“Well Lord Zedd is the obvious choice, I think, in a good way. Ya know, there was a time when we were talking about Lord Zedd being in this movie. And it just felt…

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I’m thinking of doing a series of one shots based around Maroon 5 songs

Would anyone be interested in them? The songs I’m thinking of using are:


Cold enough to chill my bones
It feels like I don’t know you anymore
I don’t understand why you’re so cold to me
With every breath you breathe
I see there’s something going on
I don’t understand why you’re so cold


I’m at a payphone trying to call home
All of my change I spent on you
Where have the times gone? Baby, it’s all wrong
Where are the plans we made for two?

-Don’t Wanna Know

Wasted (wasted)
And the more I drink the more I think about you
Oh no, no, I can’t take it
Baby every place I go reminds me of you

-One More Night

So I cross my heart and I hope to die
That I’ll only stay with you one more night
And I know I said it a million times
But I’ll only stay with you one more night


But I wonder where were you?
When I was at my worst
Down on my knees
And you said you had my back
So I wonder where were you?
When all the roads you took came back to me

-Won’t Go Home Without You

It’s not over tonight
Just give me one more chance to make it right
I may not make it through the night
I won’t go home without you


And when the daylight comes I’ll have to go
But tonight I’m gonna hold you so close
Cause in the daylight we’ll be on our own
But tonight I need to hold you so close

-If I Never See Your Face Again

‘Cause you keep me coming back for more
And I feel a little better than I did before
And if I never see your face again
I don’t mind
'Cause we gone much further than I thought we’d get tonight

-It Was Always You

It was always you
Can’t believe I could not see it all this time, all this time
It was always you
Now I know why my heart wasn’t satisfied, satisfied
It was always youu
No more guessing who
Looking back now I know it was always you always you

-She Will Be Loved

I don’t mind spending every day
Out on your corner in the pouring rain
Look for the girl with the broken smile
Ask her if she wants to stay awhile
And she will be loved
And she will be loved

-Wake Up Call

Wake up call
Caught you in the morning with another one in my bed
Don’t you care about me anymore?
Don’t you care about me? I don’t think so.
Six foot tall
Came without a warning so I had to shoot him dead
He won’t come around here anymore
Come around here? I don’t think so.

I would even leave the option open to pick or suggest a wrestler. I would love any input!!

Așa ca voi caută mereu trandafiri albi împrăștiați pe strada și-un zâmbet înecat in cafeaua amara. Căci lumea asta nu iartă, iar egalitatea e o iluzie sparta. Iar dacă egalitatea aceea de care înveți la școala, e doar o poezie spusa in graba, atunci ce-i cu iubirea aia despre care auzi de-o viața, de pe vremea in care mergeai in patru labe și țineai noaptea in brațe un cățeluș de plus, ascuns acum in podul unei case? E și ea o iluzie menită sa ascund un adevăr, mult prea negru pentru o lume colorata? Sau e ceva ce e menit sa exprime galaxia pe care o simti in tine, in nopțile acelea de iarna in care simti canicula sub piele și-o urma a unui zâmbet in sânge, ca un spin de trandafir înfipt in palma? Desi poate e un clișeu, menit sa facă oameni sa creadă in ceva și sa se piardă. Căci atunci când te pierzi e cald și o liniște bleaga și nu simti harababura din minte și atunci e bine, deși e doar o oboseala seaca, un gând amar lăsat sa moara.
Sau poate e doar ziua aia in care ajungi acasă, in care strângi in brațe alta inima seaca, înecată intr-o tigara amara și-o cana de cafea cu lapte, îndulcită cu un zâmbet, care nu mai exprima nici moarte, nici viața. Dar cred totuși ca e ceva legat de viața asta amara, care se îndulcește uneori cu un cub de vorbe ciudate și-o privire care te face sa alungi ura din vene, sa o pui departe de inima ta rece.
Și totuși la sfârșit de tot e doar o iluzie, căci in cele mai negre gânduri esti doar tu cu tine, sau mai bine spus doar o parte din tine, partea aceea care a încetat sa creadă in povesti auzite pe strada.
—  19augustanonimat
16 Martie 2017, 5:05 p.m

omgjustinoluransi  asked:

in the wtnv au is there still a literal five-headed dragon running for mayor? and if so who is it?

Oh HELL yeah… 

idk about mayor but Providence Mcfalconer is definitely running for something. (or, maybe we’re running from him. debatable…)