5 man team

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As a Mercy main on the ps4 i was so happy to see a lil level 1 pick mercy. They were nervous on the mic since they were the 1 to our 5 man team. And probly unaware we had it so we could hear the chat outside the group chat. We made sure to protect that Mercy no matter what. And if we saw they had there rez , we would try to die in a group for them. They rezed our entire team and were so excieted when they saw they got play of the game.


TEAM MYSTIC FTW!!!!!! Loving @therealjacksepticeye’s new Pokemon Go vid rn


I’ll be gone someday
S t o p
I will

i wanna play ow but none of my friends are online rn and practicing in qp is fun but solo it gets boring after a while, and tbfh FUCK solo queueing in comp, i had a terrible time last night

ppl will communicate to the dps folks and even tanks, but when i’m playing mercy and i’m like “hey yall there’s a (character) (exact location) from us and they’re coming for me” almost no one listens. and this even happens in a lot of groups i’m in that i’m familiar with!!! but last night i was grouped w a 5 man team in comp and this reaper and junkrat killed me *12 times* (my average death rate with mercy is 6! so it’s not my own incompetance here!!) and so many times these ppl would be like REZZ?? HEALS?? and it’s like yall i’m fuckin dead how are your stupid asses diamond rank i called out that junkrat literally three times in a row and yall left me for dead bye

Yall I just made a BOMB 5 man comp team to play with we didn’t loose a single game tonight I went up 100 Sr literally no yelling no negativity just all fucking weird jokes and pumping eachother up