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As a Mercy main on the ps4 i was so happy to see a lil level 1 pick mercy. They were nervous on the mic since they were the 1 to our 5 man team. And probly unaware we had it so we could hear the chat outside the group chat. We made sure to protect that Mercy no matter what. And if we saw they had there rez , we would try to die in a group for them. They rezed our entire team and were so excieted when they saw they got play of the game.

I hate toxic people who boast about their rank. One day I encountered a 5 man pre-made team in Flex Que all by myself. They were talking about how good it is being a Diamond player and how I would never make it. Little did they know, this was their down fall. They ended up feeding me to where I ended the match with close to 25k gold. “How does it feel that a Bronze 5 deleted all of you without a problem?” They didn’t respond. If there are players like this in Diamond, should I expect something similar from Master or Challenger tier players?


I’ll be gone someday
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I will

OKAY so since the intro is out for everyone- I’ve been meaning to gush about some things.

Adams new outfit is fly as FUCKKKK. 

Animation is so beautiful, the progression from 1 is insane. 

Oscar’s little triumphant grin accepting his new power is so exciting and CINDER WAS SMILING??? IT WAS WEIRD??? Who even is the other chick ok.

VERY excited to see more of WTCH, though it should be noted Tyrian isn’t even in it. Weird because he isn’t…dead. I hope he isn’t done.


Also like- again… no Emerald. I don’t quite understand why they’d leave characters out even if they wouldn’t be prominent but show their partners and what-not ya know?

Overall, the song is okay. Not as likable as past volumes and unfortunately not all that memorable. 

Also if you squint, Cerise is there… ya know- in that one part. 

NI OPEN Version 1

The mid summer sun was shining brightly over the well manicured greens,leaves on the trees swaying in the gentle morning air.It nipped at your legs and dared to shuffle your skirt.You were sitting in the stands with your friend Cameron and a 5-man security team but that’s what you expect when you’re the princess of Wales.

Originally,Harry,you brother, was suppose to attend but he called you late on Friday evening to tell you an important meeting had come up and asked you to fill in for him.“C'mon y/n/n do your favourite bro a solid pl-ease,”

“Harry I don’t know I’m in L.A. right now I-”

“Niall’s going to be there."Within the hour you and your friend,Cameron, were on the first flight to Ireland.

This wasn’t the first time you’d be meeting Niall however.The first time was at a charity football match you accompanied Charles to a year ago.

At the end of the match,the players shook hands with you and your family,it was customary.Almost everyday you were shaking hands and kissing the cheeks of dignitaries but you couldn’t help but feel a bit extra cheerful to meet Niall.The sweet Irishman had cemented his place in your heart since 2012 when you had joined the fandom,sadly your busy school and family schedule never gave you the opportunity to meet him.

When Niall finally approached you he looked a bit stunned to see you.A light pink blush on his cheeks,blonde hair effortlessly styled only a bit messy and his ocean blue eyes gleaming
His face was shiny with sweat and he smelled like Axe mixed with grass but your heart was still thudding in your chest.He wiped his hands on his pants before shaking yours.“ ’S the nerves got my palms sweatin” I’ve never been around such a pretty princess before,”,He said his voice small in comparison to the roaring crowd.

Your stomach was instantly filled with swarming butterflies and your cheeks all the way down your neck grew heated.You beamed at him,filled with excited energy.
“Why,thank you,Niall.“

"You don’t need to thank me for the truth,princess.”

Needless to say,Charles teased you the whole ride home.

Everytime you thought about it you smiled and felt this giddy feeling in your veins.The golf tournament had teed off an hour ago and you weren’t exactly sure of what was happening.You tried to figure it out at the start but Cameron nudged you and remarked how fabulous Niall’s ass looked in his pants.Golf was the furthest thing from your mind.

Niall walked off the field on his break and up into the stands.He was stopped for the guards to pat him down giving you time you shamelessly gawk at him.He was wearing a polo and pants,all grey, with with sneakers and belt a grey jacket across his shoulder.He sat next to you,politely waving at Cameron.

"You look beautiful,y/n,"he said a small smile on his pink lips.You blushed and looked down at your lap for a second,remembering how you ransacked your suitcase for something to wear.After slight panic,Cameron picked out something simple-a denim shirt dress with blue Nike trainers.

"Thank you,you look quite dapper yourself,”

He breathed out a chuckle,“How’s it been so far?Have I bored you yet?"he asks jokingly.

"Haha no but yeah it’s been good..really good."Staring at your ass was really good.

Niall nodded and leaned back in the chair."I really enjoyed Thursday,"He meant when you met him on his hike and you both talked and walked around for a bit.That triggered the image of shirtless Niall walking around in the heat,beads of sweat rolling down his bare chest.Back muscles rippling and his boxers peaking up at you from under his white running shorts.

"Yeah I did too..”,you blushed and bit your lip.

“So what was the highlight of the match..in your opinion,”

Your lips twitched in hesitation but you waved him off coolly,“Oh you know…all of it I can’t really pick you know? The sport itself is amazing.”

“Mmm you weren’t really following the match were you?”

“No…I Just got distracted by you..sorry,”

Niall furrowed his eyebrows,“How did I distract you?”

Before you could even try to word it carefully enough your mouth spewed it all out,“Your ass is fabulous.”

He smiled and laughed ,tipping his head back.Cameron laughed too and some security chuckled.You could feel the red hot burning at the back of your neck all the way up your ears,“Well..,"he started his arm over your chair back, fingers touching your shoulder,"I wont fib,your arse is pretty fabulous too especially in those yoga pants from Thursday,”

You blushed furiously,Cameron choking on her water beside you,shocked by how blunt he was being.

You looked up at him,eyebrows raised in surprise.He waggled his eyebrows a goofy smile on his face that made you burst out laughing,“I didn’t know you were checking me out,"you said once you composed yourself.

"Yeah I was…I’d like it if you’d let me take you out this week?If you’re not busy of course.Maybe you’d listen to what I’d say and not just stare at me arse."you both laughed.

"Sure..only if you dont look at mine?”

“It’s a date,Princess.”

maybe this is an unpopular opinion but blizz changed mercy bc she undid everyone’s hard work too easily right but like?? honestly I feel like she does that more now than she did before. I never had a problem with mercy before but now she drives me crazy because i work hard to get picks and she can just rez them every single time. before at least she would be using her ult if she wanted to do that but now it costs her nothing.

at least before, you knew that you just needed to kill the mercy before the big team fight but now if she’s not dead the entire game you’re gonna be hurting every 30 seconds it’s just. honestly it’s more frustrating. I would much rather her get one 5 man rez after a team wipe than rez every single pick I get

2 days ago: @xenodile and I did the entirety of Blackrock Depths with a 5-man group, like, far more than the Dungeon actually asked for, the whole thing, it was like an hour long plus commitment.

Yesterday: My ass needed a specific thing done in Blackrock, so @wyrmmaster stuck it out with me, we got absolutely god damn lost, just the two of us, no recommended 5-man team, and we basically did the whole thing again just by ourselves in order to find the damn bar I needed to make a bar fight in and kill three specific dudes in because my Blood Elf is a filthy, filthy hitwoman.

I am pretty much a native citizen of Blackrock now.