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An OPM OVA where Saitama and Genos get really into a conversation. Like, really into it. It essentially becomes a debate. The OVA starts with Saitama bringing up something small and mundane, but they start going back and forth about it and even as they head out for the day, they won’t stop.

(’Hey, Genos. You know when you buy something new and it’s really shiny and nice and it makes you not want to use it?’

‘Yes, sensei?’

‘Then what’s the point of buying it?’

‘Perhaps you needed a replacement for an older one?’

‘But if you need a new one and then don’t use it because it’s new, what’s the point…?’

‘Well, think about it like this, sensei…’)

The kind of chaos you expect happens around them, with monster attacks and them crossing paths with various other heroes. It’s all very fast paced though, because they keep pushing monsters out of their way all while continuing this conversation ///

When Genos is fighting larger monsters, Saitama just raises his voice to be sure that Genos can hear him from up there. Genos answering back mid-battle. Many cameos, like the Fubuki Group (’Are you two even listening?’), Sonic (’Wait…where are you… Get back here and face me!’), King (’I guess I’ll just get going then… You guys seem busy…’), Bang, Mumen, Tatsumaki, it’s just a constant cycle of literally everyone getting ignored while they walk away to keep this debate going ///////

The last scene is while they’re asleep late at night…until Saitama opens his eyes suddenly because he’s finally figured out an answer or compromise to what they were talking about. Genos wakes up immediately because that last explanation finally makes sense ///

He takes note of it in the notebook he keeps under his pillow /////

キャラソンかいました! by おこめまん

[T/N: rough translation, if there are any mistakes pls tell me so I may fix them.]

*lyrics from “Mata ne… no Kisetsu”

I’ll never forget meeting you

No matter how far away we are
We’ll be together just like always

By meeting you, I was able to renew myself
I was able to come to like myself

We’ll see each other again for sure
So wherever we are
The dreams I carry in my chest

Will never be relinquished

Tsurugi: “Don’t look do..wn, smi…le” *sniff* “Farewell… fare..well.. I don’ wawaa.. [= "I don’t wanna say farewell”] *hic* *hic*

Someone: “Tsurugi, what happened?!”

White letters: ‘Let’s cry…’ [in the original 'Namida pororiyo’; porori = to cry; pun w/ Tsunagariyo]

Box: Singing was impossible for Tsurugi | Retired (in katakana)


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“the COOL place is sweltering, COOL FIGHTERS” [T/N: adapted lyrics from “Cool Heat”]

Shindou & Ibuki: “WE ARE COOL” “WE ARE COOL!” “COOL!” “COOL” “COOL COOL!!”