5 lightning bolts

Top 5 Most Used Cards In Modern

The best of the best, some format defining modern all-stars. The influence of these cards is amazing defining whethe certain cards or archetypes are even playable.

5. Lightning Bolt in 29.42% of decks
The best card in red. A definite modern staple even from the first conceptions of the format. Very simple concept 3 to face or to any creature, but it proves to be infinitely useful. It can take out most creatures you care to kill and can also act as a finisher to clutch a close game. Lighting bolt is so important to the format because it defines what creatures are playable or not. High mana creatures with 3 or less toughness are almost unplayable just because of this format shaping card.

4. Fatal Push in 32.25% of decks
This 1 mana instant has pretty much instantly taken over the format rising to 3rd most played card in modern as soon as it released. The most powerful creatures in the format are 1, 2 or 3 mana. Fatal push can kill any cmc 2 or less for free at instant speed with no downside for. Combined with fetches it is able to target anything cmc FOUR or less. For however powerful this card may be it is still astonishing the impact it has had on the format within a few short months.

3. Path To Exile in 33.66% of decks
Not much to even say about this one. Just purely efficient removal in white. 1 Mana to remove a creature. It hits anything in the format no matter the mana cost. Exile hates against reanimated decks and indestructible creatures. The 1 land your opponent gets can be bad for tempo but isn’t detrimental enough to make the spell the premium removal of the format.

2. Collective Brutality in 34.23% of decks
This spell is the epitome of an overloaded card.  For 2 mana you can either thoughtsezie for an instant or sorcery, give something -2,-2 probably killing it or drain your opponent for 2. If it stopped there it would already be a relatively playable card, but no it keeps going. Depending on how many cards you can discard you can do 2 or even all 3 of these effects. Considering some decks using dredge or delve actually want cards in their yards this it Is clear how this card is so popular in high tier decks.

1. Thoughtsezie in 41.30% of decks

The most feared and most effective turn 1card in all of modern mtg. Thoughtsezie is such a good spell for so many different reasons. One reason is unlike other discard spells like duress or inquisition it has no limit on what it can grab(other than lands obviously.) Taking away a combo piece from many tier 1 decks can be detrimental to the rest of their game plan. Taking away a viscera seer or vizer from a collected company deck can single handily win you the game, for only 1life and 1 black mana. The other aspect of the spell is the ability to have information on your opponents hand. This is almost more important than the card you can take to high level players.

How to draw Kanto Raichu (in my style at least)

I’ve had a couple of people on my Discord groups ask me how i draw Raichu, so I decided to make this tutorial! I’m also going to make one for Alolan Raichu!

Step 1. Head and body

This is the base for The Boy! Make sure to give him a bit of chub, but not too much!

Step 2. Start of legs and arms

Gotta give your Boy some arms and legs! Start off with the thighs before going to the legs

Step 3. Legs

Give him some feet! Don’t forget his little toes!

Step 4. Ears

Ears! The Boy has some curls on his ears! They don’t have to be super long, but have them be noticeable!

Step 5. Tail

Raichus have lightning bolt shaped tails! Females have slightly different tails, but we’ll keep this Raichu a male for simplicity

Step 6. Facial Features

Give him a smile! He’s happy to see you! You can draw on his cheek pouches here if you’d like, or you can wait to color them on instead.

Step 7. Cleanup

Get rid of unnecessary lines and try to define his features a little.

Step 8. Color!

Color your boy! Make him look beautiful! You can even make him a shiny if you’d like! (Toe beans are optional)

Pearl Jam 100 Days Challenge

2015 will be the 25th birthday of Pearl Jam, so I thought: why not create a Tumblr challenge for every fan of this band so we can celebrate this epic event during this new year?
The following questions – most of all are stupid ones, I know – are the final result: have fun answering them and reading your friends’ ones, I hope you’ll enjoy my silly work :’)

Pearl Jam 100 Days Challenge (#PJ100days)

Day 1 – The first Pearl Jam song you remember hearing
Day 2 – How/when did you become a fan of them?
Day 3 – Do you own any PJ merchandising?
Day 4 – Favorite album(s) and why
Day 5 – Favorite group photo
Day 6 – Top 5 Ten songs
Day 7 – Favorite interview
Day 8 – Top 5 VS. songs
Day 9 – Favorite Ed photo
Day 10 – Top 5 Vitalogy songs
Day 11 – Favorite Jeff photo
Day 12 – Top 5 No Code songs
Day 13 – Favorite Stone photo
Day 14 – Top 5 Yield songs
Day 15 – Favorite Mike photo
Day 16 – Top 5 Binaural songs
Day 17 – Favorite Matt photo
Day 18 – Top 5 Riot Act songs
Day 19 – Krusen, Abbruzzese, Irons, Cameron: who’s your favorite drummer and why?
Day 20 – Top 5 Pearl Jam (Avocado) songs
Day 21 – Favorite lyrics and why
Day 22 – Top 5 Backspacer songs
Day 23 – Every PJ member is a superhero: choose them and explain your choices
Day 24 – Top 5 Lightning Bolt songs
Day 25 – Which artists would you like to see collaborating with Pearl Jam?
Day 26 – Top 5 Lost Dogs songs (5 for each CD or for the whole album? you choose :D)
Day 27 – Ever attended a PJ gig? If yes, when?
Day 28 – Favorite McCready’s selfie(s)
Day 29 – Notable facts about a PJ gig you attended (or wish you had attended)
Day 30 – Favorite song written by Eddie
Day 31 – PJ gig you should have abso-fuckin’-lutely attended and why
Day 32 – Favorite song written by Jeff
Day 33 – If PJ guys were movies, which ones would they be?
Day 34 – Favorite song written by Stone
Day 35 – Favorite member and why
Day 36 – Favorite song written by Mike
Day 37 – Favorite concert
Day 38 – Favorite song written by Matt
Day 39 – Pearl Jam lyrics you’d choose to have written on your gravestone
Day 40 – Favorite Eddie Vedder gif (be sure to credit the gif creator!)
Day 41 – Favorite live version
Day 42 – Favorite Jeff Ament gif (be sure to credit the gif creator!)
Day 43 – Favorite outtake
Day 44 – Favorite Stone Gossard gif (be sure to credit the gif creator!)
Day 45 – Favorite B-side
Day 46 – Favorite Mike McCready gif (be sure to credit the gif creator!)
Day 47 – Favorite Christmas single
Day 48 – Favorite Matt Cameron gif (be sure to credit the gif creator!)
Day 49 – First song you play someone to introduce them to the band
Day 50 – Favorite Ed quote
Day 51 – Favorite cover Pearl Jam played
Day 52 – Favorite Jeff quote
Day 53 – Favorite teasing (short cover) Pearl Jam made
Day 54 – Favorite Stone quote
Day 55 – A song you’d love to hear Pearl Jam cover
Day 56 – Favorite Mike quote
Day 57 – A PJ song that should be in a movie based on your life
Day 58 – Favorite Matt quote
Day 59 – A PJ song you wish had been part of a certain movie’s soundtrack
Day 60 – Favorite Ed vocals
Day 61 – If you had to link a color to every current band member, which ones would you choose and why?
Day 62 – Favorite Jeff’s bassline(s)
Day 63 – Favorite funny video
Day 64 – Favorite Stone riff(s)
Day 65 – Favorite MTV Unplugged version
Day 66 – Mike solo(s) that always bring(s) you to tears
Day 67 – You’re a movie director, filming every PJ member while they make their entrances: which songs would play in the background?
Day 68 – Favorite drum track(s)
Day 69 – Favorite ice bucket challenge
Day 70 – Favorite quote about Eddie
Day 71 – 5 songs (not PJ ones) that you relate to each one of the guys and why
Day 72 – Favorite quote about Jeff
Day 73 – Favorite bromance
Day 74 – Favorite quote about Stone
Day 75 – Favorite photo from a live performance
Day 76 – Favorite quote about Mike
Day 77 – Pick a tv-show you love: who plays the role of a certain character?
Day 78 – Favorite quote about Matt
Day 79 – Favorite scenes from Pearl Jam Twenty
Day 80 – Favorite Eddie era (aesthetically talking: pictures to justify your choice are highly recommended)
Day 81 – Favorite #PJEuro2014 moment(s)
Day 82 – Favorite Jeff era (aesthetically talking: pictures to justify your choice are highly recommended)
Day 83 – Favorite #PJFall2014 moment(s)
Day 84 – Favorite Stone era (aesthetically talking: pictures to justify your choice are highly recommended)
Day 85 – If a biopic about Pearl Jam’s story was made, which actors would portray the band members? (current line-up but, if you want, you can also pick past members and friends of the band – AKA Chris Cornell, who always turns up everywhere! :D)
Day 86 – Favorite Mike era (aesthetically talking: pictures to justify your choice are highly recommended)
Day 87 – Favorite quote from Pearl Jam Twenty
Day 88 – Favorite Mother Love Bone song
Day 89 – Favorite Temple Of The Dog song
Day 90 – One song you love from Eddie’s side projects
Day 91 – A PJ song you don’t like really much
Day 92 – One song you love from Jeff’s side projects
Day 93 – A PJ song that you used not to like very much but that has grown a lot on you
Day 94 – One song you love from Stone’s side projects
Day 95 – A PJ song that’s a guilty pleasure
Day 96 – One song you love from Mike’s side projects
Day 97 – A PJ song that they should totally play live more times
Day 98 – One song you love from Matt’s side projects
Day 99 – A PJ song you rarely listen to but, when you do it, always makes you wonder why you don’t listen to it more often
Day 100 – Favorite quote about Pearl Jam


Jake Bugg played his biggest NYC headlining show last week. Support came in the form of the brilliant Albert Hammond Jr and The Skins.

If you like these photographs and would like to see more be sure to head over HERE.