5 kilos of it


Thank you all who did this tiny challenge :) It was pretty impromptu and rough so I appreciate you guys participating! I love all of these! Here is the credit for each artist in order:

1) Quasi Comics

2) kerma

3) Brandon Bradshaw

4) Tristan

5) kilos-lavoid

Click on the names to go see more of their stuff!

Something I noticed is that the comic frames I provided was actually smaller than I intended. If I do this again in the future I’ll buff out all the rough spots like that and probably provide you guys with a little more time. Like I said I’ll be back to making my comics next week when things are less hectic. Thanks again to all the comic artists that helped me out by making these :) you rock! See you next week.

Petition for the BABY fandom to send out supporting messages to Jung Daehyun. The man is straight up telling people on broadcast that he’s starving himself by going on a coffee “diet”. He said he can lose up to 5 Kilos in 2 weeks just by drinking coffee, the flavor suppresses his appetite. YET NOBODY around is moving a finger about this. The fact that this is seen as totally normal and okay disgusts me. HE IS LITERALLY DISINTEGRATING before our eyes. CAN WE PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS AND TELL HIM THAT WHAT HE’S DOING IS NOT OKAY?!!?

Merhaba,o fazladan 5 kilo. İşi düşünce arayan arkadaş. İftara kalan saatler. Teneffüse kalan dakikalar. Kendini beğenmiş, egoist insanlar. Saçının evdeyken güzel, dışardayken çirkin olması. Yüzünde en olmadık zamanda çıkan sivilce. İçindeki o sıkıntı. O yalnızlık hissi. Uykudan uyandırıldığınız o an. Uyumanız gerekirken uyuyamadığınız zamanlar. Güvenini boşa çıkaran arkadaş. En olmadık zamanda yanaklarında hissettiğin gözyaşları. Kendisi çok iyi bir haltmış gibi başkalarını yargılayan insan. Sözlü notu vermeyen hocalar. Zorla anladığın dersler. Ne giysem derdi. Gelmeyen mesajlar. Nasılsınız, iyi misiniz? Umarım değilsinizdir, çünkü sayenizde biz iyi olamıyoruz.
Estoy muy gorda, seguro que subí más de 5 kilos, me doy atracones casi a diario, ya casi no vomitó, la verdad ya ni lucho por ser delgada, ya no me motiva nada, estoy sin ganas de seguir, no tengo fuerzas, ni siquiera veo un futuro en mi, solo quiero morirme. Tengo una vida muy aburrida, la rutina mata. Perdí el interés por todo, no le hago falta a nadie, la idea de suicidarme es cada vez más frecuente y para ser sinceros no suena tan mal.
—  Mi vida en un párrafo.
Personas que han transformado sus cuerpos brutalmente

Esta pareja decidió adelgazar juntos. Han tenido que celebrar otra boda para tener fotos con sus nuevos cuerpos.

50 kilos menos en 1 año + musculación

Albina sufría bullying por parte de su ex. Ha perdido 63,5 kilos.

63 kilos menos

Hijo y madre han decidido llevar una vida más saludable juntos

No parece la misma persona

Esta chica sufría de trastorno alimenticio hasta que adoptó una vida más saludable

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I remembered tomorrow is Valentines Day proper so I went to the hospital store and bought more chocolate (for myself). It’s in the fridge (along with future regret).

I hear tomorrow’s lunch will have chocolate pudding in it too. That is kind of exciting.

(These are the kinds of things I have to look forward to nowadays @.@)

olm bence kilo vermek çok kolay doktor kan değerlerime bakıp yağ yakman lazım diyince zayıflayamaya çalıştım 5 günde 3 kilo vermişim isterseniz anlatıyım

From the third-story window, [Jul] had a good view of the landscaping that surrounded the keep.

To the east, the hills were steeped with terraces of fruit vines, designed to catch the sun. Looking west, he could see fields in a neat mosaic of green and grey-blue on either side of the lake. Set against the gold mid-morning sky, it looked exactly like every image he’d ever seen of the landscape; it hadn’t changed for centuries, and generations of his clan had worked hard to make sure it didn’t.

He had every expectation that it would look the same to his sons’ children and their grandchildren too.

im making a new types of girls post :)

types of girls:

1. dusty venetian blinds w dead flies at the bottom at ur relatives place (girl who have passed from your life probably if you don’t get this one ur dumb..)
2. foot fetish videos on youtube that pop up in ur recommended list from nowhere (a mysterious girl like a gothic)
3. my mum (if you’re my mum this one is u)
4. girls wot r pretty n nice n shit kinda like flowers (bc they’re pretty but if you pick it they die ! sorry if this metaphors is too deep )
5. a kilo bag of sugar (she nice)