5 inches gained

Consider: Coco and Fox as Childhood Friends
  • Learning to read and write braille together so they can pass notes to one another in class, much to their teachers’ chagrin
  • Coco helping Fox find a style that works well for him and matches and goes with his color
  • Fox helping Coco get out of events and things she was uncomfortable going to – either by pretending he needed more help than he did or by going with her and then making an excuse as to why they needed to leave early
  • Neither of them being considered serious candidates for the academies – Fox because of his blindness, Coco because she’s just a rich family’s daughter with a future ahead of her – and them deciding that everyone else was wrong and becoming determined to do it anyway
  • Fox and Coco both getting a few new scars as they try to work out how their fighting styles work together (Fox getting the short end of that stick – he still sometimes catches a bullet from Coco in the heat of battle)
  • Their elation when their fighting styles complement one another well.
  • Coco starting to slap Fox’s ass in battle as a way to tell him she’s okay and nearby
  • The two of them being willing to stick up for one another even when they can’t stick up for themselves
  • Going to Sanctum together and refusing to be partnered with anyone else for any projects
  • The two of them down in the forge until the wee hours of the morning working on their weapons side by side
  • Coco reading passages of text aloud to Fox when their professors don’t provide something accessible
  • Coco starting out as the taller of the two and getting progressively more irritated as Fox gained 5 inches of height on her (this is why she wears 3 inch heels now)
  • Fox claiming he can tell when Coco enters the room by the scent of her perfume (She tries to confuse him by changing it but he can always successfully ID her, he’ll never admit it’s actually the buckles on her boots)
  • Applying to combat academies together, vowing they’d go together or not at all
  • Coco about ready to raze the school if Ozpin tried to claim she and Fox didn’t make eye contact in the forest
  • (Glynda and Ozpin up on the cliff watching just being like ‘That’s a good pair but I feel sorry for whoever they are on a team with because nothing will compare’)
  • Fox ready to fight Velvet and Yatsu if they don’t at least give Coco a chance to prove she’s not like her family (even though Coco’s like “Fox, no, it’s okay I know what my family’s like it’s cool.”)
  • Coco ready to fight Velvet and Yatsu if they refuse to accommodate Fox (even though Fox is like “Coco give them a second to adjust they’ve known me for all of two hours.”)
  • Coco and Fox both having their own insecurities and worries and learning to support one another

Just. Childhood BFFs Fox and Coco


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