5 hours of hell

warm and soft like a fireplace….a heith….


i had to draw out those flirty jabs 

this is all i care about all im gonna talk about for the next 80 years see u all in h e ll

if theres typos btw i aint fixing them so im sry lmao

this was going to be a small project to alleviate stress and art block but i underestimated how much i missed drawing pjo/hoo and especially these three so have a team statue drawing

(i had a ridiculous amount of fun with this rip))

A Plethora of Dates With Peter Parker...

The Movie Theater 

  • Peter always taking you out to see the newest Sci-Fi films and definitely the newest Star Wars (but it’s his second time seeing it, since he promised Ned he would always see it with him first)
  • “Peter, can I please see Star Wars again in the theaters with you and [Y/N]?
  • “No, Ned! It’s a date… between two people only!”
  • “But it’s my favorite!”
  • “Ned, you say that about every Star Wars movie!”
  • Always finishing the popcorn before or during the previews
  • Peter constantly making sure you are comfortable and have the best seat in the house (this means getting to Star Wars showings at least an hour early)
  • “Are you cold? Do you want my jacket? Can you see the screen okay?”
  • “The man in front of us has a giant hat on, and I can’t see over it!”
  • “Excuse me, sir. Do you mind taking your hat off? My girlfr- NED! What are you doing here?”
  • “Hi, guys! How’s your dateeee?”
  • Finally giving in and letting Ned sit next to you during Star Wars (Peter and Ned regularly looking over at you for your reaction to their favorite scenes)
  • NEVER doing anything naughty in the theaters because you both want to respect the actors, directors, and all the hard work put into the film PLUS you wouldn’t want to miss anything important!
  • However, you often hold Peter’s hand or lay your head on his shoulder (or vice versa)
  • Peter shout-whispering to you when something awesome happens in the film
  • “Aw, man! Did you see that? That was so cool!”
  • Occasionally watching Peter instead of the movie. The look of pure amusement and enlightenment on his face. Adorable.
  • After the movie, you set aside a half an hour (or an hour for Star Wars) to have long discussions about your favorite parts, the science, the filming, the music, or how the film made you question the meaning of life
  • “Babe, that movie was amazing! My mind is officially blown. We should go to my apartment right now and try to creat-”
  • Always Every once in awhile you have to kiss him to prevent him from rambling on about the movie too much

Art Museum

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I’ve had a love/hate relationship with this piece for the past month. I was inspired by Lost’s (please forgive me) Music and Silence where it seemed we had similar HCs. I drafted it with hopes of also sharing it for eruri of the month even if it was a stretch for June’s topic. But then I became my own worst critic and only saw the flaws of my literary skills and weak vocabulary. I still don’t believe I did the scene justice. Well here’s a piece of my soul anyways.

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request: “If you write for Cisco I actually prefer if it’s for him but Barry is fine too but bc I work at an amusement park and we are doing our fright night, I would like teen!Cisco or Barry meeting his future s/o for the first time and they come off a little posed because he won’t order his food but then they’re like holy shit he’s cute and about to be mine and yeah fluff and stuff please and thanks.” — by anon

a/n: i did this with cisco bc you said you prefer it lol and also bECAUSE CISCO IS BASICALLY BAE. ((yes people, i accept requests other than barry allen ahaha.)) i hope you like this btw!


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“Y/N, this is ridiculous.” Y/F/N, laughed as you pulled her along the entrance of the amusement park. “I swear to god, you are such a kid sometimes.”

You grinned, turning around to look at her. “Hey, you can’t blame me. My parents never allowed me to go to these kind of places.”

Y/F/N raised an eyebrow. “What made them change their minds?”

“Oh, they haven’t.” you let go of her wrist, “I snuck out.” you then chuckled.

You were never really the rebel type growing up. You were always polite, were good at your studies, and practically the perfect daughter anyone could ask for. But in this case, you couldn’t resist going out and disobeying your mother’s orders not to go, because something happened that made you do it.

“Holy crap.” Y/F/N noticed the numbers on your watch. “5 freaking hours. What the hell?” she exclaimed loudly, causing a lot of people to look at your direction.

You smirked. “Do you honestly think I’d suddenly become the irresponsible kid just like that?”

She shook her head in amazement. “How did you know?”

“Well, whenever I thought about going to this amusement park, the time of my clock would shift from 9 whole years to 3 days.” you explained. “So, I thought, why not? I mean, it cannot be malfunctioning, but if it did, it still is an amusement park and they said it would be fun here. It’s a win win situation.”

Y/F/N groaned in envy, “Ugh, you are so lucky and so clever to analyze it like that. My clock is still saying I have to wait 4 years to see my soulmate!”

You shrugged, “Then you’ll just have to wait.”

For the rest of the night, you spent it with Y/F/N filled with happiness, eagerness, and enthusiasm. You honestly had so much fun that there came a point that you had totally forgotten about your supposed meeting with your soulmate. Just now, you came off the roller coaster in exhilaration, glancing at your friend who looked like she was going to get sick.

She panted, sitting down on a vacant chair. “Y/N, I hate you for making me do that.”

“Wasn’t it fun?” you coughed slightly.

“Nope. No, it wasn’t.”

You laughed. “Hey, let me just buy a bottle of water. That ride got me dehydrated.” you joked. “Want anything?” you asked her, glancing at the food stall with the least of customers.

Y/F/N shook her head. “I want to puke.”

“I’ll take that as none.” you laughed again, standing up and heading towards the said stall.

When you reached there, you brought out some money, but before you could order, you heard very audible voices behind your back that caused you to turn around.

“Francisco, this is getting ridiculous.” An older looking boy told the person beside him, crossing his arms and pointing at the menu.

“But I can’t do it.” Francisco reasoned. “And besides, you’re the older brother Dante so you should be handling this.”

Dante rolled his eyes. “You need to learn to be independent and order your own food.”

“I can order my own food, I just don’t want to move because my clock is ticking and I might see her any second from now.” Francisco defended himself before looking forward and coincidentally meeting your eyes.

It happened so fast and unexpected that the two of you literally jumped when both of your watches suddenly vibrated and hit the zero mark.

“Holy –” the boy was the first to utter a word, flickering his eyes down at his watch and then setting his eyes back to you.

You, on the other hand, was just staring at him with your eyes wide open. He was extremely cute for the record, and the way he pulled off his medium length hair caused your mouth to tilt into a smile because of how adorable he looked. But what caused your smile to get bigger was the fact that he was your soulmate.

“Glad to know you treat this soulmate thing seriously.” You teased, stepping closer.

Cisco Ramon was blinking rapidly and contemplated on pinching himself to know whether he was dreaming or not. You were his soulmate, and the thought of how did he get so damn lucky with a beautiful girl like you was passing inside his mind.

“Ye-Yeah.” he stuttered. “Uh, is this some kind of prank or did I really just hit the jackpot today.”

You blushed at his statement. “Seems pretty true to me.” you looked down at your watch again.

“It’s Cisco Ramon, by the way. Not Francisco, please don’t call me that.” He gave you a boyish grin before extending his hand out.

“It’s what our parents gave to you so I think she has the right to call you that.” Dante pointed out with a teasing smile.

Cisco glared at his brother, “Hey, I was talking to the lady not you.”

You chuckled at their banter. “I’m Y/N Y/L/N.” you shook his hand. “And apparently, your soulmate.”

“I must be the luckiest person alive then.” he told you.

“Both of us are.” you grinned at him, now the one causing him to blush.

this was a couple of months back. and it still pisses me off. its a fuck managers, fuck entitled coworkers and also a yay for store managers.

our old supervisor was a proper asshole, i couldnt stand her. shed get into bad moods and take it out on staff. shed winge and bitch and people not doing their jobs properly without training them. she had clear favourites and she was constantly not doing her job, shed come in hungover. hide in the stockroom to watch sports on her phone and was in general just a real horrible person. wowzers.

the way my work operates is that full time staff (who work mon-fri) deal with delivery processing. part time staff who work weekends and evenings just need to put it away. either out on the shop or in the stockroom. so, its safe to say most part timers dont know how to do delivery.

on this particular shift, delivery had not been fully processed - before the shift started, one of the full timers was filling in the staff member assigned to delivery on what to do. we were quite overstaffed for an evening shift (5-10pm) - there was four of us part timers (there’s usually two or three) and the said asshole supervisor.

our asm was just finishing when we started and assigned two people to the stockroom, leaving myself, my supervisor and another staff member to the floor. 

the person who was assigned delivery (let’s call her A) had never ever done delivery before - never checked it in, never processed it, never even put it away. the other person assigned to fill stock/tidy in the stockroom and then to help A had been there for a while (let’s call him B) and knew the old process but knew there was a new process - so, he made a plan with A about what they would do. 

on the floor, there was a lot to do. myself and the other staff member, who was an entitled ‘i’ve worked here for 5 years and i know everything’ prick (let’s call her C) kept sneering at everything i was doing. i just came back from being sick over the weekend. i had a sickness bug that was going around, i also have anxiety disorder and had a double whammy of illness and a bad mental health week. i had not full recovered but needed to come in. i was meant to check in with a manager on my next shift (this shift) but nobody said anything to me. i was feeling increasingly uncomfortable with C sneering at me and my supervisor kinda ignoring it. it was something so simple that my store manager had praised me for doing a lot - but, C didn’t like my effort. my supervisor, about 15 mins into the shift told B to get out of the stockroom, to come down and serve, leaving him not even halfway through his task and also leaving A alone and confused. 

i was feeling increasingly nervous and sick and had to run to barf. B could hear me puking from the toilet at back of the store and told supervisor who made me continue work. i was feeling very sore and queasy and couldn’t do the task because i was feeling very lightheaded and also because C kept leering at me. 

eventually, supervisor sent me to the stockroom to do what B was doing and ended it with “apparently i need to because you keep whining about being sick” - i went away to barf about 19 times. 

whilst in the stockroom, supervisor kept checking up on A asking her why she wasn’t finished (she had the job of two people that normally takes them a whole shift to do in less than 5 hours). i was no way in hell ready to help her as i was being slow as due to a lack of energy and kept running away to barf. eventually, she sent C up to “put away stock” - aka to check up on us - C yelled at me because there was stock outside the stockroom and i didn’t “think to fucking check what it was, this is why this place is so shit”. C eventually left and both me and A were stressed, as A was basically getting told off for doing a task she had no way in hell the skill to complete as she had never done it before, and supervisor took away B who could have helped, essentially to be a dick…

the whole shift was messy and afterwards A messaged the staff member who quickly talked her through the delivery to let her know, who then let the asm know who was super pissed at out supervisors attitude. 

i confronted my manager about this too, as the whole shift was awful and C is an entitled asshole, too, who gets let away with a lot on account that shes been here for so long.

my manager got our supervisor in huge trouble and she ended up leaving to do a new job!

breaking art block by drawing gil and howzer 🌸

Chocobros, Cor and Nyx: Teaching s/o How to drive...

My mind did a thing, so can you imagine The Chocobros, Cor, Nyx trying to teach s/o how to drive. Like she’s freaking out and there trying to keep it together. Just an idea, if you want to elaborate on it go for it. Just tag me cause i wanna read it. Anyway as i said before my mind did a thing. 😂😂

Ignis: Love please calm down you haven’t even turned on the car.

Ignis: you can do this be the roundabout, just relax.

Ignis: *pushes glasses forward* ………..love please pull over..

Noctis: babe please calm down we haven’t even left the parking spot..

Noctis: *pressing on imaginary break pedal* baaaaaaabe please break now! Baaaabe! Father help me!!!

Noctis: who the hell honked at her, i will arrest all of you… Just take your time hun.. I’ll arrest all theese F*****s!!! I am the king!!

Prompto: its okay! You got this, i mean we only ran one red light.

Prompto: maybe we should slow down, I’m pretty sure there is a curve up there….*rubbing s/o hand*

Prompto: omgod we made it, i mean we made it home. Ple-please just next time I’ll drive *kisses s/o*

Gladio: Babe you got this, if anything happens I’m right here….. (For once i might need saving.. )

Gladio: its okay, I’m pretty sure cindy can fix that.. (Etro help me!..) I mean its only jusy a scratch.. (We were only going 5 miles per hour..how the hell did she do this much damage??!)

Gladio: love I’m pretty sure we can go 40 on this road (please slow down, etro save me)

Gladio: *picks up s/o* see driving isn’t so hard, so next time you should be a pro. (Never again, we will walk or run….)

Cor: ……….. Dear don’t be afraid to pull over and take a break. There’s no shame in living to drive another day.

Cor: we should move over to the right lane and put on our flashers, so people will go around.

Cor: see you’ve gotten a whole lot better, so next time I’ll drive. But your getting there love.

Nyx: babe, you know i love you but we gotta drive faster. Were like going slower than that old man.

Nyx: *holding onto the O.S.B. bar* Babe the gods gave us the break pad for a reason. I love you babe i really do but i wanna live past 29. Baaaaaabe!!

Nyx: wait who the hell is honking their horn!? *starts to get out the car, grabs blade* do we have a problem!? My women is trying to drive! Go around, walk or wait or slow your ars down. Geez *gets back in car*

Nyx: babe you owe me, like you owe me so bad tonight. You better take the long way home..

Nyx: babe!! *Grabs s/o throws blade and warps onto the road* we had to jump out of a car! What the hell!? Thats it were walking.. Unless you can’t do that too… *kisses s/o* you better be glad i love you.. But you will be punished for this…

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Movies and Chinese food

Requested: No.

Pairing: Shawn x reader

Warnings: Fluff and sick reader

Word count: 1,050

Nausea and overheating is what you woke up to in the middle of the night. You tried to push it away as you shoved the covers off of your body and tried to go back to sleep. In response to being ignored your stomach lurched, easily urging you to the bathroom.

You dropped to your knees in front of the toilet and emptied your stomach of it contents from the night before. After finishing the disgusting episode you sat for a minute, trying to bring yourself together. Eventually you were able to pull yourself up from the floor, you flushed away your dinner and rinsed your mouth.

You ran your fingers through your hair as you made your way back to your bed. You didn’t feel as overheated as you did when you woke up but it was enough to not want to wear your blankets. You settled into your bed as comfortably as you could and glance over at the clock.

5:24 A.M.

“Fucking hell.” You turned over.

Hours later, a few loud knocks echoed through your silent house. The sound pulling you from your crappy sleep. You laid there, hoping that it was just in your sickly head, but another round of loud rapping proved you otherwise.

Groaning, you pulled yourself out of the bed and slowly made your way to the door. Your sudden sneeze mixed with the sound of the knocking again and you moved faster to silence the person.

Pulling open the door you opened your mouth to give the annoying human being a piece of your mind but paused at the surprise in front of you.

Shawn Mendes.

Your boyfriend of nearly a year, who wasn’t supposed to be home for another week. But there he stood, on your porch in all his glory.

“Shawn…” You whispered.

“Hey, babe.”He looked down at your attire and raised answer eyebrow. “You look like you were you still in bed.” He laughed.

“I was.” You rubbed your neck.

“At three in the afternoon?” He asked stepping into your house with his bags.

You closed the door behind him. “Yeah, well I, um-.” You cut yourself off with a round of coughs.

Getting the message easily, Shawn rushed to the kitchen to return with a glass of water moments later. You tried to avoid his concerned eyes as you down the clear liquid.

“I’m sick…” You muttered weakly.

“So I’ve noticed.” He laughed. “Come on, let’s get you to bed.”

You opened your mouth to argue, but he was already urging you to your room. He followed you into your room and looked around quietly, noting that nothing had changed in his absence of nine months.

You sat down on the bed, suddenly exhausted. You erupted in a coughing fit, again, this time you felt it through your entire body. Shawn disappeared to return with water again. You graciously took the water and just as you went to take a sip you sneezed. Spilling it all over your tank top and shorts.

You nearly groaned aloud as, feeling bad. This wasn’t how Shawn’s night home was supposed to go. You two had a tradition every time he came home; you’d go out and watch a movie and then go out for dinner to your favourite little Chinese restaurant. Now you you couldn’t go out and it was all your fault.

“Here, baby.” Shawn pulled off his hoodie for you. “Why are you crying? It’s just water.” He asked.

You shook your head. “We can’t go out.”

“Is that why you’re upset?” He laughed tugging your wet clothes off of you. “You’re sick and you’re upset that we can’t go to the movies?”

“Yes.” You pouted. “I’m upset that we can’t go out like we usually do. And it’s all because I got freaking sick.”  

Shawn laughed and pulled his jacket over your head. “You do realize I don’t actually care about going out when I come home, right?”

“But that’s what we always do…” You slid your arms out of his sleeves.

“Because you always suggest it. It just became a thing I guess, but it doesn’t have to happen. I just want to spend time with you, Y/N.” He brushed your sweaty hair from your face.

“But… movies and Chinese food.” You looked down at your hands.

“Alright, hold on.” He stood up and left you alone for a moment. He soon returned with several DVDs mostly from your Disney collection. “Alright, Frozen, Bambi, Tangled, or?”

“Brother Bear?” You asked quietly. “Please?”

“Of course, baby girl.” He kissed your forehead and grabbed the disk. “Let me get this started and you get comfortable.”

You nodded and crawled up your bed and under your blankets. Shawn soon joined you afterward. He held you and gently rubbed your back, eventually lulling you to sleep.

Hours passed and felt someone shake you awake. You whined quietly and pushed your face deeper into your pillow.

“Come on, Y/N, you gotta eat.” Shawn said softly.

You turned over to face him and peeked your eye open at him. “I don’t have to eat. It’s just strongly recommended that I eat.” Your voice was a bit rough from your coughing.

“I guess I’ll have to eat a thing lo mien by myself.” Shawn sighed dramatically.

“Woah, Woah, let’s not get too hasty!” You rasped sitting up quickly before realizing your mistake and grabbing your head.

“Hey, hey. Be careful, there.” He steadied your dizzy frame. “You alright?”

“I’d be better if you gave me my food and cuddled me.” You  looked at him with a pout.

He rolled his eyes playfully. “The things I have to do for you.”

“Because you love me, right?” You grinned as he fixed himself into your bed.

“Maybe a little bit.” He kissed your forehead. “Now eat your food before I steal it from you.”

You did as you were told and quietly ate your food, watching Treasure Planet. You looked up at your boyfriend, happy at how this day turned out.

Yes, you were sick and proceeded to throw up the love mien later that night, but you were glad that Shawn had come home early.