5 haiku for people i loved before the end of the world


Before I went on vacation to Japan, I was on tumblr and saw a post on a Hetalia Cafe. I looked further into that post and on the internet and found out there was something called the Animate Cafe which hosted different anime each month. I visited the Animate Cafe website (after translating it) and asked the help counter at the hotel I was staying at, and found out that Animate had a cafe for the new season (World Twinkle) and that it was running through July 2015 (when I was in Japan). To say I was thrilled is an understatement. 

I woke up at around 8 in the morning on a weekday (because the Japanese people were in school/work) and went to Animate Sunshine which is not too far from Ikebukuro station. The building was hard to miss because it had Animate written on the side. Since the cafe opened at 11, I (with my family) waited for a while, going to Starbucks (conveniently across the street along with Family Mart) then coming back to wait for two more hours. After a while the first floor opened and workers started rolling capsule machines outside (I spent a ton of money on the ones for AoT, Mekakucity Actors, Sailor Moon, Kuroko no Basuke, Haiku, even Inuyasha), so I spent time doing that.

Finally 11 am rolled around, and a Japanese man called everyone who was waiting for the cafe (about 20) into a line (we were first of course) and then took us upstairs. (up 7 floors) where we waited outside. After about 5 minutes, we were seated. The menus were in Japanese, but one of the waitresses spoke english and brought us an english menu. The tables were for two people each, so I sat with my little sister (I’m on America’s side). After looking at the menu, I ended up getting the <<”I am the Hero” America’s Hamburger Set>> (Because Japanese style burgers are really good), and the <<”Moi Moi! If you drink this you’ll feel heaven.” Nordic Countries’ Soda with 3 coloured jelly>>.

A while after ordering, one of the waitresses was making an announcement in japanese (which the other translated) which told everyone they could (in 10 minutes) purchase things from the store and special capsule machine. In ten minutes the people in the cafe (which were all girls) rushed to make the line to buy things since they were limited. I, being the big fan I am was the one who rushed the fastest, and made it to the front of the line while my little sister went straight for the capsule machines which sold special “buttons”

After buying lots of things, I went to my seat to find my food there. The food was really well made, but if I had to nitpick I’d say the buns were a bit crunchy. My sister loved the Italy meal (Cold pasta), while my mom enjoyed the Nordic meal (Salmon Gratin), and my dad loved Russia’s meal (Shashlik). For dessert I ordered <<D-Don’t get the wrong idea, its for ME! UK’s afternoon tea>>. What arrived was a really delicious and cute set with a scone, pudding, sides (for scone), and tea, though I don’t remember what kind of tea. We had to leave after about 2 hours, but it was more than enough time. The background played music from the new CD, and there were lots of screen caps and posters around the cafe. It was overall really fun. Before we left I stopped on the cosplay floors and the 1st floors again before going to Akihabara **See next post**

another ask meme go
  • 1. Hardcover or softcover?
  • 2. What’s in your pencil case?
  • 3. Favourite colour of the sky?
  • 4. Best dream you’ve ever had?
  • 5. Most recurring dream.
  • 6. Childhood nightmare.
  • 7. Worst lie you’ve ever told? Did ppl believe it?
  • 8. Nervous tick?
  • 9. Verbal tick?
  • 10. Do you keep a diary? When do you write in it?
  • 11. How do you end up sitting on the couch after a movie marathon.
  • 12. Favourite word.
  • 13. Time you sleep?
  • 14. Average hours of sleep?
  • 15. Cups of coffee per day?
  • 16. First thing you do when you wake up.
  • 17. Last thing you do before you sleep.
  • 18. How long do you spend in the bathroom?
  • 19. Ideal look.
  • 20. Weapon of choice in a zombie apocalypse?
  • 21. Partner(s) of choice in a zombie apoc. Irl or fictional.
  • 22. Hogwarts House + Quidditch position
  • 23. Patronus?
  • 24. Camp Half-Blood cabin.
  • 25. Favourite article of clothing you own.
  • 26. Best childhood memory?
  • 27. Lowest you’ve ever scored on a test.
  • 28. Ideal superpower?
  • 29. A superpower you’d hate to have or would be so incompatible w u.
  • 30. Pokemon team.
  • 31. One thing you hate so much you want everyone in the world to puke all over it and cast it to hell where it’ll be destroyed forever.
  • 32. Thoughts on Dr. Doofenshirmtz.
  • 33. Any cool ancestors?
  • 34. Hey we all know you have a story you want to tell. Now’s the time to tell it.
  • 35. Number of times you fell asleep when you weren’t supposed to.
  • 36. How successful are ur allnighters?
  • 37. The coolest thing you can think of.
  • 38. Thoughts on the Onceler fandom.
  • 39. Go hug someone and tell me who.
  • 40. The answer to #2 and #25 are your supplies for assassinating #39 (theoretically). Who would it be (optional) and how would you go about doing it. (ps pls don’t actually try it out)
  • 41. Superhero/villian name + superhero/villian team name
  • 42. You’ve formed a band. What’s your band name and what type of music do you play?
  • 43. Siblings? complain about them.
  • 44. Favourite flower
  • 45. That one rly lame childhood anime fave that you try to avoid mentioning you were ever in love with and had all the merch and could quote and say exactly what happened in all 126 episodes and yea ok
  • 46. MBTI type
  • 47. Good at math? How many digits of pi can u list
  • 48. Comfort food. Something that makes u feel better just eating
  • 49. Favourite food?
  • 50. The names of all your stuffed animals. Introduce me to them. Ur first one. Their stories.
  • 51. Your OCs!! C’mon you know you want to tell me a little bit about them. Anything, everything really.
  • 52. Write a haiku about your day.
  • 53. Eye colour.
  • 54. Current look.
  • 55. Ideal date?
  • 56. Favourite au setting.
  • 57. Favourite Pokemon type, or starter type you lean towards
  • 58. Thoughts on the Barbie movies/ how many can you name?
  • 59. Futurama episode that left you speechless
  • 60. Mood music?
  • 61. OTP who have movie nights and cuddles and get locked out of their flats and end up camping under the stars in an ideal AU that you would cross hell to protect
  • 62. Art goals?
  • 63. Things on your bucket list.
  • 64. Things on your wishlist.
  • 65. What happened at work today?
  • 66. Fav chip flavour?
  • 67. How would you fare in a fight? as yourself, atm
  • 68. Ever been in a fight tell me fight me
  • 69. Favourite feel-good song
  • 70. A fanfic’s that’s stayed with you for ages and you just remember it sometimes and think fondly back of how great(or so piss-horrible it was hilarious) it was
  • 71. Fav quote
  • 72. Ship you hate to hell and Pluto (which ever one’s further iyo OR ACTUALLY TO ASGARD) and back
  • 73. How fast do you eat?
  • 74. Most creative swear you’ve ever uttered
  • 75. How many pairs of shoes do you own and what’s your favourite
  • 76. funny sound u make
  • 77. tell me what the mitochondria does. pls
  • 78. That one meme that still cracks you up every time it somehow finds its way onto your dash
  • 79. Personality fault of yours.
  • 80. One embarrassing moment of ur life you wish has been burned from everyone who was around at the time’s memory
  • 81. Elementary school moment you’ll never forget
  • 82. Fav comic book char?
  • 83. How well have you been living life? Rate 1-10. If under 10 here’s a hug and if you need it it’ll get better man have a cookie
  • 84. How you think people see you
  • 85. Favourite view
  • 86. Mood rn?
  • 87. any body alterations you want? tattoos/ piercings also
  • 88. Star Wars / Star Trek
  • 89. sexual orientation
  • 90. Fav class?
  • 91. Coolest random fact you know off the top of your head
  • 92. What will people remember you as, do you think?
  • 93. first crush, first relationship
  • 94. what would you change about yourself?
  • 95. Sports u play? Sport u would invent.
  • 96. Languages u speak or want to learn?
  • 97. something ur rly interested in!! talk abt something ur passionate abt here!! 。^‿^。
  • 98. r u the “i will do it just bc u said i can’t HAH” type?
  • 99. People you would drag to do the stuff in #97 also what stuff
  • 100. fav type of cloud
  • 101. How good’s your fashion sense
  • 102. What do you do on transit?
  • 103. Tumblr post that has stuck w/ u all these years
  • 104. ideal house/place to live
  • 105. What Pokemon gym would you be the leader of
  • 106. What would your soul look like if your soulmate gazed into it (soul gazing au)
  • 107. Favourite scents
  • 108. Rec some stuff here
  • 109. If you had to request a last meal, what would it consist of? also what did u likely do to end up in a position where u needed to even request a last meal
  • 110. Do you have a green thumb?
  • 111. What nation would you belong to? Bender or non-bender (A: TLA)
  • 112. The smell of your current shampoo
  • 113. Best and worst meals you’ve ever tried to cook
  • 114. Something you hate drawing or can never get right
  • 115. Artists/ works that inspire you
  • 116. last thing u got for free. o((*^▽^*))o
  • 117. Ever had an emo phase?
  • 118. Where do you see yourself in ten years?
  • 119. Earliest memory
  • 120. The last person you called up to talk to abt something completely unimportant and mundane like ‘the woman who just walked pass had two rly cute poodles and i want to hug them’
  • 121. Favourite kamoji (๑˃̶͈̀◡˂̶͈́๑)
Mitama Dialogue
Fire Emblem: Fates
Mitama Dialogue

For three anons!

To that one anon curious about Mitama’s lines… yes, she used quite a bit of haikus AND I HOPE YOU GUYS ENJOY MY POOR HAIKU SKILLS (there’s a reason I do free verse poetry over any other kind)

AND TO THAT OTHER ANON I didn’t understand your use of / at first… until I realized you did it in haiku form. Guys, guys, look! It’s adorable.

I want to ask for / Mitama’s audio please! / Translated lines too!

Usual disclaimers / fan translations are not used / as be all end all.

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5 haiku for people I loved before the end of the world by Sarah Jean Alexander

               The end of the world seems alt. According to some bros on the history channel all the signs of the end times are here: stock footage of natural disasters, people walking in cities unaware of the calamity about to befall them, and impassioned interviews from adjuncts at mediocre universities. Yes these are obviously the end of days. What can be done for them? Should the end times be feared? Obviously somebody could prepare stock up on Spam and Ramen, hunker down in a bunker and hope for the best. Clearly this is stupid. A better way of preparing for the apocalypse exists. First getting a sweet mix ready for the end times is a must. William Basinski’s famous ‘Disintegration Loops’ would be a good choice as the whole thing has been re-issued and is five hours. While the world burns and the music dissolves join a giant ‘people pile’ to get that ‘fuck’ on. 

                Sarah Jean Alexander takes the latter approach. Five haikus are dedicated to those she loved. It is pretty remarkable to love even one person let alone five. Though Sarah Jean Alexander is known for her ‘sad house girl’ persona perhaps her actual talent is having a heart big enough to count as a one to two bedroom adobe down Baltimore way. Plenty remember her chapbooks; her beautiful contribution to literature entitled ‘I’m a Huge Dick’ which went over the myriad ways that she is, in fact, despite her gender, a huge dick. Plenty more remember her laugh, her smile, the way she can imbibe alcohol. Poets drink a lot but few poets get the chance to work at a bar. Clearly Sarah is living the dream.

                Each one of these little haikus remembers the people she loved before. This is important. Since the end of the world is happening and all, it is probably a good time to hook up with people. Here Sarah witnesses one of them dissolve. Perhaps Sarah is referring to her relationship. More likely Sarah is referring to the sulfuric acid that will rain down on mankind killing everyone. Another boyfriend says Sarah was the one that killed the relationship. The only thing that killed their relationship was the fight between darkness and light at the end times. One person Sarah hopes is happy. That’s unlikely as the world is ending. She wishes Chicago was not twelve hours away. Since it is the end of time she could technically arrive in Chicago immediately as there is no longer any concept of time as described by the primitivist anarchist John Zerzan. By the last haiku Sarah will remain 18 for the world will travel backwards in time thanks to the tremendous amount of explosions.

                This is a beautiful collection of haikus reminding the reader they have a limited time on Earth to remember the good times. Let the end of the world commence!