5 haiku for people i loved before the end of the world

5 haiku for people I loved before the end of the world by Sarah Jean Alexander

               The end of the world seems alt. According to some bros on the history channel all the signs of the end times are here: stock footage of natural disasters, people walking in cities unaware of the calamity about to befall them, and impassioned interviews from adjuncts at mediocre universities. Yes these are obviously the end of days. What can be done for them? Should the end times be feared? Obviously somebody could prepare stock up on Spam and Ramen, hunker down in a bunker and hope for the best. Clearly this is stupid. A better way of preparing for the apocalypse exists. First getting a sweet mix ready for the end times is a must. William Basinski’s famous ‘Disintegration Loops’ would be a good choice as the whole thing has been re-issued and is five hours. While the world burns and the music dissolves join a giant ‘people pile’ to get that ‘fuck’ on. 

                Sarah Jean Alexander takes the latter approach. Five haikus are dedicated to those she loved. It is pretty remarkable to love even one person let alone five. Though Sarah Jean Alexander is known for her ‘sad house girl’ persona perhaps her actual talent is having a heart big enough to count as a one to two bedroom adobe down Baltimore way. Plenty remember her chapbooks; her beautiful contribution to literature entitled ‘I’m a Huge Dick’ which went over the myriad ways that she is, in fact, despite her gender, a huge dick. Plenty more remember her laugh, her smile, the way she can imbibe alcohol. Poets drink a lot but few poets get the chance to work at a bar. Clearly Sarah is living the dream.

                Each one of these little haikus remembers the people she loved before. This is important. Since the end of the world is happening and all, it is probably a good time to hook up with people. Here Sarah witnesses one of them dissolve. Perhaps Sarah is referring to her relationship. More likely Sarah is referring to the sulfuric acid that will rain down on mankind killing everyone. Another boyfriend says Sarah was the one that killed the relationship. The only thing that killed their relationship was the fight between darkness and light at the end times. One person Sarah hopes is happy. That’s unlikely as the world is ending. She wishes Chicago was not twelve hours away. Since it is the end of time she could technically arrive in Chicago immediately as there is no longer any concept of time as described by the primitivist anarchist John Zerzan. By the last haiku Sarah will remain 18 for the world will travel backwards in time thanks to the tremendous amount of explosions.

                This is a beautiful collection of haikus reminding the reader they have a limited time on Earth to remember the good times. Let the end of the world commence!